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Ray “Plea Bargain” Paige, noted attorney of Wayne County Circuit Court, lays out the naked reality: No money, no care, no justice. Three dead and counting.

Their names are:

Arielle Anderson

Brian Fraser

Alexandria Verner

In place of the usual lofty unrealistic bullshit, Ray sifts through the dirt. What is “the system”? What are “preemptive measures”? The morgue doesn’t care.

Ray, a Black man, states specific penalties are needed.   Being caught once with a concealed firearm without a permit in Michigan lands you on probation, barring it being accompanied with a violent crime.

This is how a monster, who neighbors say was firing off rounds the week prior, wound up on Grand River Avenue Monday night armed to the teeth.  All with the thumbs up from the legal system. The gun laws are already in place, murky though they may be.  These laws need to be enforced.  They need to be easily digestible to law enforcement, judicial entities, and criminals alike.

Hippie Jesus emerges from behind the soundboard to chronicle the massacre that didn’t have to be committed against, his words, his family.  Tuesday, he arrived at a hollow campus in mourning.

Jesus walks campus. He rides the bus. He talks to the students who may never emerge from under this cloud.  He looks for the answers no one has. To no one’s astonishment, he can’t find them.

We can do better. We don’t need excess laws. We don’t need mental health help, It’s not coming.

They did not die in vain.

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