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After agreeing to the poisoning of his own citizens by lighting fire to the derailed train wagons in East Palestine, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) announces that the deadly contaminants will be shipped to Michigan and Texas.

The problem is, DeWine didn’t alert anyone in Michigan or Texas.

Drop dead, says Michigan Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D).

To paraphrase: Bury your shit in your own backyard Mike.

Rep. Dingell gives the details of incompetent government at all levels.

Ace reporter @ComdedianDetroitRed uncovers the dirty truth about the plan between Dewine and the 1% Mafia. Ohio’s poisoned was dumped, not in Ohio, but next to two Michigan elementary schools. Those dumps are owned primarily by Bill “Epstein Island” Gates.

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg most likely knew of the scheme, but said nothing.

And …News from the Great White North.

Conservative citizen-journalist Vinny D. once bought into the hype that illegal immigrants are invading Canada. Stories in the right wing press incensed Vinny. Stories how NYC Mayor Eric Adams, who once welcomed migrants, was now handing out free bus tickets to migrants heading to Canada.

Vinny went to the frozen Quebec border to see for himself, only to find there were no immigrants there.

Citizen Vinny arrived at this conclusion: “It was all clickbait bullshit.”

Not here. Not ever.


Speaker 1 (00:01):
You know that Ohio train crash, the contaminated dirt contaminated liquid? Well, guess what? They’ve been sneaking it right here in Michigan and dumping it behind this damn elementary school. And right up the road they’ve been dumping the liquid behind the middle school. I kid you not. So if you are as tall as I am, make sure you come back and find out what I did about all this sneaking chemicals across state lines.

Speaker 2 (00:27):

Speaker 3 (00:28):
Downtown Detroit. It’s no out

Speaker 2 (00:45):
The bullshit.

Speaker 4 (00:57):
Just a breaking the double More bullshit. Double more bullshit.

Speaker 5 (01:06):
Okay, so no messing around. We have something really serious. As you heard red at the top of the show live out there in Bellville, right? They’re shipping in this East Palestine contaminated soil. The dirt is going to Belleville and seven miles away the poison liquid was going into a deep injection. Well, a long and troubled deep injection well and Romulus. So really want to welcome in. Thank you for taking a minute Congresswoman Debbie Dingle. How did we find out that this stuff was coming into Michigan? As I understand it, not even you knew.

Speaker 6 (01:50):
So I heard about it from some of my constituents on Friday afternoon that they may be shipping some of the contamination from East PAs to our Michigan. I immediately called, I texted the governor and asked if she knew anything and she didn’t. I made additional calls. Someone sent me a copy of the press announcement on Governor Devine’s site that they were shipping to Michigan. At that point I made a significant number of calls to Secretary Transportation, the EPA administrator, numerous other EPA people, Norfolk, Southern Republic, et cetera, about what was happening. And actually we were able to put a stop to it.

Speaker 5 (02:38):
So where’s it go now?

Speaker 6 (02:42):
So I’m going to tell you why it’s not that simple, okay? And I hope everybody’s going to pay attention to this because as you said the Romulus injection well has a very long and storied history. And somebody that I loved very deeply tried to stop it 25 years ago. And obviously it exists. There are contracts for both the injection well, and it actually is Van Buren Township, Belleville Ba Buren are right there. A lot of people call it Belleville, but the contracts with Van Buren, they’re legal sites. They’ve been certified by the state to operate hazardous waste sites. And EPA also has a role to ensure that it’s meeting all applicable well regulations. So people aren’t paying attention. There’s hazardous waste going these sites all the time. The last time there was a renewal and a lot of discussion about low radiation waste at the B Buren site.

I asked a lot of questions. I insisted that there’ll be town halls, that they assure people that what the safeguards were not a lot of people complained, but I made sure that there were town hall meetings and I think people need to be paying attention to these sites. At that time, US psychology had assured me they would always let us know or give us a heads up if something unusual like toxic waste from Ohio was coming into the District. Republic has subsequently Boss bought US ecology. I was pretty blunt with them that they did a terrible PR job and should have had far more sensitivity about the nature of this waste. Norfolk Southern is actually at that point was in charge of the cleanup site and contracted with Republic for the disposal of the waste. E P A took over the site on Friday. So the exactly on Friday. So once EPA took over the site, well, because it wasn’t technically the governor and Northfolk Southern were in charge of that site until EPA recognized that there were real dangers and it needed, they just came in and took it over, which was the right thing to do. But I’ll tell you something Charlie, and at that point then these sites have to be RERA certified.

Then they have to get the EPA waste that was coming from their, they have to be circa, which is CERT Superfund site certified. The Romney ASWELL is not Superfund certified. So I got into more stuff than you ever wanted to get

Speaker 5 (05:27):
Into. I I’m hearing just bureaucratic red tape nonsense, e p A, you can go back to Flint. Well, and what the fuck is going on with the government where we’ve got so much of it and they’re not protecting us.

Speaker 6 (05:43):
So I’m going to tell you something. I’ve learned a lot, not want an expertise that I wanted to develop, but I’ve had a lot of chemical spill or chemical d dumps in my district in the last 18 months. I had the flat rock gasoline spill from the Ford plant down there. We had another saw. There were underground storage tanks from the forties that caused a second spill in Flatrock. We got pfas going into Detroit River from B A S F. We had the Macle steel site, which had raw sugar being stored on floor that got cleaned up and got a Superfund site there. We’ve got a plume in a dioxin plume in Ann Arbor that’s been there for 40 years. Took me my last six years to get everybody together and request that it be put on the national priority list to be designated a Superfund site.

I’ve learned how to work the bureaucracy. A flat rock taught me more than I ever wanted to know. And we are lucky. I want to say this, we are lucky. We have EPA in Ann Arbor and the men in women employees of the epa, Ann Arbor site Care deeply want to help. And I, I’ve become quite close to them because of so many emergencies. But in these kinds of incidents as the state’s in charge. So the state has to, in fact, so there have been other times that Epay has been willing to help. Eagles got to say, yeah, we want you to help. Now the

Speaker 5 (07:12):
Governor will say, but the law doesn’t say like, Ohio’s got to notify Michigan there. No,

Speaker 6 (07:18):
No, no. The law does not say that. Wow. Now we are, we’re, we’re going to try to some legislations being introduced that there’s so many, there’s three issues here to me. One, where should we be having toxic waste sites like this located in populated areas? No, like Rome and Van Buren,

Speaker 5 (07:36):
Which was schools next to him with schools next to him,

Speaker 6 (07:41):
But been finding this for 25 years. I hope, I believe that Ohio will trigger a national conversation that might actually end up in something happening that that’s one. But you also have the issue of these trainings. And there were thousands derailments last year. Now when the Bamb Buren derailment happened last week, I called EPA within half an hour of learning about it. They thought it was a joke cause so it’s been a nightmare in Ohio. And I said, no, it’s not. But they dispense people ime. We didn’t go through the bureaucracy. It’s people that have built relationships. They, they got a emergency response team, which is in Ann Arbor, went to the site, nothing had spilled. Everybody made sure state and EPA that the car that contained chlorine was pulled off the site and away from the damage that had been done there. But my mayors, I’m meeting with my mayors tomorrow night. They’re like, nobody tells us when these vehicles trades are going through with hazardous materials. Nobody tells us when they’re being charged. And that’s one of the things we’re going to try to get done at the federal level that states need to be notified when

Speaker 5 (08:52):
This happened. Can you tell me, I’m sorry. Can you tell me who owns the railroad tracks proper?

Speaker 6 (08:59):
I’m told that. Well, I mean it depends where you’re talking about. So for Van Buren, it was Amtrak tracks in a Norfolk Southern train. But it differs wherever you are around the country.

Speaker 5 (09:11):
We sort of need that infrastructure all under one umbrella. You’re not maintaining the tracks.

Speaker 6 (09:15):
Well, it is. It’s under the Federal Railroad Association. But these are private companies that are operating that are operating these railroads.

Speaker 5 (09:24):
Now, Karen,

Speaker 7 (09:26):

Speaker 5 (09:27):
You worked long and hard on this for a past couple days. What did you learn?

Speaker 7 (09:33):
I tried Charlie. But as the congresswoman said, it’s extremely convoluted and it’s disappointing because nobody knows. I talked to leadership at Wayne County I spoke to Congressman Rashida Tib, who indicated she was trying to get answers as was Congresswoman Dingle from the E P a. But nobody, there’s no connectivity, there’s no awareness. I did learn that while it’s authorized to receive toxic waste, there’s nobody checking to make sure that those toxic waste are the toxic waste that they’re authorized to receive.

Speaker 5 (10:09):
Debbie, is that true? Let’s ask Debbie. Is that true?

Speaker 6 (10:13):
I have asked P e P a an eagle to document that. So we’re waiting for answers. I do know that Eagle inspect that site regularly. They’ve been this site. Charlie, as you said, some of us have been around, I’m not old, but I’m seasoned. My husband bought this site and they’ve been fined for violations repeatedly over the years. They were shut down. And you know what I did Saturday night, I didn’t go to bed. I got online and researched everything I could find about the history of the injection lab.

Speaker 5 (10:44):
Well, it’s funny, it’s back when it was that time I was between Detroit News and Fox too. This thing was coming up, but it got lost. It was a big deal. I wrote about it. This place stinks. I’m going to be honest. Stinks. It doesn’t belong around here. But you got caught up in FAOs nonsense and kill Patrick’s nonsense and the great Recession and it just kind of went by the wayside. But we’re a dumping ground esp, oh, for a war crime. Do you think what happened in Ohio, not so much the derailment, but a for-profit burnoff of vinyl chloride that turns into fos gene, which is banned in war by the Geneva Convention, was what they did done for profit. And is that a war crime?

Speaker 6 (11:33):
Charlie, I’ve learned at this point in my life that I want the facts. And I ask, there are a lot of, there’s a lot of misinformation. I also know that because I’ve dealt with some panic in the last few days myself. I want the facts. But we need to know who managed that. Why did it happen? What are the consequences of it?

Speaker 5 (11:59):
And who

Speaker 6 (11:59):
Gave the order? So don’t, very careful to not make accusations without facts. But those are all questions that need answers.

Speaker 5 (12:09):

Speaker 7 (12:11):
If I can ask this, congresswoman, I know that we are, we’re looking at the process and the bureaucracy, but there’s some basic just check items that I think, as you said, would it just be, if it’s not a requirement, a professional courtesy for Ohio’s government to notify when there’s an elected official visiting another city, you know, notify that official, you notify so that they wouldn’t that be part of this or making sure that the EPA is checking off and making sure that these are the waste that they are authorized to receive. I mean, those simple things that just constitute accountability and oversight.

Speaker 6 (12:52):
So these are all simple things that if you and I were in charge should have happened. I mean the basic politics 1 0 1, quite frankly, oh boy. But no basic politics. 1 0 1 was not there, which I communicated to everybody involved. EPA themselves have said that they’ve learned a lot, but they didn’t know. So I mean, I’m gifts giving you the facts because I’ve really dug into the facts. Norfolk Southern was in charge of the cleanup site. Look, I’ve done enough of these cleanups that when you get something that’s messy, nobody wants to take responsibility. Ohio was in Ohio. Ohio had a responsibility, the O Ohio EPA to make sure that this was being done. But those two sites, so Norfolk Southern contracts with Republic,

Speaker 5 (13:40):
Yeah, hold on, on that’s, those two sites are, that’s getting too in the weeds. It’s real simple. Who allowed the company to light off deadly chemicals?

Speaker 6 (13:55):
We don’t know. Those are questions that are being, and I’m not a Ohio policy. That’s news. I’m an elected official. But I have asked that question, how did that happen? Who was in charge of the site? But I’ll tell you something, Charlie, I’ve been at other sites where it’s not clear who’s in charge and who’s got responsibility. And there are times that people would rather not take responsibility and point fingers than make sure that somebody’s safe.

Speaker 5 (14:25):
This is

Speaker 6 (14:25):
State Mike on Fridays. I wanted to make sure that our sites were safe

Speaker 5 (14:30):
To appreciate. So

Speaker 7 (14:32):
What is the Paul’s contingent upon? Congresswoman before we let you go? What are we waiting for and what will determine as to whether or not it stays in Ohio or go somewhere else or whether it’s ultimately allowed to come into Michigan?

Speaker 5 (14:44):
Great question.

Speaker 6 (14:45):
So at this moment, it won’t go to the Roose injection site. It’s not certified at this point. For some of the things that we’re hearing I think that we’ve made enough noise and that they’re examining where, who’s got, there are not a lot of storage sites that are certified to take this. So what I’m saying to everybody is Ram injection well certifications coming up. We should make a lot of noise so that they don’t get re-certified. And I, I’m trying to look, I’m just like you guys, I want to know who’s got the authority. What’s the process? Who do you target and where do you make the noise? And we need to do that.

Speaker 5 (15:22):
And we need to do this. We need republic. Which would they pull? What was their profit last year? 10 billion about? Yeah. Just over time. No profit wasn’t the last reporting. Yeah. Was that revenue or profit? Revenue? I believe 10 billion. You want to kick in for a couple of elementary schools where your cancer pit is next to,

Speaker 6 (15:41):
They should never have been put there. My

Speaker 5 (15:42):
God. And Ohio’s got 15 of these things. I did my research. Dig and dig into. Take your own garbage. Take your own garbage. And I won’t. Well, I will. All right. Booty js, take some responsibility. The wine, you take some responsibility. Everybody take your responsibility and help us. That’s why we’re mad out here. Now, before I let you go, congresswoman, two quick ones. Slotkin, Alyssa Slotkin. She’s in running for Senate on the Democratic side, raised a million in the first day. Is everybody going to run away? Now this is a jug or not?

Speaker 6 (16:17):
No. I know there are a number of people that are looking at the seat. And I think that everybody wants to make sure that I’m a democrat and the values I care about. I want this seat to stay a democratic seat. So we got to make sure that we have a candidate that wins in the primary that can win in the general election. And I think there’s still thoughtful discussions going on between other people.

Speaker 5 (16:40):
And finally peace in the Detroit News. Yesterday hit yesterday. Melissa nn Burke. I just read the lead investigators found lacking oversight. They believe contributed to patient harm and death and a pattern of substandard care in the surgery practice at Detroit’s, John d Dingle VA medical Center, that leaders tried to conceal by altering external peer reviews and other data have, I’m quite sure you’re well aware of this.

Speaker 6 (17:15):
So Charlie, I’m going to be very blunt. I am somebody who, the veterans are very important to me. I spent a lot of time with them. I spent a lot of time at John Diggle Hospital and the Detroit or the Ann Arbor VA Hospital. I did not know the details, but I knew something was wrong. I was hearing too many things. I went to the, and I asked him if it was okay if I said this. I went to the Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Dennis McDonough, a year and a half ago, and said to him, there are serious problems at the Detroit va. I don’t know what they are, but I need you to look into ’em because it’s real. And then we got a new director of the region for the va. And that was the first thing that I said to her. And she immediately also, they both looked into it.

Dennis McDonough came out to Michigan about a year ago, April, to show his concern and his interest. He had planned on going to the Detroit VA and he had a death in the family. This, the leadership at the VA was immediately assigned someplace else. We do believe in due process, but due process means you make sure that every patient say the investigation went forward. You saw that some of this became public. They have had two, they’ve had an interim manager that I think tried to very much write the ship. They’ve had a short term interim manager for the last two months and new ones coming on next week. I have asked the Secretary of Veteran Affairs to come to Detroit and have a town hall and tell people how these problems have been addressed and why they can be assured they’re getting good healthcare. We

Speaker 5 (18:53):
Can’t get these lives back. So what I’m hearing is I’ve always had respect for you, but 80 stronger respect for you. Because I could see that you’re taking the seat and you’re not a party and you’re trying to get real shit done for real people. And I think you want, I hear how you speak. You understand why we’re all at each other’s throats. It’s just nothing’s going right. So much respect in that way. But I must point out that you said the former administrators that did this got reassigned. They’re still, well, they’re on.

Speaker 6 (19:29):
Oh, I’ve asked this question. Trust me, Charlie, you, I know you have. I got to be careful cause we got all these laws and we’ve, people are entitled to due process. But my job is to protect veterans that are going to that hospital. My husband’s name is on the side

Speaker 5 (19:43):
Hospital. Your husband’s a veteran.

Speaker 6 (19:44):
And I didn’t know the extent. I mean, I need somebody that’s better able than me to describe exactly what did happen. It. It was not good, but it was not, most of the patients there are getting outstanding care. And now the ship has totally been righted over some of the issues that were there. And I told Dennis Mcon, our biggest problem right now is assuring the veterans that they’re getting good, he medical care and they’re safe. A lot of it’s the only place a lot of people can get healthcare.

Speaker 5 (20:23):
So they

Speaker 6 (20:24):
Count on

Speaker 5 (20:24):
Being, please remind them in Washington. And there are a lot of good people. Remind them that we want our children and our elders looked after. And if you can’t do that. Correct, we’re coming. Okay. Thank you. I know you got to go to your retreat.

Speaker 6 (20:39):
Well, I do, but I want to say one more thing as we’re having this discussion. Look, there was wrongdoing and I’m not going to sugarcoat that so they can A, but there are also a lot of really good men and women who work at the Detroit va. I found out about what was going on because people cared enough to say to me, you need to, I, they wouldn’t tell me what was going on. But everybody kept saying, we’re not getting complaints. I said, I don’t care. There’s something wrong. So don’t try to appease me. Look into it. Nice. So there are a lot of good men, men and women that care about the patients that they serve.

Speaker 5 (21:14):
All right, well thank you very much. And I was really, you asked me yesterday you’re going to be on your way to the retreat and you said, can we do it in the back of the car? To which I said, if I had a dollar for every woman that asked me that <laugh>

Speaker 6 (21:31):
Perfect, bad boy. But anyway, I stayed

Speaker 5 (21:34):
<laugh>. I So

Speaker 6 (21:35):

Speaker 5 (21:36):
Now that’s a lot of respect. I

Speaker 6 (21:38):
But thank you for caring. We got, if people don’t care and don’t ask questions, we don’t get to the truth. And we got to fight for people.

Speaker 5 (21:45):
We have to fight for each other. We do. And thank you for taking that moment. Cause people wanted to know, and it’s obvious you’re running it. Good. So I feel better. Thank you, Congresswoman.

Speaker 6 (21:56):
Thank you. Be safe. Bye Karen.

Speaker 7 (22:00):
Okay, bye Debbie. Ta Good seeing you as always. And you know what, Charlie, there’s something, I don’t want it to be lost here. Yes, several times she’s indicated that things came to a head because constituents brought it to her attention. I really think that people have gotten so frustrated that they don’t speak up. They get on Twitter or Facebook or whatever. But people need to be reminded that they still have power and influence. Pick up the phone, send an email, make your leaders aware of what’s going on so that they can, if they want to or are able to, will respond. That’s part of that accountability.

Speaker 5 (22:36):
And the one you always talk about, Karen, go ahead Debbie. I’m sorry.

Speaker 6 (22:40):
No, it’s one of the reasons everybody says, you go to so many things. I go to farmer’s markets, I want to go to the festivals. I want to be in the grocery store. It’s where I get to know people. They know they can talk to me. And it’s where I learn what’s going on. Yes, talk to your elected representatives.

Speaker 5 (22:56):
And there’s something that Karen says, and they don’t want to talk to

Speaker 6 (22:58):

Speaker 5 (22:59):
Besides getting to your representative. You have to make yourself known about your representative, who you’re going to vote for, whether they’re full of bologna and give you the talking points, right? They’re smarmy and their hair’s greased back and they smell a perfume. You got to know if they do the work, you got to know if they’re intelligent. So you must vote.

Speaker 7 (23:23):
But I’m telling you

Speaker 6 (23:25):
Guys, I love you

Speaker 7 (23:27):
For as long, for as long as I’ve known Debbie, she is not a punk. I mean, she doesn’t back down. I mean, she’s not, I mean, I’ve known her for a long time. I’ve been in the room with her, been around the table. And I mean, you kind of look at the personality that’s being brought to the position. I always say that if you’re a good person, you’re going to be a good professional. But I don’t want it to be lost. Again. If you see something and it’s not right, if you smell something, something’s not good for you. Your family, your neighbors, your community,

Speaker 5 (23:58):
Make ’em work. Have to speak. Make them work. Now that was a great segue. That was a great segue, Karen, because speaking of punks Detroit Red is out there, <laugh> at Hey Red, where you at,

Speaker 1 (24:13):
Man? Yeah, yeah. Down here in Belleville, in front of Roosevelt McGrath Elementary School. And right over across the way, less than a quarter of a mile is the dirt dumping sites that US ecology uses. Which is literally, which is wind day,

Speaker 5 (24:30):
Which is republic. On a windy day. What on a

Speaker 1 (24:32):
Windy day, what on a windy day, you’re liable to get any type of contaminated dirt in your backyard on the playground, on the school, in the driveway. I mean, this is a whole community over here. It’s houses, it’s a school. School. The playground’s right over here. And this shit’s worse than Detroit.

Speaker 5 (24:50):
And you, you know this because you spent time with the local city council person who’s been well aware. There’s been fighting, just like Debbie been fighting the dumping. Yes. And the injection. Well,

Speaker 1 (25:02):
The fight’s been going on over 20 years. The injection wells been running about 12, which is seven miles up the road. So basically we’re like on Chemical alley if you ask me. And it’s a middle school over there at the Romulus site. It is not that people haven’t been saying something. What it looks like to me. And from the information I gathered, it’s the money making the decisions. I mean, you were asking Debbie earlier about the for-profit. Well, while they made 10 billion in revenue, nor folks South made 9.7. And if you trace it back, which we did a little homework on, we can trace this back to ownership and investment as high as Bill Gates. I mean, who would think Bill Gates would have any parts of dumping of

Speaker 5 (25:49):
Chemicals? So it’s billion. You said million, but you slipped it, but it’s billion.

Speaker 1 (25:53):
Billion. Yes.

Speaker 5 (25:54):
We’re talking republics pulling in 10 billion. Northfolk Southern is pulling in about 10 billion Republic. It’s majority shareholders. Bill Gates,

Speaker 8 (26:09):
I think Norfolk, in 2021, they had a stock buyback of about 10 billion alone. And they have another seven and a half billion in cash on hand. Which is why when they offer millions people kind of laugh because they know they have this much cash on hand. Because this is ultimately the most of the blame goes on Norfolk Southern in my mind.

Speaker 5 (26:27):
Well, it does. Well look, all right. You’re the for profit company, right, but exactly. Yeah. There’s a reason we have bureaucracies in departments and transport. Right. Come on. You don’t just leave them to clean it up. You don’t leave them to maintain the tracks. They got to be forced because they’re for profit. But it is interesting, right, that Norfolk Southern, who owns it? Yeah, who owns it?

Speaker 1 (26:49):
BlackRock? Well, in research and all that, it’s hard to even really put a finger on who owns what. No, we know. And where

Speaker 5 (26:56):
We know, because we did this last night, me, you, and Mark. Yes.

Speaker 1 (27:00):

Speaker 5 (27:00):
Yes. Is a size black, right? Big, big hedge fund. Yes.

Speaker 8 (27:04):
BlackRock. They’re number two. And number one is Vanguard. I mean, these are two names everybody knows because they create most of the mutual funds and most of the hedge funds, I mean, talk about people that move markets. It’s these two

Speaker 5 (27:16):
People. Exactly. In groups. And the head of BlackRock is a guy named Larry.

Speaker 1 (27:21):
Larry Finch.

Speaker 5 (27:22):
Fink. Fink Fink. Yeah. Fink. And he’s one of these big greeny, billionaire democrat guys. But then you come to find out, well what are you doing here? And then who owns these injection wells that you put near schools? The majority shareholder and Republic Bill Fucking Gates. Yep.

Speaker 1 (27:43):
This is what pisses me off the most, Charlie being out here and seeing this, is the fact that the money has spoken louder than the community. The local congressman told me he’s been to several public meetings. Several of the residents have been to these public meetings over the years voicing they concerns about these dump sites. And as we can see, the money just keeps pushing the decision to do this right along the road. And in the end, it’s our kids and our health. That’s fucking suffering. I mean, that’s really,

Speaker 5 (28:14):
So who’s the majority?

Speaker 1 (28:15):
Shit, when they say shit rolled downhill from the rich, this is where it’s land.

Speaker 5 (28:19):
Well, here, here’s the deal. Red. Who owns Vanguard? We all own Vanguard. Yeah. That’s why 401k. That’s 401k through you guys. So you do have a voice in this, right? It’s more than just look at my four [inaudible]. What’s four [inaudible] doing? Right? Black black rock. I’m looking them up, man. They’re, they like one of the big def they invest in shit that deforest the divorce, the Amazon Rain Basin. Yeah. Yeah. And then the guys out there talk about Green, new World. It’s such bullshit. It’s all bullshit. JP Morgan Chase. It’s bullshit. You guys are

Speaker 8 (28:56):
Bullshitting. They say that because it’s good for business. That’s funny. You mention JP Morgan Chase because they’re fourth the fourth largest owner of Norfolk Southern there.

Speaker 5 (29:03):
I’m aware of, that’s why I mentioned them. I know. And I’ll let you know that Larry Fink is on the board of the World Economic Forum or counselor, whatever the fuck it is.

Speaker 8 (29:14):
Oh man. That’s

Speaker 1 (29:15):
Crazy. Charlie. Everything tell

Speaker 5 (29:18):

Speaker 1 (29:20):
If I was dumping illegally just in my local street sewage, I’d be fine putting jail by now. These guys with all the money pretty much dump they trash what the hell they want? And nobody’s doing shit about it. Mm-hmm.

Speaker 5 (29:34):
<affirmative>, try burning your leaves, driving

Speaker 1 (29:37):
Around. You’re right.

Speaker 5 (29:39):
Mm-hmm. <affirmative> oiling shit.

Speaker 7 (29:43):

Speaker 5 (29:43):
Everybody got to get the fuck in the studio. It is ridiculous. You know what this sounds like? This sounds like little, this sounds like Covid. April, 2020. Everybody just got on Zoom.

Speaker 1 (29:55):
Some of the dust. I’ve gotten my throat over here.

Speaker 5 (29:59):
Well, we sent you out there because it’s so cold. It with weed crystal. We didn’t think it would affect you, bro.

Speaker 1 (30:06):
Hey, listen here. Thank God for the filter of marijuana. Cause I wouldn’t want to breathe none of this shit in floating around out here.

Speaker 5 (30:15):
Yeah, man. Poor kids. Jesus. Peace.

Speaker 1 (30:19):
What we, yeah. And I do want to put this out here, even though I’m cracking jokes and shit and I didn’t know it was like this until I came out here. The way they are regarding the safety of our kids is a fucking insult to me. Because the kids is the future. And if you poison in the future before it adds a chance to evolve, where does that leave us? Where does this leave the country? The rich are doing what they want and we just taking all the bullshit.

Speaker 5 (30:48):
Yeah, I, it’s sort of a comparison since we’re talking about Fast Gene that killed 85% of the soldiers who were Gased and World War I. When Cher Noble melted down, do you think the public was notified what they were doing with it? Yeah. Right. No. No. Of course not. That’s, that’s fucking Russia. This is the United States and we have every right to know everything going on. Right? Agreed. Yeah. And that fucking governor down there, Republican, right? Mm-hmm. Is shipping his shit up here. No man, you did that. You did. That’s, that’s how you guys run your shit. Our shit’s fucked up and up already. And you heard Debbie, no one, even no one, even like Pete Budgie didn’t even call him Gretchen Whitmer to let her know it’s ridiculous. And we’re we got, here we go with that fucking Covid 2020 again. <laugh>. Okay, you got to put your hand up. Somebody, press the button. Put your electronic hand <laugh>. Go ahead. Red

Speaker 1 (31:48):
Mentioning the governor of Ohio. Where the fuck is our governor? Where’s her outrage that they just blatantly disrespected her seat of authority by not even letting her know shit? Or did she know and acting like she didn’t? I mean,

Speaker 5 (32:05):
Karen. Karen’s hands up. Karen’s hands up Karen.

Speaker 7 (32:08):
I like this. No, no, I was just saying that’s a good point because I called two people on the communication staff didn’t get an answer to the phone call or the messages left. That’s a good question. Red. I mean, again, when public officials traveled to other jurisdictions, they notify that other jurisdiction as a professional courtesy. There’s no reason why that same courtesy shouldn’t be extended when something else is coming over into your jurisdiction as the leader, you of that area. That doesn’t make any sense.

Speaker 5 (32:42):
They’re all weasel. How many, Karen called a prominent politician? No Director of communication to talked to us and a fucker didn’t even want to text because I’m sick. How many people are cashing checks? What? And government not doing anything. Jesus. You know what I mean?

Speaker 1 (33:02):
Too many.

Speaker 5 (33:04):
How many people working for these private firms, these equity firms, these railroad companies? You’re not doing your shit. Nope. You’re working for the VA and you’re changing data. That’s horseshit. I mean, we all know it, man. That’s why just we’re at each other’s throat. And then you can’t defend it. You can’t defend your side. You can’t. But

Speaker 7 (33:22):
It goes back to us, Charlie. We have to demand better. That’s why, I mean, I shared the email for the oversight commission, for the commission for the Utilities on Twitter. I said, don’t just complain to us. Send these people an email. Let them know that just because your lights are back on or your power’s back on this is unacceptable. We’re talking about another storm that’s coming. I mean these kinds of, this is just another version of the power outage. Yeah, it

Speaker 5 (33:52):
Really is. That one’s not done. And I never got a word about that from the governor either. So go ahead. Last word, red, then we’re moving on.

Speaker 1 (34:01):
For those that may be watching this and saying, oh, just another issue. Remember this. This is who’s really affected in the end, the little ones inside this building here. Cause they got to deal with the shit we let stay behind. That’s real.

Speaker 5 (34:18):
That’s real. All right. Demand Moore. We are going to move on to the north of the Michigan border. We’re going to go all the way to Ottawa with Vinny d, formerly of Detroit. Now I don’t know what the fuck he’s doing in Canada, right? But he’s with the Voices of North America Network. He’s brought to you by xg Service group, group experts in voiceover, internet protocol, phone service, security cameras, hidden cameras, access control train, track cameras. Yeah, they’re one for ya. Fink, right? Nor yeah, Norfolk. Sure. Yeah. Okay. <laugh> wifi, design and installation. Drive through systems construction cameras, all of it. Anything Internet, anything cable. They’ll handle it. Anything digital, they handle it. Call Met Yaz at (734) 245-4100. Feel better. Bernie. Bernie lives over in Ed’s what do he call it? Poison alley. That’s what he thought. Yeah. Yeah. But he’s still lives. He’s he, he’s right there though. He lives next to a dump and it’s always blowing on him. So I don’t know what gave him his health issue was either you’re too fat Bernie, or the dust is blowing out. I don’t know. Oh, Bernie <laugh>. Here’s what you do. Try some celery and wear an M 95

Speaker 8 (35:37):

Speaker 5 (35:39):
An ADR experience overseeing more than a quarter billion dollars in private construction projects since 2001. May. You might want to call m Norfolk Southern, reduce your costs, increase your bottom line adr, save clients millions. Anes called Smart Call Barry Nantucket. (248) 318-9424 for a consultation. And of course this all got me hungry. Yeah. At American Coney Island. Oh yeah, you, you know what? Friday

Speaker 8 (36:06):
Lents the best time here.

Speaker 5 (36:07):
Oh, those sandwiches. They’re you got, I now realize you got to have ’em hot.

Speaker 8 (36:11):
Yeah. Oh yeah.

Speaker 5 (36:12):
They are fluffy. Do you notice, let me just tell you some things. Here’s how the lettuce is green and crisp. I know.

Speaker 8 (36:20):

Speaker 5 (36:20):
Where’s the lettuce? Green and crisp in here? Nowhere. You get that on the sandwich. It’s zero place. That’s sesame on the bun. It ain’t some bullshit. It’s a shit. It’s shit. I’m, I’m going to cut the corner because Sesame are scarce. Nope. Got to have the Sesame <laugh> that Pacific Pollock. Oh they don’t. You know what I realize they don’t put tartar sauce on it. What? It’s coleslaw. Really?

Speaker 8 (36:43):
Yeah. I never noticed.

Speaker 5 (36:44):
Yeah. The other,

Speaker 7 (36:45):
I get ’em plain Charlie get ’em plain. That’s, I don’t like all that stuff. That’s fun. I get ’em and no, I don’t eat all that stuff. But they are delicious. When you can eat something that has no decoration and it’s delicious, it’s good. The core, it’s delicious.

Speaker 5 (36:59):
And you can sit down, it’s clean and Ruby, it got a great view with war or you’re out the door. People will call up and go I want to get one to go. Six dogs. Six fries. I pick up the phone, I go, just come in man. Have that ready for you in three minutes. It’s fast. Yeah. Yeah. And you don’t want it cold. It’s a great place. It’s all of that stuff. The roof doesn’t mean,

Speaker 7 (37:20):
And it’s clean. It’s clean.

Speaker 5 (37:22):
And it’s the oldest family run business perhaps in Michigan. No, I mean it’s one of three. It’s either Cranes Communications really? Or Ford. Yeah. Or American, Coney Island.

Speaker 8 (37:37):
Coney Island’s got to be older than Ford.

Speaker 5 (37:40):
It’s not. It’s got to be Ford. It’s got it’s Ford. All right. Okay. But it’s still over you.

Speaker 7 (37:44):
Even you’re older. They’re better. How about that? If they’re older, you’re better.

Speaker 5 (37:47):
They ain’t shipping my sandwich to Mexico. <laugh> telling that right now. And speaking of which, speaking of the border, I want to welcome it. If you listen folks, if you’re listening, we are on Facebook, we’re on YouTube. You got to see this guy <laugh>. This next guy. You got to look at this guy. Oh look. Oh Vinny man. What a pick. Look at this guy. <laugh>. Vinny D from the Vos of North America. What’s going on Vin?

Speaker 9 (38:17):
Okay. I wish that there would be some Coney Islands up here. Maybe we should ought a fundraise to get ’em started up here. Because you could sure use that. And these issues you’re talking about here, all this border aside, even those are important issues. Those kids. What Red’s talking about Red’s getting good at this, Charlie? Yes. Okay. And you’re the one And who was the one that brought me here more? I really didn’t want to do this stuff again, but I knew how to do it in my way. You need something to do. That’s why we started this group.

Speaker 5 (38:44):
Oh, you’re retired.

Speaker 9 (38:46):
Yeah. Well I was trying to retire and I’ve been doing this since I’ve been eight off and on.

Speaker 5 (38:51):
So let me just tell you who Vinny is real quick. Tell you me how I get to know him. Vinny’s formerly a Detroit. He moved to Ottawa. I don’t know why. I don’t want to get into a Vinny. Don’t tell me why. <laugh> and these

Speaker 9 (39:02):
Four guys up here need some help.

Speaker 5 (39:05):
Right Man, he is a smack around. He’s a great listener. Toughing him up there. So Vinny Vinny’s listener pops in now and then he’s the guy that said, I got this old Fleetwood limousine, I want to donate it to you. We’re going to go get that. But Vinny, if, correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t want to present you as what you’re not. But here’s what I believe. You’re like a right wing guy. I didn’t say a nut. I didn’t say, when you say a right wing, it’s a bad word. Or a liberal. It’s a bad word. I don’t believe that. But you’re like to the right, you guys are tied into Rebel News. You rabble rousers, community journalism. And you said you got a immigration problem there, right? They’re swamping the border and people are getting in there illegally.

Speaker 9 (39:51):
Well they said that. I didn’t say that

Speaker 5 (39:53):
Right. But you were curious, right? Like Tru Serious. Yeah, Trudeau’s an asshole. We don’t know what’s going on with the third party grid, et cetera. So Rebel News, right, right wing sort of citizen journalist. Yeah. They play off the New York Post and there’s a story that Mayor Adams in New York was given money. Correct me if I’m wrong, Vinny given money to migrants that got shipped to New York to go to Canada. Is this correct?

Speaker 9 (40:22):
Not directly. He buffers it. The Godfather would to what? An organization to do his work there. And they hand out the tickets and everything.

Speaker 5 (40:31):
So it was cold. Vinny wants to get to the bottom of this. So first of all, Vinny goes to Ottawa. He’s checking out the immigrant community. I would say a little bit to your surprise, Vinny, you were like, oh, he’s a kind of good people, good addition, good working people, nice restaurants, right?

Speaker 9 (40:47):
Yeah. Not all of ’em, but anybody else, Charlie, their people, you know, showed that guy with a couple bucks in his pocket and you swam across the river with them. That was the real buddy. You’re a reporter, you’re not and a broadcast commentator. But you can write or I can’t just motor on live and stuff.

Speaker 5 (41:09):
What a

Speaker 9 (41:09):
Great guy. What I try and do with the reel.

Speaker 5 (41:11):
Yeah, he does. And so I was kind of proud cause you know, took some video and it wasn’t some hit job on the other. You were like, Hey, I actually had a good time. I met some really good people. You did a beautiful little film and Right.

Speaker 9 (41:27):
Yeah. It’s the

Speaker 5 (41:28):

Speaker 9 (41:28):
Job in the world. We try and show the real. Yeah, we try and show the real, we mix with the people. Cause it’s all about the people. Like your buddy there Perkins. He said we we’re doing this as a public service of a lot of these people out there. They’re doing it for Cook bait, for personal glory. And they’re just stenographers. Rebel News does some good things, but I don’t agree with everything they do. And then when we went there, we showed there was nobody there. They had to go to Plattsburg to prove us wrong in the one bus. So they, one of their people is down there in the border, cc and an Eagle Pass showing in the airport and everything. But it’s like Steno, it’s kind of like stenographer. And they show 47 people getting off the bus. 47 peoples a drop in the bucket, Charlie compared to what’s happening down there.

And they just did that to show, oh, Vinny and Rohan, they’re lying or whatnot because they got to keep that narrative going. It’s like that’s how they get their clicks and everything. I don’t agree with everything Rebel does. They do some good, a lot of good stuff. Like they’re in the con and everything. But you want to tell the real, you don’t want to just geek it up. Well one busload of people, the girl went down there to Plattsburgh. And that’s mainly because I don’t think anybody can go to the border after we did it. I think those police there were highly chastised for letting us get so close. And because the day right after we went to the day after a political party went there, the PPCs a big shot, right wing guy, Berner, he used to work for Harper. He went down there with his news crew and everything.

The news crew’s asking, how did you guys get to do it? I said, well, we had a slight advantage. We learned from Gordon and Charlie Wood how to do this stuff. You know, guys get in the cops faces and everything. They’re not going to talk to you when you chased down a politician and say, Hey, oh look, I caught this guy in the wrong and everything. You get him on the hot, you’d be nice to him. Get him on the hot seat first. Who does? Or you, who used to do or you do Charlie, you get him on the hot seat first and then ream him a new one. So then this guy there that you covered in Flint, buddy, that was the guy. What is he vying to be? The new black L Gordon. The city councilman up there in Flins. Pretty good buddy.

Speaker 5 (43:32):
Eric Mays. Shout out to, yeah,

Speaker 9 (43:34):
He’s good. I he’s, I got one right here

Speaker 5 (43:36):
Now. Now there’s a guy, Vinny, right wing Vinny here. Look at that. Look at that. Look at that. Keep the lid on now man. See now right wing Vinny is liking National Action Network. Eric Maze. You see how this works coming together. You see Vinny? No,

Speaker 9 (43:51):
I’m more like you.

Speaker 5 (43:52):
Oh, you’re like

Speaker 9 (43:53):
Vi. I’m more like you. It doesn’t matter if it’s left or right. Just so they’re working with the people and doing the right thing, buddy. You know?

Speaker 5 (43:58):
There you go, man.

Speaker 9 (43:58):
Sometimes the left comes up with a good idea.

Speaker 5 (44:01):
So you were believing this rebel news. Oh my God. RM Road, the illegal crossing we’re being in it. You believed it.

Speaker 9 (44:07):
Cause I’ve been around too long to believe anything without going to see it like you. So he

Speaker 5 (44:11):
Went to see it. Now watch, this is just excerpt. This is Vinny and his crack squad at the Yeah,

Speaker 9 (44:20):
They’re pretty

Speaker 5 (44:20):
Good at the Canadian board of the Illegal Crossing. Also a little bit of a weather report. And you’ll hear they’re actually talking to border patrol and it’s quite good in this way. What do you say, mark? It’s entertaining. It’s It is. It’s entertaining. Very entertaining. All right, let’s roll that.

Speaker 9 (44:38):
Yeah. Like red. You got to be entertaining something.

Speaker 5 (44:40):

Speaker 10 (44:42):
Do you guys do with that

Speaker 11 (44:44):
Record? Yeah. Oh,

Speaker 10 (44:46):
I thought you were like

Speaker 9 (44:47):
One. See here. Like that’s from poet. They trust me next to be True, next to Trudo. They trust me here you

Speaker 11 (44:52):
Unit. So. Oh, no problem. We’re going to come over here.

Speaker 9 (44:55):
Nobody knows. The RCMP does a good job. We’re

Speaker 10 (44:58):
Trying to do our best.

Speaker 11 (44:59):
Thank you.

Speaker 10 (45:00):
Just like you guys

Speaker 12 (45:02):
Be possible to talk to the

Speaker 11 (45:03):
Person. Okay. Can we wave to them?

Speaker 12 (45:07):
They would be on their

Speaker 5 (45:08):
Nice Canadian.

Speaker 9 (45:09):
Yeah. Yeah. They’re under detainment

Speaker 12 (45:11):
To have a chat with them. It’s better to go in the us

Speaker 11 (45:14):
But when they arrest them, it’s not like a arrest. Arrest. When I got caught back in the day coming out of Chinois in pure Montreal. Right. I got caught one time coming out of there late at night. But that’s not, that’s was like an arrest. Arrest. This is not an arrest. Arrest. This

Speaker 9 (45:33):
Is arrest for detainment. It’s the same term, but yeah, it’s for detained. But

Speaker 11 (45:37):
This is chill out. This is chills though.

Speaker 10 (45:38):
If we can find footsteps or something in the snow footsteps, evidence of

Speaker 11 (45:45):

Speaker 10 (45:45):

Speaker 11 (45:47):
On Mars,

Speaker 10 (45:47):
We can tell on this side and still do rest. All right.

Speaker 11 (45:52):
Maybe we should drive around <laugh> and then go through another area that’s not that’s doesn’t have a big border crossing.

Speaker 10 (46:00):
Wait, I mean if you look at that snow, I know the snow is kind of new. Okay. But doesn’t look like there is so many people walking here.

Speaker 11 (46:08):
No, surely

Speaker 10 (46:09):
Do. They can be lot more dirty and Yeah, especially here, it’s like slushy. There’s no slush here. Right? Me think

Speaker 5 (46:17):
It’s like tracking.

Speaker 11 (46:18):
You think that there’s no immigrants at all?

Speaker 10 (46:20):
Yeah. Or not very many anyway.

Speaker 11 (46:23):
Wow. Certainly

Speaker 10 (46:24):
Not interesting though today.

Speaker 11 (46:26):

Speaker 10 (46:27):
But it feels slushy and gross. So you’d think if they walk here, they’ll drag that here and Nope.

Speaker 11 (46:33):
Nope. Nothing.

Speaker 5 (46:35):

Speaker 11 (46:38):
Why don’t we go and try to find

Speaker 9 (46:40):
What’s the street? There’s not an immigrant here.

Speaker 11 (46:43):
<laugh>. It’s not an immigrant man. It’s like we came all the way to the zoo and there’s not a single,

Speaker 9 (46:49):
No, we went to New York City and nobody’s

Speaker 11 (46:51):
Here. Right. <laugh> the chat.

Speaker 5 (46:56):
It’s an unbelievable expose. Vinny that nobody, nobody’s here. The girl,

Speaker 9 (47:01):
The girl, she can speak good English too and whatnot. I think she’s better than the other one from Rebel. But she’s really not a journalist. She’s actually, the soup lady is hand out free soup to the poor people down there at the convoy there. Oh,

Speaker 5 (47:14):
I thought she was, I was voiced. I thought she was your meteorologist.

Speaker 9 (47:20):
No, no, no, no. She, no,

Speaker 5 (47:21):

Speaker 9 (47:21):
She’s a good girl. Charlie. We’re going to try and use her for a reporter because she’s got that natural gift. So where she

Speaker 5 (47:28):
Look Infinity, we

Speaker 9 (47:29):
Only pick up on the ones that we got some Twitter motor mouth with us. But most of ’em, some of them are old school journalists. I actually belong to the old school press gallery, the Independent Press Gallery of Canada. It’s more like a traditional one and everything. So I don’t the Canadian press,

Speaker 7 (47:45):
Are you on Twitter?

Speaker 9 (47:48):
Yeah, VNA is on Twitter, but that’s usually my wife that’s answering you. She’s a big fan of yours. Karen

Speaker 7 (47:53):
<laugh>. Oh, cause I thought, okay, well tell her I appreciate you guys heard.

Speaker 9 (47:57):
Yeah. She reads the Detroit News. I bought her that subscription. You and Charlie. So she got I this whole thing’s basically I started had the requisite skills. Now it’s from being lose godson there. He used to come over the house and he was like my mentor back in the day. He was tree top tall that he was my euro kind of. I was there when he see that thing that Charlie covered it down there with us with the wife Scorpion team in Nashville. We had one in Detroit called the Dress Unit. I’m sure you guys remember that. You got the record jersey, remember? And they used to car, them guys used to carve Naches and their gun handles and just, if they didn’t like somebody, they’d just shoot ’em and leap ’em away in there and all that was still going on. Tome Green when the Star Skin Hutch beat with a flash right there.

Speaker 5 (48:43):
I’m sure this is going somewhere. <laugh>

Speaker 7 (48:49):
Listening to him,

Speaker 5 (48:50):
So Me too. Look at the man. He’s fine. He looks like the godfather there. It’s all mahogany. The flags look like he got some horns. He looks like

Speaker 7 (48:59):
Your older brother Charlie. Actually.

Speaker 5 (49:01):
My uncle,

Speaker 9 (49:02):
No, I’m a little bit older than Charlie, but he’s like my mentor. Even though I’m older, I try and teach everybody here to do like Charlie done that thingy done. Yeah, I’m still alive. I’m doing the news. I try and show him, you know how he showed he was with the real people sitting with. That’s what you got to be. That’s why I got my old butt out there on my old ass out there on Wellington Street with all these protests or something. And I’m not as right wing. I’m for whatever idea will work. Sometimes the left comes up with good ideas. Sometimes it just takes financially a

Speaker 5 (49:31):
Welcome home. Vinny, welcome back

Speaker 9 (49:34):
To the middle. I You even said Charlie Trump. Trump is a mess. But he’s done some good things. I look at he has the real buddy.

Speaker 5 (49:40):
That’s true. You could say that buddy.

Speaker 9 (49:43):
And I’m not a dance stenographer. I’m a reporter. I’m a reporter and a broadcast commentator. I’m not one of his Oh, journalist

Speaker 5 (49:49):
A judge of that.

Speaker 9 (49:51):
Well, I try to be,

Speaker 5 (49:52):
When the award shows up in the mail, then you’ll know. All right.

Speaker 9 (49:57):
It’s kind. Oh, you’re getting your reward buddy. We’re sending you that thing. But I don’t think it’s a good idea to put a mask on the limousine. Well, better. You saw what it looks like inside. It’s like a rolling cathouse buddy.

Speaker 5 (50:06):
Oh this, it’s a rolling. This limo is got for us. Okay. It it’s, it’s got the silk roses. Ooh. In the jars that are affixed to the table. Fancy. I know that’s

Speaker 9 (50:18):
That’s amazing. Yeah, it’s got everything. It’s like a rolling penthouse buddy. It’s nice. I

Speaker 5 (50:22):
Was going to pick Debbie up in that <laugh> Congresswoman.

Speaker 9 (50:24):
Yeah. Well Red, if you go to the Normandy here, he got a rich, rich uncle. I be back in the day back. I used to stay at the Yorba. I stayed at the Fort Hotel, the Roosevelt down there by the other station.

Speaker 5 (50:38):
All the fine places.

Speaker 9 (50:39):
Yeah. Yeah. All the finest places. So I know I even threw Ro read a tip on how to get rid of, what did

Speaker 5 (50:45):
You pay? 25 cents for the towels? $5 for the

Speaker 9 (50:49):
Key. No, they didn’t have that. They didn’t that cheap. In them days they give it to you. They weren’t the best. But the St. Regis is one of the best hotels in Detroit. It used to be. Now it’s like modernized. But some of the stuff in there, you’ve been in them old buildings. You showed people Charlie. So you know.

Speaker 5 (51:05):

Speaker 9 (51:06):
I do. It’s not what it used to be.

Speaker 5 (51:07):
No, nothing is man. All right. Vinny very good work. Welcome aboard. As I said, I’ll let everybody know. Vinny does. Vinny, we do us. Sometimes you meet, sometimes you don’t. But that was all right. Looking at Vinny, it was cold and Vinny got off his ass and was out there looking for for caribou tracks and migrants and you couldn’t find any of them. Yeah,

Speaker 9 (51:31):
There’s no mass flood. They’re coming and it’s wrong. And it needs to be tweaked and adjusted. And these Canadians need to get rights like America. And right now they’re getting the rights from the crown that sold divine. Right. A crown theory where God gives the crown the right and they do it out. We’re in America. We get our rights directly to us. It’s true. That’s the problem here in Canada. These lawyers, have you been with the Freedom Convoy and everything? They know this stuff, but

Speaker 5 (51:54):
They’re not Canada Minnie, when are you going to get your new King Charles money?

Speaker 9 (51:58):
Uhoh buddy. I’m going to send you some when I get it, just so you see what it looks like. I don’t think it’s out yet.

Speaker 5 (52:03):
Yeah. Is all your money going to change?

Speaker 9 (52:06):
No. My buddy, I do American, my stuff’s

Speaker 5 (52:09):
In there. I’m in Canada. Is all the money going to switch over to Charles?

Speaker 9 (52:13):
Yeah, pretty soon. I don’t think they’ve done it yet. I don’t know.

Speaker 5 (52:15):
Are the bills going to be a little bit larger to accommodate his ears?

Speaker 9 (52:20):
No, everything’s getting smaller buddy. Even. Yeah, that’s a good one. But everything’s getting smaller. You notice when you open up a package there in Detroit, there’s not as many potato chips in it as what used to be. They say it’s one thing at some size, but it’s not. Karen did that about the eggs, the price, they’re going crazy. And this thing at the border,

Speaker 5 (52:37):
Ooh, Karen, this thing, you got a big fan up here in the Vinny D house.

Speaker 9 (52:42):
Yeah. We need to get more Canadians watching you guys. Windsor’s right across there. Right across the Exactly

Speaker 5 (52:47):
Why we had Joan and Vinny. I mean

Speaker 9 (52:49):
They got to come shopping in Detroit.

Speaker 5 (52:52):
You, you’re known from Yellowknife all the way to Halifax, bro. So that’s the reason we got you

Speaker 9 (52:58):
That Mexican migrant that start the Mexican immigrant that started the restaurant there that we did. I’ll send you a little clip about that too later. He’s saying about Detroit big time. All I said, what’s better Detroit? He says, big time. He goes there to Mexican town and everything and he says it’s scary because of what the news says, but it’s still able to go there without getting shot at you. Just mind your own business and do what you got to do. You know?

Speaker 5 (53:22):
That’s right. Just don’t fuck

Speaker 9 (53:23):
Around and the prices

Speaker 5 (53:24):
Are better. And I would recommend the combination plate mind your own business. And when you go to Mexican town, get the combination plate.

Speaker 9 (53:32):
Yeah, that’s what he said. He said they got a good Mexican bakery there too. They do. And your buddy there, char the other one. I forget what his name is. You had him on your show. He’s trying to show the bakery. No, the one guy, the other journalist or TV broadcaster you guys had on a while back, he’s showing some bakery out by him saying how wonderful it is. And Amy said, why don’t you show Charlie and Karen where that’s at

Speaker 5 (53:58):
And time. Take care, everybody tune in tonight. Eight o’clock on Cuomo. I’ll be there in studio.

Speaker 13 (54:07):


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