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Crime Honchos in Lansing concoct fake gun charges, allowing MSU madman to stalk freely. Continuing… the details here.

Eric Mays, America’s City Councilman, vows to fight his conviction to the outer gates of hell.
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! Mays like you’ve never seen him before- Nude.

Trump indicted. Now how about Hillary? Not-so-exclusive thoughts. The dirt ball details of Russia Gate, the Steele Dossier, and the Clinton campaign.

Whitmer News. Big Gretch grovels to Big Daddy Donor DTE. EXCLUSIVE AUDIO!!.

I flew in Nu LaGuardia. I hate flying, by the way. Next time I want a car. All the way from Detroit. Brother. I hate flying. All right. And I was thinking about waiting, okay, for Trump Force one. See? Oh, I got him. Trump Force one. I saw him you there.

He landed right

Before me. I was like, I’m getting out of here before I can’t get to this show but’s why I’m writing down in the cab, the Trump stuff. All right, let me see here real quick. Okay, go ahead. He, he’s got an investigation in Georgia for fraud. Election fraud. Okay. Okay. He’s got two for January 6th. Okay. He’s got one for the top secret docs. Okay. He’s got one in New York state for business fraud. Okay. It’s been int Peach twice. He went through the Mueller hoax three advertisements, and now this this’s What they’re getting him for Charlie.

So you’re saying right guy, wrong, wrong case. Yes. Yes, she is absolutely right. This is the point you just


Listen, I’m not

Sister breaking this Dobo bullshit. Dobo bullshit.

Yep. It’s that time of the week where you actually get some real news. I know you’ve been waiting. So resident studio and her chick cave, and here’s what you’re going to get. Stay tuned. Eric Maze. America’s favorite city Councilman Eric Mays going berserk on TikTok like 600 million views. I, yep. His shit’s not on there. Try it again. Yeah, he, he’s a new, I say I love Eric Mays. Yeah. I love Eric Mays. Is that better? Yeah.

Fix that. Over modulate.

But yeah, and I think I was trying to look on all social media. I think he’s got like a billion views. The guy’s resonating. We all know him, right? Friend of the show, you first learned him here on this show. He’s a real fighter for the people. And I’ve got exclusive, never before seen unearthed Eric Maze rapping and taken a shower. That’s great.

Rapping like rapping. Rapping or rapping something. What kind of rapping

Are you talking about? Hate Dito. Dito The cat and the dito dropping rhyme. But wait, what was our, he did a rap for the no bullshit news hour. We Yeah, I got that somewhere. Yeah, that was a pretty good one. So while you’re finding that, I’m also going to tell you about, I was in New York about Trump, but where there’s Trump, there’s Clinton, and where there’s Clinton, there’s Clarence Thomas, and where there’s Clarence Thomas, there’s fraud in Lansing. The whole shit’s fucked up. I’m just angry. All right, then we got,

It’s a lot of bullshit going on down here.

That’s not the one I know. It’s not the know. Oh yeah, but that’s a good one. That was, that’s Eric.

Every hour, only hour, when we listen and gain our knowledge and power, we turn to the no bullshit hours.

Nice. It’s exclusive billion. Fuck you, TikTok. Look what we got. May man, Eric, sicker fans, we got a song. All right. Yeah. We got the Whitmer. Really, really giving it to the DTE officials. It’s pretty amazing. Yeah. Which she really did. And she blew ’em. I can’t believe it. The head of D t E says, go ahead and give us a criticism. And she does the exact opposite. Yep. Don’t forget, forget she took 800,000 from ’em. Don’t forget this is so,

But that should tell you something. Don’t, Charlie, I mean, there’s the opportunity for her to demand some accountability to express the frustration of Michiganders demand,


Whatever, people that live in Michigan. I mean, and she did none of that.

Yeah, she did none of that. Except take the money I can. Come on, man.

Well, she had to make sure she could get some more money.

I It’s ki you, you’ll be shocked what you hear. But look, I want to start this. I told you Lanson, we’re all together. We’re all a community. Your kids are my kids. The MSU shooter. Remember last week, they’re going to charge me $15,000 and take five months to get 9 1 1 calls to the neighborhood. Okay. All right. A call. I went on Google Earth for quite a while and I zoomed in on each house, all 27 that surround this guy and I reapplied. I re freedom of information acted. So now from drum roll please. They’re not going to charge me. $990. Oh, $990. Oh, okay.


Quite a discount. Now I would say this, we all want some answers here. Did the police show up when he was firing in the neighborhood? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I’ll take care of this. I was going to ask you for a donation, but this one’s on me. This is my contribution to our community. Again, there could be nothing. There

Is. Well, we can donate Charlie. The we’re team, we can all put something in. You shouldn’t have to bear that burden alone. We carry the same, don’t

Make, you know, I was going hit you up after this show. Don’t just donate

That normy, Karen. Don’t. I was

Just going to hitch you up. Of course I was. Hey Karen, give me 500

Bucks. Meanwhile, red and I are like, why is Karen making us pay now? Right.

I stayed to Normandy. Jesus. I’m living week to week here. Are you serious?

That’s the problem, mark. Like give a shit about somebody besides you. Why do I got to help somebody?

I help. I got about two bucks. I mean, I’m being honest here. Tight shit that damn eggs. $8 a car. I’m barely making it. Stop

By your head.

All right. But here’s, so I’m talking my lawyer about this. My lawyer Steve. Y’all know my lawyer Steve, good guy. Yeah. And he says to do it that way. But then we get to talk and I get to thinking, I got to make myself aware and make you aware of every step of this guy in law enforcement. So I didn’t do it. Lots of other reporters did do it, but I did it myself. I asked for the police report the night in 2019 when he was arrested for having a piece on him. Right. And the body cam footage. Now it’s been out there, but this hasn’t been reported. This, this is Willie let you know what’s going on. So dude, the cop, let’s start with the cop. You want, you want to play this shit here? We can play

It. Yeah. And I

Can pause it or should I set it up first?

Well, he’s rolling up on him. I mean, what, I don’t know what more set up you need. And I can

A, according, according to his report, the, there’s extra cops in the neighborhood because there’s been a rash of robberies in the businesses. So that’s his reasonable suspicion, right? They put you out there, be on the look out for a burglar. Yep. He pulls up in a dark lot. There’s a guy sitting on the steps of a building at two in the morning. Reasonable. Right? He gets out of the car, puts the lights on him, says you’ll, you’ll hear it. And then guy gets up, he reaches into his pocket as and the, at that moment the cop goes, you have a weapon. And he pulls out his cigarettes and then he looks at the cop and he goes, yeah. So the cop turns him around, said, I’m going to detain you for a second. That’s legal. That’s called a Terry stop. Right. Safe foot office. Reasonable suspicion has been crime in the neighborhood. Here’s a guy in the dark and a place that’s not his at two in the morning. It’s reasonable. Let, let’s, let’s, let’s play that.

Okay. I just have 2d man. I normally come here.

You any weapons on you right now? Huh? You got any weapons on you or anything like that?


You have a weapon on you? Yeah. What do you have?

3 80, 2 83 80.

Put your hands your back real quick. I’m just going to detain you for a second. Okay? Can you put your cigarette out?

Professional? You drop

All that? I don’t want to break out there. Do you have a concealed carry permit?

I’m working on it,

Man. Okay, I hear what you’re saying, man. Where’s your three 80 at?


Just hang tight for me, okay? Okay.

So an officer, the reason he’s allowed to do that is for his safety. Yeah. Okay. It’s been done to me. I didn’t like it. Yeah, register. Okay. But it’s constitutional that’s been ruled. Terry versus Ohio. Look it up. Okay, so according to this report,

Anything else?

No, that’s it

Buddy. He got a 3 81 clip in, one in the chamber. Hollow point bullets one in his vest pocket. Okay? He’s charged with carrying a concealed weapon in June. It’s not till our it put the video back up there. Nothing’s going to stick. Poke me. No knife on the other right there. Pause it. Okay. The guy gets a lawyer and the lawyer claims that’s unconstitutional. Now here’s what’s going on in your courts. The prosecutor and the judge don’t want no trial. They don’t want to go through it, right? So they want to have lesser charges. They want to plead this shit down. Let’s move along. What did he do? And he really didn’t do anything clear. The docket clear. The docket assembly line adjusted. So in October, put it back up please. In October, they come up with this misdemeanor. It was never filed. You see the bicycle back there?
Yeah. Okay. This is Michigan penal code seven 50 dot 2 27 is the cons concealed weapons law underneath that seven 50.227 C. Transporting or possessing, this is a misdemeanor transporting or possessing a loaded firearm in or upon a vehicle propelled by mechanical means. So was he transporting or possessing a loaded firearm in or on a vehicle? And it goes on to state what those are. A sailboat can’t have a loaded weapon, right? No pistol. When you confession on a sailboat, you can’t not motor vehicle aircraft, motor board or any other vehicle propelled by mechanical means that ain’t a bicycle. And if you’re a clever legal scholar, you could argue I guess that a bicycle is motor propelled. Okay, fine, fine. But the guy’s not on the bike. He’s not even touching the bike. He’s not even close to the bike. So how the fuck do you come up and concoct the charge to get him the fuck off your docket?
I talked to you guys know this program. I talked to name prosecutors, name defense attorneys, right? They’ve never heard of this one called it unconscionable. Another said, I’ve never heard of that. A bicycle. And a third said happens all the time, bro. Happens everywhere. Happens all around. Wow. So he goes on to murder our children. Okay? Here’s what you could have done. You could have gone to court with this. You could have charged him with the felony. He would no longer be allowed to get if you’re going to come on time. So you’re not fucking me up. It’s not romper room. See, you see that Jeremiah? I did that to everybody. I don’t like taring this. How are you man? Okay.
You take him to court, you convict him. He’s no longer allowed to buy a weapon ever. Yeah. Okay, but you don’t ever have to put him in prison here. Here’s the scale. Zero days to five years, you can take away his right to have a weapon, and then the next time if you catch him with a weapon, well, shit, motherfucker, that’s five years, right? Okay, so now dig. Every time we have a shooting, the Republicans do nothing. And the Democrats ring their hands and they say, we need laws. We need laws. Well, this is a democratic run town. New York’s a democratic run town. Detroit’s democratic run town. We have the law. You didn’t want to apply it

Didn’t enforce it,

But that’s part of the conversation. We keep talking about the laws that are on the books that nobody is enforcing. And so why add more layers of laws that won’t be enforced? It makes everything look good and read well, but it’s not doing anything to change the outcome.

It is horse shit. They are fucking with us. Then Attorney Dana Nessel,

The top law enforcer of

The state. Yes she is. And she’s I, well, you can dig this story. She’s on CNN n with Wolf Motzer during using as a backdrop, the vigil for the dead and wounded student. Okay? Wow. Okay. So she tells Wolf Blitzer, he had his probation, he got one year probation and he didn’t meet the terms of it. So they extended it out to 18 months. And she said, I’d like to know why. We’d all like to know why. Because here’s the other thing, you didn’t get charged with the felony. You got the probation and you basically told the court to fuck itself and the court did nothing.


Wait, let it sink in a second. They did nothing. Okay, go ahead brother.

I think it’s just showing what we have going on everywhere.

Let’s focus here. Detroit Lansing. I mean, let’s, let’s do us.

I’m talking about

Us, which is incredibly violent. Which is incredibly violent. Lansing, Detroit, two of the most violent cities in the state of Michigan.

They’re underfunding the prosecutor’s office. We’ve had kid worthy out here. You know that county executive won’t fund it to the extent it needs be. Biden sent all the fake money. You could have plowed into that and we could start making some headway because even if you’re the most right wing gun owner, you know, want people who are coherent and consistent with the gun laws to be able to carry. This is the guy that we didn’t want to carry. I’m not walking around with a piece if I’m not licensed. Me neither. And that should be the way it is. That’s how it is in Michigan. And if you don’t like it, move to Arizona. There ain’t no rules there, but they didn’t follow ’em. And this prosecutor doesn’t want to prosecute for any gun charges. And then a shooting happens and we need more gun laws. Why? You’re not going to fucking enforce them. How about we start funding our stuff?

You can’t keep asking people to do the most with the lease. And that’s what the current system has been running on bare bones, skeleton, dry, not getting the funding and needing the people are overworked, people cutting corners. So in the end, eventually it’s going to come to head. And this is one of those incidents.

You’re supposed to be the funny man.

Well, I can be serious sometimes

That’s very heavy and deep.

I’m sorry, we’re talking about our dad.

I didn’t know you had

It in funny. It’s nothing funny when we talking about our kids getting gunned down at school when it could have been prevented.

That that is something to me. Right? That’s the beginning of it. Now a lanson, I’m coming, I’m going to the courthouse. So get it ready for me. I’m pulling that whole case file and you’re going to send me all the dispatches to the neighborhood. And I’m coming back to the neighborhood because this is bothering me now because I called Madam Attorney General Nessel to see what you found out. You know what I got reception said, let me talk to the communications director. Lemme take a message. I said, I said Charlie, and I wait, and then it hangs up. I’m waiting for a minute and then it clicks off. I call, are you serious? And then I call back, I go, was I supposed to wait or no? I said, get her the message. I go, can you just give me her desk line please? No. What do you mean no? No. What do you mean? No, she’s the press director. I’m the press communication. I can’t give that I I’m, you’re not allowed to give out a public number to a public official.

She should give you her sale number. Charlie, you are supposed they people in the communication space for public officials are supposed to be accessible.

I could have got it from another reporter. I know, but I want to do the official channel. I got this back just before we went on there. Here’s the answer I got, ladies and gentlemen. Good afternoon, Charlie. That case, the probation case was handled by the Ingram County Prosecutor’s Office, not the Department of the Attorney General. I recommend you reach out to them.

Oh, passing the book.

I said, well, if you would’ve taken my call, you would know my question. What? And I wrote, I wrote back, I haven’t heard, what has the attorney general of the great state of Michigan found out about the death of our children? You sh oh,

Oh, oh. Is that her?

Let me see who it’s, let’s see. It’s exciting. Hello?

It doesn’t sound like her. Yeah, show

Doesn’t, I’m in the middle of a fucking show, Derek. Yeah. Come on up, man.


Oh no, not another.

No, you sound, it’s, it’s the firefighter from Windsor. I like Red’s work. He sounds loaded. Figure it out. Opening day down seal hair.

It has been. Yeah. Yeah.

Ooh, he

Soft. Woo woo

Erickson fine for him.

Too much for me.

I liked it. I liked it better when him was covid and then he couldn’t come over. All right, so that’s the bullshit. It’s $1,000 is my contribution to our community at large. And I got to remind everybody, we are a community, even with we’re mad at each other. We deserve these answers. I love you. It’s true. All right, so let me get onto my rant. But the rant brought to you by Legacy partners. Just remember what we’ve been telling you. How do you bring down your bills? You called Legacy, legacy shops for you. They look at what you got, then they go shopping. Mark, you won.

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It worked. Yeah, it

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Yeah. You know their name. It’s

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They’re really good underwear. I

Was supposed to get a, I was supposed to get a razor from them. I never got anything. I didn’t get my shirt, I didn’t get my razor. I don’t get anything.

Well, they’re not legacy, you know what I’m saying? They’re manscape,

They’re not local. Yeah. National.

I mean, a razor is a razor. What are you talking about? Like shaving is shaving.

What do you mean? Okay,

You want to expo ’em? I

Got visions in my head. No, no. All

Lemme move on Charlie. Move

On. Yeah, right. Listen, I’m standing here square in the middle, in the middle of the middle west. And here’s what I now know. I know the indictment against John Donald J. Trump is as cherry picked as it is corrosive. I know Governor Gretch Whitmer two likely cheated on her IRS documents and came campaign finance filings over those private jet trips. I know Hillary Clinton did too, and I’ll bring you that in a minute, but no one’s going to do a damn thing about any of it. I know Russian meddling in the 2016 election with the use of Twitter bots has been proven to be a sham perpetrated by a mendacious and over ambitious media. Top spooks at the spy agencies, big tech execs in Silicon Valley and power grubbing politicos in the beltway. The man who exposed much of it, my old friend and acquaintance, Matt Tai Eby, who’s been on this program now, has the IRS physically knocking on his door.
Could you not Taibbi, if you don’t know him, is one of the most liberal minded, peaceable First Amendment loving people I’ve ever known. He’s what we used to call a democrat. I know there was no election fraud at the TCF Center in Detroit. The night Biden defeated Trump. I know. So because I was working there as an election worker processing your ballots, and I was also there processing your ballots to keep an eye on fraud. There were no 150,000 fake ballots that came in at four in the morning. So as if to return the hoax, Trump cries fraud. He needs to stop the schmeil. It’s corrosive. I know the Detroit police have been secretly using a technology known as stingray that captures information from crime suspects, cell phones. By mimicking a cell tower, the police will not provide the search warrants, warrants to ah fucking Canadian.
The police will not provide the search warrants that are required of them by law, nor will the department say what they do with the data they inadvertently capture from everyday citizens like you and me. I know Democrats like Whitmer Mayor, Mike Duggan and members of the Detroit City Council cut backroom deals and hand over billions of public dollars to Republican developers like Dan Gilbert, who in turn turns around and donates money to Donald Trump. See how that works. I know the economy is heading for the cliff. Many financial experts are predicting a crash in commercial real estate, and yet here we are funneling hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars. So those billionaire developers are guaranteed a handsome profit on commercial real estate that a true market can’t support. I know Detroit had roughly the same murder rate last year as it did 30 years ago.
About 55 per 100,000 people, except the Detroit Police Department didn’t count 37 of those homicides last year because they figure people in those cases were justified in taking the other person’s life since they couldn’t wait for the overworked cops to get there on time. I know those billionaires who donate to Trump and Duggan won’t pay taxes on those developments, but they’ll still demand that police protect their tenants and employees. And so those officers will have to be pulled from the neighborhoods and people in the neighborhoods will further feel compelled to take the law into their own hands. See how that works? I know Covid 19 killed the elderly while the state of Michigan never bothered keeping track of who and how many old folks were dying in the nursing homes. I also know those same bureaucrats oversold the effectiveness of masks and vaccines. I know Trump and Biden paid workers more money to stay home than many workers ever made going to work.
And suddenly those workers had money to buy stuff they could never afford. But that same stuff became increasingly scarce because nobody was going to work to make the stuff. So the price of stuff started to skyrocket. The money the government sent to the workers was created out of thin air, thus causing the price of stuff to skyrocket some more. Now the banks and the dollar are on the verge of imploding. We all know that. And the banks and the politicians want more money made out of thin air. That’s what I know standing here in the middle of middle America. The politicians need to take a cold shower, brush their teeth, then drag their asses back into the office and start getting some work done for the people caught in the middle of the mess they’ve made. This message of uplift is brought to you by business and personal wealth advisor Luke Noki, who reminds you that what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but never enter the kingdom of God? But while you’re waiting, Noki wants you to remember that overreaction is not a sound financial strategy. So call Luke Noack. He at (248) 663-4748 for sound financial. It looks,
I heard my finger hitting the desk.

I wondered you okay? Do you want me to send Derek to go get some band-aids?

Where? Oh, excuse

Exactly. Sorry. Red there. You’re

Jeremiah. He’s still downstairs. Can you

Go let that drunk fire man up? Oh, it’s going to be something.

It’s going to be something. Yeah, that’s

Right. Any thoughts on that before we move along? Did I get something wrong? I know people, no,

I don’t

Appreciate some of it.

I think it’s accurate. I think people do appreciate it, Charlie, and I don’t think you should trivialize their appreciation. People want to know what’s actually going on and unfortunately they don’t have very many options to find out. But you hit the nail on the head on every aspect. Correct.

I know some people don’t agree and that’s okay. That’s


I don’t have to

Agree that’s I’m going to be consi. I have not moved. Society’s moving and it’s, it’s not moving. I’m sticking by what I see and what I know.

I’m going to be honest. Most of us is of are living it. So how can we not see it and appreciate it? We all going through this ain’t like a few people just suffer

Well being manipulated, which like brings me to the Trump stuff, being in New York for that being bottled up while they shut down the highway. Donald Trump gets indicted. Got, we all know the story now. And by the way, the story’s a hundred percent true. Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan prosecutor, he’s got it nailed. I mean there’s no doubt about that. You took money, you funneled it through, your lawyer paid a porn star, right? Yep. In an effort to get elected president. Okay. Anybody disagree? I think Trump pretty much agrees with that even, right? Yeah. Okay. Now the bookkeeping, right? It was for legal expenses to my lawyer. Right? Okay. Okay. That’s a misdemeanor. Yep. Two years. Two years are gone. But you can bring a misdemeanor back from the dead if you can attach a felony to it and then it becomes a felony. Okay. So what is the crime committed by doing this book thing that’s attached to another felony? What other crime? The other crime is campaign finance fraud. That’s novel. Yeah. So the fact that you with your own money no less paid off a porn star to keep quiet is a supposed to be a campaign expense. You, you know what

I guess, or a personal expense.

But that was never even listed in Bragg’s indictment. Exactly. Yeah. What the other crime is because he’s buying time. Okay. Again, my liberal friends. No, no, no, no, no doubt. Even my conservative friends, there’s no doubt. But the question is, is that a crime? You didn’t charge for it. He’s got to be convicted of this crime in order to be charged with the other crime, I would think.

Yeah. But in general, a misdemeanor is just a slap on the wrist. You take care of it, you write a check, you correct it. So I don’t know how piling misdemeanor on top of misdemeanor, on top of misdemeanor is a felony if that crime wasn’t committed. These

Campaign finance fraud is a felony.


So you did this, a state, you did this. It’s a federal felony, but that’s,

They’ve declined a

Okay. But it’s interesting because he’s a prosecutor within this state. You can’t cherry pick federal law. You have no jurisdiction. Yeah. So I suspect what he’s doing is he’s scrounging around for a state law.

But what would he say? He wrote the check for Charlie. I mean, legal


I mean for her, the check to her was for legal expenses or he channeled it through the attorney.

He gave it to his attorney. So he calls it, he calls it legal expenses that the attorney,

But it’s not a second generation expense though. I mean, does that really have the

Same, it’s bullshit. It’s, it’s hush money, right? Yeah. You agree? Yeah. Republican guys back there. You agree? Yeah, we do. It’s It’s true. But is this through a level? Is this the one we got J two Jan, as I said at the top of the show, two January 6th, we got election fraud. We’ve got financial crimes in the state of New York. This one? Yeah. This is so flimsy. You want to destroy my presidency? What? Well beyond me being here on earth, who the fuck would want to work for the president? If you’re compelled to have to testify Yeah. Then you can’t have robust conversations about real life shit that needs to be done. I wouldn’t

Do it. Well said. Yeah.

No way. Okay. Now is there a double standard? Fuck yeah. There’s a double standard Hillary fucking Clinton. First of all, Donald Trump did it. I don’t think that. And Alvin Bragg’s got some stuff. He’s Michael Cohen recorded shit. Yeah, there’s handwritten stuff. The publisher of National Enquirer is also a witness. Oh, they got stuff. But is that, can you mesh that together?

He’s trying. If you

Can’t explain it to us, I Ah, but you know, it’s Manhattan. I like to visit Manhattan, but I lived in Queen’s. Motherfucker.

It’s really funny too. He could have been a reigned via Zoom, right? But he knows what he’s doing. He knows. He goes up there to make the circus out of it because it already is a circus. So if it’s going to be a circus, why not play the role and make it a bigger circus?

I said you a picture of the T-shirts they’re selling now. Did you see that? Oh


They created a mugshot. Yeah, Trump did. He created a mugshot and then said not guilty. And they’re selling it for $47.

He’s always been a smart business man.

Yeah, he’s, he’s been a marketing genius. Why not? He’s

Got five drunk fucking firefighters here.

I think the most important lesson in all this is just leave the money on the nightstand and walk the fuck out.


No paper trail.

I like my port stars. I like my Porto stars to be the best, the biggest, the hugest. I pay a bit fur at stakes. What are you doing?

What are you chew? Yeah, I just, the whole check white thing

Doesn’t Bitcoin? That’s the new thing.

There’s the shirt for anybody watching and you can just click on what you want to donate and

Wait, let me give you something though. Do you remember the steel dossier? Yeah. Yes. Do you remember the Ru Trump is in Moscow with horrors and their euro golden, golden showers and shit. And the be Obama apparently slept in that. The whole thing that the Russia gate Putin and is the puppet master of Trump and all that. That thing was proven to be fake. Absolutely fake. Who paid for it when all the scratching and claw and opening the drapes? Who paid for that? Who? Hillary Fucking Clinton. Who? So the whole turmoil brought to the United States started with Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. Do you know what happened exactly A year ago? Exactly. A year ago what? The Federal Election Commission settled with the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign for $113,000 for fraudulent bookkeeping that the Clinton campaign funneled the money to their lawyer. And then the lawyer paid off Fusion G p s, the ones that put the dossier together. They hired Michael Steele. Christopher Steele. So it did exactly what Trump did. And it was to what influence the 2016 election. That’s another fucking felony apparently. And she cop to it. Remember the F E C looked at Trump’s payoff and they didn’t do anything. They did in this case. This thing ruined us. So guess where Clinton’s campaign headquarters were located?

New York.

Fucking Brooklyn. Yeah. There you go. So where’s the charge? See, that’s what you get now, right? She needs to be charged a fucking that charge Trump. Fuck it. I fucking hate the guy. No, I don’t hate the guy. I’m just being

Dramatic. You want consist, I think everybody wants consistency.

Yeah, I want consistency. I want my fucking country

Back. Only difference I see is paperwork porn star. That’s the only difference I see.

I see. Political shit.


All right, so go ahead.

No, I was going to say, I saw somebody use the analogy that the United States was like the Twix bar when you talked about Republicans and Democrats, it’s literally the exact same thing on the left and the right. I thought that was the best analogy ever. I mean, that’s exactly what it is.

My opinion is we just need to go and create another party or something. Cause I don’t think we have nothing but one party to pick from. Now

The Russian shit was a hoax, but I’ll say this. Was Trump indifferent to Russian meddling? Because remember, Clinton’s emails got stolen there given the Wiki leagues. That’s the Russians and yes, Trump was out there going send them. And if you can find the 33,000 deleted emails, send me those too. Okay, fine. Guilty of that. Did Paul Manafort, his campaign director for a hot minute have connections to Ukraine and the guy, his name is Kilman Nick, did he have connections to Moscow? He did.

Okay. In the infamous meeting happened, but law comes down to and 10

What? Infamous meeting the

One in Trump Tower, the man Ford, and I can’t remember the name of the act, but

They were trying to see what if they got any WikiLeak shit was coming. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Okay. So there’s that,

But it’s intent.

But was Trump the stooge of Putin? No. No. It was made up. Did right? It was made up. Yeah. So look at the damage that was caused. Then it gets into obstruction of justice and witch hunt kind of shit. Snowballs. Now, at the same time, I said at the top to show Matt Taibbi, my friend used to write for Rolling Stone. That guy’s a liberal, that guy’s like a C L U liberal. But he’s a freedom of speech guy. Tell the truth, he’s a like 68 fucking hippie kind of guy. But Elon Musk gave him the emails going on in Twitter. So here’s what we know. Remember the bots, remember the ones, they’re disinformation. The Russians are meddling. And I’m looking at Facebook and there’s an ad and I’m like, oh my God, I got tricked by some fucking ad.


Do you know there were no bots. There were no bots. Here’s what you got. There’s something called the Alliance for Securing Democracy. It’s a great big think tank made up by big wigs. You know who’s in it? Bill Crystal, that NeoCon. Remember Elmer FUD looking fucker. We got to go to Iraq to remake the world. Wait, we got to do it. Bring democracy, weapons of math. Fucking, fucking bullshit. John Podesta, who ran Clinton’s campaign. So you got to laugh, you got to write, and all the heads, retired heads of the spy agencies, cia, F B I, and sa. They all got this group and they funded a subgroup one run by a former counter intelligence officer with the C of the F B I. And this thing was called Hamilton 68. And all the journalists loved it. They put out a dashboard. We we’re, we’re monitoring 600 Russian bots and it has a reach of 126 million people. It’s brainwashing us, right? We can’t tell you who the accounts are. That’s, we can’t do that because if we tell you that, they’ll know we’re onto ’em.
Okay? What does Taibbi find out? None of them are tied to Russia. Most of them are just American citizens. Yaking off. It was a fraud and the fucking media just went with it. They didn’t give a fuck. I worked at the New York Times. I know who you fucking are. I know that you won the Pulitzer Prize. You haven’t apologized. Come out of your fucking rat hole, Washington Post. Come out of your rat hole and apologize because when I was there, you would never be caught up with this because you will be fired. You were scared to death to attach your name to some trash that fucking ruining the country. And as a consequence, the world, you’ve destabilized the world because your little greedy click grubbers and you want a TV contract in a book contract, and you’re going to fucking apologize because sometime I’m going to show up in Pulitzer Hall where my name hangs. I did the work. You are a fraud. The Democrats are a fraud. The Republicans are a fraud. Des spy agencies are frauds, big tech is frauds.

Elon tripped their blue check though. He took their blue

Check away. I guess Elon’s a fraud. Does that make me go to put, I like to stay in love with liberals too. They, they’re all fucked. If they fucking my kid, it was all garbage. Okay, where did the New York Times, the Washington Post, where? Where’d you get, how did the stories about the Trump shit happen? Want to know how they happened? We’ve got a source. So Hillary Clinton gives the steel dossier that she paid for to the media. They drop it, the other media get wind of it. The f b get wind of it. The FBI starts trying to prove it’s true. They open up an investigation, they use it to get wire taps on Trump’s campaign, and it was fake. And some of the guys involved with that steel dossier were F B I informants.

And if I remember correctly, it was a big who made about three days before the election went on about all this not even being worth the time.

I don’t even know what you said there. Come on. Specific big whohoo. Hey, three days about all this.

What the fuck is that? An FBI

Dance? I’m, I’m being, you’re talking about I ask that to come fucking prepare for this shit. But no, that’s cool actually because that’s what’s happening to us all. I kind of forget. You’re talking about Comey

Come, yes,

Comey when he reopened it, Comey. But Comey gave testimony to Congress saying the New York Times story’s false. There was no intercept of Russian intelligence talking to Trump’s campaign. It was completely false and it just led to everything. Let’s just admit that whether you, okay, a lot of reasons they hate Trump. I get that. But don’t let them make us hate each other and then watch what happens. So Hillary gives it to the press. Press puts it out there, F b I gets on it. Then all the press wants a piece of it. So what did the press do? They went to the guys who commissioned the report. The guys said Fusion Gs. They were the source, the secret source, the ones that put together the bogus fucking thing in the first place and it’s never been corrected. It’s too much. It’s like they, did that make sense? Yeah. This isn’t even believable.

Yeah, they fucked up saying they fell in the rabbit hole and when they found out they were in the hole, they never came back to correct all the stuff they got played to put out

Fucking, they played themselves. They wanted it so bad you couldn’t stand to get beat. Right now, Taibbi put out the Twitter files and Jeff Gerth from the New York Times, that guy was like a giant right when I was there, he did like white water. He did Watergate. He did meant weapons of mass destruction, selling missile technology to the Chinese. He won the Pulitzer for that. That guy is a killer. He’s 70 something. Now he put two years into his story, right? He talked to fbi, nsa, he reached out to 60 journalists. I’m doing the fingers if you’re listening journalists. Only 12 got back to him.


So much for that. Wow, man. Media’s fucked. You see why I get mad when I proved Whitmer was ignoring the old people in the nursing homes and all y’all just walked away from it because they go fucked up all the work you did, all the prizes, you won. What about us? If you want to sell stuff, sell us the truth and we’ll buy it.

Yeah, and the funny part is they wonder why nobody trustes them now because we’ve been proven time and time again in the last few years. You are not to be trusted.

There are good ones. Let me call out a few local names. Rob Snell.


Writer. Craig Maer. Beth LeBlanc. George Hunter. George Hunter.


These are real journalists doing real stuff. Suggest you absorb some mainstream media, the good ones, you know who it is, and stop shopping around for what you want to believe. It’s another problem.

And subscribe to these platforms. Stop bitching about it being behind a paywall like I’m so tired. Everybody’s like, I’d read that, but it’s behind a paywall. I hate that. Okay. You would buy it when it was a hard copy in the store. This is the same thing now it’s just electronic. You can get it for a dollar for six months. Come on, people like, let’s

No, no, I agree with them. Why buy it? Because no, the television stations will buy it and they’ll just redo it because old fucker don’t do anything.

But you have to. I mean to me, the more information you have, the better your ability to discern an informed position for yourself. Oh, just you just can’t take what one person, one platform is saying you read. You need to read.

Oh, you be, be informed.

If that’s not

To know what’s going on.


I got breaking news.

Okay. Hit the buzzer.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep,

Beep. I’ve got breaking

News. Beep beep, beep, beep beep.

Exclusive. Governor Whitmer is are fucking phony. Shane ain’t fixing no power. Shane ain’t going to fix the power grid. We’ve got tape of Gretchen Whitmer addressing D T E employees company wide and Jerry Norcia the C e o just days after the mega ice storm not seen since it was way back in 2003,


Just 20 years ago. It’s not the Ice age. Didn’t the fucking

Map? What’s the deadline?

Walking around? Let me guess. She kicked

His ass.

Well, Jerry says in front of the, I mean, if you could criticize us or tell us what you want or this is what I would’ve done, I would’ve said to Jerry and the company, you get this third world power grid together and you get it done post haste. Well, I’m going to take all the power of this position and the state of Michigan and I’m coming after your ass. That’s what I would’ve said. And I think she said something like that, but not really. Go ahead, play this.

We got a,

I forgot to cue it where

You wanted it. I want to talk a little more about that as after we speak with the governor about automation and also Undergrounding as sort of bolder actions in addition to the strategies that we have underway. But my question for you, governor, what is your sense of some of the things we’re doing and what encouragement do you want to give us in terms of things that we’re doing right as well as things that we need to think about doing better at

Pause. You mean Jerry, when it iced a little bit and 800,000 customers, which are nearly 2 million human beings, were without power. Some for a week. You mean you with the worst grid in the United States? Why don’t you tell us what we’re doing? Royal Governor and boy she about ready to crack his ass

And we’re doing right as well as things that we need to think about doing better at Keep

The power on. Jerry,

Appreciate the question, Jared, and let me start by saying thank you to so many of your team who was working incredibly hard long hours. I joined you at one of the work sites to just thank the line women and men who were out there, one of whom himself was not, didn’t have power at the time. I’ll never forget that conversation. But in all the crises that we’ve all had to manage through these last handful of years, I think I’ve heard myself say this is a 500 year flooding event Multiple times. Right? Whoa. These are no longer,

Whoa. Oh, it’s global warming. 500 year event. There was never a 500 year event of anything. You mean when the East side flooded? That’s Jerry. That’s because the power wasn’t on at the pumping station. Yeah, that’s what that was. Why do I keep reading shit where six inches fell in two hours? That was somewhere in the south. They didn’t flood. Jerry Gretch, you took almost a million dollars from D T E. Maybe that’s 500. You confused a million with 500,000. I dunno.

Say this is a 500 year flooding event. Multiple times, right? These are no longer 500 year events. We are seeing the convergence of climate change with infrastructure that wasn’t built recently, much less

Or kept up by you, Jerry,

No intended to handle this kind of pressure that we’re dealing with from climate change. And so

Let me tell you about climate change. It’s raining so much that those trees are growing really fast into the power lines that you won’t cut Jerry.

The work that we have to do, it has to be collaborative. We have to proceed together and make sure that we are building out a grid that offers affordable energy and that’s really key to unlocking all of our economic potential. And this electrification becomes more crucial for families and communities and small businesses making strategic investments to shore bar grid and whether it’s flooded highways in Detroit or it’s washed out bridges in dams in Midland, we’ve all been confronting and feeling the pressure from climate. So I just think the work to rebuild this grid, to move as fast as we can and to be good partners is going to be crucial to all of our success. Then as the governor of the state, I’m all in and we’re trying to move as fast as we can. And I know you are as

Well. Oh, we’re getting, yeah, we’re going to go to the electric future, but we don’t have any electricity because global warming, the highways flooded because the pumps went out. That’s what happened.

And it happened back to back. Charlie, remember it, it when it flooded from the Creek station, we heard about three or four different reasons as to why the area flooded. They said, we assure you Great Lakes water authority, city of Detroit. Everybody step and said this will never have begin. Sure. Four weeks later, it literally happened again. Remember

I said

Outside and it happened about maybe two months ago. So I can only expect in this

The upcoming, I remember this was the biggest ice storm in 50 years. They said 500,000. They said 50 right hundred. Okay. 50 years ago had a big ice storm. I remember it. The power didn’t go out.

Yeah. I think she would’ve been better just playing Milli Vanilli blaming on the rain form that

The fact is you are not maintaining the grid so you can siphon the profits off and give ’em to the shareholders. Something is precious as power, maybe shouldn’t have that model. Maybe that’s what you tell ’em. Jerry, I know. If you don’t get your shit done, we’re going to go back to over lording you. This what happened in California and this what happened in Texas. And if you want to run for Senate, then you get in the room and go have lunch with them and figure out some comprehensive national strategy where you don’t leave us behind and stop talking about the electric future when the CEO of STIs is telling you, we don’t have the minerals to create the world. You are telling us we’re moving towards horseshit. Please, no. Let me let them end this with the string of cliches,

The governor of the state. I’m all in and we’re trying to move as fast as we can. And I know you are as well at dt and I’m really grateful for the work that everybody’s doing. I know it’s been tough, but tough times don’t last tough people do. And you get some of the toughest people in the state. They’re at dt.

Absolutely. And I think, thank you for the words of encouragement and we won’t let you down. We’re going to continue to do what we do and when they’re going get stuff the tough get going, and that’s what we do here at DT

Won’t let you down. So what

About me? He said he’s going to continue. He’s going to continue doing what they’re doing. So no accountability, no demands for any changes or anything. He’s like, Hey, we’re going to do what we’ve been

Doing. That’s what goes on behind the closed doors people. Yeah. Okay. Now let’s move on to our last piece. Very exclusive here. Oh wow. The Peoples Americas city councilman Eric Mays going berserk on social media. I think he got nearly a billion views. Wow. One B billion, 600 million on TikTok alone. Because he speaks the truth. He speaks it in a cool way and he gets himself in trouble with his big mouth that’s pointed in the right direction. But this was, I did a piece, a pilot for a and e, and I chose the Flint water crisis. This is from 2017, 18. Never before seen. I took a water tanker full of fresh water from Ann Arbor and some showers to Flint so people could have one clean shower. And this is Eric Mays wrapping Eric Maye, naked Eric Maze. You going to all love this? This is like Eric Mays, like you’ve never seen him before.

Ah, I don’t know.

Don’t bring it down. Councilman Eric Mays has always been allowed, if not deep voice against the Flint Power Click Maze was against the switch from the beginning and continues to be a thorn in the side of the establishment. Who do I want to talk

To right now? You’re talking to First Ward City, Councilman Eric Maize. I might be one of the people who understands what happened. This has been a real fight In order to try to fix Flint, the motivation was to send an emergency manager in here, sign agreements, take the power away from Flint and Detroit controlling WA in this region.

Who signed those? Who signed those documents?

Ed Kurtz

With Flint flap broke. Governor Snyder strip city officials of their power and place it in the hands of an emergency manager. His name Ed Kurtz, the former dean of a local commuter college. In an effort to save the city money, apparently Kurtz ordered Flint to leave the Detroit water system and build its own identical water system. But that new pipeline would take two years to build. So Ed decided in the meantime, Flint would get his water from the local river. The savings the city would earn by temporarily drinking from the Flint River with paper upgrades to Flint’s water treatment plant. Lots of jobs in that. Lots of contracts, lots of political contributions. Just one little problem. The necessary upgrades were never made to the plant in the first place. And the people of Flint were served water not fit for a pig. You’ve been showering in this water yourself.

I can’t afford to not shower.

The question here is, what does that

Do to Ball Sack? Does he chafe it?

It might hang a little bit.

I did not want to put my goods.

All I’m going to tell you, Charlie, is that this is a real city and real problems

To flip

To the people of the city of Flin.

Eric Mays. Councilman Excon to help you.

Part-time poet. What is

This? This my, yeah, I got locked up.

There’s my

Water truck.

Hey gentlemen. Gentlemen, look at this truck. It’s full of nice clean waters from Ann Arbor. We got showers to attach to it. We’re having barbecue. We got the cows. Just bring the kids. We got shower stalls that are heated and we’re having barbecue. Everybody come. It’s clean. It ain’t got sprinklers for the baby.

This going to be the first good safe shower I’ve had in about a year and a half, two years.


He is. That’s

The, that’s, you can find that on YouTube or on our Facebook page. But yeah, just put our name in there. No bullshit News Hour. Yep. We should probably play that whole thing.

I want to hear his rap.

Well, yeah. Yeah. We should play that whole 18 minute piece that you did. It’s really, it’s, it’s the most concise recap of what happened up there and it’s very entertaining. And I would like to hear his rap too. I loved how Eric had it on cassette, ready to roll when he got in the car,

Play his rap for us. Cassette.

Yeah. Lemme give me a second. I’ll get right back to it.

I’m so old. I tell you, you just call me school.

It is no surprise though he has the internet popularity that he does because he’s a rarity now with all we just talked about. How many politicians is out here, really not caring about their persona, but the people,

This dude got con no man, not dad wasn’t

The one. He, oh, the other one, okay.

Yeah, yeah. Well, the thing is he got convicted for disorderly conduct in the Flint City. Councilman. They arrested him, cuffed him, took him out. He was convicted. Although it’s, it’s not, I probable it’s, it’s a proven fact that there were two witnesses at this trial. One was the head of the council and she lied. She perjured herself where she said she didn’t give him permission to leave. And when he came back, she said you didn’t have permission to leave. And he did what? And now that he’s huge, he raised all the money in the world and ain’t fight this shit to the bloody end. Like, keep going Eric. Let listen. Every

Hour, only hour, when we listen and gain our knowledge and power, we turn to the no bullshit hour.

That’s a wrap. Ain’t got that TikTok. See you Monday.

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