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Point: Whatever happened to the terrorist apprehended on the Tex-Mex border and sent to Detroit by Joe Biden in 2021?
We found him. Why is he still here?

Point: Biden lied about his 9/11 whereabouts, but so did Trump. Only worse.

Point: Is this what we have to choose from?

Fox 2 Sports Director Dan Miller on what’s next in the sordid bedtime drama of MSU head football coach Mel Tucker. #Wankgate.

Voice of the Detroit Lions Dan Miller giving odds. Will the Lions get to the Las Vegas Super Bowl or Gary, Indiana?

And Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm’s failed power trip. Lesson learned- when in doubt burn gas.

Finally, New York Fashion Week. Intruder hijacks catwalk wearing garbage bag. Fashion media goes gaga. Art imitating life or life mocking art?
Watch me strut the New York runway in fetish latex opera wear.


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