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Ball of Confusion. Horror stories from the CORONA
front lines. Government fails First Responders.
Show notes
Grace Keros, proprietor of American Coney Island will
donate Monday’s lunch receipts to the homeless. She
says downtown Detroit is a ghost village, except
for the wretched, insane, dope addicted shambling
about. Who helps them? They carry disease, too. The
tin cup has run dry.

Real Stories from Real People
A deputy from the Wayne County jail. It’s an
emergency, he pleads. Corona virus has been
confirmed there and yet there isn’t even enough toilet
paper to clean your ass, much less personal
protection gear.

An emergency room nurse from Sinai-Grace hospitals
says they are reusing masks there, that cleaning
crews have none. The ER IS UNDERSTAFFED and the
for-profit hospital is endangering the public.
“I wouldn’t bring my dog here,” she says.
The Economic Fallout

What does it all mean when an economy completely
shuts down? Where did it all go wrong? What’s the
future look like?

Mark Blyth, professor of International Economic at
Brown University (and a redneck from Scotland) lays it
out…so regular people understand it. As it turns out,
regular people GET IT.

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