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Barbie and the Boss killed our friend Bryan.

Donald “The Don” Trump indicted again.
Slippery Joe Biden now claiming he’s just a weatherman.

Washington is a rutted field of Jackholes running wild.
So I’m thinking “What insider knows the players? Who do I know who knows the beltway A-holes.”
Anthony Scaramucci, that’s who.
Thee Mooch was Trump’s White House Communications director for 10 whole days.
That short run eclipsed only by his 1 day appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.


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Hi, a plastic Gretchen.

Hi. A fake Mike,

You want to go for a ride?

Sure boss.

Jump in.

I’m a Barbie girl in the Barbie world liking plastic. It’s fantastic. Oh my fake Mike. Slow down. We cut the insurance rates. Remember?

That’s just for the losers Grech. The public pays for our Benny’s pensions and cars. Remember?


Fake Mike. What was that?

I think it was Brian Woodward. He must have fallen off the garbage truck on his way to the cemetery after we threw him at 20,000 other invalids out with the trash.

The truck must have hit a big pothole. Oh, well screw him.

Come on Barbie. Let’s go party

Live downtown.

No bullshit.

Just breaking this. Double more bullshit. Don’t more bullshit.

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Somebody that I’m at my new spot. I done had some privacy and I’ve had time to reflect on my time at the Normandy. The good, the bad, all the different people I met go into it from there. Yes ma’am. Did

You give me a phone number one, look at us. Look at this.

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Got to swap out to a T-shirt like you. Is that cool?


Okay, here we go. Just coming off the air.

Love this guy. How come? Are you in the bedroom? Are you naked?

Not quite in the bedroom, but I am. If you want the visual, I’m naked from the waist. Now

What the fuck’s that?

Just remember, you know I You want to hear my pronouns, Charlie? Yeah, because I changed them, you know what I mean? After I realized we were allowed to change. You want to hear?


I’m a lesbian from the neck up and I’m black from the waist down.

Okay. And what do you call that man? Bod in the middle.

Well, I need, I’m a candidate for press production. What can I tell you?

That cart’s a

Full on trophy husband bod. Okay. Yeah,

That it’s called S Moochie.

Alright, I’m ready to go now. Thank you for having me

Donald. The Don Trump indicted, again, slippery. Joe Biden now claiming he’s just a weatherman. Washington DC is a rudded field of Jack Holes running wild. So I’m thinking what insider knows the players? Who do I know? Who knows? The Beltway A-Holes? Anthony Scarra. Moochie. That’s who the mooch was. Trump’s White House.

You’re like bleeping yourself. Okay, I I’m like more profane in you. I got to, I’m going to tone it down here. Okay, go ahead Charles.

The Mooch was Trump’s White House communications director for a whole like 10 days.

So let’s, let’s use 11. Don’t hurt my feelings, okay? I mean, don’t chip me out at 9.1% of my federal career.

Either way that you cut it. That world record is only eclipsed by his one day appearance on celebrity Big Brother. We’ll get to that conspiracy. Yeah. After we get to the latest, now Mooch Trump, he’s facing three more federal charges for conspiracy and one for obstruction for his lust to remain in power. Now you just got off of Anderson Cooper 360 and lemme just tell you, brother, 360 means a circle. You’re chasing your tail on that fucking show. Don’t do that show anymore. You’re in the right place. You need to be you, sir. Tweeted today, three arrests, a fourth on the way Trump is toast. The question is, what kind of toast? Melba toast, French toast, burnt toast. What do you mean by that? Burnt.

I think he’s burnt toast. I think he listen, he’ll have political support. One of the weird things, Charlie, and this from history, when political leaders are jailed to their constituents, to their loyal base, it makes ’em more powerful. There are good examples of that. And Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. There are bad examples.

Mad added. Vladimir Lenon.

Vladimir Lenon. I was just going to get, and Adolf Hitler would be bad examples of that. And so when political leaders get jailed, there’s a fervor around them and there’s a cult-like behavior coming to their defense. And so to use quote Trump’s own words and quote him, he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue. He’d still have a unticking base, had 300 Maga. People were asked by the New York Times, did he have any faults? And I think 98% of them said no. They couldn’t find any faults in Donald Trump. And so obviously all of us are flawed. So when you get that level of cult-like behavior, he will have his political support. But I think the hammer of the justice system is going to eventually break that rock. And so my dad was in construction, always told us it’s not the first hit that of the sledgehammer on the boulder or the second, but when you get to that 100th hit and it shatters into a million pieces, which hit was it?
It’s the cumulation of it. And I think he’s in trouble. And you’ve got another indictment coming in Georgia. It’s draining his resources. You see his PAC is down to a couple million dollars. He blew 40 or 50 million offending himself. And people are alarmed by that because people thought they were given that money to his campaign. But those people are not alarmed by that. They’re given the money to Trump to do whatever the hell he wants to do with it. And so people need to understand that, that are in the media elite, these people giving money to Trump, he represents them. He is the avatar for their middle and lower middle class anger. He is the chalice, this bitter chalice that they’re drinking from and they’ll let him do whatever he wants. But I think he wilts, I don’t think he can sustain this. He’s not that superhuman.

Well, let me do this since everybody here, for the guy I’m sitting next to in a bar, drinking out of that chalice, here’s what he’s telling me. Those thousands of swings on the rock, that was a coordinated plan to beat the guy into pieces and take ’em out. Would you agree with that? Or did Trump bring it out himself or a combination of both? Well,

I think it’s a, look, I want to be fair and I want to be objective. I think it’s a combination of both. I don’t

Say, okay, pause there for a minute, pause for a minute because we can go slow here. You are acknowledging that guy drinking out of the chalice. Yeah, dude, there is something to that.

I am that guy. I grew up with that guy and I grew up in a blue collar, middle class area. I get the guy, I was once that guy and basically I still am that guy. So I want to be fair. You have a situation going on in the country that’s glaring and it creates a tremendous amount of distrust and unfortunately there’s no accountability. So let’s say that everything that they’re saying about Mr. Trump is true and all of these indictments are true. But what about the Hunter Biden situation? Now people, oh, well, what about him? Don’t say what about him? But you just have to think about this for a second. Charlie, you’re indicting the former president. Maybe every allegation is true. But then the same Department of Justice is allowing Hunter Biden a loophole in a plea bargain agreement where they’re going to say, Hey, you plead to this.
And oh, by the way, you’ll have immunity from any of these foreign corrupt practices acts if you violated any of them. And so that guy in the bar that you’re sitting there with, that drinking that scotch with you, he’s like, okay, the system is not fair. And by the way, if I did what Hunter Biden did, or I did what Donald Trump did, I would be in jail a long time ago. That’s what that guy at the bar is saying. So to me, we have a broken system now system. I’m not saying that Mr. Trump isn’t going to get punished for some of his misdeeds, but I think that people are looking at the system and saying it’s tiering. We always knew that the rich were going to get favored in the system. This is the reason why I’m against the death penalty, frankly. Because if you’re a poor black person in Texas, you may or may not even done the crime, but there’s a good chance you’re going to go to the Gallos.
But if you’re a rich white guy, you could take your machine gun into a shopping mall and spend $20 million, get yourself acquitted on insanity. So it’s not a fair system a hundred percent, it’s one of the more fair systems in the world. But I do think that guy at the end of the bar, that’s the reason why he’s locked in tight with Donald Trump. He thinks this is persecution to the ninth power. And he’s looking at the situation and saying, okay, I hope Trump fights back and does in some of these members of the establishment that are tearing the system

That killed us all. Okay, so let’s put this in order. These thousand swings you’re talking about. I say forget Stormy Daniels. That’s a bullshit charge. I can’t understand. I understand it was hush money. There’s no doubt what he did. I don’t understand how that’s a felony. Oh,

It was the coverup hush money. Remember if you read through the indictment, which I had, it’s a coverup of the hush money. So he used the corporation to cover it up. And so there’s an issue there, whether it was campaign finance spending or not, it didn’t show up on its taxes.

But Hillary Clinton’s campaign did the same thing with the steel do.

Oh, by the way, you didn’t ask me this, but I’ll answer it. And I said this, when the charge happened, I said that that was a malpractice. I thought that was very unfair. There was partiality, a lack of objectivity in the justice system.

See, I don’t mind you.

I don’t agree with that charge. I don’t mind

If they brought that charge then bring it against Clinton too. She did the same thing, but we moved that aside. You can look.

Yeah, well that’s the problem. That’s the tiering. So I don’t think that that charge was fair. If you want go to the other charges, the ones that I think are,

Lemme do. Lemme do. Okay, so let’s go. Now we do the Mar-a-Lago and Trump likes to fly around his secret documents show what a big shot he used to be. Right? Right. Okay. He’s out of office. I don’t know how big that pot roast is. But now with these charges this week for the first time in American history, somebody’s been charged for actions that they conducted while president of the United States. Is that what makes this indictment such a big deal?

Yes. And I also think, listen, I think they’re mad at him for the way he handled himself in the presidency. And he could come back at them and say, well, I was the president. I should have access to all of this classified information. But they didn’t trust him with that information. And so they were very fearful. And again, I’m not making the claim that he sold information. I’m not the person that believes in Vladimir’s put Putin’s pocket or any of that nonsense that comes out of the left. But I do believe that he’s got a big mouth. And I do believe that he’s insecure. And since you brought up Stormy Daniels, I mean her nickname for, she calls him tiny, and we know he’s obviously tiny because of the way he handles himself with the over masculinity and the Orange War paint and the sides of his hands.
Yeah, I mean, come on. You see all of that over masculinity is an overbite to all of the insecurity. And so I think the intelligence community, by and large, very mad at him. They didn’t trust him and they thought he was somewhat impetuous and reckless in his decision making. So when they saw all of that classified material of Mar-a-Lago, that’s why you had this very big jump on him. But listen, he could have defended himself better on that, but he didn’t. Sure. And so he’s stuck in it now, and then he got caught again. Where do you get caught this? I know this because old enough, it’s the coverup that is often worse than the crime. And so he got caught in the coverup. And I think that’s where the indictment really lays out facts on him that’s going to hurt him so well

In power. You

Think it’s unfair. You can think it’s not unfair, but you can’t take classified documents, nuclear secrets, military intelligence, the way we gather intelligence. Okay, you can’t put that in your bathroom in, and I got into a few fights with them in the 11 days. He wanted to release all the Kennedy assassination documents and we fought over that because again, you know, don’t want our human resources on the ground. If you’re an American patriot and you want to protect our intelligence officers around the world, our human intelligence, you don’t want our sources and methods out there. Mooch

There. Kennedy was killed


63. What you talking about? Release the documents.

No, no. You can’t release the documents because the dad, no, I’m talking

Deep state Scaramucci over here.

No, I’m not a deep state person, but I don’t want the agents around the world to get killed. Let me tell you something. If your son was serving in the C I A and he was stationed in a dangerous place and we’re releasing information about how he’s contacting us and we’re releasing information how we’re gathering human intelligence, and it allows our adversaries to figure out and identify who our agents are from


And we see those agents get killed, that’s deep state. No, that’s patriotism.

Okay, lemme I, let me bring it back here because

I’m not anywhere close to the deep state. I hate the deep state.

Well, I was only saying Tony, that Mar-a-Lago didn’t even bother me that much. I found it to be ridiculous. But the charges this week, because these are actions taken by a sitting president, this could really snowball. This could really diminish the institution. And I’m reading the charging documents and prosecutor Jack Smith dispensed with the First Amendment arguments of freedom of speech or the fact that Trump, as his surrogates are arguing, was simply following the advice of his attorneys. He used specifically in that language that Trump caused violence fueled by lies and that the defendant knew they were false. And then he points out that the D O J told them himself. So the White House Council sold them, told him. So the Department of Homeland Security told him. So State Republican party leaders told him. So even I told him, so real quickly, what are the odds of him wiggling out of this with the full weight of the presidency behind him at the time of it? I

Think it’s tough. I’m a money manager, got a several billion under management and have litigation experts on my staff. I outsource a lot of our research to these independent research people. And again, these are people, no dog in the hunt, not Democrats or Republicans, but they’re paid to be objective and analytical about the situation. And if you look at those three indictments plus the obstruction, so let’s call it four charges, the threshold. Remember it’s beyond a reasonable doubt, but you just have to have two or three people testify that hey, Mr. Trump knew that what he was doing was fraudulent. Mr. Trump knew that what he was doing was lying. And you’ve got a conspiracy to defraud the United States. You have to think about the level of that charge. The other thing you have to also think about is that he’s a former president, a guy like Jack Smith or people on his team, they can say whatever they want on the right, but the threshold to go after a former president has to be way higher because you better get this right.
You got to get it in the courtroom and you have to overwhelm a jury what the evidence against a former president. And so I don’t know anything can happen. I know it’s a crapshoot. I mean, I only learned two things when I was in law school. One was don’t be a lawyer. I thought that was very obvious. And then the second thing was try to avoid jury trials. You have capricious juris and you have, you’re a 50 50 on the potential outcome. But if you talk to people, forget about me, everyone thinks I’m biased because fighting with Trump, you just talk to somebody objective about it. They think the case is very damning. The J six case is very damning. I just want to make one point, but this is, I’m a Republican my whole life, all I’m looking for, you and I are old enough to remember the light beer commercials taste great, less filling. I want same policies, less crazy. That’s all that’s looking for. Same policies, less crazy.

Well, let’s go crazy though. And

He represents crazy. He represents havoc and chaos and crazy. And Charles,

These are, yes,

Speaking, speaking,

Just going right out here to crazy land. These are by my account, something like his 80th charges. And every time he gets charged, the guy goes up in the polls and

Raises money. He raises money.

It’s quite likely he could be elected while still waiting for trial. It’s quite, it’s possible, not likely, highly unlikely that he could be sitting in the cooler an elected president. That’s how crazy this is.

It is it possible, although that stuff is weathering and people, when they’re under that much siege, they start making mistakes. But I don’t, I’ll make a prediction on your show. It’s not clear to me that down President Biden is going to be the nominee and people say, what are you talking about? It’s a FAA complete. Not necessarily. That’s

What Tucker Carlson last cycle said on this show.

Well, there’s a rumor out there, the New York Times that is going to report a story about insiders in the White House talking about the president’s declining faculties. I mean, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to look at what’s going on and see that he’s under a lot of pressure at age 80 and may have some declining faculties. And I don’t want to say anything overly disparaging about him either, but the Democrats have to be looking at the gauntlet and saying, if Donald Trump becomes the nominee he has, in my estimation, a 50 50 chance to be president. If the economy weakens or Joe Biden’s mental disposition gets weaker, it increases the odds that he’ll be president. And so if they have an opportunity to ask the President to step down and say, Hey, like Lyndon Johnson, I’m not going to seek the nomination. They’ll have a better chance against Donald Trump in 2024. But if Donald Trump is the nominee, it looks that he will be the nominee if he can withstand this onslaught. If he is a nominee and they put up Joe Biden look out. Remember, Mr. Trump only lost that election last time by about 40,000 votes in. Yeah,

This is the chaos,

Important states.

Here’s the chaos Trump. Trump is tied or beating Biden, and most polls that I look at, and Biden has the lowest approval rating in history for an incumbent. If you want to talk about omics people think inflation tax increases a historic deficit. Fitch, my friend, my hedge fund friend downgraded the United States credit rating from the Pristine to AA plus because for the last two decades, we can’t manage our fiscal house. So now here’s what we have. Biden is a corpse wearing concrete shoes, barely sucking air and being pulled down by a raft of corruption issues. Thanks to Devin Archer who says, yes, Biden was on the phone during these dinners. He called in on Tucker Carlson’s Twitter show, an abuse of soft power. We know he hosted lunches at the White House with Hunter’s business associates. He flew Hunter on Air Force two to China and to Mexico. There’s the web of LLCs, photos, suspicious activity reports, texts, emails, witnesses, should there be a special prosecutor, not for Joe Biden, but for Hunter Biden, and to find out where this leads, do I believe there’s enough that we need this. What is your take on it? Scary Moch at the insider. Well,

Listen, I’m supporting Governor Christie. He believes that he believes that we need a special prosecutor. I

Would’ve show if I wanted his opinion. I want Gabriel.

Yeah, no, no, I’m giving you my opinion, which is consistent with his, which is why I’m supporting him. But yeah, no, my opinion is you need a special prosecutor. You have to true up the system. People think a very large group of people think that it’s a two-tier lack of impartiality system now. And you need a special prosecutor to let people know that you’re going to true this thing up. And so again, I don’t want to be overly cynical, but these House of Representative members, are you talking about being a hedge fund guy? These people in the house, they had better track records in the stock market than any hedge fund that I’ve ever seen. Now you’ve got hedge fund managers that own sports teams worth 20 plus billion dollars and you’ve got members of the House of Representatives outperforming them every single year. So I don’t want to be overly cynical, but let’s just present the facts as they are. These guys are allowed to trade on inside information completely unfair and biased. They’ve jacked and ginned up the system. They didn’t have to take the vaccine, by the way, if they didn’t want to. They had all these different loopholes in the stupid thing. And so, all right, you tell me, is that a fair system or does the guy at the end of the bar who’s having that scotch with you, say, wow, this system’s really run amuck the system my grandfather grew up in. While there may have been some corruption, it wasn’t this unfair.

I’m Grace and I’m third generation of American Coney Island. People say Detroit’s a comeback city. I say, where you’ve been here for over a hundred years, my family’s been here on the same corner serving our famous proprietary American Coney Island hot dog. So always we’re keeping things fresh, updated, and new. We’d love to have you come downtown and visit us, but if you can’t, you can always go to american coney, order a Coney kit, get it delivered fresh to your door.

Okay, two last questions. I know you got to go. First one is an easy one. I’m looking at your library there behind you, and I noticed your book’s not there. Why not? Yeah, not that good.

My books.

Yeah. Where’s your book? Why is it not in the bookshelf?

What’s not in the bookshelf?

Your book. Where’s your book back there?

Oh yeah. And I don’t want to put my own book in my bookshelf. I’m like one of those dudes. I mean, I’ve written seven books. I don’t want to put my own book up there, but I’ve written seven books. I have a new book coming out in April, which is, I think it’ll be a fun book. I just don’t want to be one of those dudes. Go ahead and give a

Plug for your new book. What’s your latest book?

So my new book is from Wall Street to the White House and back. A study in Unbreakable Resilience. How do you, an

11 day odyssey, that’s what we call it. Yeah.

How you don’t take bullshit from this better than anybody, which is why I love you. Don’t take bullshit from people. And it’s only over when you say it’s over when someone else says that your career’s over or this is over, or they want to cancel you bull.

I think everybody

Would dig this. Tony,

What’s, everybody would dig this. I’m making a joke. You’re a great guy. Really cool dude. You got to know this man to understand. But this is just a statement. I don’t need your answer. Before I ask you the last big question for everybody out there. The guy’s there for 11 days, because what did he do? He went to the press and was just having a conversation talking about what bullshit and self-serving people were in the Trump administration. Whether you’re far left or far, I think you all agree with it. And then Tony’s taking shit for the truth that that’s what happened. More or less. Yeah.

I mean, listen, I, that’s more or less what happened. I mean, listen, I mean, I don’t know if you’re friends with Bannon or not, but the guy’s sort of fable maniac. I mean, this guy wants to take the US back to the Stone age. And if you could give me the opportunity to debate him, I would love to because the stuff that comes out of his mouth is so nonsensical. So I said he was smoking on his own swamps in his office to a reporter that I had a 25 year relationship with. He was an Italian kid from my neighborhood. So this guy runs to C n n, like a big baby, and he puts it up on the air. I say, okay, if you do that, you and I will never talk again. That’s very transactional. I’ll end up getting fired for that. And he is like, okay, look, I want to get you fired.
Let’s scrap our 25 year relationship and have you get fired. So I got fired, but you know what? I took it like a man. I didn’t blame President Trump for that. I didn’t blame General Kelly for that. I am fully accountable for that firing. I said something to a reporter, I trusted. I technically didn’t say it was off the record. That’s my fault. I own it. But here’s a big lesson for the people listening to your podcast. Big deal. You have ups and downs in your life. You have trials and tribulations. I got fired from the White House. I don’t carry a millstone of regret around my neck every single night. I take it off, put it down, and go forward without thinking about it that much. And I think people have to do that in life if they want to be happy and live a great life. And I think that’s the message of my next book that’s coming out in April,

The 11 days. It shook the world.

But thank you for saying 11, because it really was 11. And by the way, it’s it. Sometimes I tell my therapist it was 954,000 seconds because it makes it sound longer. But it’s good, it’s good. You probably wouldn’t know who I was if I didn’t do that. And so I now have a platform to kick Donald Trump’s ass, which I enjoy.

And Biden and Biden,

He’s one. Lemme tell you something. He is one bully and he is one baby.

Who? Trump or

Biden? What’s that?

Trump or Biden? Who are we talking about now? I hate ’em both, man. Well, it

Doesn’t matter. I would rather have, but Biden, it’s like weekend at Biden’s. It’s like half body’s full of formaldehyde. You know what I mean? So I would rather that him, because at least he’s not going to do too much damage. Trump is like the orange wrecking ball. You know what I’m saying? This guy doesn’t give a shit about the democracy. He’ll blow the thing to pieces. If it’s those two guys, I’ll be working for Joe. And he’s probably got five good hours a day now at age 80. But that’s fine. It’s better than working for the lunatic man. See Charlie. I work for the guy. I know how crazy he is. He has no executive management skills and he is a very reckless, very self-serving guy. Why are you laughing, man? Because telling you the truth, I’m telling you where it’s at. That’s why you’re laughing.

It’s like formal

Half. I didn’t say the whole body

Half. Finally, I don’t know if you signed an N D A, I don’t know if this would interfere with your security clearance, but you go ahead. I would like tonight to lay the rest to the biggest conspiracy theory out there. Namely, you did one episode of Celebrity Big Brother and The Truth Here. Now please make some news. What did you do? Murder?

No, first of all, I did four episodes. Okay,

So wait, why you holding up Five Fingers?

And I lived in the Big Brother house for nine days. They came to me with a contract. They told me I had to live in the house for 28 days. I’m running a multiple billion asset management firm. I told C B S, listen, I’m very sorry. I can’t do that. I can’t got to work. Plus I’m flying to the World Economic Forum to make a speech. I can’t miss that. So I’m sorry. They then came back to me and they said, okay, listen, what about nine days? And what about if we made you a plot twist in the story where people thought you were like a real contestant, but you bail on everybody after the ninth day? Would you be willing to do that? And I said, sure. I said, that’s what happened. And so people can make up whatever they want. See what’s happening in our society now.
Everybody’s got a news platform. Everybody’s got a Twitter feed or a Threads feed, and they just make shit up. And I had a contract for nine days. I fulfilled the contract. I left after the ninth day, and I had a lot of fun in the house, but where I had more fun, and you’d be great at this, by the way, I went on Special Forces, the Fox Show last year, and I was in the Jordanian Desert with Mike Piazza and Danny Amandola, Dwight Howard from the Lakers. And they had us jumping out of helicopters. They set our asses on fire. We were repelling down the tower of aba, which is right on the south tip, southern tip of Jordan off the Golf of Alba. And so that was a blast. And I’m 59 now. I was 58 when I was doing it. I was hoping to get a Geritol vitamin advertisement after that, but that didn’t come to pass. But look, I was great fun.

So all

This stuff would’ve happened to me if I didn’t get fired from the White House, Charlie. So I’m happy about

It. So it didn’t have anything

To do with would’ve meant prosecutor? What’s that? I

Said didn’t have anything to you didn’t get an Epstein deal from C B s

Epstein deal? No. Yeah,

You could.

No. I mean, God, you could walk and come back. Thank God I wasn’t famous or rich enough for that guy when he was riding high in New York. I mean, he preyed on everybody. Thank God I was off the radar screen. Yeah.

How did he prey on everybody? Dude? Would he get him close and then learn shit about him and videotape him?

I don’t. Don’t know. I don’t know. But if you look at the list of people that had associations with him, they were targeted by him. I mean, that seems pretty obvious.

Oh wow. All right. We’ll leave it at that brother. Hey, listen, thanks for really cutting some time out. I know you’re really busy.

No, listen, I appreciate you moving this for me. You’re terrific. I’d love to come back on. I love the questions, and next time I’m coming back on, I’m going to be holding my book up just like this. Okay? Alright. Whole time.

And we’ll post it on his website. All right, brother. Thanks. You

Well, Charlie. Thank

You, brother. This message of Uplift is brought to you by Business and Personal Wealth advisor, Luke Acki, who reminds you that what does a profit, a man to gain the whole world but never enter the kingdom of God. But while you’re waiting, Acki wants you to remember that overreaction is not a sound financial strategy. So call Luke Nacky at (248) 663-4748 for sound financial advice. I’m just going to tell you, man, I was talking to Luke by electronic stuff and keep your eye on price to earnings and corporate profits when you’re thinking about the stock market. I’m just going to say that you were awfully quiet during that scare Mochi interview.

That was a great interview, Charlie. I mean, it really was. I really appreciate his candidness throughout. And it’s kind of like, you know, looking in the mirror a little bit in terms of the kind of stuff he was saying, because he’s telling you things that most people may know but would never admit and that we’re all confused and screwed. I think that was it. But he was good. And

Where’d he go?

No, I don’t think anybody knows Charlie.

I mean, obviously mean, obviously I know the guy and you’re looking for a person that has some stature in the sense that he’s been there. He is not just an asshole right on TV talking from the edges, right? Real guy.

But he is knowledgeable. He has had personality, I, I don’t want to say entertaining, but I mean he was

Entertaining. He

Was. But I, he wasn’t boring. But at the same time, the humor that he injected didn’t compromise what he was bringing to the table.

But we’re talking about the Twitter land. The right’s going to hate him. He’s a loser. He is watched up. Fuck you. He was telling the truth and the left is like you’re part of that machine.

Exactly. But he talked about when people went to jail, how it elevated their interest in the whole thing. And that will do just that for Trump. All of this is going to do that. He talked about how had he not been fired from the White House, he would not have been elevated or catapulted to those things that he was able to do. That was another truth. The Epstein thing, that’s another conversation. But

I know we have a few drinks of tell us the fucking truth about it. You know what I mean? But what I didn’t ask him was, did you know, because he doesn’t like Trump. You can see, you hear what he said, the little fingers, the masculinity, the Orange War pain, all that. Did you know that before? Because of course he did. Of course he did. Because that’s a New York hedge fund guy, right? You knew. So why’d you take the job?

That’s a good question, Charlie asking that the

Next time I can, I already know the answer, mooch, if you’re listening, I know the answer. And what is it being there? Man? It’s an aphrodisiac.

Yeah. It’s power being there. People are addicted to power. So I would agree with that. And even if he knew it, maybe he had an idea, but him working with him for those extensive, that extensive period of time that he was in the White House just validated

It. Like the 11 days that shook the earth, Scaramucci

954,000 seconds.

But can you imagine what he saw and was exposed to, even in those 11 days, given all given Trump’s agenda and what he was doing and how he moved. So,

And the douche bag that he’s talking to, he’s like, yeah, Bannon. Yeah, smokes his own. Lemme say that again. Bannon smokes his own schwans and no, I’m not a friend of Bannon’s, right? Can stand with the guy’s amount, right? Yeah. But that reporter decided he’s going to sell out a long time guy he knows to get a click. That’s horses shit.

What? That speaks to a lot of what we talk about in terms of what people do to try to gain access and try to be first and try to get a story.

You want to know, do you know the name of the person that wrote it? No, exactly.

So it didn’t work. Exactly.

There you go. Put that on your resume. Yep. You know what I mean? Speaking of self-serving power hungry people. I hadn’t planned on seeing the Barbie movie. I’m more of an Oppenheimer guy. But when the governor of Michigan carpet bombed social media with a barrage of TikTok videos portraying herself, where’s my sign? Where’s it as the ultimate seventies style plastic doll? Girl boss? Well, I just had to see what all the hype was about. So I invited my 16 year old daughter who agreed to be my translator and cultural guide. Should an aging person man, man, such as myself, have trouble interpreting the material. That being said, my daughter never owned a Barbie doll. Not wanting to saddle her with unrealistic beauty standards and all that. You know, I’m from the eighties, man. The idea of a premium matinee got us giddy, Karen. Good morning, Barbie.
We shouted it to everybody we came upon. Didn’t matter if it was Carla, the concession stand worker, Demetrius the bagel shop guy, or Clark the dude in the pink shirt working at the construction site near the movie theater. Good morning Barbie. I swear to God, we were loving it. We were fucking having a good time. They used to call me that when I was working in Colorado, said Clark, the iron worker. I had blonde hair down to my ass. Done. I was actually thinking about getting a Barbie sticker for my hard hat. So inside the movie theater, nobody was checking for tickets. And I resisted the urge to teach my daughter the art of the Cineplex misdemeanor masculine toxicity at its worst. No place for it. So we inquired at the popcorn counter about a sticker for construction worker Barbie outside, I’m sorry, said concession stand Barbie.
The Barbie Army cleaned this out on opening night. There’s nothing left, not even cups. I thought those girls were going to riot. They were just really, really mad. I double checked that. That happened in Birmingham too. Oh wow. I went to Royal. The Barbie Army’s insane. So me and my daughter, we got a bucket of popcorn, a cup of soda pops in the old boring cups. Then we paid for the tickets and went in even though nobody was looking for the tickets. Go in the morning. Nobody’s working. People too toxic. Okay, listen, on its surface. The film addresses patriarchy, existentialism, commercialism, and cellulite.
In the pastel Eden of Barbie land women rule completely. They are the Supreme Court justices, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalists, the construction workers, the president, and probably the governor. When Barbie makes her escape into the real world, the awful truth is revealed to her. Construction workers are really guys like Clark from Colorado. When she returns to Barbie land, Barbie realizes her not so much boyfriend Ken, who has also gone to the real world with her returns first. And he imports the notion of patriarchy and stages a coup in Barbie land. You get me Kirby? So far? Okay. The movie gets weird now. Hi Jinks and Sue. I don’t want to give the whole way a whole movie, but hi jinks and Sue and Barbie land before the plastic doll. Women are restored to the rightful perch atop the totem pole of power. Girls rule. The President again is a woman. Now the entourage of empty headed. Kens resumed their vapid lives of mink, stoles, and ripped abs. After the Barbies ever taking control of government, a Kendall asks for a seat on the Supreme Court. His request is denied, but he has offered a lesser judgeship with the suggestion that he may one day earn himself the top job, but will probably be getting paid 81 cents on the dollar. If he does.
There was also a trans Barbie. I wondered if the Barbies would let Trans Barbie be president. And I wonder how they treat all the Kens, if they all decided to transition to be trans Barbies. I wonder how they got away with suppressing the Ken vote and nobody got indicted. I wondered how Mattel Corporation could get away with any of this. A clever repackaging of a tired toy that promotes unrealistic body ideals into a modern day symbol of feminine liberation. I know, I digress. The movie’s a good fantasy, and I can see why Michigan’s governor would lean in. It beats talking about the real world in Barbie land. Nobody dies in nursing homes, nor do car crash. Victims molder in hospitals after having their medical coverage ripped from them by the governor and then they die. Rest in peace. Brian, my friend in Barbie land Malibu. Ken even puts his own boat in the water after the credits rolled. I asked my daughter what she thought about the movie. I don’t really know what she said. It was kind of all over the place. I was relieved. I didn’t feel so old, didn’t feel so patriarchical. I don’t like not getting it because I do know this one day my baby is going to be in charge of her own corner of the world no matter what she chooses to do. And when that happens, God willing, I expect her to be paid 100% of her value.

You’re here.

That makes sense


But did you enjoy it though, Charlie?

I fell asleep. I know. I

Was like, who wrote this? I mean, it just like, where did this come from? I

Fell asleep. I’m just, the kid didn’t get, now when you really, you know the Barbie army? I’ve talked to a few. I’m calling everybody Barbie girl. Okay. Okay. No, I like Barbie, man. I’m

All right.

Okay. Oh my God, I feel so patriarchy. Am I mansplaining too much? Yeah, a

Little bit.

Okay, but go ahead,

Charlie. Just don’t call Karen Barbie, man,

When you, we, you know, man, the young women of the generation, not the next generation. They’re here. What’d you get? Ain in a half? I loved it. And then when we start talking like this, yeah. All right. I gave it a six.

Yeah, I mean, where did it come from?

Have you seen it yet?

And I will

Not. Kirby, you going to go see it? Maybe. Maybe your mama doesn’t want to go. No, I can’t. How about Oppenheimer? Oh God. Yeah. You know who that was? You don’t know what Oppenheimer was. What the dude. And it’s always dudes. But there were female scientists there, and they should have their own movie. Can you imagine Barbie? Oppenheimer? It’s truly unbelievable

That that may work. Charlie, the

Bomb will be pink. Okay. Oppenheimer is led the United States secret. What do you call it? Secret? The

Manhattan Project.

No, but The Secret. Oh,

What mission? To build the mission Secret, bomb

Mission. Secret mission to build the atomic bomb before the Nazis could do it. And then once they did it, it destroyed the man, because the man realized what he had done. Because science is like, imagine a keg of beer and you can’t get to it. And you build a spigot to tap it, and you tap it and it all starts running out and you don’t know what to do. So you build a bucket and then the bucket overflows and you don’t know what to do. And then the kegs running and dry. This is AI sounds like

Our world right now.


It’s like

Exactly. That is a

Great movie. I can’t recommend that enough. Really? Yeah. Oppenheimer. Yeah.

Did you see it? Obviously you did. Yeah. Oh yeah. Who’d you take? Your daughter? Myself.

All by myself. Three hours.

Loved it. Did you get high? Yeah, sure. You got high. Very peaceful. What time of day was it?

Oh, what? At 10 30, I think.

In the morning. At night.

In the morning. Yeah, in the morning. I like going to matinee


So fucking weird. Dude, you are so weird. Not done in Barbie land. Wait a minute. Now, did you get high before you left home and you were driving around high? No. No. Did you do it in the parking lot? I sat

There and enjoyed the

Movie. That’s illegal. Oh, you can’t smoke weeded in the parking lot. It’s clearly stated in the law that conflicts with federal law.

Just go see the

Movie. Okay. By the time you were done with the movie, were you high anymore? No. Oh good. Perfect.

Maybe he took edibles. Maybe that was it.


He’s He’s

Blushing. Maybe it was just CBDs. I don’t know.


Speaking of

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You can’t get a better endorsement than that.

This is a guy, we’ll leave it at that. Okay. But they don’t get you high. It’s, it’s a whole different thing. It’s the oil of the

Right. There’s no T H

C. Exactly. So, and that was kind. So look, you can go to, what’s

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I did get my free bottle though. Yeah.

Getting the free. You got the free bottle? I did. Yeah. Yeah.


Came. And are you looking at it? Did you

Take it? No, I told you I started taking the gummies for stress. And don’t you think I’m a calmer person? You

Kind of are, but I just thought it was Chicago.

Yeah. That wouldn’t make you calm.

Chicago would not make you something. But you are. You feel really? I mean, yeah, I It’s not placebo

Just, no, it just, it’s, it calms you. It calms you down and you don’t even realize you’re calm. That’s calming. I

Like Halloween. Alright, listen. That’s N E X T E Karen’s calm.

There’s your promo code.

Yeah. To fuck your promo code. Next Evo. Karen’s calm, man. That’s all I got to say. Now, Karen, you went to Chicago. Yes. You’re traveling all around the country. You’ll never tell us why. What difference is say? I mean, because it’s no BS man.

Okay. But that isn’t So

What? I mean, what are you doing in Chicago? You’re in Jamaica, you’re in New Orleans. New Orleans. I mean, what’s going on? New York? We’ve been to New York. New York. Yeah.

I’m just trying to keep up with Kirby.

She either you’ve got clientele

That too,

Or you’re dying. No. Jesus. Okay, try to relive this Charlie. Oh my God. Kir Kirby’s eye just went, oh my God.

Don’t say that about Kirby.

I’m sorry. Barbie.

No, Kir. I kir. It doesn’t matter. We went to Chicago

And she filed this report.

Chicago is often compared to Detroit and used as an example of what it could be. It’s a place I like to visit. So I took a drive there recently and thought this time I’d pay closer attention to a few of the similarities and differences. I figured I’d share about the cute robots in the boutique hotel or the armed security evident while shopping at my favorite stores. Or maybe the new construction built here with private, not public dollars or their mass transit system that easily moves people more than 2.5 miles or perhaps the three tolls I had to pay just to get back home. But the standout and start contrast for me was the sheer number of people everywhere, all day and night, everywhere. No special events, no manipulation of numbers, just movement, energy, population. People like a real city should be like Detroit could be like Detroit should be. But

Are you moving to Chicago?

No, but I’m telling you Charlie, I mean, when I first thought I, you know, said, okay, capture something while I’m there. And I said, okay, well we’re going to stay in this place. We’re art meets science and they have robots instead of service staff. I said, oh, that’ll be interesting. But then I thought about all the armed security because they have so many smash and grabs in Chicago, you know, got to wait. They only let certain number of people in the stores. Neiman Marcus has armed guards and canine units all throughout. And I said, that would be interesting. But then when I really thought about it, I said, no. People often compare Detroit and Chicago. We we’re on the water in both old industrial cities. And they always say Detroit could be like Chicago. No, Detroit should be like Detroit. But there are some things that I’m telling you there are people everywhere. We were at dinner one night, you walk out, everybody’s walking up and down the street, they’re talking, they’re eating ice cream. They’re just tons of people.

Okay, just one. I know. I think you’re going to be right in a column about this. What’s one thing we can do? People bicker with us. What’s one thing we can do to get back to ourself?

Well I think that because they’ve had issues politically, they certainly have issues. They’re corrupt with crime, right? They it.

Politics. I speak Karen. I speak Karen. Yeah. Okay. They’re corrupt,

Right? And they have issues with crime. But the people that I spoke with talked about, they have quality city services. There are amenities and there is more than one thing than just the auto industry that people can rely on here. It’s all centered around the big three. So I think those are three things. And be honest, Chicago says, yeah, we got a crime problem. We’re working on it. I mean, they got rid of Lightfoot because she didn’t tackle it the right way, but they didn’t try to sweep it under the rug opportunity.

They’re honest about their crime. They do they things to mitigate

Their stats. Exactly. Exactly. And understanding that’s part of a large urban city. But okay, we’re going to deal with it. So

I going to tell you those tow booth, yes. People want to get there so they can charge Chicago and Illinois is so broke that they sold those to the Saudi Arabians.

Really? Yeah,

The toll booth. Wow. Short term cash. Well I remember they sold the

Parking meters too, which was a huge problem. That too. Yeah,

But I’m like, to get back home, it’s like, okay, I had to pay go through three tolls and I’m thinking that’s something we could do. We don’t. And take that money and reinvest it back into the roads. Interestingly though, Charlie, it took me two hours to get out of Michigan because of either construction or traffic. Didn’t have that problem.

The Gary, Indiana,

Hold on. Didn’t have hold on. Didn’t have any problems coming back in. So I figured everybody’s had an exodus kidding out because it was two extra hours just to get out Michigan

Of that Gary, Indiana Tollway bullshit. It’s always been

In construction too. No,

I was still in Michigan. This was like around Ann Arbor just passing. I know this was still in Michigan. I was clearly in Michigan. The Exodus.

Karen’s moving. No, Karen is shopping.

Yeah, that’s why she’s going all those places. She’s like, maybe I live in Jamaica. Maybe I’ll live in the ninth Ward. Maybe I’ll

Live in north side of Chicago. You know, don’t have tastes, don’t move on. Stobel, don’t move on.

Stobel. No, that’s,

Then you’re going to have red as a neighbor. Oh

Boy, that’d be, that should be fun.

Which would, we got a nice wrap up to Red’s time at the Normandy and it’s brought to you by the brick layers. And Allied Craft work is a local tool of Michigan who are looking for hard work and men and women all throughout the state of Michigan. If you have experience in any of the trial trades or not there at all, this is an option for you. If you have no prior experience, there are free training opportunities with job placement starting at 26 plus an hour plus many’s earn while you learn as a registered apprentice. You hear me? Young people, I know there’s 10 of you. Get ahead in life. Experienced trades, men and women in building new or restoring old masonry tile marble or terrazzo. Is that correct? Terrazzo. What is terrazzo?

It’s a tile. It’s an expensive tile. Little, little pieces. Yeah. I don’t think they’re, when they, isn’t it like a mosaic kind of thing?

Yeah, yeah. Mosaic work. Wow. Caulking or finishing concrete. Make anywhere between 26. What? I don’t


Specific. No. 26 and 30.

Yeah. Not

A bad what for cement work.

Mark’s going to quit. Hey

Boss, wait a minute or get fired. Wait a minute.

Hey car. What is it?

$37 an hour

Over here.

She said go for it all

Benny’s four. Wait a minute. I’m out of here. I’m out of here. Four doors. Pick one. That was a response

I still want to do know if they’re for hire,

Listen training, workshops, certifications, a possibility of more referral and signing bonuses of two grand for journeymen and 1000 for experience. Apprentice


Visit to learn more about what local two has to offer. Or take the next step in building your future today or get off your ass and get a career. And come on man. Start working. You don’t think this gravy train going to last forever do. Jeez. Old pizza and a d r Red brought to you by Get over here red. Come on brother. We, what do we know about A D r? Experienced, competent, reliable, ethical, ethical, smart. Reduce your cost, increase your bottom line. A d r. Save clients millions in private and construction projects. 80 yards. Oh God. He’s already smoking a weeded. I told you to take the C b D goddammit. And that. Don’t get you high.

Don’t have enough T H C in there.

Fuck, C B D. That’s just for your knees bro. A d r consultants are experts in procurement and government compliance and information technology. Get the job done right on time on budget. A d r consultants 2 4 8 3 1 8 9 4 2 4. What do we got coming up here? Red.

Well we going to, going to wrap up this Normandy chapter of my

Life. Thank you. Okay, let’s roll it. Are you sad

Trailers for sale? Loren? Put me out the house. Don’t divorce me. No. What? No pet started from the bottom. Ain’t got no, but by 12 four bedroom means by no means king of the road. Yeah. So now that I’m at my new spot, I done had some privacy. Nice. And I’ve had time to reflect on my time at the Normandy. There’s always new garbage. The good, the bad. All the different people I met. And then

Go into it from there. Yes ma’am. Did you give me a phone number once? Look at us, look at that.

This mixture and blended of people in a place that has a stereotype. And it’s not even a stereotype that I thought it was going to be. I it’s, it is a great place in my opinion for a person that’s to hit a bump in the road, but still has a goal and an agenda and need somewhere to get they self back together and afford to be there.

You got homeless people, you got prison people, you got so many people that been here with jewelry. Y’all know what I’m talking about around that ankle, right? You know, right to where you don’t know what type person you are dealing with. So be careful for where you shit.

And I’m actually going to miss some of them people over there. I miss some good people like my man Mo, the desk clerk.

As a desk clerk. I done seen all, I done seen everything. You can name from the top to the bottom, from the bottom to the top.

I tell you like this always had something it uplifting and clever to say and actually was pretty god damn funny.

Let me tell you, it’s a story of a guy. He was cooking, but he was late for work. He was cooking so quick and so fast he forgot to turn the fire off. So by the time we all figured it out, everybody was outside in the undies tone. What happened? And this guy was at work with a hot grilled cheese sandwich.

And my man Bill, a real character all in his own


Because he’s trying to defend himself. Man, he was a big motherfucker, man.

Y’all right Mike,

You can’t forget about Big Mike. Remember he got kicked in the nuts and went to jail after he called the police.

So we start squaring off at each other. He kicked me in the nuts. I said, hold on, man. I didn’t show no weakness, but I was hurting. So I pulled my knife.

Oh minute,

You really out of here, you pulled a knife on. I said, you kicked me in the nuts.

And I’ll never forget the date nights. I mean, I made that happen.

Date night, baby. Bam.

We can laugh about it. But when he pulled out that Italian cuisine, you got to be kidding, right?

Fettuccine Alfredo with white sauce, chicken and broccoli.

So fellas, you think you need a lot of money, you need a tutorial. How to make a date night happen? You need to go check that out,

Man. Merry Christmas to

Me. And who can forget Christmas at the Normandy?

God dammit. Goddammit. God damnit. I wish Y had a real fucking silverware.


And then there was times I ain’t think I was going to get out that motherfucker. I was kind of expecting to move in today. That’s not going to happen, is it? Oh no, it’s supposed to be 20% low income. I got my section eight. I want me a damn penthouse in the skyscraper. And then it was those like me, so much, they wanted to be my roommate.

Hey, lemme ask you something, man, you a think you can let me chill here with you? Oh, oh,

Oh, oh, no, fuck no. Text me, let me know. You made it home safe. See,


What the fuck?

So yeah, basically I can say the last year been a hell of an adventure. Like I said, met a lot of interesting people, seen a lot of interesting things, but I’m happy to be moving on to the next chapter. I can’t actually shit on the Normandy because the Normandy didn’t shit on me. It gave me an exciting new chapter. Shit. I brought in my nifty 50, my 50th year on this planet at the Normandy. So it’s technically in a landmark historical place in my life, but I’m glad to have my privacy. I’m glad to be on the next level and I’m ready for the next set of adventures because who knows what’s going to happen here.

Hey Brett. Oh boy.


I refuse to watch that. I just want to be, dude, let me just give a shout out to Byron. Yes, definitely is. I don’t even know what the guy’s even doing in his town. I mean, he should be back in la. Yeah, that’s the guy that does all our videos, right? Yes, you can. You got to see these. You go to YouTube, put in Charla LeDuff or no BSS NewsHour, right? Yeah. Just do that. But that

I, I’m

Going to tell you, that was incredible,

Byron, throughout this whole experience, I was already stressed with the situation I was in. But Byron came in and he really helped keep me focused and guided and in the end, fuck. I mean, just look at what the hell we got out of this. Who would’ve thought that a year in a skid row motel could turn into this? I mean, but big shouts out to him. Enjoy it.

Sometimes when your woman put you out, you know? Right. It turns into it. Fucking gravy.

Hey, lemons to lemonade and shit. Now we looking to see what’s going to happen next.

When is your house warming

Ray? Whenever the fuck, I can get the lights on.

Whenever you can get some fucking heat, then it’ll be warm. Oh my God.

It’ll be before it gets cold, but not before the sun goes down at six.

You better hope. Yeah.

So is and the end of that piece there. Yes. Hey red. Yeah, little is there a little burgeoning maybe romance? Fuck no. In season two, no,

Actually I’m waiting on the sheriffs to come put out right now. I hurry and clear this upstairs out so I can have all the privacy. I shouldn’t even fucking shoot that in.

People I notice every week there’s new trash sitting out front that house, man, I don’t

Think they pick it up.

So this is what, what’s killing me, right? They actually do. No, they actually fucking don’t because I’ve been over there every, I can’t really, I’m, I’m moving in or whatever, but every Wednesday I make sure to go over, have a cup of coffee, enjoy the privacy of my porch and my coffee and cigarette. And I’ve seen them pick up the regular canister and then the big dump truck comes by, looks at the shit and keeps going.

And that’s a city service

And the lot one house over. They’ve actually started a fucked up mattress collection. It’s just piled on the curb. I don’t,

It’s like the Heidelberg project. The fucking bedbugs

Look here. I won’t even walk by the pile of mattresses because I’m scared of a bedbug. And then the neighbors are smart. I’ll give it to ’em. The neighbors are very smart because they all take the shit to a empty lot. I wasn’t that smart. I put the shit in front of my crib. That’s

Called dumping

Bread. That’s not, well, I’m not dry snitching, Karen. We’re not going to do that. I’m not either,

But I’m just saying that’s

Dumping. You’re going to have the neighbors at my door with torches and old bed mattress pieces burning. Talking about I’m snitching. But it is a good neighborhood. It’s cool. For the most part. I’m starting to get, as you get familiar, you the stories involved.


So I’m looking forward to this next chapter adventure.

You’re now official West Sider.

Yeah. Well,

What is the difference between the west side and the east side? Oh, that’s a whole

More people. That’s a whole, no, is

The geographical boundary.

Woodward Avenue,


Thank you. That’s

Technically, technically it’s John R

I think it’s It’s Woodward. It’s

Woodward to

Go east and west. Why do you think it’s John R?

Well, because

What research have you done, sir?

Google and a blunt.


Good enough.

You got a blunt

Later on.

I’ll see you right after the show. Thank you for watching. Good luck. Red Karen, thank you. Thank you. Please don’t move away. I won’t, don’t think we couldn’t stand to lose the queen of the scene

Then. I’d be left here with just him. Karen, please

And thank you Tony Scaramucci for being on Brian Rest. We’re always going to remember you, man.

Much love.

They treated you like your dog, but you live like a warrior. Much respect.

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