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So it’s like 10 years ago I was at the Paddy’s Day parade.

It ends up in a brawl and all of a sudden I’m on TV.

That interview, I never said sh!t but the Statue of Limitations is up. I’m gonna tell you what happened.

That interview, first of all is the next day that interview by Dick Tracy there in his pork pie hat and his trench coat like be nice funk.

That, that guy because he knows what went on trying to get some ratings because the bottom of the barrel, I never said shit.

But that day that’s Monday, and that’s the day right there. That’s lunch break at Federal Court.

Kwame Kilpatrick has just been convicted on a raft of charges.

He’s, he gets to go away for lunch, come back and then get sentenced to 28 years in prison.

And that guy’s coming around asking me where there’s a little urination. Maybe there was a right. I should be flattered. That’s good. They wanted you to lead.

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