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A mentally ill woman and her two children, wrapped in bed sheets, freeze to death in a vacant lot.
Meanwhile, bureaucrats with the Michigan State Health Department refuse to acknowledge if the troubled woman was known to them.
The Sheriff calls for more mental health help.
The bureaucrats refuse to acknowledge him, too.
Either way, you know they’re cashing their paychecks.
Other news you should know that the media is not covering.
— The Biden Administration is faking the latest numbers on illegal immigration over the southern border.
— The U.S. Supreme Court has accepted the case of an Oakland County woman who had her home seized by the government for $900 in back taxes. The county sold the house for $300,000 and pocketed the difference.
— Macomb County Prosecutor Pete Lucido apologizes for his tweet of an uplifting message from Confederate General Robert E. Lee.
— Jackson, MI school board member Kesha Hamilton stands by her statement that “whiteness is so evil.
— Who wore it better? Michael Jackson, Kaitlin Jenner, Gretchen Whitmer, or “George Santos”?
— The No BS Newshour’s interview with Chris Cuomo goes viral.
— And Ali, the owner of the infamous Lafayette Coney Island, is struck by a car as he goes to dump his restaurant’s trash in a nearby alley.

Speaker 1 (00:06):
Yay. It’s snowing. Papa. Let’s build a snowman. A snowman. Papa. Yay. He’s pretty. He’s so alive. Papa. He’s alive. What should we name him? Let’s name him. Frisky Papa. Yay. Snowman named Frisky. Hey, Papa. Why is Frisky the snowman pulling down his pants?

Speaker 2 (00:32):
Because he sees the snowblower coming

Speaker 3 (00:35):

Speaker 4 (00:36):
Downtown Detroit. It’s snow with my

Speaker 5 (01:05):
Assistant breaking his Dobo Bullshit. Dobo bullshit.

Speaker 6 (01:11):
See, Steve, that’s, that’s what Byron does. That’s his open. The director of photography. Byron Goggin. Myron, his own work.

Speaker 3 (01:19):
<laugh> pretty. He should.

Speaker 6 (01:21):
It’s good. Welcome. Welcome. Steve. Freeze in. We got a magazine writer here. He’s joining us today, Karen. So be on your best behavior. Hey. Hey, mark. Yes. I didn’t want to wear the headsets. Okay. I don’t like wearing them. Turn that amp up a little bit and tell me if there’s any much feedback going out to the people.

Speaker 7 (01:39):

Speaker 6 (01:39):
Don’t hear any. I can’t hear myself. Oh, yeah, I can hear that. Is that good? Yeah, that’ll work. Oh, why don’t I just do that from now on?

Speaker 7 (01:45):
I don’t know. Headphones make you feel like you’re doing something. You

Speaker 6 (01:48):
Know? Put your headphones on. Karen

Speaker 7 (01:49):
<laugh>. She doesn’t want to do anything. That’s the only one with them on,

Speaker 6 (01:51):
Because your hair looks so nice today.

Speaker 7 (01:53):
<laugh>, today, every day. Oh

Speaker 6 (01:56):

Speaker 7 (01:56):
I gotcha. Charlie, you, mark. Thank you, mark. And despite the dirty joke open, but That’ss, okay, you didn’t like my snowblower. I was wondering why he kept looking around. I was like, okay, what am I doing? But it was the dirty joke. All

Speaker 6 (02:06):
Right, well, today we we’re going to give you a new segment that we just thought of, which is the news you need to know. We’re going to reorder it for get the no bullshit news. Hour twice a week for an hour, we tell you what you should be concentrating on. You know what I mean? But first I want to tell you about the paranoid woman wandering around a city in the bitter cold. Her children wrapped in bedsheets, Monica Kennedy and her son’s, nine year old Kyle and three year old Malik are found frozen dead last Sunday in Pontiac in an empty field near some old housing projects. How could this happen? A horrified community wants to know, was the state or the county mental health system previously aware of Kennedy’s dysphoria? Had they come in contact with her or her children before? Had they received help?

Mental health bureaucrats won’t say. They say privacy and confidentiality concerns, but those are just words. Nobody’s asking them to divulge Kennedy’s diagnosis or the family’s private details. What we want to know, what we need to know is if the system works, but the bureaucrats hide behind words through their silence. They allow the blame to fall on the boots of lawmen. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Department had multiple contact with the woman and her children over that frigid weekend. They even implored her to seek help or at least come into the warm station where they would get her children some coats, but she didn’t trust them. You see, she had issues. One deputy in particular may not have done a full sweep of the area where the family was last seen as he was ordered to do. Now he’s under investigation. We know this because Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard does not hide behind words.

How do we, not just as a police agency, he said, but societally, how do we prevent stuff like this in the future? How do we prevent people from falling through the cracks? How? Indeed, Michigan spends about 3 billion a year for mental healthcare for 300,000 poor and indigent citizens. That works out to be about a thousand dollars a person. It may not sound like much, but where does that money even go? The feds and the state send the money to 10 specific health plan providers, which in turn contract with county health authorities, which in turn contract with local clinics and hospitals and outreach agencies. That’s a lot of bureaucracy. That’s a lot of paychecks. And that leaves a lot of manic people slipping through a moth, bitten soci social safety net. Every time there’s a tragedy like this, one of a woman and her babies or a mass shooting or a police confrontation with a citizen who has lost a lightning society calls for more health and more mental health outreach, more money, more outreach workers, more everything.

But where are the mental health workers assigned to the police force? Bouchard would like to know, and I would like to know, and they would like to know in Minneapolis, and they would like to know in Grand Rapids, and they would like to know here in Detroit, because I see ’em every day, and I’ll just say what we get here besides the press conferences, is somebody who’s babbling and violent, if they will get in the car, the police drive ’em around the corner and drop ’em off there because they’re just not enough places. So where has all the money gone? More than 13 billion was sent to Michigan and its counties and its municipalities to help dig out of the economic and mental malaise caused by the pandemic. So where did the money go? Why is the sheriff left to beg and his deputy who’s not sufficiently trained in mental health crisis left to hang in a wind?

I’m not excusing him, but he’s not trained. The State Department of Health and Human Services is an unmitigated disaster full. We learn the depths of its incompetence from its see no evil response to nursing home deaths during the Covid pandemic, taking no responsibility for the life’s lost of the elderly, that it was charged to protect fact. And now the agency remains silent on the deaths of these three unfortunate souls if they know anything at all. Now, it’s important here. You may not know. Let me note that Michigan’s child welfare system is so decrepit. It’s been under federal oversight for 15 years, a decade and a half, and a report last January, one year to the day showed lax oversight of foster care homes and child abuse investigations routinely left uncompleted. I quote the judge, it was really depressing to read how little the state has accomplished.

If anything, we’ve slipped backwards. That’s a federal judge after 15 years, and the health and human services budget is 33 billion. That’s more than 40% of the entire budget of the state, and we don’t know the specifics of the life and times of Monica Kennedy or her babies, and we probably never will. That’s because bureaucrats prefer to hide behind empty words. What we do know is that as a sick woman was wandering, sleepless, trying to avoid the police in her mania, she received no help. Insomnia is a malady of the manic, but it’s also a curse of the guilty. Let’s hope our public officials wake up and actually accomplish something for the people and the children who they claim to serve.

Speaker 7 (08:25):
It’s not going to happen, Charlie.

Speaker 6 (08:27):
It’s not going to happen, Karen.

Speaker 7 (08:28):
It’s not going to happen. It’s too much money. Too many people making sizable checks to kick a can and to push a process that fails the people it’s supposed to serve. As you’re reading, I mean, as you’re giving your opening rant, Charlie, I’m going through a mental checklist of how many times this has repeated itself over the past, just several years, and they say the same thing. How do you prevent people from falling through the cracks? You feel the cracks. You start connecting the dots between all these multitude of services that are supposed to help people that don’t talk to each other. The left hand doesn’t know what’s going on with the right hand. I mean, that’s how you do it. You think about the family whose kids had been in a freezer for God knows how long and nobody even knew they were gone. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (09:15):
You think about faith, child protective services work. The school calls. Where’s the kids? That’s

Speaker 7 (09:19):
My point. You think about Faith Green, whose husband shot four kids. Nothing is on anybody’s radar.

Speaker 6 (09:24):
What? What’s going on? See, see, look. You would think, okay, there goes Lauff again. Taking the easy shot at a faceless bureaucracy. Are you kidding me? Fifth teen years. Did anybody know this? No. How long you, again, in the Detroit, the whole world was watching, how long were we under federal consent? Right? To fix the police. How long did that take?

Speaker 7 (09:50):

Speaker 6 (09:50):
Long. A decade and a half. Yep. Too long again. Well,

Speaker 8 (09:55):
How does it get worse too? That’s what I don’t understand. And the

Speaker 6 (09:58):
Judge, it’s never not

Speaker 8 (09:59):
Me. Yeah, it’s never going to be perfect. We all know that. I mean, it’s a bureaucracy almost by definition. But how does it get worse?

Speaker 6 (10:05):
I enco encourage people to Google that and find that report. In that report they’re talking about foster care homes. Yeah. And one instance in the report, they talk about how one of the caregivers, one of the adults, one of the social workers getting paid was, you have to read between the lines, but was carrying on a sexual relation to what they call abuse in the report of a 16 year old girl. And the 16 year old girl had to report it. And in the report it shows that the colleagues, the adult colleagues of the man knew about it and nobody reported shit. How in the world that’s criminal. Is this

Speaker 8 (10:44):
Possible? That’s criminal. I mean, that’s mandated reporting. They should be thrown in jail.

Speaker 7 (10:49):
But not just mandated reporting. Where’s the mandated response? That’s the thing. You could report something, but if it’s loft lost in a reporter in a document somewhere on somebody’s desk and nobody’s responding accordingly to that, then what difference does it make? Do you say, oh yeah, I reported it, but then

Speaker 8 (11:05):
This might be a terrible analogy, but we all know how awful Secretary of State and the Department of Motor Vehicles is to deal with be because it was this huge bureaucracy with no oversight. It’s gotten better.

Speaker 6 (11:17):
It’s gotten really

Speaker 8 (11:18):
Better. It’s gotten a lot better. So

Speaker 6 (11:19):
I I’ve already Hey, props to Jocelyn Benson. Seriously, it collapsed and it came back better.

Speaker 8 (11:25):
And while I agree with you, Karen, it will. It’s got a long way to go and I doubt it will ever get that much better. How does it get worse? As my don’t understand.

Speaker 6 (11:33):
My driver’s license is already renewed and I got a couple of months. Right. They got it to me a couple months early. Yeah. Online.

Speaker 8 (11:41):
Yeah. It’s simple now. And

Speaker 6 (11:42):
It’ll be here within 30. That’s a, you got to give the credit where the credits due. That’s true. This is a woman. It’s a duck wandering around her. Her babies are wrapped in sheets. Yep. The whole neighborhood’s calling. You got to give the sheriff’s department the credit. They came in contact with her a couple of times. They did. And they were trying to find her all weekend long till she got lost.

Speaker 7 (12:05):
But even people that she encountered, it’s not normal for someone to walk around outside in the winter with their children wrapped in sheets. That should be a flag.

Speaker 6 (12:14):
Yeah. Everybody’s calling now again, I don’t know Right, if the state has a file on these people. I’m trying to be completely honest about that.

Speaker 8 (12:26):
They don’t tell you though. I mean they don’t that their answer is that Well, we don’t know.

Speaker 6 (12:29):
We don’t know. And then remember to kick the money to the county. The county says they don’t know. I

Speaker 8 (12:34):
Mean, communication can be the first way they improve shit,

Speaker 7 (12:38):
Right? Yeah. I mean, but the agencies don’t talk to each other. Exactly. I learned that several years ago. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. There is not a reservoir from which all agencies can pull the same information. So there’s a duplication of effort. There’s a duplication of process, and at the end of the day, there’s still no results. Paychecks.

Speaker 6 (12:57):
Yep. It’s paychecks. That’s it. Speaking of paychecks, hit me with Luke. What do you do with that paycheck? <laugh>. You don’t cash it. Put the money under your pillow. You don’t put it into the market. And just be guessing. You need a strategy. Do I have the music? Yeah. I cannot hear it.

Speaker 8 (13:13):
Oh, there it is. It’s crazy. You

Speaker 7 (13:15):
Don’t have your headphones on.

Speaker 8 (13:17):
It’s because you have your headphones

Speaker 6 (13:18):
On. I told you

Speaker 8 (13:21):
Was either you didn’t have your headphones on or I forgot to cue it.

Speaker 6 (13:24):
Let’s just get back to Monday lunch. I

Speaker 7 (13:27):
Gave you an out mark. I know.

Speaker 6 (13:28):
Thank you. What I just a great,

Speaker 8 (13:30):
It’s no bullshit, Karen. I messed it up. I know. I’m sorry.

Speaker 6 (13:33):
Overacts not a strategy for the long term investors. Neither is bearing your head in the sand and hoping it all turns out for the best. I met them that watch what’s coming out of Davos, man, princess doom and gloom. And then they all get together and kind of bullshit. You call themselves masters of the universe. They masters is shit. That’s why I call my friend Luke Nackey at Pinnacle. Well, help me navigate the unknown. 2, 4, 8, 6, 6, 3, 4, 7, 4 8. Rational financial advice. What’s going to do

Speaker 9 (14:07):

Speaker 6 (14:07):
What’s inflation going to do? Continue

Speaker 7 (14:09):
To kick our nine.

Speaker 6 (14:10):
I can’t guess it. The price of eggs coming down a little bit.

Speaker 7 (14:13):
What’s Ray talking about? Price of eggs.

Speaker 6 (14:15):
Because they’re very high. Karen, call Luke Noki.

Speaker 8 (14:18):
He’ll buy your eggs. Is he going to

Speaker 7 (14:19):

Speaker 6 (14:19):
My eggs? Maybe you shouldn’t have. Invest in eggs. 2, 4, 8, 6 6. 3 4 7, 4 8. Another way. You saved your money. You call legacy partners. Hey Bernie. You call legacy partners. Did they save you Boo coup? Did you buy chickens with it for your farm out there? I have eggs. He has eggs. See that? Look what? Look what he did. Why did

Speaker 7 (14:37):
He bring

Speaker 6 (14:37):
Eggs? Bernie from XG Services Group has a big company. He’ll get you eggs. They call legacy partners. What can you do for me personally and for the company? They save him. Buku. Bernie takes the savings, buy him, sells some chicken and saves Boo. C. Coo coo,

Speaker 8 (14:51):

Speaker 7 (14:52):
So Bernie, why don’t you bring us eggs instead of baseball caps and thermal cups. I won’t

Speaker 6 (14:57):
Actually. Okay, look at that. Look in a gift. Chicken in the mouth. <laugh>. Listen they’re independent. So they shop nothing to gain here. They shop for you. Right? Find you the low. Everybody in this room’s worked with him. They call seven to 10 carriers for your insurance to find you the best deal. What are you do? I’m, I’m telling you haven’t done it yet, but I know you’re going to. I am. I know you’re going to 5 8 6 2 0 9 4 1 0 6. Tell ’em I sent you. Mm-hmm. If they don’t call you back the same day, call me, send me a no. Go to our new popular website, bitch. I’ll call ’em. Make sure they call you <laugh>. I swear it again.

Speaker 7 (15:33):
That’s great. No, that’s okay. They better be ready when I call. They better.

Speaker 6 (15:36):
Oh, they better. They better be ready. That’s a queen of the scene,

Speaker 7 (15:38):
You know. No, I’m just saying. I don’t, you know, none of that.

Speaker 6 (15:41):
You hear that. Legacy 5 8 6 2 9 4 1 0 6. You’re looking for queen of the scene. And finally, hall Financial. Eight six. Call hall or chat Do you know interest rates? Mortgage rates are like at a five month low.

Speaker 8 (15:55):
Yeah, I did know that. Yeah. They’re going down, down,

Speaker 6 (15:58):
Down now. Maybe the time you were waiting. Now. Maybe the time. I don’t know what inflation’s going to do. It goes up again. Here come the interest rates again. Right. Call ’em up. They’re, they’re not a hard sell. If you’ve been putting away for the house, you don’t want to pay the rent. Eight sixty six call hall. How many five star reviews they got?

Speaker 8 (16:18):
Oh God. Over 6,000. Over

Speaker 6 (16:19):
6,000. Did you use them?

Speaker 8 (16:21):
Good company? Yeah. No. Good company. I know a lot of people that work

Speaker 6 (16:23):
There. Did

Speaker 8 (16:24):
You use them? Yes, I did. I

Speaker 6 (16:25):
Used them. I mean, we don’t bullshit you. We don’t just have anybody on this program. We don’t believe in you. We’re not going to spread the word about you. Amen. Call Right. Amen. Plus, if you what the If 40, over 40% of Americans now are carrying their credit card debt over. Yeah. It’s

Speaker 8 (16:43):
Doubled. If it’s that high too, they’ll, you can pull money out. If

Speaker 6 (16:47):
You carry it over, man, you’re paying 20% interest. You got equity in your home. It’s ridiculous.

Speaker 7 (16:50):
Yeah. Pay it off. It’s over.

Speaker 6 (16:51):
It’s a home equity loan. Call ’em up. Find out between five and seven. Yeah. No-brainer. Yeah,

Speaker 7 (16:56):
It’s over

Speaker 6 (16:57):
20%. Save on your insurance. Save on your interest payments. Take the savings. Give it to and test them properly. No bullshit’s.

Speaker 8 (17:06):
Pretty simple.

Speaker 7 (17:07):
Buy some chickens,

Speaker 8 (17:08):
<laugh>, all

Speaker 6 (17:11):
That. All right. What’s our new segment call Mark. We just invented

Speaker 8 (17:17):
What’s in the news.

Speaker 6 (17:18):
What’s news? The reason I did that is because you still don’t know the effect. Do.

Speaker 8 (17:24):
No, we haven’t. Byron,

Speaker 6 (17:25):
Am I,

Speaker 8 (17:26):
What is it Byron moving around again.

Speaker 6 (17:28):
He’s talking and carrying on and you don’t

Speaker 7 (17:30):
Hey, Byron’s the mate. Stuff

Speaker 6 (17:32):
Look good. Yeah. But just like after this show,

Speaker 7 (17:37):
Listen, I got a whole new level of respect for Byron. Let him talk.

Speaker 6 (17:40):
I’m just,

Speaker 8 (17:41):
You don’t need to let him talk. Let

Speaker 7 (17:42):
Him talk. Let him do whatever it is.

Speaker 6 (17:44):
Three rooms in this dump.

Speaker 7 (17:46):
It’s not a dump, it’s a penthouse.

Speaker 6 (17:48):
Let him talk that. Great. That’s all. What is this? 9:10 AM

Speaker 7 (17:52):

Speaker 8 (17:53):
The super

Speaker 7 (17:53):
Station. I wouldn’t be here if it were.

Speaker 8 (17:56):
Ooh. Well story

Speaker 6 (17:58):
There would’ve worked at 9:10 AM for three

Speaker 7 (18:00):
Years. Yeah. But I left on my own turn because it was not an ideal environment. And I did a Byron in a Charlie.

Speaker 8 (18:07):
Hmm. I want to hear that story someday. Where’s

Speaker 6 (18:10):
The music? What’s new in the news?

Speaker 8 (18:12):
Well, we have the old one. You want to do this? Well then, okay. The no BS news hour presents. What’s bullshit in the

Speaker 6 (18:20):

Speaker 8 (18:21):

Speaker 6 (18:22):
We needed it though. We paid

Speaker 8 (18:23):
For that.

Speaker 6 (18:25):

Speaker 8 (18:26):
Plus Karen loves

Speaker 6 (18:27):
It. Breaking news.

Speaker 8 (18:28):
Oh, that one I have. Yeah, that one I have. Yeah.

Speaker 7 (18:32):
He didn’t know where the button is.

Speaker 6 (18:35):
Ali, the principal partner at Lafayette Coney Island, which I do not eat at for obvious reasons. Ali has just been struck by a car in Michigan Avenue. Yep. What got hit by a car today? I

Speaker 7 (18:52):
Didn’t get hit by a car, Charlie,

Speaker 6 (18:53):
Just not an hour ago. How’d he get hit by a car? And what is he doing in this?

Speaker 7 (18:57):
What is he doing in the street with my question?

Speaker 6 (18:59):
Like, oh, what was he doing? Oh yeah. Remember they had an issue with their trash.

Speaker 7 (19:04):
Oh, yes. So

Speaker 6 (19:05):
He found a dumpster across Michigan Avenue in the alley, and he had the trash bags over his shoulder. Wasn’t really checking, and the driver wasn’t really checking and bam.

Speaker 7 (19:17):
Oh, so he’s taking this trash to somebody else’s dumpster? Yeah. Oh my God. Possibly.

Speaker 8 (19:23):
I got to,

Speaker 6 (19:24):
We’re working on that story right now. We’ll be back.

Speaker 8 (19:27):
I got a different take. Cause we all drive down here. How do you hit a person? There’s nobody. Not easily. There’s no cars. No. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (19:39):
There was actually a cop on the corner. Whoa. Really? There was actually a cop downtown on the corner.

Speaker 8 (19:45):

Speaker 6 (19:46):
And they arrested the driver immediately and he’s been taken to the station. Now you might want good, what was the cop doing on the corners? Picking up being, is this

Speaker 8 (19:55):
No, no. Is this more breaking news? They

Speaker 6 (19:57):
Just, right, right here at the Court of Michigan in Lafayette, breaking news. Don’t make a right on red. They just put up a sign that you can’t see and they’re waiting for you to do

Speaker 8 (20:05):
It. Oh,

Speaker 6 (20:05):
Really? It’s a windfall. Wow. Don’t

Speaker 7 (20:07):
Make a right on Bri. Okay.

Speaker 6 (20:09):
But Ali, God, justice, he’s been rushed to the hospital with his head’s busted open. But he’ll do fine. Okay. Lord willing, we

Speaker 7 (20:15):
Hope he’ll be okay. Yeah. You don’t wish. I don’t, don’t wish anything bad on

Speaker 6 (20:18):
Somebody. I feel bad for that man, because like homeless peop people beat him up. You know what I mean? Mm-hmm. When he doesn’t promise him the amount he’s going to pay for the food stamps and people throw bricks through his window and Well, health Department shuts him down. You know?

Speaker 7 (20:33):
Can’t be a bad person. It will come back to you. So

Speaker 6 (20:35):
I can’t

Speaker 7 (20:36):
Say he was a bad person. Didn’t, I’m just saying you can’t do bad things and if you’re not being honest and you’re misleading and you’re disingenuous, you, it won’t come back to you. What

Speaker 6 (20:44):
Does that mean? What are you talking about? You

Speaker 7 (20:46):
Said, talking about Ali. You’re saying that he doesn’t, do you know the man? No, I don’t know

Speaker 6 (20:51):
Him. You say such things then.

Speaker 7 (20:52):
What are you talking about? Charlie?

Speaker 6 (20:53):
Allegedly, he’s a disingenuous.

Speaker 7 (20:56):
You just said that he promises homeless people something and then he doesn’t pay them. I’m based on what

Speaker 6 (21:01):
You said. I just said the facts. I mean, I’m making no,

Speaker 7 (21:03):
So if you’re saying facts, I’m paying a comment based on those facts. Yeah.

Speaker 8 (21:07):
Are you saying there’s a common denominator?

Speaker 6 (21:09):
What? Karen? Are

Speaker 7 (21:10):
You all I’m saying what is happening here? I wish

Speaker 6 (21:12):
Here <laugh>. I’m just telling you facts. I will not judge the man’s soul.

Speaker 8 (21:16):
Sure. I don’t want to get hit by a car either. That

Speaker 7 (21:18):
Sucks. No. Okay. I’m going to say this and you can apply it to Ali or anybody else. You cannot be a bad person and expect to live a good life. It will come back on you in some shape, form, or fashion. Next story.

Speaker 6 (21:31):
Chris Cuomo blowing up in the news. <laugh>. Go ahead.

Speaker 8 (21:35):

Speaker 6 (21:38):
Chris Cuomo appearing on the no BS News hour last week. It took the me in the media slow, but they finally got it in the New York Post leads the way with Fredo fumes.

Speaker 7 (21:51):
They, no, not slow Charlie. They weren’t interested until he appeared on this podcast.

Speaker 6 (21:56):
But he appeared last week. He showed up this weekend. I

Speaker 7 (21:58):
Understand they have to take time and think about how to frame. Well,

Speaker 6 (22:00):
Give me some analysis, Karen. Why? How far is this going?

Speaker 7 (22:04):
It’s going to continue to go, but until they think of something else. But from my perspective, this benefited him a little bit because he was just kind of like on the back burner. And this is bringing him back into the forefront. So he should thank you for it.

Speaker 6 (22:16):
Well, you were before the program. Y’all chatty about it. Didn’t you say other people are picking it

Speaker 7 (22:21):
Up? Yeah, there it was another news agency on Twitter. What

Speaker 6 (22:26):
Does Cuomo says? He’ll never be what he was at cnn

Speaker 7 (22:29):
N Yeah. But everybody’s picking up on it now because they weren’t listening to him, but they were listening to him on this podcast.

Speaker 6 (22:35):
But I say good for Chris Cuomo. You for him more at cnn. Yeah,

Speaker 7 (22:39):
I know. So you want to be

Speaker 6 (22:40):

Speaker 7 (22:41):
It’s dude did comedy routines on air with his brother, the New York’s governor during the pandemic for, it’s a lot of stuff on Twitter. I know you don’t. You’re not big on the people on

Speaker 6 (22:52):
Twitter. Thanks for the heavy prep.

Speaker 7 (22:55):
Hey, this, I’m here for my opinion. Right.

Speaker 8 (22:57):
Chris has a long way to go before people are going to start listening to him and believing him again.

Speaker 6 (23:03):

Speaker 8 (23:03):
Don’t know. Based on the comments

Speaker 6 (23:05):
He’s got, he’s got, guy was number one on seeing. I mean, what was fucking talking

Speaker 8 (23:08):
About it? No, but it’s that hard to rebuild once someone doesn’t like you. Yeah. You know what I mean? And he

Speaker 7 (23:13):
Got a lot of negative pushback. I mean, people were commenting, they were like, he has to re-earn the trust that he had. He has to re-earn the interest in the value that he had at one time.

Speaker 6 (23:23):
Oh, because the right hates him. And then all of a sudden the left decided to hate him and might be best for the man to be in the middle. Right where most people live. You should have done that in the first place. He says he did. Go ahead and read the articles or go to no BS new hour news and watch the whole interview. Yeah. It’s the best thing to do.

Speaker 7 (23:41):
That’s where he found himself in the middle with you in

Speaker 6 (23:45):
Solar, by the way. Like the dudes from Flint. The ones, mm-hmm. I don’t need your bullshit on the weekend. Hey I can’t believe you let Cobo off the hook. He’s a fucking asshole. And now we’re all looking at you lad duff like your suspect. Turn it off. I don’t care. Right. The whole point is a wide,

Speaker 7 (24:08):
If people have choices, if this is not in line with what they want to hear, they have a right to turn it off. Turn the channel.

Speaker 6 (24:14):
I got the same shit when you go. I go on Tucker Carlson. That’s true. Now who do you think of?

Speaker 7 (24:18):
So have you heard from Tucker? Is he jealous?

Speaker 6 (24:21):
Oh, I doubt it. Okay. No, I think he’s doing fine. He’s doing fine. He’s, he’s loved by 4 million people and hate by

Speaker 7 (24:27):
I’m talking 40 million you Charlie. I’m talking about you. He has to share him his share. You with Chris now? That’s what I was talking

Speaker 6 (24:33):
About. Well, you know how it is, but a pretty girl don’t get called <laugh> io. What? Don’t you guys

Speaker 10 (24:41):
Do a threesome?

Speaker 6 (24:43):
What does a Santa about?

Speaker 7 (24:45):
Yeah, I know. I don’t

Speaker 6 (24:46):
<laugh>. Get out <laugh>. What the fuck? We’ll just sit on an egg. All right, well there’s that. Yeah. Hold on here. Macomb County prosecutor, Pete Lucido in the news

Speaker 7 (25:03):

Speaker 6 (25:04):
For posting a inspirational message during this season, just before Black History month. But unfortunately, it was from Confederate General, Robert E. Lee. I’ll quote it. But what a crucial thing is war to separate and destroy families and friends and the purest joys and happiness God has granted us in this world to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors and devastate the fair face of this beautiful world. The problem is, everybody wants to tell you, Robert E. Lee really wasn’t a racist story person that wanted to maintain slavery. They said he went to West Point and he was against slavery, and he just loved Virginia so much that he had to just lead the Confederate forces. I don’t, I don’t know if that’s going to win if you’re opponent. No. And in the devastate, the fair face, I this on the Eve Black History month. No. Yeah. Not a good look. So I got sent that by Reverend Rideout. I got sent the screenshot and I’m like, could this be fucking true? So I look at this on Twitter and it says, Wayne County prosecute and it’s following one and it’s Adobe. Yeah. I say,

Speaker 7 (26:31):
You said Wayne

Speaker 6 (26:32):
Thank you for that. So he’s following Adobe and there’s five people following him. And I’m like, this got to be a fake account. And then I look up Pete Lucido, and then there’s the followers and stuff, and it’s nowhere in there. And I’m like, man, we got to go on air. But it was true. And Pete hired a social media person, older person who obviously is doing this. Let me just find inspirational quotes from people’s whose birthday it is. So you go, whose birthday’s today? Right? Robert E. Lee <laugh>. What’s some inspirational quote? You tweeted, you dummy.

Speaker 7 (27:10):
Why was it an older person? Maybe that sounds like something a younger person would do.

Speaker 6 (27:13):
Exactly. More surprising news.

Speaker 7 (27:15):
Yeah. I mean, that sounds like a kid, doesn’t it? Jesus. I mean it does. It sounds like somebody young,

Speaker 6 (27:22):
So, huh? I

Speaker 8 (27:24):
Was going to say, are you trying to get me canceled?

Speaker 7 (27:26):
No, not at all. Robert E. Lee. No, you wouldn’t do that. I’m saying that the scope is a little more myopic of a younger person in terms of something like that.

Speaker 6 (27:35):
Well, now the prosecutor apologized and said unfortunately, the greater context of Robert E. Lee has of the Confederate states, the relationship to our shameful slave history and the hurtful nature of commemorating him to many in our community was not considered, I do not support or condone Robert e Lee’s role in the American Civil War, or what the Confederate army was trying to achieve. So I had a long talk with the prosecutor. He was going to come on and I don’t know where he is. I’m just skim a call. Skim a

Speaker 8 (28:10):

Speaker 6 (28:11):
Pick up here. New phone.

Speaker 8 (28:18):
Who? This? Yeah.

Speaker 6 (28:23):
Maybe it’s just the toilet.

Speaker 8 (28:25):
No, he’d have his phone with him. Maybe

Speaker 7 (28:27):
He’s at lunch.

Speaker 8 (28:28):
He answer if he’s in the toilet.

Speaker 7 (28:30):
Maybe he knows you’re trying to, I

Speaker 6 (28:31):
Dunno. Maybe his class <laugh>

Speaker 8 (28:32):
What you’re trying to tell

Speaker 6 (28:34):
Me. He’s into a mean round of solitaire.

Speaker 8 (28:38):
Oh, here we go.

Speaker 11 (28:39):
Hi, you pee. Sorry, I’m not here to get your call right now. At the tone, please read your name, your phone number, and the time that you called.

Speaker 7 (28:47):

Speaker 11 (28:49):
As soon as I can. Let’s make it a great day.

Speaker 8 (28:51):
Oh, that’s a nice message.

Speaker 12 (28:53):
At the tone, please record your message. When you finish recording, you may hang up or press

Speaker 8 (28:57):
One. These messages Nowaday,

Speaker 6 (29:01):
Mr. Prosecutor, it’s Charlie Lad and Karen Douma at the no BS News Hour. What the fuck, bro?

Speaker 7 (29:07):

Speaker 6 (29:08):
What you going to come on? Anyway? Give me a call and you make it a great day.

Speaker 7 (29:14):
Now I’m saying when people say leave your name number in the time that you call, they can all see that all of that’s on your phone now. That’s old school message.

Speaker 6 (29:23):
Wait a minute, still on the line. And don’t want him to think we’re putting him down for his phone habits. No. Okay.

Speaker 7 (29:29):
I don’t, I mean, I don’t have an issue

Speaker 6 (29:30):
With, I don’t even check my voicemail, man. No one

Speaker 7 (29:32):
Does. Well, I have a message that says, do not leave a voicemail because I do not check my messages. And people turn around and still leave a message.

Speaker 6 (29:40):

Speaker 8 (29:41):
What’s the fallout been for this? Are people calling for him to resign?

Speaker 6 (29:46):
Yeah. Reverend Rideout was calling for him to resign. Reverend Rideout, I mean, he’s a known entity in the Civil Rights Battle here in Michigan and in the streets. And him. Karen, don’t you?

Speaker 7 (30:00):
Yeah, I do know Pastor write out, and I mean, I applaud anybody who stands up for what they believe in. I do. But we got some bigger issues that we need to tackle. And are you

Speaker 8 (30:13):
Saying its just a tweet?

Speaker 7 (30:14):
No, I’m not saying that it’s, yeah, in this case it probably is just a tweet. And especially because Pete didn’t do it himself. Apologize. Yeah. But then everybody apologizes. But I do think that people have to be more deliberate in the decisions they make about those that represent them. Whether it’s through Twitter, whether it’s a spokesperson, whether you cut my mic off.

Speaker 8 (30:34):
No, no, no. Was I turned the water down. I want feedback.

Speaker 7 (30:37):
Oh, okay. Well, feeding. I’m just saying people have to be more deliberate and more thoughtful about the people they choose to represent him.

Speaker 6 (30:44):
And why would we, in the middle of a deep thought, would you do that?

Speaker 8 (30:47):
Because I wanted everybody to hear the deep thought and not feedback

Speaker 6 (30:50):
So fucking anal. You are. He

Speaker 8 (30:51):
Is. He’s So it was with audio. I

Speaker 6 (30:53):
Tried. I love working with you, brother. Thank you.

Speaker 8 (30:54):
Makes for an analogy. All right.

Speaker 6 (30:56):
No, no, no, no. Greg. Cold open too. Nice. Snowman. Thank you. Did you put the carrot in there while your daughters were looking? No. Thank God I waited. And a beautiful

Speaker 8 (31:04):
Man, and it’s not there anymore.

Speaker 6 (31:05):
It’s just the bit <laugh>. It’s not there anymore. Did you eat it? Did you put it in creamy sauce and eat?

Speaker 7 (31:12):
Please, please stop. The frat house humor.

Speaker 8 (31:15):
I did put it back in the fridge with,

Speaker 6 (31:17):
Oh no.

Speaker 8 (31:19):
What’s wrong with that? I don’t want to waste food.

Speaker 6 (31:21):
Well, inflation on it. I’m joking around with the prosecutor. Yeah, because it, he’s caught in meetings about a rash of elder abuse situations in McComb. Right. Which goes back to the top of the program. I want to ask him about mental health law enforcement, and

Speaker 7 (31:39):
That’s what we need to be talking about. That’s what I’m saying. And I’m not dismissing the relevance or the impact of a misguided tweet or comment. I’m not, and I applaud Pastor Rideout for what he does this time and on a regular basis. But we’ve got issues that impact our quality of life, that require that same level of energy and commitment.

Speaker 6 (31:59):
If you listen in Reverend Rideout call in seven three four NB News, N B N E W S 7 34.

Speaker 7 (32:09):
You want me to text him? Is

Speaker 6 (32:10):
That correct?

Speaker 8 (32:11):
Yeah, that’s right. Yep. Okay.

Speaker 6 (32:12):
Yep. Hi, Byron <laugh>. Okay. So he doesn’t hide from it. He apologized. He’s been on camera. He was going to come on and talk about, and then some bigger things. But in order to be balanced, made some calls on this. But I am quoting from a newspaper article, not quoting, but just giving you some facts. Keisha Hamilton on the Jackson County Public School Board was tweeting black woman. Right. Tweeted a couple things. I’ll quote it. Whiteness is so evil. It manipulates then says, I won’t apologize for my dishonesty and trauma inducing practices and think you should applaud it for being honest about its ability to manipulate and be dishonest. And then she goes on to say, the last thing you have to worry about is an animal, though. That could be a very real threat, more dangerous. Are any white folks you see on the trail what? Be safe? Yeah. Now she stands by it.

Speaker 7 (33:17):

Speaker 6 (33:18):
Oh, by the way she has six children to a white man.

Speaker 7 (33:24):
Okay, then we can just stop that conversation.

Speaker 6 (33:25):
Oh, well, again, another public official. That’s a big deal. Jackson is one of the most integrated

Speaker 7 (33:31):
I know

Speaker 6 (33:31):
Places in Michigan,

Speaker 7 (33:32):
But I’m saying, I mean, and nevermind.

Speaker 8 (33:34):
You think it was shaped and informed by the fact that, are they, you said they’re, are they X? I mean, are there? Oh yeah.

Speaker 7 (33:40):
So it doesn’t matter. The, but that’s a whole nother conversation terms of that’s all this whole pro anti thing. But then where are you going home? Come on, pick one.

Speaker 6 (33:50):
Well, like the truths are the truth. You know what I mean? And they need to be discussed. That’s true. Right? We need to know where we’ve been, to know where we’re going, but to actually know where the fuck we are right now.

Speaker 7 (34:01):
That’s true. That would be helpful.

Speaker 6 (34:02):
That shit’s not helpful.

Speaker 7 (34:04):
Now it’s not. And I understand, understand that people get frustrated on both sides of the fence. I understand that. But as I said with Pete, we have to be deliberate in our words and our comments and think about what do we want out of ’em as a result? Are we trying to make people mad? Are we trying to offend them? Or are we trying to move to a different place?

Speaker 6 (34:21):
No, both sides of the fence here. This is people trying to create a cattle pen.

Speaker 7 (34:25):
Well, okay then that’s what it is. But I’m say, go ahead. See Byron,

Speaker 6 (34:30):
He talking, what did I say? No, you’re good. I don’t, it’s good. No, you got to resign. It’s fucking straight up racist shit. No,

Speaker 7 (34:39):
She’s on a school board

Speaker 6 (34:41):
For six year term.

Speaker 7 (34:42):
Those commons have a different implication. So

Speaker 6 (34:45):
You know what she does? It’s got a firm that teaches D, diversity and equity. D

Speaker 7 (34:52):

Speaker 6 (34:52):
How is that? Huh? How’s that? That’s divisive.

Speaker 7 (34:56):
It is <laugh>

Speaker 8 (34:57):
The very least. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (34:59):
Again, I believe in talking about really where we come from. And maybe she

Speaker 7 (35:02):
Was angry at her husband, ex-husband.

Speaker 6 (35:05):
A message was left at the school board. Madam, if you want to come on and explain it. I’m listening. As a mixed person. As a mixed person, as a narcoleptic. Come on. How do we make a better place?

Speaker 7 (35:19):

Speaker 6 (35:19):
True. Here in the no bullshit lunch hour.

Speaker 7 (35:22):
See, people get caught up in attacking the person instead of the behavior. Instead of saying, I don’t like when people do A, B, and C, then they direct their words toward people that look like them. It becomes a comprehensive thing. It’s not all short people. It’s not all this type of people. It’s the behavior of that person that you have an issue with. And it needs to be directed in that manner.

Speaker 6 (35:45):
Yep. Want to know what’s next that you should be paying attention for. Two. This is huge. Especially in this tri-county broke ass. We’re all losing our home. Especially Wayne County, right? Yes. This is important. Everybody should keep track of the United States. Supreme Court has agreed to hear this case. One of the principal plaintiffs is Tawanda Hall. We got a message into her lawyers of Oakland County who had accrued property tax debt. Right? Yeah. You kind of miss it. You fall. You didn’t make the water bill. Right? 900 bucks. 900 bucks.

Speaker 8 (36:21):
It happens.

Speaker 6 (36:23):
Then didn’t take care of it. You got the penalties. You got the interest. You got the fees. So after three years, it comes out to $22,000. Wow. County seizes the home tax foreclosure.

Speaker 8 (36:37):
I think she contact them to make a payment plan and was doing the payment plan. Did you talk

Speaker 6 (36:41):
To her?

Speaker 8 (36:42):
No, I read the story.

Speaker 6 (36:44):

Speaker 8 (36:45):
<laugh>. Sorry. I’m just saying she was on the road to paying it off and then missed a couple

Speaker 6 (36:50):
And missed the payment. Well, we see, we got to get it. Can we work hard on that? Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 8 (36:54):
I’m trying to try not the

Speaker 6 (36:55):

Speaker 8 (36:55):
Her. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. I don’t want

Speaker 6 (36:57):
Talk to a lawyer. So she’s behind, she made an effort, still fell behind county. Her house was worth $300,000. So for $300,000. Wow. On a $22,000 debt county pocketed the money. Didn’t take their 22 and give her the rest. They pocketed it.

Speaker 7 (37:17):
That doesn’t

Speaker 6 (37:18):
Seem fake. So is that an unreasonable seizure of your assets? True. That’s constitutional question.

Speaker 7 (37:25):
Yeah, that doesn’t sound right. That doesn’t sound fair.

Speaker 6 (37:27):
Well, who we have in this program, the firefighter trying to fix the house.

Speaker 7 (37:31):
Yeah. Funes.

Speaker 6 (37:32):
They give Funes, they give it back. It’s 4,000 in arrears are going to take it again. Yep. After he puts 20 grand into it, the only guy this doesn’t happen to is Gilchrist.

Speaker 8 (37:41):

Speaker 7 (37:42):
That’s not cool. That’s

Speaker 6 (37:44):
Outrageous. It’s

Speaker 8 (37:45):
Horseshit. That’s not cool. It’s horseshit.

Speaker 6 (37:47):
So we agree as the justices of the lunch hour that we need to rescind that la Yes, we do.

Speaker 8 (37:53):
Oh my God. Yeah. And it’s not just her. It’s happened to a bunch of people. Not just only in Michigan, but other places too. It’s

Speaker 6 (37:59):
Like 12 states have this. Yeah. And why are we always in one of the shit states? Why are we always in that a

Speaker 7 (38:04):
Great point. That’s how we perform.

Speaker 6 (38:05):
Every time you look at it, some, it’s

Speaker 7 (38:07):
This’s how we perform. Charlie, if

Speaker 6 (38:08):
It’s good, we’re not at the top. If it’s bad, we’re right

Speaker 8 (38:10):
There. Yeah. If it’s only X amount of states do it. We’re always one of mine. You

Speaker 6 (38:13):
The one there are money bad.

Speaker 7 (38:15):
Yes. Yeah. That’s not cool. Yeah. At all.

Speaker 6 (38:18):
Yeah. But that’s, it’s been going on for decades.

Speaker 7 (38:20):
Yeah, that’s true.

Speaker 6 (38:22):
All right. This from you Karen. It’s

Speaker 7 (38:25):
From me. Very

Speaker 6 (38:26):
Busy. Who wore it best?

Speaker 7 (38:29):
Oh, <laugh>. Give me the hard stuff. But

Speaker 6 (38:33):
Like brunette red ensemble.

Speaker 7 (38:37):
I don’t wear red.

Speaker 6 (38:39):
Let’s start with this. Michael Jackson. Nice. Wavy hair. Nice. What color would that Oxford be there? Karen?

Speaker 7 (38:49):
That is red. Red,

Speaker 6 (38:50):
Red. Nice. And here is Caitlin Jenner wearing a nice, what kind of design? What kind of dress would this be? Carrot.

Speaker 7 (39:00):
It’s just, it’s red. I mean, is this as simple? I don’t know.

Speaker 6 (39:03):
What style of dress is that?

Speaker 7 (39:05):
I don’t know if it’s a dress or if this a top. I mean, I don’t know. Yeah, I have to see the whole thing. It’s a scoop neck. It’s short sleeve, mid lift sleeve. I don’t know. Charlie,

Speaker 6 (39:15):
Come on, Kara. Make an effort. There’s listeners. Just

Speaker 13 (39:18):
Make it up.

Speaker 7 (39:18):
Just make up Karen. It’s, it’s red. Don’t. Okay. It’s a red dress. And one thing I will say, it’s expensive.

Speaker 6 (39:25):
And the jewel, I’ll tell you that those jewels real, that

Speaker 7 (39:28):
Probably not. It looks costume, but it’s still costume. Jewelry can be very expensive

Speaker 6 (39:31):
Too. Very

Speaker 7 (39:31):
Expensive. People trivialize it, but it can be very expensive.

Speaker 6 (39:34):
And then, okay, and then here we have governor Gretchen. Can we send her that? What’s, what’s going on there? What’s she wearing there also?

Speaker 7 (39:45):

Speaker 6 (39:46):
Red dress. Scoop neck. A

Speaker 7 (39:49):
No, it’s a wrap.

Speaker 6 (39:51):
Oh, it’s, it’s like a tunic.

Speaker 7 (39:52):
It’s a V-neck. I can’t tell if it’s a dress or a top, but it’s a V-neck. So it looks like it may be, and it may wrap at the waist in either she has on a shirt or a cassol under it. Or it’s a dress that already has a pre-made insert

Speaker 6 (40:06):
Plus B bling, like Caitlin’s

Speaker 7 (40:08):
Wearing. That’s not bling. That’s like, ugh. It’s not quite

Speaker 6 (40:11):
Bling. That’s probably real though.

Speaker 7 (40:13):
It may be. Now that’s that Michigan thing that she always wears. No, the pendant. Yeah. Yeah. The pendant that has the Michigan out. The outline of the mm-hmm. Yeah. That’s what that is.

Speaker 6 (40:21):
And only we have this George Santos in a nice <laugh>. Nice brunette wig. And what kind of dress would you call that? The feathers

Speaker 7 (40:30):
Kind of looks like a drag queen outfit.

Speaker 6 (40:33):
Well, it is. I

Speaker 7 (40:34):
Mean but it looks like it’d be like the birdcage show. The, that they did in the birdcage. That’s what they meant. Well,

Speaker 6 (40:40):
What the thing, he

Speaker 13 (40:41):
Knows how to accessorize. I’ll tell

Speaker 7 (40:42):
You that one. Lots of rhinestones. Lots of rhinestones. Yeah. I mean, and not bad for a guy. Actually. And

Speaker 6 (40:47):
Let me tell you something. George Santos, if that’s his name, <laugh>, is a Republican. And it hears to the cause to the foundation, to the bylaws of the social bylaws of which they’re going by now. Which is fine. He might dress in drag, but he never taught public school.

Speaker 7 (41:10):

Speaker 6 (41:11):

Speaker 7 (41:12):
Are you sure

Speaker 6 (41:12):
He’s good for the republic? Got to

Speaker 7 (41:14):
Ask him. He hasn’t as of this week.

Speaker 13 (41:17):
You never

Speaker 7 (41:17):
Know what he might say. You never know.

Speaker 6 (41:18):
Yeah. So that

Speaker 13 (41:19):
Guy’s a trip.

Speaker 6 (41:20):
Who worried best?

Speaker 7 (41:23):
I honestly, I say ca between, it’s between Caitlin and Michael.

Speaker 6 (41:28):
I got to go with Santos. I got to go

Speaker 13 (41:30):
With Santa. You think?

Speaker 7 (41:31):
Yeah. No, Santos looks like he’s just off the, she’s a strip. I, but he’s not fine with that. He’s not a RuPaul standout. He just looks like he put this on because that’s what he likes to do. And that’s fine. But he’s not,

Speaker 6 (41:44):
I think he wears it well though. I mean, ostentation is outrageous. Like Ru, would

Speaker 7 (41:49):
You take him out on a date? No,

Speaker 6 (41:51):
I’d have coffee.

Speaker 8 (41:52):
<laugh> paying.

Speaker 7 (41:55):
Jesus. Would you hang out with him her like this?

Speaker 14 (41:58):
I mean, well, why not?

Speaker 7 (42:01):
Okay, I’m just asking <laugh>. Cause I’m

Speaker 14 (42:03):
Not having to wear that.

Speaker 7 (42:04):
I’m good. Okay.

Speaker 8 (42:05):
Maybe it’s comfortable. You don’t know.

Speaker 6 (42:06):
Okay. No. Let’s move on here. Biting in the board of this one’s. Seriously, I, here’s what Reuters is. Here. Here. Here’s what Reuters is reporting that US border patrol agents have arrested on average of about 4,000 migrants per day in January. That that’s precipitously down from an average of about 8,000 a day before Christmas. And they’re attributing this, they say at current pace, border arrest would be the lowest since February of 2021, a month after Biden took office. Now they say that’s due to his tough new border restrictions where 30,000 people from Nicaragua, Venezuela, Haiti, and Cuba will be deported immediately if they come here illegally. But another 30,000 be left in. So let me just lay out some expertise for you. Everybody knows that knows the border, that the slow month is January. It’s the Christmas holidays. That’s very important to Latin America. It’s very cold. And if you look, it’s always the lowest. In January, for instance, top of my head, in 2020, in January, 25,000 people were apprehended in January, 2021, I believe it was 75,000. In January, 2022, it was 150,000 people at the pace that they’re giving you. It’s about that no down ticket. We just set a fucking record is all and November, then December, right? Number two, the cartels are at war, in war shooting at each other. They’re in Rea shooting at each other. They’re in they’re not that way in S because the mob there is the state police. So you’re not doing it.

Speaker 8 (44:06):
Wow. That’s where you crossed that, right? Yeah.

Speaker 6 (44:08):
Now, here. Here, yeah. That’s the last time I crossed. The next thing is the 30,000 people they’re letting in. If you fill out the app, right, you go do the app, you do all the thing. You’re let in and you’re not counted anymore. You understand what I’m saying? Okay. What you will also know is if you fill out the app right to Biden announced that people from these foreign countries will let 30,000 in. 30,000 will be kicked out and there’s another 30,000. We don’t know what’s happening to just from these four countries.

Border patrol knows it. The think tanks know it. Reporters know it. Catholic services knows it. When you go on the Mexican side of the border, there are way stations for migrants to stay at. They have computers there. Everybody’s availing themselves of this app. You understand what I’m saying? Okay. Mexicans, people from Africa, people from Europe, like Russians, Yuk, Ukraine, they’re all lining up on, we don’t have a true count. This isn’t under control. This is more local in Detroit and the state and the federal government fucking with statistics and not giving you a true picture that you deserve. Having said that, it’s a beautiful day in downtown Detroit. You know what today is? Today is the day that people who immigrated to the United States and did it right, get sworn in at the federal courthouse. Right over there. They’re being sworn in, say, beautiful day in America. That’s the way it should be. Order process, vetting. If we have room, then let 10 million people in. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> the proper way. This is making cartels rich.

Speaker 8 (45:55):

Speaker 6 (45:56):
And it’s bullshit. And I’m, I’m working to go back down. I remember I told you about mm-hmm. <affirmative>, the state police and cool wheela. I’m going to go down there and document that for you.

Speaker 8 (46:07):

Speaker 6 (46:08):
If they’re the cartel, they’re the human smugglers. Remember the humans carry dope and fentanyl. So got my guy down there. He goes, oh man, this bro, very dangerous. He’s a very well organized people. But that’s really what we’re dealing with. That’s crazy. Travis. That’s the pinheads in Washington. Don’t know that.

Speaker 8 (46:28):
That’s crazy. No. They have other distractions to deal with.

Speaker 6 (46:32):
Oh, which <laugh>? This is you.

Speaker 8 (46:34):
Well, it’s the

Speaker 6 (46:35):
Next and last piece of news. Yeah, go ahead.

Speaker 8 (46:40):
Well, I say they’re distracted by stories that I don’t think that many people care about other than that it becomes a big pissing match. And this is the documents. The documents that constantly keep popping up at Biden’s house his pretend office in dc. And it becomes a distraction to where real questions don’t get asked. Because a lot of the time spent yelling at the president or the press secretary, Karine, John Pierre Ramsey. Well, I don’t know what other names. That’s what it becomes about these documents. And I got to say, I really feel like the White House is kind of leaving her, they’re kind of hanging her out to dry because this is some comments she gave January, I think it’s January 13th after the first couple new documents are found. So they found some in November before the election didn’t say anything about it. And then they find some in January now that it’s, and now it’s been a drip, drip, drip. And just this past Friday, we find out that the FBI goes into his house in Delaware and finds all these to-do lists that have certain classified information here and there. And it’s becoming a major distraction. So nothing gets done. Her comments from,

Speaker 6 (47:51):
Because I don’t have cable, so I appreciate this.

Speaker 15 (47:53):
Documents that were found LA last night. Right. They completed the pause, the search.

Speaker 6 (47:59):
Which one was this?

Speaker 8 (48:01):
This was the first time they found them in the new year. So you had November 2nd night. January 12th.

Speaker 6 (48:06):
So this was the garage.

Speaker 8 (48:09):
Yeah, she is.

Speaker 6 (48:10):
This is the garage.

Speaker 8 (48:11):
This is the garage next to the Corvette that’s locked

Speaker 6 (48:12):
Away. And then since the garage, we’ve had the house,

Speaker 8 (48:15):
I think three more. But last Friday is when the FBI went in.

Speaker 6 (48:19):

Speaker 15 (48:20):
Thank you. With documents being found last night. And then this morning we put out you heard from the White House counsel we put out the information on specifically what was found. But just one document was found last night. The search was continuing. It was ongoing. The process, as I’ve been saying, was ongoing. And the search is clearly complete. And therefore we shared the information with all of you. I can just refer you to what his team said. The search is complete. He is confident in this process. And I will leave it there.

Speaker 8 (48:50):
See you once again. There’s no communication. So

Speaker 6 (48:53):
It’s complete. This And this was two weeks ago.

Speaker 8 (48:55):
Yeah. In the cover? Yeah, the 12th.

Speaker 6 (48:57):
So the, okay, look, this is not the brightest crayon in the box. This woman? No. Okay. And she obviously, she keeps reading I from the folder.

Speaker 8 (49:07):
Right. I will say she wears red the best though. The

Speaker 6 (49:10):
<laugh>. Oh yeah.

Speaker 8 (49:10):
You done. I just noticed

Speaker 6 (49:11):
That. Now that’s the winner. She does very

Speaker 8 (49:13):
Lovely. Yeah,

Speaker 6 (49:13):
She looks very nice. Yeah. They got her looking.

Speaker 7 (49:19):
Yeah. They’re not giving her the information that she needs. They’re giving her what they want her to say. And one, I have an issue with her constantly. Everything she says she reads. Yep. And she’s talking about the team. Isn’t she part of the team? She comes across the kind of person that they call and tell her what they want them to say. She’s not at the table. She’s not being briefed on what is taking place as it’s taking place. And

Speaker 8 (49:48):
It’s making bigger story. It is.

Speaker 7 (49:50):
She’s not being part people all, any real organization has their communications person at the table all the time. I

Speaker 6 (49:57):
Would think so. You’re

Speaker 7 (49:58):
Supposed to, because she’s supposed to get up and speak factually about what’s going on. And that’s it.

Speaker 6 (50:05):
It It’s amateur hour. Yep. Yeah, it was amateur under Trump.

Speaker 7 (50:10):
Yeah. That’s

Speaker 6 (50:10):
Not, it was amateur under Biden. It was amateur hour under not Biden am mean Obama. It was amateur hour under the bush.

Speaker 7 (50:19):
Yeah. But that’s not,

Speaker 6 (50:22):
Can’t look. I would quit that job. Yeah. This, you can’t go out your head lie or look stupid. Here’s the amateur hour about it. Right. Because she’s mumbling and hemming and hawing. You see those jacks in the press sitting there? Oh, frenzy. Frenzy. You’re lying to me. Lala. Now I don’t have cable. I don’t really care. I know there’s no nuclear secrets here. There were no nuclear secrets with Trump. The difference, I think just, what am I supposed to think about this? I don’t think much Trump was contacted, give him back. He wouldn’t do it. Right? Mm-hmm. Biden, I don’t, don’t know why, how he doesn’t know found them and why they were looking. But I don’t think his own lawyers and party trying to take him out. Not to run

Speaker 8 (51:10):
Again. But that becomes the story now. And you just got done talking about the border and no one’s asking them about that.

Speaker 7 (51:17):
But I also think it speaks to the fact that everybody keeps talking about how old Biden is and how emotionally and seemingly intellectually disconnected from what’s going on. He is. And now you keep having these bi, where are they? Is it is he suffer

Speaker 8 (51:32):

Speaker 7 (51:33):
Prophecy. Exactly. So and he dodge Trump for it. This is irresponsible. This is not And the novel. Yeah, but that was him and not me. So Yeah, I don’t know. It’s a mess. I think that’s part of it too. People are asking does he really know what’s going on?

Speaker 8 (51:48):
I think that’s a fair question.

Speaker 7 (51:50):
I mean in general, not just about the documents. I mean in general. Still

Speaker 8 (51:53):
A fair

Speaker 6 (51:53):
Question. It’s a fair. Well, okay. Should I care about this?

Speaker 8 (51:57):
The document

Speaker 6 (51:58):
Thing? Should I care about this? You

Speaker 7 (52:00):
Need to care about,

Speaker 6 (52:00):
I didn’t care about the Trump shit.

Speaker 8 (52:02):
You can care about it. Put it way down on the list.

Speaker 7 (52:05):
Yeah. We got other stuff to be, to current CDER ball the kids and the families and the people that are falling through the cracks that warrants more of your concern.

Speaker 6 (52:13):
Okay. Yeah. Here’s what we’ll do. We’re going to wrap it up. And I was having a drink the other night. You drank. I didn’t know it, but the captain is a very big flat earth.

Speaker 8 (52:27):

Speaker 6 (52:28):
I wanted, when they have them on, I like science. Yeah,

Speaker 8 (52:31):
I’ll hear ’em out. Well,

Speaker 6 (52:32):
Okay, not you. No. Okay. Hippie. Yeah, hippie

Speaker 7 (52:39):
<laugh>. I don’t care.

Speaker 6 (52:41):
How do you know the earth is round, bruh?

Speaker 14 (52:44):
I mean, I just believe the scientist. Right? That’s what everyone says. Believe in scientists. That’s

Speaker 6 (52:49):
Quote me. One scientist who says the earth is round.

Speaker 14 (52:52):
Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Speaker 6 (52:53):
He says the earth is round. He says the earth is round. Did you, he explain to you why?

Speaker 14 (52:58):

Speaker 6 (52:59):
Oh, go ahead. Give me one.

Speaker 14 (53:01):
The orbit of the planets and the sun,

Speaker 6 (53:03):
The orbit of the planet and the suns. How does that prove it’s round?

Speaker 14 (53:08):
I’m not a scientist. Hey, I just click buttons. Damn.

Speaker 6 (53:12):
So again, I talk to anybody. This is really interesting. I do just take everybody’s word for the natural world around me. I can’t tell you how I know the earth is round, because I don’t know the earth is round. People just tell me it. They tell me the election was fake. They tell me all kinds of shit. So in the pursuit of philosophy and science and nature, I want to have captain flat earth on, but he’s in court right now because the world is flat and the law is supreme. So what? We’ll get ’em back on and I can, I’ll save the science for you, bro. Want me to give you one? I’ll give you one. If the earth is flat and the sun rotates above it, how do you get darkness? Think about it. A big curtain. How do you think about it? How do you get night? Well, the sun goes way out there. So far you can’t see it then how come? I can see in drama a motherfucker

Speaker 3 (54:20):

Speaker 6 (54:22):
That’s just one. That’s a bear point. All right. That and much more on the no bullshit news hour on Thursday. Good to see you, Karen. Thank you. Thank you. All right, Byron, let’s get to it.


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