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Mayor Mike Duggan tells the assembled media at the Mackinac Island policy goat fuck not to listen to the media.
We agree.
Listen to us, instead.

Mike promised to increase the city’s population. He hasn’t.
Mike promised to decrease auto insurance rates. He hasn’t.
Mike said he’d lower violent crime. Now innocent people are shot in a gas station and school children cower behind doors and fent-heads take over an abandoned house right across the street from the school.
Mike said he’d bring jobs to Detroit. If he did, it cost us billions.
But he did do one thing: he got a sprawling federal investigation, and even outed an FBI informant in the process.
Mike said unemployment in Detroit is at an all-time low. But, the truth is, the number of adults who are working is at an all-time low.
Now Mike wants to uncap property taxes on your house so billionaires can get a break on their skyscrapers.
When the sun goes down and the moon comes out, people in Mike’s Detroit call a moving van and get the hell out.

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