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They Make Money Selling You Out.

Fox news pays out hush money to Dominion. Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin signs a non-disclosure agreement with the Chinese Communist Party. Detroit bleeds as Mayor Mike Duggan doles out billions to Republican developers.

Big Government – Uniparty
Big Media – Uniparty
Big Tech – Uniparty
Big Business – Uniparty
Spy Agencies – Uniparty

The orgy of government, corporations and the media is has spawned socialism for the rich, and a brutal capitalism for the rest.
The watchdog is supposed to be an honest media.
But the Press is dying a slow death of self-importance.
The future of independent American journalism?
Grotesque, says Herschel Fink, America’s foremost First Amendment lawyer.
As goes the press, so goes the union.

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