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Stop the madness!

Rudy Giuliani. Tucker Carlson. Don Lemon. Mike Duggan. Dana Nessel. Public Corruption. Mass Poisoning. Gun Laws.

He tells it all.

That and other deep state secrets from former Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, who’s trying to make an honest living… as a lawyer.

Tucker. Don. If you’re listening… dial 833-Mike-Cox.

If you’re lonely… try 1-900-Mike-Cox.

And I’m just going to say it in case it’s not already obvious. An old personal friend of mine. So it’s great to, I

Knew you when you drank.

That was a long time ago. Let’s, we better cut at this point. Yes. Well, that’s been 20 years. Charlie Duck, we

One more thing. Yeah. When I left Fox tv. Yeah. They don’t know this. I was going to be your road guy. I know the video guy and Fox tv. Remember everything happened at Fox and they took over the news for a while. Yeah. And they wouldn’t let me work with you. Yeah.

I don’t know. Look, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not privy. I’m fix. I’m not privy to all the details I still had, but I think somebody out in affiliate land, like the word got around and I don’t want to blow anyone’s mind that maybe Charlie Duff is an entirely controllable

Hey folks, what do you want out there? Controllable? No, I’m a good employee. I’m a good person. But you can’t have Myack own your own dinner because Joe Biden did make it to the general election. I know you said he was going to die. It was

So stupid.

I know. So where are we going work? I’ll take for both of us.

The name is Charlie Duff. You. Of course, you won’t forget it if you’ve come this far. Tucker Carlson today is the name of the show. New episodes already Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Fox Nation will con. I’ll see you every you week at 8:00 PM

Live downtown Detroit. It’s no PS News. Out with my main amen.

Breaking this double war bullshit. Double war bullshit.

Good evening and welcome to Charlie LeDuff tonight. Well, he’s gone. I’ll take, I take


But he wasn’t the biggest news. Don Lemon won the biggest news. Let me tell you something. Turn off the fucking music. It’s a serious business, bro. All right, thank you. Once upon a time, journalists would die for a good story, even if it meant that their cocktail collaborators from the smoke-filled backroom of politics might get caught up in the proverbial blender. Now the media increasingly looks to make good stories die. They belong to a cozy little turns style that spins from Manhattan to Washington to Hollywood. Consider this. Members of the media take jobs in the government and the government officials take jobs as consultant on cable TV news, and all of them bark for bit parts in fictitious Hollywood films where they portray their real life selves. You can understand the public cynicism, the popularity of the press is that an all time low rating just slightly above that of Congress, which itself rates is less popular than gonorrhea head lice and colonoscopies.
The latest death bio mission from the mainstream press last week was Tucker wasn’t done. It was that Anthony Blinken, the current Secretary of State, has been implicated in a political coverup during the 2020 presidential campaign. Namely that the Hunter Biden laptop story was fake Russian disinformation. According to the private testimony and sworn testimony, a former acting C I A director Mike Morrell Blinken, then a Major Biden campaign official was the impetus. And if you’re listening, I’m doing the fingers impetus for a letter signed by Morrell and 50 other top spooks in the Washington surveillance community, including five former CIA directors who falsely claimed that the LA laptop had all the classic earmarks of Russ Disinformation operation. Morell testified that Blinken also helped strategize the release of the letter to a handpicked journalist. I’m doing the fingers again, journalist at the Washington Post. Eventually the letter went to a journalist at Politico.
Now, what was Morell’s motivation to throw the election to Biden? According to a letter released by a House de judiciary committee chairman Jim Jordan, the testimony went like this. Jordan, what was the intent of the letter Morrell? There were two intents. One intent was to share our concern with the American people that the Russians were playing on this issue. And two, it was to help vice President Biden Jordan, you wanted to help the vice president. Why Morrell? Because I wanted him to win the election. The former head of the cia, the former head of the cia. What irony? The disinformation story pedalled by the Biden campaign and the Washington Deep State was in fact disinformation decide designed to swing the election to Biden. The story to me is at least as important as Watergate. I don’t care about Hunter Biden, it’s a scumbag. So I don’t care.
I never did, but I always cared about this for all of us, for everybody in the world, who is the big guy mentioned in the big guy you may recall was getting 10% of Hunter Biden’s overseas hall and yet hardly a news outlet has touched the story about the fake letter I can find no mention of it in Politico, the organization that first published it. Then there is the discredited steel dossier that was paid for by the Clinton campaign. We know that now there’s the discredited story of the Trump organization’s ties to a Russian bank through secret servers. We also know now that that was concocted by the Clinton campaign and now we got the laptop letter. So instead of being forced into shoe sales, Natasha Bertran, the political writer, keeps working her way to the middle, currently pulling a paycheck at CNN so long Don Lemon and not to be outdone on the right.
Fox News agreed last week to a payout of more than three quarters of a billion dollars to dominion voting systems. Rather than suffer the embarrassment of having its top opinion makers testified that they spun a fake story about election fraud. Rupert Murdoch elected to force his shareholders to pay up the network. Hardly mentioned the historic settlement, much less apologize so long Tucker Carlson. Now instead of separating fact from fiction, the media is a Kalia cranking out chaos. They hector us, they scold us. They police our thought. That’s not the job. And the public is starting to see it on all sides. The people are being mentally abused and the people know that at least when they go to the proctologist and bend over to take it in the ass, they know someone has their best interest in mind. Isn’t that right? Attorney General?


Can we get the Attorney General a drink here please? Thank you very much. Have a nice man hat. Thank you. Have a nice man. Thank you very much, Jay. Cheers. Cheers. Great. Great having

You here. Thank you. I’m a more of an old fashioned guy, but I guess I’ll do it. The old fashioned. Look at picky, picky. Look at these candies. These look at these candies. Hey, we don’t

Have any lobbyists to pay anything around here. Cheers, man.

It’s just some more manly drink. What can I tell you? Sorry.

What’s in an old fashioned?

Nailed him. Nailed him. You doesn’t doesn make gum, just I drink them? Yes. Yes.

Mike Cox, the former attorney General of the great state of Michigan joining us. Now, full disclosure, Mike has done legal work for me. I want you to know that having said that, welcome in, brother.

It’s great being here. What

Did you think of that? Do you agree with it

When I said that that was spot on, brother. You absolutely spot. Hey, I was afraid to come here, but you have been my client, so I had to come. But you’re spot on. I mean, there really is this degeneration of standards, whether it’s in politics, military, the media, wherever it is, right? Churches, Catholic church, even now, they still haven’t fully apologized for the priests who abused hundreds, thousands of kids over the years.

Let’s just say it raped you, not the attorney general anymore. Good raped, raped,

Sodomized. But it’s spread that cancer spread to every institution. And most importantly, as you point out when it’s in the media, I mean, that’s the fact checker, right? That’s the beauty of the Bill of Rights. The first amendment that’s, that’s the septic that sheds light or cleans everything, sheds light on everything and we’re losing it. And I don’t know how we get it back.

It’s the role’s important. Is it not Karen, because I, I’m going to give a, what would you say, a keynote address to a group of older people that raise money for charitable purposes. It really just really top light people looking to do good things in their later years. And they want me to talk about, because things are so partisan and the press has become partisan, what do we do to get a disinterested press back? And I’m thinking, I said to him, why would you blame it on us? The rise of wing media comes because there was a leftist bend to it for all those years, but everybody kind of believed it. And then when somebody figured out, why don’t we pander to the right? People went there, then the left figured out like, oh my God, look at the audience they’re pulling. We should pander. Is it really the press’s fault or is it the people’s fault?

I think it’s the people’s fault, Charlie. I mean, the thing about it is that the media has its role and its responsibility, but we also have an individual role and responsibility to ask questions, demand, accountability, and think for ourselves. And that’s not happening either.

Well, as Mike is saying though, we try to think for ourselves. But if there’s no honest arbiter, what are you to think?

I to truly believe the media, which is so important in a democracy in a republic is really lost. Its mourns. But Karen’s right, us consumers. We want to eat candy every day. We want to drink Manhattans. And so we’ll accept it. It’s kind of funny yesterday, and I don’t want to go off the agenda.

We got an hour to kill going.

So yesterday, I dunno if you read about the Montana legislature expelled, this transect, transsexual, transgender.


A Zoe something or other as a Democrat from Missoula. And it was a Republicans who did it and simply to squash her, right? They didn’t want to hear her on the floor. It’s like, who cares? She’s in a minority. So she gets to the microphone and says things you don’t, don’t care. So that’s one thing. But I’m reading the AP article about it and it’s like compounded because I’m reading the AP article and the writers who I’m counting on that sort of give it to me straight, I’m not in Montana, they talk about the Republicans misgendered. This is this transsexual and it’s

Like transgender.

Transgender, I’m sorry.

Oh no, it’s good. It’s older school. That’s was the old word,

Which is my point, which is like, it’s like every week, every month, we all have to get out a new dictionary. And it’s not a matter of being insensitive, it’s a matter of word deconstruction and changing the meaning of words and creating new words in order to police your thought.

Well, there’s a double thing, which is, as I said in the open there, look, now the media’s become scolded, the thought police. But having said that, that’s what a legislature’s all about. The woman has every right, and we need the woman to stand up and say things. That’s why you’re there. So on the other hand, you’re looking at the majority implanting tyranny on the minority. And it’s like it, it’s beyond either you’re for people and letting them live or you’re not. And so what are we all trying to do? Crawling each other’s space and there’s no space left. You know what I mean? Now it’s a boxing ring. Yeah.

And we all use words like sensitivity nor and weaponize them. And it’s like you’re not reasonable, you’re not rational, you’re not sensitive to what I’m saying. And we use as not legitimately, but to weaponize, and both sides use it. Everyone uses it. And you brought Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson obviously both living a standard to the outer world and not living it within their own workplace. And both of ’em worked very capable of weaponizing and really trying to manipulate their audience. We have so many modern day Huey Longs, so many modern day father cogs. I know you go to Royal Oak Shrine and for church and Nope, nope,


Lady, okay. Yeah. But it is like, because people get afraid to exercise what they think and believe and say it out loud, and it’s just become so intolerant. And the no bullshit network is one thing. It’s, it’s a pebble in the pond. And hopefully it’ll be a rock in a bigger pond and so forth. And that’s why you and Karen, what you do is important.

You not Karen.

Yeah, I’m listening. Charles, can I ask Mike, can I want to ask a question? I want to go back to when you first, why were you afraid to come on the show?

Oh, I’ve known Charlie for a while and I didn’t know where we go with this. And also I was, I’m just out of practice. I’m just some lawyer trying to make a living. 2010. The voters told me, get out of politics. You’re fired. Get out of here. Hey, we don’t want you anymore. So I heated what they said, and I tried to make a living now. So you

Making it a living?


Am making a living. It’s an opportunity for growth. It was just an opportunity for growth. But I asked that because there’s so many alleged leaders and I’m doing the air quotes and elected officials who also don’t want to come on the show. And so I was just, I’m trying to gather all this information to see. Thank you for answering that.

Well, I’d like to think that I would go on when I was in office, I’d go on most anyone’s show.

I’m going to get to that. When we get to the, I

Was always chasing votes and I was a media horse.

In the segment we call Mike Cox, this is Your Life, dad. We’re going to ask you those questions. But I thought I would share with the audits. I called the Tucker Carlson Camp in the Don Lemon Camp and the media folks I know in New York and the Beltway, there’s a couple things I know. So it’s Monday, Tucker Carlson and his crew are getting ready for the show. The monologues drafted. They’re cranking up, they’re ready to go. And it’s a call from Suzanne Scott, the chief executive of Fox Media. It’s no more than a 10 minute conversation. You’re gone. And they don’t even know Carlson’s camp, like what clause they were invoking in the contract, but they invoked the clause and you’re out. But I know this, in the discovery process with the Dominion suit, a lot of embarrassing stuff came out. The text messages between like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, Ingram. Sure. Bartiromo Tucker Carlson got a nasty pair of thumbs. You know what I mean? And I know I’ve, I’ve got some that’s private, but yeah, there’s, yeah, there’s heavy language. And he doesn’t really think much of his bosses right there. That’s that part two.
It’s no secret that Murdoch, if you read the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal, they were done with the January 6th bullshit. They told Trump to take a hike if you remembered. You remember that, right? Absolutely. Okay. So when your host is saying, okay, it was Antifa. No, wait a minute, it was the fbi. No, wait a minute. It was peaceful. Okay. Enough of that. If you recall, Mondays when he’s fired, Sundays when Ray eps Oh yeah. The guy Tucker’s been saying is an FBI plant who’s the FBI never heard of. He’s going to file a suit. Okay. The board of directors are now getting a hold of the unredacted text messages that he’s doing. Okay.

So it’s a liability now.

Yes. Yeah. Okay. The lawsuit brought by his chief Booker, Abby Grossberg. Okay. She has recordings. But the thing to know, that’s the me too part of it. But Tucker Carlson never worked in New York. That thing you saw at the beginning of the

Show. Yeah, in Maine,

Right? Yeah. Maine in the summer and Florida in the winter.


Too bad. So I don’t think he’s there creating a frat house atmosphere. His top two producers, they also got fired with him. It’s no secret. They’re both gay and they’re married. I mean, you know what I mean? This isn’t, isn’t Delta, Delta Delta or whatever.

I really felt like the Abbey Grossman part of it is getting overblown. But I think that’s because she’s out there talking about it. And I think she makes a good story for the opposition,

And she’s got recordings.

Sure. But I think there’s bigger liabilities that you mentioned.

But that’s what happens when you do the stuff Tucker did, right? I mean, we’re not England. We’re not the uk. You can’t use the sea world. You can’t use it public or privately mean. My folks are from Scotland, Ireland. You go there, my Oh, you

Fucking conk.


But I would only say that in an accent though. You’re fucking ccha.

But if you say that around my wife or my daughter or myself differently, you can recoil. And so when he did that sort of stuff, and it’s kind of foolish mean here in Detroit, we know about the impact of techs and unraveling people’s careers. But I think every city has that. And Tucker Carlson was just foolish to do that. And using the C word and giving up a 20 million year job, that’s like,

And dude crazy in the beginning, you know? Don’t believe the election fraud. And then when your audience is starting to evaporate, you’re not leveling with you. Yeah. You’re lying to your audience. It wasn’t fake man. And that, that’s a friend of mine. I do not speak for the man. There’s many things I vehemently disagree with, but I just believe in this country you have to talk to each other.

Well, you, you know what you and Karen don’t do is you’re not getting Nielsen ratings every day and saying, what demographic do I have to chase today? But that, that’s what happens at msnbc, C Cs, cnbc, and of course with Fox and Barter Roma on the business side. I remember years ago, 30 years ago, and not to date myself, Chris Matthews was like the neutral arbiter, right? Middle of the road, Democrat, worked for Carter, worked for Tip. Yes. And I loved him. When I got elected, I got on a show a couple times later on, and he had moved so far to the left because the demographics were to keep the audience that now Rachel Maddow took, right. He had to do

That. And she split. And she split. She’s a part-timer. Yeah.

And who forgets? Tucker Carlson, when he wore a bow tie, seemed moderate. And he would go around the country doing debates with James Carville and others, right? Yeah.

But interviewing Britney Spears.

Yeah. Yeah. And so with the bow tie, he was making 200 grand a year. Someone told him, get rid of the bow tie, move to Maine occasionally, put on a tie, and you’re going to make 20 million. And you got to say this script.

So look, he’s got a lot of offers. I mean, I think that’s not anything new. I’m telling anybody, but he’s, he’s sitting, he’s waiting. He’s hired the same lawyer as Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo. Yeah. Yeah. Because everybody knows when it’s done, it’s just a blood sucker of a,

Don’t get me wrong, if Don Lemon or Tucker want to call me, I’m gay. Give

Put your number out. Go ahead. Give the law off his number going on. They might. They might. Yeah, they

Might. A three. Mike Cox, really easy. Is that right? Yes.

8 33.

How you seen his commercials, Charlie? He’s got television commercials. You got

Television? I

Do. You fired him. Fuck, I could have gotten Mike Moores.

I, I’m a poor, I’m a poor man’s personal injury attorney. What can I tell you?

Okay. Yeah, but you’re right. Listen, Fox will be all audience on TV’s diminishing. It’s good to get out first, because we all know it’s a sewer. So let me take you through it. Glen Beck was the biggest thing since sliced cheese gone. Bill

O’Reilly. And now doing better, by the way. Is it? Well, I mean, he started The Blaze.

Yeah, but he got his senses back.

Well, he owns it. Yeah.

He’s not a loon anymore. Yeah. Bill O’Reilly was way more popular, had way bigger rating ratings than Tucker did. Gone Broomed, the guy that invented it all. Roger Ailes. Broomed. Yeah. Megan Kelly Broomed Right then. Tucker, it, it, it’s, it’s not going away. This, this division’s going to

Remake. They know they’ll be fine because they’ve been through it before. Yeah. Tucker knows he’ll be fine because he’s a talent.

Yeah. I mean, hex some stationed or whatever.

Dude, he got hundreds of millions of dollars. Yeah. Anyway, dude. Yeah. I had hundreds of millions of dollars. You never hear from me. Yeah,

I don’t believe that.

Well, okay. No, you

Couldn’t stop.

I’d be on a finish fishing boat off Lisbon. You know what I mean? Drinking some ke doing my podcast from there.

You would still be doing some investigate. I just know you the

Tides in. Yeah. All right. Now Don Lemon, what happened to Don Lemon growing Workplace Hostilities. He’s just not getting along.

Kind of an asshole

With his, he’s got demoted. He wasn’t getting raised. Kind of.

Sort of maybe. Yes.

Yeah. All right. So don’t believe when he is going against some right wing dude saying black people, the Civil War was about Second Amendment rights, or what the fuck are you talking, Don Lemon was right there. That’s not why they canned him. They canned him because nobody was watching. And it’s a cutthroat industry. And it wasn’t coincidence that he got fired. An hour later, I’m told by my friends inside cnn, it was the perfect time to do it. Yeah. Right. If you do it right after Tucker, then Don can’t be bitching and doing interviews anyway. Cause nobody cares.

Hey, hey Charlie, you can’t move. The fact that he was doing 300,000 a day. Mika and Joe were doing 600 and Fox and Friends were doing 1.5 or

Whatever. Yeah. I don’t even think they were doing 300. Were they?

That’s, that’s the last I read. But whatever the measure was, I if look at what Fox did with Bill Riley for so long, because he was doing the same thing. Don Lemon was. Yeah. In essence, I mean, maybe varying in degree, but he was pulling in the eyeballs and so they didn’t care.

What was a trip about that? When we would do a big one on Fox two, right? Me and Matt and Bob. We’d pull in the market, the Metro, we’d pull 400,000. Oh yeah. Yeah. Just in Metro Detroit. We pull 400 and Don Lemon without a help in the world. Can’t pull 300. Yeah. You have to fuck out of here. Get out of here, man. Comes the time. Comes the time.

Yeah. And he was protected for the business. He was protected for a long time. And then that boss left. So it was just ama, he was borrowed time.

And Mark, I bet there was like hardcore conservatives who helped keep him there that longer, because the idea that Don Lemon was this arch type of the left in sense, so many conservatives. Yeah. So half his audience might have been inadvertent conservatives. They hate watching propping ’em up. Yeah.

When Charles Pugh split, right, with his pedophilia charges and stuff, there was a private eye put on Charles Pugh and the photographs and the intel was leaked to me that Charles Pugh was spotted.


Staying with Don Lemon. I go, I got in the car. I drove to Harlem to Don Lemon’s house, and I don’t know, I need to ask, what do you make of this? And he’s walking around with his purse dog and his purse dog is dressed like he’s dressed. And I go, Charles Pew up there. He goes, what is the meaning of this? I go, you know what? The meaning of this is Charles Pugh, the on the run president of the Detroit City Council staying with you. Have you seen him? I’ve got Intel. It wouldn’t, what is that? I go, that’s a microphone. You know how this works. I put it in your face, you answer the question, it goes into the camera, and then it goes on tv. Just give me your card. So I give him my card. Okay? Obviously, no comment. We drive
All the way back to Detroit and Jeff Zucker, the head of cnn, had called my local boss here. And she goes, what are you doing? I go, nothing. There’s no answer. I’m not putting it on the air. Now, fast forward to Ferguson. Ferguson, the grand jury, the decision, are they going to going to charge the cop with the death of Michael Brown? And then there’s Don Lemon on a, so a wooden box with a parca, with the irman collar. It’s a beautiful piece of piece of tapestry. This thing. And I’m walking, I’ll grizzled and Harry and I’m walking like this. And I walk by and he gets a look at me, and I get a look at him. He gets a look at me. I get a look at him, I go down, I turn the corner, and I’m walking up this way towards the courthouse. I look over, he’s looking at me. I’m looking at him. Long story short, CNN said, Hey, that show we going to give you not getting that. So yeah, everything’s a bitch. We’re all old. Anyway, good luck, Don. Sorry about the kiss Tucker. That was a kiss of death, man. I killed it. For you like

The mafia, Charlie.

Yes. Before we go on, I, let me show you what a Coney kid is. This from American Coney Island. You go to american coney You click the button and this arrives at your doorstep within just a few days. What you have here, steamer buns, delicious. Steam them. They are Deli. This is a sweet onion Lia. Yeah, same thing, but I don’t know if this one’s vidalia. Sometimes there’s, okay, here is your pound proprietary chili. Look at that. Fresh from the factory. A dozen dogs. Again, special recipe only for American. And the hat. The hat for your kid. Look at that. Go ahead Mike. Put that out. Put that out.
You can widen it if you want. Oh, it doesn’t fit when you No, no, you can fine. You can pull it. You can look at the side there. All right. It’s adjustable the other side, Mike. Okay. Alright. Alright. There you go. There we go. All right. There we go. See that? Beautiful. It’s for all the kids. So go to american co A dozen of the original, the best, the first. And this is not Paola, man. I’d like you to have that. Thank you. I know you’re a big fan. I’m a very big fan. American co And one more here. Luke Noki. Let me say about Luke Noack. He’s putting out, he puts out his quarterly thoughts. The guy’s brilliant. He’s talking about receipts and the federal government tax receipts are going down, and yet the deficit in the first six months is over 1.2 trillion. He’s reading the Congressional budget Office reports. Wow. He’s trying to figure out what the trust fund for the pensions. If you’re a teamster, it’s insured. And if the trust fund takes the shit, the federal government bails it out. I forgot, I forget the number. It was 35 billion. They maybe,


35 billion. I don’t remember. But these are things you need to know if you’re somebody’s financial advisor, because she knows ’em. Because regular people. Yeah. That’s why I go to Luke and not you. That’s exactly right. You know what I mean? But I read what he sends me and I’m really impressed and I’m glad I deal with him. And if you’re look looking and you want some advice, and he’s right for you, there’s no charge to call the man. (248) 663-4748. Luke Noki, pinnacle Wealth, get rational financial advice. 2 4 8 6 6 3 4 7 4 8. And had you called and he told you not to do the commercials, Mike, it’s beneath you

And Luke, I’m going to get that number after this. So Charlie convinced me. Yeah, thank you. Yes. Okay. Okay. Luke, hey. And by the way, the I’d never had a Manhattan before. The Delicious, whoever mixed it did a tremendous job, right?

Yeah. Yes. Yeah. It’s a man’s drink, man. Okay, so let’s do what’s, say if the former attorney General of the great state of Michigan, Mike Cox. Let’s, let me ask a few questions. Trump and the indictment, what do you make of the fact that it’s a misdemeanor to fake your business receipts? And we’re going to bring that dead charge che of limitations, going to bring it back to life and amplify it to a felony because another felony was committed and that was the hush money should have been a campaign finance expense. Your take on that

House of cards, right? Go on it. It’s Kevin Spacey House of Cards. Right. You are

A Republican, by the way. I

Am. Okay. I am. Alright. It’s, it’s incredible. And I’m a prosecutor, right? And one of the things I got so much shit about when I ran for governor was I

Didn’t charge. Did you run with the mouth like that?

No. You should have, when Mark got me on Drew and Mike, occasionally I slipped occasionally. It’s all about the environment. It’s all about the environment. So I barely recovered from being on Drew and Mike. I’m never going to recover from being on this show. So it doesn’t matter. Will like


More like herpes gonorrhea, you can get rid of herpes. You’re stuck with,

How do you know that?

I read, I’m widely read. No, but it is, it’s really a house of cards. It so often the hardest decision to make, or not so often, but oftentimes on public cases, ours decision to make is not to charge. And in terms of my political life, in 2010, people beat me over the head about, why didn’t you charge Kwame with something, with the Manuian mansion? And well, there was nothing there. I would’ve had to do much more than the Bragg did. But what Bragg did is wrong. Trump is facing some real legal jeopardy in a number of these investigations. But this is Joe really? A house of cards, a Joe Taco. I think even though it’s 90% of the people in Manhattan vote Democrat E, even they won’t buy what’s going on here. For the reason you said it, it’s not to pen or not to use a turn of a phrase, but it’s a trumped up charge. It really

Is. Well, what’s faulty about it, just real quickly. Well,

It’s like you take out of date, meaning pass the statute of limitations, misdemeanors, roll them in, and you’re in a state court and you’re alleging a conspiracy regarding a federal election. And quite frankly, it would take me 15 minutes even to give a distilled explanation. No, I get it. But not for, I don’t think for Trump’s attorneys. Now, whether the judge does what the judge should do and ultimately dismisses it, we’ll see. But I, I think Trump’s going to face a lot more jeopardy with a lot of these other

Things. So the other ones are serious and of the mind. He should probably be facing these charges.

No, I’m just saying more serious. Right. Okay. More serious,

Like a more serious minded legal argument in charge. Yes.


Okay. Yes. Now also, having said that, the Federal Election Commission looked at, because there’s no doubt Trump paid hush money and he tried to keep it quiet, fake the receipts. There’s no doubt about that.

It’s a great, I mean, the factual defense is going to be, yeah, I paid, I’m a billionaire. I paid her 160 grand. So who wants to have their family here about this? Whether it’s true or not. I mean it, there’s multitude of reasons other than running for president for someone to do that. I mean, there’s so many built in defenses there. But I hope for the sake of our American justice system, the judge boots it before it has to go to a jury to this

Decide. Isn’t that how fragile Karen, like the American justice system is that if no single judge wants to do what he knows is she knows is right, that it scars it forever.

That’s it. But Mike, I want to ask you a question, because Charlie asked you early on when you first started talking about this, he says, you’re a Republican, right? I want you to make it clear that you being a Republican does not compromise your objectivity or ability to look at things through an objective lens. That’s a

Leading question. So often.


Your Honor, she’s leading the witness. Mike, I want you to say, how do

You balance that? Let me answer. How do you balance that? Because so often people on either side of the aisle are so adamant about supporting those that are with them that they don’t always see things as clearly as some of us do.

Yeah. And you’re absolute, look, if it’s a policy thing, taxes, should there be standards in schools, school choice, those kinds of things. Those are policy choices that are left to people to decide charging, invoking the power of the state and not being able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. And knowing that get coming out of the gate or in your decision making as a prosecutor, respecting the Bill of rights or established case law, that’s a whole different ballgame because Democrat, Republican, that can be turned on anyone so easily. But don’t

You say people protecting the relationships of those that they share a political party with oftentimes,

Yes. Way too much. Okay. W w wait way too. And it happens on both sides. But I’m hopeful. Look, I’m a very conservative Republican. I was conservative before Tucker Carlson became conservative. But I think when it comes to the rule of law and decisions on the use of the criminal law, especially, that’s so important that we don’t devolve into, I won’t say a third world C country, because it could be, I mean, the UK has some crazy things, right? But Russia, Germany, south America, unquote, banana Republics, they’ve all gone there. Some have returned and got straight others. And we have to hold on the idea that our rule of law is something very important. Thank you

Very much, professor. Listen, here’s the take. I’m sorry. Here’s fuck it. Charge. I

Got thrown an expo there. I meant it. Thank you very, I meant to say God. Yeah.

My, I have no, I think it’s a shit charge, right? Guys? Bending over backwards. I don’t know how hush money should be a campaign expense. What’s so stupid about the, but here’s what I know. Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid for the steel dossier, the one that started the whole Russian hysteria, right? Fact admitted. It’s also admitted that you Bill, you paid your lawyer who in fact paid fusion g p s, the firm who hired steel. So they faked business receipts. The Federal Election Commission, which refused to hear Trump’s hush money, came up with a deal settlement with the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign because that was campaign finance fraud. That was a campaign expense and you faked it, right? And you took somebody else’s money to pay. So you have exactly what Trump’s charged with. She’s not charged. And guess where her campaign headquarters were? Brooklyn, New York. So I’m saying middle of the road guy. Fuck it. If that’s what the legal system’s going to do, if that’s what a prosecutor’s going to do, then all of these creeps get it. All of them. Am I wrong?

Yes. Okay,

Go ahead. Tell me,

Because what Vin Bragg’s doing with Trump is wrong. Flipping the script and saying, well, as retribution, we should go after Hillary Clinton.

No, not retribution.

Well, it would be just past the statute of limitations. But

All of it should be broomed.


Okay. All

Right. And here’s another thing. As a prosecutor,

Come on. We got to move on. We got to move. Okay,

We got to move on. I’m going to shut up there. All right. Let me get that expletive book. Is George Carlin Rado. I’m going to figure out what I’m not throwing in here.

No, you’re allowed to say that you water. All right. How’s your drink doing?

It’s doing well. Okay. It’s

Let me know when you,

It’s evaporating through.

Lemme know when you need another. Okay. All right. The MSU gunman,


Was arrested with a concealed what? Loaded. Concealed weapon. No permit. He was charged with it before. It’s supposed to go to trial. They come up with another charge, a lesser charge, a misdemeanor charge. The misdemeanor charge is transporting, porting a loaded firearm in a motorized vehicle. But he had a bicycle and he wasn’t on it. Right. This and your opinion as a private citizen, but a lawyer who’s been through it, this is a concocted charge to push it through the docket, yes or no?

Yes. But it happened. It happened for decades.

Have you ever heard of a bicycle being,

Not that, but I, like for instance, in Wayne County, we would sometimes do these attempt carrying concealed weapon. Well, you can’t attempt

Cause attempt to carry a concealed weapon. So he has a concealed weapon on him. And he’s charged with a attempting

Yes. Yes.

Misdemeanor. Is that a real, real

Charge? Not a real charge.

It’s not a real charge.

Yeah. So because you either possess it or you don’t, that’s

Not, no. I mean, is that on the books?

No. No.


But here, here’s the greatest part of that hypocrisy, which maybe you’re getting to, which is the Ingham County prosecutor routinely does it as do prosecutors across the state, because you can’t prosecute every gun case to the fullest and send the person to prison. The hypocrisy is to be participant in that deal. Let Mr. McCrae get that deal so that he can go, then buy a gun, and then you turn around and say, we have to do away with guns, or we have to need more loss. No, if you would’ve done your job, arguably, well, he wouldn’t have been able to buy that gun. The point being is it’s his conduct. It’s not the gun. And people don’t want to hear that. They want the shortcut answer, but it’s his conduct. And especially against a backdrop of a horrible tragedy. It’s so easy to cut corners. It’s becoming easier for prosecutors to cut corners.

This is what we need to be saying again. I mean, getting rid of guns, I mean, how many centuries do you need in this country? But what can we do now? My point being, if they would’ve charged Mr. McCray, I shouldn’t even call him Mr. Anymore. He’s a fucking murderer. Convicted him. He wouldn’t have had to do a day in jail or prison. Right. That’s up to the prosecutor. So what we could have done was taken away his right to legally purchase a firearm, made it more difficult. And if we were serious about nut jobs, getting weapons, this is a good place to start. And no, you get one chance, but you never get a chance to buy a gun again.

I agree.


I agree. But

I have not forgotten you Lansing. Yeah.

But maybe this is a function of the 24 7 news cycle. So you get Karen McDonald who has to do something about the crumbs, right? And then you have the current, I

Support that actually.

Okay. And I don’t know enough to say she’s wrong, but I don’t know if I were the crumbly, and thank God I’m not. And I wouldn’t be there doubt

How aptly named are they? Yeah.

But if the crux of the whole charges, well, they went to school the day that he shot everyone, and they disclosed to him, he’s been drawn pictures of a gun and saying, I need help, or something that I don’t know that I would’ve had the presence of mine. And truthfully, would anyone here say, okay, let me go search his backpack. Yes. I would be like, disturbed that my

Son, I hope I’m trained. And not only your backpack, lemme go check your locker.

But that to me, that’d be more likely that the school or the ministry, as a parent, you get that information.

You’re buy, you’re buying the kid a weapon. He knows where it’s at. You’re not storing it. We need some blame. We do need some blame. This, these things don’t have to happen.


So I got to give Karen McDonald some credit. It’s novel.

It’s never

Been done before. It’s It’s never been done before. Charging the parents with involuntary manslaughter. Right. It’s novel. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll tell you what, brother. Okay,

Go ahead.

Minimum these fucking whack jobs, boo, by the way, tried to hide in the basement and get the fuck out of town. Agree. And leave their kid here. You’re doing two years. You’re doing two years behind bars. Fucking great. Good one. All right. You’re going to, there’s your two years. They’re not going to Charlie.

I said, yeah, I’m trying to make a living, so I don’t read everything. I’ll admit that. But my point is, if the crux of the case,

Wait, here’s a lawyer who doesn’t read

Everything. No, I, he’s busy with his own cases. Yeah.

I thought you meant the law books.

And Tucker and Dom, by the way, I will read everything about you guys if you come hire me. What a who?

What’s that number again?

A3. No, but here’s my point there is I don’t want prosecutors chasing around parents every time their kid does something wrong. Because it’s one thing if you have a four year old who has access a loaded gun under a bed, and there’s no gun, there’s no safety on

Now against the law.

Yeah. I mean, that’s the justifiable manslaughter charge. Now, I’m not saying what Karen did is not justifiable, but the key piece I read about over and over is that day as a parent, they’re told, their kid is saying, help me and drawing a picture of a gun. And they’re hearing a, and again, I don’t know, I’m the first to say, I don’t know everything she does. But if that’s the crux of the case, I think a lot of parents would be shocked.

The crux of the case is they

Wet. I don’t think buying a gun for a kid when he was 14 or 15 and for practicing shooting and the dad or whatever went with him to shoot. I don’t know that that’s

A part. And then leaving go to school, and then leaving it in the drawer and then being notified the day before that your kid was making drawings. And then the next day when you’re called in, right?

Well, I thought it was the day off. May maybe the other

There’s two. There was two


Maybe played paid ignorance. Okay. That’s fair. Okay, let’s go like this. Next one, taking gifts.


I’m working on something. I won’t tell you what it is, but you were the

Attorney. Do I get a gift coming out of here? Did

Yeah. The, it’s not even legal. He, he’s now in private industry.


Right. I owe ’em. Don’t bill me. That’s it. Okay. It’s not

K 33, Mike Cox to bill

Him from a private individual. It is not illegal in the state of Michigan for elected officials to take gratuities to take plane tickets, vacations, nothing. Is that correct?

It’s contacts. Right?

As long as you’re not a lobbyist or working for a lobbyist, you’re a private citizen.

Well, you can do, how about we, you use a Clarence Thomas example

That’s ex that Yeah. If you are a Michigan official. Clarence Thomas.

Yeah, Clarence Thomas. Some billionaire loves him. The Tramo Crow big developer. Yeah. Flies him. And his wife enjoys him. But he’s never had any cases in front of him there. There’s never been a situation where Clarence Thomas could do him a favor. I It’s maybe a little inappropriate or a little. It should a little

Bit. Can we just go there? It’s a lot inappropriate. No. Aren’t the American people sick of this? Well, first of all,

No, no, no. But I like,

What about something in the future?

Well, I’ll tell you. So I was involved

In, or someone he knows or something that has a peripheral impact

On, or absolutely. His sugar daddy gets someone else to bring his shoe. No,

You’re absolutely right there, Karen. But that’s a new fact. So if,

What’s a new fact

That the elected officials doing something for a friend or someone that the patron knows. But there can be situations where people just like a public official, a judge, and want to be good to them, knowing that they don’t make much money and say, use my place. You work hard, whatever. Does that make me sound sleazy to say, that never happened with me? Yes,

Yes. Yes. Wow. Yeah. Okay.

No, no, but yeah.

Yeah. It’s sleazy. It’s

Sleazy in one way. You want,

Because you want the job when,

Let’s say I had a place in Florida, right? Yeah. And I know, say, Charlie, use my place in Florida. You’re a great dude. I enjoy being with you Or Mark, I enjoy being with you. Use my place in Florida.

I would say this, I really would. I would say, Mike, man, I love you, dude. But I, when I go out for lunch with the source, I’m paying just, I, I’m paying. Just I’m paying. Right? Right. And it’s, when you want the high chair, things come with that. You know what I mean? It’s a long, rich life.

And God bless you. You’re I’ll tell you this. So when I say, when you’re talking about legal illegal or I’m, I’m not talking about my own behavior. I was afraid to, if ever fly first class when I was Attorney General Delta, their lobbyists thought I’d like to fly first class. And unbeknownst to me, they can upgrade you on their computer. And I remember one time, I’m at Metro and I get called up Mike Cox, and I’m in office and whatever. I walk up there. Yeah. Well, we’ve upgraded you first class. I said, no. Right. And I’m like, they’re like, well, no, we gave your seat away in economy. So I waited till everyone got on the plane because I didn’t want anyone to see me, because I didn’t want that appearance. Here’s

What you would do. This is how you’d be great. Which is, excuse me, would you mind swapping seats? Would you mind taking my first class? They made a mistake.

And it’s, it’s funny you thought that, because I did that later on the first time. I was just like, oh, shit. I don’t want this conundrum. Right. And I didn’t think fast enough.

Believe me, I I love first class.

Yeah. The second time I actually was, I felt, I was like, Willy Wonka given out the golden ticket. Hey, you want to go in person? And they were like, what’s the matter with you? You don’t need to know politic, but

You politics into consideration. Things that a lot of people don’t take into consideration. And that’s the optics, the perception of I impropriety, even if there isn’t any, and that has weight, that carries weight as well. That

Is does so in the rules of professional responsibility for lawyers, so many times they caution not just about the impropriety, but the appearance. Appearance. But when you’re asking about chargeable or someone should be excoriated or what I’m talking about the objective, I’m not talking about my personal things.

Absolutely. Absolutely. This is all. So it’s not,

If I ever run for office again, I don’t want them running this

Business. I think the listeners are very, very surprised. I just

Ask Tutor Dixon if they will.

Well, I, I’m educated enough to know the answers

Though. If it’s not a lobbyist, you can’t take the upgrade. But if it’s a private citizen who may have business before you in the future, you can No, no. I’m sorry. No. All right. Might as well. I wrote it down because you brought it up and I get to the last one. You said you took a lot of shit about Kwame Gilpatrick in those days, and you didn’t charge him. I told a few people that you were coming on, yes or no. Final answer. Was there a party at the Manuian and you were there, and Carlito Gilpatrick walked in, saw a stripper and beat the shit out of her with her high heel, a table leg, or a baseball bat. Sir,

You forgot Sean Combs. P Diddy being there. Oh, that’s what you, you breaking


No, seriously. The three troopers who brought this to Tom Verto worked for me. He was the prosecutor, and they had a secret source, a Detroit cop who was being indicted federally on drug charges. And they met him over by UD High, like an not green lawn, but the street next to Green lawn. And so the big news, this guy tells him, yeah, I was there and there was this rapper named Sean Combs there. So this is in 2002. Right. And

You went and Wait if I can interrupt, you went, no, the fuck he wasn’t. I didn’t see him,

But it was like three dudes from Al Gray and it was New Zealand. Right. And they had no idea who this guy Sean Combs was, even though he was the biggest star in the world at the time.

So, no, were, you know what? The guy had a lot of parties. That party Yeah. Did not happen. There wasn’t like every swing in Dick law enforcement watching the wife beat a woman half to death. I mean, I, I’m very privy to the case. I’ve been in the fire. Come on already. Yeah. It was a cocaine deal. She got caught in the crossfire. Okay. Okay. So looking into another camera

At Detroit

Story. Get close up, right? Which camera is this camera? This camera right there. All, yeah. Okay. Look straight into that camera. Which camera? This one right here. Okay. And tell the public, okay.


Tell the public wasn’t,

I don’t want to be avoiding the camera. Let me, I’m, I’m line up the right

Camera right in there. All right. Tell the public, you know what you, there was no part. Whatever you’re going to tell them. Go ahead. Final confession.

Just that urban myth. How about that?

What a little more than that. Give, give us a something to put on YouTube. Okay.

There was no evidence of a Manuian Mansion party. There was evidence of Kwame’s bodyguards vi billing the city for 26 hours of overtime in a single day. But from the time of Coleman Young and Dennis Archer, that was never chargeable because the city permitted it.

And you weren’t there when this trip stripper got half beat to death by

Patrick’s. Well, I wouldn’t know that. I wasn’t or wasn’t there. I can say I was never at the Manuian mansion until, actually, Mike Duggan invited me about three months. Three years ago.

Is that right? Yeah, he did. Was there a party? Yeah. Was there There

Was a

Party. Yes. Wild Stripers and stuff.

Yeah. Though Duggan’s pretty boring. So he is, and it was him and Lori. So his wife was there. Yeah. It was a

Former wife.

Former wife was there.

His first wife. Wife. Now. His first wife. Yeah.

It was a very nice

Lady. Rip open old wounds.


Okay. Thank you. All right. Finally. No. The state of the Republican party in Michigan, it’s a disaster. You guys aren’t going to elect anybody for years.

I don’t want to say years, but we’re probably headed for another blood bath.

Extrapolate, please.

Well, there’ll be no structure. No one wants to give money. Ms. Carma, who I’ve never met, and I don’t want to piss on her just to piss on her, but she’s not going to be able raise money. The people who elected her, a lot of ’em were the same people elected me or nominated me in 2002 to be Attorney general. They’re good people, but they’ve been so twisted by people like Tucker Carlson and fed a lot of stuff. And a lot of ’em had swallowed it. And we’re not as relevant as we need to be if we’re going to win. And the fact that Whitmer, I mean, we have so many great issues we should be able to run on just from governor. I was like, remember, it’s the roads. Fix the damn roads. Right? She looked at the camera. We had 9 billion to fix our roads. And what happened to her? The 9 billion. That’s all

You got. Fix the road. That’s all you got. Go going for. Fix the roads doesn’t work for me.

Okay. I’m sorry. It didn’t work for me. No, no. But no, the reality is there’s going to be a great overreach over the next two years amongst the Democrats in the House, the Senate. You guys

Don’t have any ideas. There’s no way to beat people. At least they can say this. No. No matter if it’s bullshit or not, right? Schools, right. Education. Well,

Hold on. Jobs. Jobs. No, but Charlie want policy. So I can tell you ideas if you want ’em, well

Just tick ’em. Okay. Don’t go off.

All right. Look, spending 9 billion to give 175 million to a company that’s run by the Communist Party of China. Yeah. In Mecosta County, Goshen. Or to pay forward 175 million in Marshall. You’re trying, you’re buying a couple jobs. Companies come and locate based on base stuff. And so you get Ford to stay, but you’re losing hundreds of thousands of jobs from smaller businesses who aren’t Ford, who don’t have the political power. I mean, that, that’s simple. I mean,

Here, let me help you. Now, the taxes are too damn high. And what we pay, we get less and less. The schools are reporting. The kids are not learning. The roads are shit. Everybody’s nothing moving away. Look, you’re pay with the Chinese, right? Your You’re Corporatists. Yes. Corporatists.

Hey, check this out. So I drive. You drove

A few nickels down here in the ghetto, and ghetto never gets any

Better. Hey, am I allowed to scream over us? Please? No, no. I just tried

To show you guys Yeah. How we’re living out here. Go on. What

A perfect example. I’m driving here today driving down Michigan Avenue Southwest. Which

You went with your butler?

Yeah, with my butler. Yeah. So

They call him Cox and Butler.

A 33. Mike Cox, by the way. No, but seriously, Michigan Avenue is a lot nicer than it was 10 years ago. But if you’re living in a normal neighborhood, there’s the same amount of murders there was in 2012. So that’s Mike Duggan. What have you been doing? It’s Chief Craig. If he had been the nominee, if I were, I said, chief Craig, you were there for eight years. What’d you do? Nothing.

You know what sucks there? There’s here was the dossier right here. Chief Craig. Here it is. He was going to run. I was ready for him. Yeah. And he didn’t do it. Yeah. You just criticized your friend.

Is that my friend? You know, it’s funny, the meeting

Mike Duggan, Mike Duggan,

I, you know, the Detroit News wrote that I was in his wedding.


Mike? Mike Duggans.

No, that was

Know shit. No. Oh yeah. I was probably in Kwame’s. No,

Wait, that was both his, I get him confused.


You weren’t in the wedding. Did you go to the wedding?

I thought I saw you there in the bathroom. Aqua? Yeah. No,

No, no. You saw me at the wedding. It was like over the fence. Okay.

I swear to God. I saw looking over at my stall when I was at Kwame second wedding. So I

Squinting, squinting,


Okay, so you guys, yeah, you screwed. All right. Let me look. We can

Move on. No, no, but seriously. Okay. Sorry. I mean, no, I was a prosecutor in Detroit for 13 years and

A good one. Highly regreted.

Yeah. And I ran, yeah. Yeah. And I, he was ran homicides under Duggan. We were kicking ass 10 years. Now, 20 years later, the homicide rate is still the same. And he’s been the mayor. What is he not doing?

Years. You’ve been reading my column. What is

He not doing? What is he not doing?


He’s not, yeah, he’s not taking care of the police department. In every city across Michigan, every township, two thirds of your budget goes to fire and police. That’s your most important function as a mayor. And so if you had 303 murderers in 2012 or 13 when we had 720,000 people live in Detroit, and you’re back at 303 last year, excuse me, with 600,000,

3 45, because they backed out 37.

Yeah. It’s always Yeah. The funny maths. Yeah.

So in all fairness,

If I don’t, so all fairness. Karen, Karen, Karen, please re Yes. Bookmark that. He just said the funny math, right? It’s really important. Okay. Right. I’m not fucking with the public. I’m telling you the truth. Funny math, you heard it from the guy running homicide. I apologize. Bookmark, proceed.

Hey bro, hold on. We had no funny math when I was there, so

I wasn’t here, man. Okay. You’re damn right. You handle funny. Well,

I was just going to say, I mean, I appreciate you saying that because we’ve always, at least for me, I’ve not criticized the police chiefs because they respond to and take direction from the mayor. And so when these things don’t happen, it’s because it’s not a priority of the mayor. And I just want to make that clear. I mean, they, they’re following their

Bosses. Look, 100, look,

Can I ask Karen something? Sure. I’m sorry, Karen, are you hearing

You can’t, Karen and I just

Talk? No, this is friends. It’s friends. What is this man? You’re so rigid. The freeflowing conversation. Can the man get a freshener, please? Yeah. Here, finish. See,

You’re like Don Lemon. You, you know, jealous of Kaitlyn Clark and whoever’s, how dare

You? I don’t know character. I am the man is jealous. Maybe they’re jealous. That’s why they’re stealing his God.

What were you going to ask me, Charlie?

I forgot. Hold on. Oh shit. Oh, are you hearing that it’s a possibility that the chief of police contract in Detroit will not be renewed come this June. Are you hearing that?

A minor conversation.

See, this isn’t rehearsed. Minor conversation. This is no bullshit yet. No, it’s

Not. Cause I didn’t know you were going to ask me that. And we hear a lot of stuff, Charlie. So let’s just say rumbling. I’ll call it a rumbling.

Okay, well, there we go. There’s a little nugget for There’s a lot. Yeah. Mike, a lot of people do listen to this program. It’s top minute,

But if I could get back, just

The reporters should follow up on it.

Oh, go ahead. But it is like, when Karen brought up is absolutely 100% true. Look, the mayor is in charge. Two-thirds of the budget is police and fire. And if police and fire aren’t delivering, that’s on the mirror. Y y that crazy. Rudy Giuliani, who gave my wife Covid before he was crazy. Before he was crazy. He turned around New York.

I’m writing that down. Yeah. Rudy gave my wife No,

They were at, at a rally or at a meeting and after the election and he took his mask off and so everyone took their mask off. And I remember that story. I remember that the news, his staff called her the next day and said, Rudy’s got, he’s in the hospital. This was the day after he farted in the Michigan legislature. You better go get checked. It’s a

Natural function, Mike. God.

But I’m digressing. But getting him back to what Karen

Said, what happens with Ru Giuliani takes off his mask. He turns into Phyllis Diller.


Okay. Mike, what were you saying? You don’t remember either? No,

No, I do. You’re you’re a hundred percent right. I mean, the mayor is the mayor. The buck stops with him.

Well, but I’m saying that because two seconds ago you said when James Craig wanted to run for governor and you said you were there for eight years, what did you do? But that’s up to Mike Duggan because that was his boss.

Well, it’s both right? It’s a partnership and Well,

It should be a partnership. But if you know Mike Duggan, you know that there’s no such thing as a dictatorship. You know that.

Yeah, you’re right. And

Anybody ever tell you look like Lenny Dykstra,

But before or after he went crazy. Before.

Oh, okay. Okay. When he was the shit in the out alpha for the Mets, he was unbelievable. Lenny Dykes,

I’ll take

That before the cocaine and the gambling, you know what I’m saying? Isn’t

When he was wearing the bases for the Phillies. I’ll take that.

I’m good. Geico fly. He was great.

Karen and I try to have a real conversation and

I, I’m just arbitrate every, everybody’s got it. What’s good? So, okay.

But I’ll have to, Laura tells ma’am, just some fat 60 year old man. And so the fat that you said, I’m look like Lenny Dykes struck. What

A misogynist Laura is. If you were to say the same thing to her. Well, we got headlines.

Yeah. Factually, they

Called me a fat 60 year old man. Oh man. Shame on you, Laura. You know your wife when she ran for state office and won. It’s the one and only time in my mother’s life that she had a lawn. Yeah. And it was for your wife.

No, but hell, when I wait, when she was chasing after,

You don’t know this woman. Me, she’s crazy. No.

When I was, my wife was chased after Bob fao about the jail and the airport and everything. We go to the Costco and I was attorney general. I thought it was big shit. Yeah. Everyone wanted to talk to my wife. It was pretty humbling

Because she was on tv.

Because she was on TV

My many

Times with the guy from Fox

Tv. My tv. Yes, your tv. But she was bigger than me. She was like the one that’s


Than you, Travis. Yep. Hear that, babe?


I’m just talking to my wife right now. You hear that Babe? Tony? All right, let’s move it along here. Okay, last thought goes to me. Thank you. Thank you both for agreeing. Mike Cox, the former attorney General of Michigan. Mike Cox ran, did you run the homicide bureau at the prosecutor’s office for two years?

He ran

Kicked ass. Yeah, he ran the homicide bureau in Murder city because it was in 2002. Now we dropped the six. It’s okay. Yeah, let’s move along. No, I got it. These things are working. You said, and you know this, two thirds of a major municipality, at least every other municipal municipality in Michigan, two thirds goes to public safety, right? Not ours. If you do ambulance, fire, police, you, you’re not even talking 50% of the
50% of the budget after the bu, what am I talking? Discretionary, right? Discretionary. Non-discretionary. Half the budget is non-discretionary. You have to pay, these are bills and debts and et cetera. The other half is called discretionary. You can spend it however you want. We’re not even spending 50% of the 50% for public safety in one of the most violent cities in America. It’s a shame we’re being failed. And it wasn’t just Mike Dugin. It was, sorry Karen. It was Dave Bing. And you didn’t have any money and it was every other fucking politician before because everybody got their hand out here.

Well, people have been kicking the can in this city for the longest. Charlie. I mean everybody, even now, they say, oh, our budgets are balanced. Budgets are always balanced on paper. So we’ve been kicking the can and we’re kicking the can again.

Yes. Yeah. You


Parents, your balanced at the beginning of the year. They’re never balanced at the

Year. Yeah. It goes back to expectations. And I hope Detroiters just say we’ve had enough and make changes. Because at the end of the day, every politician has to respond to a voter. They may not want to, they may dance, they may try and give explanations, but at the end of the day, the people really can make a difference.

They can. They can. But you know what, like you said before, democracy, an honest arbiter. Yes. And that’s Karen Karen’s big wheel in this town, and we made some choices. We offer jobs on the East coast. We don’t want to take ’em. We like it here. And we like what we’re doing and I respect you being here and actually giving us a little bit of credibility. A cool thing. Thank you for it. Now remember, before we get to this last segment, and you’re going to want to stay for, believe me, the spring season buying time is here. And so home inventories on the rise rates have leveled off and at the lowest they’ve been in months. Yeah. Yeah.

Six months.

Yeah. And I don’t know, talking to Luke, what’s going to happen? I’m, I’m not telling you to run out and do it now, but call Luke. Call David Hall if you think it might be time to buy. It’s Hall Financial. They got a ton of great programs right now and can save you money off your rate and even help with the down payment assistance. Get this a good one. Is it still? It says this week. This was last week. Everything. Yeah. It’s still good. Okay. Just do it. Tell him the duff. Just tell em. Tell him the duff said call

Him and find out if it’s

Still good. If he don’t do it. La Duff said, Hey, Dave, knuckle sandwich. They announced a 1% down program with up to $4,000 in forgivable down payment assistance. But you have to be qualified, so call and see if you’re qualified. If you’re thinking about spring or summer renovations, which I am, I looked up how do you get the ice out of your gutters? It starts fucking up the shit. The ice goes up, the shingles starts falling in your living room. I need to fix that. I need some money. I don’t want to pay a lot of money. Ooh, it’s a home equity loan there. Get that. Take the home equity loan. Pay off the credit card. Don’t pay it on the credit card. Do it on the home equity loan. You feel me, bro?

I that I feels like a jingle, man. Are you’re a man. I feel like I’m Madison Avenue and it made sense

And Mad Men. Yes. And it made sense, right? Yeah. Okay. This is how you do that. Yeah. Eight, six. Call hall. Six hall. Or go to

Call hall

Yeah. Thank you.

We’re we’re going to need Mark to do some percussion or something like that

When he works on Drew’s program. They got all kinds of groovy sound. We we’re different though. Yeah,

Different feel. Yeah. Yeah.

Well, what happens here? This program does the news and the Drew talks about it. Yeah, but he’s got throw with. Yeah. Yeah. I’ll tell you what’s wrong with that. When’s the last time you checked your home insurance rates

This year?

Your auto rates this year. Thanks to who? Who’d you check with Legacy And what happened?

They found me a better rate

Going down, down, down, down, down.

I looked into my insurance.

I called Legacy. My prize went down, down, down, down. It’s another jingle.

Yes, it is. 5 8 6 2 0 9 4 1 0 6. Save a butt load. All right.

I’m going to tell my wife I met John Ham tonight.

All right. Hate to do this to you, but you said it seems like you’re your own man.

Seems like

The demolition shit is real all along. I told you I left my job cause of it. The city is poisoned. Here’s what’s happening. The latest criminal enterprise and 11 counts of false pretense were filed against the demo contractor in Detroit for fraudulently billing the city 1 million for contaminated dirt. Here’s what’s more important that the corporate media did not put in the reports. The Detroit Land Bank Authority has agreed to repay another 1 million for a quote monitoring issues in the program. Here’s what I know. The feds came in here in 2016, midway to 17 to 18 to 19 to 20. How federal investigation goes. They take 4, 5, 6, 7 years. Yes, COVID happened. Everything got shut down for two years so far. Correct? Yes. This is Mike Cox’s former,

And by the way, they generally don’t work past 5:00 PM so they

Don’t. They don’t. So now here’s what happened. Treasury, the special investigator General for treasurer, say treasury for short has a big case. They want to bring it. Biden’s Department of Justice does not want to bring it. It’s not big enough. Biden and Duggan are good buddies. Duggan was one of the first major politicians in the country to endorse Biden. It’s not going. So here’s weird, and you tell me if this is weird, you tell them if I’m all right. Bullshitting, treasury went shopping for a local partner because Washington didn’t want to bring it. That’s kind of weird, right?

It is. Okay.

They went to the attorney general’s office.


They went to the Detroit office of Inspector General. Yes. So they’re starting to crack little pieces off.

Hey. And I will hand it to Dana Nessel. She went after him. She didn’t go after ’em on Benson’s payoffs or deleting all the emails. But I’ll give General Nessel credit. Look,

So you’re aware of what I’m talking about.

I You’re deeply aware. Yeah. So I sign anyone can sign for the attorney general press releases. I do. Yeah. And you’re right, it was hardly covered in the news. Someone’s charged for stealing a million dollars from a demolition. How many houses is that? And it’s just like other people I, that’s a lot of smoke. And there’s been smoke for seven or eight years and like I said, and you don’t

See anything.

You don’t see anything. I had great hopes for Mayor Duggan, but after 10 years, it’s like crime isn’t moved, the houses aren’t coming down,

The dirt is poisoned.

The dirt, the dirt is poisoned. I don’t know, maybe Detroiters have to go get Warren Evans because he seems to be doing a good job.

He does.

So could Mike Dun be Governor Mike? Because those are the rumors. He had a huge fundraiser right before the end of the year, raise a ton, raised a ton of money. And that we are hearing that he’s already focused on his next goal.

Well, there’s a couple things. I think it’s a great opportunity for a Republican in 2026 or there will be. So he’s, he’s got to fight history. He’s got to

Fight. He a Republican before he met for mayor.

Yeah. So he is got to fight history. But wait a minute. But I think folks, when he’s never run against someone who has had as much money as he has, Sharon McFail, when he ran for pro, my point is like no one’s ever thrown the dirt at him in a statewide election, whether it’s in the Democrat primary or the Republican primary or the Republican general election. The stories that Mike has been able to avoid will come out going to and people won’t like it.

Well, I don’t see, wait a minute, you grew up with the cat. You guys were friends in high school, right? No.


Okay. You grew up

No, we went to the same high school as Detroit, Catholic Central. Yeah. He was four years ahead of me, so, okay. I never met him until I was 37 or eight or whatever.

You guys are friends?

No. Okay. I mean, look, I respected him when he was my boss. I think he’s a very smart guy.

He’s genius.

And he’s done some good things like, like I said, I thought he would’ve been a great mayor and it looked good the first couple years did it, but it’s still the same 10 years later.

Okay. So you’re paying attention how watch, this is for the regular people. This is not politics, right. It’s very odd. It’s almost unheard of that one governmental body will charge another governmental body with a million dollar fine. That’s a whopping fine. It is. So in the last two months, two and a half months, we’ve had a $1 million fine penalty payback and a $1.5 million fine. We’ve had a 9 million fucking claw back in 2016. We’re getting up there and there’s more to drop.

He here’s like getting money to tear down house is really hard. So Duggan got the

No, he didn’t do it.

No, but hold, he got the original tarp money in the, he didn’t do. No, but I didn’t do it

Was there when he came in the office.

But I want to make this point, which Karen brought up earlier.

Karen got the money

Whi, which, but the houses, I wouldn’t blame him so much. But the corruption, right? And then you team that with the lack of public safety after a decade. That’s a problem. Okay. That’s horrible That, I mean, it’s like that is real Detroiters, like I was saying, I drove down Michigan. It looks a lot better than, it looks better than it has in 20 years. But that’s not where most Detroiters live. And so

In fact, no, no. Detroiter actually lives down here anymore. It’s empty. So let me get back to it so we don’t get it is corruption. You’re the host. So I I’ll That is corruption. Yeah. You see it. See where defines are going. And I want to know, look,

And it’s not always criminal corruption. A lot of times just petty relationship stuff where people overpay and it’s, we just don’t pay attention.

Look at here, we got a hundred, we got 150 sites of demolition, 127 that are supposed to be replaced. We’ve got another 57 over in Karen and Red’s neighborhood that were supposed to be replaced. The 2019 investigation claimed there’s 13 million in payments that were for unsubstantiated costs.

Well, Charlie, think about this. He claims he grew up on Stansberry before he moved to Livonia, right?

Everybody does that.

Yeah. So drive up and down Stansberry on the west side and you be the judge. That’s a real neighborhood where real people live.

I want to put this out there because this was something that everybody kind of overlooked. He did an interview on Fox two when he was talking about directing contracts. And he said, and that’s the same thing that Gilpatrick got in trouble for doing. And he admitted it. He said, yes. He said, I’ve done that. I’m steer. I’ve steered contracts. He said, and I’m losing sleep over it. And that just kind of went over everybody’s head, including the person who was interviewing him.

What’s funny, I went back, I did 15 of these things and it’s not easy to do a television piece where it’s paperwork and contracts and bullshit. I went to look for ’em for tonight show because no media, and again, here’s what’s happening with the media. They’re becoming the government. They’re parroting the government’s message. And so nobody in Detroit, not the ministers who are in on it, not the political class, not the lawyers, you won’t tell the truth to the people that this shit will be as poisoned as Flint. Right? We’re going to get hundreds of houses instead of thousands. Because I talked to the feds, this is what’s going on. I know you’re listening, John. No offense, I told you before, my kid, your kid. This is factual. Now it’s based on facts alone. There’s no way we’re going to get justice. This could be as big as Flint. And when I went to look on YouTube for, and they were pretty viral. Couple hundred thousand a piece. You can’t find them. You do. It’s real easy. Search, YouTube, Lauff, demolition Detroit. Real easy. Right? In the first hundred scroll downs, you’ll find one story. And the only reason you probably found that story, because I couldn’t find it yesterday, was because a few of us downloaded it. One
And mayor, no, this week was demolition week. Karen, look at us. Demolition week because this came out and nobody reported it. Shame on y’all. Shame on y’all. So I found one you knew Mayor, because I fucking told you a bunch of times, there’s no way around it. And I’ve got all those silly lawsuits that your underlings and your lawyers sent to me. I’m not afraid. Truth is a defense and you don’t got any. I got one. You guys want to see an old one? Yes. This is from 2016 before I left Fox two. And it was the last critical one they did. And it’s important to say I wasn’t allowed to do anything. They told me Stop doing them because the mayor came and talked to him. Yeah. You know what I’m saying? And I said, okay. And then the boss went on vacation and we did one in the way because this ain’t no down. Lemon tucker cows and bullshit. I love you all. Watch this one and pay attention to the babies at the end. And sister, if you’re out there and those are your kids, I’d love to do a follow up today. Let’s roll it

Shoulders off.

You know how we’ve been telling you about Dugin, his demolitions and his dirt drama Trucking

Costs went up because we’re demanding prompt service of clean fill.

The worst issue was the fill, and it was the trucking expense to bring dirt in from 30 or 40 miles away.

So what the mayor seems to be saying is the cost of demolitions went up because of good, clean dirt

Top soil.

Huh? That’s our four inch. It’s a top soil. How do you like it? What do you

Know about the four inch

Top soil? I know about it, man, because I’m from the hood, man. I know I’m educated. None of them have it. Not a sing, not a single house.

That’s not even top soil, huh?

Well, it’s not. It’s rocks and clay.

Back when Mayor Dave was doing the demos, there was no dirt drama back then. The law said that the whole hole had to be filled with dirt, nice dirt, no crappy bits of concrete or brick dirt. But then Detroit went broke and we got an emergency manager and a new mayor. And then the dirt law got changed. Now you could throw crappy bits of brick and concrete in the holes. Just make sure the top three feet was clean. Phil, that was supposed to save us a lot of money, but somehow it didn’t. And Mike blames the dirt. But how Mike, when you’re using less dirt, got to bring in good clean soil from far away.


Questionable contracts, skyrocketing prices, your tax dollars. And now Mike’s got his own full blown federal investigation.
It’s unclear if the city under Duggan ever even followed the three feet of clean Phil Law. And here’s where it gets weirder. Mike’s top lawyer, Melvin Hollowell, is asking the city council to change the law to a new six inches of dirt law. And he wants to make the law retroactive. That’s right. Melvin wants to go back in time and change the law to avoid any unintended consequences. I bet there’s a thousand guys in the county jail dreaming of a retroactive law to avoid any unintended consequences. We reached out to his honor and his demolition experts, they wouldn’t speak to us. But watch, it’s pretty funny how many holes have not been properly filled. You all went on the record on camera, told the people

Of Detroit, Charlie, the

Questions in writing because you put dirt in and I’ll answer in writing. You didn’t put dirt in there. I’m writing.

Wrote my questions down. Yeah, you’ll answer in writing. Yeah. Lemme give ’em to you on the record. Why don’t the holes at three feet of dirt required by law, what is the estimated cost length to be? Did the city break

Its own laws pool? Boy, Mr. Farcus, what’s up with the dirt? Put it in writing. Try and deliver it. What’s up with the dirt?


Is it that

You need, Melvin? Well,

You can’t hit Melvin Hollowell because he is not here.

Where is I? Keep sending him messages and calls. It’s a public servant. He’s not running for office. Yes sir. He’s hiding. I asked for the information from your office. Sure, you’ve seen it. So would you have it, sir, you’ve got to put your questions in writing. They are. Here’s, here’s the answer. It says, come get it two days ago. I don’t have it. So it’s been put in writing. So the answer is where is it?

You have to put your questions in writing and we’ll respond in writing.

Where is it? That’s, that’s it right there. That’s the writing. Where’s the information? If you said, Hey look, I’m just going to turn that homework in it a couple days later. Don’t worry about it. What did your teacher say?

She’s going to be, where’s your homework?

What she’s going to say, where’s your homework? Where? Where’s your homework? Where’s the homework?

The traders deserve the absolute best demo contractors out

There. You remember this guy, the city expert who showed up at a demo site last fall, A site that he picked, they send you

On the subject matter expert on the stuff in the city. But I wanted

To talk to Jim Wright. They sent me to Pool Boy. And I want to talk to the man. He won’t talk to me now either, but look at the lot he was showing off back then as a model of their demolition awesomeness. Come on. And here’s the mayor’s 10000th demo. He was crow about it six weeks ago. But nobody in America

Has begun to try to address blight at the rate that we have.

And look at it today, A real moonscape. Where’s all the fluffy grass you promised us? And guess what, this costs $23,930. You might not be able to grow pumpkins in the mayor’s lots. Kids. You might not be able to play football on them either, but hey, don’t worry about it. There’s always a bunch of big rocks you can throw at each other. Mayor, come out of your badge hole. Mr. Mayor, come on out. Explain yourself in words from your mouth.

Put it in.

I’m just thinking back. My friends are not left or right. I don’t care what y’all say. I care about you. I care about care us all. This was obvious vs. How bad is it? We will never get there because of politics. But it’s admitted now, isn’t it, Mike and Karen? You see it. Drs and drabs. It’s true.


And Charlie, remember someone that was, saw me out and made a comment to someone I was with? They said, is that Karen Dumas? And the person said Yes. And they said, tell her and Charlie to stay on it because Charlie is onto something. So you’ve been onto this and this is someone that works for the mayor. So they too know that all this is wrong.

Performance matters. So you and Karen have to perform, keep an audience. And the reality is that after 10 years, the mayor hasn’t performed on the main things that a mayor’s supposed to perform. On that simple, you’re kind of ingenious and you have great artistic vision and how you present it. I love those cute kids. But that’s the reality. The proof is in the pudding or whatever metaphor you want

To use. And how much have you did? God, these drinks are good. They’re making me feel good

About, for the record, I’ve only had one. And I don’t

Your I got your bundle. Your brother’s driving. Don’t worry about it. We fuck. Don’t worry. Your mine. And then we got

Everything. No, I I’m afraid.

You’re afraid. Don’t worry. I’ll not be afraid for you, sir.

I don’t want someone from city Hall calling the third or fourth precinct. Oh, you’re calling. Say, say, Hey look for Cox driving down Michigan Avenue, man.

Suck my Cox, man.

Come motherfucker.

Don’t worry. We got it

All. It’ll be a mugshot of me two days from now. And they You do.

You’re right. You don’t look like Lenny Dykes. You look like Nick Nty.

I like that. God. He was great. I

Love what’s up, sugar tits,

Huh? Yeah, I liked him. Yeah, I’ll take that.

Well again, 40 people. 40 children. I got to go see the urologist. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but for the children, I don’t care for the kids. Okay. Did I just say that out loud? Yeah, I’m sorry. Okay, nevermind. Little worried about that. I didn’t

Get the connection

When I was waiting for it. My eyes are going bad. Everything’s going bad, man. Everything’s going bad. But I have lose no hope. None. I lose no hope because I talked to my ma. You know the one that’s got your wife’s sign in her yard still there? Possums live under it now. Good shall not always prevail. An evil shall not always prevail. That’s not God’s plan. It’s a cycle. One has its day and the wheel turns and the other has its day. Yes. And you just must be strong and go for the truth. And this is wrong. And mark my words. More of these are coming and Hello Dune. Hello Dune. I don’t want to say no names right now. It’s coming. I told you you thought you were covered, you guys. You guys fucked the people, man. Thank Mr. Mayor, Mike Cox. Thanks for being here, man.

Thank you, Charlie. Thank you, Karen. You’re welcome. Mark anything, the full crew. Thank you. Yeah.

How about me? And

I’m welcome back and people are calling me tomorrow and say, why

The give the number again? Give the number

Again. Oh 8 3 8 33. Mike Cox.

Anyway, let me text Don and Tucker there. He is. Always a Michigan angle to this. Yeah. Karen, thank you for your service to this great city of ours. Never lose. Thank you, Charlie. Thank you. Never, never lose faith. All right, we’ll see you. You know what? We should do What?


Run the whole thing. I was like, we break it in half. It was so good. We break it in half, but no, no. Eric Mays, yeah. Is getting a suit on the avenue of fashion. America’s city councilman will be in Troy Monday getting a suit all right, on the avenue of fashion. And hopefully he’ll make a little time for the little show that knew him when he was just splint city councilman. We’ll see you Monday.

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