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How many dead? Michigan Nursing Home Executive Blows Whistle.

Joe LeBlanc is the first nursing home executive in Michigan in a position of consequence to know the true Covid death toll. LeBlanc, the former vice chair of Michigan Center for Assisted Living Facilities, says we don’t know.

And that’s the way the State wants it. He says Governor Whitmer is no better than former Gov. Cuomo… except the grab-ass. “It’s the same thing that happened in New York.”

The Republican governor’s race in Michigan couldn’t be more of a shit show. But we endeavore.

Slumlord Billionaire. Detroit withers while Gilbert $iphons City.

A rich man takes, while Detroit dies. We got nothing, so why does he keep taking? No Cops. No Schools. But hey, why not? We’ll tell you why not. The poor can’t float the rich, DAN.

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