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Everyone’s yelling & no one is listening.
When Charlie’s away the girls will play: Karen Dumas hosts while Charlie is off two-timing the show in New York with his BFF Chris Cuomo.
Just Kristina: The “demonic” Chairperson of the MIGOP, Kristina Karamo sits in with Karen to discuss how she’s going to rebuild the party.
Trump Trouble: Both Karamo and Michigan Rep. Elisa Slotkin find some common ground when comparing the former President’s upcoming indictment to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s joyride to spring break.
Strange Faces in Old Places: When Karen Dumas tweets someone always tries to bring the heat. This time she explains her response to a tweet about “white faces” in Detroit.
Everyone’s Miserable: WalletHub reminds Detroit that not only are we unhappy, but we’re the most unhappy.
The Art of Timing: Comedian Detroit Red clearly lost it.

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