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Spineless is one thing. Gutless is deadly.

The State of American Politics.

On the show: My mom, Congressman Thrifty Acres, and Joey Bunz.

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Hi, mom.

Hi honey.

Hey, I know you don’t have a computer, but I’m getting torn up online by powerful elected female politicians to calling me.

I’m sorry.

Whatcha laughing at?


Whatcha laughing at?

I think, I don’t know if I should say that to you.

Go ahead.

But I think most of these electric women stand in the majority if they can’t define what a woman is and yet when it suits their needs, they claim it. I’m sorry not to worry.

I might’ve called them a bad word. And when I was growing up and I called you a bad word, you put soap in my mouth or spanked me with a wooden spoon. I mean, what did you Oh, I

Have to tell you, if I could correct you if you did those things, it was not to my face. I would have to say growing up you were pretty respectful.

Well, I appreciate that Mom asked for, I mean, I feel I was raised by a strong woman and I think I know how to hang out with strong women because of you, but you want to know what I said?

Sure. It’s bothering you. Yeah, I would like to.

I said I’ll see you next Tuesday.


That’s a euphemism for cunt.

Oh, never liked that word, but in the grand scheme of things, look at the language we use now. So that means what? It’s another four letter word. Yeah.

Yeah. I call guys cunts too.

Yeah, I’m not quite sure. I don’t like manufactured rage. It kind of diminishes the real stuff.

I mean, isn’t it like if you’re lousy at what you do, you’re lousy at what you do and it doesn’t matter what’s in your pants.

I think I said that earlier, honey. But I have a way of going in circles and circles. Yeah. Sometimes you get there because you like the tag woman, right? And then you get up there and you want to play with the big boys and you’re merit is the fact that you fob the fact you’re a woman. Well, you can be a woman very ill qualified just like men. You want to play with the big boys and take the falls that they do. And as a matter of fact, I have heard men referred to in very, very disparaging ways that would make the look like another four letter word. That’s very nice. I just don’t care for this stuff honey. And I’m truly at my age just sick and damn tired of it. You are a good man. You have always been very kind to me and very respectful from the time you were young and I’m sure behind my back, like most kids, not so much, but that’s a different story. No, you’re a good man.

Appreciate you saying that mom. So I guess, no,

I sound like a typical mother, but you are a very good man, Charlie, and you have taken very good care of me through the years and I am very grateful

And I appreciate your endorsement mom, and I love you and in the name of the family, I’m not going to apologize. Fuck.

Well, you must do what you feel is adequate honey and find your own reasons for doing it. I’m sorry, this is one I don’t like it. It irritates sometimes angers me. You have to do what you feel is right, but I quite frankly think that they like to throw up the tempest in a teapot and it just depends on, do you want to drink their tea?

I don’t. Okay, mom, I love you. I’ll see you for Thanksgiving.

I love you my son. Stay home and stay put. It’s a holiday and just eat a lot of Turkey and watch tv.

I hate Turkey. You know that.

I’m not fond of it either, but nonetheless, eat a lot of stuffing.

Remember, we were so bro growing up like you used the bed crumbs for the stuffing. Remember

I did what?

Bye mom.

Goodbye sweetheart.

Live from downtown Detroit is the no bullshit news hour with my main man, Charlie and Karen Dub

Breaking this double more bullshit. Double more bullshit.

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Everyone’s asked.

We also have the analysis from the No Bullshit NewsHour, director of Sports and scouting Joey Buns. But first, how are we going to do this, man? Are we going to roll this tape first? I think we should roll the tape first. Alright, somebody trying to make some money off my back here is a Nona Senator from my mother’s district last week, mentioning me not by name on the Senate floor, got oodles of views. It’s the View Rachel Maddow crowd. She’s raising money off it now. They all seem to do this. Let’s play the tape.

Michigan voters elected women to run our state, Whitmer Nestle Benson and the Democratic Caucus of the Michigan Senate for the first time in history as led by a woman and has more women than men. I understand this fact. May rankle insecure men like the former Detroit News employee who lacking control of his emotions, called the Attorney General, the C word, and got himself fired. What this man and friends need to understand moving forward is that women aren’t putting up with this crap anymore and we literally don’t have time to coddle members of the He Man woman haters club or whatever it is in someone that would make them say such a thing out loud or make someone like the senator from a third district to be so obsessed with women on vacation. We’ve got things to do like run the state of Michigan.

Let me just say something here. The boss is the boss. The chief is the chief. The Attorney general is the head law man. And it doesn’t matter a lick what genitalia they’re totting around, but there’s one thing they all have in common. Every boss and every elected official has an asshole. And it’s become apparent to me that there are too many political bosses in Lansing who are in need of an enema. Take the case of that backbencher in the Michigan State Senate, a woman of little renowned or oratorial sophistication. She gave me that shout out on Capitol Floor last week during the waning hours of the legislative session. It was my second, second mention of the day, which triggered a to of comments on social media, mostly in my favor. They can’t get enough of me in Lansing these days. I’d like to thank the Senator for that.
Now, as a matter of the quorum, the Senator did not specifically mention my name and as a matter of equanimity, I shall do the same. However, it wasn’t hard to decipher who she was. Speaking of Madam Back Venture Weekly characterize me as a card carrying member of the good Old Boys Women Haters Club after my colorful call out of the foibles, the failings, and the fibbing of the ruling class of Michigan, who at this moment happened to be Democrats and who happen to be women. See you next Tuesday. The junior Senator must not be familiar with my work. Since the list of my criticisms of those with the XY chromosomes is a long one. It includes former county executives, mayors, judges, and chiefs of police. I once referred to former governor Rick Snyder as a cox sucker for his cowardly response to the Flint mass water poisoning.
No one said a word then. See, when you’re the boss and you’re in the wrong, you can expect a spanking from me. I’ve never covered state politics much. Apparently the privilege of Lansing are accustomed to pampering from the political press. But from my point of view, if you’re a dude or a chick and you suck, then you suck. And I’m going to say it now. In her floor speech, the junior senator took issue with my criticism of her pal. Attorney General Dana Nessel Nestle has been a disaster by any measure. Just ask the people of Flint or Benton Harbor or the students of Lansing at issue. Last week was Nestle’s exotic vacation to the island’s, Turks and Caicos earlier this year, according to the Junior Senator, men like Me think powerful women are not entitled to well earn r and r, but nothing could be further from the truth.
Rather, I take exception to elected representatives accepting outrageous junkets from special interests. In the case of Nestle, she vacationed with the prominent Traverse City attorney and an wait for this $8,629 and 25 cents per night penthouse overlooking the Azure Waters of Grace Bay. How do I know that? Because the concierge at the Ritz Carlton Hotel told me so the concierge also told me that the tab was picked up by the attorney’s law firm Nowness and her attorney Powell insists that Nestle reimbursed her fair share but have yet to provide proof. Imagine if that’s even true. The Attorney General of Michigan cutting the check to a prominent law firm for a tropical island getaway.
It reeks of Clarence Thomas. The senator posted her speech, which got a lot of views. Now she’s using it to raise political money. Governor Grs did the same thing the last time around. Again, these gals all want a piece of La d Curious. I took a glancing look at the junior Senator’s campaign filings. What the backbencher failed to mention in her speech is that the very same attorney who picked up Nestle’s tab is one of the single largest individual contributors to the senator herself. In the interest of transparency, the senator might want to mention that also among the senator’s biggest individual contributors is a snitch from the swamp of Wayne County politics. A man who was caught up in a federal car theft sting. I wrote about him and his political connections too, and all the principal players and that capacious creeper had penises. I presume nobody then said a word, the Senator ought to return the money.
Now, speaking of Wayne County swamps, my mother lives in the Senator’s District near a filthy river. There’s no movement to clean it up or to shoo away the drug fiends who congregate there under a bridge shoot drugs, defecate and burn fires. The dope fiends regularly break into nearby businesses. My mother calls, but nothing ever happens. The roads in the senator’s district are a disaster. Moreover, more than half of the students at the nearby high school are below grade level in math and reading. The power goes out of my mother’s house whenever the wind blows. What happens then? The Senator accepts oodles more from DTE, but things continue to worsen. My mother is not happy with her senator and are her lady friends who do lunch. They’ve all written her name down Turks and Caicos is the least of Boss Nestle’s problems and should be the least of this Junior Senator’s concerns.
There is the matter of the mushrooming blockbuster criminal case involving elder abuse and other high ranking democratic officials. The junior Senator is now on the record as not giving a flying flip about our most vulnerable women. There are storm clouds on the horizon for these political bosses and everybody in the Junior Senators District knows what happens when the sky starts to darken. The lights soon go out. We’ll be back after this. No BSS NewsHour brought to you by Legacy Partners Insurance. Do what we’ve all done here. Call ’em (586) 209-4106. They will shop for a better insurance rate for you. You will pay less and get more coverage for your home, your car, your motorcycle, your camper, your vacation cottage, all of it. They’ll even help you with life insurance and Medicare. Call Legacy Insurance (586) 209-4106. Have ’em wrap their arms around you. Be covered. Be safe.

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We’re back. Right? Okay, guess we have right here. Who’s that? Former congressman Peter Meyer. No s Peter Meyer. Not boards, not Meyers running for Senate.

It’s good to see you.

Why don’t you just get a real job, man, always be running for,

Because in a real job people say nice things to you. Right? And I’ve lost that edge. I forget what it was like and I miss that feeling of no matter where somebody’s coming from, always giving them a reason to s slug you. You’re looking

For some fun. Okay, so let’s do this real quick. Who is Peter Meyer? Let me, I put something together here. We know each other. Sharpie edits. Peter Meyer, Congressman Peter Meyer, Republican from Grand Rapids accepted the outcome of the 2020 election said no. In fact, it wasn’t fraudulent. That

First mistake.

First mistake, but it was the truth. Are you now telling me, telling the truth is a mistake, sir?

Oh, I meant politics. No. Tell me. The truth in politics is a mistake. It shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t accept that. I don’t accept that.

Do we have your word? If the great people of the great state of Michigan send you to Washington that you continue to speak the truth as you know it

Not to. Oh,

Look at that. Got him. I was going to tell like that. I don’t know.

Tell a lie. The cherry tree. No. Yeah. I mean I got nothing to lose on that front. Right?

Okay. Now, Congressman Peter Meyer voted to impeach Trump.

Number two,

Congressman Peter Meyer voted to provide the Ukrainian government with billions of dollars.

I did. Okay.

Congressman Peter Meyer voted for a federal law and codifying same-sex marriage. Congressman Peter Meyer believes in global warming is created by human activity.

I do.

Congressman Peter Meyer was one of 14 house Republicans to support gun control.

I would differ on the rationale for gun control, but I did vote in support of the bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

So you are running as a Democrat?

I’m a heretics six times over. By your reckoning,

Are you running as a Democrat?

No, I’m not running as a Democrat. Oh, that’s

Right. You oppose abortion. No,

That did not stop me, sir. From, or that did not stop my democratic colleagues from trying to turn me a few times. There were some overtures that I,

They did a number on you when you were running for reelection. You were a one term congressman. The Democrats quietly backed a super right conservative guy from out of state, what his name’s Gibbs or something. And so

It was pretty

Amazing. You’re a centrist.

I mean, I just try to be a practical individual, right? All those pieces of legislation that you mentioned, I read those things top to bottom. I talked to folks who knew kind of issues. One comment I got from a legal person, a republican legal advisor on the same-sex marriage bill, which was the most straightforward thing imaginable, is like, Hey, you know what? If a overhaul is overturned, if that day comes, any marriages that had been performed, as long as it’s between two consenting adults who are two consenting adults, validated by a state, will be recognized by other states, full faith and credit clause of the constitution, right? Straightforward in the event that over fells overturned, which it wouldn’t be, and you didn’t have that, it’d be absolute fucking chaos. You would’ve people across the board, kids who had parents who were married, who are no longer married, just utter insanity. So we add a little simple solution to that. Now that gets all of a sudden the proponents of it way overstate its impact. The detractors way, overstate the downside. I mean, I just try to read the legislation and make a judgment accordingly

As we send you there to represent society. Again, I don’t know what the government’s doing in the business of sanctifying marriage. I mean, what they should be doing is civil unions for everybody because it’s contracts, money, children, property. You let taxes your synagogue or your mosque or your church sanctify a marriage. You know what I mean? So again, that’s really centrist. That really plays. And him growing up here, moving around here, we are like that. But running as a Republican and a primary, as you just saw last year, that’s a difficult trick to get to November. And once you’re in November, you can see my opinion, not Karen’s not yours, but mine is the Democrats don’t have shit what they have. You saw it in Kentucky, you saw it in Ohio, is abortion. And so now you’re the centrist and you’re going to get clobbered with abortion. No exception.

No, no, no. I mean

Lay it out. Abortion. Yeah.

Let’s talk about the role of the federal

Government versus the states. No, just give us it real clean like woman’s health.

Lemme just be very clear from the outset. I do not support a federal ban on abortion.

You better say it again.

Period. Full, no federal ban on abortion.

I mean, I’m

Happy to walk into the details, right? But that should be something that is decided by the states, right? It’s going to have to be, what happened in the state of Michigan is we went from essentially a 22 week ban. Now, obviously there is not a person alive on the right who does not believe in exceptions for the life of the mother, no matter at what point, right? I know a


Oh, no, no. But we went from 22 weeks in the state of Michigan. Now Roe was overturned. We go down to the 1931 law, which is basically zero, but then life of the mother, that was considered far too harsh by approximately 60% of the voters in the state of Michigan. So prop three passes. So we go from 22 to zero to literally no exceptions or no restrictions at any point you can have beyond the way to the hospital and good to go. So zero and 44 are not reasonable in that the reasonable place. And where I think folks who are pro-life, like myself should be making the strong and impassion case for is you have to have laws that have empathy. That’s where exceptions come in. They have to be empathetic, but they also should frankly be in line with where much of the civilized world is. But our constitution leaves questions that deal with police powers, with medical issues, with health issues. They leave that to the states and that’s where you can also reduce a lot of the hyper fear. This people showing up in Washington dressed like they’re coming out of handmaiden’s tale. I mean this kind of fear, fear-mongering that persists. You can reduce that if you can say, Hey, listen, we have this policy, it kind of works.

That was called Roe v. Wade.

But isn’t empathy and civility relative? I mean, doesn’t that create an issue all along the way because everybody has their own perception or perspective about what that is? Well,

But also when something is more local, then you reduce the fearmongering can live. Right? And suspicion in general can live when folks are removed, when they’re isolated, it’s a lot easier to believe that somebody on the other side of the country is way off their rocker and doing terrible things in secret. Then somebody who’s sitting in the same pew as you in church, right? Or somebody that you see at the water cooler, which doesn’t by the way, mean that local politics can’t be the most divisive because I mean, zoning issues can get people up in arms, but it does mean that you’re able to better remedy some of those consequences and take it out of the realm with a hypothetical and into reality.

Okay. Standpoint, congressman. So if you’re elected senator and there is a piece of legislation for a national abortion ban, you stand against it.

First of all, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Well, if it

Did, that’s like it might and it’s a big deal.

No, that is a power that should be living at the state

Level. So you would vote against it. Correct. Okay. He’s on the record there. We have that on just right there. Peter Meyer? No s Oh, there

Can be, is there an apostrophe or

Not? Joey K used to work at the loading docks at Meyer and he would fill out his fulfillment papers at the end of the day and he wasn’t quite fulfilled. Is that right? The warehouse, the Meyer warehouse where?


In Newport, Michigan. In Newport, Michigan. Nice. Alright, number two,

Important work. I appreciate the service, sir. Thank you. Logistics are the core of any enterprise. That was nice.

It’s Israel, Hamas.


Country’s divided on that. I’m not really quite sure they are, but where are you on that? Obviously Israel has a right to defend itself. 1,400 people are massacred in their beds. Okay. Is the

Response, we’re debating whether or not 40 babies had their heads cut off or some of them were incident. Is

The response proportional yes or no?

I mean, the response from really defense military is and should be, we will eliminate Hamas. Now obviously Hamas has a policy of using civilians as human shields. They’re dealing with the dense urban area. Urban combat is awful and bloody and vicious for all parties involved. Now, any individual incidents where there are concerns that a war crime may have been committed, sure have that full airing, but protected sites like a hospital lose their protected status under the Geneva Conventions under the law of land

Warfare. Having said you are a veteran. Yeah, you are a veteran of the Homeland Security Committee subcommittee on intelligence and counter-terrorism. Right? Energy. So this is Michigan. We have a lot of Arabs and a lot of Muslims and a lot of Jews. Where do you We’re looking for somebody with a big brain because nobody has one. Give us something. Where’s Peter Meyer on this? 10,000 civilians injured. I mean, it’s a catastrophe. What’s the end game here, Mr. Meyer?

I mean, the end game should be, we want to prevent this turning into even more of a catastrophe than it already has been. And that has been my fear from the get-go and where the bigger concern, obviously Gaza presents significant challenges, but if Lebanese Hezbollah gets into the mix with their a hundred thousand rockets that are aimed at Israel

And they’re already launching them, you know that, but

At least they’re, I mean, I’m not justifying what they’re doing, but they aren’t unleashing their entire arsenal. They’re keeping that in reserve. If they were to do that immediately, you’re talking about fatalities among Israeli civilians spiking into the tens of thousands or greater very quickly a rapid conflict that could escalate, that would bring us back to the dark days in the 1970s or sixties in the Middle East where you have alliances among Arab countries that right now, basically before October 7th, were normal relations with Israel. We’re focusing on economic development. We’re looking at what is the prime axis in the Middle East, which is not Israel versus the Arab countries, but is Iran and their kind of malign Shia influence against the SUNY based countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council? Right.

Okay. We have, is it time to negotiate in Ukraine? Yes or no?

You should always be open to negotiations.

Okay. Because it seems to me that when we are looking back a year and a half ago, I’m surprised the Russians aren’t in Kyiv. So in a way that’s

Win and frankly miraculous, the way the Ukrainians who have a country 10th, well, not a 10th, like a sixth, the size of Russia. Russia has the second largest military in the world, and the Ukrainians were 12th or

14. I get the history lesson, man. I’m asking you this, is there an honorable and acceptable way to stop that warfare and us funding all of it? Do you support negotiations now?

Yes, absolutely. But let me just say real quickly, the way the war ends and could end tomorrow is if Putin stopped invading Ukraine.

Well, he’s not going to because they speak Russian and Ukraine. It was part of the Russian empire in 1685. Man. I mean, okay, now we have Xi in San Francisco. He was met by his protege, Gavin Newsom,

Who cleaned up the streets of San Francisco with unimaginable act prior

And he got the idea of lockdowns from Xi. Can you believe that? Okay. Anyway, having said that, they’re buzzing Taiwan. I’m not hearing anything about that. Iran is on the move. There’s an axis over here. Does all of this have its root in the humiliating and ridiculous withdrawal from Afghanistan of which you were criticized for getting on a plane and trying to get people out? Is it time for new leadership on the world stage and are you the guy to help?

No. I mean, if you project weakness, weakness will be what is accepted, right? And what will be taken for granted if you are overly logical in the way that you respond to world events. And this was my problem with the Obama administration, who, if you’ll remember that was when Putin seized Crimea in parts of the Donbass was under the Biden during the, the Obama administration. If somebody knows, if your enemy knows that they can poke you a thousand times and you’re not going to punch them, you are going to get poked to death. But if they think that if you poke them, you will punch them square between the eyes, they might not poke you. So there is a danger to be overly rational and overly logical and international affairs. Frankly, when Trump smoked QM Soleimani, I had a chat with a couple of buddies who some were still in, some were out who were all involved and I was like, Hey, you hearing this? I’m hearing this. Oh, it can’t be that. It had to have been like a number two guy

Soleimani the supreme military rule. Yeah,

Yeah. Iranian revolutionary guard corps of their version of the CIA and special forces mixed together that mess things up all throughout the region, been supporting Bashar Alad when he is massacring a half million civilians of his own killing. Far more people, by the way, with Russia’s health than Ices did Syria. Yeah. But you need to do some things that are outside the playbook that are going to upset that apple cart so that your adversaries don’t look at you as someone who can be taken advantage of. Give us

One, give us one outside the box Id you have for getting the world back in order.

I mean, very quickly start to look at who your enemies and who your adversaries and if who are your enemies? Who are your allies? If they’re their allies, yeah. Hold their feet to the fire on places where they should be. Europe should absolutely be stepping up more. If they’re too squeamish to offer military assistance to Ukraine, then they should be offering economic assistance. If they are having side deals with the Russians to buy off some of their oil, you got to cut that shit out. Right? Ditto. When it comes to Iran, ditto when it comes to countries like Qatar that want to have it both ways, right? Qatari is hosting Hamas. It’s one thing if you want to be the neutral mediator, but if you’re on the side and still a non NATO major ally of the United States, that’s going to come with some responsibilities. I don’t care how many F 30 fives you buy, right? There are ways in which we should be respected by our friends, we should be feared by our enemies. And right now our friends don’t respect us. Our enemies don’t fear us, and that’s a big fucking problem.

So why not is our leadership or lack thereof?

I think the problem is you have these interagency processes where a statements gets watered down and watered down and everyone is clutching their pearls and ringing their hands and saying, oh geez, I don’t know. Tone this down. You can’t bureaucratize a lot of this stuff. You need to have that person to person interaction. I mean, I have talked to folks through my past connections who are reaching out and saying, Hey, we’re trying to get ahold of the government on this issue. Can you try to convey this message or that message? And it’s astounding to me how, frankly, sometimes more rational I am having to explain. Listen, it’s not that they necessarily disagree with you. It’s that this is stuck in an administrative process and so that is our problem, right? Government can be so much of the problem, especially in the realm of foreign affairs when it is ultimately going to be individuals who are establishing relationships, not bureaucracies. We

Need somebody to make a decision and have some plates that we’re going, man.

So this is how I describe the difference between the Trump administration, the Biden administration. Trump might go into a meeting, he might say,

Are you running for president? No, no, no. We talking Senate. That’s

What I’m saying. In terms of

Leadership. I mean without

You run for Senate, you’re not running for president. No. Senator. Senator. I mean Congressman, I mean former congressman.

Yeah, failed congressman.

No, not I wouldn’t Hard on yourself. No failed congressman. Well, we got a headline here, but I’ll be better in the Senate. No, come on man.

That’s good enough.

You’re learning, right? You’re learning, man. You learn the ways of, okay, look, the southern border, it’s a fucking disaster. I covered the border. Oh my God, and I don’t care. My friends go, man, he took a hard right lurch to the right. No I didn’t. No I didn’t. You’ve been down there. It’s a mess. Humanitarian crisis. Now we’ve got, I lived through nine 11. It only took 19 motherfuckers to kill 3000 of my neighbors friends of mine. Okay. We got hundreds coming through on the terror watch list when you were in Congress on the Homeland Security Committee, Alyssa Slotkin, if you were to get the Republican nomination, assuming she got the Democratic nomination, she was also on the Homeland Security Committee. Never returned a call. I’m just going to do the Off the record. It’s on the record. Sorry dude. You did return my calls when we got a portly guy from Lebanon who married a Venezuelan chick, and then they came up here, we let him in because we didn’t want him to get covid.
We gave him a bus ticket to Dearborn and now he’s lost in the wind. So you and Slotkin, she worked for the National Security Council. She was in charge of the Iran Iraq portfolio. Thank you for isis. Madam. I call her Baghdad Betty. She’s welcome to be on here. I call ’em all that. I call ’em all what they are. She signs non-disclosure agreements with corporations. Her staff signs them with Chinese companies. Do I have your word that you’ll respond to the questions of the people of Michigan, that you will not be a corporate stooge, you will sign no non-disclosure agreements and you get that border in order, yes or no on all of those? There’s only one answer.

I don’t think I’ve done anything but that. Charlie? Yes,

Mark said Mark

Not in trouble. Who’s

A libtard? He’s still a registered Republican,

So I’ve

Been told, got sick of him, went totally left. Sorry to do this, mark. He goes, what? He’s, he’s

Thinking, I’m an adult. I can handle it.

This guy. Does he interest you in terms of your vote? Well,

I told you earlier, very much so. Yeah, because he is a centrist. I mean, I’m not nuts about the abortion thing, but I think you answer that pretty fairly and leave it to the states. I mean that really is the only fear. But everything else to me is a little more important.

I support nobody. I remain neutral. I reserve the right to run myself. I’m just sizing you up.

That’s fair. That’s

Fair. Okay, now we said we’d get you out of here. So lemme put it this way. Senate don’t mean shit to the regular person because when Gary Peters, nobody even knows who he is. 60% of the people didn’t even know who he was, right? No. Who’s leaving? Her name’s Debbie. I learned as

Good if they don’t know who you are, right? When everybody knows your name. I mean, it could be because you’re on Cheers or it could be. So it’s

Basically you are our emissary, the president of Michigan in Washington, the president of Michigan is the governor, the president of the United States, the president, and you’re our national and foreign emissary. So why do you want to be senator? What would you bring? And I’ll give you something specific, the beautiful Great Lakes. There’s what, eight states and another country that share them. You could put together a group to protect them that would make me tingle. And here’s another one, the power. The power is awful. It goes out. It’s also terrible in California and it’s terrible in Texas. Would you put a consortium of senators together to guarantee us power? So my mother’s not freezing our ass off every Christmas.

No. I mean we saw that during the polar vortex, right? There was a fear like, yeah, we got an ice storm. Lines are down, electricity’s out, but it’s fine. We still got heat. Oh shit. We might have some of our natural gas storage facilities where the valves are frozen and we can’t get the natural gas out, and that’s when everything goes from bad to this is catastrophe and people are freezing to death in their own homes. I mean, you should never have to wonder if your energy, it should be reliable. Number one, it should be affordable number two, and if we can make it clean, that’s fantastic. But if you make it clean and not affordable and not reliable, people are going to die. Well, we have a

Problem, which is you’re a capitalist, you’re a businessman. Your family’s a big business concern. The problem in California, Texas and Michigan is we took a public utility and here we semi privatized it. It’s for profit and in that way it’s not reliable and something that serious, I don’t know if you just leave it to the vagaries of the market. No, but

You also throw a bunch of mandates on. Right now our state legislature wove is passed out and we’ll get signed into law if it hasn’t already. I mean it’s literally, I guess it’s Wednesday, so maybe the governor’s already signed it. It was a 60% mandate to hit renewables by I believe, 2030. It doesn’t count under the renewables. Nuclear,

Which is our

Cleanest, cheapest, most reliable source. It’s on demand. It doesn’t care if the wind is blowing, doesn’t care if the sun is shining right. It is essential to meet whatever green energy goals you have. It is essential, and that gets shoved to the sideline. Now, governor Whitmer, to her credit, has been trying to get the Palisades plant in southwest Michigan, kind of back up and running, but it’s just absolutely insane to me, and this is frankly where I think a lot of the Democrats come down. They take that crisis, they take climate change, they take fears and concerns around that, and then they use it as an excuse not to necessarily solve the problem, but to

Devote, to sell out the special interest. dt, the powers going out now. Now it’s going to be wind and solar. It’s only Sunday night, 90 days a year.

How many folks in Lansing have spouses who are working with renewable energy projects that are going to have tens of millions of dollars of state contracts?

What percentage of the Lansing representatives take money from DTE? Like 99% of ’em, like the governor just took three quarters of a million quiet dollars. Ford and GM and STIs are telling you, we’re done with the electric future. It’s not working. So

How do you propose that you really make a difference when bureaucracy and all this is so entrenched? Yeah, whatcha going to do? What can you really do? Certainly your voice makes a difference. A visibility makes a difference, but what difference? Yes.

What’s Pete Meyers first a hundred days in office? No,

Believe me, there’s a lot of things that’d be easier and I do not discount the possibility that Justice Gorsuch will have a majority opinion that will do away with or will reinvigorate what’s called the non delegation doctrine. The Congress cannot take its lawmaking ability and essentially hand that to the administrative state or that we will have a far more narrowing interpretation of the Commerce clause, undoing Wicked v Filburn and all of these kind of old cases that made it so that basically anything could become a federal issue. We need a federal government that’s focused on what only the federal government can and should be doing, and we need states to be finding solutions for all the rest of those matters so that they can actually look at what works, compare and contrast. If it works, great, continue it. If it fails, get

Rid of it. I didn’t hear nothing there, did you? I didn’t hear nothing.

I’m trying to offer solutions here, sir.

Solutions. If Trump runs, are you going to support him?

Yes. Last question. Trump. Good one, Karen. Fucking great. Last question.

Yeah. If Trump ends up on the ballot, are you going to support him? I mean, he can make it on Michigan. If he gets in the game,

Man, my cup breath dry.

Get the man a beer. We got an extra minute, bonus round.

No, listen, I fully expect to support the Republican nominee. Am I going to be thrilled going into the booth? That’s a different question.

Much of us wouldn’t

Be. No, but at the end of the day, I mean, I am firmly committed to making Joe Biden a one-term president. If I’m a single issue voter, I’m a single issue voter on Afghanistan and I still feel the sharp, hot knife of that betrayal in my gut every day. Yeah,

Man. Just as your beers coming and we say goodbye, thank you very much. Not

Quite. I wanted to ask about the logo that was quite genius of you to use your family logo for your campaign.

Kind of bought that. What? It’s regular people Hour. Did you hear Repeat

Or you just ignore

Me? Press secretary. There going, you already said F


Iers and two Fs.

I understand, but did you hear me? I

Heard you.

I heard you. So you’re ignoring me.

That was our initial logo.

Well, no, there

Was crosstalk, right? There was crosstalk. That was the initial logo. I like to be ignored. We’ll be kind of rolling as we’re going along the campaign, but thought was pretty. We liked the logo.


Everybody thought it was a pretty genius move.

Great feedback from folks in the Midwest. There were people in California who were like, oh my God, that thing is ugly. And it’s like, yeah, they

Don’t get it. No. When I see that Meyer logo and I see you, I’m thinking Nice cans.

They’re not dented.

Sir, do we have your word to lower prices for everybody?


Like free stuff for everybody.


Party on far left. There was somebody saying that the mPerks program was functioning as a political conduit. It was like, okay, I’m not really sure how,


You got to enjoy. You got to enjoy the,

Did you get permission to use the logo?

Yeah, that’s what I wanted to know. There’s

No trademark around that. There’s

No trademark. 2020. Get online there and get that Meyer thing real quick. Let’s change our logo. Then Whitmer, he can steal our stuff. We own the Meyer thing, then he’ll steal it. Then we

Thought there was some infringement concerns there.

But again, that was our initial logo. We will be, believe me. So the challenge with that logo actually, just to be really candid is I have no idea what font was used and I’ve tried a bunch of different AI font identification things. Ask folks. I think it was specifically made, which the challenge then is, okay, so I wanted to say Peter Meyer. Alright, let me make that p wait. Okay. Do I have to take the R? Shave it down. Believe me, I’ve spent way too much time. I’m running for Senate right now. I should not

Hire some people. This is Monopoly Finn campaign. He’s doing his own graphic. I

Do it myself, right? I do it myself. I got an illustrator,

Adobe Illustrator subscription. I got a sleeve rolled up and he does it himself. This is going to play in Escanaba, bro. Listen, listen, thanks. You’ll come back as the campaign gets rolling and again, everybody that’s running is welcome and I would think you need to come through this program because this is where the regular people hang. Good luck Peter Meyer running for United States Senate. We’ll see you next Tuesday. What

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And now what all the guys in Downriver been waiting for. It’s the no bullshit news hours football analyst, Joey Buns.

Joey Bonds, he’s Joey Bonds. He calls the pass. He calls the run Joey Bonds freshly baked just for your wiener or a patty in between or Joey Bonds. Joey Buns

Is Joey Buns. Joey, how you doing, man? The Flying Lion. How you doing, brother?

Oh great, great man.

Alright. 41 38 Lions Road win. Your main takeaway. It

Was nerve wracking, but the offense showed up. The defense was a little weak. Like I told you before, they need a pass. Russia, hopefully when Houston gets back in middle of December, it’ll solve that problem. How

Many times did the Campbell go for it on Fort time?

Oh God. What was it? Four times.

Four times. Look at that. A guy knows everything four times. Big set of balls. This

Guy. Oh, big time.

He’s got to carry him around in a wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrow. Yeah. You seen that too, huh? Yes, I did. I seen that. That photo too.

Here’s the deal on the defense. The interior of that D line looks soft to me.

Very soft.

Very soft. Okay. You’re not

Getting any pressure at all. This

Is the third game they’ve given up. 37, 38 points, dude.

Yes. Yes. That’s a problem.

I don’t think we’re getting to Vegas with a defense like that. You told me Joey Buns that the best off season signing that the Lions made free agency was Cam Sutton.

Cam Sutton, yeah. The

Guy was garbage. 11 million a year. Two pass interference, four down in the end zone, and then he left his jock strap on that fort down and Alan went right by him for the touchdown.

Alan did that to the whole team. Come on. Nobody out there that could stop him. Why

Didn’t they double him, Joe? They did

Double him. They

Did double him.

They did double him. They had one guy down low and the safety in the back. He kept sliding through both of them and getting around them both because they were both too slow. They didn’t react to the ball faster though.

That your buns, Joe?

Yes, it does toast the buns. But the thing you got to look at is Jerry Goth is playing at a high level with a defense like this and him able to put up the points that he’s putting up. Anything is possible.

He’s in his contract here, is he not?

Yes, he is.

Should they extend him right now?

They should be extending him right now. Look at

The camera and tell the head of us.

Absolutely. Extend him now. You cannot let that guy go.

Laporta. The tight end rookie of the year candidate.


Okay. Dan Campbell, coach of the year. Halfway.

Yeah, he’s on that on road.

Anybody do a better job this year than Dan Campbell?

I don’t think so. No.

Anoni looks pretty, pretty damn impressive to me. He’s underrated.

Underrated linebacker, and I’m glad we signed them

And he can cover guys.

He covers guys. He’s fast. He goes sideline to sideline. There’s no stopping Anzalone. He’s on a roar right now.

When they lined up for that kick for the game winning kick. Were you thinking about our conversation two weeks ago?

A little bit. Yeah. Yeah. We don’t have a great kicker, but this guy’s good from inside the forties. Hey, that was the right call to go for it On fourth down there. Eat up the clock and don’t leave them anytime. If you’d kick did Field Goal, it’s good chance they would’ve came down and scored the winning touchdown. You couldn’t stop him all day. What makes you think you’re going to stop him in the last minute? Hey,

Calvin. This is Calvin, the mop over here. Calvin, 41 38. What do you make of that, Calvin?

I know. Comment. No.

Hey, Calvin. Calvin, come. Come here a second. Come here. Oh, he lost. He lost. Oh yeah. He


Betts and Loss. He made Betts and Loss.

Don’t comment.

Hey Cal, don’t comment. No, listen. What was the winning pick four lottery number.

It was the same score. Final score was

It was the final. Same as the Lion’s final score. It was 41 38. 4 1 3 8 was the winning lateral number. It’s got to be the year. It’s got to be the year, bro. Chicago Bears going to give you a quick take. What the lions need to do. What’s your prediction?

This is going to be test on the defense again. Fields is back. He’s playing. He’s a running quarterback. He burned us last year. They have to contain this guy. If they contain him, don’t win.

Load the box. Challenge him to throw.


Why do I got to do all this? Your work.

He’s a decent passer, but not great.

He’s not a big league

Thrower. Our defense has just got to get to him. Hutchinson’s got to break through. He’s got to do something this week.

I’m Hutchinson, man. He’s around the

Ball. He’s around the ball. He just hasn’t gotten home.

Yeah, but I mean, when you got two guys on you, you expect him to get home or That’s how we started the day, which is the interior looked a little

Softer today. They needed another guy. They needed to pick up another end.

Oh, that old Dominic and Sue. Middle of the line things coming back. You sounded

Smart. I’ve been saying that Dominic’s sitting at home. We drafted him. If you give him a call, we’re winning. I’m sure he’ll come fill that middle.

I noticed your buns are kosher.


Yeah, right there for kosher. No, that’s for kosher. It’s just nice for a Catholic boy.

Yeah, I never noticed it. He knows more

About the Lions than his own buns. That’s Joey Buns. Give me a score.

Lions 34 Chicago 17.

Joey Bonds. He’s Joey Bonds. He calls the pass. He calls the Run. Joey Bonds freshly baked just for your wiener or a patty in betweener. Joey Bonds. Joey Bonds.

Let’s go. Lions don’t ruin this Thanksgiving. We’ll see you next Thursday.

See you next Thursday.


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