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Karen says: What are we doing? – March 11, 2022

By March 11, 2022January 16th, 2024No Comments

Basic human decency. An acknowledgement.  Being given what you are entitled to.

What happened to that?

Why does quadriplegic Brian silently wither in a nursing home while Governor Whitmer hands out checks signed in blood?

Why does University of Michigan football legend & rape victim Jon Vaughn have to chain himself to a tree, while the former University president sails away with a million dollar parting gift?

Still no shame in his game.  Why is disgraced former Judge Wade McCree opening his mouth again calling his former lover a “skank ass hoe bitch”? 

You know it’s bad in Detroit when cops are being raped and the Mayor says with a straight face that crime is down.

All these questions answered in the only hour of news you need.

No Bullshit.

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