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Red’s Moving On Up. The Dan Gilbert skyscraper got $60 million in exchange for letting poor people live there. Detroit Red takes him up on the offer. Only to find out, there is no offer. The Jeffersons in reverse. Take note, local media. It’s fake.

Lansing 911 is a Joke.  Lansing Police still not giving clear answers or responding to FOIA request surrounding the MSU Shooter and calls made by neighbors in the weeks leading up to the collage mass shooting.

Biden. Go F*** yourself.

Trudeau. Go F*** yourself.

My race baiting friends. Go F*** yourself.

Lansing PD. Go F*** yourself.

All you people saying a wide open border is good for US. Go F*** yourself.

Just ask Rebecca, whose boys died from fentanyl.

Money give away? Gilbert. Go F*** yourself.

Media. Go F*** yourself

Whitmer. Go F*** yourself

Trump. Go F*** yourself

Me? Go F*** yourself.


What is it? You’re cold open. What is the cold? Open? Your rant right there. What is it? What’s my rant? What’s wrong with white people? What’s wrong with white people? Where do I start? What do you mean what’s wrong with white people? So with everybody, everybody’s a fucking sheep. Everybody getting in line. Nobody out front doing it. Sticking up for yourself, trying to find a camp, that’s fine. Just don’t fuck around. Next to my fire.


Detroit. It’s no PS News out with my main

Breaking this Dobo bullshit. Dobo bullshit.


You promise.

Promise. You know what? It’s spring. I feel good. I did my garden. You don’t have to take such a hot shower. Right? A little cooler. So I even since Gretchen Whitmer with that nasty covid response, turn me into a zoom masturbating day drinker. I get out of the shower, it’s the, I haven’t looked in the mirror in 18 months and I pull the shower curtain and there I am. And I’m not fat.

That’s good. You’ve never been

Fat Charlie. I know, but you know like muscle tone. I was worried over what’s, what’s that? It’s awesome. I’m like, I’ve

Never experienced that. What’s that like? Please

Tell me. Right? I did all my gardening,

Overweight, not fat.

I burned my Christmas tree because I keep it. It was fantastic. Anyway, welcome back from Jamaica. Thank you. I was your third world, John. It was. Did you feel superior?

That wasn’t the purpose. I just wanted some sea, some sand and some sun.

What’s the sea?

And I just rhymed. S e

See you next Tuesday. Anyway, all you guys, so listen. Terrible. Here’s the deal. No, Karen will be back. So we got so much video. Okay, I’m just here. We good. Exactly. That’s just here. That’s, here’s the thing. That cold openness, man F you. People stick up for yourself, you sheep, you’re being told bullshit. We are here for you. We don’t just rant and rave. Yes we do. But so what’d we tell you? We, what’d we do last week? We did the video. Here’s all the development downtown. The currencies in the toilet. The country’s fucked up, right? Let’s look at the development. We do it and it
Starts showing up in the media, doesn’t it? We say the book tower is fucked. All of a sudden, the book tower’s doing presales. I would suggest that the media go over to the book tower and actually stand and look in the window. Look above you. This shit is at least the year out. And if you haven’t sold any fucking leasing space, how’s it getting financed? Great question. We’re financ. Great. We’re financing it. So listen, Hey Copper, I got, there’s two coppers on Facebook getting in an argument over does this development work? The handouts, don’t worry about it, it’s just taxes that we never would’ve realized. Anyway. Hey Copper. Hey Cheshire. Here’s the deal. I did the back of the envelope by my calculations and they’re usually correct. I believe that the police and fire pension fund is 67% funded. It ain’t a hundred due to math. You got over 8,000 retirees. You got 2.8 billion. Assuming every retiree on average is going to live 20 years. You don’t got it.


And you got to know this in the bankruptcy settlement. The language says if the city can’t afford it, you don’t get it. Yep. That’s a fact, right? That’s correct. That’s the fact, man. So wake the fuck up now. Ew. Let’s take a look at all the developments going on around town. Says the newspaper, the Hudson skyscraper should be finished next year. Should it Remember? We’re going to have again 20% low income housing. Well, red went and checked that out. Red. Oh cool. Got his section eight voucher. I was

Going to say. She go good.

Perfect. And he wants a penthouse facing Canada because when he looks out his penthouse, he wants to see the American dream. He deserves that. So that’s why he wants to look at Windsor. He deserves. So let’s roll the tape. This shit’s awesome. This is Byron and Red. Awesome.

Trailers for sale. Put me out the house. Phil. No phone, no pet. Started from the bottom. Can’t got,
I’m calling in regards to, I want to get one of the apartments down in the skyscraper when it’s done. And I know it’s supposed to be some low income housing available. And I got my section eight vouchers. So I was wondering what do I need to do to apply for one of the apartments? Man staying at the Normandy can turn from a short term state to a lifetime sentence. And I ain’t trying to do that. I think I found my way up out of this place. I thought maybe I could get something new in the new skyscraper when it’s done looking at Canada and with low income. I got my section eight vouching, everything. I’m ready to go.

What was going on with that building? I don’t even know if they’re going to have any type of housing in that building. They’re still two years out.

Oh, I what? I thought when they gave, went to the city with the plans, they said it was going to be residential with a 20% low income.

Yeah, we don’t have any information on the husband’s side of the now.

Man, skip that. I’m about to go down here and find out what’s going on. Ain’t going to tell me you don’t know nothing for my section. Ain’t Walter. Go down here and talk to somebody in person. So after not getting much information on the phone, I decided it’d probably be better if I go down there and try to talk to somebody in person. But you know what they say? Excuse over the phone. Truth in your face. Oh man, I can’t wait. I’m wanting to live right there. Yep. Yep. That’s it. High rise. Look at Canada. Yeah. I can’t wait baby. Moving on up. Oh man.
Yeah buddy. Ooh, I’m going to use this voucher. I’m going to be living good. They going to be wondering how did I make it happen? Thanks Dan. 20% low income housing. I can’t fucking wait. Hell yeah. Hey, what’s up fellas? What’s up? Hey, I, I’m waiting on these apartments to get done. I wanted to move in. Y’all know when they going to be finished? A year? One year. One year. What’d they say? Oh man, I hope they do it quicker than that. My section eight voucher is going expire by then. That’s that 20% low income living. I’m look, I got mine. I’m ready to go. Yeah. Alright. Appreciate you fellas. Yeah, have a good one. You too now.
Hey, what’s good brother? So motion wasn’t long before it be done. I’m, I’m ready to move on in. I got my section eight voucher and everything. Almost two years. Two years two. Oh shit. My voucher will be expired by then. They told me 20%. How is that? I’m going to have to reapply for section eight. You’re going to have to in two years. In two years. Goddammit. Let me go over here and see if I can go ahead and reserve it. Then it’ll take a section eight voucher reserve or something. Thanks a lot brother. Yeah. Fuck this. Let me go to the office and check with the office. These guys don’t know what they talking about. Hell. And took them seven years to put a building together. I don’t, they no got no timing. I’ll find out. Make my section eight voucher expire. You go to the construction. Got some here all,

Let’s see if it is going to happen.

Hey, how you doing today? Good. Is this someone in the office I can speak with.

God, think I blew ’em off.

How you doing today? I want to speak to somebody. I got my Section eight voucher and I want to reserve my apartment in the skyscraper when it’s done. How long will before it’s finished.

What do I doing here?

I just told you. I just asked you how long will it be finished? Because I want to reserve my Section eight apartment and the skyscraper. Dan said it’d be low. Go, go, go. Where? To the site? Go where? I was over there.

Where is that?

Nobody can tell me anything. How you doing? I’m you all right? You know about the skyscraper over

Here? I do, but Cause I can’t speak to that. You’ll have to go with Bedrock.

I have to go with Bedrock. Yes. Now where is Bedrock at?

They are down the road

On Woodward. Down the road on Woodward. You go their address, you’ll see it. Okay. Because I’m just trying to see if I can reserve my Section eight apartment for the 20% low and income that’s going to be in there. So I’m trying to get a jumpstart. I want to be up on the penthouse looking at the Canadian side Fed Rocks.

The folks you need to

See. All right. So but how long you think it’ll be done for us though? Finn can’t answer that. Nope. Everything

Needs to go

Bedrock. All right. Yes sir. I appreciate you let my section eight expire. I need to get my apartment. I want to live downtown too. Shit. So have leaving the construction office. That one guy told me where to go. That’s pretty cool to him. I got to thinking, damn, why was the other guy such an asshole?

What? I’m asking you a question

And then I couldn’t even understand him. At least you could be an asshole that I could understand.

Go away. Okay, go where I was over there. Go away. Well that, where is that?

After walking around the city that has Gilbert’s name tattooed across itself. I finally found the place. I’m, I’m doing all right. I want to know who I had talked to about reserving my apartment down in the new skyscraper.

Y’all reserving that?

Yeah. This bedrock. Yeah, this is right. The skyscraper down the street.

The one that’s there on building?

Yeah, it’s supposed to be 20% low income. I got my section eight. I want here a damn penthouse in the skyscraper. So I was trying to see who I talked to. If

You could give us a call and we can talk, transfer you to the right people. But they don’t work in this building.

Oh, they don’t work. This

Is just the headquarters.

Wait a minute. This is the headquarters. But they Not in the headquarters.



Have to work in the buildings and

Other stuff. So how long before you think the building the skyscraper done? Cause I don’t want my voucher to expire

The beginning of next

Year. Beginning of next year. So less than a year? Yeah, probably. Okay. Which I only get six months on this voucher. I don’t need it expiring on me. You say just give ’em a call. Is this number right here? Yeah.

Yeah, you can call me there and then I can transfer.

Okay. I just got one more question for y’all. Yeah. So I was kind of expecting to move in today. That’s not going to happen, is it?

Oh no.

Section eight is going run out here in six months. Sos not happening.

No, I don’t think so. Yeah, they don’t.

Damn. All right. Thank y’all. Looks like I’m back at the goddamn one, two shit at this rate. Five years. Fuck Kenya Award.

Red deserves an award for that. What? Right now they

Gave, by the way, all his facts is correct

Too. Exa, but so we got three different times. Less than a year. A year and two years.


Than two years. More than two years. You have a headquarters, but nobody’s working in the headquarters. Thank you. So the guy wants you to call him outside of the building for him to transfer you to somebody that’s also not in the building to get an answer that he doesn’t know about.

Red wants to move into the skyscraper. Who do you call to book a room? They don’t. Hello? Hello. It’s not that hard. It’s a swindle. Yep.

Oh my

God. And again, again, if you do the work, copper, you’ll know this. We send Dan a check every year. It’s not a tax rebate. It’s a tax collection. Nothing’s going on. He gets a check. Okay. Next. Ready. Oh by the way, real, I’m going to go through all the sponsors. Sorry, sponsors. They’re not responsible for this show. XG Service Group is not responsible for this show. For

The content.

Content. Sorry, Bernie and Matt Yaz at 7 3 4 2 4 5 4100. Because Burger King is like, fuck you, Michigan. Yeah. When Burger Kings saying, fuck you Michigan. Yes, we’re in trouble. Crazy. You should just do the regular stuff now Bernie does the sandwich boards. The intercom, the cameras at Burger King. It’s affecting us all. So if you want to buy Burger King’s property and turning it into a drive-through bar, which I think we can still do, thank you Gretchen Whitmer, that you want to call Matt Yaki. It’s a (734) 245-4100 for all of your it, all of your beaming needs, all of your security needs. I’m telling you, if the Pelosi had hired him, that he went and got hit with a hammer. Okay, Luke, no. Aki telling you that Overreactions not a strategy.

Better plan,

It’s gone. I cannot tell you what Luke and I talk about because Luke doesn’t want to get in trouble with the authorities. Right? Right. And that’s fair for pumping out advice. But I take his advice and I call him at (248) 663-4748. Look at that.


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Know they’ll be responsible.

Dude. Mine 81 sports star needs to be insured. Hello? Brian Woodward.


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Keep. He likes to striper. Music. Mark I music. I restart it. Do I need to throw some singles out or something? You can’t look,


Fix it in some singles.

Thank you.

Another choosing another stup blame. I’m a total mess. God, you a fucking mess. I

Okay, we’ll fix it in post Happy Birthday. Listen


Also hard. I know. Happy you listening. Don’t got 500 bucks and I know at least a 30. You got a home.

Just only one

Call the

Refi. It’s an asset.

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I did have my glasses on

You. What is big square

Head? Were they sunglasses

They made? They make my head more square.

When Mark got out of the shower today, he goes, man, my big square head looks nice there. Oh, now

He looks even smarter.

Yeah, but they make it more square. That’s all right.

Okay. Don’t,

That’s fine. And my face, face is pretty round. They

Give you a good jaw light. Look at that. It

Makes him look smarter. Look at that


That’s what makes you happy. He’s, here’s your birthday present.

Boys have body issues too. What?

Have body issues?

We’re just admitting it.

I’ve accepted it

A long time ago. Sometimes I don’t feel like a boy.

What do you Wait? Whoa, whoa,

Whoa, whoa. It’s okay to say it now. So what

Do you feel like then? Charlie


A man. Oh,

So wait a minute. The phone. Nevermind. We aren’t going to have this conversation. No. When he said, I don’t feel like a boy. I said, what do you feel like it? He said, fat. So that’s the option. Now, Boyer

Fat boys aren’t supposed to be fat. They’re supposed to be rugged.

They’re overweight.

I know. Or Husky.

Or Husky. Yeah. That’s the word.

Not poor. Poverty stricken. Right, Kevin?

Right, right. Economically compromised.

Exactly. Broke. Broke.

Just not poor.

Thanks. Federal Reserve. You stupid fucks. All right. Anyway, I told you Mark’s walking downtown and he goes, man, this American Coney Island man. This place is, what’d you say? This place is cool.

That’s what you said. Well, I was driving up Griswold and it’s like classic architecture. Classic architecture. And then right in the heart is this little triangle of an area. I just think it’s really cool. Yeah, it’s a lot of, a lot of character.

Like an enlightenment period for you at that

Time. Well, it started because I was telling Grace. I’m like, I hope you realize how cool this place is. Because when you’re working and you’re all deep in your own work, you tend to forget that stuff. Sometimes. I forget what a good writer Charlie is until he writes something because I don’t. And you read it separately. Well, I know you don’t.

And what do you forget about me?

How kind you are? No. Cause you’re always kind. Nothing. Okay, thank you. I’m sorry.

Her name’s kind. Don’t

Me on the spot,

Karen Kron.

But yeah, it

Is. You just forget that stuff when you’re deep in it every week. And you’re right.

But the sincerity of Grace, her commitment, it resonates throughout every area of American, Coney Island, how it looks, how it operates, the food, how it tastes. I mean, when you have those core values and they’re sincere, they’re evident and obvious throughout the operation from top to bottom.

Did you know there used to be a burger cream across the street and a Taco Bell killed them? No.



Seriously. 106 years.

Yeah, but

There’s a reason.

But if you have a choice between quality, and I’m not going to even call it fast food. I mean, but it’s quality food on the go. In a Coney Island setting, which Detroit is known for, or just trash fast food. You’re going to go for the quality

Option in the, there’s nothing wrong with fast food. The very, it made the square head. It’s the very heart, it’s the very center. Detroit is a square with a tail, but it was really laid out in a half circle. And at the center of the half circle is American Coney. So this is the heart of Detroit. The heart of Detroit. And the food is spectacular.

And to all the new Detroiters, people who’ve lived here know about

It. There shit goes again, racist.

We know about. I didn’t say anything about

You’re a racist.

I don’t need you to tell me about American Coney Island already. No,

No. He was called a racist because I know Tucker Carlson that’s coming. But before we do that, Lansing, I got the 9 1 1 tape for the

Oh, for the call. The

Call? Yep. For the wellness check. Okay. We’ll start with that. They’re going real slow. Too slow from me. But here’s part one. I have not given up on you. We are just a little ragtag band here. But we stick up, we smell something and we keep moving. We’re not looking for boogeymen.

You stick up and you stand up. That’s what you do.

Yeah. So don’t fuck around my fire. You want to beat the fire? You’re welcome. You are on the left. You are on the right. You want to go to war with each other? You got to come past our pasture. We’ll decide. If you try to trespass, we will fuck you up. Thank you. Now rule the tape.

9 1 1. What’s the location of your emergency?

I need somebody to, somebody can go over to 20 East House Street. The sister, brother, Michael.

One second. I can One second. One second. Where? Okay, where are you at?

So the emergency is not here. I need someone to, if the cop can go to 20 East House Street in Lanson in 2028 East. How?

28 or 28?

Eight. It’s

Name eight is not a valid address. We’re right there.

Okay. It’s Michael McRay.

Okay. I found my address. It’s not 28, it’s 1 28. Does that? Yeah, that’s where they went earlier. So, okay. Okay. So is there someone with him right now?

I don’t know if his son, Anthony is there. Cause he works. So I don’t know. He found him early. Anthony

Don’t work. Okay. And what happened to him ear earlier?

Well, his daughter said he, his son found him in the kitchen floor. I thought his son Anthony just got home.

Old man’s in the kitchen floor. All right. So y’all know that the murderer lives in that house. This is the father’s sister calling. Oh wow. Okay. So he went to the hospital early this morning. I’m calling, but I didn’t call Anthony the one that found him on the floor beat up. Right. But Anthony works. See? Okay, let’s keep going. Is that

It? That’s it. That’s all we

Called you. Okay. That’s step one. Now all the neighbors said that the police have been there. I’m asking for every call in that neighborhood for two to three years. I want every fucking call distincts that. It’s well over a month. And they’ve been giving me the runaround. And quite possibly, maybe even quite certainly, police did the job. They went over there. Thank you. 9 1 1 operator.

She did a good job. She did a

Very good job. Very

Calm. I’ve heard a lot of 9 1 1 calls in my life and not all the operators are that good. Okay. I thought she was very patient, did a great job. She

Did. And she found the address. Yeah. And she knew we’ve already been there.


Yeah. Okay. And he’s working. But he found him. What? Okay, come on, man.

Which one is it? Come

On, man. You know what it is. Come on man. This is serious. I’m not doing the political posturing on people’s lives. We’re going to fix this shit if it needs to be fixed again. Remember, if it pans out, I’ll let you know. But we’re going to do the work, right Karen?

Absolutely. Charlie, how

Was Jamaica?

It was nice. It was warm. It was sunny. You

Didn’t have to take any of this shit with you, did you?

No, I didn’t. And I tried to stay away from it. I was curious about what was going on. So I checked Twitter just briefly, but I was on vacation. I didn’t want to knew it would be here when I got back. It wasn’t going anywhere.

Oh, you want to want to, did you go to Canada?


Oh. Breaking news
Canada. Justin Trudeau is a phony. I’m going to, hello Windsor. Here’s the deal. Biden went to Canada to see Justin Pinko, Trudeau, but he’s not a pinko. They came up with a deal. Really? Any migrants? See, Canada got swamped. I’m doing the fingers thing. Swamped with 40,000 refugees from the United States. If you don’t go through a port of entry, you just cross through the woods. Canada can’t deport to the United States. So Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau been making a deal. They made a deal. Now all of Canada, the woods, the Windsor Tunnel, everything is now an official port of entry. Really? Yes. So by this treaty, anybody that crossing in Canada from the United States, that’s not from the United States, has to be returned to the United States. In return, Canada will take up to 15,000 people a year. Canada gets to pick which 15,000 a year. So let’s do the math. 40,000 go into Canada. They get jump at 25,000. So Justin Trudeau, who’s pretending we are the world. We are the people. Tweet, you’re welcome. You’re not welcome. You’re a fucking fascist motherfucker. And the New York Times, dude, you guys suck. We need the old school back. It’s going to alleviate pressure on both borders.

Oh how?

Oh. Because 15, 15,000 people in Mexico are now going to go to Canada instead of here. So in the last 24 months, we’ve had 3.5 million. Come in now watch this. 3.5. What’s 0.5, 500,000 now? 15,000 would be 3.5015. Fuck you Justin. You’re bullshit. We’re getting swamped. We’re fentanyl. We’re getting swamped. We’re crime. I know that. If it was my family, I’m coming. So you don’t even know what poverty you were in Jamaica. You know what poverty is? Yes. If I can get here, I’m trying. God bless us. We’re the beacon. Fuck Russia. Fuck China. Fuck Iran. We’re the place. We are the place as fucked up as we are. We are the place. And I love China. Been there twice. Russia been there twice. Iran. I would love to go. And I know lots of Iranians, Persians all depends who you’re talking to. How they call themselves. Your father was from where?


Syria. Muslim or Christian? Christian.



His family was from there. He was from here? Yes. Oh, he’s in.

Yeah. He’s not an immigrant. He’s here. Right.


Fucking bless you. That’s why you’re so gorgeous.

Is that it, Charlie? It is. Well, thank you. That is,


Why you that’s I’ll take it.

That’s because we got the mix. Do not fear the mix. Yeah,

That’s That’s us. It’s a good mix.


Fuck. It’s a good mix. That’s what we are. But my parents were good people. And so that’s my mix.

Yeah. My mom was my dad.

Well, you’re a good mix too though. Charlie,

Wait a minute. And here’s the Orthodox. This is what your dad did. He did it that way. We do it this way.

Yeah. Yeah.

Right. Mark.

Sure. Mark’s like whatever. Anyway,

So listen man. Interesting. Pre-recorded this weekend, Rebecca, she’s really leading the charge on fentanyl. Her two children dying. I, let’s just roll it as I’ve lost loved ones to fentanyl. I think almost everybody listening knows somebody. It’s, it’s a scourge. It’s a major problem. And I want to bring in Rebecca Kelan, who’s probably the loudest civilian voice in America on this thing. She’s from Rochester Hills. Her two sons, Caleb and Kyler died in July, 2020 after they mistakenly took some fentanyl that they thought were Percocet pills. Those are oppressed in Mexico. Lake Sam Quinones was telling us, remember? Yeah. And Rebecca, the young woman that died as well, her name was

Sophia Harris.

We don’t want to forget her. We really don’t.

Yeah, she was 17, almost 18.

Oh man. Was it a graduation party or

Just He had graduated high school that day actually. Oh God.


There it was. And he had to finish some online classes in the summer. And he had just graduated.

Yeah, my brother-in-law, he was just out for a week at night and just doing some powdered coke. I mean, who hasn’t? And he didn’t know. And he died and they left him in the morgue for a week before they told any of us he was even there. So, and I think we have some similar feelings about things, but earlier this month, you testified before the House Homeland Security Committee, they should be doing more things are out of control at the border. All this poison’s coming in from Mexico by way of China, our biggest trading partner. So you see how the world is. But anyway, representative Marjorie Taylor Green, everybody knows, or the Republican from Georgia, she incorrectly tweeted after your testimony that if Biden were doing more on the southern border, your boys would be alive. Which isn’t correct because they died in 2020. But I found this to be outrageous. And if people don’t know, this is President Biden, after your testimony speaking to a group of Democrats,

A little bit of more Marjorie Taylor Green and a few more, you’re going to have a lottery publicans running our way. Isn’t she amazing? Woo. Ours, the reason she was she very specific, I shouldn’t digress. Probably I’ve read, she was very specific recently saying that a mom, poor mother who lost two kids to fentanyl, that I killed her sons. Well, the interesting thing is that fentanyl they took, came during the last administration.

Wow. First of all, I don’t know why he’s laughing. And number two, I don’t know why it’s a one upsmanship when we’re talking about your sons.

First of all, Marjorie Taylor Green wasn’t in the room when I testified. And when she came in, she asked me questions. So I was grateful that I was the witness that she chose. But she asked me that question and I told her why wasn’t she in the room that my children were born or when they died. And clearly that’s was not during the Biden administration, but she wanted to know if I blame him. And I explained that


That I blame the government.

God bless you, Rebecca. And your boys. Marjorie Taylor Green is on that committee and wasn’t in the room to hear her testimony. And then decided to run up there and make a fucking cause celeb out of this. Right. They’re all fucked up. But Biden. Yeah, both of them. Both of them. But that’s both of them though. Both of em’s crazy. We want some fucking action and accountability. Thank you. Roll.

The please know about fentanyl, but the government has known, they’ve known for a long time, and actually I didn’t testify this, but fentanyl deaths began to surge. And if you look at graphs, there was a huge spike during the Obama administration when Biden was vice president. And at least Trump tried to do something about it. He met with a whole group of parents who lost their children to Fentanyl. He brought them up into the Oval Office when he saw them down in the Rose Garden for an event. And he started to implement what they were asking. But under Biden, he stopped everything. And the board, the border’s absolutely wide open. Now, I think Mayorca delusional trying to say that it’s all coming through points of entry. The cartels are law abiding and they just good little sheep, they just line up like, Ugh, are you for real? And then for him to sit there and laugh, and I know his press secretary was asked about it and she said, well, he wasn’t talking about her. He was talking about Marjorie Taylor Green and that people are manipulating what he said and that they asked if he was going to give me an apology because I asked for an apology. And his press secretary said he was being sympathetic. Like what? Because he called me a poor mom before he laughed about the death of my sons.

So you never heard about the apology?

No. And he hasn’t apologized to the hundreds of thousands of parents whose kids did die under his watch where there was a 22% increase in fentanyl deaths in his first year of office. He didn’t apologize to those parents who are furious. All these parents in my support groups are furious that he laughed about it.

I, I’m furious because I know what he was doing. And I don’t think he was laughing at the misfortune. That’s befallen you and it, it’s crushing. Believe me, I come from a place. But he decided to turn the thing into political one upsmanship. And that’s not what we’re looking for Here. We’ve got a fucking problem. I will do this one for you. I looked it up. Cause I take this with you. In 2021, they seized about 10,000 pounds, about five tons of fentanyl, which would kill us all. Last year they seized seven tons of fentanyl. And this year in five months, we’ve seized almost six tons in less than half a year. So when I’m looking at the bullshit politics going on, there is an argument that, well, we’re doing such a good job at the border. You see we’re getting all the fentanyl, which if deaths are up and people getting in here are up and apprehensions are up, well certainly we’re being flooded with fentanyl. Wouldn’t you agree?

Yeah. There was just a fentanyl bust that was just a traffic stop in Michigan along the highway. I think it was bad acts, and it was three tons of fentanyl, I believe that was seized and that was just one traffic stop in Michigan in bad acts, right? When they were saying, when the Republicans were saying every state there’s a border state, it’s everywhere. And now they’re adding tran to it, which is like a horse tranquilizer. And they call that flesh eating because people’s skin starts to rot. And when it’s mixed with fentanyl, you Narcan doesn’t work. You can’t save people with Narcan and the fentanyl strips to try to detect fentanyl in drugs, which is the Democrat solution to the drug pro problem. Let’s just give everybody strips to try to test their drugs. Well, it doesn’t work when they add Tran. And if there’s any question they’re trying to kill off our population through China, through the cartels, there’s your answer. I mean, they’re killing babies. It’s the number one cause of death in children seven and under ages one to seven, number one cause of death, ages 18 to 45. And they’re trying to kill off our people. There’s no question they’re adding it to candy boxes, making it rainbow colored rainbow fentanyl. This is a war and the Democrats are not acting like it.

Well then how do we win the war? What do you suggest?

Well, when I testified, I said if there were Chinese troops aligning amassing at our border with weapons aimed at our people with weapons of mass destruction aimed at our cities, you damn well know you would do something about it. But a weather balloon goes across our country from China and everybody’s freaking out about it. Nobody died. And they’re all freaking out about it. Vowing they’re going to do something, but nothing’s being done when they’re not just aiming weapons. They’re landing those weapons. They’re killing 110,000 a year now.

And they know we had probably one of the world’s experts, his name Sam Quinones, right? He writes all about it fabulously. We know exactly which port these precursor chemicals are coming into to Mexico. In Mexico. So we’re wondering about interdiction. We’re not getting any help. We’re like, you hear it in the papers now, we’re near war with China, our two biggest training partners, and we can’t force ’em to stop shipping the garbage. I think somewhere in there is the answer. I don’t know about troops because if you want to believe the government, Rebecca, and a lot of things I just don’t believe ’em about anymore. But the majority of fentanyl seizures that border patrol’s getting are from American citizens getting paid by the cartels to drive this shit in here. Having said that, being very close to the border patrol, we know they’re picking it up off the mules as well. So you and I agreed, it’s killing us. It’s a war. We’re turning a blind eye. I want the war won. That’s what I want.

There were two huge drug busts here in Michigan last year and just this month, Sterling Heights police and this huge drug bust last year that led to the one this year they were here unlawfully Mexican citizens. You know, keep hearing the Democrats put forth this informa misinformation that it’s mostly US citizens. It’s not because they’re not just coming in through the points of entry. They’re coming in through the wilderness. And for them to think that the cartels are just all law abiding and they’re lining up at the borders or their mules are lining up at the border crossings is ludicrous.

Well, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have some coherent immigration strategy in a border that actually is a border. So I agree it wouldn’t increase the problem. But I don’t know if you know the United States and Canada are close to refining the treaty in terms of refugees. It’s now going to be all of Canada. The whole border is considered an official port of entry, and any people from a third country, not the United States that enters Canada, we’re going to have to take ’em back. And I’m wondering why we don’t have that with Mexico. You take ’em back today.

Well, Canada’s Canada is now blaming their fentanyl problem on us because we’re letting them come across and we’re not taking care of this problem. So they have people dying in Canada too. Now

They do Vancouver

Because we’re not taking care of this issue at the southern border.

If I might, were you notified about your sons? Because this, I guess I want to tell you how I was notified because I’m still heartbroken over it.

Did you get a okay. Well, my ex-husband was supposed to take them to rehab. He headed up Celebrate Recovery. I figured they had resources, he would know where to take them. Turns out they didn’t. He said, well, we don’t do that. It’s just a church thing. Now they have resources. But he took them to the hotel just overnight. He said he was going to get them in the morning and take them and find a place for rehab. And because we knew something was going on and the kids would just tell us they’re smoking pot, which there’s children, by the way, dying from smoking pot because they’re putting fentanyl in it. There was just a death Monday night in Wolverine Lake.

If I can pause you there. And that is true. I don’t care what the experts are saying. I know factually from people who do it here in the city that they put the fentanyl in a spray bottle with water and they lace the bullshit weed with it. Whether it works or not, they are doing that. But I

Guess, yeah. And there’s been bus where they founded in the T HC gummies in tobacco shops and in Pennsylvania because some people almost died from ingesting the, the THC gummies that were laced with fennel. Now, who’s monitoring all of these marijuana shops?

I hear you. I hear you.

And it’s like by or beware mean they know it’s a very, very addictive substance and they want to create addicts. But then we have those who also want to kill us off, kill off our population, our children. So, all right. My ex-husband called me in the evening. He called me nine at night to tell me that both had died. Oh my God. He was called by the police around 5:00 PM and it was the girl whose parents couldn’t find her. She had said she was staying the night at a girlfriend’s house and they had to track her phone and had the police just doing kind of a wellness check. There was another girl who had apparently passed out the night before. She never took the fake Percocets. There was video footage of my boys helping her down the hall. She was doing something else, I think fake Xanax and passed out.
Well, when she woke up in the morning, they were all dead. And she called friends and was freaking out. And they said, you got to call the police. And she didn’t call days. She took a shower, washed her hair, and then she saw the police there and she said, oh, there’s a girl named Sophia in my room. And she took them up there and then they were all dead. And she said when she took a shower and washed her hair, she didn’t notice the drug dealer was there. There were four that looked like they were dead. And the Dr. Drug dealer was, her boyfriend was revived with Narcan. He had overdosed a month before, and she had overdosed two months before and was, they were both revived with Narcan before. So this guy knew that he was getting bad drugs. He confessed when he got out of a coma and they had all kinds of evidence on phones and they had video footage of him going out to get the drugs and everything. And he got eight to 15 years for killing three people because he was given a plea deal in Oakland County. Karen McDonald, prosecutor, it should have been life in prison. But she gave a plea deal for eight to 15 years.

See my brother as if I, I’ve explained, and we didn’t hear from for he’s his own man, about 50 years old. We didn’t hear from him for a week. And then we just started calling around and there he was at the morgue and nobody called us. They had his wallet and everything. Nobody called. So that hurt. Then the Detroit Police, and I know the head of this squad, if you deal dope illegal and it kills somebody, that’s homicide. This is a homicide squad, and they’re waiting for toxicology to come back. And there was fentanyl. They know who did it. And nothing ever happened. Nothing ever. They never shut this place down. So I don’t know how many other people have been injured, killed. They just never did. And I’m not one, I’m not one for, I want retribution. I want it to stop to take that person off the street so it doesn’t happen to somebody else like your kids, who knows. You know what I mean?

Who knows? And they have to know that there’s consequences that you’re going to be going to prison. But we have a prosecutor who won’t prosecute these cases. I just met with a mom the other day whose son went to U of M and another U of M student gave him fake Adderall and they filmed him and they put it on social media and they were laughing about it and left him to die. Didn’t call the police and the prosecutor they originally were going to prosecute, and then they dropped it. They dropped all the charges. They said without prejudice, but they’re not doing anything. And my former law partner, her husband is a detective with the sheriffs, and he said, we do in cases where we have leads, we handed over to the prosecutors and they just won’t prosecute these cases.


To America. And he said, it’s just really frustrating.

Welcome to him. It’s a lot of that going on. I, right. There’s guys sitting in Wayne County jail for three years now waiting for a trial that you’re a lawyer. I don’t even know what’s going on. Let me leave this one to you. What’s the name of your support group? So anybody looking can give you a call or look you up because this is everywhere. And

Yeah, I’m not a leader. I mean, our story was high profile because three young people died. There was another kid who died 18 year old in my hometown same day, didn’t make the news. But this was sensational apparently because three people died and two brothers. So I, I spoke about it, A lot of parents, but I haven’t been an activist on this. I got invited to testify. So I did. And I went on Mama Bear because I was so frustrated with hearing what the leading Democrat was saying on the committee, the minority leader, they call him the ranking house member, that this is xenophobic to want to take care of the border that Trump was separating children from their parents. And I’m thinking, I’m going to be, my children were taken from me forever. The other children can be reunited with dna. My children gone forever.
And I just started to feel like nothing’s going to get done. Oh my gosh, this is why nothing’s getting done. And so I went kind of all Mama bear and went viral. But I don’t have an organization. I haven’t been an AC activist. I don’t want to remember my children for how they died. I don’t want to remember them for how they lived. But, so the support groups that I’m in and the activism groups on Facebook are Fentanyl Awareness Coalition, hashtag not in vain for parents who lost their children, loved ones who lost their children.
Drug homicide. Drug overdose, Homi shoot, homicide Coalition, drug Homicide Coalition, I think. And then Lost Voices of Fentanyl Appalled, A P A L D. And there’s Appalled Michigan, which is Association of People Against Lethal Drugs. And I know there’s more, but you know, can get active if you’re worried about your kids. I mean, there’s a lot of things, if I knew them, would I know now there’s things I would’ve done differently. Families Against Narcotics is out of McComb. I got my Narcan training through them. I didn’t know what Narcan was. I didn’t know what Fentanyl was. I didn’t know what Tran was. So Narcan doesn’t even work with Tran when it gets mixed with Fentanyl now. But I didn’t know that my sons were doing anything that could kill them. I knew that drugs were destroying that. Them what?

It’s function. It’s important to say to everybody, I don’t want to be Nancy Reagan about it, but you just don’t know now.

You just don’t know. Yeah. You can’t experiment. I just met somebody who’s whose kid was killed with fake Tylenol. You can’t take anything that people just give you if you don’t buy at a store out of a bottle.

I would agree. The


Store, that’s exactly right. And let’s leave it at that. Look, don’t go shopping in the street Bazaar, because you might not come home. Take it from, from me and Rebecca. All right, Rebecca, thank you really so much for taking that time. I know it’s hard, but it’s important. Thank


My sister.


That was heavy.

Yeah, but it was necessary, Charlie. I mean, that’s a conversation that not enough people want to have. I, and I thought her comments were extremely candid, but necessary. I mean, and people should take that too heart and not just sit there and shake their heads and say, oh, I’m sorry to hear that. My condolences. I mean, listen to what she’s saying because what she’s saying resonates and reflects that of a lot of people that we don’t hear about or hear from

All of us. All of us girl. Yeah, all of us. Obviously you can listen to that. And she’s got a political view of life and that’s okay. That’s completely okay. That’s what we’re supposed to be about, bro, huh? Yep. Yep. Yeah. But I look at it like, you know how they say Rhino Republican in name only, all the working class white people are like, you are a rhino. No, no, no, no. These motherfuckers, these
Old white, rich men, those are the Republicans. You are the rhino. You are the rhino. You are the one trying to steal the party. Fine. But there’s something, I’m going to phrase it right now. The Dino. The Dino, the Dino, the Democrat and name only because if there’s something I, I’ve been thinking about it the way I grew up. I’m, I’m probably that old school Democrat. That could be the new school Republican, right? But fair wage for a fair day’s labor. Right? Leave me alone, stay out of my shit if only right. My friends will be my friends. My view will be my view. I thought that’s what Democrats were, that let the best thought win. I thought it was open-minded, but it ain’t open-minded no more. Right? So I get invited onto a podcast with my Democrat friends, allegedly, okay, democratic, I’m not that, I’m not Fox News, democratic Democrat, whatever the fuck they want me to come on. Sure. Come on. Now, you got to remember, none of these people you are about to see ever earned one single dollar swinging a hammer. That’s a fucking Democrat. You weren’t the dollar swinging a hammer and you expected to be paid for it. Okay? So I go on the show. I get up, I do. These are my friends, they set me up. Watch this one.

I was watching your new boyfriend, Tucker Carson, and he was talking about that Al Sharpton and Tijuana got, we got it. Yeah. Run that play that we’ll play real quick.

We do know that Trump is the subject of a grand jury investigation in Manhattan. That’s the city that voted against Donald Trump by almost 80% in the last presidential election, also at the

20% of Manhattan. Voted for fucking

Trump DA called Alvin Bragg, who looks and acts like a Tijuana Braley era. Al Sharpton.

Well, I say that’s a racist statement, man. Positive. I didn’t hear any

Of that. What’d he say? But what does that, was that a racist statement? But

What does that have to do with you?

Okay, well, but wait a minute, let’s get to, that wasn’t racist. So he said that Manhattan D eight looks like heavy black man. Looks like El Sharpton. All right, well, red looks like Fred, Fred Stair. Is that racist? Looks like, I mean, I don’t, anyway, so my basement, they asked me to be a, they set that up. Go ahead. Wait a minute. My B wait, my boyfriend. My boyfriend.

That’s what I was like, okay, but I know what I get a feeling for what’s going on here, but go

Ahead. Okay.

I say that’s a racist statement,

Man. I didn’t hear any of it. What’d he say?

He said that the DA in Elvin brag, a Braggs looked like a Al Sharpton when he was Tiana Superly.

Tiana, I’m sorry, Tiana. Tiana Braley Al Sharpton. That is with era so and so, in essence, your guy, it came across very racist to me. And my question is, you guys are friends, right?


Okay. All right. And you represent Detroit very well. I mean, which is a predominantly black city. How does that resonate with you, with this guy who sits on this show? I, because I can’t have no racist friends. I’m being very honest with you. But

Then what is his

Shit? How can you, now, do you reconcile?

I don’t,

Having this kind of relationship with

The guy? I didn’t even hear the fucking clip. I,

Oh, you want us to run it again so you can

Hear it what you’re doing, Madam, I don’t know you right? I know the man. I don’t know what he said. So you should get your show proper first before you sit here.

Oh, why you going to, oh, wait a minute. We’re not doing this, sir. We not going to do this, sir. On the show. Ask, ask question’s,

Let, let me answer it. First of all, get your show together so I can actually hear what you’re going to accuse me some other guy did. Okay. Do I know that or anything? Yeah. Adolphs, my friend, people say, he says racist, thanks. I’m not going to defend shit like that. You ask me about me, and that’s what you can do. Okay, beautiful. Next question.

All right, Charlie, let’s we, you know,

That’s ridiculous. That’s why you have me,

Charlie. Charlie, come. So here. Come on, Charlie. We’ve got some other Charlie, your friend Charlie. Charlie. We got nasty,

Nasty, nasty.

Wow. Well, but you know what I said can, and I don’t know,

Charlie, I go off.

Yeah, yeah, go ahead. No,



No, because you’re my better half.

Well, but this is my thing. It’s, it’s almost because I didn’t hear it from a, and I understand Adolf and Alan have a show. They’re both have been in the journalism space. I get it. I don’t know the other young lady, but I have often, she’s

Not a young

Hunt. Well, I don’t know the other lady, but I see sometimes where people try to force themselves into a space that they may not necessarily belong. And so people think that by attacking people or saying something that may be interpreted as controversial is what gets them attention and elevation. I’m

Going to ask you to speak,


Clean Now that is clean. No. What do you

Say that was? Say something


That. It was unnecessary that there was no value in it. And in my opinion, it was an attempt to try to validate her presence. I

Know those people. Those are some soft-bodied, soft minded people. Are you fucking kidding me? Yeah, that was,
It was weak. Wait a minute. That was so fucking weak. Tucker Carlson, if you’re going to a, is he my friend? Okay. I met the man four times. I’ve known him 25 years. I I’ve, I’ve kissed his head. That don’t mean I’m him. Yep. He in his life has come around to the way we think over here. He did not like unions. He did not like a fair wage. He’s rethinking that. I think the guy’s fucked up on his January 6th. Shit. I think he’s fucked up on the election. People in this room believe the election is stolen. There’s people in this room. I want to exist. I want to exist in this life. I want to have friends. I do not want to turn life off and go to war. Somebody got to sit in the middle and my own friends. You going to do, you did that shit. I know you’re watching. I called you and told you to watch. I’m really upset. That’s garbage. That fucking Democrats are fucked up. You people are rich and you’re spinning dissent, so you can fucking make your money on us. I’m open to anybody. You know what’s fucked up about white people? A lot of shit. But I really love them. What’s fucked up of our black people? A lot of shit. But I really love them, man. I don’t hate you unless you fuck with me. And even then I get confused and I walk around my house. Did I do the right? Oh, fuck that, man. Now you’ve got your fucking cliques. You dicks. You dicks. I don’t necessarily tell the

Truth. They that off though. I don’t think they set that up though. I mean, it didn’t feel like a setup. It felt like a struggle.

Oh hey. No, no, no.

It felt, no wait, no,

No. Hold on, please. It felt it’s your boyfriend. Let’s wrote a

Clip. Yeah, that wasn’t a good comment. But for her, but for her peace, is she her? I don’t know, but, and that’s, you

Don’t speak for

Us, but that’s the thing. No, we don’t know. She is probably nobody knows who she is. And so here’s an opportunity for me to gain attention by attacking Charlie Lauff. I tell you all the time people try to build themselves. Wasn’t an attack. No. Well, whatever it was, I mean, I don’t know, but people try to fuck you. People try to gain traction at the expense of somebody else. People do that all the time.

I never murdered nobody in Iraq.


Yeah. Anything you saw that was going on in this country, in my l Ferguson, Clive Bundy, nine 11, I make it my business to be there for us.

But you know what, Charlie?

Man, red, you did a brilliant job.

Brilliant. Yeah, that was amazing.

Brilliant piece. So well researched, so well spoken in the regular way, and they’re trying to diminish the shit we’re trying to say. And when we were wrong, we’re wrong. But we don’t hate, and that is fucking nonsense.

But this is the thing, Charlie, and just listen to what I’m saying. If you no, listen, rall teach me how to speak regular. But listen, if you weren’t saying anything about this right now, nobody would’ve known what happened there.

It’s called Detroit and black and white. And if you’re going to be Detroit and black and white, then the white guy oughta be a white guy that talks like a white guy. Instead of being like some liberal nabi pamby, let the white guy talk because the white a Allen, right? Cause the white guy got shit to say, Alan should the white guy, not wrong.

Alan should write his book. That’s what he should be doing.

Okay? So we’re going to ignore the black voice forever. But now the black voice gets some prominence because the black voice is not wrong. But you should not go all the way over there. Not to listen into this voice. We are all family. Yeah, we’re

Family. Yeah, you’re right. You

Right. Wait, do that to me.

You’re right. That wasn’t, that wasn’t cool. I mean, this

Book right here, mango, you Fucker chapter three, we’re going to go in a century from now. This book means something called Detroit American autopsy

We going to go down together, man, bro, in another fucking century, we won’t be here. I respect you. Lot of people. Don’t they call you a race Baiter. I have you on. You are my friend. I say it out loud. What you You going make you go. You going make a piece a nat. Fuck that. I’m done. Goodbye.


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