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What work is. A Labor Day special.

Dreams are what you wake up from. Work is what you do. And if you don’t know work, then nevermind you.

What it is to marry your life to a machine? And if you do, shouldn’t you share in the profit of your labor?
American autoworkers are threatening to strike.
Bob King, the former president of the UAW says this is a moment of life or death for the American worker. “They want to keep us poor,” he says of the Big Three who are making record profit, while the line worker is losing ground.

And never forget East Palestine, Ohio. A train, carrying deadly chemicals goes off the track. Instead of spending time and money to clean the wreckage properly, the railroad company pushes to set the chemicals on fire.
Six months later, we go back to East Palestine. The government has abandoned the town and left the railroad in charge.

The question of America’s future is a simple one: Trump or Biden? You might be surprised what Detroit thinks, but you shouldn’t.

We live north of Richmond, too. There aren’t too many rich men here in the North. But we feel what Oliver Anthony is singing from down South. Here is our callback: we’re barely holding on up here brother, but we’re holding on to each other. Featuring One Ton Trolley and their song “Don’t Tell Me.”
Happy Labor Day. And may God bless America.


Speaker 1 (00:00:00):
Hi, I’m D T e. Your power’s out. But that’s a good thing. Think of all the money you’re saving this winter because we here at D T E charge some of the highest electricity rates in the country. And besides cold weather, mammals live longer. That’s just a fact. It’s all made possible by bribing your elected officials and it’s all perfectly legal.

Speaker 2 (00:00:27):
How much money are you giving to politicians? What’s exactly are your contributions or your donations? With

Speaker 3 (00:00:35):
All due fairness though, attorney General, you are one of the politicians who has accepted money from D T E in the past.

Speaker 2 (00:00:41):
That’s true. I absolutely have. If I don’t take this money, they’re definitely going to be giving this money to my opponent.

Speaker 1 (00:00:48):
The power’s out again. Deal with it Michigan and we’ll all get used to it together.

Speaker 4 (00:00:58):
Live downtown. Detroit’s

Speaker 1 (00:01:16):

Speaker 5 (00:01:16):

Speaker 6 (00:01:27):
Assistant breaking this D. More bullshit D, more bullshit.

Speaker 7 (00:01:32):
This week’s episode taped live from Drew’s basement.

Speaker 1 (00:01:38):
Hello. This is is Sock puppet Charlie Real puppet. Charlie is up at the lake drinking beer at his shack. Red is probably high and passed out at oh hell, Normandy. Karen just didn’t want to work today, so please sit back and enjoy this. The 4th of July, especially the best of the no bullshit news hour. Oh, let’s take a look at all the developments going out around town. Says the newspaper. The Hudson skyscraper should be finished next year. Should it remember we’re going to have again 20% low income housing. Well, red Wing, check that out. Red. Oh cool. Got his Section eight voucher. I was going to say

Speaker 5 (00:02:27):
Should go. I got

Speaker 1 (00:02:28):
Perfect. And he wants a penthouse facing Canada because when he looks out his penthouse, he wants to see the American dream. He deserves it. So that’s why he wants to look at Windsor. He

Speaker 5 (00:02:38):

Speaker 1 (00:02:40):
So let’s roll the tape. This shit is awesome. This is Byron and Red. Awesome

Speaker 8 (00:02:48):
Trey, for sake. Sale rent. Put me out the house. I ain’t got no,

Speaker 9 (00:03:27):

Speaker 8 (00:03:27):
Calling in regards to, I want to get one of the apartments down in the skyscraper when it’s done. And I know it’s supposed to be some low income housing available. And I got my Section eight voucher. So I was wondering what do I need to do to apply for one of the apartments? Man staying at the Normandy can turn from a short term stay to a lifetime center. And I ain’t trying to do that. I think I found my way up out of this place. I thought maybe I could get something new in the new skyscraper when it’s done looking at Canada and with low income. I got my Section eight vouch and everything. I’m ready to

Speaker 9 (00:04:03):
Go. I know what was going on with that building. I don’t even know if they’re going to have any type of housing in that building. They’re still two years out.

Speaker 8 (00:04:11):
Oh, I, well I thought when they gave, went to the city with the plans, they said it was going to be residential with 20% low income.

Speaker 9 (00:04:21):
Yeah, we don’t have any information on the husband’s side of the

Speaker 8 (00:04:24):
House. Man, skip that. I’m about to go down here and find out what’s going on. You ain’t going to tell me you don’t know nothing. And for my section ain’t voucher, go down here and talk to somebody in person. So after not getting much information on the phone, I decide it’d probably be better if I go down there and try to talk to somebody in person. But you know what they say? Excuse over the phone. Truth in your face. Oh man, I can’t wait. I want to live right there. Yep. Yep. That’s it. High rise. Look at Canada. Yeah. I can’t wait baby. Moving on up.

Yeah buddy. Woo. I’m going to use this vouch. I’m going to be living good. They going to be wondering how did I make it happen. Thanks Dan. 20% low income housing. I can’t fucking wait. Hell yeah. Hey, what’s up fella? What’s up? Hey, I, I’m waiting on these apartments to get done. I’m ready to move in. Y’all know when they going to be finished? A year. One year. What year? What’d they say? Oh man, I hope they do it quicker than that. My Section eight voucher is going to expire by then. That’s that 20% low income living. I’m look, I got mine. I’m ready to go. All right. Appreciate you fellas. Yes. Have a good one. You too now. Hey, what’s good brother? Slow motion. I’m wonder know know how long before I be done? I’m, I’m ready to move on in. I got my pillow section eight voucher and everything. Almost

Speaker 10 (00:06:02):
Two years.

Speaker 8 (00:06:03):
Two years? It was two. Oh shit. My voucher will be expired by then. They told me 20%. How’s that? I going to have to reapply for section eight. You’re going to have to

Speaker 10 (00:06:11):
In two

Speaker 8 (00:06:11):
Years. In two years. God damnit. Let me go over here and see if I can go ahead and reserve it. Then it’ll take a section eight voucher reserve or something. Thanks a lot brother. Yeah, fuck this. Let me go to the office and check with the office. These guys don’t know what they talking about. Hell, and it took them seven years to put a building together. I don’t need no got no timing. I find out. Make my section eight voucher expired. You go to the construction mask here. Alright,

Speaker 10 (00:06:38):
Let’s see if this is going to happen.

Speaker 8 (00:06:46):
Hey, how you doing today? Good. Is this someone one in the office? I can speak with.

Speaker 10 (00:06:53):
God, think I blew him off.

Speaker 8 (00:06:57):
How you doing today? I want to speak to somebody. I got my Section eight voucher and I want to reserve my apartment in the skyscraper when it’s done. How long will it before it’s finished?

Speaker 10 (00:07:07):
What do I do again?

Speaker 8 (00:07:09):
I just told you. I just asked you how long will it be finished? Because I want to reserve my section eight apartment in the skyscraper. Dan said it’d be

Speaker 10 (00:07:16):

Speaker 8 (00:07:18):
Go go where? To the site. Go where? I was over there.

Speaker 10 (00:07:22):
Where is that?

Speaker 8 (00:07:25):
Nobody can tell me anything. How you doing? Doing well. You alright? Right. You know about the skyscraper over here?

Speaker 10 (00:07:34):
I do, but I can’t speak to that. You’ll have to go with Bedrock.

Speaker 8 (00:07:38):
I have to go with Bedrock. Wait, now where’s Bedrock at?

Speaker 10 (00:07:41):
They are down the road on

Speaker 8 (00:07:42):
Woodward. Down the road on Wood. If you can go their address, you’ll see it. Okay. Because I’m just trying to see if I can reserve my Section eight apartment for the 20% low income that’s going be in there. So I’m trying to get a jump start. I want to be up on the penthouse looking at the Canadian side.

Speaker 10 (00:07:54):
Bedrock’s the folks you need to

Speaker 8 (00:07:55):
See. All right. So, all right. About how long do you think it be done for us though? Finish. Can’t answer that. Bedrock. Everything

Speaker 10 (00:08:00):
Needs to go through

Speaker 8 (00:08:01):
Bedrock. Bedrock. All right. Yes sir. I appreciate you ain’t let my section eight expire. I need to get my apartment. I want to live downtown too. Shit. So after leaving the construction office, that one guy told me where to go. That’s pretty cool to him. I got to thinking, damn, why was the other guy such an asshole?

Speaker 10 (00:08:20):
What? Well, he’s asking you a question

Speaker 8 (00:08:25):
And then I couldn’t even understand him. At least you could be an asshole that I could understand.

Speaker 10 (00:08:33):
Go. Go. Okay, go where over there. Well that, where is that?

Speaker 8 (00:08:39):
After walking around the city that has Gilbert’s name tattooed across itself. I finally found the place. I’m, I’m doing all right. I want to know who I had talked to about reserving my apartment down in the new skyscraper.

Speaker 10 (00:08:56):
I reserving that.

Speaker 8 (00:08:57):
Yeah. This bedrock. Yeah, this is right. The skyscraper down the street.

Speaker 10 (00:09:01):
The one that’s there on building?

Speaker 8 (00:09:02):
Yeah, it’s supposed to be 20% low income. I got my section eight. I want me a damn penthouse in the skyscraper. So I was trying to see who I talk to.

Speaker 10 (00:09:12):
If you could give us a call and we can talk, transfer you to the right people. But they don’t work in this building.

Speaker 8 (00:09:18):
Oh, they don’t work.

Speaker 10 (00:09:19):
This is just the headquarters.

Speaker 8 (00:09:21):
Wait a minute. This the headquarters. But they not in the headquarters.

Speaker 10 (00:09:24):

Speaker 8 (00:09:25):

Speaker 10 (00:09:25):
They have to work in the buildings and other

Speaker 8 (00:09:28):
Stuff. So how long before you think the building the skyscraper done? Cause I don’t want my voucher to expire

Speaker 10 (00:09:34):
The beginning of next year.

Speaker 8 (00:09:35):
Beginning of next year. So less than a year? Yeah,

Speaker 10 (00:09:38):

Speaker 8 (00:09:38):
Okay. Cause which I only get six months on this voucher. I don’t need it expiring on me. You say just give ’em a call. Is this number right here?

Speaker 10 (00:09:45):
Yeah. Yeah, you can call me there and then I can transfer right here.

Speaker 8 (00:09:48):
Okay. I just got one more question for y’all. So I was kind of expecting to move in today. That’s not going to happen, is it? Oh no. Section eight is going to run out here in six months. So not happening.

Speaker 10 (00:10:02):
No, I don’t think so.

Speaker 8 (00:10:09):
Damn. All right. Thank y’all. Looks like I’m back at the goddamn Normandy. One, two shit at this rate, five years. Fuck

Speaker 11 (00:10:28):
Bread deserves an award for that. What? Right now they gave,

Speaker 1 (00:10:33):
By the way, all his facts is correct

Speaker 11 (00:10:34):
Too. Exactly. So we got three different times. Less than a year. A year and two years. More than two years. More than two years. Yeah. You have a headquarters, but nobody’s working in the headquarters. Thank you. So the guy wants you to call him outside of the building for him to transfer you to somebody that’s also not in the building to get an answer that he doesn’t know about.

Speaker 1 (00:10:55):
Red wants to move into the skyscraper. Who do you call to book a room? They don’t. Hello? Hello. It’s not that hard. It’s a swindle. Yep.

Speaker 11 (00:11:06):
Oh my God.

Speaker 1 (00:11:07):
And again, again, if you do the work, copper, you’ll know this. We send Dan a check every year. It’s not a tax rebate. It’s a tax collection. Nothing’s going on. He gets a check. So the latest hustle coming out of Detroit City Hall uncork, everybody’s property taxes in the state of Michigan to ignite development in the city. Mayor Mike wants to increase taxes by 50 bucks on vacant lots like this. And then he wants to cut taxes by millions on skyscrapers owned by billionaires like this. And that’s supposed to create billions of dollars in development. But how, Mike, look at the skyscrapers. We’ve already paid hundreds of millions of dollars for in Detroit. What a joke. So desperate to cover the failure of the mega welfare to billionaires. The mayor, the governor and the billionaire himself had a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Speaker 12 (00:12:42):
And after decades of use, it was left to decay. But today it is opening with over 200 apartments, a hotel, an event space, multiple restaurants. This will be critical in the new chapter for the city of Detroit

Speaker 1 (00:12:58):
Downtown Babs. Is it done?

Speaker 4 (00:13:02):
No, it’s not. They still have more work to do. What about that up there? What about that? Well, what about that? What about that? What about that and what about that and what about that and what about that

Speaker 13 (00:13:36):
And that and that and that and that and that and that and that and that.

Speaker 1 (00:13:43):
So where they get this lane brain idea, a study of 17 Podunk towns in Pennsylvania that was paid for by the billionaire. Here’s Evansburg, Pennsylvania. Here’s Titusville, Pennsylvania. Now they want to play with your property taxes. Michigan. Remember those taxes pay for schools. And here’s a school in Duggins Detroit with a crack house right across the street.

Speaker 14 (00:14:15):
Take down the drug house please.

Speaker 1 (00:14:19):
They say a man’s home is his castle, but the money mob and his henchman want to penetrate the walls. I say throw ’em in the moat.

Speaker 15 (00:14:33):
I’m Grace Carros and I’m third generation of American Coney Island. People say Detroit’s a comeback city. I say where you’ve been. We’ve been here for over a hundred years. My family’s been here on the same corner serving our famous proprietary American Coney Island hot dog. So like always, we’re keeping things fresh, updated, and new. We’d love to have you come downtown and visit us. But if you can’t, you can always go to american coney, order a Coney kit, get it delivered fresh right to your door.

Speaker 16 (00:15:04):
If you’re a struggling comedian living in a Skid Row hotel on Detroit’s east side and you are thinking of a career change or perhaps applying to Harvard, you’ll want help with your personal statement. So try the latest thing in artificial intelligence jive. G P T. It’ll have you speaking the king’s English in no time.

Speaker 8 (00:15:25):
I grew up in a house so fucked up. Instead of my mama teaching me the ABCs, she showed me how to slang. P C P.

Speaker 1 (00:15:35):
Mine was a difficult childhood. It was at once the best of times and the worst of times

Speaker 8 (00:15:42):
We was so fucking broke that when I was a kid, my mama had to put shit on layaway at the dollar store. She didn’t even like me much, neither from the time I popped out of her coochie. She wouldn’t let me suck on her titties. Talking about let’s just be friends.

Speaker 1 (00:16:02):
Mother dearest struggled. But even during those dreary evenings when there was, but scanned a thimble of milk, mumsy quenched our hunger with a warm and friendly approbation.

Speaker 8 (00:16:15):
It be what it be. We was broke as a joke, but I always had little homies sweeping with me. No matter how many times the sheriff put us out the house, every crib we moved to either had rats, roaches, or bed bugs and shit. Sometimes all three. And dig it. Don’t believe the height. Cause raccoons don’t even bite that horse.

Speaker 1 (00:16:42):
Yes, we were poor, yet we had fun. That’s one thing Mumsy made sure of.

Speaker 8 (00:16:49):
Wait a moment. That’s inaccurate jive. G P t. I believe you’re misconstruing the tanner, if not the context of my feelings and emotions.

Speaker 1 (00:17:02):
Shit, I dig. What you laying down home slice. Mama didn’t raise no food. Jive ass. Turkey

Speaker 16 (00:17:09):
Jive. G P t street slang to your college thing and a no money back guarantee.

Speaker 1 (00:17:32):
Tracy Corak, a slip and fall lawyer from Grand Rapids and the treasurer of the Michigan Democratic Party was accused last month by a nursing home director of trying to scam an insurance company of $50,000 in the name of an elderly brain damaged woman. That nursing home director, Joel LeBlanc, has since been fired.

Speaker 17 (00:17:55):
That’s not the reason they gave me, but I think that’s pretty much it. But what are you going to do? I feel like I did the right thing. If somebody came to me and said, I think your business manager’s shady, like I’d be grateful.

Speaker 1 (00:18:11):
Meanwhile, and the Democrats are silent hoping it all dies away. No way we say so we went to Grand Rapids to find corn’s office. Tracy Corak. No. Was it ever? I don’t think

Speaker 5 (00:18:28):

Speaker 1 (00:18:33):
Nope. Not here either. A PO box. What kind of law office is that? That’s a very small

Speaker 5 (00:18:47):

Speaker 1 (00:18:47):
Be little furniture in that office finding No office. We went to corn’s house in suburban Grand Rapids. Hello. People were inside. I saw the blinds moving, but they pretended they weren’t inside. I’d like to talk to you about one of your clients. Ms. Did in fact your daughter apply $50,000 of care to this old woman. And why are you using somebody else’s tax ID number? There is no record of your daughter being there. We’d like answers. We care about our old people. And then someone screamed out the window,

Speaker 4 (00:19:32):
Get the fuck out of that mailbox. I just caught you on camera.

Speaker 1 (00:19:37):
Say what?

Speaker 4 (00:19:39):
Get the fuck out of that mailbox. I just caught you on camera.

Speaker 1 (00:19:43):
Let’s hear that one more time.

Speaker 4 (00:19:45):
Get the fuck out of that mailbox. I just caught you on camera.

Speaker 1 (00:19:50):
M effer from the upstairs window. Not what I’d expect from one of the most powerful Democrats in Michigan that was friendly. Must be a lawyer. Neighbor said, I shouldn’t be surprised.

Speaker 18 (00:20:04):
I moved in here. First thing she said to me was, move your cards in my way in my mailbox while we’re unpacking. So and

Speaker 1 (00:20:09):
Ever since then, it’s just been hate. Oh,

Speaker 18 (00:20:11):
Never spoke to me. Never waved nothing.

Speaker 1 (00:20:14):
Only that one time.

Speaker 18 (00:20:15):
That’s the only time I’ve ever spoken with her.

Speaker 1 (00:20:16):
Really? How long have you been lived here? Six

Speaker 18 (00:20:18):
Years. Oh, wow. Yeah. So when my husband’s outside, we had somebody measuring for the property lines. You ain’t put up a fence there. That’s my property lines guy said, no, it’s not. That’s the property lines. So

Speaker 1 (00:20:31):
Tracy, why can’t you be nicer to your neighbor? Terry, over here in the end, this is about the elderly of Michigan and how we treat them. Governor Gretchen Whitmer still refuses to address the true number of nursing home dead under her covid policies and her treasurer, Tracy Corak, refuses to address $50,000 in mysterious billings. She tried to pocket in the name of a brain damaged woman. And the man who blew the whistle on this all, he’s out on his ass.

Speaker 17 (00:21:02):
I mean, at the end of the day, I want to look back and be able to say five, 10 years from now, I did the right thing. And to hell with the consequences, really. But no, I knew what was going to happen. I knew this was going to come and I really feel good about what was said and what was done.

Speaker 1 (00:21:20):
And this is why people are afraid to do right by each other. The consequences that is Joe’s not afraid. And we’re not afraid. We’ll stay on this. We promise.

Speaker 19 (00:21:33):
You know what? They didn’t report what

I show up on my boat. It’s a water restaurant. My wife is inside with her friends. They were supposed to meet me at the boat, but of course, nobody does what I want. So I got to anchor the boat. I got to walk into the water into the restaurant to get them so I can get, get out of there. Ok. She restaurant in this place called Shelter Island. Not really my seat, but my wife is actually popular and people love her so she can go to these places. So I am going inside to get her. I walk up the stairs and my nine year old has greeted me at the time she was nine, now she’s going to be 13 in a couple weeks. And she says, oh, we’re upstairs. Come upstairs. She leads me up the stairs. I see these guys stop her on the way up, which is not unusual.

People talk to her all the time. She’s a funny kid. She’s a chatty kid. And I see her kind of looking at them a little quizzically. And she leaves. I walk up and one of these three assholes says, Hey Fredo, will you take a picture? And I look at ’em, I said, what’d you call me? And he’s like, isn’t that your name? I said, I don’t know is your name bitch? Tell your name. And yeah, there’s three of ’em. And I see him sized up a little bit. And as you guys don’t know, I have spent more time studying how to fight in self-defense than most people have spent in school. And this is all I know. This is all I do. I see scenarios all over all the time. And here’s what was unfair to me. They called me Fredo to my nine year old daughter.

And all the media was told that and none of them reported it. I wonder why. I wonder why? Because it takes the thing out of me being a bully. Because I’ll give you an immutable truth. You find me a woman or a man who will say differently than this? Oh yeah, you can stop my kid. Who’s the kid? Okay, they’re not 30. You can stop my nine year old and call me an to them to my child and I’ll be cool. Yeah, go ahead. Tell me that’s you. You’re full of shit if you say that’s you, because they matter most to us. And that’s why I was hot. And the fact that I did not put hands on those guys is a triumph. And what I was told, because I’m the one who told CNN about what happened, I said, this is what happened. These guys came at me. We got in the thing. The guy pulled out the camera. I was like, I’m glad you got the camera out. I want people to hear this. Three guys. You said you were going to beat my ass. You touched me. I said, don’t touch me again. That was a warning I didn’t even have to give them. As soon as he touched me, I could’ve used this and changed how he looked for the rest of his life. And I didn’t. And it was mature and it was the right response.

Speaker 1 (00:24:28):
This message of uplift is brought to you by business and personal wealth advisor, Luke Acki, who reminds you that what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but never entered the kingdom of God? But while you’re waiting, NOI wants you to remember that overreaction is not a sound financial strategy. So call Luke Nakia at (248) 663-4748 for sound financial it books.

Speaker 20 (00:24:54):
How you doing? What’s the word, man? You work here? Yeah.

Speaker 1 (00:25:00):
The Michigan State shooting rampage did not have to be the gunman. Anthony McRay was known to authorities.

Speaker 20 (00:25:07):
You got any weapons on you or anything like that? Yeah. You have a weapon on you? Yeah. What do you have? 3 83 83 80. Go ahead and put your hands on your back real quick. I’m going to 10 you for a second. Okay. Can you put your cigarette out?

Speaker 1 (00:25:18):
He was arrested for carrying a concealed pistol in 2019, which would’ve prevented him from buying a gun. But the prosecutor agreed to a plea deal, a misdemeanor transporting a loaded weapon in a vehicle. But McCray didn’t have a car. He had a bicycle. Okay. The charge was a fabrication to push the case through the system. Ingham County, home of state government and Michigan State University isn’t serious about gun laws. The self-described progressive prosecutor has moved on. He’s now a state judge. There have been 81 mass shootings in America since MSU 81. Thoughts and prayers, and then they move on. But we refuse to move on. We want answers.

Speaker 2 (00:26:10):
This is an individual who first of all had just been removed from probation. We know that during the period of time that he was on probation, it was extended. We are still not clear on why that was. And he had this very recent weapons offense. We do so little to prevent people who are in that set of circumstances. I mean, somebody who has been having mental health issues, somebody who just had been illegally possessing a gun. And look how easy it was for him to obtain a weapon even in the wake of all that.

Speaker 1 (00:26:47):
So we went to the Ingham County courthouse. McCray was sentenced to transporting a firearm in a vehicle, a misdemeanor. That lesser charge allowed him to later legally purchase his murder weapon. McCray was given probation and twice blew it off. He was warned by the judge, but never spent a day in jail.

Speaker 21 (00:27:08):
If he violates probation, you send him to jail up to two years, they did nothing.

Speaker 22 (00:27:15):
There was a welfare check at the address on House Street on February 5th, but was not related to the accused. And L P D has not been called in any way to any shots fired at this address.

Speaker 1 (00:27:26):
We now know the Frat House of Lansing. Politics likes to play with words. A bicycle is a car. Jail is just an abstract. And gun charts aren’t shots at all. If cops don’t write it down. But listen to the neighbors. Police responded a whopping 134 times to this sleepy neighborhood between the night McCray was arrested for the gun and the night he went on his murder spree. McCray often fired a pistol from his back porch. The police said there was never any calls out here, but I found out they’ve been out here over a hundred times in three years.

Speaker 23 (00:28:05):
Oh, they’ve responded over there several times. I don’t know if it was because of their problem that they had over there, but there’s always been problems on that corner. I’ve seen now the police presence show up quite a bit in the past couple years.

Speaker 1 (00:28:20):
Was it over gunshots? Usually?

Speaker 23 (00:28:22):
I’ve heard gunshots and yeah. Yes.

Speaker 1 (00:28:24):
Did you hear gunshots coming? You’re right behind him. Yeah.

Speaker 24 (00:28:28):
I was in the backyard one day scared his shit on him. I was back there working in the yard.

Speaker 1 (00:28:33):
It was when he was on probation, he was still firing that gun. Oh my. And the police were out here

Speaker 24 (00:28:39):
Two or three times. I seen him come down right after the

Speaker 25 (00:28:42):
He shot. When of the police was there? He

Speaker 1 (00:28:44):
Did? Yeah. Well, the police were here. Yeah, you could hear him shooting. He

Speaker 25 (00:28:47):
Shoot one time. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (00:28:49):
And you were here too?

Speaker 25 (00:28:50):
Yeah. I heard the police wasn’t there. And the truck, I don’t know he here or no. I don’t know if I can hear my, on my videos. I don’t know if I can hear the child, but yeah.

Speaker 1 (00:29:01):
Oh, you have videos of the police here?

Speaker 25 (00:29:04):
Yeah, I got video, but I don’t know if I can go way long back. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (00:29:11):
So you’s some videotape of the police here. It’s coming down to your word and the chief. And I know the truth when I see it. Freedom of information that cost me $1,000. I want every call to service in the last 44 months, you know how many there were 134 for over here. This house, just the houses around it only

Speaker 17 (00:29:33):
Using the house like saying there was no calls to the actual house. It was to the area. So you know what I mean? They’re using that as an excuse that wasn’t for that issue. But for the gunshots, obviously it was, nobody could pinpoint the house,

Speaker 1 (00:29:48):
But they talked to a few neighbors. They’re like, yeah, no, it’s that house. Right. That’s why I have to, I’m doing it for you. Happy Easter. I’ll do it. That’s a thousand out of my pocket. You got this guy’s name in the report. Do you got this house address in that report? There was a cop at the bottom of your driveway, right? Driveway?

Speaker 17 (00:30:06):
Yeah. Yeah. The end of the road there. They

Speaker 1 (00:30:08):
Didn’t have the address. Oh, come on.

Speaker 17 (00:30:13):
Yep. They

Speaker 26 (00:30:13):
Just said it was the end of the road. You got a call to the end of the road. Right?

Speaker 1 (00:30:17):
And then nobody pointed, Hey, it’s right back there. Well, that’s what Francisco just said, right? I was right here. There he was popping off.

Speaker 17 (00:30:25):
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Francisco was out there when he seen the cop and heard the gunshots, but no reports.

Speaker 1 (00:30:33):
So one more time you would hear gunshots. Everybody in the neighborhood would hear gunshots. The police would be here. So when you hear the Chief of police saying, we never responded to shots fired.

Speaker 23 (00:30:45):
I would say that’s false.

Speaker 1 (00:30:48):
It’s, they called it something else, but they responded to him popping that gun.

Speaker 23 (00:30:53):
Of course.

Speaker 1 (00:30:54):
So what do you think when you, you’re watching the news and you hear the chief say, no, we didn’t ever, I know it.

Speaker 24 (00:30:59):
It’s like calling everybody liars.

Speaker 1 (00:31:02):
Are you a liar?

Speaker 24 (00:31:03):
No. That’s what I’m saying. I was, that’s what pissed me off about that. Nobody act like nobody even reported it.

Speaker 1 (00:31:12):
So here’s one that could have been stopped. We found McCray’s father at home. He didn’t want to speak directly to camera, but he told us he didn’t know his son was sick. He raised him the best he could. Mr. McCray did. Did you ever let the police know that he had a weapon?

Speaker 27 (00:31:29):
I didn’t know what my son had. I was not raised him to feed. I didn’t know he had a damn deal at all. I wasn’t raised him. And do the best you can in day when you leave the door, what’s their mind to

Speaker 1 (00:31:39):
Do? I know. You

Speaker 27 (00:31:40):
Know what I mean? I raised him in church if good to free church.

Speaker 1 (00:31:45):
But the question remains, why didn’t the authorities do his best? They could. Yeah. What’s his name?

Speaker 28 (00:31:57):
Did you know that with Hall Financial’s new Easy Start program, you can lock your mortgage rate 2% below the current market. If you were to purchase a $250,000 home with 5% down, instead of paying $1,600 per month, you only pay $1,300 per month. Saving you almost $4,000 a year. See if Easy Start is a fit for you. Get started now at eighty six six. Call Hall or go to call hall

Speaker 1 (00:32:32):
So Mayor Mike Duggan, the mayor of Detroit, or as I like to call him, the Wizard of Woodward, likes to tell us that the billionaire developers he’s hooking up, aren’t getting hooked up at all. It’s just a discount. Well, let me give you a refresher. That’s the Hudson skyscraper. It’s all covered in yellow paneling. That’s not building Dan Gilbert. That’s just putting yellow paneling up behind me. That parking lot that’s supposed to be a skyscraper. And behind me over here, you can’t see it because it’s hidden. And that’s good that skyscrapers supposed to be open. And the only people coming out today are sleepy eye construction workers taking naps during the work hours. All of this 700 million of your dollars. And yes, we send them a check every year. And here’s the next spot, the site of the famous failed Wayne County Jail, where they bull those $400 million because they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing in this town. So Dan Gilbert had a great idea. Why didn’t you give me this property and the courthouse and the maximum security jail and the regular jail and the juvenile hall jail property were 200 million. Give me that. Give me $50 million in just in case money. Give me 30 million for parking and I’ll give you 150 million and build you the new jail. See how that works? Well, the new jail’s not ready. It’s over budget and somebody’s going to pay for it. And I bet you it ain’t going to be Dan.

What am I doing in this dumpster? I’m having a look around Brush Park described as Detroit’s hottest new neighborhood, but it’s not really hot as cold. And there’s muddy vacant fields and dumpsters and million dollar condos with no drywall. This gorgeous little Pearl brought to you by Dan Gilbert. Yep. We gave him the land. He promised 70 million in development and then we gave him 23 million more. That’s how it works in Detroit. They promised me rooftop terraces and greenways. And I’m just standing in a dumpster. The Little Caesars Arena, the taxpayer went for that one too. We kicked in $350 million. We borrowed it. So there’s the interest. That’s $700 million. You always got to count the interest. Oh, here comes the queue line that cost us 250 million. Thanks Dan. Nobody was in it.

Now for that 700 million in taxpayer money, Christy promised to make all of this vacant lot. A city would end a city and then he didn’t. And that was seven years ago. So now he’s back and he wants 900 million more to build some offices and other stuff to make that and the city. And we’re going to give it to him. But you should know that at the hockey arena, he doesn’t share the hot dogs with the city or the parking or the jerseys. In fact, I’m told when you tip the pizza server in the arena, Chris keeps the money.

And let’s not forget about Chemical Bank. Jerry Toga. Jerry used to own a firm called the Sterling Group. His kids run it now because Jerry bought Chemical Bank. Irene first met Jerry when he sold the Guardian building to Bob Ano in Wayne County for three times the appraised value, three times the appraised value. You know what Jerry’s doing now? I’ll tell you what Jerry’s doing now. He’s shitting himself because he took chemical bank and merged it with another bank. And now everybody’s worried that their bank is going to go under. But don’t worry about it. Jerry’s got an ace in the hole. He built himself a new skyscraper for a hundred million. His kids built it and we got to pay 30 million of it. And guess where Jerry’s new bank? His headquartered just down the road from Chrissy. Eli’s new publicly financed hockey arena. It’s Gary with me.

It’s Gary. Gary Turow. Gary Turow. Yeah. What’d I say? Jerry, Gary, Jerry, whatever. Motherfuckers making money. And finally the last stop on our walk of shame is the old state fairgrounds. They used to have rodeos here and baby cows the pet. And you can still see some of the old architecture behind me. And that’s supposed to be a bus terminal. The city of Detroit bought it from the state of Michigan for $7 million in the middle of bankruptcy. And then Mike Duggan turned around and sold it to Chemical. Jerry, Jerry. Jerry Gary sold it to Chemical Jerry for 9 million. The appraised property value about 59 million. But that’s okay because Jerry needs to make money. So he cut a 400 million deal with Amazon to build that. The fulfillment center. And you got that a bus stop that doesn’t exist. So they put everybody out there in the vacant lot with some porta potties in the cold. In fact, amongst the people, I think I see Red,

Speaker 8 (00:38:14):
I want his ass. Everybody. They supposed to gave us a 20 million new bus terminal heat air. This is supposed to been done about two, three years ago. Now they talking about another year for the building. What you think

Speaker 29 (00:38:28):
Shit as hell. I ain’t did nothing at all. What they said supposed to be been something over there, but they ain’t did nothing.

Speaker 8 (00:38:36):
You been sitting out here in the cold for a year while we supposed to been and got 20 million bus station. Yep.

Speaker 29 (00:38:44):
As working people. Our tax dollars. We should at least have our bus terminal. They got one downtown. They moved it from over there to here. So what we going to get our bus turn. We got to continue stand out here and freeze. There’s people that come out here every day that I see on a daily basis going to work. Bus is late. We out here freezing in Blizzards the rain. It don’t make no sense that our tax dollars is going to waste

Speaker 8 (00:39:09):
What I’m looking at. Ain’t no action being taken. They basically to move the old bus sheds about a thousand feet from where the old bus terminal is. Ain’t a bit of goddamn construction going on after two city council votes. 400 million deal later. This is all we get. I guess this is supposed to be the new enhanced bus terminal. As you can see, they gave some bathrooms like they said. And I guess that’s the new structure to protect you from the heat and coal and Oh yeah. By the way, it’s a wasted money on security. Did you go to the state fair when it was here? Yeah. Which would you rather have the Amazon building

Speaker 29 (00:39:49):
State fair?

Speaker 8 (00:39:50):
Say no question. And with,

Speaker 29 (00:39:52):
Cause there’s too many kids out here that don’t even know this generation of kids don’t even know about the state fair.

Speaker 8 (00:39:57):
So not only did they not give us what they were supposed to give us in the deal, which means nothing for the people, they also took something from us culturally. You feel? Yeah.

Speaker 29 (00:40:07):
Well state fair itself, this was a beautiful area. Now it’s like dead.

Speaker 1 (00:40:12):
And now you see how the modern Detroit works. The rich get richer, the politicians get fatter and the poor get babies in Detroit. Char little duff. No bullshit news hour. And if the cameras do not work in the public spots all along the corridor, if they’re going to put IA cameras in. Yeah, if you are green light, if things aren’t working, I recommend that you call XG Service Group because they are experts in security cameras. How do you like that Barney? That was smooth. I didn’t even see that segue coming. That was good. Yeah. Bravo. You don’t have a cell phone, but you’re you, you’re on a laptop somewhere in there. Voice over internet. Voice over internet. What’s P protocol? I think voice over internet protocol. Basically it’s, it’s internet phone service, drive-through systems, safety systems, wifi design, construction cameras, traffic cameras, train cameras. The drive-through

Speaker 11 (00:41:16):
Cameras. Yep. I’m intrigued by those.

Speaker 1 (00:41:19):
All structural cable. Wow. Like you. And at a very reasonable price. Many people, many, they do fantastically well all around this region because they’re attentive. The price point is perfect. And just a free consultation just, and the work

Speaker 11 (00:41:39):
Ethic is

Speaker 1 (00:41:39):
There. Oh God. My God. That’s the other thing. Well, it’s really hard to,

Speaker 11 (00:41:43):
I pay attention to different things and the work ethic is

Speaker 1 (00:41:46):
There. Yeah, it is. It’s really hard to explain that. I mean how office stuff goes down here and then you can’t get ahold of the kovi. Call Matt Kovi at seven three four two four five forty one hundred seven three four two four five forty one hundred. And again, if the lights go out or the roads have holes or shot spotter or you get,

Speaker 16 (00:42:09):
Who can I call?

Speaker 1 (00:42:10):
You can call ADR experienced.

Speaker 16 (00:42:12):
Are they ethical?

Speaker 1 (00:42:14):
They are They

Speaker 16 (00:42:15):
On time?

Speaker 1 (00:42:15):
Honest. Smart. Yep. They are experts in procurement and government compliance. Information technology. They can save you and your clients. Oh, I got to call ’em. We we’ll do that later. About the crack house. I figured. Yeah. About the crack house near the school. I got to call ADR about that. Listen, cut the red tape. Reduce your cost. Increase your bottom line. Call Barry Ellen. Tuck at (248) 318-9424 for a consultation. Call him up and get the shit fixed. And finally, when’s the last time you checked your home in auto?

Speaker 16 (00:42:50):
Oh boy.

Speaker 1 (00:42:50):
Well, I tell

Speaker 16 (00:42:51):
Them I have someone that does it for me now. I

Speaker 1 (00:42:54):
Don’t, don’t even do it. They do it. Legacy partners now calls me. I get a call twice a year, dude. I’m looking around. I’m looking around. I found something cheaper for you. Better insurance. What do we have? What do they do? I’m not going to look at this. Your home life, your business life, your automobiles. What else? Medicaid.

Speaker 11 (00:43:14):
Personal property.

Speaker 1 (00:43:15):
Personal property. All

Speaker 16 (00:43:16):
Of it. Yeah. Motor,

Speaker 11 (00:43:17):

Speaker 16 (00:43:18):
Boat. Anything that can be insured. Yeah. Submarine,

Speaker 1 (00:43:21):
Right? No, actually that’s

Speaker 16 (00:43:21):
A really high premium. Oh,

Speaker 1 (00:43:25):
Too soon, bro.

Speaker 11 (00:43:26):
Is it

Speaker 16 (00:43:27):

Speaker 1 (00:43:27):
No. Call 5 8 6 2 0 9 4 1 0 6. Or just go to their website and click the link to get started with the new quote. What is the website? Legacy Partners

Speaker 16 (00:43:39):
Inc. It’s on our site

Speaker 1 (00:43:41):
Link. It’s on our website. And

Speaker 11 (00:43:43):
What’s our website and what’s our website?

Speaker 16 (00:43:44):
No bullshit

Speaker 1 (00:43:45):
No. No BS news hours.

Speaker 11 (00:43:48):
We’re knew

Speaker 1 (00:43:49):
That from within.

Speaker 16 (00:43:51):
I figured it changed. We don’t even

Speaker 1 (00:43:52):
Know our,

Speaker 16 (00:43:54):
I figured it changed just like everything else this past

Speaker 1 (00:43:56):
Week. This show’s got a blow because your son is over there. SLS in the couch. Him taking his, he’s got, you know what he’s doing? He’s getting updates on the submarine or he’s calling Legacy partners at 5 86 2 9 4 1 0 6. All right. Listen, now you know, one minute. What? I was just moving.

Speaker 11 (00:44:13):
I’m still waiting for this. Oh.

Speaker 1 (00:44:14):
Oh my God. That’s,

Speaker 11 (00:44:15):
I’ve been sitting here holding this all because I’m wanted

Speaker 1 (00:44:17):
To me, wait, let me feel it.

Speaker 16 (00:44:18):
Hold on to the camera

Speaker 11 (00:44:19):
Because I’ve

Speaker 1 (00:44:20):
Been holding it. That’s so warm. It is Next evil. Yeah,

Speaker 11 (00:44:27):
Mark said, mark told us about this. I think

Speaker 1 (00:44:29):
Body Recovery cream. Yeah. And I

Speaker 11 (00:44:31):
Ordered two parts,

Speaker 1 (00:44:32):
Deep penetrating. Oh yeah. Wait a minute. Oh Jesus.

Speaker 11 (00:44:36):
It doesn’t have the smell to it though.

Speaker 1 (00:44:38):
I was just, I want

Speaker 11 (00:44:39):
Something. I want something that smells medicinal. It’s a

Speaker 1 (00:44:41):
Deep penetrating. Deep

Speaker 16 (00:44:42):
Penetrating. Yeah. I knew where you’re

Speaker 1 (00:44:44):
CCB D cream.

Speaker 11 (00:44:45):
Yeah. Mark told us about it. And I forgot the 20% off code. So I didn’t get 20% off. But I did buy two of these and I

Speaker 1 (00:44:53):
Wanted, what is that? So it’s deep penetrating cream.

Speaker 11 (00:44:55):
It’s a C. It’s a C B D A body recovery cream. So it’s supposed to be for pain. I have an issue with my back from my car accident. So I wanted to give it a try when Mark says something, I believe it. So

Speaker 1 (00:45:05):
It’s a topical

Speaker 11 (00:45:06):
Cream. It’s a topical cream. Think I’m also going to try the stress. There you go. Yeah. If in fact I can remember the 20% off code.

Speaker 16 (00:45:14):
Yeah. That code is no bs. No bs. Nope. That’s

Speaker 11 (00:45:17):
Okay. I was playing with it. I was like, what was

Speaker 1 (00:45:18):
It? So,

Speaker 11 (00:45:20):
Okay. Yes.

Speaker 1 (00:45:21):
So it’s next Evo, right? Yes. Next. Novo. Okay. So what’s CCB D again?

Speaker 16 (00:45:25):
It’s the

Speaker 11 (00:45:26):
Cannabis something

Speaker 1 (00:45:28):
Derivative. No, we got to be better on this. Yeah, it

Speaker 11 (00:45:30):
Doesn’t, doesn’t have the thc. So it’s the non-drug component that’s supposed to

Speaker 16 (00:45:37):
Have non-psychoactive

Speaker 11 (00:45:39):
Component. Yeah. Yeah. That’s supposed to have medicinal qualities and impact. A lot of people take it, they put it on their body. They use it in so many different forms in the form of gummies and all type of products. And people say that it really helps. And so when it doesn’t have the negative impact and outcome that your typical pharmaceutical drugs would

Speaker 1 (00:46:02):
Have. So Mark, you use the products they have many of them. I have. Yeah. And to help you sleep?

Speaker 16 (00:46:08):
Yes, because it’s got melatonin in it. Fast acting. They knock you out. Time release to keep you out while the CBD keeps you going. So you wake up refreshed. I like it. I mean I’ve used it. And then you mentioned they have the stress

Speaker 11 (00:46:19):
Kit. Yeah. I’m going to try the stress. Cause I can’t do melatonin. It gives me a

Speaker 1 (00:46:22):
Headache. Here’s a question if you take it. Yes sir. Orally,

Speaker 16 (00:46:28):
Can you take it any? Will

Speaker 1 (00:46:29):
You test positive for THC if you like?

Speaker 11 (00:46:31):

Speaker 16 (00:46:32):
I don’t think so. But

Speaker 11 (00:46:33):
It doesn’t have thc. I’m

Speaker 1 (00:46:34):
Not a doctor. Boom.

Speaker 11 (00:46:35):
It doesn’t have thc.

Speaker 1 (00:46:36):
Thank you. Say, say Mark. Do your homework, man. All right. Now let me do this. I got a lot of things to fix. This is, we got just down the way from Hamtramck and just down the way from Highland Park is a Bowery Hotel for wayward and lost and lonely men called the Normandy where red is and over the hill comedians where red lives

Speaker 16 (00:47:04):
And does Facebook lives

Speaker 1 (00:47:05):
And does Facebook lives. Instead of showing up to the show. And, excuse me, he’s prepared. I think quite a lovely little piece about life at the Normandy. Has he not?

Speaker 16 (00:47:17):
Has I really like

Speaker 1 (00:47:18):
This one. Let let’s, you know what? I bet this is so good res like I killed it, man. I fuck. I got to go to where, man, I killed it. I need a day off man. Fucking scream at people and shit. Be come and buy me $2 drinks. Perfect stranger. Come on. Dime. $2 shots.

Speaker 8 (00:47:35):
Put me out the house. Ain’t got no

Speaker 30 (00:47:52):

Speaker 8 (00:47:53):
By 12, four bedroom by no means. One of the biggest problems I found here at the Normandy is maintenance and how fast, fast stuff is getting fixed. I mean, I’m not shitting on them, not trying to down them. They do do they job whatnot, but they just not as good as the old maintenance man. Ken was. Damn it. I miss our old maintenance man. This damn bathroom been down for almost two weeks now. And I guarantee you, if he was here, this shit would’ve been fixed by now. You never seen a problem that wasn’t immediately addressed. New maintenance crew, they doing the best they can, but they just ain’t akin.

Speaker 31 (00:48:42):
Ken cared about these residents here. He kept us in place. He made sure we didn’t want for anything.

Speaker 32 (00:48:48):
This a fair guy, man. Just gave everybody they fresh shape. He wouldn’t try to mess up with nobody. That’s all from my experience.

Speaker 31 (00:48:53):
Ken was an outstanding guy.

Speaker 8 (00:48:55):
The Normy is a rough place, Phil, with a lot of good people. The problem is though, a lot of good people can’t survive in a rough place. And Ken unfortunately was one of those folks that got caught up in a rough moment.

Speaker 33 (00:49:11):
We begin here at five with a deadly shooting, sparking a massive manhunt inside a Detroit hotel.

Speaker 34 (00:49:16):
I was here in seeing the aftermath of the murder that took place here with the maintenance man Ken. Bless his fucking soul. He was a good dude.

Speaker 31 (00:49:25):
Yeah. I had just moved back from Tennessee and when I got in, that was the breaking news.

Speaker 35 (00:49:31):
This was a tenant and a dispute over a tenant being evicted. And the victim now a long time beloved maintenance man here.

Speaker 8 (00:49:40):
So what happened was the day that Ken got killed, he was going to collect some past rent from one of the tenants on the second floor room two 30 when he knocked on the door, apparently the young man had some mental issues or problems going on and he pretty much shot out the door. Ken then turned around to run down the staircase that was right behind him. And the young man followed in pursuit shooting at him. And he grazed him with a bullet, which in turn made Ken fall on the landing. And the young man caught up to him and stood over him and proceeded to kill him. Kind of execution style.

Speaker 36 (00:50:17):
I tried to go to ’em, but they wouldn’t let me go. It’s just tragic.

Speaker 34 (00:50:24):
I looked out my window and I could see the police all along. I didn’t know that he was murdered though, until I looked a little further out my window and I seen homicide walking around, who they are, them detectives. You know who they are. And I suddenly realized that Kevin was murdered

Speaker 31 (00:50:42):
After he had shot Ken. He had ran to his mother’s house, which was a few blocks away from here. And I guess he just sat down and partied and stuff. But the police eventually went there to get ’em. And he had committed suicide.

Speaker 8 (00:50:56):
My experience here at the Normandy has opened my eyes to all different types of life, types of people and situations that people go through. And Ken was one of them guys caught in a moment where he ran across a young man apparently dealing with his own demons. And unfortunately he lost his life behind it. And unfortunately this place lost a really caring individual who was always about giving people a place to stay, that they could be safe, that was clean and operated like it should.

Speaker 34 (00:51:31):
Had a rough job. That guy did him the way he did him. He shouldn’t have did that.

Speaker 31 (00:51:34):
He was a good guy. And I wish he was still around to keep Normandy alive.

Speaker 8 (00:51:44):
Here’s the, you can

Speaker 1 (00:52:00):
Right across from Pulaski Elementary, middle School is a dope house.

Speaker 23 (00:52:06):
That’s where all the white folks go in and take their drugs, get high and get high with a bunch

Speaker 1 (00:52:12):
Of junkies. Right? Right across from the school. Right

Speaker 23 (00:52:15):
Across from the school.

Speaker 1 (00:52:16):
The little school that tries probably could if somebody would give them a hand. So if you could talk to the mayor by having a little attention in your neighborhood, what would you tell

Speaker 23 (00:52:28):
Them? I, I’d tell ’em, you need to clean up this area. You get the drugs out. The houses on the corner is bad, especially around the school. Cause it says right there, no drug free. Oh

Speaker 1 (00:52:41):
Geez. Drug free school zone. On this side of the fence when it comes to the neighborhoods, the mayor says, don’t believe the media.

Speaker 37 (00:52:54):
I’m telling you, beautiful neighborhoods are spreading across the city. Don’t pay attention what the medians say. It’s downtown midtown. Not the neighborhoods. Go off the freeway and drive through these neighborhoods. You cannot believe.

Speaker 1 (00:53:04):
But we’re the media. Take a look at the neighborhood. Pulaski is a drug-free school zone. Taj, what’s that?

Speaker 23 (00:53:14):
A drug house.

Speaker 1 (00:53:16):
A drug house next to your school. And what do you think of that, Charlie?

Speaker 23 (00:53:23):
Horrible. Just horrible.

Speaker 1 (00:53:25):
We’ve been asking the mayor for years to clean up the neighborhood around the school. Does that look cleaned up? How long you been waiting for that to come down?

Speaker 38 (00:53:33):
About 10 years.

Speaker 1 (00:53:35):
And then they moved the babies in two years ago.

Speaker 38 (00:53:37):
Yeah. Cause it was a dark school over there. Then they changed it back to the elementary school. But

Speaker 1 (00:53:41):
They forgot to take the houses down before they moved your babies in. Oh

Speaker 38 (00:53:44):
Right. Correct. Do you

Speaker 1 (00:53:45):
Like living

Speaker 38 (00:53:46):
Exodus? Oh no. Every day. You know people in and out of there all the time.

Speaker 1 (00:53:50):

Speaker 38 (00:53:51):

Speaker 1 (00:53:52):
What time They start coming

Speaker 38 (00:53:54):
All day. Cause they got a suitcase and everything with ’em. Like they’re moving in.

Speaker 1 (00:53:58):
They don’t get stuck with no needle. That’s all their winter stuff. They packing it away for the summertime won’t be needing this till the fall. Oh look, call your bail bond agent right here. Says the bail bond paperwork. 140 cash bail bonds. Junior goes to school here. Yes sir. It’s good school. Yeah,

Speaker 38 (00:54:20):

Speaker 1 (00:54:21):
Sure. What about just at the do

Speaker 38 (00:54:22):
House? His mother went there. No kidding.

Speaker 1 (00:54:25):
Did she go to school with needles in the garage?

Speaker 38 (00:54:32):
Oh man. Yeah. They full. Nah, that ain’t good at all. So

Speaker 1 (00:54:37):
What you want to tell the mayor?

Speaker 38 (00:54:39):
Tear it down asap. Tear it down. Now these kids can’t live like that. They shouldn’t be having to be around this kind of stuff.

Speaker 1 (00:54:46):
My kid’s not around this.

Speaker 38 (00:54:47):
No. And it’s not a bad neighborhood either. So yeah, this got to go. Oh, this

Speaker 1 (00:54:51):
Is what does some kid come out here and play? Get stuck with it.

Speaker 38 (00:54:55):
And that’s what they’ll probably do. Coming back and forth to school. Some of them kids walk to school by theirselves.

Speaker 1 (00:55:00):
This woman works in the school unbelievably. She wants her identity and her voice disguised because she’s afraid of losing her job for pointing out this sin.

Speaker 39 (00:55:10):
People are in and out all day during times. We’re in school when the kids are out. So it’s a hazard. You can see all the weeds. It’s horrible that the scholars have to come past this. These kids need this down. This is a hazard. They have to walk past each and every day. It’s sickening. This

Speaker 1 (00:55:29):
Is an outrage. It’s an outrage. There’s bail bonds, tickets laying there and opioid pamphlets and you name it. Yeah. Come on this. Here’s Ray. He showed us another dope house. Just a block away. Owns my property, man. Is this

Speaker 40 (00:55:44):
Yours? Yes. I own this. You do? Yes. Yes, sir. Can

Speaker 1 (00:55:48):
You help me? The new residence weren’t happy to see us.

Speaker 27 (00:55:51):
You don’t own this fucking house. I do own this house. Mother. The fuck you don’t, man. Y’all fucking crack

Speaker 38 (00:55:56):
These man piece shit, man. Live here.

Speaker 1 (00:56:00):
Ray wasn’t happy with his new neighbors. I don’t want to be recorded

Speaker 27 (00:56:02):
Brother. Neighborhood, man.

Speaker 1 (00:56:12):
So Taj a young man on his way makes the greatest point of all If we expect our flowers to bloom, they deserve a little water and a little attention. So look right in there for all the people that have all the power, that make all the decisions. And speak up for your people, your classmates, yourself, and tell ’em what you want.

Speaker 14 (00:56:33):
Take down the drug house, please.

Speaker 1 (00:56:38):
In the land of the loss. Charlie LeDuff. No bullshit news. You just update real quickly. The crack house, 50 feet from the school that we’ve reported on. You can go online, you can look at that. Made it my business. That fucker’s coming down. You can believe me, that thing’s coming down. I now know that the house isn’t owned by one Maurice Johnson anymore. He bought it from the Detroit Land Bank. And the Detroit Land Bank finally took it back because he didn’t fix it. It’s owned by the Detroit Land Bank. Wow. Come on. Okay. A fucking crack house across from a school. And we promise it’d be taken out. So I called the mayor’s office. I go, look, let’s talk to his guy. And I said, let’s, let’s, let’s not fight. Let’s just get this done. Now there’s two things we could do. One, the mayor’s got all the power in the world that can go to the front of the line. That can be condemned for public health reasons, for emergency for kids. They’re not in school. Now you could take it down. They don’t got to breathe the shit. Right. They don’t got to play by a hole. You could do it. Look at the needles here. You could do that. Or I can buy it. I will buy it. There’s three grand in back taxes that are owed. I will ask our friends, we’ll get it paid to help me pay the back taxes. Because somehow you got to do that. I don’t know why. All right.

Speaker 11 (00:58:10):

Speaker 1 (00:58:10):
Have to do that. And then I know some licensed demolition contractors who have graciously offered to tear it down for free for the kids. So what

Speaker 11 (00:58:22):
Was the response

Speaker 1 (00:58:24):
I’ve gotten none.

Speaker 11 (00:58:26):

Speaker 1 (00:58:26):
I’ve gotten none. It was 20 from 30 hours ago. But

Speaker 11 (00:58:32):
That’s a no-brainer though, Charlie, to me, that’s a no-brainer. And

Speaker 1 (00:58:35):
Now I’m getting ministers calling me. They want to protest the shit out of this. I will take it. I clean it up. I will donate the property to the neighbor. I will give it back to the city. I will give it to the school.

Speaker 11 (00:58:48):
We aren’t giving it back to the city. We will give it to the school or the neighbors. We’re not giving it back to the city.

Speaker 1 (00:58:54):
Then we’ll have to give it to the neighbors, right?

Speaker 11 (00:58:55):
Yeah, we’ll do that. But I’m not, I, because I’ll help, but I’m not giving it back to the city

Speaker 1 (00:58:58):
Because that could be used as a place, a safe place for the bus to pull for the kids to get it. Right now there’s a bunch of fucking needles and opioid junkies from the suburbs. I went over, I went over, what’s today? Thursday? Thursday, yesterday. And the steel gate on the front, there’s a steel gate in the front of the house that was closed, but it was open and you could see the ghouls walking back and forth. Oh god. And in the city provided plastic trash bins was neatly packaged. Hefty bags, plastic bags full of their fucking trash overflowing. So at least they’re keeping their crack house nice. And they expect city services. And yet the city can’t find it in their heart. Look at this shit. It’s a fucking jungle. This, it’s this fucking sexual old look at all those trees. That’s crazy. See that door right there? They got a key to the door upstairs. They took the board off the window because when up they’re smoking this shit. It gets too hot.

Speaker 11 (00:59:58):
But that shouldn’t be overgrown like that. Anyway,

Speaker 1 (01:00:01):
See that garage right there? The door is now torn off.

Speaker 11 (01:00:04):
Wow. And that’s right across the street.

Speaker 1 (01:00:05):
Kids from school. See the kids. Look at the kids. Oh my God.

Speaker 11 (01:00:09):

Speaker 1 (01:00:10):
It’s not, come on man.

Speaker 11 (01:00:11):
Where’s the safe route?

Speaker 1 (01:00:12):
Do the right thing.

Speaker 16 (01:00:14):
Where’s the safe? Safe aside. Aside from doing the right thing. It’s a political win. I mean, you would think that would appease them or that might be a motivation.

Speaker 11 (01:00:22):
No, because instead we are, they’re unveiling murals. Oh, come And new parks across the city. That’s all I hear about our mules and parks.

Speaker 1 (01:00:32):
Just do this because I was, that’s it. I was looking, remember the Safeways to school

Speaker 11 (01:00:35):
Program? Safe Routes to School

Speaker 1 (01:00:37):
Safe. I Google that. Do Detroit school children safe route blight. Demolition. And watch what pops up every year during a state of the city or the Mackinac Convention to get a new 10 million program. Bullshit. Because this is what the city looks like.

Speaker 11 (01:00:55):
But that’s not fair. And residents should not accept this because this is not just the only one. Charlie, this is one that you’re talking about.

Speaker 1 (01:01:03):
Let’s not call ’em residents. Let’s call ’em people.

Speaker 11 (01:01:06):
Well, okay, but I’m saying people, but

Speaker 1 (01:01:08):
No, but no, it’s important. Well,

Speaker 11 (01:01:09):
Okay. But they

Speaker 1 (01:01:10):
Humanize it. It’s human constituents, residents, babies. Babies. I would never

Speaker 11 (01:01:17):
Thinking adults, Charlie, they should not accept this.

Speaker 1 (01:01:21):
But you know what they, they’ve been trying for decades.

Speaker 11 (01:01:24):
But have they really?

Speaker 1 (01:01:25):
Yes, they have.

Speaker 11 (01:01:26):

Speaker 1 (01:01:26):
Charlie, well, no, don’t but me. I’ll tell you why. This city used to burn to get this shit out of their neighborhood. They tried everything. I see ’em. Karen, you, they go to city council.

Speaker 11 (01:01:39):
I understand that. But what I’m saying is,

Speaker 1 (01:01:41):
Well, no, I’m, I’m not done with my fucking rant.

Speaker 11 (01:01:43):

Speaker 1 (01:01:44):
I’m not done with my rant

Speaker 11 (01:01:46):
Then. Rant.

Speaker 1 (01:01:47):
No way. They have tried. No, you can’t blame it. You can’t blame it on adults with a political body that does not listen to them. Where do they turn I’m calling up.

Speaker 11 (01:02:04):

Speaker 1 (01:02:04):

Speaker 11 (01:02:04):
Know. Now. Can I say something? Yes, ma’am. All right. Thank you. I

Speaker 1 (01:02:07):
Appreciate that. Yes, ma’am. I’m

Speaker 11 (01:02:08):
Sorry. No, no, no. You’re good. Charlie. I understand the passion behind this. I got that. But think about what you just said when you talked about the mayor in Chicago and that issue of crime and her inability or unwillingness to resolve that issue was what did not get her through the primary. So that in itself, to me, is a reason why stop upholding somebody who’s not upholding their commitment to this neighborhood. So that’s what I mean.

Speaker 1 (01:02:37):
Yeah. I’ve been all around this great big country all around it. Many, many, many of the biggest cities. I’ve never seen that. That doesn’t happen in la. That does not happen in Brooklyn. That does not happen in Chicago. That’s true. Not one fucking neighborhood. Have I ever seen that? That is the scarlet letter. And again, talking to parents. Yeah. They don’t know what

Speaker 11 (01:03:04):
To do. And that’s unacceptable. So what I’m saying is for the people that keep saying that this is the comeback city and that this administration is doing such a great job and we’re better off now than we were 5, 10, 20 years ago. Stop saying that when things like this exist. That’s all I’m

Speaker 1 (01:03:20):
Saying. And I say to the Detroit media, that is your submarine. Yeah. That kind of thing. Find it because we’re, we’re sinking

Speaker 11 (01:03:29):
And it’s imploded.

Speaker 8 (01:03:39):
Hello everyone. It’s James Harvey, n B n News weather guy. And you’ve heard a lot of talk about Chinese weather balloons being excited over the city of Detroit. Well, I’m here to tell you there’s no need to panic because we’re conducting an experiment. Now, flat earthers have a theory that the earth is flat. So I would think that I would be able to see my out from here, but I can’t. So we decided to send one of our cracking turn reporters up in a hot weather balloon to see if they could see it from up there, because at that point they should be over the curvature of the earth. So some young guy, what do you have?

Speaker 41 (01:04:26):
Well, indeed, James, the earth is round and I can see your house. However, wait a second. It looks as though they’re breaking into your house.

Speaker 8 (01:04:37):
What do you mean they’re robing? My house.

Speaker 41 (01:04:40):
Wait, wait. They’re pointing at me.

Speaker 8 (01:04:43):
What are they pointing?

Speaker 41 (01:04:44):
They’re pointing. They have guns. James. They have guns.

Speaker 1 (01:04:47):

Speaker 8 (01:04:48):
Young guy. Get down. Get down. They

Speaker 41 (01:04:51):
Didn’t teach me how to take it down. They only taught me how to go up. Oh no. They’re shooting at me. Oh God. Oh geez. Mayday, mayday, mayday. I have been hit. Mayday. I’m

Speaker 8 (01:05:04):
Calling you on ambulance.

Speaker 41 (01:05:06):
I don’t have 45 minutes for an ambulance. This is Detroit.

Speaker 8 (01:05:10):

Speaker 14 (01:05:10):
My God. Now humanity. Now humanity.

Speaker 8 (01:05:15):

Speaker 1 (01:05:17):
The 4th of July. Very special. Best of the no bullshit news. Hour. We’ll see live in downtown Detroit next week. And this is so puppet Charlie reminding everybody, God bless America.

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