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EXCLUSIVE – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel concealing former Gov. Rick Snyder’s role in the Flint water mass poisoning.

Though Snyder was a top target for manslaughter and racketeering, neither he nor other suspects names appears in documents obtained by NBN news through a Freedom of Information document request. After 4 years and a complete collapse of justice, we pried them loose.

Nessel fired the investigation team of her predecessor Bill Schuette, citing incompetence.  Those investigators prepared briefs and a schematic of the case before clearing out their desks.

Those documents— heavily redacted— reveal that it is in fact, ding dong Dana who is incompetent.  Why was Snyder and his henchmen’s names blacked out?

Is Nessel protecting Snyder? The money class who canibalizes Flint? Or is Nessel covering up her own incompetence?

Our promise to the people: we will get all the documents and all the names. We’ll go all the way to the Supreme Court. 

EXCLUSIVE- Too broke to bury. 

PLUS- Bidenomics, Gretchenomics, Dugganomics, and Scamanomics. By the numbers.

AND- Michigan v. Iowa.  Dont know much about the Hawkeye State, but I did out wrassel an Iowa pig farmer.  

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