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The Left is Right. The North is South.

America is upside down and inside out.

(0:01:00) What happened to the hippies?

(0:09:30) Biden = Nixon

(0:11:45) Latinos say build the wall.

(0:18:30) Liar Liar. Snyders mug on fire.

(0:28:00) Overrun. Chris Cabrera Border Control.

(0:51:00) A terrorist among us?

(1:00:00) Civil War. 

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My daughter recently asked me if I’m a conservative, and she didn’t mean conservative with the little C, the sort of dude that grows old, doesn’t like company, and worries about settling his accounts with the Almighty. Now she meant big C, conservative, the sort of geezer who pines for the good old days that were never really very good. The sort of guy who worries more about his bank accounts than his account with God mildly surprised. I asked my daughter if she’d ever seen footage from the 1968 Democratic National Convention. It was an extraordinary year in America. In 1968. The Ted Offensive was in full deadly bloom. The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And Robert F. Kennedy brought on the simultaneous arson of more than 100 American cities unpopular with his own party. President Lyndon Johnson declared that he would not run for reelection. So inside the Chicago International Amphitheater Democratic Party super delegates, you remember them decided on the pro-war Vice President Hubert Humphrey.
Even though Humphrey had not run in a single primary, not one ordinary citizen had even voted for him Outside on the streets. Chicago, tens of thousands of demonstrators convened in a mass protest as the silk suits and the fat cats puppeteered the course of American politics. Police attacked the protestors with trenches and tear gas, beating and arresting hippies, Chicanos, black panthers, priests, nuns, even the elderly. It was and remains a national stain, and I have no idea why they don’t teach it. You see the political bosses in the convention hall. I asked my daughter as we stared into the grainy images, I’m against them. You see the long hairs and the whiskers and the afros in the streets. I’m with them back then. Supporting free speech and opposing censorship was a principle of the left. Questioning. The author’s role in American life was considered a virtue.
The spy agencies, the military industrial complex and corporate influence had no place in democracy for them. But I guess that was another time because today’s left, I can’t recognize them. Its skepticism towards American institutions has evaporated. There is an unambiguous lap gery among them for the FBI and the CIA. In today’s liberal media leg humps. The censorship industrial complex liberal believes the first amendment goes too far for too many. The left has succumbed to authoritarian impulses. The nexus between big government and big tech doesn’t seem to bother ’em. They believe in shutting down your social media accounts if you do not align with their new worldview views. In 1967, more than 100,000 liberal protestors marched on the Pentagon in 2023. The liberals don’t mind that the Pentagon is spying on them. Science and legitimate analytical descent has been routinely de platformed the careers of medical experts nearly destroyed for their contrarian views over governmental covid mandates.
And as it happens, they turned out to be right. Inconvenient truths like the ineffectiveness of masks or the lack of need for toddlers to be vaccinated, or the locking down of school children continued to hold influence despite the scientific evidence. The new left continues to support these intrusions just as it supports a never ending war in Ukraine. But a few of the so-called progressives have not the courage to walk the dark theaters of war themselves, and almost none of them are willing to commit themselves to the uniform. The elite class among them flies jets to oil producing countries and holds conferences to lecture the ho pallo about the evils of oil and jets. They demand that we stay home during covid while they jetted to Palm Beach or wind and dined at the French laundry. Speech should be free. The new left will argue, but some people’s speech should be more free than others.
Remember the odious baboons of the far right who marched on the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville carrying the tiki torches. And Channing, the Jews will not replace us. They were castigated. They were put on trial, they were jailed. But tell me how are they any different from the rabid mobs of radicals on the college campuses today chanting that Jews should be run into the sea. They on the other hand have been excused from class. The pampered and pompous liberals of today have moved so far left. I have to look right to see them. I have never abandoned the whiskers, the workers, the streets, the freaks or free speech. I told my daughter, the liberals abandoned us and a worded advice to them with the Democrats divided in 1968, Richard Nixon was elected president. And you know how that turned out? Want to see a poll, Karen? From 19, okay, let me, I did a little bit of this here. This is, I just pulled up some polls. Okay. Joe Biden got his impeachment inquiry. All right. 70% of Americans believe Joe Biden either did something illegal or something unethical. Okay? Now I don’t know where you are in it with that.

I think there’s some questionable behavior that’s worthy of a legitimate, a thorough and an objective investigation. I do.

And you would demand it because, yeah,

And you should

Because not that you’re whatever your political,

It doesn’t matter. I mean, and that’s the thing. If somebody does something wrong or that compromises democracy, then you have to have a process that’s applied evenly to everybody regardless of whether or not you like them or support them,

Right? It’s like it’s the institution of the presidency that I want preserved. It’s not the

Party, right? And it’s not the person. And

Look to me as an investigative reporter, I love hearing reporters. You got that clip. Here’s a couple Republicans on the house oversight. Jordan and Comer. Listen to this reporter’s line of questioning for them. Jeremy, straight out of central how

To answered that question that you found no evidence of wrongdoing or criminal

Conduct. We found some very serious evidence that you look at. No, no, the checks, there’s two checks to Joe Biden from his brother that the money to give Joe Biden was through influence penalty. One was through the AM America you have to purchase. No, no, no. Listen. Loan

Repayments that we, where

The loan documents, we showed you the loan documents. That is,

There’s no, you

Don’t understand loan documents. I knew, okay, if I wrote you,

Yeah, I want an investigator. I didn’t say he’s guilty,

Right? But if he’s not, then he should be able to withstand an investigation

And without the inquiry, we’re not going to get his bank records. The President’s bank records. Well, did you make a loan to your brother, didn’t you? You said you did, and I hope he’s innocent. I really fucking do. Or we’re in trouble. Also, remember his fake email names. The National archives won’t turn those over to Congress. So an impeachment inquiry requires ’em. I want to know, just like I want to know about the Russian hoax, I withheld judgment on the Ukrainian impeachment hearing. Were you trying to use military aid in order to get some political tery done?

Charlie, I hate to say it, but everybody in their respective roles of power, they’ve somehow used that power for their personal benefit. I mean they, I mean, I don’t care whether you’re a manager at McDonald’s and you give your friend an extra set of fries or whether you are in an elected position and you’ve picked up the phone to get something done for a donor or a family member. It happens.

Peddling influence is against the law. It is. Okay. So it’s pretty much acknowledged. And Hunter Biden says as much the Biden brand. So you were peddling influence based on what your father did. I didn’t say the father manipulated anything. At minimum this will show if illegal activity was being conducted by Hunter and James Biden, the president’s brother, were you influenced peddling? That’s federal law. I want to know

How can you not be? I mean, how can you not be if you walk, and this is same issue that they had in the conversation they had around Trump and his son-in-Law. When you walk into a room and they know who you are, your name, your brand, and your access, how is that not

So? How is it 70? I’m not crazy. Let my daughter, I’m not 70% of Americans Associated press poll believe Biden did something illegal or unethical. Okay? But nearly 60% of Democrats maintained that the President did nothing wrong. Okay? You know what that reminds me of? Let’s go back to the opening rant there. Here’s a poll from 1975. It’s all the polls. It’s the Gallup polls from when Nixon took office in 1969 to when he resigned office in late 1974. Watergate began in 1972. So when Watergate broke, Nixon had an 85% approval rating with the Republicans. Get this 50% with independents and 35% with Democrats. By the time he leaves office, we know he erased tapes. He was involved. It was a coverup. And late 1974, 50% of Republicans gave him a job approval rating of thumbs up. You know what that sounds like? What that sounds like. Democrats 2023.

But that blind party loyalty, Charlie, is what continues to keep us in trouble and repeating people that aren’t serving their office or the people that elected.

So if we’re not going to show the 68 convention tour because we got to show it, I just say defend the country, defend the institution. Look, I mean, I got no love for Trump there. I don’t trust this guy. I worry if this election’s close and he loses what’s going to. You know what I mean? And

Worry if you win,

Forget all the shit. You add it all up again. I want to know if there was the Russian collusion. You impeached them on Ukraine, so be it. You impeached them on Ukraine. I mean, let’s look at it, right? Based on a whistleblower in the Biden case, we got a lot of whistleblowers. So

Any emails

Protect the institution from the fucking creeps. That’s true. Okay, so more polls. Want more polls. Okay. 71% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s border policies, 71%. I’m against the wall. Not in urban areas. They don’t work. I know a few things about it, but 57 of America favors a wall including 53% of independents, 49% of Latinos and 40% of black voters.

That’s interesting.

Yeah. Okay, let’s see here. 55% of voters say no more money for Ukraine right here. The CNN poll, majority of Americans oppose more USAID for Ukraine. Am I crazy? We’ve talked about it at length on this program. Bait. Okay. No love for Putin. I’ve been to Russia, I’ve been to the Ukraine. I’m not a supporter of Putin, but I know if you were going to try to put missiles in the Ukraine, you’re going to start a war. What’s the exit strategy, mark?

Good question. What’s

The exit strategy? There isn’t one. It’s just forever.

Until Russia gives up, which they’re not going to

Give up. There’s no more men in Ukraine

Not going

To happen. There was a deal on the table at the beginning of this thing, and I believe the Ukraine’s won in a way. We were watching those first weeks like, oh my God, the rest are just going to roll in there and we’re not going to stop. But oh my God, they’re pretty good.

What happened to Tetris? What was his name? The weed stitch, whatever. Is he still in the bathroom?

He left so he didn’t have to fight. Now they’re drafting 50 year olds.

Oh wow.

And I got my neighbor pansy with the I support you. Well, whoa, really? What do you mean? But

People buy into what they think they’re supposed to and they don’t know very much about it or what that means. They do. It’s whatever the color and the order and the call of the day are

Until it goes on too long and they get exhausted. They

Don’t want to hear anything else, and then they move on to whatever the next thing is. So now it’s the Palestinian thing.

This is Rio Clear Politics opinion research. 74% of Republicans and 61% of Independences believe speech should be legal under any circumstances, while 47% of Democrats say it should be legal only under certain circumstances. Moreover, 52%. 52% of Democrats approve of the government censoring social media content. Really? The government. What’s that

Number again? Yeah.


52%. Wow.

This is Big brother shit. Okay. It is. I’ll say it again. I never moved this shit. I’m not with you. It’s ugly here. It’s difficult, but freedom, dignity for all. We’re not created equal, but our rules of the land are we all get an equal opportunity.

We should.

That’s what is supposed to be universal and I don’t see it.

It’s not there.

Okay? Right there. We don’t like his border policies. Later in the program after break, we will have Chris Cabrera, the vice President, national Border Patrol Council for the end of year, the end of the most outrageous, maddening, free for all on the border in the United States history. He’ll be here to give us the ground level view of what’s going on.

Good, because that’s kind of been pushed to the back of the conversation as well.

Okay, so Covid, the mass didn’t work. Cochrane Library looks at dozens of studies. Zero. Where is that? I’m not going to keep throwing paper up. They had no effect. No effect to speak of really? Right now. Old people, you should see ’em. You should wear gloves, get in and get out. Right? Old people should get the vaccine. It’s proven by data to be effective. It’s not effective for healthy people under the age of 60. You know what I mean? Unless you have preexisting conditions, you’re morbidly obese, you’ve had organ transplants, things like that. But why did we make the sciences clear? Why did we make toddlers wear masks when the C, DC knew the data wasn’t there? Why did we make them get vaccines when they weren’t necessary? And with that bread, less than half of adults are going to get the new vaccine.

That makes sense. Then Charlie. I mean, people looked and they got pushed, and I don’t want to say forced. I think fear was the tactic that was used to have people do all these things, wear a mask. I still see people walking down the street, open air alone with masks on, and the CDC came out and said that the masks didn’t work.

And I don’t want to give up because of all this, the skepticism that was bred into people, my brother went to the hospital last night with severe covid is real covid kills. There’s no doubt. Like I said, I won’t go to my brother’s medical background, but let’s just say he’s not going to be Mr. Universe. So they gave him an iv, right? Sent him home, told him to drink Gatorade and eat some bananas. So covid is real, and I’m not going near him. Please don’t go near mom. We get what it is, but to push bullshit.

But Charlie, it’s the same thing with the flu. It’s the same thing with pneumonia. I mean, we have a lot of respiratory illnesses that have existed, okay? They’re dangerous. Nobody doubts their existence or the impact, but this was a money maker. I mean, from top to bottom, it was a moneymaker. Pfizer, early on when they had,

Where’s the data? Like, okay, you’re 65 and older, how many boosters should you get? Nobody asked for it. The government? No, we’re working on it Like Senator Rand Paul. Oh yeah, okay. Was asking the CDC for the data. Is it two shots, three shots, four shots, five shots? They won’t, the government won’t give the government the data. It’s

As many shots as they can scare people into taking. Okay,

Now, governor Rick Snyder, this is his mugshot, enjoy it

In his custom suit.

It’s gone right there. Here, I’m going to lay down on fire right there for you. Here it goes. There it is. People gone, never happened, disappeared. The judge said, you’ve got to destroy to the authorities. You’ve got to destroy his mugshot, all of his booking information, anything in the lien system because the Supreme Court threw the case out because Dana Nessel, the Democratic Attorney General, an autocrat fucked it up. And the people who know Covid kills, and we know it didn’t kill kids, right? But it killed old people. Freedom, loving. And I don’t want to be like, Hey man, I’m on the woods with my AR 15 and I don’t call myself a patriot. You let others call you a patriot. That’s my position on that. But we knew and they were dying in real time and you all got to watch it with us. I want an investigation into her investigation because it never happened with Snyder. It’s all gone. But

Who’s going to do that? Charlie? Who would do that? I mean, it should happen, but where does that come from?

I know that’s a great one. That’ll be your assignment for next week. If we do that. We wouldn’t all be angry.

I know, but I’m just saying. I mean, there again is another missing layer of accountability that enables these folks to just continue to do whatever it is they want to do at the expense of those they should be serving. Well,

My liberal friends leave me now. Now listen here now motherfucker, I’m from the working class, okay? Single mom, okay. Background from people all over the world, okay? You know what I’m saying? I went to undergrad at Michigan, Ann Arbor, say wild liberal campus. I went to graduate school at California, Berkeley, a wild liberal campus. So don’t tell me, I’m telling you, that’s

As liberal as it gets.

You all turn into them hippies that turn into the me generation all saying, y’all got rich on Wall Street and shit. You know what I mean? Jane Fonda’s, get out of here, man. And I like Jane Fonda, nice lady. Tough as nails, but speaking of Jane Fonda, governor Whitmer today announces oh $550 for 700,000 families with kids, right? Because poor for poor people. Okay? So it’s going to affect a million kids, and yet there’s 700,000 people getting this. What is it? Like 1.1 kid household?

Yeah, I don’t know where that is either.

Okay, that’s throwing rose petals at the swine, right? Pretty much about $400 million, $400 million, right? Of money we don’t have. It’s leftover covid money, $400 million for poor people and 4 billion this year alone from the state alone to corporate welfare recipients, right? So that Archie Bunker shit about the welfare queen driving around in the Cadillac. You can’t get no Cadillac for $550. You can’t even get a fucking Uber for $550. You know what I mean? Okay, so we gave four to a hundred million dollars. Hey, you know what? They promised us? We’re going to retool the electric F-150 plant over there in River Rouge and we’re going to double production. Well, they announced they’re going to cut production in half, but they’re not going to give the money back. Remember when it was Fiat Chrysler FCA and we gave ’em $400 million to upgrade the Jeep plant over there on Jefferson, close down the streets, and Mayor Bingo, that thing, ain’t that going deliver? No 5,000 jobs for 17 years. Three shifts. If they had 10,000 jobs over there making about 60 grand on average with the current income tax for the city, it would take working a full-time, 365 triple shift, 17 years of pay that or eight, I forget, somewhere between eight and 16 years to pay that back. Well, what did Stellantis, which merged with FCA, basically we paid to make FCA look sexy to the French, and then they merged. They’ve announced we’re going to cut 2,500 jobs. You see this bullshit?



And this was after they too, just got a substantial amount of money. But that’s what happens, Charlie. Everybody promises jobs. They promise jobs to Michiganders. They promise jobs to Detroiters. It’s like, Hey, give us this money. We’re going to make this right for you. And then it’s like, no, we can’t do that.

So let’s review. Before we get onto Chris Cabrera, lemme just, okay, so we’re older, so whatever era you want to do it, we were raised before cell phones. I don’t believe the government should be spying on me. Does that make me just by your definition, is that liberal or conservative?

I think it’s realistic. Well, it’s unrealistic, but I think it’s a fair thing to Charlie. I don’t think the government has a right to invade in our privacy the way that they are, but they watch everything we do

Says in the Constitution.

Yeah, I know, but I mean they do. They know everything that we, if you and I sat here and you

Didn’t answer the question, is that liberal or conservative? That’s a liberal. Okay, it’s liberal. The conservatives say that’s conservative. Okay. But it’s okay. Why does it have to be either? I believe that the presidency of the United States should not be for sale, and if there’s a question, it needs to be investigated.


Liberal. Is it liberal? Then why aren’t all the conservatives calling for it? Okay. I believe that we should feed our poor, our hungry, our disadvantaged first, and when we accomplish that, we should invite others.

That’s liberal. That’s straight liberal. Used

To be. Yeah. Is that liberal?

Yeah, you’re right, mark. Once upon a time. Okay.

Okay. I believe that if you’re a government official and you’re accused of covering up a mass health crisis that you need to be investigated,

That’s liberal.

Is that liberal?

I don’t think conservatives would even opt for that. Okay.

Okay. I believe that what precious public dollars we have should not go to rich people, but it should go to benefit the poor, the working poor, and the children in order to make a better and more robust society. Is that that’s as

Liberal as you need. That’s liberal. Yeah, very liberal.

So no honey, papa’s not a big C conservative study. Hard would be good. We’ll be back after this with Chris Cabrera and the National Border Patrol Council

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How’s it going? Same old, same old down here. Just really busy. A lot of people coming through and heading up to your neighborhood.

That’s a lot to unpack, but first of all, let me, are you chewing? Are you dipping right now?


Maybe. Okay, man, these Texas guys, you’re circumcised, right? Yeah. He’s like, yeah, you know why they circumcised Texans, bro.

What is that?

So you got a place to keep your chew while you’re brushing your teeth.

No, that

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Those things are awesome, man.

Fuck yeah, right there. Those things are awesome, man. See that? You can’t get better than that and they know dogs in Texas. Alright, now listen man, you said you’re busy slammed and you’re heading this way. Go ahead, elaborate. Yeah,

I think our numbers last, sorry, not October numbers, which is the beginning of the fiscal year for us we’re just over 200,000 past month. November was around 190,000. Now you take those numbers versus any one month. In the previous administration we were looking at 20, 30,000 per month. So those numbers are up extremely high. Not to mention, I think 85, 80 7% of the people we do catch are being released into the country.

Shit, that’s true. And that’s just who you’re catching the border patrol for. People that don’t know catch the people in the bush, right? Yeah. And then customs.

Yeah, we’re not on the bridge. We’re between the bridges

And then customs takes care of the people that come through the actual port of entry right there saying I’m claiming asylum. And then border patrol and customs will quite often turn detainees over to ice immigrations and customs and then they will let people go. So when you’re talking about 200,000, that’s just for beating the brush. It’s more like 250, 200 60,000, right?

Well that’s the people that we’re encountering that Border Patrol is letting go. It’s about 200,000 and then 50, 60,000 probably the customs is letting go and then the people we’re not even catching because we’re too busy dealing with these folks that are turning themselves in and great in huge numbers.

What percentage of you guys border patrol are actually patrolling the border and what percentage of you are processing, making sandwiches, driving people to doctor’s appointments? What percent?

Yeah, at the beginning of our shift we start off with about 50% of our manpower in the field. The other 50% is hospital watch or dealing with people processing or that kind of stuff. But as the day goes on, that number a lot of times gets down to as little as 20% that’s actually out in the field. The rest are inside.

So that’s why so many people, you just not even, they’re called the God aways. You know they’re out there, but just you don’t have anything to

Get. And if people can turn themselves in and get away, they turn themselves in and they know we’re going to release ’em. The ones that are running have a reason to run. They’re running because they know that if they turn themselves in, they have a criminal record or they have something that’s not going to allow them to get released. So there’s a reason they’re running

And you’re saying basically it’s just catch ’em and release ’em and give them, what do you give them like a ticket to appear in court sometime? A phone?

Yeah, we give ’em a phone so we can keep track of ’em even though they end up throwing that damn thing away. Or we give ’em an ankle monitor, which again, which gets cut off right after they pass the checkpoint, they’ll give them a packet of documents that says you have a court date in such and such city at such and such time, such and such year, and they show up for the first few hearings. And then once it’s getting towards the end of that process and they know that that final decision is going to be made, that’s when they stop showing up.

And so what happens to them? I mean, is anybody still watching or monitoring or are they just kind of blend into

Yeah, they just blend into the sanctuary city that they went to. Usually they’re all going to go to a sanctuary city knowing that nobody’s going to harass ’em up there and there’s no way to track. I mean, they give us an address and we can check to make sure it’s a valid address, but we can’t check to make sure that that’s where they’re actually going and they just disappear into the country. We’ve never see ’em again.

Sounds a little haphazard to me. Kind of like it’s all over the place.

Yeah, if the federal government was a for-profit agency, we would’ve been bankrupt years ago. There’s no accountability on this level. It’s terrible mismanagement.

Let me give people some numbers. Since Biden took the oath since he was sworn in. This is from the federal government itself. 3.5 million people, three and a half million people were let in, 6 million were apprehended. Three and a half million were let in about right Chris?

Yeah, that’s about right.

Okay. Another 1,700,000 people, at least that we know of 1,700,000 people just got away. Like Chris was saying, we don’t have the manpower to chase ’em down. Correct, Chris?

That’s correct.

There’s also an estimate, we won’t go into it, but you estimate those that got in that you didn’t see, that’s another little hidden couple hundred thousand people.

Another one that you’re not going to find on there is now they’re paring people into the country for asylum purposes. And the way the parole system is designed is if you’re a witness to a crime or a victim of a crime, or say you just live in say, Mexico or wherever, and your grandma is sick in the United States, they’ll let you into the country for a few days under the parole system. You you’re there for three months, six months, three days, and then you go back home and it’s usually for a victim of a crime or a witness to a crime. However, people are making their appointments on that C BP one app and they’re para patrolling them into the country for asylum purposes. So in a sense, those are also entries that people are getting released into the country, but they’re not counted towards the final number.

Interesting you said that. We’ll go to that bullshit app in a second because it’s bullshit. And look, my liberal friends that say I’ve lurched to the right, you don’t know shit. Chris knows, and I know a little bit, and this is the truth, we will get into horrific stories if you need ’em about sex trafficking and abuse and all that, but almost a million, about 850,000 people. Not this past year, but the year before, 900, almost a million people came on a visa and never left, right Chris?
Yep. Okay. That doesn’t include 2021. That doesn’t include 2023. That’s just 2022. Okay. Then Chris is talking about the border patrol app that Biden said, we don’t want to get the cartels involved. Just go on the app. Remember I went on there with me and my dog try to get permission to come in. A quarter million people came over by that app. Another quarter million people used the app and flew in directly from their home country. We allowed you to fly into St. Louis and go asylum. It was, you understand what I’m saying? And they come from a hundred different countries. We’re giving asylum to Mexicans, which we don’t recognize Mexico as being a torture government. We’re letting people in from France. I don’t know how France is a third world, why you would need asylum. We’re letting ’em in from Russia, Kazakhstan, keep going. Chris, China.

Yeah, we’re letting them in from everywhere, from Syria to Venezuela to Honduras to Ecuador to Nicaragua. But

Iran, I

Think the interesting part is the asylum process is very narrow in scope. It’s for political issues, for religious issues, but people are claiming that they’re coming to work or that they live in a rough neighborhood. Those aren’t asylum issues. They didn’t use to be, they’re an abused spouse. That’s not an asylum issue. L-G-B-T-Q. And so they get asylum, but that’s not an asylum issue yet. We’re allowing them to stay, even though they don’t qualify by their own admission, they don’t qualify and we’re still allowing them to stay.

Okay, take that for what it’s worth. Okay? Because we have real refugees, real ones in Gaza and everyone else coming over for a better life, right? And of course, sure Shit, Joe said, come on, we’re going to suspend everything. What asylum is, is this is the law. You come to the border, you claim asylum, we detain you until you get the judge right, Chris?

That’s correct.

So we detain you until you get your hearing, but because we, the clarion call, come on. This thing called parole, humanitarian parole. It was supposed to be for people that are being detained. Oh my god, you have appendicitis, we’re going to parole you to the hospital and then you got to come back. Now it’s an indefinite, just go into the country. We’re going to let you work, we’re going to house you. We’re going to pay for it. So all total, what I got here, 3.5 million people, we just let in 1.7 million, minimum got aways, 900,000 overstays on the visa and a half a million people using this app. That would be 5.2, 6.1, 6.6 million people.
6.6 million people in less than three years. That’s a lot. You want to know what that is? 6.6 million people. That’s Los Angeles plus Chicago. Or better yet, that’s 10 Detroits. 10 Detroits. Now, how does this affect us? Detroit’s broke. We’re broke. One out of every $55 in economic activity in the United States in a year, one out of $55 created is spent to take care of the, what do you want to call ’em? Illegal migrants, the migrants, the asylum, all of them. So one out of every like $50. So you have an economic issue, you have a social issue, you have a cultural issue. It’s a lot of people to take in at once and we’re broke. Just look at New York. Look at Chicago. I’m sorry ma’am, I’m a reporter. I’m just trying to tell you your thoughts on that, Chris. Is it going to keep going?

I think the thing that gets me with that is you have folks here in the United States that need government assistance, that need a helping hand to get back on their feet, but now these folks aren’t qualifying because that money is going for people that are coming into the country illegally. And then you have the other part of that is if you were from another country and you are trying to come here legally, I mean it’s a very difficult process. So you’re better off just doing it illegally than you are legally. It’s so much easier to do it illegally, but legally, I mean there’s all kinds of hoops to jump through. So yeah, people are going to do it the easy way. And then you have places that are incentivizing it. Like New York, you come over here, we’re going to put you up in nice hotels. Of course they’re going to go to New York. Oh,

Not anymore, right? Not anymore. Now they got a taste of it. They want ’em gone. That’s not me. That’s the democratic mayor of New York who said we’re a sanctuary city. Until you figured out what it was here. I’m just saying. I’m just saying what the fuck. And now the cartel, I’m sorry Chris, now that you guys are busy babysitting and making sandwiches and shit, the cartels run that border, don’t they?

Oh yeah. And if you look at the amount of vice president

Of the Border Patrol Council just said, the cartels run the goddamn border. Sorry.

It’s true. Everybody knows that. But if you look at any of these small border towns, some of them have 30,000 people, some of ’em have less than 5,000 people living there. And we’re getting thousands upon thousands per day. And yet you got New York crying that they’re getting a fraction of what we’re getting. And on top of that, they asked for it, they wanted it.

Now they don’t. Neither did Chicago thought they did. Now here’s the thing, Chris, look, asylum’s a certain thing as you said, and there’s something in the world and people listen to this program know safe third country arrangement agreements and treaties, meaning you are from let’s say Syria, okay? And there’s a war there and you really are a refugee and Assad wants to kill you. You get out of Syria, the first country that’s not at war, that doesn’t torture people. That’s where you claim asylum. You don’t use it as a thoroughfare to get to where you want to go. Let’s say you go from or you shouldn’t, you go from Syria, you get into Turkey. That’s it. That’s where you go. You’re not on your way to Germany, right? Okay.

Now we enforce that with Canada. We just don’t enforce it with Mexico.

Interesting. We have a little clip here of Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana questioning Homeland Security had Alejandro Mayor is just exactly about this.

The UK has a safe third country policy, doesn’t it?

Senator? The UK is underway in addressing its immigration

Challenges. Spain has a safe third country policy, doesn’t it?

Senator? If you know the answer to the question, I’m not sure why you’re posing it to me.

Greece has a safe third country policy, doesn’t it? Because I want to know if you know, you don’t even know how many people are coming into our country. That is not true. Greece has a safe third country policy, doesn’t it,

Senator? I disagree with the statement that you

Understand, but does Greece have a safe third country policy?

I do not know if it does.

Canada, the eu, Turkey, Norway, they all have safe third country policies don’t.

It’s interesting you cite Canada because we negotiated, I negotiated the Safe third country agreement.

And the first thing that President Biden did, and you did when you took office, was abolish our safe third country policies.

So as was exclusively and originally reported on this program, because we’re not just a podcast of talks, pink o Trudeau, Mr. Open it to the world, started getting refugees from the United States pouring into Quebec and Ontario, right? Got a lot of them. Canada bitch. So for a year, this Myorca motherfucker was secretly negotiating with Trudeau to say, third country. Once you get to the United States, that’s where you have to claim a asylum. You can’t walk through to Canada, Canada because United States is a safe third place. The place where you came from is the first place, right? The place you want to get to is the second place. And the go-between was the third we’re safe. We had an agreement with Mexico to this effect. And then on day one, Biden abolished it. So Chris, don’t you find it hypocritical that we had a safe third country agreement with Canada, but if you came through the bush, it didn’t apply. And now for the last year, they secretly negotiated that the entire border of Canada, whether it’s an official crossing or not, is a border crossing and you got to go back to America. Why don’t we have this with Mexico?

That’s a million dollar question. Say it

Again. No, say it again.

That’s the million dollar question. We’re putting restrictions on ourselves that we don’t put anywhere else. We we’re. We’re just becoming the stooges on the international stage. I mean, we’re just allowing everybody to walk all over us. And of course they do.

See, what I like about you is you’re a really intelligent man. You understand the politics and the policies, you got a set of balls. So anybody listening, listen to Chris Cabrera. You understand what I’m saying? This isn’t a racial situation. This is about a continuity of a nation and it’s discombobulated right now. Again, Chris said, and I hope everybody picks up on this, the million dollar question is where is the transnational agreement here in the western hemisphere? It does not exist and it ought to exist. And this would curb a lot of it. We’re getting punked

Around. Charlie, another thing that I think needs to be brought up, and it’s related somewhat it, it’s one of the things that Biden Myorca group did away with is A DNA testing to make sure that people were families that were coming through. And we’ve seen that at least 40% of the people, we would line ’em up and tell ’em, look, we’re going to DNA test you. And if you’re not related to that person, you’re going to jail. At least 40% would step out of that line. Now they’re not doing DNA tests on anybody. They’re saying they don’t have the money for it. We got money to send everywhere else, but we don’t have the money for that. And if you’re worried about these kids being exploited, then that’s something that needs to be put in place. I mean, I think regardless of what side of the immigration debate you fall on, having these kids safe, I think at least in my opinion, is the most important thing. Important thing. I want to make sure that that little boy or that little girl that’s traveling with that adult is actually related to that adult and they’re telling me the truth and I don’t want something to happen to that little kid down the road, but we’re not doing that anymore. And that was one of the biggest things we had to prevent the child trafficking. But they’re not doing it anymore. Oh

God damn. And we losing it. Sorry Karen.

No, I was going to say, and I’m not trying to oversimplify it, but we just are absent of a process period. I mean that we’re willing. And I wonder, Chris, do the powers that be ever ask you and your team and your staff about what needs to be in place in order for this to be manageable and effective?

Not at all. Not at all. And I can tell you the one thing that will work, because it’s worked in the past and it’s not the popular thing, but it’s mandatory detention, mandatory removal. Once you start sending people back, because see, you can threaten to send people back and you can tell ’em till you’re blue in the face, we’re going to send you back. But when you don’t send them back, then more people come. But once you start sending people back, you’re going to fill up the tension space really quick. But once you start sending people back, it’ll stop because nobody’s going to come over here just to get sent back. They’re not spending their life saving just to get sent back. So they’re not coming anymore.

So you get up in the morning and there’s a group of 800 people. Now remember I crossed the border with the Sinaloa cartel in 2000 and you were getting sent back, but I remember walking out there one night, the rendezvous, here’s where we’re going, and you opened up the Frag Mighty opened up the ditch plants, and there’d be like a group of a hundred. I’ll never forget, I’ll just never forget this guy. I got dropped off in a taxi and just way out in the desert, and I opened up the Rag Mighty and there’s groups of a hundred. And I’m like, oh my God. And now it’s groups of 800. So Chris gets up in the morning and he gets you guys muster, I’m assuming, and like, yeah, there’s a 1500 of ’em over on the fence. Get over there and pick ’em up, right?

Yeah, 1500 you saw when we went to Del Rio not too long ago, it was huge numbers out there. And the smallest group of people there were the ones from Mexico. Everybody else was from everywhere else but Mexico

And everybody’s taking selfies and sending them home. And that’s the greatest postcard you can give. It’s good. Come on. Now what they’ll do, you send ’em back. Here’s the selfie. They sent me back. No one’s coming up. I mean, when it’s Senegal, dude, and it’s Kazakhstan and it’s Uri, Russia. Ooh, word got out. And now we have Go ahead.

We’re not just seeing that we’re seeing Yemen, we’re seeing Iran, we’re seeing China. Numbers are monthly, six, 7,000 monthly. But we’re seeing people from Yemen. We’re seeing people from Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, you name it, they’re coming.

And again, I’m going to say it because you see the human beings too, Chris. I mean we’re talking about an issue, but it is human beings. And I swear to you, I mean I’ve done it so many times, I do it too. Cool. People, you got to admire some fucker that came like three continents, right? Borrowed everything. The family’s got back home like Elvis. Like Elvis, right? And you’re doing it. I get it. I do. And you’ve basically been given permission. My problem, one of the big problems is we caught at least 169 people on the Tara watch list, right? Chris,

We caught 30 last month.

What’d you do with them?

I’m not sure. That’s above my pay grade, but I’m not sure what they did with ’em Well, but yeah, that was 30 just last month.

Let me show you one that they did to Michigan. Let me play you a little something.

No, sign it. His guy coming here for a year and a half now. No. Sign it A guy. He’s on the fucking terror watch list. Unbelievable way to go, Joe. Well, is he living with you?


On Calhoun Street or Middle Point?

On Middle Point.

Well, I’m at Middle Point now. I’ve been coming over the months and nobody ever answers the door.

Yeah, it’s nobody home. Why you coming home? I like that. Come. Well,

It is the United States, so I mean it’s okay

Because you came last time and you put the flour on the door.

Oh, did you get that?

Yeah, I get that. I don’t like that.

It was a gift.

It’s not a gift. That’s a funeral.

No, it’s house warming.

No, that’s a funeral. Please don’t call me back again. I don’t like that.

Okay, well I would.

I have you on camera and everything, but I don’t like that.

Well, that’s okay if you have me on camera. I mean, I’d like to have your brother on camera.

I know it’s not your business.

Well, it’s because it’s my country and he’s on the terror watch list and I’d like to know if he’s been given asylum.

It’s not a test. I dunno why he kept saying a,

Well, it’s the government documents. It’s not me, it’s the fbi. I, it’s Homeland Security.

It’s clear and everything is clear.

Well that would be nice to get that straight.

Yeah, that’s clear. From the time entered Michigan, Texas. Clear?

No, I have it right here. It says, despite being a flight risk, a recent entrance, no equities and a positive terror hit, the subject will be released on intern parole per headquarters. So no, he’s not been cleared. I just want to know if he’s been given asylum or does he have court?

Think Court, I’m

Another, not so’s another court date. He’ll be going to that.


Okay. Well can I give you my phone number? I would love to talk to his lawyer or to him.

No, no, I don’t want to call me back. I don’t like that. I dunno how he got my number

In the official immigration and customs enforcement documents. I

Know, but I’d like to call me back.

So you have no,

I dunno. You me, call me back.


I don’t want to talk to you. It’s not my brother, it’s not my case.

That’s why I’d like to talk to your brother. And this is his official number. Do you have his number?

I cannot give you his number to give you his number.

Can you give him my number?

It’s not my business.

Well, it’s your business. You’re sponsoring him.

I’m calling Id number number for

You. Well that’s customary. I can give you my number, but

How I going to give you somebody’s number and call it

Ad? Well, would you like my number and give that to you right now? Don’t your

Number. I don’t want your number. Just calling me Calld

Wells. This is my regular line. I’m a reporter. That’s how that works. So everybody that gets a call from me gets this. Is your brother working all been taken care of yet? Nobody answers the door.

Well that’s what they did with one guy in the Terror Watch list, sent him up here with his family and we get to pay for him, Chris.

Yep. That’s what these folks voted for.

The fuck. Alright man, listen, love you, respect you keep safe. Are you transferring up here?

You know I thought about it, but yeah, I’m tropical, man. I can’t deal with that cold weather up there.

We like chew too.

Yeah, it’s too cold up there, man. I mean here we got brutal summers, but I mean winter is at the worst. 40 degrees and yeah, that’s more my speed.

Well lemme put it to you this way, man. In the winter, we stay inside and heat the house in the summer. You stay in the house and cool. So what’s the, we got water.

I don’t know. I’ve heard about Michigan Water. I heard Michigan. That Flint water up there? No.

Those fuckers skated too, man. Government shit. Yeah, but not you guys. Alright man, listen, do me a favor, text me your address. I know I got a new phone so I don’t have it anymore. And I’ll send you that Coney kid. All right. Appreciate and happy

Holidays to you and your family, Chris. Yeah, likewise. You guys have a great Christmas and I think that Crimson Tide’s going to take it the whole thing this year. So

Here’s the thing. You got to play the game, man. We’ll see. I bet you Ako kit.

You know what? And what do you need from down here? And I’ll send it to you. You know what? I’ll get you some good food from down here. I know there’s some tamales down here that you’d like and I I’ll send

You. There you go. Either that or you can send some border patrol and pick up this terror watch list motherfucker life.

Alright? Hey, send me your address too. That way I can get one sent back your way. And you guys, all you guys have a good holiday

And my best of your wife man, later.

Thank you. Alright, thank you. Bye-Bye. Alright,

Let’s break here. Come back. We have our own civil war here in Detroit. The Lions fans are turning on each other because some hold hope eternal and others are like same old lions. They’re going to fuck us and we’ll be back with that very important report after this. Well, when it rains, the power goes out. And when the power goes out, the internet goes out. When the internet goes out, I call my friend Matt and Bernie at XG Service Group. Look at Bernie here on his hands and knees, giving it everything he’s got. Look at that man crack so busy. He forgot to wear a belt. There’s Matt right there getting the board together. That’s 7 3 4 2 4 5 4100. If you need Matt and Bernie to come take care of your voiceover internet, your security cameras off campus, access control, wifi, and cameras for homes and business, they’ll design it for you. You got restaurants, they do drive through systems, railroad cameras for public safety, total wireless camera systems for your home and business. Yeah, that’s right. Call XG Services at (734) 245-4100.

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That’s why you don’t have the copy, Charlie, because you can do it without it. But his name is Jerome.

Jerome Powell. The head of the

No that just

Made me and he wears a bow tie. Yeah. Okay, but he’s not a minister. It’s a little weird for you.

I mean, nevermind. I’m not

Speaking of witch man. Who’s giving me the jmb, the Jerome Zamboni macaroni? I don’t know. Lines are looking great. No, they just shit in the bed. It’s infected the town. So without any further ado, this is Joey Buns meets Calvin Coney.

Joey Buns. He’s Joey Buns. He calls the pass. He calls the run Joey Buns. Freshly baked just for your wiener or a patty and betweener, Joey Buns.

Joey Barnes,

And Kelvin.

One player did not make a difference. One player did not make a difference.

Put those down. Get in the doghouse.


In the dog house. Let me just tell you something. This Ford family, they don’t love you, man. They don’t love you.

No, I don’t think they do. No.

What if I told you we gave ’em over a billion dollars, a hundred million dollars just for the electric F-150 down there in River Rouge and they promised a double production. We did that last year.

Oh, I heard something about that.

You know what they said this morning?

No, I did not. They’re

Cutting production by high and you know the Ford Field, that’s taxpayer funding. You know that, right? Yeah. They don’t share any of the revenue.

Oh, I believe that. None

Of the hot dogs, none of the buns.

I believe it. I believe it. Come

On, let’s get real. Look, I’m telling you, the Fords do not like you. I’m going to tell you what happened here. We tried to get you some press credentials. You’re Joey Buns, you’re the super fan. Everybody knows Joey Buns. We get some press credentials. They ain’t giving you no press credentials.

Well that doesn’t surprise me. Who am I? I’m a bread man. What can I say? They

Ain’t getting no Super Bowl.

No, no. I said that from the start. This isn’t a Super Bowl team. It’s a good team, but it’s not a great team. You got to be a great team to get to the team. They could

Go ER and they would go er if Kirk Hudsons wasn’t hurt.

That’s a good possibility.

But it’s tender to wonder making the playoffs.

Yeah, don’t make the playoffs. Don’t make playoffs. Don’t win the division. I don’t see Minnesota. We may split with Minnesota said, but there’s a good

Chance you won’t going to win both games. Yeah, no, there’s a good chance we’ll win both games. They going to lose one of ’em. They’ve got no quarterback that can’t score him for, but they got a defense. Don’t tell. They got a defense that defense has is not going to shut out the Detroit riots. Defense is I be you right now. What? The Minnesota defense does not shut out. The Detroit riots say they going to shut up, but they going win one of them. We going to shut them out because they can’t score. No, he ain’t going to shut ’em out. Well, they can’t score. They going to split. They can’t score. They going

Split. Gentlemen, gentlemen. The game. Denver. The game is Denver This week they

Going to lose Denver. Look, you ain’t got no comment. Look you

Denver is playing really good. They

Going to lose the Dallas. They going to lose the Dallas too.

That’s possibility,

Possibility, possibility. You was like how much you want to bet they lose the dollars. No bet, right? 20 bucks on that. 20 bucks on Dallas. On Dallas. On Dallas.

Wait a minute. We got a game this week.

Yeah, but de he don’t want to bet on that one. He don’t want to bet on that one.

Here’s what we know. All your picks have been wrong for four weeks.


But you still love

Him. He don’t what he’s doing and Calvin, stop taking. He dunno what he’s doing. Give me a prediction this week. Calvin. What for that Denver game? Yeah. Coney. Calvin, Denver. 23. Detroit. 2023. 20. Denver,


I was going

To say 24 20. Detroit.

Okay, well you got you up here.

Okay, so what are we putting on this here?

He don’t want to bet on that one. 10 bucks. Alright, 10 bucks on that one then. Okay. Make it good. Alright. Alright. Alright.

Look at this bullshit. The rich man get richer and the working man just frittering it away on it. Club word. Nobody really loves us

Back against white. You better tell your coach quits going for it on fourth down. He better quit going for it on fourth. That’s he takes too many chances.

Fourth and 10. Yeah, I think he should too.

Fourth around against five. So we’ll see what happens. Still four more games to go. Going to move two. Ain’t going to, we’re still win the division.

Still talking. He calls the pass. He calls the run. Joey Bonds freshly

Hometown. Loves irrational, isn’t it?


Joey, Bob. It’s the intensity of their conversation about a football game is crazy.

Kelvin’s just a naked capitalist. He don’t give a shit. He would like him to win, but he thinks more about his. But lemme

Ask you this, Charlie. I know it’s still football season, but nobody’s talking about the Pistons who have not won at all.

Two and 21. Two and 22. Two and 22. Now they lost 20 straight, lost 20, 21 straight. They’re getting five away needs set to record so we can have that Lions win. No one 16. That’s our Pistons coverage. It’s a record. The Lions lost or the Tigers lost. 119. Yeah. It’s a record for the American League and it’ll be nice if we can have three out of the four. The wing’s got close a couple years ago. That’s the top five losing season of all time. So great for us. Good for the billionaires.

Yeah, they were booing the team. They were like sell the team and they were booing in Little Seasons arena.

Yeah. Well, they’re all rich. They don’t care. Not sad for any of them. Alright, listen, I’m going to be on the Chris Cuomo program tomorrow, Friday at eight. Round table. Have no idea what’s there, but I got lots of opinions and


Lots of polls. Alright, we’ll see you next week. I love one another. See you next Thursday.


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