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President Joe Biden finally goes to the border and ¡Listo!

Suddenly, all the illegal immigrants are gone from the streets of El Paso, Texas. But wait, asks the president, “Who’s this guy?”

Nothing to see here.

Meanwhile, JP Morgan Chase is perhaps the biggest criminal enterprise going in the United States. The giant Wall Street bank was a main culprit for passing the bad mortgages that triggered the financial meltdown of 2008. It is also the bank that enabled Bernie Madoff, the biggest Ponzi grifter in the history America, until of course Sam Bankman-Fried, the FTX crypto crook.

Did anybody from JP Morgan go to prison? You can bet your ass – no. Instead, CEO Jamie Dimon comes to Detroit and crawls into bed with Mayor Mike Duggan.

What ever happened to the Grand Juries looking into Duggan?

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel refuses to investigate. She says that’s the way things go. The rich and powerful get away with it as long as you’ve got friends in the AG’s office.

In the meantime, your jobs continue to get shipped to Mexico where the cartels are in control. And that’s the way things are.

Plus, look for me on Chris Cuomo tonight.


Speaker 1 (00:00):
I issue open warnings now to all dope pushes, all ripoff artists. Call Mother. It is time to leave the eight mile road.

Speaker 2 (00:24):

Speaker 1 (00:26):
I don’t give a damn if they’re black or white, if they wear super or blue uniforms, hit the road

Speaker 3 (00:40):

Speaker 4 (00:42):
Downtown Detroit. It’s no PS News out with my

Speaker 5 (01:10):
Assistant breaking this Dobo bullshit. Dobo

Speaker 6 (01:14):
Bullshit. Yeah, we keep saying that, but all that’s all it is, is bullshit. Bullshit.

Speaker 7 (01:21):
What would you talk about if there weren’t,

Speaker 6 (01:23):
We already did the program just setting up Karen. I mean, it

Speaker 8 (01:26):
Was really good too. I enjoyed

Speaker 6 (01:27):
It. Welcome back to work everybody, and get on downtown and start stealing <laugh>. Get back to the stadium start. Oh my God, I

Speaker 7 (01:35):
Don’t think they stopped,

Speaker 6 (01:36):
Man. We going to get like, it’s just unbelievable. And I’m watching the Bernie Madoff, the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of the United States. Really good. And I’m looking at it and then all of a sudden, there’s always the Detroit angle. Wow, man, I didn’t know such stuff.

Speaker 8 (01:56):
Oh, it’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Speaker 6 (01:57):
All right. But keep it lively. Let’s not be sad. Wake up. Everybody Just, we gotta let you So Karen and I we’re okay. Remember that one. Remember that? Press release, Karen. Remember that Polly of money? Remember this one And then we’re Googling it. Cuz I, we can’t do everything and there are no answers. That’s true. You can’t find out what happened to all this money they promised.

Speaker 7 (02:21):
That’s true, Charlie. And the thing about it is that they keep pumping good money behind. I you wanna call it bad money or we just, it’s, it’s endless. The money is endless. The results are nowhere to be seen. No,

Speaker 6 (02:35):
But listen, we live here. This is the seat of the crime. The biggest municipal bankruptcy of the history of the United States. Money is not endless,

Speaker 7 (02:45):
You think

Speaker 6 (02:46):
Unless you’re connected, right, mark? Oh,

Speaker 8 (02:47):
Absolutely. I mean that’s the most horrifying thing about these stories is that they’re not surprising.

Speaker 6 (02:52):
How do you make bullshit? And we’re all getting ripped off. We get interesting. I don’t know. I’m starting to lose my mind. Yeah,

Speaker 7 (02:59):
Well don’t do that, Charlie. But it gets, it’s exhausting actually, because we continue to talk about, and it’s not the same thing, but it’s the same playbook

Speaker 6 (03:10):
And well keep it up. I mean, it’s not exhausting. It’s interesting. Welcome to the no bullshit lunch hour. It’s really, it’s fun.

Speaker 7 (03:19):
Yeah. And I like this because this is what we would talk about if we were sitting down having lunch. Those are where all the conversations take place. I call them tabletop conversations. Those restaurant conversations where people are sharing secrets. They’re frustrations, they’re insights. They don’t always make ’em public, but that’s where the conversations take place. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (03:41):
Well, okay, listen, if you wanna be part of the conversation, go to our brand new website. Yep. We spent time this weekend trying to fix that website then. Yeah, we we’re going to beat this shadow band.

Speaker 8 (03:52):

Speaker 6 (03:52):
Man. Good luck. We got smart people working. What is not? Yeah, we’ll take care. We’ll do it in post Karen. And you don’t have to worry about that. You just go find out what happened with my fucking money. Yeah.

Speaker 7 (04:01):
<laugh>. Just wish, just be smart.

Speaker 6 (04:01):
Yeah. You wanna be part of it. You are filmmaker. You’re a journalist. You’re a musician. Go to our website. Just give us a word. We got room right? We got room.

Speaker 8 (04:11):
No BS News

Speaker 6 (04:12):
Thank you. I don’t think you mentioned it. That’s very good. Yep.

Speaker 7 (04:15):
It that’ll be good because it’ll add depth and the fact that we’re just not a monolithic kind of show. So that’s cool.

Speaker 8 (04:22):
It’s a good one. Yeah. More voices

Speaker 7 (04:25):
And other stuff. I mean there’s other stuff going on besides the corruption. I mean, there are people that are trying to make a difference. There are people that are, it’s

Speaker 8 (04:33):
A corruption

Speaker 6 (04:35):
What’s going on the border. It’s going on. You see that?

Speaker 7 (04:38):
Yeah. I see

Speaker 6 (04:39):
You see Biden’s tripped to the border. Yeah. Oh my God. What?

Speaker 7 (04:42):
That was a photo op

Speaker 6 (04:43):
Gaslighting. Man. We got any of those pictures that the dude goes to El Paso and border patrol cleans up the town. And what do we get? Three hours taking it. Well, here’s a picture of, remember we were showing you the thousands of people coming over the thousands of people camped on both sides. If you’re listening, there’s nobody there. Yeah. There’s nobody there

Speaker 8 (05:04):
Yet. Well, anybody that’s seen the news in the past month, I mean, this is the spot where mm-hmm. All those people were in El Paso thousand. Poof. They’re gone.

Speaker 7 (05:12):
When you have company, you clean up and so, you know, gotta make it look good. So especially

Speaker 8 (05:17):
When grandpa’s coming over,

Speaker 7 (05:18):
You don’t want him to trip over anything or anybody. Everybody

Speaker 6 (05:21):
Knows. But grandpa, hey, grandpa’s coming to check it out, cleaning up for

Speaker 8 (05:25):
Grandpa. No problem. His grandpa’s in charge.

Speaker 6 (05:27):
Pick up the socks off the floor, hide the liquor bottles. Grandpa’s coming because grandpa likes liquor. I tell you that when I was growing up, man my grandpa wouldn’t let my grandpa drink liquor. So he bury it in his garden and then we’d go over there and it’d be like an Easter egg hunt cuz the old man couldn’t remember where it was. So it was awesome going over there, trying to find

Speaker 7 (05:47):
It. Did he make you go find it?

Speaker 6 (05:49):
Yeah. Yeah. It was like hunting pirate

Speaker 8 (05:51):
Treasure. Did grandpa spend a lot of time in the garden?

Speaker 6 (05:53):
No. Once we found it, he spent a lot of time in the garage.

Speaker 7 (05:58):

Speaker 8 (05:59):
That’s adorable. Too bad he wasn’t president.

Speaker 6 (06:01):
Yeah. We should have sent him to El Paso. Exactly. Because then they take the president and he is my president and he is our president. And they give him a tour of the parking lot of border patrol. Yeah. And he’s pointing at stuff I know. For the photo

Speaker 7 (06:17):
Op. He doesn’t

Speaker 8 (06:17):
Know. Well he’s probably saying that’s where they were before they cleaned them up. And that’s when the migrants came on.

Speaker 7 (06:21):
Well, but you gotta remember when they take the picture and he’s pointing, it looks as though he’s doing something and it looks as though there’s, there’s substance there. I’m engaged. I’m aware. So again, photo op. But

Speaker 6 (06:31):

Speaker 8 (06:32):
Right. And that’s all

Speaker 6 (06:32):
It is. We’ve all seen it,

Speaker 8 (06:33):
Dude. Who are they fooling?

Speaker 6 (06:35):
I Nobody.

Speaker 7 (06:36):
Yeah, but people just, and like, oh yeah, the president went to the border and then what? They don’t know. Everything is just the news cycle. Everybody’s just being dragged through everything so quickly, Charlie. So people aren’t connecting the dots.

Speaker 6 (06:48):
They did take him to the fence where nobody was. Yeah. But there were a bunch of migrants waving. Waving from across the street as he drove

Speaker 8 (06:55):
By. We got another video here. This is how El Paso cleaned up. So they have December 24th, Christmas Eve, and then January 7th. The same exact

Speaker 6 (07:02):
Shot. Now the 24th of December looks like skid row in Vegas in everybody just flopped out there cold. It was like in the thirties there.

Speaker 7 (07:12):
But you know what that also looks like Charlie,

Speaker 8 (07:15):
They all go,

Speaker 7 (07:16):
Remember when the Super Bowl came to Detroit and they got rid of all the homeless people? They cleaned up the street, everything. It was a completely different appearance. The facades were all changed and approved. So

Speaker 6 (07:28):
There’s happens, there’s a story behind that too. Okay. So there’s a police presence downtown. Right? All the cars are used. They’re in use. Okay. Security for the Super Bowl. So my buddy Tony, he’s a homicide cop and he catches a fucking homicide on the west side. And he’s gotta take a city fucking bus. He took a city bus to a homicide seat. Wow. That’s what happens when you don’t have any money. You can’t be lying about it.

Speaker 8 (07:54):
Yeah. I’m glad he still went though.

Speaker 6 (07:55):

Speaker 8 (07:57):

Speaker 7 (07:57):
It on time? Let’s

Speaker 6 (07:58):
Put it this way. That was a cold case. Was

Speaker 8 (08:01):
<laugh>, was it on time? That’s a very valid

Speaker 7 (08:04):
Question, Karen. Just asking.

Speaker 6 (08:05):
So they took the president to the bridge, the port of entry. But it was for trucks. Yeah. It wasn’t for people. Yeah. It’s terrible.

Speaker 7 (08:15):
They didn’t tell him. They just said, this is a port of entry. It’s like, okay,

Speaker 8 (08:19):
Great. Yeah. Point at things.

Speaker 6 (08:21):
Now again here, this is from the White House. Might as well make lemonade out of these lemons. Right. So you were asking me about the numbers he announced you.

Speaker 7 (08:32):
Right? Were that they were stopping or preventing more than 30,000 migrants from coming over from Mexico. But that they were allowing, and I don’t remember what the other number was from other places from Cuba, from n I don’t even remember. But they had all these other places other than Mexico that they were allowing people to come in. So it was a net zero ballot. I mean, I don’t know. It’s like, okay, so what’s the difference between not letting them in but you’re letting the other

Speaker 6 (09:00):

Speaker 8 (09:01):
Here’s it seems we in the pick

Speaker 6 (09:02):
And choose. Well, I would tell you why. No. Cause it’s not just, I don’t know. It’s, I do know. So if you’re from Nicaragua, Haiti, Cuba, or Venezuela, right? About 80,000 of those people come over a month. Mm-hmm. Right. That they apprehend. Right. We’re going to let 30,000 in and Mexico’s agreed to take specifically these people, 30,000 of them back. So we’re going to let a third of a million in, we’re going to kick a third of a million out. What about the other 20,000 a month? They’re coming in and if you kick ’em out, they’re going to come back in until they get in.

Speaker 8 (09:39):

Speaker 6 (09:39):
Right. And then what about the 150,000 people from everywhere else in the world? This is no answer. And this is what the White House said. And hippies like, oh, you gotta be careful of that. I’m not being careful of anything. I’m going to be truthful about it. This is from the White House itself, making the lemonade outta the lemon. All of this humanity coming. The White House in their immigration reform they want, wants to let a lot of people in. Why? To relieve inflationary pressure on wages. We got Sure. We got empty jobs. People in America demanding more money. So if we import cheap labor, it’ll drive the price of wages down. That means your wages. That’s, that’s just,

Speaker 8 (10:26):
That’s economics. Yeah. That’s

Speaker 6 (10:28):
Economics. Macro. Macro. And that’s from the white. That’s not from me. At the same time, we know the electric future. We know the big three. They’re moving shit to Mexico. So our rich jobs are going to the third world. And we’re taking the very poor from Latin America and what the fuck is going on here?

Speaker 8 (10:47):
It just increases the wage gap too. That’s all it does.

Speaker 6 (10:52):
In terms

Speaker 8 (10:53):
Of, yeah, it’s the same kind of thinking. When the job and market report that came out Friday, it’s like, oh good wages have slowed growth and the market shoots up. I mean, that’s what the economy economy wants on a macro level, but on an individual level it fucking sucks.

Speaker 6 (11:06):
But wages aren’t even keeping track with inflation. Yeah,

Speaker 7 (11:08):
That’s true.

Speaker 8 (11:09):
And hasn’t happen for 40 years.

Speaker 6 (11:11):
The Fed’s trying to slow the economy down to get rid of these jobs. So we’re bringing people in to fill jobs at the other part of the government is trying to get rid of what is the fucking plan here?

Speaker 7 (11:20):
I don’t think there is one Charlie, not one. That includes you.

Speaker 6 (11:26):

Speaker 7 (11:27):
Yeah. I mean you as the average person. That’s what I’m saying.

Speaker 6 (11:30):
So we should really, really get something

Speaker 8 (11:32):
Coherent, present bias. Right. You’re only concerned about right now, you don’t care about what’s going to happen there. Cuz hell, he’s not, he might not be pres. It’s just kicking the can down the road. It happens all the time. All

Speaker 6 (11:41):
The time. Yeah. That, that’s

Speaker 8 (11:42):
It. Don’t annoying.

Speaker 6 (11:43):
I don’t know very many people, and I do know a few, but not very many that are anti-immigration. I’m speaking here, saving, lying. Jesus is, I want orderly thought out public policy that includes immigration. Think it out. Instead of just bum rush and everything’s a fucking, it’s like leaving Afghanistan. This is a mess.

Speaker 8 (12:10):
That’s funny you say that because one of the white houses outs was, well this is the legislature’s problem. They haven’t come together to solve this. It’s like, yeah, but you’re really in charge of half of that Congress. You could get them to the table

Speaker 7 (12:21):
If you wanted them to.

Speaker 8 (12:22):
If you want them

Speaker 7 (12:23):
To. Well, and I think still will. But if, I think if there were a viable plan that made sense, there’s a balance somewhere. I mean it doesn’t have to be haphazard and

Speaker 8 (12:31):
Neither side’s going to win. You gotta

Speaker 7 (12:33):
Exactly. But something that would make sense for the bigger picture and in the long term. So I mean, that’s not brain surgery.

Speaker 8 (12:39):
But then they’ll be voted out in two years. So they don’t wanna do that.

Speaker 6 (12:42):
So let’s do talking points. So I can get voted in exactly right. Talking about, so what Republicans do. I mean, you’re not talking about anything orderly. You’re not talking about blue cards for farm workers. You’re not talking about citizenship for children that grew up here, brought by their parents and their adults. They absolutely, without question. Should be a citizen right now. Yeah, that’s true. I mean, I don’t know anybody against that. That one I is unreasonable.

Speaker 7 (13:07):
But it there’s, it gives you something to talk about. We can talk about it being an issue. We can talk about an issue that we’re working towards. Politicians or elected officials can say, Hey, they can point fingers just like Mark pointed out. So it gives you something. It gives them something to do.

Speaker 6 (13:24):
So what do Republicans talk about? Here’s a good one. Fentanyl illegal. It’s killing people. And it is, we gotta do something right. You knock China and Mexico’s head together cuz they’re responsible for it. But Biden wants something done. A win against the Republicans. So what did we get on Friday before Biden goes on Sunday to El Paso. Today’s a Mexico city with Junior Trudeau over here. This guy’s a piece of work. So what happens? The Mexican military Apprehends, OVI Guzman, the son of El Chapo Guzman. Right now, the nominal head of the Sinoa cartel, it’s a big shootout. They produce a lot of meth, they produce a lot of fentanyl. They ship a lot of heroin and cocaine. They’re a big mm-hmm. <affirmative> deal. Okay. Big shootout. This tells you about the cartels. 10 special ops from the Mexican military. Their best died. Oh wow. And 20 from the cartel died.

That tells you the cartels got special ops people working for ’em. Yeah. This is insane. This is no man’s land. So we get, oh Guzman. Okay. The President Lopez Obor over door since military, but three years ago they had Junior Guzman. He’s called the rat. They had him in custody. And OBOR says, release him in the interest of peace and bloodshed. Okay. Remember they had his father El Chappo in the maximum security prison, and somehow they dug a mile trench with a motorcycle on railroad tracks. Yeah. Oh yeah. That’s kind of cool. So I mean, is anything terrible really going to get done? Because the rat has a brother named Yvonne. Evan, yeah. He’s now the head of the card. Nothing’s going to happen. Lemme give you a little list of what’s happened in Mexico. General Salvador was the Minister of Defense. He was apprehended by federal authorities at LAX <affirmative> and arrested for being in the employee of the cartels.

He was taking kickback, he was protecting them. Today in federal court in Brooklyn, the head of basically the parallel of the American F fbi, the Mexican F B I, HEO Garcia Luna goes on trial for corruption and supplying protection for cocaine traffickers. That’s who he was in charge of going to get when Chapo was tried in Brooklyn. Remember we had Alan Foyer on? Mm-hmm. One of the witnesses was a Colombian drug. Lord, who testified that the president at that time what’s his first name? I forget. What’s his name? Anique. Nito. Penya. Okay. He took a hundred million bribe from Guzman. It’s alleged. Wow. So what do you really think? Also, the Mexican authorities in the last two years have stripped American drug personnel working in Mexico of immunity. They’ve also said, pass the law. We will no longer accept migrant families from the United States being deported back into Mexico.

We will not accept families. That’s how you’re getting a Title 42. You’re still getting millions coming in here. So they’re not cooperating. So we’re going to have kabuki theater <laugh> down in Mexico City in Trudeau, liberal Trudeau. This side of his mouth says, we’re open. We’re open to refugees around the world. As long as you have an engineering degree for India <laugh>. Right. And on the other side of his mouth, he’s negotiating with the Biden administration. That any third world refugees that come in at any point over the border, whether it’s official or unofficial crossing point, you gotta take ’em back. So why aren’t we doing that with the Mexicans? Why aren’t we getting in the Guatemalans? It’s so bad.

Speaker 8 (17:26):
Yeah. Why aren’t we, I have a little credit. We have a little strength with Mexico to make them do something.

Speaker 6 (17:34):

Speaker 8 (17:35):
I mean, thes, we, no,

Speaker 6 (17:36):
That’s what I’m saying.

Speaker 8 (17:37):
Do we really? Well

Speaker 6 (17:38):
Say what you will about insane Donald Trump. But by the end of his term in office, he had it under control. But he was hated so badly that everything that was done was some kind of gulag or anti-human thing he was doing. Right.

Speaker 8 (17:56):
He’d got in his own way in so many different fashions. Right. I mean, the wall, just by saying the wall being that to be his solution for it was all anybody focused on. Well,

Speaker 7 (18:06):
I think people were focused on him and Sure. And that took a lot. A lot. This is worst enemy. Well, yeah. I mean, but that’s part of our fault too, because we hundred percent embrace things when we hear ’em from people that we like. And we automatically oppose that which we hear from someone that we don’t like or that we’ve been convinced that we shouldn’t like. Mm-hmm. And so it just, it’s, it’s not, it’s at a disadvantage. We’re at the disadvantage because we can’t discern between the message and the messenger. Yep.

Speaker 6 (18:35):
Well, you know, I’m going on my BFF show tonight again. I do.

Speaker 7 (18:40):
Tucker’s going to be jealous.

Speaker 8 (18:41):
He’s going to have to add your name to that show.

Speaker 7 (18:43):
Charlie’s got a boyfriend.

Speaker 6 (18:47):
Handsome man. Okay. I admitted I’m a homosexual. A

Speaker 9 (18:50):
Co <laugh> all shirts.

Speaker 8 (18:54):
Huh? Getting my shirt.

Speaker 6 (18:56):
I’m going to get me when I wear that tonight.

Speaker 7 (18:58):
No, you gotta get a mug. Charlie. Bring bring. Get a mug.

Speaker 6 (19:00):
We need a mug. I got a mug. His name’s Chris Cuomo. <laugh>

Speaker 7 (19:04):
A coffee mug.

Speaker 8 (19:06):
He knows talent when he sees it. Man, that’s man, he loves having you on.

Speaker 7 (19:09):
Yeah, that’s helpful to his shell. Charlie, you bring a whole nother level of the conversation. I mean, he’s good but this elevates him to a whole nother level. So he’s not stupid.

Speaker 6 (19:19):
He made an announcement on his show on Do we have

Speaker 8 (19:22):
That tape? Yeah, we have the whole appearance.

Speaker 6 (19:23):
It’s really good. We know just the beginning like, okay, there’s something in the works and, okay, Chris outed it.

Speaker 10 (19:29):
Biden is going meet with Mexico’s president. There’s somewhat of a suspicion that Mexico’s fighting him back against the cartel to kind of curry favor with Biden.

Speaker 8 (19:37):
I noticed he’s standing when he talks to

Speaker 10 (19:38):
You. Now let’s bring in Charlie Lauff, host of the No BS News Hour. Charlie, it’s good to see you. Full disclosure, you and I are trying to team up to go down to the border. This war forced forestalled my efforts for right now because they can’t focus on anything else that

Speaker 6 (19:54):
I wanna show. And I want a director’s chair and Ks and I want green m and ms. I wanna fly business. Class.

Speaker 7 (20:02):
Business. You’re not first class. I told you to ask for a private jet.

Speaker 6 (20:06):
Oh no. To sell

Speaker 9 (20:08):
<laugh>. Yeah.

Speaker 7 (20:09):
Business class. Come on Charlie.

Speaker 6 (20:11):

Speaker 7 (20:12):
Private jet. They can send a jet. American Express will send one. They can do that. Private.

Speaker 6 (20:17):
Oh, there we go. We’re getting in bed with corporate America. Why not JP Morgan? Chase

Speaker 7 (20:21):
<laugh>. Why not?

Speaker 6 (20:23):
I’m sure he has Maybe Mike Duggan a hook me up at a private jet.

Speaker 7 (20:25):
They have them.

Speaker 6 (20:27):
All right. I I’m going to get to the Madoff thing. But first a word from our sponsors. <laugh>.

Speaker 8 (20:33):
See now you’re too quick cuz I switched to the Madoff

Speaker 6 (20:35):

Speaker 8 (20:36):
You like

Speaker 7 (20:37):
To keep me on. Gotta pay attention Mark.

Speaker 6 (20:39):

Speaker 8 (20:39):
Had. Here we go. I lied. I don’t have it. Go ahead and hit the others there.

Speaker 11 (20:44):
I don’t know why I’m in the desert in my underpants. I don’t know why these wolves are following me, but I need sauce. You

Speaker 6 (20:54):
Sound so happy. It

Speaker 11 (20:55):
Works. Hey look in my fridge. It’s

Speaker 8 (20:57):

Speaker 11 (20:58):
Oh my. What do I see? Sauce. A good wiener. It’s hard to find. So make sure you treated kind sausage. You may run with a pack, but everything ain’t meant to be said. Sausage order a Coney kid directly to your

Speaker 12 (21:30):
Hi, I’m David Hall from Hall Financial. The top-rated realtors in Michigan have said that our five star certified pre-approval is a game changer. So the home buying process hall, financials, focus on speed and client service allows you to take on the housing market and win. When you’re ready to purchase your new home, you need to make Hall Financial your first call. The mortgage company Realtors trust and buyers love. Eight six six call hall or chat with us. Call hall

Speaker 6 (21:58):
This message of uplift is brought to you by business and Personal Wealth advisor Luke Noki. Who reminds you that what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but never enter the kingdom of God. But while you’re waiting, Noki wants you to remember that overreaction is not a sound financial strategy. So call Luke Noki at (248) 663-4748 for sound financial. It looks, I now find that a way to cure insomnia as to put earphones and play Netflix and just let it

Speaker 7 (22:31):
I thought you were going to say cure insanity,

Speaker 6 (22:32):
But go ahead. Same thing. Just let it drowned out. The inner insanity. Right. I was watching Miles Davis last night and it just turned into Miles Davis, which I could just put in Miles Davis could have. Yeah, but you need to watch something. I make a ice Tired. So I was watching the new one. What’s the name of the program, Mike? It’s Bernie Madoff.

Speaker 8 (22:51):
Yeah. They have a clever little title. Let

Speaker 6 (22:53):
Me look it up. Yeah. Bernie Madoff is basically the progenitor of the greatest Ponzi scheme in American history. Right. It’s valued at 65 billion. A Ponzi scheme is basically this, give me some money, I’ll invest it. I actually stole it. I get another investor underneath to also invest when the first investor wants some money back. I give ’em some of the second investors and I steal that. And then I get a third and I get a fourth. So it starts at a couple hundred thousand. It’s a pyramid. It’s a pyramid. So it wasn’t actually 65 billion. That’s what he told the investors that they had made. The total amount of money that he took from people was what, 20 billion? It

Speaker 7 (23:41):
Was 20 something. Wasn’t

Speaker 8 (23:42):
It 18 to 20? Yeah. They’re not exactly sure.

Speaker 6 (23:45):
Okay. We’ll call it twenties.

Speaker 8 (23:46):
Twenties. Easy. Yeah. You say a lot.

Speaker 6 (23:48):
20 billion.

Speaker 8 (23:49):
20 billion. Billion. Billion

Speaker 6 (23:50):
I didn’t

Speaker 8 (23:51):
Know about. And he’s been doing it since the early sixties. Exactly.

Speaker 6 (23:54):
Yeah. But I didn’t know about Bernie Madoff. I just know it was Bernie Madoff. And he did this, right? Yeah. It was during the economic collapse. And he becomes the face of 2008. Wall Street greet.

Speaker 8 (24:04):
Yeah. It’s a very good documentary. It is Madoff the monster of Wall Street on Netflix.

Speaker 6 (24:09):
Now, I didn’t know about Madoff. He, through his career, this hustling bullshit lying career. He was one of the guys that created the Nasdaq, a stock market for the stocks that the New York Stock Exchange didn’t want. The speculative stuff like Apple. Yep. Google. Yep. Right. Yeah.

Speaker 8 (24:30):
More risky type Exactly. Stuff. Originally emerging. Yeah. Maybe emerging businesses. Now, the genius of this very simple, complex Ponzi scheme is the fact that he had a legitimate business. He was a marketer, a money marketer.

Speaker 6 (24:45):
So he would take a money, A market maker. Market

Speaker 8 (24:47):
Maker, thank you. Yeah, he was, he’d take buys and sell and he was really good at

Speaker 6 (24:50):
That. Which you’re required to do.

Speaker 8 (24:52):

Speaker 6 (24:53):
Okay. So just real quick for everybody, kinda like a bookie like a market maker. You’re required if you wanna, he handled 10% of all trades on the New York stockers sell. He’s incredible. You’re required, that’s a lot. Couple times a day to set a low, right. That you’ll buy at and a high that you’ll sell at. Plus a little commission. So when things get heavy and you need the dump stock and nobody wants to buy it, somebody’s required to buy it. That was the legitimate business.

Speaker 8 (25:19):
And then the floor below was the non-registered investment advisory business where he took feeder money from, well eventually from hedge funds, but originally from his father-in-law who was an accountant. And they would give him money. He kind of created an illegitimate mutual fund before they even existed. Just pulling money together,

Speaker 6 (25:39):
Pulling money, making investments that he never

Speaker 8 (25:41):
Made. That he never made. Well that’s, that’s the big thing.

Speaker 6 (25:43):
And he never exercised the single trade, even though this, what he would do is this, I’m, I’m going to buy insurance an option and on this date I’m going to, you must buy it at this price from me. Or I’m allow, you must accept me selling it to you at this price. And then you would hedge your bets. They’re called options. And there’s a clearing house where they’re registered, where these options are registered and he’s doing three times. The volume

Speaker 8 (26:15):

Speaker 6 (26:15):
Exists that even exists. And nobody’s noticing. There’s not a fucking scrap of paper saying he ever fucking triggered

Speaker 8 (26:22):
One. It’s one of those things where what’s horrific about the whole story is that he could have been caught at any time, but nobody wanted to catch him because too many people were making money off of it. So he is taking all this money and he’s not making trades. So Karen, you might ask yourself, well where’s he putting the money? Where was he

Speaker 6 (26:39):
Putting the money in the bank? Now it’s, it’s important to remember, nobody wants to go after this Madoff character because he was chairman of the nasdaq. He was like the roller. So we all know the big banks ripped us off. We know nobody went to prison. Madoff went to prison and that’s it. Yeah. He’s the face of it. But the banks go on and on and on. So Mark brings up the question, well, who would know? His fucking bank would know. Yeah, they should. Because you’re supposed to have billions of dollars of assets in there. You’re supposed to have security certificates stuffed away somewhere. Who is his bank? JP Morgan Chase, who’s the head of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Diamond. They got fined on a Ponzi scheme. It’s 20 billion. They got fined 2 billion. How much they made, how much they’re involved in it. They’re supposed to know and report what’s going on with. And they never did. They

Speaker 8 (27:35):
Never did. Wow.

Speaker 6 (27:37):
JP Morgan Chase, I remember JP Morgan Chase, JP Morgan Chase settled the biggest civil fraud case in the history of the United States for the mortgages. They were bundling the mortgages and then selling them as bonds. And then they were betting against them. The bonds that they were selling, they were telling you they were great. And then they were buying an option to say, well I bet they’re going to tank. And then they made billions on that.

Speaker 8 (28:06):
Yeah. It’s like selling a junk car that is garbage. But you tell someone it’s great and then you wait for it to break down so you can repair it kind of. Mm-hmm. Charge quite a good analogy to repair it.

Speaker 6 (28:14):
Yeah. It’s completely fraudulent. It’s bullshit. Nobody did. It’s such bullshit. Manipulative

Speaker 8 (28:18):
Corporate America. This is on a gross level though. Yeah. They’re talking about one of the banks that’s too big to fail. That’s because they know they’re unto touchable. He’s the biggest bank. It is. He might be the most powerful man. Jamie Diamond in America.

Speaker 6 (28:30):
And he’s still around and Oh yeah. And since 2000, 2008, so far what I could track, right. I’m going to add ’em all up. About 40 billion in fines for fraud. Corruption. Misreporting misleading. 40 billion. Yeah. So 40 billion. How much fraud was actually committed? 40 billion is just defined. Yeah. Nobody going to prison, nobody doing anything. And I’m like, Jamie Diamond, JP Morgan Chase. There’s always a Detroit connection, isn’t there, mark?

Speaker 8 (29:05):
Always. Yeah. Well you always find it.

Speaker 6 (29:08):
And I remember is about 2019 60 minutes. You know how we do around here. Whenever Detroit’s on anything, we’re watching wa and it better be some good news motherfucker. Or we’re going to bring now pitchforks, right? Yep. No, not when Anthony Bourdain comes to town and tells the truth and shows some love and everybody’s hating on the motherfucker this they loved. And it was Jamie Diamond coming to Detroit, by the way, as part of that gigantic fraud settlement that destroyed the financial system in the world. He’s required to invest in communities that he destroyed and his people.

Speaker 8 (29:46):
It’s amazing spin though, to make it sound like you’re doing it out of the goodness of your heart and the betterment for your business, which I don’t think shareholders care about that

Speaker 6 (29:54):
You Yeah. Then no man. No, you’re doing it cuz you have to. So this was three years ago and what’s happened? Were you G you got pulled up some tape. I don’t know.

Speaker 8 (30:02):
Yeah, I trimmed it down. So tell me when to stop and start it whenever you want.

Speaker 6 (30:06):
All right. You or you got a go

Speaker 8 (30:07):
Ahead. This 60 minutes, Leslie Stawell. Set the table

Speaker 13 (30:09):
For you. Jamie Diamond, the c e o of JP Morgan Chase is testing out a new kind of business investment. And the city of Detroit, his first target, he said would be the city of Detroit Target just after had filed for bankruptcy.

Speaker 14 (30:24):
So Detroit is probably one of the biggest failures of an American city that we’ve ever seen. My view is why can’t we make Detroit an example of America’s exceptionalism? Have people roll up the sleeves, get together and change the tie to history right there, right now.

Speaker 13 (30:39):
So in 2014, Jamie Diamond picked up the phone and called the then new Mayor of Detroit. Mike Duggan. Describe Detroit. When you came in as mayor,

Speaker 15 (30:50):
Half the street lights in the city were out. How do you get street lights fixed? Hey, wait,

Speaker 6 (30:56):
What a bullshit. Pinocchio motherfucker. Half the street lights were out. That’s a fact. But not when he came to office. No, because as I remember it was you Karen that got the lights on. Well,

Speaker 7 (31:11):
It wasn’t me, it was Mayor Dave Bing that had the lights. All Mike Duggan had to do was walk in and flip the switch. The lighting authority was established. We understood that there were challenges with the grid. They’d been in connection with D T E. All of that was already done in place. He walked in and flipped the switch

Speaker 6 (31:30):
And fired the head of the lighting authority. Sure did. On some curious arguments over contracts and bids. If I recall, he,

Speaker 8 (31:40):
You’re right. He’s an expert at those, isn’t he? Mm-hmm.

Speaker 6 (31:43):
Right. All right.

Speaker 13 (31:44):
When you came in as mayor,

Speaker 15 (31:46):
Half the streetlights in the city were out. How do you get streetlights fixed? A third of the buses. We in the garage broken down. People were standing on street

Speaker 6 (31:54):
Buse. Gary just made a face. Well, go ahead, Karen. What

Speaker 7 (31:56):
Well be, because that was the other part. And this administration early on says we got new buses. We went to DC and met with the administration and got dollars to purchase new buses. There you go, Mike. So that was already in place as well.

Speaker 6 (32:12):
All right, Mike, go ahead.

Speaker 15 (32:14):
Looking down, people were standing on street corners for hours waiting for a bus. There were only eight working ambulances in the entire city. There were times you could wait an hour when you got, it’s

Speaker 6 (32:24):
Kinda like now

Speaker 15 (32:25):
A 9 1 1. And between 2000 and 2013, 250,000 people left the city of Detroit.

Speaker 13 (32:32):
Initially. Diamond agreed to spend a hundred million dollars. Not a lot of money for the bank or Detroit. The first order of business was affordable housing. Oh,

Speaker 6 (32:43):
That’s that. More

Speaker 13 (32:44):
Investors like the owners of Quicken Loans and Little Caesar’s Pizza were already pouring money into the redevelopment of downtown for themselves. So the mayor asked Diamond to concentrate on the blighted neighborhoods, but the banks’s data identified as ripe for redevelopment. Wait

Speaker 6 (33:02):
A minute, man. There is a whole thing going on in this neighborhood about corporate takeover. There’s a whole fight. And this didn’t go to minority contractors or individuals trying to fix up a house. It went to people connected to the mayor. And what are you talking about? Little Caesars <laugh>. We all now know we paid for it and it ain’t give anything back. And they’re lying about everything. It’s

Speaker 8 (33:22):
Like, that was an incredible whopper in there, man.

Speaker 6 (33:25):

Speaker 7 (33:26):
The money. And it’s a lot of nuggets in there too that we’re just kind of skipping over.

Speaker 6 (33:30):
Well, we’re going, but that’s fine. Let’s be No, no, not go ahead. You got No, no, no. There’s new stuff. Well, I mean, no, no, there’s new stuff. You came in this morning, you said more money’s going to little Caesar

Speaker 7 (33:39):
Than that. Okay. It’s so much going on. I gotta keep up. You’re, you

Speaker 16 (33:42):
Ain’t fucking God. That’s what, what’s going on before the show? I can’t fucking take it because

Speaker 7 (33:47):
We talk about

Speaker 16 (33:48):
Reading shit. I’m like, it doesn’t say anything. How do they do these press releases at the press? Just relayed

Speaker 7 (33:53):
The downtown. The Downtown Development Authority, the state of Michigan. They’re already lining up to invest money in the district Detroit project.

Speaker 6 (34:02):
Ew type out here. Here. Okay, so no, we’re going to do a tax incremental financing, which is basically a place like American, Coney Island. They’re going to say your property taxes are higher because they’re going to be new development. So we’re going to raise your taxes and we’re going to let your competitor build stuff. And everybody knows property values are going down, especially in cities, and they’re going to build office shit. That’s true. Oh, you gotta be kidding. And we’re going to pay for it. I am a capitalist. Not a socialist. Not a corporate socialist. Not a corporate CROs man. This, they are eating this town live.

Speaker 13 (34:39):

Speaker 6 (34:40):
True. Jamie Diamond. What else? This one? What else? This thing,

Speaker 13 (34:43):
Detroits North End. North end. Detroit was in

Speaker 6 (34:46):
Arson on up

Speaker 13 (34:47):
There before the financial crisis. But the financial crisis just did them in 100%. That was crushing. Do you

Speaker 6 (34:56):
Ask him, Leslie, you causing

Speaker 13 (34:57):
Feel in any way that you’re atoning for the sins of F Wall Street when you go and put your effort into Detroit?

Speaker 14 (35:05):
I wouldn’t, in your head. I wouldn’t use the word of tone. I all think we owe back to society.

Speaker 13 (35:10):
But Detroit specifically, the financial crisis just decimated the

Speaker 14 (35:15):
City. And I think that we all have to re-earn our trust a little bit. Because what happened, it’s okay to say, yeah, we should do better than we did last time.

Speaker 6 (35:23):
Why are you in prison,

Speaker 13 (35:24):
Has now committed 200 million to the city. Is that enough? I mean, your problems cost way more than that.

Speaker 6 (35:34):
Nobody’s saying JP Morgan Chase

Speaker 15 (35:36):
Is the savior of the city by itself. By itself, by itself. We’ve got a lot of major investors in this town. But they’ve met an important piece. They pushed the recovery of the city along a track faster than it would’ve

Speaker 6 (35:48):
Been. Okay. Yeah.

Speaker 8 (35:51):
Where’s that 200 million? Yeah.

Speaker 6 (35:53):
Karen like, okay, so we were going back and forth cuz we’re no bullshit news. We don’t know.

Speaker 7 (36:00):
Yeah, we

Speaker 6 (36:01):
Don’t. So Karen’s reading a few things which we read, but I’m not reporting other people’s reporting

Speaker 7 (36:06):
Now. Well this was from Chase. No, I, and you wouldn’t. But what they were just talking points because we were trying to figure out where the money went, where was the money applied? What were the outcomes of the money? And so I went to the nothing. Yeah, pretty much. I mean it’s nothing. They’re talking points. And

Speaker 6 (36:22):
Is it worth repeating,

Speaker 7 (36:24):
Karen? No, it’s actually not.

Speaker 6 (36:25):
It’s really garbage. I mean, if we can’t figure out what they’re saying,

Speaker 7 (36:28):
No, it’s nowhere. We can’t. And from a communications perspective, I’m just telling you it’s just, just fluff. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (36:35):
So it

Speaker 8 (36:35):
Looked good. It was good fluff, right?

Speaker 7 (36:37):
No, it’s not even good fluff. Because

Speaker 8 (36:39):
People, look what I mean by this. People

Speaker 7 (36:40):
Will laugh that up. Well, yeah, if you look at it and you don’t know, the first thing that you do would be to ask. But there’s no substance

Speaker 6 (36:49):
There. Well then my request of you is make that your business this week to ask since it’s all back.

Speaker 7 (36:57):
Yep. I’ll

Speaker 6 (36:58):
See what I talking. We cannot let it stand. What we gotta do, and I get it from a lot of people. I don’t agree with you on everything. Okay. God made us all different. But you gotta know the facts of what they’re doing to us.

Speaker 7 (37:12):
Well, and the other thing too, Charlie, we were saying, what do we know? What’s going on? In actuality we don’t because we are not, people aren’t told what’s going on. People are told, information is shared based on what they want you to know. And that’s it.

Speaker 6 (37:28):
And some of the city’s biggest investors, you mean Quicken Loans that was all tied up in the mortgage debacle and, and was fine 33 million years after for their behavior after the housing crash them or whatever happened to Mike. Look, we had two grand juries on this demolition stuff. Whatever happened to it. I’ll be working on that. There’s a couple of big stories that they pretend they don’t have any answers to. I’m going to get those, I won’t reveal them now, but it all comes down to the power. The power. The power gets to escape. Except Madoff. Always. Yeah, except Madoff. Yeah. That one was too much.

Speaker 8 (38:09):
But I gotta say he lived it up for what, five decades? Yeah, he did. To a grand extent. I do want, for context, you said JP Morgan Chase was fined 40 billion. Yeah. Their revenue last year. 121 billion. <laugh> dropping the bucket, man. Yeah, I mean it’s a lot. They

Speaker 7 (38:28):
Don’t, and they’re constantly making money so they

Speaker 8 (38:29):
Don’t wanna fine that. But still. Yeah, that’s true. That’s true. And the grand scheme of things is not that much.

Speaker 6 (38:34):
So, and

Speaker 8 (38:35):
They probably

Speaker 6 (38:35):
Write it off over 20 years. 40 billion. That’s 2 billion a year on, what are the revenues?

Speaker 8 (38:41):
121 billion in 2021.

Speaker 6 (38:43):
It’s like one and a half percent of revenue.

Speaker 8 (38:46):
And like I said, they can probably write that off as a loss. I bet you.

Speaker 7 (38:49):
I would think. Yeah. That’s a good, that would be a good credit card rate.

Speaker 6 (38:51):
So where are the feds? Where are what I get, I’m on the Fed’s mailing list here. Michigan’s the most corrupt state in the union that that’s what the former

Speaker 7 (39:00):
Us. The mailing list or the watch list. List.

Speaker 6 (39:03):
I’m on the mailing list. But you know what they’re giving me. What? We caught two guys stealing public money, buying generators, selling them in, pocketing the money. Here’s another press release. Recidivist child pornography guy. Yeah. Okay. Good work for junior people. Certainly not press release type stuff. Where’s the big stuff? The only guy guy that goes down is Kwame Gilpatrick.

Speaker 7 (39:26):
Hmmhmm. Think about that.

Speaker 6 (39:28):
Well, Jamie Diamond in here doing some PR bullshit. And then you find out that Madoff’s enabler was that bank that he’s in charge of.

Speaker 7 (39:37):
And nobody’s questioning it or challenging it or demanding anything different.

Speaker 6 (39:41):
Is Attorney General Dane Nessel demanding anything. <laugh>, anything on Flint, anything on Duggan, anything on the nursing homes, anything on her pal. The treasurer of the State Democratic Party. The treasurer. Is that what I

Speaker 8 (39:56):
Said? Yeah. Tracy Cornac.

Speaker 6 (39:57):
Yeah. Yeah. Tracy Cornett. Anything on that?

Speaker 8 (39:59):
No, but she’s been busy

Speaker 6 (40:00):
And they’re invest. She’s being investigated. But when the ags office went to the nursing home under new ownership, this alleged, it’s alleged fraud that she was trying to perpetrate on an old person. The nursing home was owned by another group. It was sold. And then the Attorney General’s people went in there and said, do you wanna press charges? They said, no, we’re new. We don’t want any trouble. So they never opened a case. Look, if fraud was committed, they’re new

Speaker 8 (40:33):
Potential. They’re new. They don’t wanna open up a case.

Speaker 6 (40:36):
It doesn’t matter if the entity wants you committed fraud, allegedly.

Speaker 7 (40:41):
It shouldn’t. An contingent upon their willingness to do so. What

Speaker 6 (40:43):
The fuck? So what do we get? What do we get? Nothing. She says she’s going to file charges probably on these bonehead Republicans who decide they’re going to come up with a fake group of electors for the mm-hmm. Electoral college.

Speaker 8 (40:59):
Very upset about

Speaker 6 (41:00):
It. Yeah. Very upset. And they’re putting out papers, sending it around. We’re the elected electors of Michigan. Which I’m sure they were elected by themselves.

Speaker 8 (41:10):

Speaker 6 (41:10):
You’re right. I mean, she

Speaker 7 (41:11):
Wouldn’t say who had to do it.

Speaker 6 (41:12):
I don’t see any federals. But she’s going to do it because she’s on msn B c Wilmer’s going to go on CNN n. And blow jobs. And this is what Dana Nessel had to say on MSN b C about bringing power to account.

Speaker 7 (41:31):
And it’s hard for me to

Speaker 17 (41:32):
Reconcile personally why it is that if you have enough money and influence and power that you can get away with just about any crime. I don’t think that that’s a good policy.

Speaker 7 (41:47):

Speaker 6 (41:47):
So the ag admits that’s how

Speaker 7 (41:49):
It works. And that sums up everything. That sums up everything that sums up everything.

Speaker 6 (41:56):
And by the way, she’s talking about these scrubs, right? These Trump loons that are trying to come up with a fake board of electors. I don’t think they’re rich and powerful. I think. Exactly. They’re numb nuts. Yeah. They’re goofballs in the answer from a ranch

Speaker 8 (42:12):
House. The answer to her question is they get away with it because the attorney generals of the state really don’t go after, I mean, she’s the one,

Speaker 7 (42:17):
But that’s an emotional thing. Everybody gets, gets revved up if it’s politics, if it’s Trump versus whomever. So that gives her something like, fine, look what I’m doing. You can

Speaker 8 (42:27):
Do that. She can do that. But she can do other things too. Cause tell me one other thing she did.

Speaker 6 (42:32):
I have

Speaker 8 (42:32):

Speaker 6 (42:33):
Exactly. I know. She likes to protect muscles while fucking towns get blasted by a dam. Right? Oh yeah. In a torn of water that wipes ’em

Speaker 8 (42:43):
Out that everyone’s forgotten

Speaker 6 (42:44):
About. I know. She likes to go to the yearly conclave of the lobbyists for the Michigan Nursing Home Association. Tell ’em they’re doing a great job. And it’s just not true without ever investigating. So that they didn’t do their job

Speaker 7 (42:58):
Tailgating parties, if I remember

Speaker 6 (43:00):
Correctly. And then on the other hand, go ahead and do that. I mean, if there’s legal basis, I’m for it. Yeah. Because there’s no proof whatsoever that the election was stolen and all that. Why

Speaker 7 (43:13):
Are we still talking about that?

Speaker 6 (43:14):
Because Brazil’s on fire <laugh> because they’ve got a January 6th on steroids. Did you see that news?

Speaker 8 (43:19):
Yeah. Oh yeah. It was wild.

Speaker 6 (43:22):
I mean, they’re ransacking the whole

Speaker 8 (43:23):
Shit. Yeah. Presidential offices, Supreme court building,

Speaker 6 (43:26):
The Congress

Speaker 8 (43:27):
Building and that government fought back.

Speaker 7 (43:30):
Please don’t show that again.

Speaker 8 (43:32):
What are you talking about? Is

Speaker 7 (43:33):
That, don’t do that.

Speaker 6 (43:35):
What are you talking about? You don’t think

Speaker 8 (43:37):
That’s cool

Speaker 6 (43:38):
Right there? No, I love it. Yeah. You mean look

Speaker 8 (43:40):
At her walk in doing the old Batman watusi thing? Yeah, that’s, that’s

Speaker 6 (43:43):
Cool. The power trip, man. I mean,

Speaker 8 (43:45):
Well yeah. She’s scared of these powerful people and herself.

Speaker 6 (43:49):
You and you know me, right? Man, we started doing this in 2018 and I’m like man, the economy’s head of foot of shit or the economy. This is the monetary policy’s all wrong here. Trump, gigantic tax cuts. Bush Obama. Right? Biden, you knew it was coming. We’re headed to a bad spot and they’re papering over it. And it’s all political parties. No real us there. Nobody not beholden and taking money from special interest cuz as the news that you broke while ago, stabbing all’s going to walk, maybe duggan’s running for governor. So if stab our senator is walking, all of a sudden the list of names come out. Yeah. And we agreed on these names. Right. Let’s see, on the Republican side, John James, who finally won an election and now you’re going to seek another election. Mike Cox, former Attorney General of Michigan, Pete Meyer. Right. The rich dude from the west side of state. They got voted out cause he wasn’t Trumpy enough. Candace Miller, former congresswoman and the drain commissioner up in, yeah. McComb County. People

Speaker 7 (45:03):
Love Candace Miller.

Speaker 6 (45:04):
She would be form formidable.

Speaker 8 (45:05):
Seemed to have cleaned up that whole meo or is it MEO or whoever the dream commissioner was before.

Speaker 6 (45:10):
I don’t know. That whole mob shit up there. Yeah. Okay. And then on the left, Alyssa Slotkin, the congresswoman who just got reelected that was living in her lobbyist apartment. Yeah.

Speaker 8 (45:20):
Okay. I wonder where she’s going to move now for Senate. She can be anywhere in

Speaker 6 (45:23):
The state. Jocelyn Benson. Yeah. Right. The protege. Mike Duggan. Right? Yeah. Who used to work for Steven Ross, who’s getting all the money downtown and whose husband now works for Steven Ross and whose husband was the guy that ordered the deletion of all the emails when Duggan got caught shuffle of money to his girlfriend. Now his wife that Nestle said, well, they didn’t really destroy the evidence because we are able to get it back.

Speaker 7 (45:51):

Speaker 8 (45:51):
<laugh> a good one. Wow. What an excuse that

Speaker 7 (45:54):
Is. We need this in a chart form.

Speaker 6 (45:56):
Pete Booty. Hell yeah. Brand, brand

Speaker 7 (45:59):
New. Watch him, carpet

Speaker 6 (46:00):
Bagger. He can’t even keep Southwest Airlines going,

Speaker 8 (46:03):
No, he is going to hold them accountable. Who knows?

Speaker 6 (46:06):
And Mike Duggan, these are the names.

Speaker 7 (46:09):
But Charlie does,

Speaker 6 (46:11):
Who’s in it for us?

Speaker 7 (46:12):
Nothing. Who’s from us. But the bigger part of that is that this is a chess game. And that’s what you’ve gotta pay attention to. Because if one of them moves from their current position, I mean it becomes a chess game. And I think this is going to be the biggest political chess game that this area has seen in a long time.

Speaker 6 (46:30):
But I mean, chess is, you keep it in your head. Right? Right. That’s not how our politics should work. I mean no, it shouldn’t. You know what I mean? We just, here’s what it’s going to take. $50 million, I believe. That’s kind of like what John James and Gary Peters in their last about 50, 50 million each. Right. Chuck Schumer, runaway winner in New York. 50 million. This is minimum 50 million. What’s in it for us?

Speaker 8 (46:59):
Well, that’s funny. When they talk about who’s going to win the seat, it’s all about who can raise the money, not what they’re going to do.

Speaker 6 (47:04):
And no independent. Right? Yeah. I would vote for somebody outside of this orbit.

Speaker 8 (47:11):
Do they forget about 2016? I mean all those think pieces of why did Trump win? It’s like he wasn’t you. That’s why he was the outsider from politics. Why is that lesson so quickly forgot? Oh, because there’s money

Speaker 6 (47:26):
Involved And he had money to throw at it. It, but how about some regular people? Yeah, because Trump didn’t work out so well. Didn’t work out so well.

Speaker 7 (47:36):
Regular people look at the economy. Regular people don’t work, Charlie, because they go against the status quo. And if you notice <laugh> it, you have to get in and conform in some capacity. And so the party will pick not only who will conform, but who they can generate revenue around. Mm-hmm. And put in office so it all becomes strategic. And that’s what I meant by chess game in terms of strategy.

Speaker 6 (47:59):
And look at Kevin McCarthy. Finally. What? 15, 16, 14 votes. He gave it all away. He gave it away. It’s going to be fucked up. Look, one person. One person, right? Yeah. And that far right quick can call for a vote to toss him. Yeah.

Speaker 8 (48:14):
And also we can have the photo out where he points to his name. Cuz he’s so proud to be speaker of the house, which yeah, great accomplishment. God, man. But for him it appears, I mean it’s all about him. So we’ll give away whatever. Not for governing. That’s

Speaker 7 (48:27):
For everybody now.

Speaker 8 (48:27):
No, I know. It’s just yet another

Speaker 7 (48:29):
Example. It’s the same thing. That’s what I saying. It’s the same thing over and over. The players changed, but the game stays the same. So

Speaker 8 (48:35):
Maybe we’re the fools for not being in the game. Well

Speaker 6 (48:38):
I look, I take a game where, you know, you’re like one game above 500 go

Speaker 8 (48:42):
Lions. Yeah. There we go. There’s something positive and

Speaker 6 (48:45):
Fun. We’re help helping the Ford family make money with that building we’re paying for. But you know what? One in six

Speaker 7 (48:52):
Did they win last night?

Speaker 6 (48:53):
They did. They didn’t get to the playoffs because the ref screwed us 3000 miles away in Seattle. Roughing to punter running into the kicker. That’s a horses

Speaker 7 (49:03):
Strategy. That’s what they going to say. That’s a chest.

Speaker 6 (49:05):
You gotta give it to that punter though, when he grabs the defensive lineman and pulls him. That’s smart. Yeah. It was a good play.

Speaker 8 (49:12):
No, it was a fun day of football. And I, it’s know how you don’t like this Lions team.

Speaker 6 (49:18):
Hey look man, they’re a fun team. It was January and it was a meaningful game to watch. Exactly. And it was a fun game. And they gave us something and I’m, I’m proud of

Speaker 8 (49:27):
Them. I don’t know how you can’t like that team or that coach.

Speaker 7 (49:30):
Yeah. I just like the fact that the, this coach looks like a football coach.

Speaker 6 (49:34):
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 7 (49:35):
That’s the best I can give you.

Speaker 6 (49:37):

Speaker 7 (49:38):

Speaker 6 (49:38):
Sorry. Yeah, he looks like us.

Speaker 7 (49:40):
He doesn’t look like

Speaker 6 (49:41):
Me. He acts like us.

Speaker 7 (49:42):
He doesn’t look like me.

Speaker 6 (49:43):
Yeah, but see you’re always doing that. But I’m

Speaker 7 (49:47):
Just saying he, he could be an athlete.

Speaker 6 (49:49):
He from regular people, right? He looks regular. Yeah. You know what I mean?

Speaker 7 (49:53):
I don’t wanna normalize that. But he does look like he could be a football coach. That was my point.

Speaker 6 (49:57):
At some point, we’re going to have to normalize this Karen <laugh>,

Speaker 8 (50:00):

Speaker 6 (50:00):
Some point we’re going to have to be one. Okay. Working class guy. How’s that?

Speaker 7 (50:07):
Okay. He’s not working. Very hard. Mix

Speaker 6 (50:10):
Of money’s a lot of money. There you

Speaker 8 (50:12):
Go. They’re so negative.

Speaker 6 (50:13):
Karen G. Let negative, let’s let the hate go on.

Speaker 7 (50:17):
Well, congratulations. I’m glad they won.

Speaker 6 (50:19):
All right, we’ll leave it at that. Yeah, that’s right. All right. So we’ll see. You can see me tonight on my B F F show. <laugh>. Cuomo. Yes. Again, it’s called Exchange.

Speaker 7 (50:29):
Gee, mark, I think we’re being kicked to the curve.

Speaker 8 (50:32):

Speaker 6 (50:33):
All right. That was the no bullshit lunch hour. We’ll see. For the no bullshit news. Hour Thursday, six o’clock. Go to the website. Remember to tell what? Give gimme. Gimme that

Speaker 3 (50:44):

Speaker 8 (50:45):
Give the website address.

Speaker 6 (50:46):
Yes. No, no. Like how you subscribe and

Speaker 8 (50:48):
All that. Oh, rate, review, subscribe. Even if you hate the show, give it five stars and then rip it to shreds. Cause that kind of helps us.

Speaker 6 (50:53):
And where do they get that?

Speaker 8 (50:55):
On your, wherever you watch the, or listen to your podcast. Right? Or if you’re watching on YouTube, if you wanna subscribe, that would be very massive. What

Speaker 6 (51:02):
If you don’t know how to get a podcast? Are you just watching it on Facebook? Go to the no BS news Just hit the subscribe button. It’ll take you right there. You can go to our YouTube page. And remember, if you’re a filmmaker, you are a reporter, you are an artist, you’re a musician. Just get a hold of us on that website. We’d love to have you on.

Speaker 8 (51:22):
Beautiful. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (51:24):

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