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Red’s Moving On Up. The Dan Gilbert skyscraper got $60 million in exchange for letting poor people live there. Detroit Red takes him up on the offer. Only to find out, there is no offer. The Jeffersons in reverse. Take note, local media. It’s fake.

Lansing 911 is a Joke.  Lansing Police still not giving clear answers or responding to FOIA request surrounding the MSU Shooter and calls made by neighbors in the weeks leading up to the collage mass shooting.

Biden. Go F*** yourself. 

Trudeau. Go F*** yourself. 

My race baiting friends. Go F*** yourself. 

Lansing PD. Go F*** yourself. 

All you people saying a wide open border is good for US. Go F*** yourself.

Just ask Rebecca, whose boys died from fentanyl.

Money give away? Gilbert. Go F*** yourself.

Media. Go F*** yourself

Whitmer. Go F*** yourself

Trump. Go F*** yourself

Me? Go F*** yourself.

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