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America. Lost at sea. Lost on Twitter. And lost in Washington.

Then there’s Detroit whose streets have become a shooting gallery; while a city owned house has become a shooting gallery for junkies, located directly across the street from an elementary school.
No one sends the Navy to rescue the school children.
We’re waiting for permission from the mayor to tear down the dope house ourselves.

Plus Comedian Detroit Red with an elegy of the maintenance man at the Normandie Hotel.

And the all male, all Muslim Hamtramck city council votes to ban the gay pride flag from city property.
Liberals, who once supported them, are not pleased.

It is a privilege to be here with you today to address your questions regarding unidentified aerial phenomenon or U A P.

This was recorded while the US Navy ship observed a number of small unmanned aerial systems in the area. And importantly, the video was taken through night Vision goggles with a single lens reflex camera

Be on. They are onto us. We need to distract our earthlings.

Do not worry. Comrade. We have an operative embedded in the mainstream media.

Hello. You have reached the desk of Wolf Blitzer. Please leave your encrypted news tip at the tone.

Agent Mor or emergency, the invasion plans are at risk. Your orders are to create a mass diversion asap. That is all.

Secretary Clinton had approved a plan to tie President Trump to Russia. Yes. Was that intelligence important enough for Director Brennan to go brief? The president of the United States, the Vice President of the United States, the Attorney General of the United States,

Maring the fbi.

I think people will start to see that this says more about Trump than it does the Department of Justice. And that is


This is considered an aggressive visibility filter used silenced members of Congress from communicating with their

Constituents. That’s so 2022

And Canadian Coast Guard ships are at this hour rushing to the North Atlantic as two US C one 30 Plains Survey, the vast ocean surface.

Perfect. Now that we have snared the earthlings attention, we may commence invasion.

Wait a minute, I want to see how this submarine shit plays out past the nuts.

The search happening about 350 miles off the coast of Newfoundland and waters more than two miles deep Tonight, the company that runs the Deep Sea Charters Ocean

Live downtown Detroit. It’s no PS News out with my main


Assistant breaking this. Do more bullshit. Do more bullshit.

Good. Welcome in everybody. Welcome in. Hey Karen. Welcome back to town. Hey, thank you. Just sorry we’re late. We got sabotaged. It wasn’t, but we we’re up. We’re running. And where the fuck is red?

I maybe,

I don’t dunno. You know where he is at? The dude’s out there like tripping, like he’s on pcp, on Facebook Live, yelling at other obscure comics. I, I’m like, you’re supposed to be in here, motherfucker. That’s

What I said. Where are you?

Red the fucking sabotaging this shit. Look, if you’re going to go berserk red on other obscure comics, don’t do it at the same time. War on. And he’s still doing that old school ship from a month ago doing Facebook. But


Freaking comedians,

People forget they call in sick or they’re not where they’re supposed to be, and then they’re on social media. They’re not answering the phone or emails. Okay, we can see you. So there’s a right way to do wrong. And that’s not it.

Hey, motherfucker look like he’s on a submarine and he is on his last breath. He’s going crazy. Not to joke about that. I mean, somebody pissed him off. We did that cold open with the hopes that somebody be found. We would try to make fun of that. That’s pretty sad. But I mean, the news is in now, right? That’s true. Yeah. That thing imploded. Did you, just before we go on trying to figure out our sabotage, what did the US Navy know

That the wall, well, the Wall Street Journal reported, I guess about 10 or 15 minutes ago, that top secret, US Navy, I guess they have a detection system and they determined that it imploded a few days ago. So

Yeah, that’s probably a nuclear submarine lurking around down there. And you figure it’s top secret and you’re leaking it to the Wall Street Journal. You could have leaked it to the Canadian Navy a couple days ago instead endangering or

Something or saying something. I mean, you’ve got a lot of people that family members or just people in general were concerned about the livelihood or the outcome of that whole thing. So yeah,

I don’t mean, I know I got to just be honest. I don’t mean to be What are you doing, mark? Oh, nothing. Join the show. Pressing buttons. Join the show. You know me. Yeah. I like to press buttons again. I mean, God bless the families. Sorry about these deaths. But this guy brought it on himself and I’m thinking, wait a minute. We got see men and women out there risking their lives and you’re not letting them know.

It’s ridiculous. But it’s so much stuff Now, Charlie, after they now have found them, all these post information that’s coming out and then you’ve got the stepson of one of the billionaires and he’s now in a beef with Cardi B.

He’s doing booty calls

And he’s asking us tripper to sit. I mean it’s like, has everybody lost their minds?

Yeah, everything becomes a circus. This is weird though, for me, television and I mean this television’s officially over because I’m of the age where all of these mad crises and Yeah, I was glued to the TV though. OJ the I Smoke. I was in college at the time. I smoked bong rip after bong rip when the Challenger blew up. Oh yeah. All day long. You know, skip classes and just watch this. This is the first one, like nine 11, another one Sure is. This is the first mass hypnosis that I never watched a frame of terrestrial tv. Wow. I never watched tv. It was a all phone. Yeah, all Twitter. Still newspapers and stuff, but never turned it on.

Well, why would you need to, right? Yeah. I mean the information doesn’t change that quick. So you can just follow it online. That’s true. That’s true. Unless you want to watch a bunch of talking

Heads. But also think about this too. There was really nothing to show on television. You’re right. Yeah. So you didn’t have a visual with it other than what that thing looked like before it was

Merged. Everybody gets to be a stage director and put it on Twitter and then instead of who’s the boring guy? Lester Holt. Yeah, nbc. You get to listen to fucking assholes out there. And they’re memes.

So there was nothing to see.

They’re making fun of this. It was pretty, I love

How everybody became a submarine expert in about two days. Just knew everything about this piece of shit. They were


Nautical, nautical engineers. I mean, everybody was,

I didn’t get so much into that. But then I like it though. I know, but then I kind of did because when I’m like, all right, look, I’m thinking, here’s what I know. I know some people, we’ve got nuclear submarines and these things are three, four, 5 billion up, maybe more 5 billion vessels. Right? Very expensive. And they’re trolling the oceans like that. And they’re not going that deep. And I look at this fucking thing and it’s made of carbon fiber. And here’s what I do know about carbon fiber being from Detroit. They make carb parts out. It’s very light, it’s very strong. They make racing cars out of it. They make spaceships out of it because it’s that strong. And I know this, it can withstand G-force. It can withstand tension being pulled on. And I’m like, all right, well what happens when you go 20,000 leaves under the seat?
Yes. Different. And then I Googled it. All right. And it cannot handle compression. And when you get that deep, that’s basically like having the Empire State Building on your chest. That’s how much pressure’s there. And you’re there. And a carbon and titanium. So then I’m thinking, I also know it’s about cars. When you screw metal into carbon fiber, it starts to galvanize. It starts to corrode. And then you put it in salt water. So does that. Exactly. And it really corrodes. Okay, now I don’t know. That’s it. I’m done there. But all I know Karen is I’m looking at Twitter and YouTube and I’m looking at this. Do we get a picture of this thing? Yeah. Here you go. Okay. Is this the last time it went in the water or one of the last ones? Yeah, one of the last. Okay. This looks like a tired sperm zoa. It looks like a sperm zoa going upstream. Spawn like it? No, that salmon, which

It looks like something that a group of kids made in their backyard and said, we’re going to make something and we’re going to go to spades. It is. I mean, that’s what it looks like.

So I’m looking at this thing, put it bag up so I can look at this thing. Alright, now it’s been down there a couple times and it’s carbon fiber. And I don’t know how you screwed in those ski. The bobsled rudders on the bottom there. Yeah, those runners. What if that gets trapped in some shit down there? You, that’s a stupid design. Look at

All the wires,

But look at all the wires. Okay. So I’m like a billionaire and I got my son and I’m like Uber to the bottom of the ocean, Jesus. And I’m seeing fucking wires hanging off of this. I’m like,

None of that makes sense. And the cold open actually made more sense about this. I mean, why is all this happening? None of this makes sense. If you are a millionaire or a billionaire, are you really going to risk? Yeah. I mean,

Cause you’ve done everything else you could do in life, I guess.

Yeah. But that the one

Guy went to space. Yeah, he went up in Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos’s penis shaped rocket. What else did he have to do? So he decided to go to the bottom of the

Ocean and not to go off topic because it’s not, we’re just freewheeling, but this space tourism shit. Somebody’s going to turn into major time here and that thing’s going to keep going. And there going to be no way to get ’em back.


Yeah. I’m good.

I mean,

I’d get on there tomorrow. Would

You really Mark?

Yeah. I need something to feel alive.

Give past some of beer. See me

After the show, sweetheart, figure something out. Okay. So I don’t know man. I like to feel stuff too. Right. But there’s like, look, do not get cocaine anymore. You know what I mean? That’ll make you feel something. But it could have fentanyl. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Don’t get an $8 steak. No. You know what I mean? It’s not good quality. Do not get

Gas station.

Do not get an $80. Do not get an $80 airplane ticket. Don’t get an $800 boob job. I mean, some things you got to pay little extra.

Charlie, let’s take that down a notch. So don’t pay.

No. Why you taking me down in there? Going to show I show up and cost me a quarter million dollars and the wires. I got a motorcycle man. And when the chain’s hanging low, you’re like, you don’t ride that fucker around. You get a new chain, you get it tight. Look at this shit.

There was one guy too, who was set up to do it and he looked at it and then read about it and then read the wavery. You have to sign. He’s like, yeah, I’m good. He said it had, I’m good, I’m

Out. It had death in the front page for the first three times, the first paragraph or something. So in the waiver.

And then the guy that built this, what’s his name? Miss Stockton Rush. Yeah. Yeah. He never bothered to have the thing analyzed and certified by the International Maritime, whatever, deep. Yeah. You know what I mean? He, it’s written down here, but y’all get the point.

It was game control.

Well, we dug up this from Stockton Rush. He gave an interview to, I believe a Spanish outlet, right? Yep. And here’s what he said about his sperm zoa craft.

I’ve broken some rules to make this, I think I’ve broken him with logic and good engineering behind me. The carbon fiber and titanium. There’s a rule you don’t do that. Well, I did.

So was he on there? Jesus,

Yes, he was.

Now there’s a rule you don’t do that. And I did.

I was going to say otherwise he’d be liable for murder.


Well, I don’t know. But that was a lot. It’s interesting. You think about life and the help people need, whether it be in this city, in this country, and the French sent assets, the United States government, the Canadian government, the uk that shows you what’s good about people. Some somebody’s down, you do it, right? Five

People, you have nations

Searching. But then I am reminded of people that tie climb like Devil’s Thumb in Alaska in the middle of winter or Everest or things you weren’t supposed to do and you decided to do it anyway. And you endangered a lot of people. So I don’t know if it’s crass. Again, I, I’m not inhumane. We just talk and I’m thinking these things. I’m sure everybody is and other people are too. So are they going to dissolve this company and defray some of these costs? Because just to do dumb ass shit that you were told not to do. That’s true. And it cost people their lives. And you think that 19 year old Yeah. Really had any idea that that didn want to go carbon fiber doesn’t do well under And he didn’t want to go. He

No. His aunt said that he was very at, did not want to go.

Oh God.

Sad. But wasn’t there a migrant ship that sank? Yes. I

Mean Greece. Yeah.

Yeah. And so just

Dirty rat bastards. You wouldn’t even haul ’em in. You’re throwing bottles of Avion over there. You’ll make

It. Yeah, but I’m saying the difference in there’s

Fuck about how many people are missing 500.

Yeah. So if you’re looking at from a humanitarian standpoint, at what point does it warrant the same resources or interests? What I’m

Saying? Yeah. Well I think that because this was almost, you have the ghost of the Titanic. This is HG Wells. It makes a good story. The sci-fi that your drift in the graveyard ocean. Oh my gosh.

So do they leave it there, Charlie? And not disturb the grave anymore? What happens at this point?

Well, here, let me call the states Navy. No, I’m, hold on. I’m calling the Navy. I’m

Speculating. What do you think should happen? Mark? Let me ask Mark,

We’ll fix this imposed. Ready? Get me the captain. Yes. Captain Crunch. Yes. Listen, captain, what? What’s going to happen? You sat with, what do you mean? Wait, hold on. A with the captain. What do you mean? Really? You actually heard this three days ago. Why did you tell anybody? Oh, oh, R n R in Turks and Caco. Oh, who paid for it? Who paid for your trip? No it didn’t. The attorney general there she was on the catamaran. You say, oh, alright. It’s all classified. Thank you, captain. Yeah,

I was just speculating. What would they do? Because this whole thing, they were going down to look at the Titanic and I mean there, there’ve been so many comparison.

Pitches are good one me. Okay. Pitches are good. I like the pitchers from Jupiter. I don’t need to be on Ger one. Just beam my back. Scotty. I was just


You know what,

No. Leave him there for the next sub to look at

What’s interesting. He’s just thinking about, oh, the human desire to, we’re here for a reason. Like the human desire to explore and to find new places. There’s something deep in us where something expires here when you have to move on. So it’s interesting that 23 astronauts, 23 have come from Ohio, which begs the question, what’s so horrible about Ohio that it causes people to flee Earth.


Out of here. Go blue.

I like

It. Thank you.

You’re not going to get any disagreement from

Me. Don’t encourage him, mark.

No, I absolutely shall

Encourage him. Okay. Now, in the meantime, yes. During all of this, I mean, massive things are going on, right? Congressman Adam Schiff, the guy that was leading the Trump colluding with Putin, sleeping in bed with the man. The man was censured on the floor of the house of Representative, only the fourth time in the history of this country. Basically, it’s an impeachment and a public whipping. He’s getting his pants pulled down. He’s getting a butt spanking right? And nobody knows anything about that. And then when you go on Twitter, it’s, it’s much like people clowning the submarine or people applauding the spirit of it.
But the Democrats don’t want to admit that this was a hoax perpetrated on the people. And it helped destroy and diminish the country, the office, the institutions of Congress, of the presidency. You did it. And they’re going, look at the Republicans, wasted time. What about a woman’s right to choose? And it’s like, no, no, this is huge. And then on the other side, the Republicans is dopes. The election was stolen. They’re still doing that. Still talking about that. Or there’s nothing to Trump’s indictment walking around with war plans and nuclear secrets. All he had to do was give them back. Or now they want to impeach Biden for no good reason. We got to move along with impeachment for what, you see what’s happening. It’s about winning. But I’m looking at the people. I’m looking at

The people about making their issue a priority. So it’s about, let me one up you on something.

Yeah. But we do that all the time. And we’ll do that Samor. The public’s got to like, wait the fuck up. What’s wrong with people out there? That’s true. You actually buying this shit, you’re picking aside, it’s everybody’s turned into a propagandist. Oh yeah. Right. And there’s a great writer, a great clinician, psychiatrist Will Helm Reich. Right? Came from young and from young. He came from the grandfather of it all. Skinner. No Freud. No Freud. And he wrote a book called Listen Little Man. And in that he wrote, there’s, when you get down to it, there’s no difference between a red fascist and a brown fascist and the nationalist front and the Bolshevik. You know what I mean? And I notice people just want to pick a site and they’re wrong. And they start twisting stuff. And these are the big Twitter people. And I’m looking at with amusement, you are an idiot, yet you need your ass whooped. And when you’ve done destroying each other, you got to look back to the middle to get some sensibility back. Look what Europe did to itself in the forties. Amen. Yeah. And then what can somebody that’s got a reasonable mind, please break it up. What was that about? Oh,

Reasonable is the operative word in that. That’s the thing. Nothing’s reasonable and no one is reasonable anymore. Everybody is self-righteous and critical of anything that doesn’t reflect what they believe is. And that becomes the fodder that everybody feeds off

Of. And these clowns up in Washington, I mean, when you’re your surrounding shift going shame, shame, shame to whether you agree with them or not. The speaker of the house, it’s not shame. This was a hoax perpetrated on us. And Trump is no hero of mine. Right. And I, I knew what January 6th was about, man. You know what I mean? But wow,

I think it’s also too, and I said this the, some shows ago that I’d really believe that the Democrats believe that if in fact Trump were to run that he would beat Biden. So I do think that there’s a concerted effort to distract and prevent him from running under any circumstance.

But then we got to talk about the last seven years. And then this goes back to Nixon, right? You take Nixon out then okay, then we’re going to take Clinton out. Okay? You take Clinton out, all right? We’re going to take Trump out. Okay? You’re going to take Trump out. We’re going to take somebody of yours out. And then what do we have left?

But Karen, isn’t that what? It’s really

A submarine at the bottom of the

Ocean. Isn’t that what it’s really about? Anyways, these people are just trying to have, keep their job and

They just want

To keep their

Job’s it. That’s it. So

They we’re falling for it. No, I know.

No, we’re not. I don’t,

Well, not us. Not us. No. This is the secret cave. But

People are, I think they know that people are looking for something to latch onto, something to identify with, something to be a part of. And so they feed them this and they buy into it.

Yeah, man, I’m just looking at, okay. And you know what? Thank God there’s reasonable people. They happen to be about our sponsors. And here’s a word from our sponsors.

Which one? Oh

Fuck, mark. I’m just kidding. Sabotaging

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You mean this Part

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All right,


Oh, you mean

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They make excellent gifts.

Charlie american coney Yes,

They do, but they make excellent gifts.

Let’s move along now, Karen, thank you very. Okay.

I’m just saying that I’ve sent some of as gifts and they make excellent gifts.

All right, mark,

Wait, wait, there’s more.

The next one,

Make something up if it’s not. Yeah,

Yeah. I don’t know.

This message of uplift is brought to you by business and Personal Wealth advisor, Luke Acki, who reminds you that what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but never enter the kingdom of God? But while you’re waiting, Acki wants you to remember that overreaction is not a sound financial strategy. So call Luke Acki at (248) 663-4748 for sound Financial was,

I have to call Luke. You know, you know what? I know that shipping package shipping has tanked. It’s historically tanked, really, which is a harbinger of the economy. And I got it on pretty good word that one of the major package deliverers is going to go on strike.


Boy. So what does this mean for the economy? What if this is information and it’s half public? What does that mean?

That would be a big deal. Charlie,

Luke, what do I, if I’m retiring or my kid is going to be a senior just about ready to be getting to college, what do I with my investment plan? That’s a good question. I put some stuff in that Michigan Education plan. You know what I mean? You can move it. You know what I mean? I, I’m overreact, right? Number one thing, don’t overreact, but you can gently move yourself.

So are there ways to do that with minimal tax implications? With

Zero tax implications?

Okay, well then that’s what you need to know.

You can get yourself into a high growth fund. Okay? Solid growth fund. Get yourself into bonds. But that’s for a guy like Luke. And I recommend you call him because I do. All right, now let’s try one. Let’s try a hard one here. Let’s try something close to home. The Hamtramck city Council voted to ban all flags, not civic in nature. What does come out to be is a ban on the gay pride flag.


Right? That’s what it is. But what the law really says is you can fly the American flag, you can fly the state flag, the city flag, you can fly flags of other nations representing the community, but you may not fly flags that have religious implications, ethnic implications, sexual orientation implications, political or racial issues. So I actually agree with that. I agree that the public square is all the public and that it, it’s a place of commonality.


And what do you think of that? Because I mean,

Well, but that’s a double-edged sword though, Charlie, because Well, that’s


Life. Exactly. Because on one hand you can say, all right, this is about, so does that include it or does it exclude? Is it limiting? Is it limiting? Or is it all inclusive? Which one is it? So you say it’s the public square. All right. I do agree that government buildings should not be about personal statements. Whether those personal, those statements are the Black Lives Matter, the gay flag. I mean, I get that, but we keep pushing the agenda of being inclusive at every level.

And that’s good.

Yeah. Yeah. But I mean,

Inclusive at every level I think is good.

How do you show representation of that inclusivity?

Well, it, it’s called the Stars. It’s called the Stars at stripes. Right? You could,

But that hasn’t worked very well.

It’s worked very well.

Not for everybody.

Well, it’s worked very well. Look at the rest of the world. What do you think human beings are? I, no, I never said we reached the pinnacle of the human experience here, but it’s the greatest experiment on earth.

Longest democracy

Invented by the Greeks. Well, they also invented dirt, air, breathing, everything, spices, submarines, fish, gaming, farming, language, soul,


But for instance, would you have the Black Lives Matter flag? I mean, that’s simply pride. But it could also be construed as a political message. And it is, or ethnic. Okay. Or how about the American Indian movement? That’s an expression of pride, but it’s also political so far. I think the left would like these. But then what about this new one? What’s this one called?

Mark? The family values

Flag, the new family values flag. And what’s the family values flag all about? They have

Five kids on

There. Yeah. Well, for those listening, it’s a red flag with a heart. And it’s got a man and a woman faceless with five outline of kids, a family, a strong family,

A strong heterosexual family. That’s the values. A father, biological father, biological mother. Right? A parental oversight, stressing femininity and masculinity. Yeah. So in America, if you’re going to allow all the flag, you would have to allow this. What about the daughters of the Confederacy? Yeah,

That’s true.

Mean if you allow one flag, you got to allow ’em all. Next thing, it’s you’re going to have 3000 flags flying.

Well, I mean, you got to

Draw a line somewhere

Going to, and it’s kind of like those ribbons. Everything has a ribbon. It’s a color. So you got about five. You don’t know what stands for what anymore.

Wear it on you. Yeah. Fly it at your house.

Fly it at your house. There you go. We’re talking about city government owned property.

And isn’t there still supposed to be a separation of, and I’m going to say church and state, but for the lack of anything? I mean, there should be a separation of what should be about government oversight and

Then, right? Yeah.

Okay. And personal preference, if you will. We’ve

Been through the manger on city hall. We’ve been through the manure at City Hall. Yeah. You know what I mean?

The Church of Satan fights us all the time. If you’re going to allow that, you got to allow our thing.

That’s what it

Is here. I mean, we do pretend that we’re a secular country,

And the public square should be secular. It does still bothers me as a practicing Catholic. I find it weird. And I’m with you archaic and probably not legal when I go to the Detroit City Council. And then they open up with prayer, the session with a Christian, prayer with the minister invoking. That’s true. Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And there’s no place for

That. Well, and you think about what the city of Detroit has done too. I mean, they do the Christian display, they’ve done the manure, they do the Black Lives matter. I mean, they’ve got the gay pride. They’ve got all of that down there. So

They going to fly the family values flag.

Now, if someone were to ask, they would, in my opinion, would have to, because there was no argument as to why they wouldn’t if they’re doing all the other

Ones. See, but it’s gotten all weird, right? Because the conservatives, I want these symbols. I’m entitled to these symbols. This is a Christian nation. And then the liberals are like, you can’t have that. Okay. You

Mean the 10 commandments

On the 10? Yeah, exactly. At the courthouse. And now it’s reversed. I want my symbol, but I don’t want you to have your symbol.

So where did the symbols end? We’re lost

In space. We’re lost at sea.

So let me ask you this, Charlie. I mean, people have argued because there has been the elimination of prayer in public school, and you hear people say all the time, oh, that’s part of the breakdown as to why the kids are doing poorly. Do you agree with the fact that that prayer should be absent and in public school? I do. Okay. I just, because to me, that’s part

Of it. Should one nation under God, should under God be off the money? Should God be off the pledge of allegiance? I mean, you’re getting into what we’ve been into forever and we’re just living that again. So that’s what I thought. Now that’s what I thought this was about. To be honest and fair, I just figured, okay, what is Hamtramck? Hamtramck is a community. It’s about 60, about two thirds Muslim. I mean, Bosnian, Bangladeshi, Yemenis. Ye, okay. And then you still have your old polls, right? That was the last iteration of ethnicity. There you have whites, you have black people. Excuse me. So it’s not monolithic. So I thought maybe they were doing, because it’s such a place, because many years ago they had the problem with the calls to prayer, the call to God for the Muslims. And I’m thinking, well, isn’t that what the church bell is? And everybody was arguing over noise ordinances and they made room. And they’re like, okay, this is America writ large in a very small place. 30,000 people wholly enveloped in Detroit were pretty interesting around here, right? We’re not a backwater. It’s interesting. That’s where I thought the genesis was. But it really was about the gay pride flag. And now everybody on the city council in this very mixed community is Muslim and male and


You would think so, right? You would think so. Who knows? And it’s that backlash. So now I don’t know exactly what I’m thinking, but I did talk to a few people on the city council, and I’ll tell you what happens when you do some shit like this, all right? Community supports it. I’m very brave. I vote for it. And then you realize not everybody’s happy what you did. And they know what you did and why you did it. And I talked to ’em personally this week, but they won’t come. They’re all hiding.

Like everybody.

They’re all hiding. And then a friend of mine that lives in Hamtramck said, why would they be hiding? I said, because they’re politicians. And once the phone starts ringing and it gets tough, you start hiding.

That’s the mo.

So that’s what I feel about the public square. But I know exactly how this thing played out, and I’m, I’m not about that. But now you’ll see this is only on conservative media because most of the people on the council, and in their community, you would call ’em Democrats. You would immigrants, people of color. Oh my God. You’re not thinking like liberal white people. See, because you don’t know who we are. The greatest experiment in the world. And it’s not easy to do this.

That’s true.

True. So don’t hate, don’t burn you.

Well, my thing is that if they shouldn’t, their municipal flag reflect the diversity that the community has, I mean, that would be a way to kind of solve all of this.


I’m just saying. Well, like a new

Flag. That’s kind of

Deep. Well, I know, but in fact, because they do have a very multicultural community. So if you still want to say, okay, we want to make sure everybody in our community is represented and that we’re being sensitive to and aware of, respectful of their presence, maybe that

Would be way to do it. And what does a flag normally connote? A moment in time of a political and a community’s right? Entity’s time. Like look at Detroit’s flag, right? It’s about when it burned and we’ll, we will rise from the ass. We rise from the ashes win. You know what the stars and stripes are about, right? Yeah. Right. Why not?

Could be. But that would be the way to do

It. Why not? It’s changed. It’s a new

Era and it should change. That’s the thing. We should stop. Because people change. Times change and time changes people.

That’s why the country’s great. So yeah. That’s why the country’s great.

Well, that’s what we should be talking about.

So because of the flexibility of change. Yes. Yeah. Well, part of that ordinance too, Karen, is to allow flying of national flags, state flags, rec recognized flags that are an example of that community. So they could fly a yemenese flag.

And the point is, look, mark wanted just see you threw, we were doing this before this. You threw that in there because you wanted to talk about it, but you just made no point. What is your point?

No, I was piggy.

No, there’s something that bothers you about it. No, no,

No. I was piggybacking

Know what bothers me about

It. What’s that?


I know I bother a lot.

Like what? Articulate. What’s the problem?

No, I was kind of pig,


Something. I was piggybacking on what Karen said, like

Want to say, oh no. Putting it on Karen. No, I, cause I

Wasn’t going to say, wasn’t going to say

What he said. I know. I want to hear what he, not what you said. Putting words in your mouth. Go on, mark.

Should we play the Luke spot again? No, go

On Mark.

All I was saying is that yes, they can celebrate that right under this ordinance, but there’s a fine line there. It has to be a recognized flag of a state that exists in the world. So you couldn’t fly an ISIS flag, right? You couldn’t make up a flag and fly.

But does it bother you? Do you find there’s some Does it bother

Me? No. Cause I don’t

Really. Do you find there’s some disconnect?

I don’t really care that much about, I mean, because to me, flags, why’d you bring it up? Cause I was picking back and on what Karen said. No,

It just threw

It simple.

It bothers you.

Does it bother me? No, it doesn’t. It bothered

You two hours ago.

No, that was for the sake of argument.

Have time to think about.

Go ahead. Do the sake of argument. You brought it up. There’s no argument.

No, no. I’m sure there’s some people that would not be thrilled to maybe see a flag for Saudi Arabia or

In Hamtramck. Yeah. In,

Yeah, but Or just flying general in a government owned piece of land. Or like

Russia. Like

Russia. Russia. Yeah.

Or, but then so do you put up Ukraine? I mean, everything is offensive to somebody. There you, I mean it is.

Do you know what’s in the middle of Hamtramck? A gigantic statue of Pope John Paul The second.

There you go. Yeah.

Does that come down?

Somebody could argue that. It should.

It’s amazing,

Man. That’s what I’m saying. Like we could,

It’s amazing. All right. Okay. That’s, we’re good.

We miss a sponsor

Or No, no, no, no, no. I’m sorry. I’m Karen. Trying to rush through it. Joking. No, I’m not. I’m just business. I’m

Just trying to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Just wanted to do a update on the murder of a Shia Davis, 34. The a transgender black woman who was shot dead in the head at the Woodward in about two weeks ago. They know little more. Okay. What they know little more like she was shot their surveillance tape of a suspect running out of the room. But detectives can’t explain to me why there’s no surveillance tape of somebody going in the room. You mean the tape wasn’t running 24 hours. Number two, it is a place of prostitution like we’ve been telling you. It’s a rough life. That’s a very rough space. Okay, now you remember Jesse Smot? All right. How did it catch him?


All the video for about five miles, right? They went door to door and followed a car. This suspect runs out of the parking lot of the hotel. There’s a green light gas station right across street. There got to be that person running out. And we know down Woodward, right? Right. The we The liquor stores. The car dealerships. There’s cameras everywhere. So where’s the tape?

That’s a good question.

Where’s we’re doing everything we can to put this perpetrator, perpetrator behind bars, whoever it might be. I’ll tell you what, because I’m going to make the point again when we’re talking about transgender people who are murdered in this town specifically, and in a lot of America, it’s places like this. And why aren’t they safe? And why don’t these murders get solved? That’s true. Policing. So now we’re talking again about transgender lives mean something. And yet we want to defund the police. And yet, if you go over to six Mile in Woodward, there are no patrols. There are, but there’s not a lot of patrols. They can’t solve this crime. Highland Park is not even handling the murder case. Yeah, they gave it to the state police because Highland Park doesn’t have enough police, doesn’t have enough seasoned detectives. What does that tell you? If you want a real solution to this, then talk real. And we’re telling you real. Yeah. They’re going to be more people die out there. That’s true. That’s because it’s lawless. You told,

That’s what you told the two ladies that you talked to when you went out and talked to those two ladies of the night, one was transgender, and you told them, quite frankly, you’re going to die out here. This is not a lifestyle of safety and comfort. And it was a few days later that this incident happened. And

I want you to know, because again, we’re trying to, we’re talking real about heavy stuff. My sister lived that life and she died on the streets of Detroit. I know. I have love and I care about people and the solution because this is the life people live. They belong to somebody. People love them. Nobody deserves this.

And they deserve to be protected. They deserve a level of respect, inclusion and courtesy. I mean, they do. Whether you understand or agree with their lifestyle or not, they’re people.

They are. Well,

Again, if we’re going to pay attention to five people on a submarine going down there to save them, that’s my point. This

Is another person. But then my point is this, stop stylizing the life. Stop stylizing what’s actually happening. And committing fakery about what the violence, the root cause of it is. Yeah. Nobody’s talking the truth. And that’s why you get a pushback. Because I know that 99% of the people, even more than that, do not believe that anybody deserves to be murdered just for the life they live. They shouldn’t. Or the thing that they’re strung out on or the way they got to make ends meet. I refuse to believe that. I’ve never seen that. But we got to be honest. If you want people safe,

But who that, that’s the issue. Charlie. Are the people in charge really concerned about the safety and wellbeing of everybody

And the people are advocating? Are you telling the truth and trying to get what needs to be done? Or are you confused in politics, transgender rights, defund the police don’t, those things don’t line up

The defund. The police doesn’t line up with public safety,

Period. Well, and these women,

Well, yeah, you’re right.

Are part of the public.

And they are. You’re right.

And when you talk dumb shit like that, more are going to get hurt. And if the cameras do not work in the public spots all along the corridor, if they’re going to put IA cameras in. Yeah. If you are green light, if things aren’t working, I recommend that you call XG Service Group because they are experts in security cameras. How do you like that, Barney? That was smooth.

I didn’t even see that segue coming. That was good. Yeah.

Bravo. You don’t have a cell phone, but you’re you, you’re on a laptop somewhere in there. Voice

Over internet. Voice

Over internet. What’s P

Protocol? I

Think voice over internet protocol. Basically it’s, it’s internet phone service, drive-through systems, safety systems, wifi design, construction cameras, traffic cameras, train cameras. The

Drive-through cameras. Yep. I’m intrigued by those.

All structural cable. Wow. Like you. And at a very reasonable price. Many people, many, they do fantastically well all around this region because they’re attentive. The price point is perfect. And just a free consultation just, and the

Work ethic is there.

Oh God. My God. That’s the other thing. Well, it’s really hard to,

I pay attention to different things and the work ethic is

There. Yeah, it is. It’s really hard to explain that. I mean, how office stuff goes down here and then you can’t get ahold of the ovitz. Call Matt Sitz at seven three four two four five forty one hundred seven three four two four five forty one hundred. And again, if the lights go out or the roads have holes or shots, spotter or you get,

Who can I call?

You can call ADR experienced.

Are they ethical?

They are They

On time?

Honest. Smart. Yep. They are experts in procurement and government compliance, information technology. They can save you and your clients. Oh, I got to call ’em. We We’ll do that later. About the crack house. I figured. Yeah. About the crack house near the school. I got to call ADR about that. Listen, cut the red tape. Reduce your cost. Increase your bottom line. Call Barry Ellen. Tuck at (248) 318-9424 for a consultation. Call him up and get the shit fixed. And finally, when was the last time you checked your home in auto?

Oh boy.

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Personal property.

Personal property.

All of it. Yeah.

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Right? No, actually that’s

A really hyper premium. Oh,

Too soon, bro.

Is it

Is. Really?

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It’s on our website. And what’s

Our website?

No bullshit

No. No. BS News. Hours. Hours.

I knew

That Todd, from within.

I figured it changed. We don’t even

Know. Our web

Figured it changed. Just like everything else is past week.

This show’s got a blow because your son, he is over there sl in the couch. He ain’t taking his, he’s got a test in, you know what he’s doing? He’s getting updates on the submarine or he is calling Legacy partners at 5 86 2 0 9 4 1 0 6. All right. Listen. Now wait a minute. What? I was just moving you.

I I’m still waiting for this. Oh,

Oh my God. That’s,

I’ve been sitting here holding this all because I’m

Wanted to let wait. Let me feel it.

Hold on to the camera

Because I’ve been

Holding it. That’s so warm. It is Next evil. Yeah.

Mark said, mark told us about this. I think

Body Recovery cream. Yeah.

And I ordered two deep

Penetrating. Oh yeah. Wait a minute.

Oh, Jesus. It doesn’t have a smell to it though.

I was just, I want

Something. I want something that smells medicinal. It’s a

Deep penetrating.

Penetrating. Yeah, I know where you’re

CBD cream.

Yeah. Mark told us about it. And I forgot the 20% off code, so I didn’t get 20% off, but I did buy two of these. And I What

Is that? So it’s deep penetrating cream.

It’s a C, it’s a C B D, A body recovery cream. So it’s supposed to be for pain. I have issue with my back from my car accident. So I wanted to give it a try when Mark says something, I believe it.

So it’s a topical cream?

It’s a topical cream. I’m think I’m also going to try the stress. There you go. Yeah. If in fact I can remember the 20% off

Code. Yeah. That code is no bs. No bs. Nope. Yeah. Okay.

I was playing with it. I was like, what was

It? So,

Okay. Yeah. Yes.

So it’s next Evo, right? Next Novo. Okay. So what’s CB D again?

It’s the

Cannabis something

Derivative. No, we got to be better. It doesn’t,

It doesn’t have the thc. So it’s the non-drug component that’s supposed to have


Component. Yeah. Yeah. That’s supposed to have medicinal qualities and impact. A lot of people take it, they put it on their body. They use it in so many different forms in the form of gummies and all type of products. And people say that it really helps. And so when it doesn’t have the negative impact and outcome that your typical pharmaceutical drugs would have.

So Mark, you use the products they have many of them. I have. Yeah. And to help you sleep?

Yes, because it’s got melatonin in it. Fast acting to knock you out, time release to keep you out while the CBD keeps you going. So you wake up refreshed. I like it. I mean I’ve used it. And then you mentioned they have the stress count. Yeah.

I’m going to try the stress. Cause I can’t do melatonin. It gives me

A headache. Here’s a question if you take it. Yes, sir. Orally,

Can you take it any,

Will you test positive for THC if you

Like? No,

I don’t think so. But

It doesn’t have thc. I’m not a

Doctor. Boom.

It doesn’t have thc.

Thank you. Say, say Mark. Do your homework, man. All right. Now let me do this. I got a lot of things to fix. This is, we got just down the way from Hamtramck and just down the way from Highland Park is a Bowery Hotel for wayward and lost and lonely men called the Normandy, where red is and over the hill comedians where Red lives

And does Facebook lives

And does Facebook lives. Instead of showing up to the show and, excuse me, he’s prepared. I think quite a lovely little piece about life at the Normandy. Has he not?

Has I really like

This one? Let, let’s, let’s, no, you know what? I bet this is so good. Like, man, I killed it, man. I fuck. I got to go to where I killed it. I need a day off, man. Fucking scream at people and shit. Everybody come and buy me $2 drinks. Perfect stranger, come on down. $2 shots.


Put me out the house. No from, ain’t got no by 12 four bedroom means one of the biggest problems I found here at the Normy is maintenance and how fast, fast stuff is getting fixed. I mean, I’m not shitting on them, not trying to down them. They do do they job whatnot, but they just not as good as the old maintenance man. Ken was.

Damn it. I miss our old maintenance man. This damn bathroom been down for almost two weeks now. And I guarantee you, if he was here, this shit would’ve been fixed by now.

You never seen a problem that wasn’t immediately addressed. New maintenance crew, they doing the best they can, but they just ain’t akin.

Ken cared about these residents here. He kept us in place. He made sure we didn’t want for anything.

This a fair guy, man. Just gave everybody they fresh shape. He wouldn’t try to mess up with nobody. That’s all from my experience.

Ken was an outstanding guy.

The norm. D is a rough place, Phil, with a lot of good people. The problem is though, a lot of good people can’t survive in a rough place. And Ken unfortunately was one of those folks that got caught up in a rough moment.

We began here at five with a deadly shooting, sparking a massive manhunt in inside a Detroit hotel.

I was here in seeing the aftermath of the murder that took place here with the maintenance man Ken. Bless his fucking soul. He was a good dude.

Yeah. I had just moved back from Tennessee and when I got in, that was the breaking news.

This was a tenant and a dispute over a tenant being evicted. And the victim now a longtime beloved maintenance man here.

So what happened was the day that Ken got killed, he was going to collect some past rent from one of the tenants on the second floor room two 30 when he knocked on the door, apparently the young man had some mental issues or problems going on, and he pretty much shot out the door. Ken then turned around to run down the staircase that was right behind him. And the young man followed in pursuit shooting at him, and he grazed him with a bullet, which in turn made Ken fall on the landing. And the young man caught up to him and stood over him and proceeded to kill him. Kind of execution style.

I tried to go to him, but he wouldn’t let me go. It’s tragic.

I looked out my window and I could see the police all along. But I didn’t know that he was murdered though, until I looked a little further out my window and I seen homicide walking around, who they are, them detectives, who they are. And I suddenly realized that Ken was murdered

A, after he had shot Ken, he had ran to his mother’s house, which was a few blocks away from here. And I guess he just sat down and partied and stuff. But the police eventually went there to get ’em, and he had committed suicide.

My experience here at the Normandy has opened my eyes to all different types of life types, people and situations that people go through. And Ken was one of them guys caught in a moment where he ran across a young man apparently dealing with his own demons. And unfortunately he lost his life behind it. And unfortunately, this place lost a really caring individual who was always about giving people a place to stay, that they could be safe, that was clean and operated. It should had a

Rough job. Then that guy did him the way he did him. He shouldn’t have did that.

He was a good guy. And I wish he was still around to keep Normandy alive.

Here’s the you Ken.



Wow. That’s a beautiful piece

That I read. He deserved not to come in after that. That was excellent.

I’m wondering if he’s a liar.

Well, I mean, that’s a rough place. But you think about this though, Charlie, how many people knew the depth of who Ken was and what he did beyond cleaning the hallways? I mean, everybody spoke highly of him. The impact that he had on their lives.

He was a good dude. That’s all we learned from that. Yeah, he needlessly lost his life in the nutshell, obviously. That’s says somebody’s kid. It’s just so fucked up. It’s so fucked up. You went to New Orleans?

Yes. Did you?

We got a little clip because this just reminding me, dude, this is,

I’m going to show my clip after Reds. Reds is great.

Yeah. Again, you want to see the can find that. Can that on our, our website? You can find that on YouTube. It, it did a great


It’s that’s worth watching.

It is.

But there’s, go ahead play this. Why not guess? Karen did a little video, nice short video diary. She went, went south.

It’s always nice to get away. Four days in New Orleans. A city is different from Detroit as much as it is alike. It was hot every day, all day. But the people were friendly and the food was amazing. But tucked away and not too much out of sight is a very large and growing homeless population. Graffiti, some artistic others, a cry for help or attention decorate nearly every space in the city. And New Orleans has 800 police officers down from 1600 and a crime rate that is growing. Yeah. It’s nice to get away even to different versions of the same problems. But it’s always good to come back home.

They got a lot of crime down there.

Terrible crime down there, Charlie. And that’s all the natives talk about. There has been a call for civilian volunteers. They cannot get people to apply for the department. It’s just, it’s pretty bad.

But at least they’re more honest about their crime.

They’re very honest about it. They are upfront. The mayor, the police

Chief, you can go on, you can online

And look at, you can go online. You can see their crime stats and they’re saying, Hey, we have a problem. And we’re trying to figure it out and we need everybody’s help to solve it. So they’re not hiding behind anything.

They also have a severe lack of police, as you mentioned there. Yes. Let me guess though. The touristy areas, a lot of officers walking around. No, really? Not even on bourbon.

I, no. Okay. I didn’t see, I saw one, maybe a security vehicle. It didn’t even look like a police car. I didn’t hear any sirens. I didn’t see any police. Nothing. New

Orleans got half the population in Detroit. Right. But one third of the police in Detroit. And yet, here’s the thing, going from Red’s piece to your look down there. So to coming back up here, Detroit has a higher murder rate than New Orleans.


It absolutely has. Per capita.

Per capita,

Yes. Now you were down there during the long holiday weekend, father’s Day and Juneteenth. Correct. That’s a four day weekend in Chicago. During that, it made national news. They had 75 shootings. Right. That’s crazy. 75 shootings. Many we had in Detroit.

29, 30.

30 we had 30. All right. So in Chicago, the crime so bad, they ran the mayor out on their ass. Lori Lightfoot ran her out, didn’t he clear the primary? Ran her out. Detroit is four times smaller than Chicago. So if Detroit was the same size as Chicago, those 30 shootings would be 120. Oh, 120 shootings. And yes, not a boo. I looked it up in the modern era. In the last quarter century, the record for a holiday weekend in shootings in Chicago was 118. That was the record. That was 2021. Wow. So we had 30, which would be one 20 in Chicago, which would tell you the problem here. And we’re not running the mayor out on a wire here. Nobody’s reporting it. You can’t get the numbers in Detroit. No, you can’t. And all of a sudden, this mayor’s a viable candidate for governor.

They’re still calling it the comeback city.

And you said to me, we are talking about yesterday, you said it’s the normalization of violence. They norm.

There’s no outcry. There’s no outcry, there are no questions. There are no demands.

The number one Riverwalk is right here in Detroit. Voted number one. Yeah. All right. And yet the fireworks are Monday and you

Can’t be on

It. And they’re shutting it down because we cannot police it. Which is, I agree with that. But that’s because every other day of the week we can’t police and everybody knows.

But again, I mean you’ve got to look at. If you have all these things and you’re promoting all these things, but you can’t enjoy all these things because you cannot provide the safety for those things, then where is the value? I mean, just, where is it?

30 shootings, four of them end up in deaths, right? Chicago, 75 shootings, 14 ended in deaths. Again, where is anybody,

Karen, not only providing the protection and the safety for the people, but what about the respect for additional people that are around you? Yeah, that’s true. If you’re going to go act

The fool, and that’s what I’m saying, and it’s on both sides. Yeah. I mean, it’s literally on both sides. I’m not point it the normalization that you’re talking about. Exactly. Just we just keep going.

Right? All right. We said it. We got to keep saying it. We’re not going to belabor it. Right. What the fuck? Do your damn jobs, the get the Prescott on your ass? Nobody did. Nobody’s aware of that. Cause Karen is fond of saying, and I agree with this one. You don’t live here and you don’t care. And it’s the capital city. It’s it’s normal. Oh, it’s just 30. Just 30.

No, but it’s not just 30. What the fuck? It’s not just 30. And this is the other thing. We’ve been having this conversation for decades, and I do remember once upon a time, people at least acted like it made a difference to them. There was a level of concern. Now it’s just, we turn the page and we just keep going. It’s like it’s, it doesn’t raise an eyebrow.

So let’s go, but let you know. Let’s start to go. But let me just update real quickly. The crack house, 50 feet from the school that we’ve reported on, you can go online, you can look at that. Made it my business. That fucker’s coming down. You can believe me, that thing’s coming down. I now know that the house isn’t owned by one Maurice Johnson anymore. He bought it from the Detroit Land Bank. And the Detroit Land Bank finally took it back because he didn’t fix it. It’s owned by the Detroit Land Bank. Wow.


On. Okay. A fucking crack house across from a school. And we promised it’d be taken out. So I called the mayor’s office. I go, look, let’s talk to his guy. And I said, let’s, let’s not fight. Let’s just get this done. Now, there’s two things we could do. One, the mayor’s got all the power in the world that can go to the front of the line, that can be condemned for public health reasons, for emergency for kids. They’re not in school. Now, you could take it down. They don’t got to breathe the shit. Right. They don’t got to play by a hole. You could do it. Look at the needles here. You could do that. Or I can buy it. I will buy it. There’s three grand in back taxes that are owed. I will ask our friends, we’ll get it paid to help me pay the back tax. Because somehow you got to do that. I don’t know why I, all

Right. You have to do

That. And then I know some license demolition contractors who have graciously offered to tear it down for free for the kids. So

What was the response

I’ve gotten? None. Really. I’ve gotten none. It was 20 from 30 hours ago. But

That’s a no-brainer though, Charlie, to me, that’s a no-brainer.

And now I’m getting ministers calling me. They want to protest the shit out of this. I will take it. I clean it up. I will donate the property to the neighbor. I will give it back to the city. I will give it to the school.

We are giving it back to the city. We will give it to the school or the neighbors. We’re not giving it back to the city.

And we’ll going to have to give it to the neighbors,

Right? Yeah. We’ll do that. But I’m not, I, because I’ll help, but I’m not giving it back

To the city because that could be used as a place, a safe place for the bus to pull for the kids to get it. Right now, there’s a bunch of fucking needles and opioid junkies from the suburbs. I went over, I went over, what’s today? Thursday? Thursday, yesterday. And the steel gate on the front, there’s a steel gate in the front of the house that was closed, but it was open. And you could see the ghouls walking back and forth. Oh God. And in the city provided plastic trash bins was neatly packaged, hefty bags, plastic bags full of their fucking trash overflowing. So at least they’re keeping their crack house nice. And they expect city services. And yet the city can’t find it in their heart. Look at this shit. It’s a fucking jungle. This is this fucking six year old look at all those trees. That’s crazy. See that door right there? They got a key to the door upstairs. They took the board off the window because when up there smoking this shit, it gets too hot.

But that shouldn’t be overgrown like that. Anyway,

See that garage right there? The door’s now torn off.

Wow. And that’s right across the See

The kids School. See kids. Look at the kids. Oh my God.


It’s not, come on, man.

Where’s the safe route? Do

The right thing.

Where’s the

Safe aside? Aside from doing the right thing, it’s a political win. I mean, you would think that would appease them or that might be a motivation.

No, because instead we are, they’re unveiling murals and new parks across the city. Tho that’s all I hear about are mules and parks.

Just do this because I, that’s it. I was looking, remember the Safeways to school program?

Safe Routes to School

Safe. I Google that. Do Detroit school children safe route blight, demolition, and watch what pops up every year during a state of the city or the Mackinaw Convention to get a new 10 million program. Bullshit. Yeah, because this is what the city looks like.

But that’s not fair. And residents should not accept this because this is not just the only one. Charlie, this is one that you’re talking about.

Right? Let’s not call ’em residents. Let’s call ’em people.

Well, okay, but I’m saying people, but

No, it’s important.

Well, okay. But they

Humanize it. It’s human constituents, residents, babies. Babies. I would never, I’m thinking adults, ever.

Charlie, they should not accept this.

But you know what they, they’ve been trying for decades.

But have they really?

Yes, they have. But Charlie, well, no, but me. I’ll tell you why. This city used to burn to get this shit out of their neighborhood. They tried everything. I see ’em carrying you. They go to city

Council. I understand that. But what I’m saying is,

Well, no, I’m, I’m not done with my fucking rant.


I’m not done with my rant

Then. Rant.

No way. They have tried. No, you can’t blame it. You can’t blame it on adults with a political body that does not listen to them. Where do they turn? I’m calling up.

Okay. I know. Now, can I say something? Yes, ma’am. All right. Thank you. I

Appreciate that. Yes, madam.

I’m sorry. No, no, no. You’re good. Charlie. I understand the passion behind this. I got that. But think about what you just said when you talked about the mayor in Chicago and that issue of crime and her inability or unwillingness to resolve that issue was what did not get her through the primary. So that in itself, to me, is a reason why stop upholding somebody who’s not upholding their commitment to this neighborhood. So that’s what I

Mean. I’ve been all around this great big country all around it. Many, many, many of the biggest cities. I’ve never seen that. That doesn’t happen in la. That does not happen in Brooklyn. That does not happen in Chicago. It’s true. Not one fucking neighborhood. Have I ever seen that? That is the scarlet letter. And again, talking to parents. Yeah. They don’t know what to

Do. And that’s unacceptable. So what I’m saying is for the people that keep saying that this is the comeback city, and that this administration is doing such a great job, and we’re better off now than we were 5, 10, 20 years ago, stop saying that when things like this exist. That’s all I’m saying.

And I say to the Detroit media, that is your submarine.


That kind of thing. Find it because we’re, we’re sinking

And it’s imploded.

All right. Well, I’m,


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