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How did Sony choose the Triangle button? Their Playstation controllers are famous for having the DualShock, along with the triangle, square, x and circle, but how did they make that decision?


The Sony PlayStation controller is one of the most recognizable controllers in the gaming industry. It’s gone through many changes since PlayStation first stormed the gaming world in the early 90s, but one thing has remained remarkably consistent. It’s unique button layout. Most other gaming companies have controllers with buttons that have letters designated to them. Some of them are simple and straightforward, while others are unnecessarily complicated.

But not the Sony PlayStation controller. The company decided to go a different route than other gaming companies by having a button layout that was shape-based rather than letter-based. This created the iconic, triangle circle X square combination that we all know and love, and that is now one of the most recognizable button layouts in the gaming world today. But why did the company decide to go the shape route instead of letters? Was it an attempt to throw shade at their biggest rival, Nintendo? Or did creator Teiyu Goto design the controller with something else in mind? That’s what today’s video is all about!

So go ahead and check out the video below to learn all about the history of controller buttons. We’ll be looking at not only the Sony button layout, but also at the designs for Microsoft’s Xbox controller and Nintendo’s Gamecube controller. So have a look and afterwards, go ahead and leave a comment detailing your favorite controller layout and be sure to hit that subscribe button for more awesome gaming content like this. Let’s get started!

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