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After agreeing to the poisoning of his own citizens by lighting fire to the derailed train wagons in East Palestine, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) announces that the deadly contaminants will be shipped to Michigan and Texas.

The problem is, DeWine didn’t alert anyone in Michigan or Texas.

Drop dead, says Michigan Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D).

To paraphrase: Bury your shit in your own backyard Mike.

Rep. Dingell gives the details of incompetent government at all levels.

Ace reporter @ComdedianDetroitRed uncovers the dirty truth about the plan between Dewine and the 1% Mafia. Ohio’s poisoned was dumped, not in Ohio, but next to two Michigan elementary schools. Those dumps are owned primarily by Bill “Epstein Island” Gates.

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg most likely knew of the scheme, but said nothing.

And …News from the Great White North.

Conservative citizen-journalist Vinny D. once bought into the hype that illegal immigrants are invading Canada. Stories in the right wing press incensed Vinny. Stories how NYC Mayor Eric Adams, who once welcomed migrants, was now handing out free bus tickets to migrants heading to Canada.

Vinny went to the frozen Quebec border to see for himself, only to find there were no immigrants there.

Citizen Vinny arrived at this conclusion: “It was all clickbait bullshit.”

Not here. Not ever.


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