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Peace Not War – February 11, 2022

Ambassador Bridge owner’s peace plan. “Protestors move your trucks. Prime Minister Trudeau end your vaccine mandates.”

Ontario Premier Doug Ford declares a state of emergency in Windsor to move protesters trucks or face the consequences.

The Mounted Police have moved in reports Windsor Fire Fighter Derek Bull.

Truckers are mulling their options, says Virginia Grimaldi, a protestor at the bridge.

Not all Canadian truckers supports the protestors says driver Max KeDwitt.

And New Jersey Gym owner Ian Smith, fined $1.2 million for flaunting Covid lockdown orders runs for congress.

The late and honorable mayor Coleman A. Young on liberal, radicals and capitalists. Guess which one he didn’t like.

And a knock at the terrorists door.

In memory of Grandpa Jim and Grandma June.

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