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The former #1 host opines on Trump, Biden, his brother, and his dismissal from fading CNN.
On Trump: He’s going down.
On Biden: Nobody wants him & he needs to be investigated.
On Andrew: He screwed up the nursing homes.
On firing from CNN: They knew I was helping my brother. I’d do it again.
On Karen Dumas: Thank you for the life advice.

AND news from the swampland.

Detroit kids back in school. Dope den back in business.
Junkies flock to city owned drug house located directly across the street from Pulaski K-8 school.

City won’t give me title of this. I want to tear it down. I would pay for it and then tear it down, but they can’t clear the title. They want to resell this. It’s got black mold, no wiring, leaking roof. Everybody in the neighborhood knows it. Nobody knows why this is still fucking here. You are ugly people. Land bank people, demolition people. The mayor’s office, you’re dirt. How could you want to see some needles

Live downtown Detroit’s News. My


Double bullshit. Double bullshit.

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Okay, so Karen, I’m sorry to say, I know we live in Detroit, Michigan, U Ss a and some people here are listening, but it’s a fucking cow town. Nobody’s breeding, right? We get the lowest birth rate since 1940. Everybody’s moving away and there’s nobody to talk to about what’s really going. And nonpartisan wise, it’s called my good friend Chris Cuomo’s. There he is, Chris Cuomo, news Nation, eight o’clock. You find that like in channel 232 or I

Think it’s 92 or 95, it’s still on the

End. Why isn’t it in with all the rest of the news stations?

They don’t want people to listen.

They don’t want to pay anyway, so he’s

What a stupid explanation.

Wait a minute, what’s that? They’re

Trying to hide the truth.

I was just, wait, what is that cartoon going around where the person doesn’t exist? Oh

Yeah, yeah. With a girlfriend or

Whatever. What is that? I can’t

Remember, but yeah, I know what you’re talking about. I know the meme. That’s Chris right now. No one’s

Next to him. Yes, Chris just getting there.

It’s got his arm

Out. It’s my good friend. Chris, go. What’s up Chris? How you doing, man? You getting back from the gym there? What’s going on?

No, no. I’m volunteering to help some local guys with a fishing tournament.

Are they Bateman? You’re in Long Island, aren’t you?

Yeah, it’s an offshore tournament, but it’s all good. Happy to talk to you, Charlie. Dispel some of this nonsense. News Nation isn’t with the rest of the pack. It’s a new channel and you got to negotiate your position. So you do it through contracts and negotiation. It’s certainly not because we don’t want people to listen to what we’re saying.

Oh no, not

You. Yeah, not

You, dude, I wasn’t talking about you. I was saying that people, you’re like

Double The biggest thing

On there. That was a compliment, Chris. I wasn’t saying that You didn’t want anybody to listen. I’m saying people like to keep valuable information and informants away from the mainstream, so no, that wasn’t, I wasn’t saying you don’t want anybody to listen. That would be stupid and we’re not stupid.

Nexstar got to get it together because if you’re looking at the cable landscape, it is shit.

Yeah. They have everything bunched up and I mean he’s given us the business side of it, but certainly there’s certain things that they don’t want readily available for folks.

Who is

The they that is conspiring to keep information from people?

Well, that’s a whole nother show I would actually believe

Chris. That’s deep state. We’ll talk about that later, bro. But here’s the thing, man. Here’s what I know you as is the most interesting and balanced voice on cable news and opinion. So I just, let’s do Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Let’s start with Donald Trump. It’s hard for me to care when I can’t keep count. Now we’ve got the fourth one. It’s in Fulton County, right? It’s novel. It’s a rico, it’s a racketeer influence and corrupt organization charge. That’s a mob charge. That’s a group. That’s a conspiracy of criminals that you’re a lawyer. I’m not Chris, that I take, it’s a conspiracy over time. Nothing. Is this too much? I mean, I’m looking at, let’s see, tax record case in New York, classified documents in Mar-a-Lago, the January 6th conspiracy in Washington dc What do you make of this latest one?

This is the most troubling set of allegations. Rico certainly is something that gets the media’s attention because as you said, this is the 1970 law out of Nixon to go after the mob. They go after organizations, corporations as well, but it’s about establishing that this group had a pattern of behavior. They’re not easy cases to make, but he’s playing a different game here than law and order. He’s playing the disruption game and the victim game and it works for about a third to a half of his party and to about a third of the country. The interesting thing to me about the polls he’s going to lose because of independent voters and they’ll be like, this is too much. This is going to be a distraction to his term if nothing else. He barely could get away from it last time and there was a pandemic.
But when you look at the most recent polling, there are just as many people, like two out of three Americans don’t want Trump to be president the same or more, don’t want Biden to be president. And that’s not a false equivalency. That’s a, we’re in a fucked up place in terms of this two system delivering us kind of like the lowest rung of who’s worst analysis. And we got to get away from the parties, we got to get to open primaries, we got to get to rank choice voting. If we want to get more reasonable people in there that don’t have to play to the fringe of these two parties.

I just think the parties are corrupt and that’s why we get the worst common denominator. That’s the shit that floats to the top here.

It doesn’t have to be corruption as much as it’s just the game. The rules of a binary zero sum game is that the easiest way for Charlie to beat Chris is to prove that Chris sucks. Not that Charlie has better ideas. Not that Charlie is better. Better is hard. It’s just to show that Chris is bad, does bad things, thinks bad, things as scary, as dangerous, can hurt you. That’s how you win and that’s all they’re trying to do. It’s like the old joke. Two guys get chased by a bear. One guy says, we’ll never outrun the bear. The other guy says, I don’t have to. We just have to outrun you. And that’s what we’ve allowed our politics to become, and it’s just a reductive battle to the bottom and I hate it.

Look, I used to cover Long Island Queens, the mob. I got to believe. I’m thinking about Ozone Park, the hunting fish club, Gotti, the Gambinos. They got to be laughing because in this Rico case down in Atlanta, Rudy Giuliani has been tagged with the RICO charges and he’s the one that used the Rico charges to take out the Gambinos, et cetera, et cetera. What are you hearing? They mocking him. They got to be,

But look, there are a lot of people who see Giuliani in a very stark now portrait. He is not the guy I grew up with. He says things that the Rudy Giuliani of the eighties would’ve never said, would’ve never thought, never stood behind, stood for, and it’s sad on a level. I don’t know that the charges can be sustained, but I know they did a lot of stuff that was wrong. Whether or not we’re in this new standard in this, again, this zero sum political party game of felony or fine. If you can’t get me on a major felony, then anything I did was fine. And that’s just ridiculous.

My brother. My question is all of this has to go to state of mind. Trump, it’s the federal case January 6th. It’s this case. He lied. He knew the election was lost and therefore he engaged in a conspiracy. But what if the guy really believed it was stolen? I mean, how? And it’s 19 people. You really think, first of all, there’s the first question. The second question is a Rico case and the Fulton County prosecutor wants to bring 19 people in a courtroom together and half of ’em are lawyers. So what are the odds here?

The odds are that some of ’em turn first of all, second, Charlie, do you believe with all your heart and soul that you deserve a Rolex? Does it mean you can break into a store and steal one? Well, that’s the analogy. He may have thought he won, but it did not entitle him to do illegal things to procure

The victim. Like what? I mean, I got my own feelings, but you’re on here. So what illegal thing did he do per se?

Well, what the indictment alleges is that the phone calls were extortionist phone calls threatening that things had to be done, not because they were the right thing to do, but because he wanted them done. The maneuvers on the ballot workers, the maneuvers on the machines, the maneuvers with the slate of electors that this is not Al Gore. This is not you doing the things that you can to zealously defend your own rights to the franchise. It was trying to manipulate the outcome through illegal actions by his direction, conspiracy either at his direction or as part of a group. That’s the Rico part.

The man got his recounts right? He got his retail, he got his hand counts, he had his court cases. He was denied 60 times. It’s tying to let it go. I mean, Al Gore to this day still believes the elect was stolen from, but for the good of the country, he exhausted all

Means. That’s not who this guy is. That’s not who Trump is. And he has never been that guy. Unlike Rudy Giuliani, I’ve never known Trump to be any way but this way him people, of course I know him and not just because of this silly notion of New York cabal or whatever, it’s my father was the governor for three terms. My brother was the governor for three terms. Well, it

Is a New York all because I know him. I was in New York in the media business realm of things. You meet the guy when you’re

In New York, very active. He’s very active in that circle and he is very solicitous of political people either positively or negatively. He got a lot of what he got done through sweetheart deals with the government.

That is the fact man city for sale. He got the biggest

Guy fighting it this way. Yeah, this is par for the course with

Him. But look here, man. Every time the man gets indicted, he goes up in the poles. So for a fact that that

Doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. That means that there are people who believe that their guy is getting treated worse or is being exposed more than the other people because they don’t like him because he’s fighting for them. But isn’t

There truth to that

Look? Is there truth to it? If you feel that that’s what it is, it doesn’t matter if it’s true. This

Is politics. I mean from the get they hounded the guy for three years with some bullshit collusion with the Russian security apparatus in Putin himself. He was some Manchurian candidate. It all came out of Hillary Clinton. And so what regular people voted for, they squelched it. So when they start calling Trump racist and the powers that be, especially the security apparatus and the Democrats won’t let him work, people start to take that personally and they equate themselves with Trump. So if you hate Trump, you hate me. And if you hate me, I’m never getting off this block. I’m not going to see it reasonably because I wasn’t treated reasonably. I don’t think you’ll ever move that 40%.

Maybe not. You don’t need it to win either. And it’s not new. I mean, the old paradigm of an election is a third hates you, a third loves you and you fight for the middle. Third. The love hate have grown a little bit, but the battle is still for the middle. The fastest growing population in our electorate is independence. People who don’t want to be part of the parties, they’re now a plurality of over 40% of the country because this game has gotten tiresome to a couple of generations of voters by would quibble with one thing. And by quibble, I mean I do not accept it at all. The idea that all of the investigating of Trump was done off of apo research paid for by Hillary Clinton is not true. The dossier, as they call it, was overvalued and under scrutinized. Okay? Yes. That is not all that it was. Okay. Members of his campaign took meetings with people that you would tell me not to meet with. Okay?

Yeah, but lemme jump in though. Let me jump in. That’s not Russian intelligence signals aren’t being sent through a bank. The Hamilton project, these Russian bots were actually just ordinary American citizens. No, they blew this thing. Big tech, big spy organizations, big party. They did collude. Look, I didn’t vote for Trump. I’m not going to vote for Trump. I didn’t vote for Biden. I’m not going to vote for Biden. But I see it.

I don’t see it the same way. I think the Democrats overplayed it, they overextended it. They should have never done the impeachment thing. Certainly not the first time. They were never going to remove them. And the idea that we needed to do it for posterity I think is bullshit. But that’s an opinion.

It’s a good one.

I criticized them for dancing about it instead of just doing it, not because I wanted them to impeach, but I don’t think you’d play with a weapon like that. But Trump had guys around him doing shady things in ways that they shouldn’t have been doing that they knew they shouldn’t have been doing. And they all had a nexus of connection to people who were known or stated Russian intel assets. You’re going to draw scrutiny when you do that. And when you tell the government to fuck off, you’re going to really draw scrutiny. They’re human beings and human beings don’t like being told that. So the idea that it was all the dossiers not true. The idea that it was overblown by the Democrats is true, but two things can be true at once. The idea that it was all nothing and it was a hoax is

Bullshit. Well, I don’t know about all nothing, but I’ll tell you this. The guy did try Trump specifically to obstruct justice by encouraging his lawyer to lie. Yeah, that’s obstruct. Okay? But that’s born out of, and by

The way, what he did with the zelensky call, look, I’ve met with Zelensky, okay? I’ve met with his guys. You dress Zelensky, talked to them about that. I’ve talked to them about this. There was nothing perfect about the phone call. They come from a culture of corruption. They know when somebody’s putting the arm on them, and that’s what was happening. And it was wrong for Trump to do that. And he knows it was wrong. And so the idea

Impeachable offense though, impeachable offense.

Listen, I never said it was, I never said it was. I believe in high crimes and misdemeanor. I believe in the standard based on what we’re seeing with these prosecutions. The reason the founding fathers picked something that’s a little bit nebulous is because they were just trying to capture the feeling that they had of watching what happened in British society of where you kept attacking your opponents and they didn’t want it to happen here. And these prosecutions, whether it’s looking at Biden and the money that came into the family, which I think is suspicious, and I think it’s a mistake for Biden and the Democrats to be ignoring it. The stuffs with Trump and all these things, I think you can’t treat them like anybody else. Yes, no one is above law, but not all people are equal. And there is prosecutorial discretion and there is something to be thought about what’s in the public interest and what isn’t. And that doesn’t mean that the rule of law doesn’t hold or apply.

I think the best case that they have on Trump out of these four are the documents for sure. They got

Him on the document,

They got him on the document now,

But even that it’s well, why did he take them?

Because to look like a big shot. Hey, look, I’m still, he’s playing president’s. He’s flying him around like luggage. But what about

The documents? But not for the reasons that we don’t want people taking them, which is selling them to the Russians or selling them to the Chinese or using them to expose American assets or anything. We don’t have any reason to believe any of that. And if anything, we have reason to believe that it’s not what it was about. So is that the strongest stuff? No, I think the strongest stuff is what’s in Fulton County because they were definitely trying to do things that they knew they shouldn’t have been doing.

I mean that sounds to me like the January 6th case, but digress because let me encapsulate this. I held my tongue. If there was collusion with the Russians, I wanted it rooted out and I think many of us did in the end. What we found out that Hillary Clinton had more to do with election interference than Vladimir Putin. That’s what I read in it. Now having said that, I’m seeing the Biden smoke, bro, and it goes back to that phone call with Zelensky. I’m looking at photographs, flight logs, dinners, phone calls. This thing needs to be investigated. It really does. And I think if you don’t believe that you’re a dope, you’re a partisan or you’re the problem, do you agree that that thing needs to be vigorously examined? Yeah, of

Course. I mean that’s why David Weiss is now a special prosecutor and people say, well, it can’t be him. It’s got to be someone new. He already botched it. I think that that is naive and unless they give it to somebody who’s

Kind of naive, I kind of believe that. Why do you say that? He had

Five years? The reason I think it takes time, and I don’t think it’s as clear as you think it is.

No, I don’t think it’s clear, bro. I don’t. I know Hunter, it’s clear to me. Hunter Biden broke the law, right? He didn’t register as a foreign agent. He didn’t pay his taxes. Smoking crack and carrying pistols driving a hundred. Yeah, that dude totally broke the law and that dude should go to prison. But the connection to Biden, I’m starting to see one that I don’t like and I don’t think as Americans, like I’m listening to you, M S N B C, Jesus Christ pulled a cork on that thing, but I hear them and no big deal. This is not what I want as an independent right out of my government.

Well, look, I’ll tell you what, I don’t want it out of the government, okay? I really believe we need a new mechanism. Do I think it should be investigated? Of course, I’ve been doing it on my show. I have an open invitation to call eight

O’clock Eastern Standard time Monday through Friday. Chris Cuomo News Nation zip plug feed

To bring whatever they want onto the show. I’ll give ’em the whole hour and let’s lay out what they know and how they know it. I have no problem with that. I welcome it. I think it’s important. I just believe that if you want any integrity to any of these questions, which I do believe are all a distraction from bigger concerns for Americans, I would rather them be fighting about how we’re not going to have a shortfall of 700,000 workers in the IT space for the chip making factory that they’re building right now. I would rather the two sides be fighting over that than this stuff. But if you want to do two things at once, which they’ve never shown they can, but if you want to pretend they can, it has to be not an independent council. Not that deal. The only thing we’ve seen work that has the trust of the American people is the nine 11 commission. You got to get people who are not in office, who are respected on both sides to take a look at it and then tell you what they think. I think that’s what you have to do with big shots. And then let the people decide in an election.

No one’s calling me. No one’s calling me. I’m fair.

I would’ve no problem with you being on the commission.

Alright man, well I could be here all day. You said you got about 25 minutes for us. Anything else you want to say here? Any words of uplift? Inspiration?

I still feel like you guys were coming after me at the beginning of this interview. That’s how sensitive I’m

Fuck. Really?

Jesus Christ. No,

No. Krista doesn’t do

Mediation. Now she takes the Lord’s name in vain. I don’t dunno what’s worse.


I would never do that. So did you really? Don’t be sensitive. That was not the case. I apologize if that’s how you don’t

Be sensitive.

No, I’m just not here. Have you

Googled me? And that’s not an apology. That’s not an apology. I apologize if that’s how you took it.

Lemme say this. If we were coming after you or if I was coming, you’d know it. That was not the case, so

Lemme tell you. You’d know it too

And okay, then we’d just go head to head. So that’s fine. We can do that. But no, that

Was not the case. That’s the case my my

Friend. Alright, but that’s not my world. I see confrontation. I like conversation and I do it respectfully. So I would never do that. I would never have somebody on this show on Charlie’s platform and attack them. So no, that was not the case.

I’ll do that.

Yeah, that’s not me, so I wouldn’t do that Anyway. I take

Charlie too. I’ll take the both of you. You don’t

Scare me. Chris, how’s your arbitration going with c n N? Did you get your millions yet

Lousy? We’re fighting over the arbitrator. My guys believe that there’s a conflict that worries them about what would happen if we go forward. It’s got to be decided by a state court and it’s a protracted process. I talk to Charlie all the time. He’s a mentor to mine and to me and a friend. I don’t talk about it a lot because I don’t want to attack or allow it to be twisted by media that I’m attacking C N n I love C N N. I think they’re an amazing organization. I got a lot of friends that are still there and it hurts that my relationships with them have been fractured by this. But my bosses were wrong to fire me for the reasons that they presented. I never lied about a fucking thing to anybody about helping my brother and I never did anything to lie about. I didn’t go after his accusers. The people who were doing his defense work will tell anybody that I wasn’t part of what they were doing. I was helping my brother. I was listening to what their suggestions were. I was weighing in where I thought I could, all the things that reasonable people would assume I was doing, which I admitted on television. So I never lied. There were no secrets.

I told you, you can

Say you don’t. I told brother,

I told you I’m going to just,

You can say I shouldn’t have been allowed to be. I told

You over that drink. Anybody would do that with their sibling, but you did it on a telephone with a bunch of scummy sharks. That’s what you did. That’s what you’re guilty of. Look,

They’re not the ones who took me down. Okay? That’s true. That’s it. The people who took me down were the people I trusted the most. I knew the media was pissed off at me for having my brother on the show during the pandemic. I know I get it. I get what the conflict was. I get why it bothered them. I get why the love gov stuff and the Brothers Cuomo stuff made them jealous and upset. I get it. I just never thought that Andrew was going to get in that kind of trouble so that they would have that kind of ammunition to use against me to say he’s a bad guy helping a bad guy. I just didn’t see it coming. I didn’t see that coming to my brother and I didn’t see the people I trusted the most deciding to save themselves by saying that I lied to them.
It doesn’t even make sense. What did I lie about? Oh, well, he was a lot more involved then what? Then listen to my brother’s advisors and giving my advice. That’s what I did. Oh yeah, but you went after his accusers and you worked the media. The fuck I did. Where is the media that I worked for my brother? You don’t think they would stand up and say, he called me. He asked me to do ’em a favor. Why? Because they protect me. My friends. Come on. How does he make you feel after the make? Here’s how it makes me feel sad because look, the first word for me to describe myself is easy, flawed. I make mistakes all the time. I do things that are wrong all the time. I try to make up for ’em. I try to make amends. I try to be better.
It’s not easy. It may even be harder for me than it is for a lot of people. I don’t know. But I didn’t do these things. If you want to say I shouldn’t have been allowed. My boss was wrong. Okay? I accept all that. But my boss knew what I was doing. He was fine with it. The ownership knew what I was doing. I said it on tv. I talked about it all the time. I never covered my brother. The audience never had a problem with it. I’ve never had a regular person who’s not in the media come up to me and say, boy, I got to tell you, I was really shocked that you were helping your brother and that you were listening to his advisors and that you were giving your feedback on what he was doing. And by the way, that feedback was largely don’t attack your accusers. Get out in front of this. Tell the truth and tell it to anybody who’s asking you anything. And I said that about the nursing home scandal also. And everybody will acknowledge that.

Now, why do you think your brother got pilled for the nursing home? Cover up whatever you want, call it. And our governor, Whitmer,


Reasons, got away with it, several reasons. Sexism,

Several reasons. I don’t know that she got away with anything because I don’t know the situation as well. But I’ll tell you why. One people died. People died that have families. Okay? Two, the media ran with one side of the story. Three, Andrew and his people did not do a good enough job early enough explaining the situation and what the context was for the decisions that they made. Now, I know the story because I’ve heard it from him, but it’s not my job to argue his case. That was his job. And there is an immutable law in politics that Joe Biden is breaking right now. If you don’t drive the narrative in a situation that concerns you, somebody else will tell your story and you will not like how it ends. Biden is doing that with the financial questions. I would suggest that my brother did that with the nursing homes where he didn’t believe the allegations.
He knew more so he let it go. And you can’t do that in politics. You just can’t do it. And I get why people are told, let it go. You don’t want to feed it, you don’t want to feed it. But sometimes that’s the wrong call. And it’s not for me to judge. I can’t, I’m obviously too close to it, but I get why people are upset. I get why they think that their relatives died and they didn’t have to. And the other reasons are at play as well. But it’s my brother’s case to make. And if he wants to be back in politics again, he’s going to have to deal with that to the extent that he thinks it’s relevant to whatever he wants to achieve. And I’ll watch along with everybody else and guess what else I’ll do? I’ll give him advice my brother.
And that will never change and nothing will ever come before it. But that doesn’t mean I compromised how I do my job. Not only did I not cover my brother, I never lied to anybody about the fact that I was helping him. And that matters to me because right now, Charlie, people can describe me this way. Chris Cuomo, who was fired from C Nnn, which is true. And I got to live with that for lying about the extent to helping his brother and attacking his accusers. No, no, no. That’s worth all this money to me. I don’t want a big paycheck. That’s not what this is about. Okay? It’s about an understanding that you don’t have to like what I did. You don’t have to like the zucker. Let me do it. You don’t have to like any of it. But I didn’t lie and create a situation where I was helping my brother and not being transparent about it. Zucker let you, it’s not true.

Now tell me about

Your brother. Everybody knew Charlie. You knew. Everybody knew that I was helping my brother.

I could smell that from 600 miles away, dude. Way out here in the sticks.

Anyway, it just makes me sad because I’m not perfect. I screw things up just like anybody else, maybe even more. But I didn’t do this. And it matters to me. And I know people tell me all the time, don’t worry about it. Let it go. Forget what they say. The media’s the hate parade. But I’m in the media and they get to describe me that way. And I don’t like it. It’s bad for my professionalism. It’s bad for my family. It’s bad for my kids. And if I do something wrong, I own it and I try to fix it if I can. But I’m haunted by this. That’s why I got to keep fighting it. And I’m the only guy playing with my own.

You’re haunted by what he

Said. He’s human. I mean he’s human. He has right

To be just the dude that’s in your living room in a 60 inch screen. Like he’s not supposed to be haunted by anything. He made it. He’s

Human. Everybody is at

Some point. But it’s rare that you get to hear that anybody’s human at exactly

Point. People don’t want to admit

It. He’s human. Exactly.

Look, Charlie, we’re all the same, especially in this job. Oh, I, why? No, I

Never did anything as bad as you.

What I’m saying is we’re all relying on what we understand about flaws and frailty to relate to people who are going through things and tell their stories and drive their interests. It’s part of what makes you more effective at this. And it’s not like I have some perfect persona that I’m trying to protect. It’s not what it’s, this is not true. And they know it’s not true, but they also know that they got money and the media on their side and they can let it go on forever. I’m the only one playing with my own money.

I’m speaking of


Are you doing for money?

I’m doing fine. Not doing how I was before. I mean, this hurt me getting thrown off C Nnn. I’m making less than half what I was making. But look, that’s okay. I’m not complaining about that. But I lost the platform. I lost a persona. I lost a relevance. I lost an ability to be involved in the public dialogue at scale that now at News Nation we’re trying to build. And I’m very excited about that and I’m happy to be part of it. But the idea that I wasn’t damaged by what happened at C N N is demonstrably false. And I think people get that because they tell me all the time they’re sorry about what happened. I’m sorry too. It’s just I have to live with it in a way that they don’t. And again, I’m not attacking C N n, I love C N N. I’m not attacking my colleagues. I care about them. I respect them. I want them to do well. I don’t even attack the guy who fired me. Jeff Zucker is the best TV mind I’ve ever worked with. And he gave me a phenomenal opportunity that allowed me to blossom and be relevant in a way I never

Would. I’m I’m going to tell you about Jeff Zucker. The guy has a great mind for TV because everything he takes goes to the bottom. He wrecks everything he touches.

But so why did

He do, I don’t dunno how this guy’s working in tv, man. I’m sorry, Brett.

Listen, he didn’t wreck C,

Why did they do what they

Chris? He didn’t wreck cnn.

Huh? Then why do you think they fired you? What do you believe they

Fired me? Because I became a huge liability to the brand.

It went, let me do this. It went like this. Because if you remember during Covid and Trump and Hillary and Russia collusion, everything became so toxic that everybody, you hate Tucker Carlson. You hate Chris Cuomo. You hate Don Lemon, you hate Sean Hannity. Rachel, Matt, you go on and out. Right? Eventually they’re coming for you. Exactly. Eventually they’re coming. So all the feelings he says, he says he has, I feel ’em, but I don’t feel at a loss. I feel at peace because I’m walking before they can pull that shit on me.

Yeah. And I don’t think you should believe that that change undermines your relevance. I mean, you have a different platform. You may have a different set of,

Have you seen the ratings? Are you kidding me? Yeah,

I have. But I’ve watched the show. It’s a good show. I don’t think that, I mean, I think part of what you embrace and present also helps to validate or reaffirm your persona. And when you say that it’s compromised your relevance, it’s compromised. I think you’re underselling who you’re trying to remain or who you are. I’d stop saying that if I were you. That’s my free advice.

I appreciate the advice and you’re not wrong. But I’ll tell you what, Karen, when six out of 10 of the people who say hello to you on the street, say, I wish you were back on tv. I miss you when you were

On, but hold on. Charlie is the

Same way I’ve been on tv.

They ask all the time, where’s Charlie Lada? What happened to him? Where did he go? But it’s a different platform and I had my own set of being penalized for standing up for what I believe in. I know what that’s like. You become victimized by a very system that you are a part of, but different doesn’t always have to be worse. I mean, I know it’s not c n n and that’s what we associate, but this could actually turn out to be better. Don’t let it compromise who you are and people like you and watch you for who you are and what you bring to the table. Don’t undermine that simply because you have a different platform.

She’s saying Stop winding, man. Move on.

I didn’t say

That. I’m really not.

I didn’t say you were whining. Stop listening to Charlie. I

Didn’t say you were.

I’m not whining. We both

Queens man,

Understand Charlie’s a punk and when he’s in person, he’s more polite right now.

No, he’s not.

He’s feeling it because he’s over there. But when we’re like drink to drink, he’s plenty nice. Okay. He knows. Charlie, listen, I have this conversation with Charlie. One of us is eating one’s food. Charlie, he’s

The sandwich. I have this conversation with Charlie about because he’s not on Fox. Two people are still asking about where he is. They still want to touch him and hear from him. We just had a very candid come to Jesus conversation the other day. And this was in a different context, the same thing. You’re still who you are.

Listen, I appreciate that and I believe it and I trust it. I’m just saying it’s not a single factor analysis. That’s all. And I’m not saying that I’m not happy to be where I am. I’ve never built anything selling Thenanything before the way I’m now.

Then stop underselling it.

Well, I’m not underselling News Nation. I believe in News Nation. I actually believe News Nation is more of a movement than a media company movement. I’m a big fan of what they’re Yeah, what do mean? They are trying

Because they’re doing things differently. I’ll give you that, Chris. I mean, your show is far different than what it was on cnn. Chris’s


Yeah, Chris’s show. Well, news Nation too, it tries to be centrist. They have independent people throughout the country Breaking story. I’m just saying it’s better.

Look, I’m going to tell him, Chris, I said, this is the best thing that ever happened to you. Now you get to be you and you don’t got to kiss Don Lemon’s ass as you’re signing off, right? But when Chris Cuomo is doing Chris Cuomo, the show’s really interesting points of view are getting heard. The guests are interesting and the guy, I’ve sat on a set many times with him and he doesn’t use a teleprompter. He doesn’t

Can’t read.

That’s why he went to Fordham. Okay, listen,

Listen, I appreciate the time with you. I appreciate your advice. I appreciate you coming on my show the way you do, Charlie, which I love, and I appreciate you having me on yours and being real with me. And look, I don’t want people to take it the wrong way. Everybody’s into expressing gratitude and gratitude and their attitude and all that bullshit. I get it. And I feel it. I know I’m blessed. I know I have all the things that matter most in ways that many don’t. But all pain is personal and all situations require context. And my life changed a lot of ways that were negative. And by the way, for my family too. And it was not righteous, it was not pono as the Hawaii governor said the other day about what’s happening with the people trying to come in to steal and undersell people’s property in Maui. It wasn’t right. And I got a fight. Don’t know. I don’t know how it comes out. It doesn’t really matter to me. What matters to me is fighting it. But it’s not because I think that everything’s over or anything like that. I’m doing the job because I think I can make a difference. I think I can help. And that’s the reason I’ve always

Done it. Now, last question here. Like you were working the fish scales today. If you could just show me with your hands how big the biggest fish was today.

I can’t, it’s too big.

Go ahead. Show

Me. This is an offshore tournament. They’re catching tuna. That a 200 sail catching

Fishing. Go ahead, show

Me on the small size that are your size.

Show me. Show me like this.

I’ll show you Charlie. I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll put you in the mouth of one of them. How about

That? I’m trying to get a screenshot where he goes like this and Cuomo goes, it was that big. That’s the headline. Yeah, I got it.

What do you


Fucking guy. What do you think, Charlie?

Where’d you grow up, man? Where’d you go? Corona Park. Where’d you grow up?

Holliswood, Queens,

Holliswood, right. Story of Holliswood. Just getting the

Thing. And then I went Albany.


Brother, listen Charlie, I look forward to talking to you again soon and having on the show. Karen, thank you very much for the honesty and the candor and the insight. I appreciate it and I benefit from it


Thanks for taking time, brother.

Alright, Chris

News Nation eight o’clock.

But at least he was honest. And that’s the thing though, Charlie, people don’t understand even though when people are in the public eye, but he pretty much laid out his situation in the beginning when he was talking about Trump. Everybody’s out to get everybody else at somebody else’s expense. Everything is divisive. And he just happened to be a casualty of

That. That’s life on the high wire.

It is. I mean, it’s a double-edged sword.

I mean it is. Yeah. No, we’re from our sponsors.

We have sponsors.

Not after that.

I’m just kidding.

Well, as you can say, she’s very torn up here at the American legendary Coney Island where they were broke into this weekend and apparently the thing was hungry, thirsty, and likes to collect empty registers. This has been James Harvey weatherman on the streets bringing you the breaking news. Must be some damn good cheesecake.

Damn right.

I want to have to try a piece of that before I leave. There’s

One piece left. They’ve been flying off the shelf since that guy tasted it.

Jesus Christ Cheesecake. So it’s criminal. I understand why they don’t get for the cheesecake.

American, Coney Island, where the cheesecake is so good. It’s criminal.

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There’s no number.

Didn’t I give the website?

Oh, I thought there was a phone number. Okay.


Okay, I’m sorry. My nephew called did. He Sure did.

Well, I have a different interest, but I am going to call, I mean I’m going to reach out to them because I really think, nevermind. You don’t want to know. That’s quite cryptic. Well, no, I mean because usually at dental schools, they give people on-the-job training can what? And so if I can hire them to do some brick work, that’s what I’m going to look to do.

I don’t think they’re going to do that. You don’t know because the trainee doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Yeah, not then, but there may be.

Charlie, what you would do is you’d call the brick layers A

Okay, we’ll figure it out. Don’t

Worry about it. Basically call a contract and say, I want some union help and tell the union help that. I want apprentices on the job. That’s how it works. Is it? Yep. Just save you that headache.

Well, thank you Charlie.

You’re welcome on else a headache. This fucking administration in this city. You’re right. Bricks don’t get done. Drug houses don’t get done. Police vehicles don’t get fixed. Ambulances are a wreck. You want to be the governor? You want to uncork my property tax? Okay. Don’t believe me. Nobody else wants to do it. Slash no. BSS If you’re listening, you can go to Twitter, YouTube. No BSS NewsHour. Right? Look it up. These are Byron. Terrific. This is what your city looks like. This dope house the school year now and the Dope House is still up. Wait, I do this in the piece. Why don’t we just roll it, check the

Mic and make sure it sound right, boys.

Well, kids, it’s school time. Back to school. And if you’re at Pulaski K through Ate, don’t forget, still got your drug house owned by the city.

Yeah, we lived in this house. Me and my wife, when we first got together, we tried to get it through the Land Bank. The Land Bank couldn’t get the clear title, so they asked us to leave. True story.

Wow. Now it’s across from a school.

This is an actual academy. It is something that’s supposed to be of higher and smarter learning for the city of Detroit and it’s residents who have children. Not just students but the children. We got to love our city. If we don’t love our city and promote our city, how are we going to have a better educated

Class of people?

That raggedy house shouldn’t be this close

To no school. You know who owns this raggedy house? The city. The city.


Now the junkies from Macomb County. Come in here and shoot up. The needles are everywhere. The garage is open. My friend Nicole Curtis, you know her from the home improvement shows and cable tv. She asked me to take a look. She’s trying to help get it down, but they can’t clear the title. They want to resell. This got black mold, no wiring, leaking roof. Everybody in the neighborhood knows it. Nobody knows why this is still fucking here. Let’s do math kids. Something doesn’t add up. Please Land Bank. Fix this for the kids. They did come mow it. Thank you very much. But you forgot to take the dead tree down. Hey kids, when the wind blows, don’t get off the bus right there, you’ll die. Look. And then, oh, we boarded it up with plexiglass. Okay, good. Now the kids can see all the shit inside. Look at that. It’s structurally sound. The roof’s caving in. You might remember our friend, the neighbor, Alvin, if you could talk to the mayor by having a little attention in your neighborhood, what would you tell him?

I’d tell him, you need to clean up this area. Get the drugs out. The houses on the corner is bad.

Well, Alvin warns you. He’s moving. Okay, kids, if you do need some help, something happens here, don’t bother waiting for the police because they got 200 broken down squad cars. I

Didn’t know

That. And kids, if you need a fire truck, don’t hold your breath. They’re sitting on the toilet drying out because the city hasn’t sent toilet paper to the firehouses for two months.

I didn’t know that.

Roger voice and toilet paper since. Appreciate it. Not only does the fire department not have toilet paper, we don’t got ambulances, but I found those too. They’re here at the apparatus house all broken down.


At all those.


Crazy. And kids, if you’re going to take the city bus to school, give yourself a little extra time because the mayor keeps cutting the budget adjusted for inflation. And now the buses are running at 70% of what they were before. Covid, this isn’t working. Do you know the buses are running at 70% of the capacity since before Covid? I

Didn’t know that either.

Now you do. No bullshit news hour fix it.


You got to laugh.

That’s the new Detroit that we have. Looks

A lot like the old

Detroit. It actually looks worse if you ask me. I think things have gotten worse.

I just know. Well, when you promise a whole lot of shit, it doesn’t happen. Yeah, I’m a whole lot more steamed. I’ll tell you that. And

You should be Charlie. And the bad part about it is that just them making a statement that things are better and the grass is greener and the water is colder. Doesn’t make it so the grass

Is longer.

It is longer.

And it’s got a bunch of needles in it.

I was going to say it’s full of debris.

Oh, you got a water, man, come on in that property tax. Well, we’ll bring it. Hey listen, I’ve got your documents, your blue papers. They’re going to try to uncork all of our property tax so Duggan can look good to Mrs. Jones. Well, giving her 200 bucks, that’s going to disappear in a couple years. And he’s going to hook all the skyscrapers on her up with millions. Just like the auto reform.

That’s what I was going to say. That sounds very familiar. He gave you 400 bucks and turned around and raised your car insurance.

We’ll see. We’ll see if that goes through the Okie doke. Well that’s it. That’s the Okie do. Okie doke. That’s the show. Thank you. We’ll see you next week. Thanks Chris. Cuomo. Feel better, honey.

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