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In this episode we once again step into the world of television and the awesome Netflix series Stranger Things with its iconic monster.

In our previous Stranger Things tutorial we created the monster with an open mouth, jaws ready to attack and bite down. This time however we take a different approach as we create the monster with a closed mouth. In a way this is even more scary since we don’t really know what to expect. All we know is that is has multiple jaws, just waiting to open up.

Since this is a fairly large mask we needed to keep it light weight or it would be uncomfortable to wear. To achieve this we constructed it using a combination of latex paste and cotton. This allowed us to fluff the jaw pieces up and make the whole mask protrude a lot without any insane weight. If you want to get the latex paste surfaces extra smooth on your Stranger things monster you should try using a brush with liquid latex and long strokes. Most importantly, let the whole thing dry properly over night before you start with the paint job.

The process will require you to be somewhat familiar with using latex paste but other than that it’s not a very complex construction. A lot of the work goes into the paint job so take your time. To make it fit on your face we do recommend using a face cast when you construct it. If you don’t have a face cast you can always use a round object like a bowl or similar in the same size as your face. Cause if you’re doing a Stranger things monster you might as well do it good.

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