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EXCLUSIVE: With the sunset of Title 42, the Southern border is swamped with a tidal wave of humanity pouring into the United States.
Poncho Ortiz with a live report from Brownsville, Texas.

An impotent Biden Administration has no clue how to stop it.
The Mexican drug and human trafficking cartels are in charge of the frontera.

Charlie LeDuff and Byron Goggin smuggle themselves into America by way of the Rio Grande with an ex-con from Nicaragua named Elvis who can’t swim.
The National Guard even gave him a ride. It’s that easy.

Plus, The meaning of Mother’s Day with Comedian Detroit Red at the Normandie Hotel.

Secretary Austin approved a temporary department of defense increase of an additional 1500 military personnel to supplement US Customs and border protection efforts on the US Southwest border.

I believe that it is inappropriate to require the limited resources of the United States military to be used in such a way.

It is my testimony that the border is secure and we are working every day, day and night to be increased security

Live downtown Detroit. It’s news out with

The bullshit

Assistant breaking this, do more bullshit, do more bullshit.

That is just so fraudulent. The Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Maka saying the border is secure. Secure. That is insane. Title 42, the Covid era policy begun under Trump where all asylum seekers have to wait in Mexico because it’s a public health crisis. That thing now expires tonight, midnight. And they’re here. They’ve been here. We we’re setting records. We set a record last year, this year’s break and last year’s record. We have a tidal wave of humanity, you guys. We got some video from yesterday and we’ve got Poncho Ortiz, Breitbart, he’s working. He’s graciously agreed to join us and he’s in Brownsville across from Matamoros. But I got these yesterday from some friends. Mark, can you roll those for me? And if you’re listening, well just describe it to you. That’s the Rio Grande and this is shot from Mexico. And what do you see in there? A dozen 20 people. Yeah. Made the banks of the United States and in the upper right hand corner, I dunno if you can see it, Karen and Red, right where Mark’s got the cursor, that’s National Guard.


Wow. And they’re not doing anything. And there’s the barbed wire right there on the other side. So yeah. So up on the bluff there’s barbed wire and behind that is the National Guard. So the point here is a wall doesn’t work because once you touch that bluff, whether they’re there’s barbed wire or not, that’s American soil. You’re here. So don’t been called. They got a new thing today that they’re talking about the Biden administration where if you’re a family, you’re coming in and we, we’ll see some more pitches of that in a moment. But if you’re a single adult, you are not, you’re going to be deported if you came in through a second country. If you didn’t come directly from America, from your home country. Let’s say you are Venezuelan and you crossed from Mexico and you didn’t apply for asylum in Mexico.

So no second generation entry,

Right? So it’s called the safe third country. That shit we have with Canada, I was telling you about, why don’t we have that with Mexico? So good luck getting Mexico to take back. We’re going to have to actually bring him in, process them, issue them a deportation order, and then fly ’em home. Now Mark, play some more of this. We’ll ask Poncho. He knows better than I do, but when I was down there, we’ll play that later. How easy this is. There’s got easily a half a million people on the border or on their way towards it as we speak. Wow. One half of a million. They’re anticipating 20,000 people a day. We can see this must be looking at Mexico again because those look like American trucks. There’s the bar wire. I believe.

So what does all this mean, Charlie? What

Is that? A hundred people. That is,

Yeah, I mean when people see this and they hear it, okay, what does this mean? This mean for the average American? When we’re sitting back watching this and people say, so what is it? Differences mean?

Well, look, they don’t have money.
A lot of ’em don’t have education. They’re going to need food, shelter. They’re going to need housing. Yep. They’re going to need shelter. This medical care we’re already broke. And I don’t care what the New York Times says because they don’t get off their asses. They’re not out there. If you really want to tell me that this is because of the pandemic really hit Latin America hard or violence there or a recession. This was caused by the words uttered from the White House. It started with Obama. The first wave was member daca, the deferred that, that’s kids that were raised here and they are citizens of my opinion. But when he said amnesty for them, everybody throughout the hemisphere hears amnesty. Period. Boom. That begins it when Biden says he’s going to get rid of the remain in Mexico is going to get rid of Title 42. Don’t blame the cartels because if you go actually talk to human beings that are making this journey, and I’ll say it again, I would, I’m not happy about this, but I would do, they’re hearing it’s open. That’s unsophisticated governance. But

I wanted you to just clarify that a little bit because the last major thing where people seem to be so concerned was when Trump was talking about building a wall, keeping him out. What does that mean? So as we hear Biden throw out these spurts, oh, this is the border secure or this is, what does that mean? So that’s what I wanted you just to clarify. So when people hear that there is some point of clarity for lack of another word, of what’s happening in the impact that it can and will have on this country and what

We’ll get to Pacho because he’ll be there, but the tons of fentanyl coming in. Mark, play some more of those please. When you see groups like this, when you see that’s, that’s easily a few hundred. This goes far back. They got, look, they got a rope from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande River to the American side, and they’re using it as a zip line to pull

As a guy, pull the

Rubber raft. It looked like a Grateful Dead show here. Look, everybody got tents and barbecuing.

They’re prepared

Guys walking around selling cigarettes. The shoes are clean. Everybody’s got a smartphone. Some people are wearing designer jeans. There’s a guy with the cigarettes entrepreneur. You got to like that guy. We can use guys that look at all the kids. Lots of the surest way to do, if you’re listening throughout the world, the surest way to do this is bring your kids because we are letting you in. It’s 100% guaranteed. And there’s the Mexican federal immigration just parked. Agents just parked. They’re not even armed

That that’s the secure part.

I was going to say that’s what they mean by it’s secure. They’ve got presence there.

Boarded our secure with secure repeat. Yes. Well,

I’m not going to blame. I mean, it makes sense because you don’t want people beating up on each other. I

Understand. But then don’t say that though, or clarify it. Make, be specific, be accurate, be honest. We have a presence there. Look at that.

That’s like, that’s a lot of people. Yeah, that’s a hundred people. Easy.

And I just want to say this, for some folks that may not understand the impact at the level of life you may be at that construction worker, that labor worker, that fast food worker, when this kind of flood is happening, they get job, they end up taking job positions and a lot of dollars are being made that come out of your pocket. Those positions open for you because they’ll work a little cheaper so they can survive. Like you said, they coming over here with no money. You

Owe the kids barely

Educated. They help each other out, which you know, going do the human thing. But it does make an economical impact on the lower levels when it’s a flood like this. Because that’s jobs that’s going to be lost.

But are they lost though red? I mean, we’ve been talking about so many entry level positions that have not been occupied. So will they simply fill the positions that other people don’t want, which is what we tend to hear?

Well, I’ll say this at a time when inflation’s run awhile and the Federal Reserve is trying to get rid of jobs, they’re trying to tamp down the economy and you’re going to import more labor at the same time. You’re trying to get rid of jobs. And then there’s the cultural aspect of it. How much do you take at one time? Human beings are human beings, right? This wave now equals the height of Ellis Island.


That’s a lot. And that was a 62 year period. This is just, and don’t 200 terrorists, people on the terrorists, they, they’ve apprehended this year

Including the guy from Dearborn that they didn’t.

And what happened happened to him? You knock on the door, he’s not there. You just

Forget about it. Yeah,

I don’t know. I don’t know. I call for orderly immigration. Yeah,

They won’t do it though. There it is too much. They can’t do it. They don’t know what to do

With it. Instead they caused it, dude, they caused it. They’re morons. And then you’re out there telling me it’s secure. Right. We’re not sending the military. We are sending the mil. Get the fuck out of here. You know what the military is, they’re Uber here. Let’s go to Poncho Ortiz in Brownsville. Hey, can you hear me Poncho?

Hey Charlie, thanks for having me here,

Man. Really, really appreciate you coming on. What do you see in there, man? Where you at?

Well, I’m here in Brownsville. I’m right outside of the bus station. Behind me is a parking lot that has been converted into a processing center of storage. So pretty much every 20 minutes or so, there’s these white buses that keep pulling up. Each one is full of people. They just dropping them off into the processing center. They just do a little bit more paperwork and then they’re releasing them into this area. So pretty much all morning long, people have just been walking out here trying to purchase tickets on the next bus out of here or trying to get some food items and so forth. The bus station is full of people right at this point and people are slipping in the streets. It’s a little bit of chaos. I mean, the city officials are claim to be trying to do the best they can to manage the situation. But I grew up in Brownsville. I had never seen something like this.

It looks like over your left shoulder all the way down the avenue against the wall. There is just a, is that true? Is it as far as the eye could see just sitting there? Yeah,

I mean, yes. Yeah. I mean people are outside of the processing centers there people, more people coming in. The buses just keep pulling up with more people. So pretty much it’s been nonstop since I got here this morning.

And it’s not even begun yet. I mean, once midnight hits, you think tomorrow that size of those crowds will double double. Did you catch that poncho? What do you expect for tomorrow when title? I know Title 42 expires.

It’ll be even more craziness mean right now there’s, from my socials in Mexico, just south of us in Matmos, thousands of people right on the banks of the river. They have a migrant camp out there primarily of people from Venezuela, which with the whole title 42 thing, that’s a sticky situation because when Title 42 was in it, they would return to Mexico. However, once you take off the Mexico factor, you have nowhere to return these people from Venezuela to, because us and Venezuela are not really talking to each other at this point. So it makes it a difficult situation for all these people. And pretty much people are just here getting dropped off. And as far as from that I talked to, they told me that once they released it, they made it. So that seems to be the message that’s getting out there.

So you’ve talked to people from Venezuela? I have as well. A lot of the people that want asylum that are Venezuelan didn’t come from Venezuela. They would be living in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, and for a number of years, quite frankly.

That’s right. Some of them, they made their way took a month. Some of them were already living in Mexico or in other places. Some of them basically they had already settled in other locations until notice was that, hey, we can make it to the us. And that’s when some of them began their journey.

Yeah, man. So I mean asylum is supposed to, it’s pretty much that you’re being persecuted by your government. It doesn’t really have to do with poverty or violence in your neighborhood. That would mean America’s big cities we’re entitled to go to Toronto. I mean, it’s supposed to be religious persecution, sexual persecution, political economic persecution. Well, that would be, unfortunately, that would be three quarters of the planet. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. That’s not what asylum’s about. Hey Poncho, what did you hear about the trial balloon that Biden’s floating in terms of, if you crossed from a second country, let’s say you’re from Nicaragua and you make your way through Mexico, that they’re going to deny parole or an asylum hearing, they’re going to deport you. Are you seeing that at all? Or is that just talk from Washington? No,

That seems to be talk from Washington at this point. I mean, I just keep seeing people over here being released. Everybody’s happy. They consider that they’ve already made. So now they’re just basically trying to continue their journey north. But now, cause most of these people here behind me have been released with notices to appear on court. Basically they have a date in like 2026. Wow. 25. So they’re pretty much home free at this point.

So I mean, what happens to do if they don’t have friends, if they don’t have family, Pancho, what would be the plan? What do they do? How do they survive? What happens after this made it but made it where and how?

Well, most of the people I talk to know somebody or have somebody, either a friend or relative or somebody up north that’s waiting for them. So they already have somewhere to go to go. And then the people that it’s, it’s a bit peaceful because when they tell them, here’s your notice to appear in court according to the government, those people are considered to be in removal process, but they’re actually released. And that’s sort of the government official will tell you, oh, we have so many people in removal proceedings. But in reality they’ve been released with a notice to appear in court in a year, two years or three years from now.

I mean, who’s going to know, remember of court dates in 2025?

No, no one’s looking for you. I

Know. That’s what I’m saying. By 2025, everybody, every, we’re going to be onto something else. They’re going to be onto something else. The government, it’ll just be a moot point.

Pancho to date, just say, since Biden took office, what’s your estimate of the amount of people that have made their way, however, got away, been processed and released? How many people are here since the beginning of 2021? New people.

That’s a tough number. Depending. I’ve spoken with people in dc, people in here in Texas, we’re talking about maybe 4 million people, 3 million. But it’s an economic figure.

And how many just you man, because you are the world expert here. You really are, dude, and thank you so much for being here. How many do you anticipate, say the rest of this year just alone? How many are we going to see? How many people a day are we going to see?

Well, in Mexico, I’m hearing astronomical numbers all over the place. The issue is that Mexico’s immigration police are not doing anything to stop this. Actually, Mexico’s government is giving them travel permits. When they get to the southern border, everybody that gets in there, they’re getting 45 days travel permits for them to get out of the country. So instead of Mexico dissuading this way, they’re actually encouraging. So I’m just seeing that pretty much this is a battle where the US is on its own. Mexico’s not helping at all. And Mexico’s the southern, the neighbor to the south and literally haven’t seen Mexico. Pretty much the only thing, on the other hand, I actually seen some corrupt Mexican immigration customs officers that are actually profiting from this. They’re actually selling other types of permits and other preparation of treatment. We’ve actually exposed to several of these individuals that they’ve just been making a killing out of all this. So as far as a figure, I mean this is going to grow exponentially. It’s not ending. The message that keeps getting south down to Central America and so forth, is that come over, you’re going to get released with papers that that’s the message that’s getting back.

Here’s I’m hearing two days ago, the official number from border patrol was 10,000 people. They’re anticipating 20,000 could be more than that. 20,000 a day times 30 days is 600,000 in one month. Wow. And 2020, the number was, the number was 350,000 or so for the year. Is that correct?

You, you’re correct. They’re looking at about 20,000 people per day now, however that figure, it could be more than that since they have to also look at the God ways because that the number of Gods, which is something that the government has been trying to hideaways, is the number of people that border patrol believes that they could have encountered between ports of entry, but they were not able to capture it. So the people that they’re capturing right now are the ones that are literally turning themselves into authorities at the river, not the ones that are trying to hide and get around them. That’s the issue there. And since border patrol is so overwhelmed, so understaffed, and pretty much most of the agents are a processing center. They’re not out there in the field. They’re out there in pro, they’re, most of ’em are in processing centers. There’s some areas west of us where you’ll have only a handful of agents for several miles of river or fence. And that’s some of the concerns that agents have relayed to us, that there’s areas that are uncontrolled so they don’t even know what’s what or who is crossing through those areas.

Well, you can bet your ass, man. It’s a good portion of them are felons. People that have been deported before, known criminals, dope smugglers, the couple hundred terrorists. You know what I mean? If it, it’s so easy. Look at that. A bus pulled up, couple hundred more people just got off. You can see ’em cross the street. Why wouldn’t you do it that way? Nice and easy. Come into this garage, have a cup of coffee. Here’s a paper, get yourself a hamburger. Get on the bus. So those that they’re not even capturing. You got any more of that video mark? Just the group getting ready by the river. If you see that, see, okay, you can’t see it Ponta, I don’t think. But there’s a group of a hundred, 200 people once they all go together, that takes all the resources in that sector to process them, line them up, get their names, make sure they’re not carrying contraband weapons. And then you go a mile down and it’s wide open. Right, bro, that’s how you can smuggle shit in here.

That’s correct. There’s pretty much, and that’s actually a strategy that smugglers have been using for a long time and they’re actually taking full advantage of it right now because they know that border patrol will rush to an area where you have all these people, they’ll start processing them and everything. So about a mile down the river, they can run drug loads or they can get the people that are, the people that have been previously deported, the ones with the criminal record and so forth. That is where they’re going to cross and they’re going to try to avoid being captured.

So who’s not in charge here? I mean, who should be in charge? Well,

And this is something that I say, and this is something that I’ve heard from officials in DC in Mexico, city officials that here in Texas, the only ones that really have operational control of the border, which is a phrase that DC likes to use. The only ones that have operational control of the border are actually the cartels. The US government does not have operational control of this border.

Okay, listen, this is Poncho Ortiz. He writes for Breitbart, he does his own stuff. Pancho to me is on the ground expert in this. He really is. When he’s telling you that the cartels run the border, we’ve capitulated, we’re soft and we’re stupid. And Mexico’s a failed state and everybody’s in the pocket of the cartels.

But he said that before when we’ve talked to him in the past, Charlie. So that’s not a new statement. It’s a reiteration of what we already know.

But we’re saying again, isn’t it? Yes

It is. It’s a reminder.

Holy fuck it. What a disaster, man. What is, they estimate that a third of females that make this trip get raped. This human trafficking, we lost 85,000 kids when it’s just kids and we’re trying to find their family or a place for them. Border patrol’s got to let ’em go in three days and they give ’em to the Department of Health and Human Services and they get sponsors, volunteers. And they only check on ’em with one phone call. 85,000 kids have been lost.

So that

Completely lost. They’re working in laughter houses. I mean they’re getting abused.

So that makes the government guilty of trafficking.

Our government is that’s helping about helping the cartels traffic children.

I just want to say that because that’s exactly what that is.

And again, I got nothing but love for humanity. I know I made this trip a couple times. I, those people I would do it. I don’t think it’s right and I don’t like it because just Tuesday, here in Detroit, right by the Coney was naturalization day swearing in people that worked their 20 years to get they the hard-earned suit and they got family people that work at the Coney have family in Yemen, the poorest country on earth, the one that’s actually at war and they can’t get their aunts, their uncles, their parents over here. Everything’s been jumped.

Yeah, pretty much. It is. It’s a saturation at a large rate. It’s just coming. It’s like pouring a whole cup of water out at once.

Well what buddy? And we can’t fuck heads in Washington. Can’t even get it together to raise the debt. Sealy.

I know. The whole thing is that you’re burning burdening an already broken and dysfunctional system. Yeah.

Cause you talked, spoke on the dhs. What can you really expect them to do when it was already a broken system before

This with dhs? What are you

Talking about? I mean, child and Human Resource.

DHS is Department of Homeland Security. No,

No, I’m sorry.

Health and Human Service.

Hhs. Health and Human Services, yes. What can you expect them to do when they were already broken?


Really the system didn’t work for our kids here as is. It was overloaded, under staffed. They not, it’s inept.

It’s, it’s not inept. It’s just inept. I mean that. It doesn’t have to be that

Way. Let’s go back to Poncho. Hey Poncho.


They, they’re going to bring 1500 troops. Have you seen them yet?

Well, the only ones that I’ve actually seen out there will be your Texas Guard and your Texas State troopers are out here. They’re actually on the river trying to hold off people. They’ve actually put barb wire on the river actively trying to do something. As far as the other ones, the National Guard that will be sent down here. They’re actually going to do more of a clerical role trying to help with the processing and stuff. Processing at the center

Processing, right? Yeah. They’re here to drive and process.

That’s right. They’re going to be assisting border patrol to basically take care of all these people.

Shit. Alright, well here dude, you can hang or we’ll let you go. I know you got work to do, but you’ll stay in touch with us, right? I know tomorrow’s, you’re probably going to stay there tonight. Are you going home to Macallan? What are you doing?

I’ll be all over the border, you know, because I’m also expecting jumping traffic in the McAllen area all over the border. Is it? This is the key here is this, nothing crosses that river or that border without one of the drop hotels. The dominant one in that area give permission and making a profit. So for them, this is a boom. So they’re going to be active all over the border.

But who’s what? Nobody’s watching them either. So it doesn’t matter. Like they are the oversight for all practical purposes,

God, they made billions of dollars. Average cost to get over is about five grand. If you’re talking 5 million people, what is that? Is that 25 billion? Is that correct?

Yep. Come on, mark.

Well, Charlie, a lot, just to give you a just one little number game here in the city of Reno, you cross something from Reno to Macallan, Texas. The Gulf Hotel charges, depending on where they’re from, from $300 to $800, now multiply that. But the number of people that we’re seeing here today, and that just gives you an idea of the profit behind

All this. That’s just crossing the river. That’s just the

Last one. The river, not even, not even from where they started, the journey or anything, just across that river.

Wow. What a wow. What debacle meant? What? Everything’s so fucked up.

It really is at every level. That’s the bad part about it. There’s not even anything good to hold onto in terms of, I mean, it’s not slack. Everything’s screwed up.

Pancho, I wanted to ask you a question because Raul Ortiz, the chief of the US Border Patrol came out and said, Hey, this increase over this past week, this is the surge after May 11th, we’re not going to see this numbers. And I just wanted your opinion on that.

Well, the problem is, that’s his estimate. The issues, the numbers of people that are in border cities like Laredo and so forth that keep coming. People are coming Mexico, the Mexican government has moved more agents to the southern border to issue those 45 day permits. So that may be his estimate on the people that are crossing, but he’s not looking at the people that are still in the journey. Plus also the people that are in Central America making their way north. That’s a heavy number of people also. So this is not something that’s going to stop. And we haven’t seen the work. We actually just seen the beginning of all this

Man, and we have an agreement with Canada. If people are trying to get in the United States from Canada, no, you got to take ’em back. And vice versa. If they’re trying to get in Canada from the United States, they got their first, bro, we don’t have such an agreement with Mexico. There’s no way to make Mexico take the people back. So as Poncho is saying, if they’re from a place that we have hostile relationships with Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, where they going? They’re going to Chicago. That’s where they’re going, which everybody’s declaring. Na, all the sanctuary cities now at the state of emergency, we’re not sanctuary anymore.

Well, do they need sanctuary anymore? I mean,

Yeah, human beings, of course they need place. You know what I’m saying? They need a place to, you

Mean ary designation, right?

Because what, when they coming in anyway, so what sanctuary do they need now as far as being a sanctuary city, say from being deported? It don’t seem like nobody’s going to get deported, but

If there’s no processing their paperwork, who knows who’s right? Unless they try to apply for something somewhere and they realize that there hasn’t been any for formal validation of their entry, who knows who’s here

And don’t be trying to stop me now be asking for papers. That’s not the American way. So that’s

Call the driver’s license. You get pulled over. It is, it’s a paperwork.

Yeah. If you’re driving, but if I’m walking down the street, you’re not entitled to. Right? All right, poncho, brother, good luck there, man. I, I’ll call you later tonight. See what the hell’s happening.

Thank you. It’s been a pleasure. Thanks for having me,

Charlie. Thank you, dude. Poncho Ortiz. Thank you, man. All right. Let me take care of some business here. You got Luke Noki lined up there. I should have told you that, but I just love that bit.

I don’t

Start doing it while I Well, I tell you about Can you do it? Yeah. Okay.

You, I mean, we we’re taping. I can insert it.

Okay. Oh yeah, we’re ta Yeah, we’re taping because I have to do just a talk tonight at a dinner for

Good people. Are you going to wear a suit, Charlie?

No, but they’re good people. They’re like business people who they’re, they’re called the centurions and they do a lot of charitable work, so I’m always happy to do that. But I was talking to Luke nwt, pinnacle Wealth 2 4 8, 6 6 3 4 7, 4 8, just about the inflation numbers, like what he saw with inflation goes, it’s terrible. I mean, didn’t move. And okay, it was nine, it was 9% at its peak, but it’s still five years higher than it was last year, 5% higher than last year. And last year was 7% higher than the year before. And it’s not getting better. And the feds are going to keep raising interest rates in order to,

They keep easing them up

To push down wages, to push down work, put people out on their ass so they don’t have money to spend. And then we got a lot of people coming in and Mark’s got it. He’s inserting. I say,

I do think the video fits now after that

Uplifting go on, this message

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Are you guys going to take that crown off his head

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Well, yeah, you know, he’s very busy. All right, so let’s do this, let’s play this video and then call him during the video. I, I’m, I’m going to give him a

Challenge. When did you text him?

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No. To let him know that you’re going to call him so he can clear.

Oh, there, he’s


Hey Alex, it’s Charlie.


Oh, here. Lemme put you on speaker. How you doing brother?

Come out by

Yourself. I’m real good. Can you hear him?


Oh yeah. Yes I

Can. Hey, listen, now we got about a half hour left in the show. I’m going to put you to the challenge here, okay?


Okay. I’ve got an 81 Harley Davidson Sportster. I need insurance on it. And I need a quote, the best quote and I need it in a half hour. Can you do it?

Got it right now.

Alright, I’ll, I’ll call you back.

Okay. You

ExOne it right now. All right. So this is Byron and I went down to the border Eagle pass. And on the other side is Pedro Negras BlackRock. And we just wanted to show you how easy this is. The process of coming in, what you’re going to be seeing over the next couple days. We’d smuggled ourselves in see if we were going to get deported. Let’s roll that.


Am I doing In the middle of the Rio Grande with an excon from Nicaragua named Elvis. A guy who can’t swim. Let’s go back about an hour or so.
This is where the smugglers live and the migrants who’ve been deported for whatever reason. And when they’re deported, they come back and they end up in this no man’s hell hole. All this gets rented to ’em. It’s part of the price. It’s a very dangerous place. It’s a hundred yards from the United States and they’re just waiting to jump and it’s about ready to get worse. Elvis Moses Muca stands on a bluff staring greedily into America. He describes himself as an outof work laborer who served five years in the federal pen for sedition against the Ortega regime. Thus he says he is a political refugee.
It’s difficult for paper. I see. So he knows that the papers are difficult to get here and there’s not a lot of work. It’s easy to be there. The papers are difficult. But without putting you on, it’s easy to fight work. So everybody knows, dude, this is what he’s got left in his leg. Today’s PEs out of money and out of luck, Elvis will have to cross the river himself. The problem is Elvis can’t swim. He watches a group go from the bluff and makes up his mind to go for it right now. Right now. He said we follow a certainly Mexican official tries to stop us. Hey, I want to back. I want to back, huh? But he has no power. Texas. I have to go with David and he has my business. They will pick me. I will go, this is not correct. He says that’s not correct. That’s true. But nothing is correct here. About 2000 migrants cross in this sector every day of every week. And now with the expiration of Title 42, the covid policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico set to expire, hundreds of thousands more are expected to flood these banks.
Meanwhile, in the gurgling waters of the Rio Grande, Elvis makes his way. The river’s escarpment is lined with concertina wire and garbage from tens of thousands before him about a quarter mile beyond is a great iron fence, but it’s useless. Asylum seekers like Elvis need only touch American soil. Elvis scrambles up the riverbank steps over the razor wire and before he can gather his bearings, the Texas National Guard is waiting for him as patiently as an Uber driver to shuttle him to his new life.

Carry on your phone.

Turn off your phone. We don’t want you seeing this. There it is. That’s it. Wow. That’s multiply that by hundreds of thousands.

And really, do you have a manpower where it would take to stop that many people from coming there once in places in areas like that?

Not if you’re going to do it humanely. No.

So it’s really

Nothing. What’s you going to do? Start unc cor and tear gas,



Me. That’s the level they brought it to.

But if the border were genuinely secured and if in fact there were a process in place, then yeah, maybe it’s backlogged, maybe it’s, but it becomes everything else around here.

And the rules keep changing because they don’t even know what

To do. Yeah, that’s true. They don’t.

That’s Keep your mouth shut man. Joe Sleepy. Keep your mouth shut. Yeah, don’t be selling me on the Europeans tried that. The root causes of poverty. Right? Let’s go back to the countries and try to rebuild them. Well the root cause was you were lon AIC and you raped it and everybody’s poor pilgrim is, and you’re going to go throw a few billion dollars, rebuild it. Nah, that doesn’t work now. Now what’s Europe doing? Pushing ’em out, pushing ’em back. You right. Yeah.

But what does this do? What I mean from the global perspective, at some point you got to look at the overall implication of what this is going to have on, not just on this country, but on other countries. What are we doing?

Well, I we’re getting the poor of the hungry, the tired, aren’t we? Yeah. That’s what we’re doing.

And adding ’em to

The rest of poor hungry


Rocket. I don’t think they’re bankers and rocket scientists are doing this. You know what I mean? Prisons are getting emptied out. Asylums are getting emptied out. They are. And

That’s there. But then they become part of the economic process here as they go to the prison system or as they can hope


Well, let’s see.

Well welcome in and do, speaking of which my buddy white boy Rick, oh boy, got arrested in Miami Uhoh on Tuesday here. I forget where the story’s from, but how

Rainy it’s Channel 10 down in

This is a written report here. Police officers are arrested. The Richard White boy where she 53 on Tuesday after accusing him of attacking his girlfriend of four months during a fight at his condo in Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood. The two got in an argument during sex, according to police, when police officers searched wor, they found he was in possession of the keys to a Lamborghini, nearly $11,000 in cash, a gold Rolex watch, two gold chains and a set of AirPods according to the police report, which he must have got paid a whole fucking lot more than I did for that night. Found the hell.

So wait a minute, is that stuff illegal, Charlie? I mean, how are they, tell me, tie this in. I mean, I know that sounds crazy. And we said that, how did he step out after 30 years into this level of economic comfort? He’s

Doing good, man. We he doing sales well, doing real well. Like Red’s giving him every last nickel. No, not at all. No,

You’re right Karen. On its surface, it’s not illegal. That’s just color for the story,

Right? Yeah. And he said that was a lifestyle that he liked. Yeah, well

He loves his Lambos and that’s what

I got from him. What did he say? He had six. So I’m saying how does somebody stay in jail for 30 years and step out into this? Well, he

Is in jail now. The woman who suffered bruises told police officers on Tuesday at the Miami Police Station that she had waited to report the attack when it happened on Saturday because of her immigration status while she was at the station on Tuesday where she rushed in and allegedly took his car keys. Oh, right. I’m assuming those were the ones that the Lambo. So they must have been arguing and she like, I’m going to go to the police. He going, you fucking bitch. And he runs down there in the police. But

Remember he said at the event that he bought his girlfriend a Lamborghini, so maybe that’s


The new he said that. Well,


Interesting. Interesting. He didn’t mind that she was going to the police is that she was going with the Lambo with

The car

Priority. Her dad needed

Car out. This is how it started. See, while the two were having sex, according to the report where she uttered another woman’s name. Now I don’t know if that was his wife, the woman that was hanging around Atmos, but the girlfriend quickly moved away to get out of bed when he forced fell, grabbed her left arm and snatched the diamond bracelet and necklace that he had bought her. Really doing well. She managed to pull away, throw a shoe at him and miss, but where she caught up to her and punched her according to the report, there was a witness who reported seeing where she punched his girlfriend in the chest.

So where was the witness

In the bedroom while they were having sucks And she,

This sounds like the setup for the, he doing

Way better than that. Todd, for

The surprise, he could run to catch up with somebody. He don’t look like a runner.

It just sounds like the next episode of the white boy Rick story. Yeah.

Yeah. They are making a documentary. So that’s some juicy stuff. Maybe somebody was filming it.

That’s the third person. It

Was the documentary, it was the producer

That was the third person. That’s why they reported

It. It’s a low level documentary. It’s a one man crew or woman for that now where she was booked and released on $5,000 bond on Wednesday. So he did another

One. Was that out of the 11 or an additional to somewhere

Else? So he did, did 32 years in another night. He’s face with charges of robbery by sudden snatching, which is a third degree felony and misdemeanor battery charge.

But how is it robbery? If you gave her a gift and then you’re No, it’s not. If you gave it to her, it’s hers.

Right? That’s why’s robbery. He’s charged with robbery. Yeah.

Gotcha. Oh, I gotcha.

Right. Snatching, you know, third degree sudden snatching.

I’m sorry, I’m thinking it the other way around. Something

Like that. I mean they were having sex and he is, and then he’s getting charged with snatching.

All right Charlie,


Redundant. Sit right here. You’re getting charged with snatching.

So did the $5,000 bond you Karen? No snatching. So did the $5,000. I’m ignoring him. Mark, did the $5,000 come out of the 11 that he was found with or did he have to come up with another five? Oh, already

Gave him the keys to the Lambo. Keep the chain.

He has six. He

Ain’t give him that Lambo up.

He got other one.

Yeah, he said when he had six of ’em or,

And he was in trouble. That’s where the card stuff went on with him. Right down in Florida. Yep. So he’s already on paper. Oh Rick. Not a

Good, my brother got to try LA or something. You’re right.

You might want to leave

Florida. Come on now. Miami

Brother or is this part of his persona? He’s trying to rebuild his brand as the bad boy. He said he likes that lifestyle. So he

Doing threesomes and snatching his jewelry back. Huh? This is awesome. The guy’s a

Legend. He’s a snatching. Grab

A diamond choker. He think

He thinks in Detroit on the west side, snatching chains

Don’t, don’t be punching, but I mean the rest of it sound pretty good. 11,000 in Lamborghini

In EarPods.

Well maybe she was Ukrainian and maybe it goes for that. I don’t don’t know. You know what I mean?

Or Bahamian maybe. He spends a lot of time in The Bahamas.

Oh man,

Jesus. I’m not going to even me

Either. I wish I’ll leave that one alone. Wish I wish him well. I mean, hope he gets that clear

Out. He’s fine Charles. He doesn’t need your well wishes.

Yeah. What you doing? Well, I mean, come on. Ah, I don’t knowm, but he, he’s somebody’s son. All right. So it’s worthy of love.

Oh, definitely. Just

What does love have to do with this?

It’s a

Transition. It’s transitioned to what? Killer.

I knew exactly what you

Were right. I was thinking like, okay

And somebody loves red. This is Red’s mother’s day’s piece.

Oh see I didn’t know that

From the Normandy.

You got to

Tell me. We’ll fix it in post. We told you in pre, you know, that’s why we all talk.


All talking so much. I’m sorry, go ahead.

Trailers for

Sale, rent, put me out the house. Divorce, no phone. All I know is what I got started from the bottom fountain ain’t got no means.

Mary. M a r y, Lovelace, L o v E L A C e. Okay. The name was fine. It was just a man he died.


Go into


From there. Yes

Ma’am. Did you give me your phone? Number one, look at us. You look at that.

I’ve been living here at the Normy for quite some time now and been doing things round the norm and then showing the normy whatever. And I want to say, I ain’t sure am glad to see you young ladies over here doing y’all thing. Yes. Now can’t you tell us the people exactly who y’all are and what y’all do in the community?

Well, we’re with Gateway Community Organization and so we are part of the beautification committee and so that’s our job to come out and make things look better so that people will want to come and live in our community. And we’ve been in existence for more than 50 years

Now. We are sitting here with your mom. Ms. Dolores, how long have you been a part of the Block Cub community? Were you here when it started? Yes,

I was with the group that start when they started.

Ms. Locken has been a faithful, faithful worker.


Nothing gets her down. She keep going. We going to be out this weekend doing stuff in the community. Yes.

Keep up the Motor city. The Motor city. We’re going to plant more flowers. We’re going to clean alleys between Oakland and Brush and just make our area better.

Keep each year we keep doing things to help when we get one side clean up, then we’ll try to do another side the next time we get Motor City help.

Okay. So let me ask you this. Over 50 years y’all been serving the community. I’m sure all of you ladies have seen changes and different things go on in the neighborhood. How was it when you moved in or as you grew up over here over the 50 years ago?

What was this home 50 years ago because everybody watched over one another. We all played together because again, I was little. The gym was open, we grew up, we learned yes, SAC plus his Sac

Sacrament had a gym that the kids could go and play in and stuff.

We had houses that we would congregate in. You know how you would do and you know

Your mama could whoop my kid, I could whoop their kid. You can’t do that now.

Say the block of Whooper program that I was a part of. One of those too. Yeah,

We had those parents that say and you know to be quiet. Yeah,

That’s right. That’s right.

So I take it all of you ladies, young ladies have raised children over here. Mother’s Day is coming up. Yes.

Already got my flowers already.

I got my sons gave me mine today. They came and cut my grass.

Say that’s the Mother’s Day. Yeah. Yeah.

Some brother’s day. If they don’t need to have to do nothing, that’s a blessing.

Okay, so let me ask you this. I did a little asking around and I found out, and I believe y’all told me when I first met y’all, that y’all work, the Normandy works alongside with y’all. Correct. So are they a part of the association? Yes. Do they help contribute?

Well yes. We put the flyers and Stewart posted in there so that individuals can come and participate with us. We also did a meet and greet last summer right here on this slide. And Stewart contributed, the Normy contributed to music, some snacks and food so that we could just have a good time and meet one another. And you never know when you start talking with someone, it don’t have to get that personal, but they may have gone through some things that you’re currently going through and they help you out or they can let you know of a resource that’s available to help you out, whether it’s educational or something that will meet your basic need.

So being that you ladies have been in the neighborhood for so many years, we know the Normandies over a hundred years old itself. I know y’all have seen the Normandy itself go through a lot of changes, A lot of yeah, it is. Had certain stereotypes. Could you give us a little bit of insight of what you’ve seen in the years you’ve been here? Some of the phases you’ve seen the Normandy go through.

Like Motown, the songs, it went from good high, everybody doing well, helping one another to low and we kind of forgot a little bit, but now we’re coming back where we’re back to looking out one for the other, contributing, passing along stories. So important so that we’ll know our history, know what we’ve come through. Miss, miss Mary, mom, what else can you guys add

To that? Well, you just about saying it. If we can keep y’all standing in front of that door, let us old ladies walk by without being afraid. You know what I’m saying? Y’all just standing in front of them. We had to go out in the street. We going to get hit by a bus one day.

Do you feel that a lot of the tenants at the Normy are pretty much respectful to the neighbors and the neighborhood?

We never had no problem. Never had no problem with them.

We do know that this Saturday May 13th is Motor City Match. Y’all will be working on cleaning up the alleyways. Where are those alleyways again? So people know

Rosedale and Inglewood between Oakland and Brush.

So y’all going to get out there in the alleys, make sure the trash up the debris and whatnot. Now when it’s not Motor City match, how often do y’all maintenance the garden signs that are around the community?

Well we strategize our, yeah,

The three of us will check in and see yes if the paper debris, I only found one whiskey ball this time, but before they used to be just throw ’em in there. Now they recognizing don’t, don’t do that anymore.


Our one that care,

I’m sorry. And our neighbors on the other end because we have a sign on Oakland and Woodland. They’ve been keeping that up for us too. Cutting the grass, picking up the trash so we can make it look nice year round.

So would you say with a little bit of time, cultivation and patience, just the beautification part of it makes people kind of take recognition and respect the beauty? That

Is what we are hoping for.

Exactly. Exactly. When you turn

Here from now, it going to be kept up better people going to turn around and book. Cause we going do something with the sign soon we going to paint it or get a new sign soon. Right.

We’re working on that.

Yeah, working on a new sign to catch your eye when you come around

And the flowers and the paint and the signs. Do this all come out of you? Young lady’s pockets? Do y’all get any funding or is it just something y’all do out out of love, out of your own pocket?

A lot of it is love, but we’re also trying 98. But we’re trying to also encourage young people, middle-aged people, even older people, you know how to write grants and what have you. Come on out, help us, join us.

If you want to get in touch with any of these beautiful young ladies to volunteer your time, help out. Like they said, sometimes you just need a person that can write a grant or whatever. These are mothers of the community trying to help keep the community save clean

And their children. Right.

And that’s the unselfishness of mothers. It’s Mother’s Day coming up. So think about that. If you want to reach out to these young ladies, you can Google ’em. The old North End Gateway Community Organization, Inc. If you, again, old North End gateway community organization, reach out to these young ladies. Everybody needed a little help. The city, I guess the city going to do what they going to do. Right. We turn my head. We ain’t going to start that, but what, is there anything y’all like to say to the mothers for Mother’s Day before we get out of here? Happy

Mother’s Day. Are you

Beautiful ladies? Yeah. Happy Mother’s

Day means by no means king.

I like that. I noticed how she wouldn’t let you go red. So did she give you her number or did you she remember that she had yours?

No, no. The red she was speaking on, I guess is a handyman around the neighborhood, had given her a number to do some work or whatnot. But they was all sweet. I

Love that. Yeah, that was a nice piece. Had

A good time with ’em. And they all from there, been over there and they trying to keep it together. We didn’t show it because we’re kind of putting it together. But I asked them about JP Chase. Morgan Chase is

Over there because it’s on right next door. Did

They come down to that end and offer them any of the community funds to help bring the neighborhood back? And they said no. Everything they do is pretty much them.

Wait to end that on a high up man.

But no, I’m just saying. But that’s a reality though, Charlie. I mean because when you talk about native Detroit is trying to hold on to what they have, that’s part of it. Those dollars go to where they want the to go to attract and retain new residents and forgetting about the people who’ve been here.

And my only point is to that, not to be on a down note is it is 101 Detroiters around doing just that. And they do it out of love and they do it for the love of the city.

And you don’t lift a goddamn finger, do you?

Well, I will actually be going out Saturday morning with them. I said Motor City matching the piece. It’s Motor


Makeover and make Motor City makeover. So Saturday morning they’re doing theirs between 9:00 AM and 12. Me and my brother will actually be going out with and helping them. We told them we will be out there ly

So lovely now. Yes, now I can call my favorite old lady. My old lady. Hey Ma. You there?

Yes I am. How are you? And you correct? I am old. Yeah,

You’re ancient.

She’s not old. Oh,

She’s ancient. She’s yes,

I’m no, you’re not old. You’re seasoned. You’re not old.

My mother’s so old at her middle name is ah


I don’t mind the term old. I think you earn it and it’s great. Not one that bothers me. What

You doing? Except

When I cramp up in the garden.

Are you in the garden?

I just came in honey.

Look at all the old ladies that doing gardening. What’d you put in ma?

Things in perspective? Well, let me see. I put in three different varieties of tomatoes and that’s about it for the produce. And then I put in quite a few annuals, cosmos, petunias, mums, and just an assortment because I’m hoping that the perennials take over and I don’t want to stuff anymore in there. Does that help you?

Yeah. Sorry I wasn’t there to help. I, I’ll, I’ll bring the saw over and get that branch out of your wires this weekend. Okay.

Actually it’s pretty good. They got it.

They got it out of there.

Yeah. There’s a just a few little extended twigs, but they’ve been in this place like crazy.

Oh good. Because your power keeps going out and that’s the reason why. So finally, well,

Well actually these are telephone wires.

Oh, those are tele. That’s a telephone wire. Yeah,

It, it’s absolutely bizarre. There’s so many you can’t tell. But yeah, they, they’re phone wires.

No, that one, that one over your garage. Mom, that’s, that’s your power,

Is it? No, I know that one. No, that’s cleared.

Okay, good, good, good.

So it’s good.

All right. Well what are you doing for Mother’s Day


Are you having all your kids and their families over?

Nope. In fact, I debated the garden or the Art Institute and I don’t know, it just depends. If somebody stops in honey and if they stop in and I’m in the garden, I’m here. And if they stop in, I’m not, I’m at the art institute. Well,

That’s not helping. Cause I’m trying to avoid ’em. So I’m trying

Get in there.

I understand that. Give

You some chocolates. Oh, hey Mo, last thing here. We were just looking up some taxes and stuff, right? Just cause there’s so what they, sorry, like property taxes because there’s some na do wells here in the city that have big jobs that don’t seem to be pairing their fair share. So I was like, let me just check my mom, see what my mom’s paying. Seems reasonable, I guess. But Billy’s on the deed now. What’s going on there? Are you giving a house to Billy’s


Hear me?

What’d you say?

I said I’m, I’m, I’m having difficulty understanding your

Words. That’s how you do it.

Not that I just, I’m just messing around mom.

Oh, that comes with old age too.

Yeah. I love you and I’ll see you this weekend. If you need anything, call

I shall honey. And nice to hear your voice. You


Bye. You. Well, bye-bye. Oh, your

Mom sounds so sweet. My monster. She sounds like she doesn’t take any craft though at all.

The only bad thing you can say about my mom is her taste in men. Well, me and my brother, we got two different dads and we were drinking. We called her and I said, Hey mom, who is better looking? My dad or Frankie’s dad And she don’t your dad. I can look at Frankie and I go, ma, who fucked Better

Uhuh. Charlie. Charlie. Now why are you going to kill a nice innocent Mother’s Day moment? How

Do you think to become a mother, Karen?

But you don’t have anyway. What’s next, mark? Fix that impulse please.

Let’s get out of here. But let me call, let’s call a back. See if

He got me about

Quote. Yeah, let’s see if, got it. Oh my god. What was that? About a half hour? Yeah. Hey Alex, you there? Hey man. You got a quote for me?


Oh, what is it? How much? Just for the summer.

So it would be for the roach to be painful. $216 for the year.

Two 16 for the entire year? Yep. Money locked me in. You the man. Do later Happy Mother’s Day. Everybody you can call Legacy Insurance. Five eight six two oh nine four one oh six two hundred. That’s real good. That’s real nice. Thank you Alex. He won’t stop calling.

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