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The Unhappy Hooker
Transgender life on the streets of Detroit.
A place where they don’t argue over beer, or swimsuits, or swim meets.
They don’t put much stock in pronouns around here, because on John R., a boulevard of shattered glass, the business of the day is survival.
Try and hug someone today.

Pigs in Zen
EXCLUSIVE LIVE FOOTAGE…Michigan ethics legislation grows stale as Political Pigs, Media Swine and their Corporate Overlords board the Mackinac Island ferry for three free days of fresh oysters and organized debauchery masquerading as a policy convention. #MPC23

Lansing Cop Out!
Lansing’s incompetent police brass doesn’t realize their officers did in fact respond to a shots fired call to the MSU gunman’s neighborhood, did little, and should have prevented the Michigan State campus mass shooting.
Out to lunch press secretary remains unaware of our reports.

Thank you for your service.
A remembrance on Memorial Day. A special shout out to the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

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