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Mass terror attack
Hamas attacks Israel. Hamas is not elected. Hamas is terror.
Former US House Select Committee on Intelligent Chair and current MI Senatorial candidate Mike Rogers joins us.

EXCLUSIVE- American Royalty meets America’s Councilman: RFK Jr. visits Flint and meets Eric Mays.

PLUS- Duggan goes down in flames. “LeDuff wins”


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Picture: Amir Cohen/REUTERS

Speaker 1 (00:06):
What are you doing in Philly Monday? You’re running, you’re announcing, you’re running as an independent. Are you trying to trick me? It’s a surprise when I’m announcing your own people leaked it. Like everybody knows not going to walk into that trap. There’s no lying to read between because the page is blank. I mean, come on. This is no bullshit news. Make me just tell me, forget about it. Just whisper. Come to Philly. Go Philly. I need my speech the fuck sake. Bobby, whoever told you to do the Rocky Balboa bit? No. Put your speech in your pocket. Live downtown Detroit. It’s no PS News Hour with my main man only live from downtown Detroit is the no bullshit news hour

Speaker 2 (00:56):
With Charlie Lee Duff. No bullshit. This just did Breaking this double Bo bullshit. Double bullshit. American Coney Island,

Speaker 1 (01:17):
Detroit’s oldest family run restaurant and you know who he used to eat Here, Coleman Young and Bill Bonds you.

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Speaker 1 (02:19):
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Speaker 3 (02:58):
For R F K Jr, but if you want to see how we live in Michigan, I took Anthony Bourdain around. I would take Trump Biden, I would take Atill of the Hun if anybody wanted to help us here in the great state of Michigan. But first, the news that has just enveloped the world. More than a thousand Israelis dead, a bloody senseless terrorist attack coming out of the Gaza Strip by Terror Group, Hamas, a thousand Israelis dead, at least Israeli defense forces are amassing at the border as we speak. 27 Americans at this point are dead. 14 are missing and help us make sense for it is our guy from Michigan, former seven term congressman Mike Rogers. He was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and is the Republican candidate for United States Senate. Hey Mike, how you doing, man?

Speaker 4 (03:57):
I’m doing great, Charlie. How are you?

Speaker 3 (04:01):
The world’s on fire, bro.

Speaker 4 (04:03):

Speaker 3 (04:04):
It is.

Speaker 4 (04:04):
No, it is.

Speaker 3 (04:06):
And we need serious people. We need absolute serious people. So I was thinking who do we get? Who can speak to this? You? Look Mike, you were chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. That means that was the public oversight of the C I A, the N SS a, all the intelligence communities. That’s the guy right there. So Mike, it’s the 50 year anniversary of the Yom Kaul War. How come nobody knew this? Was this a massive failure of intelligence, American, Israeli or otherwise?

Speaker 4 (04:43):
Yeah, anytime you have an attack like this, an extreme terrorist attack that is successful, it’s a failure of intelligence. There’s no other way to look at it. But let me walk through how I think they got here. So what happened over time was that the Hamas leadership was basically telling the Israelis, listen, if we have these kind of economic visas, if you will, to come across the Gaza border into Israel to work where people can get work and send money back, we’ll start to lower the temperature. Because remember in 21 there was a mix up and they didn’t fare very well, Hamas with the Israelis. And so they took this tone of, Hey, we’re going to be, this is about reconciliation. We’re going to do more. They intercepted conversations where senior leaders were basically saying, Hey, we like this. We don’t want to pick on, the Israelis didn’t go well for us.

The last go round, all of these things were happening. And what I believe happened is that the intelligence services, the defense services started to believe it. They started to believe, yeah, this is exactly right. Nobody wants to mess with it. Matter of fact, I have very senior I D F official Israeli Defense Force military officer about a month before this saying, Hey, they just don’t want to mess with us. And we know that. And what was happening is they were taking troops away from that border and putting them other places where they had problems. And so yes, they didn’t get the signals and collection that said, Hey, we’re getting ready to do something in a way that was meaningful. That was a failure. Yes. I think they fell for a massive disinformation campaign. All of this, by the way, aided by Iran, I don’t know why we’re dancing around this.

It’s pretty clear to me. And then when they actually breached the fence, they were so strategic in the places that they hit that would allow lack of communication for Israeli troops all along the Gaza border. It was very effective, created this confusion. You had basically Israeli soldiers not knowing what to do. The commanders weren’t around and it was a mess. So you had this perfect storm. And again, all of this, the nation state allows you to not use certain types of electronic equipment to have conversations. The lack of human sources, all of that tell me. Yep. Yes, it was a failure. We’re going to have to go back and look at why, but I think disinformation was a major part of this as well.

Speaker 3 (07:13):
My God, look, you came to Congress in 2001 and I was standing at ground zero in 2001. And all these many years later, all the apparatus we put in place, and it was we created an apparatus and we’ve turned it on ourselves and it was created to prohibit events like this happening. Would you agree with that?

Speaker 4 (07:38):
Yeah. I mean I do believe that that was already there. Prior to that some of the apparatus we created was supposed to allow better communication amongst the agencies. But something happened here too. And you may bring up a good point. Did our intelligence services fail as well? And I’d argue that it’s hard to argue not right when you have this big of an event. It’s pretty hard to argue they were successful

With this level of brutality. And all of those folks were told before they went in that they’re going to commit this brutality. Think of the operational security of that. Nobody picked up the phone, nobody sent an email, nobody went and told their sister who has a friend in Israel. None of that happened. And this took a while to plan. And so that, you’re right, that part, man, if I were chairman today, there would be a lot of hard questions they’re going to have to answer in the very near future. And we want to make sure we’re not lulled into the same sleep here at home.

Speaker 3 (08:36):
We’re going to get to all of that. But why do you think, why did Hamas strike now?

Speaker 4 (08:46):
Well, if you look at the rest of the world, there seems to be chaos. The world believes that America is in decline. We know that because what they tell each other and the Chinese try to promote that. The Russians try to promote that. The Iranians try to promote that. Yeah. America’s in decline. Afghanistan showed them that we would just pick up and leave our allies. And by the way, they market that to Middle Eastern countries, to terrorist groups, to our friends, our adversaries, everyone to say, see, this is who America is. Others pick up in the middle of the night and run. By the way, they abandoned women, allies, friends, even Americans were on the ground in Afghan. They just don’t care. They wanted to quit and they left. But does this America

Speaker 5 (09:28):
Susceptible? Does this increase our risk overall, that whole perception, that conversation? Is this an early signal that we should be on heightened alert?

Speaker 4 (09:39):
Absolutely. Because what we’ve done is we’ve signaled to our adversaries that we are in decline, if you will, that we are pulling back that Americans are self-absorbed, right? That’s what the Chinese have been saying for years, that we’ll beat the Americans. Well, the rest of the countries know that. And they know if we can destabilize these things, they’re going to do it. And so I think that that is exactly why they did it. Now, I mean, same reason that Russia went into the MPAs, into the Biden administration. They sent signals that, listen, we’re not going to do much. And China is now rattling its Sare. Why? Because they believe we won’t do much. And here you go.

Speaker 3 (10:23):
Look at how it’s all, look how it’s all connected, Mike. Okay, you say there’s a connection to Iran. Without a doubt. You say, I want you to explain why. And is this a proxy war? Israel for the United States, Lebanon, perhaps Hezbollah coming, Fatah, Hamas. You see what I’m saying? Did Iran encourage this and light this candle? And how do you know that?

Speaker 4 (10:54):
Well, I mean from my past access to information, I can tell you they’re very, very, Iran is very active in something like 16 proxy groups, terror groups around the Middle East region, the Houthis and Yemen who also are attacking the Saudis, certainly Hamas and Hezbollah in and around Israel, the Islamic Jihad. They also have the Shia militias, militias in Iraq that are trying to destabilize Iraq. They have the same kinds of things and groups that they’re supporting in Afghanistan. All terrorist groups, all designed to bring chaos, all designed to be destabilizing. And so we know that they do that. And I can say I’ve been in the cyberspace for a while and I have a good friend that runs cyber operations for disinformation campaigns, and he is exceptionally good at mapping out where these disinformation campaigns from in social media. And guess what? He’s basically saying, this is all coming out of Iran. So I use all my old reference points. I use this new bit of technology reference point and say, we know this is what they do. We know this is how they operate. This wouldn’t be inconsistent. Of course, Iran was in, and by the way, Hamas themselves said, yeah, they gave us the thumbs up. And why did they have to ask Iran? Because they get money and weapons training from Iran. And so I think we’re fooling ourselves to sticking our head in the sand if we don’t think Iran was all over this.

Speaker 3 (12:27):
Let me go a little bit bigger. What about Russia? Russia is linked. The drones that are being used in the Ukraine by Russia are built in Iran. Is there a component there? Hey, we’ve been some disorder distract the Americans, weakens us in Ukraine. Is there a grand scheme in your opinion?

Speaker 4 (12:49):
I certainly haven’t seen anything that would indicate that, but I also haven’t seen anything that would indicate that they wouldn’t love for this to happen either. And so it’s in Russia’s best interest to have this happen. Now, certainly it’s going to take a lot of time for the United States to try to make sure that Israel is well positioned to defend itself from further attacks from Hezbollah, by the way. And we know the Russians are in Syria. They’ve been there for a while and they haven’t been our friends. So yeah, I mean you have to remember, all of these bad actors are all in this region. It would be surprising if there weren’t conversations. It wouldn’t be shocking to me if that happen.

Speaker 3 (13:30):
Thank you very much. So now this begs the question, we’re in two wars. We don’t have the money for two wars. Mike, what’s the answer here? Just keep borrowing. It’s a big deal. That’s going to be a big thing during the election and you want to be the United States Senator and have Bobby Kennedy here, and he couldn’t tell me about money. And money is why blood spills.

Speaker 4 (13:59):
I’m not sure what you mean by the last comment, but I will talk about the structure. We have to restructure the size and scope of government. It is too big. We can’t continue to expand programs that we cannot pay for. So you’re absolutely right. We’re borrowing money and spending money and that’s also causing inflation, which is causing people to pay $700 more per month in groceries and gasoline. And by the way, the gasoline part’s going to get ready to go up and likely food costs as well. Boom. And so all of that borrowing, all of that spending, I mean the president just came out and said, Hey, you guys that signed up for student loans, you don’t have to pay those back. I hope they come back to mine and get my money back. If you think about what they’re doing, it’s trying to get as much money out the door to voting populations around the country before the 2024 election. And it’s killing us. It’s actually killing these families financially each and every month. The government is just too big. The largest growth in the Department of Defense is civilian infrastructure in the Pentagon. We don’t need it.

Speaker 5 (15:02):
We keep hearing that. We’ve heard that for decades. We keep hearing government is too big. We keep hearing that we have programs and we see programs that don’t work to provide the assistance or support to people to help them to become independent. What has to happen in order for government to be downsized for that so that it’s manageable and effective? Is it even realistic or is that just a good campaign statement?

Speaker 4 (15:26):
No, I think, well, it better be realistic or we’re all going to get in trouble. I mean, we are going to be in big trouble. This is not sustainable. It’s not sustainable. And the fighting over spending is a good fight to have, but we have to have a fight over restructuring. If we don’t restructure the government and add technology, it has to be smaller. It needs to be more efficient. You need to have less people and it still needs to perform whatever the necessary tasks of government are.

Speaker 3 (15:54):
And I don’t think Ukraine can be a bottomless pit. It just can’t be a bottomless pit. The amount of money we’ve sent to you. Ukraine

Speaker 4 (16:01):
Can’t write a blank check. I agree with that.

Speaker 3 (16:03):
Okay, so no, look,

Speaker 4 (16:05):
And the presidents, by the way, should have to come to Congress and explain to them where this money is going, how they’re accounting for it, and what the plan is.

Speaker 3 (16:14):
Thank you. They’ve

Speaker 4 (16:15):
Never done that.

Speaker 3 (16:16):
Thank you. That’s all I want. I’m not a Putin apologist. We’re dying out here. Let me go here. Hamas is a terror group. That’s it. There’s no discussion there. They committed war crimes here. That’s not even up for discussion. But they were not elected. They haven’t had an election in Gaza. What? You are the guy, 2006, 2005, right? Same in the West Bank, something like that. This is not the Palestinian people’s government. They just committed atrocities. I guess the big question is looking at the Israelis and what the horror that was just committed upon them, this two state solution thing that I’ve been taught to strive for since I was a boy around here, that’s done. The Israelis are not interested in negotiating two state solution in the near future, do you think?

Speaker 4 (17:18):
No, I think they’re

Speaker 3 (17:20):
Going to. Okay. Honest man. Thank you, dude. Honest.

Speaker 4 (17:23):
Yeah. Yeah. I think they’ve got one focus right now. And that is to eliminate Hamas, you have to dismantle it completely. They’ve always played around the edges, those kinds of things. This is why this invasion that they’re planning is, it’s going to be brutal. It’s going to be awful. But the only way to stop this kind of thing from happening again is complete dismantlement can’t. It shows you, you cannot trust a terrorist organization to be in charge like the Taliban in Afghanistan, by the way. And you cannot count on them to be truthful about what their intentions are. And so Israel has been relatively restrained over this time. I mean, think about it in 2021. There was a little dust up there too.

Speaker 3 (18:11):
No, but this is different. This is not a dust up.

Speaker 4 (18:13):
Yeah, this is very different. This is very different. This is an all out assault. They brutally slaughtered. It’s

Speaker 3 (18:19):
The worst thing since the Holocaust.

Speaker 4 (18:22):
Well, yes, and nine 11, you can lump ’em all in. I mean this was directly targeted at civilians. That is terrorism at its worst. And then they upped the ante by the sheer brutality of what they were doing, decapitation shooting people in the back, raping women in their homes. Those images are disturbing.

Speaker 3 (18:44):
They should be

Speaker 4 (18:45):
Seen. Need to see this. Yeah, they should

Speaker 3 (18:47):
Be seen. Should be seen to know what you’re

Speaker 4 (18:49):
Dealing with, understand who these people are and what they’ve done. And to have anyone in the country to say, well, there is no room for tolerating this kind of terrorist brutality. None. I don’t care where you’re at. You can still be a proud Palestinian. You don’t have to condone this.

Speaker 3 (19:07):
We’re speaking with Mike Rogers, a Republican candidate for United States Senate in Michigan, former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Mike, the Hamas Leadership rules and absentia. So why are we letting Turkey Harbor Hamas’ leadership when Turkey is a member of nato?

Speaker 4 (19:30):
Well, we have some other many countries where they’re, I think the head of it is in Dubai, if I’m not mistaken. Listen, we’re just going to have to start having really hard conversations with some of our friends, Turkey included. And some would say, you use the term loosely. We are going to have to start having a conversation where we put Americans interests upfront in all of these conversations. We’re not going to tolerate that. You need to decide, do you really want to be a member of nato or if you want to try to be a country that offers destabilization opportunities where you find them, we have to change that calculus. And this should be the moment where we come back up and say, okay, we’re going to rally around this notion. We have to be engaged. Doesn’t mean we have to be entangled. And so being engaged means we’re not going to allow terrorists to do these kinds of things because guess what?

They also want to do this to us. Some notion they just want to kill Jews in Israel is wrong. Yes, they want to do that desperately. But if you remember in the hours that passed, it was death to Israel. Death to America. So we have to up our guard. You can’t have an open border and expect something bad’s not going to happen. When you see this kind of activity. And remember, they had negotiated Hamas, negotiated these civilian visa work visas to come into Israel over the same time. All this time they were saying, no, no, no, we’re not going to do anything. We’re not going to do

Speaker 3 (21:00):
Work permits.

Speaker 4 (21:01):
So I just think we have to step back and go, listen, security is really important. Let’s get that piece right.

Speaker 3 (21:07):
I want to get to that in a minute here. But you said we need to start asking hard questions. Roll those up. Mark. Who in our leadership is going to ask the hard questions? Let me give you Lindsey Graham here for a quick minute.

Speaker 6 (21:21):
It’s going to look like Tokyo and Berlin at the end of World War ii when this is over

Speaker 4 (21:27):
To Iran.

Speaker 6 (21:28):

Speaker 7 (21:28):
This war escalates with

Speaker 6 (21:30):
Hezbollah, we’re

Speaker 7 (21:32):
All going to come after

Speaker 4 (21:33):

Speaker 6 (21:34):
I would bomb Iran’s oil

Speaker 3 (21:36):

Speaker 6 (21:37):
The money financing terrorism comes from Iran. It’s time for this terrorist state to pay a price for financing and supporting all this chaos. Yes, if you’re the Iranians, if we’re up to me, get it off. This war escalates. I’m coming

Speaker 3 (21:51):
After you. Give me Nikki Haley.

Speaker 6 (21:54):
This is not just an attack on Israel. This is an attack on America because they hate us just as much.

Speaker 3 (22:01):
Okay, I got to say this, Mike. This is as a citizen, a guy that’s been to the theater of war. God has been around the planet. I don’t need some high school simplistic bullshit like they hate us too. They didn’t attack us. They attacked Israel, our ally, our family, our cousins. They did that. We got attacked on nine 11 and Israel was an ally, but they weren’t out there like children saying, bomb it all, and they hate us. So we start killing. We need some sober leadership. And I don’t think I’m seeing it in Washington. It’s a question, do you?

Speaker 4 (22:41):
Yeah, and I think we have to be careful not to be reactionary. I think that’s really important. Do I think Iran needs to pay a price? Yes, absolutely. How about stopping the ability for them to sell their oil? Remember in 2018, the Trump administration put a stop to all that

Through sanctions and then Biden let it go. And so they’re going to produce, think of this, they’re going to produce more oil going into this next year than they did prior to 2018. That’s cash money to do bad things. And so my argument is, yes, they should be held accountable, but not by flying B 50 twos over Tehran, but by going after their ability to raise cash. And there’s other things we can do to disrupt their flow of commerce, their moving money for terrorist activities. There’s lots, we have lots of options on the table. I really don’t believe Roland Bombers is the right answer upfront. Listen, if they attack us and they put our missiles at us and game on.

Speaker 3 (23:40):
Well, you know what, Mike? That’s a really sober and important answer. And I’m sorry because it’s so sensible. It’s not going to go viral. So now nobody’s going to watch this because yeah, Roland Bombers is not diplomacy. I’m sorry to interrupted

Speaker 5 (23:58):
You. Oh, no, no. I was just thinking, so is a Trump 2024 candidacy and when necessary for some of these things to be put back on track?

Speaker 4 (24:11):
Well, I mean, I will tell you. So you look at the Trump policies and the Biden policies, and it’s very hard to argue which one worked better for America. We had a secure board. 4 0 1 K was bigger. Nobody launched into Ukraine, right? Yeah. You just go right down this list. Matter of fact, it’s kind of interesting to me that originally when Russia went into Crimea under Obama and then they kind of stayed there. Trump was there, there’s no invasion. Trump leaves office and Biden gets in. Guess what? We had invasion. We have an attack in Hamas, the China’s rattling and saber saying, starting talking bad about the United States. Matter of fact, when we had a senior government official in Beijing, the president of China was just down the road giving a speech to his military saying, prepare for war. Is that true? Oh, that’s that’s absolutely true. President Xi was doing that when our Secretary of Commerce Raimondo was on the ground in Beijing.

Speaker 3 (25:25):
Remember, I think the Chinese are backwater. Actually, I think they’re backwater. I don’t think their weaponry system’s great. Their chips are not great. They’re trained by the Russian military. So

Speaker 4 (25:38):
I’m, can I disagree with one thing? Their technology really,

Speaker 3 (25:42):
Wait a minute, wait a minute. The former head of the Intelligence committee’s going to argue with me about foreign policy. I think not.

Speaker 4 (25:53):
Let me give a shot at that. All right. Won’t keep, I know I won’t keep up with it, but lemme take a shot at it.

Speaker 3 (25:57):
I’ve got a Bachelor of Arts,

Speaker 4 (26:03):
The third largest nuclear arsenal and likely the most modern nuclear arsenal. Their Navy is now bigger than ours. They’ve actually are given us fits in technology. They’re actually making space. They’ve militarized space. Lemme just put it that way. So we have to be careful now. Now we have to rethink of how we protect our own satellites. We didn’t have to do that 10 years ago. We have to do it now. And so they control about, according to the Australians just released a really interesting report of the 44 important technologies for our future economics and national security. The Chinese control, 37 of them, they are out. And I get worried where we would think nothing to see here. Don’t worry about it. And by the way, that modern nuclear arsenal is pointed at us, the United States of America, and they have been rattling their Sabre around the world.

And what does the Biden administration do? Say, why don’t we give one seventh of our economy to the Chinese Communist Party by mandating the kind of car you have to drive? Oh, and by the way, 85% of it has to come from China. I mean, we have nothing is aligned and China sees it. They know it, then they’re going to take advantage of it. That’s why I worry about it. Their cyber capabilities gotten a lot better, meaning they can turn your lights off if they want to in a big conflict. They’re still stealing intellectual property like crazy. The F B I opens up a Chinese espionage case one every 12 hours in the United States. We never saw that under the Soviets. Not to that level.

Speaker 3 (27:36):
I promise your guy. It would be a half an hour. So I’m going to drop all the politics out of here like forget lib. I think we know what you’d say and forget slot. And we’ll have you back to talk about the center race. This was too important. Just two last questions concisely if you could. The southern border, I did a story. There’s a guy, he’s a Lebanese origin, becomes a Venezuelan citizen, comes over with his family. He’s on the terror watch list. Do we send him back? No, we send him to Dearborn with a bus ticket. How at risk are we with this wide open border?

Speaker 4 (28:14):
Very, there was something like 160 people on the terrorist watch list that have come through the border that we know of. Those are the ones we know of. And when you look by country, the Customs and Border protection was listing all of these nations where we know that they’ve been talking about for years exporting terrorist activities. And these nations are foreign people across the border. So it’s not Mexicans coming across the border, it’s Pakistanis. It’s, you can go right down the list. Morta, all of these countries where we know that terrorist activities have happened and those groups have expressed an interest in attacking the United States at some point. And so that means that these, the groups, this is not the country themselves doing this. This is these organizations within the country. It puts us at significant risk. And here’s the thing, we don’t even know who they are

Speaker 3 (29:04):

Speaker 4 (29:04):
Where they are. I mean, no, great country would just fling open its border and say, come on in. You want to talk about why a hundred thousand people died of overdoses because it came across the southern border. We can’t control it. Same with people here in Michigan. I don’t know if you saw Sheriff Bouchard was talking about these gangs, Venezuelan gangs hooking up with MS 13, but really violent Central American gangs and doing organized house burglaries in Oakland County. Lack of security on the border is causing real problems all over the country, including here, Michigan. And oh, by the way, as you pointed out, we don’t know if you’re on the terrorist watch list and you get here and you get a credit card and a hundred bucks in a hotel room. Really? This is the way we’re doing this. This can’t be sake.

Speaker 3 (29:51):
Fuck sake. What a mess. Okay, lastly to your fellow human fellow Americans, I grew up in the Detroit area. This is the Arab capital of the United States. There’s a lot of Palestinians here. Palestinian Americans, I know them. I grew up with them. They’re my friends. What do you say to them at a time like this?

Speaker 4 (30:20):
Listen, I feel for the families who had nothing to do with what the terrorist group Hamas did in Israel, you can be a Palestinian, a loyal Palestinian living in America and be proud of your heritage. But I think if we all stood up and condemned the terrorist activity, it’s easier to move on from that. Remember, only place in the world really. You can have Christians and Jews and Shia Muslims, the Sunni Muslims all living on the same block where their kids getting on the same buses going to school. That doesn’t happen anywhere in the world. We don’t want to import trouble from overseas to disrupt that, have your opinions. We feel for your families. What we hope for is once Hamas is gone, you will actually get people who want the best interests of the people of Gaza. And we can all be for that. We should all hope for those people’s safety. We should pray for that, that they’re going to have that safety during a very, very difficult time. But I think we can’t, it’s not a good time to start trying to find the divides. Remember, there’s a reason you came to the United States of America, right? Is to escape some of the things that were happening back home. And this is where your opportunity is. Let’s stand together as Americans on this and we can get over and through almost anything if we do that.

Speaker 3 (31:44):
Alright. Mike Rogers, the Public United States Senate in Michigan. We really thank you for cutting some time. I know it’s a busy time for you, sir. Thank you.

Speaker 4 (31:52):
Yeah, thank you. Thanks for your patience today. I appreciate it.

Speaker 3 (31:55):
All right, men, thank you. Well,

Speaker 5 (32:00):
My first thing is that I applaud anybody that takes time to come on, answer questions, tell us what they think and who they are in any capacity. So that’s always a plus. The whole avoidance thing doesn’t work for me.

Speaker 3 (32:11):
Oh, you mean we asked Alyssa Lockton through the congresswoman who moved again out of her district, we asked her to come. She ostensibly, if he cleared the Republican primary, she cleared the Democratic primary. They’d be running for that seat. You reached out and they wrote back and they said, with everything happening this week in the house and the office’s weren’t getting constituents out of Israel and the Palestinian Territories we’re not able to accommodate, which I guess I understand, but you’re able to go in studio here with Jake Pamper statement.

Speaker 5 (32:49):

Speaker 8 (32:50):
First of all, I handle my issues with other members of Congress privately. I have lots of private conversations, but I think for me, it shouldn’t be hard to condemn terrorists and terrorism. That doesn’t mean,

Speaker 3 (33:05):
Let’s just remember those two. He was working the intelligence committee during Iraq, Abu Grave, the surge, pulling our troops out the rise of isis. So that would be an interesting matchup, especially with the world events going on. Now,

Speaker 5 (33:23):
I’d love to see a conversation or a debate between the two. I’d say a conversation because the debate is so formalized, but a way where we could dive into their responses and really extract some good stuff.

Speaker 3 (33:36):
Let’s be honest. I mean, you’re dodging. JT Tap is not your people. We’re your people. We’re the voters of

Speaker 5 (33:44):
Mission. But is the MO around here though, Charlie?

Speaker 3 (33:45):
It’s at

Speaker 5 (33:45):
The state. I mean, they go to C N N. They go to,

Speaker 3 (33:50):
How are you going to deal with a Hama? You can’t even look us in the

Speaker 5 (33:52):
Eye. You

Speaker 3 (33:53):
Can’t even look us in the eye though.

Speaker 8 (33:54):
Maybe it’s

Speaker 5 (33:55):
Our decor.

Speaker 3 (33:56):
Wimer got hit too, because look, we got a problem with people not knowing who they are or what they think because she got ripped October 7th, the day of the massacre in Israel. She tweeted, I’ve been in touch with communities impacted by what’s happening in the region. It is abhorrent. My hardest was all those impacted. We need peace in this region. It sounds like she was doing some,

Speaker 5 (34:22):
It’s a political dance, Charlie.

Speaker 3 (34:23):
It’s like she was doing some put on your guns in East Detroiters. I mean, what region? What are you talking about?

Speaker 5 (34:28):
Where? But it’s a political dance and tell and she’s trying to stay off of the, what do you call it? The landmine.

Speaker 3 (34:36):
The landmine. Well, I did hang out with another politician last week. R F K Jr.

Speaker 5 (34:44):
Oh yeah.

Speaker 3 (34:45):
Bobby wanted to see Flint and my day with Bobby after these messages from our sponsors. Well, when it rains, the power goes out. And when the power goes out, the internet goes out. When the internet goes out, I call my friend Matt and Bernie at XG Service Group. Look at Bernie here on his hands and knees, giving it everything he’s got. Look at that man crack so busy. He forgot to wear a belt. There’s Matt right there getting the board together. That’s 7 3 4 2 4 5 4100. If you need Matt and Bernie to come take care of your voiceover internet, your security cameras off campus, access control, wifi, and cameras for homes and business, they’ll design it for you. You got restaurants. They do drive through systems. Railroad cameras for public safety, total wireless camera systems for your home and business. Yeah, that’s right. Call XG Services at (734) 245-4100 no bs NewsHour brought to you by Legacy Partners Insurance.

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Speaker 5 (37:26):
Do I?

Speaker 3 (37:26):

Speaker 5 (37:28):
Sure. I thought you asked him did he want to see it? I hope

Speaker 3 (37:30):
This is good. We hired Mark’s guy. Poor mope. Turns out a guy hasn’t shot film in 15 years. Nice recommendation Mark. It’ll show Mark all week is like, I don’t know, man. If I got, it’ll get good if I chop it, chop, chop, chop. I’m like, that just has the whole hallmarks. I’m an academy award. I got to chop it till it’s good. Ever heard

Speaker 5 (37:53):
Of that? Mark wouldn’t send you somebody that wasn’t good.

Speaker 3 (37:56):
No, he’s a nice guy.

Speaker 5 (37:57):
Yeah, but he wouldn’t do that. But Mark

Speaker 3 (37:58):
Had to chop it. Editing is the key to a good piece, right?

Speaker 5 (38:02):
No man

Speaker 3 (38:05):
Play it.

Speaker 9 (38:07):
America’s councilman Eric Mays,

Speaker 5 (38:10):
Robert F. Kennedy

Speaker 9 (38:11):
Jr. President of the United States and the two best voices in politics. He was on the water board and trying to stop all this. When the Legionnaires was going down, I went to him and we were trying to figure out what was going on with the health department. That’s the guy. Whether he’s a pain in the ass or not, does the people’s work. He’s the one guy, he was the guy who discovered that there was a provision in the local law that allowed him to declare a state of emergency, allowed the mayor to declare a state of emergency. So he ran for mayor so that he could do it. And he ended up supporting the mayor who won one, the three candidates. And as a result of his support, she agreed to do it. And we got the state of emergency here, which then made the E P A come in and the federal agencies and they uncovered the scandal and the cover up. I think it’s a good thing I’m standing here with Mr. Kennedy. We all know the Kennedy. And so I like saying President Kennedy. Alright, Eric Mayes, thank you very much. You’re a true small guys. Well, these political voice With his voice.

With his voice. But what I want to say, I say President, I lemme see here. Lemme get these glasses. Oh, is that Julian? No. Oh, that’s Casey. Casey. Casey. Oh, that’s Casey. Yeah. He was he from here. I made him an honor worker. Bill Haley, the comets are from Flint. I did a from Buicks, you fucking the only unions, the two unions that went with my dad was one the U aaw and the other one was the United Farm Workers, which was Cesar Chavez’s Union. So those were the two unions that supported my dad. And so for me it was a big thrill to go walk on the picket line. I’m a retiree, worked for General Motors in the UAW for 30 years. I

Speaker 10 (40:53):
Supported today then, and I support you now. And I’m sure, I’m sure that if we stay strong union, we always say

Speaker 9 (41:04):
Solidaire. We’ll make that two quick economic, two quick economic questions. One Wall Street reacted favorably today that people’s wages are losing ground. Your thoughts on that? We should live in a country where you can do well for yourself by doing good for everybody else. And it’s not a good thing if the big who are running out of the show run. Both the Republican and Democratic party think it’s a good thing. If Americans have low wages. Do either of you men know the price of a gallon of milk? Good.

Speaker 3 (41:45):
Because men don’t drink milk. America’s royalty meets America’s councilmen. How cool was that? Vice President Eric Maze. You know what he said to me? He goes, you always amaze me, man. You got to trick up your sleeve.

Speaker 5 (42:04):
But think about their voices. We talked to Mr. Kennedy when he was here and we’ve talked to Eric Mays and their voices. He’s got the, just think about

Speaker 3 (42:15):
That. I tried to get him to Ebony and Ivory. Could you imagine if something like this, Ebony and Ivory E would’ve been great?

Speaker 5 (42:24):
Maybe they will on the campaign

Speaker 3 (42:25):
Too. We’ll get him back. Apparently he’s Bobby’s thinking about vice presidential material. Eric Mays could be it. Just before we go, I know this is hyperlocal, but it affects 600,000 people plus the Duggans land tax. Right?

Speaker 5 (42:46):

Speaker 3 (42:46):
What happened? It stalled 50 50. It

Speaker 5 (42:49):
Stalled what for the second time. So you

Speaker 3 (42:52):
Need 56 to get it through. 50 56.

Speaker 5 (42:55):
Six. Okay. I thought it was 54. 54. That’s where it was. So yeah. Okay, we’ll see. But this is the thing though, Charlie, but

Speaker 3 (43:01):
He couldn’t get it through. So they pulled it. They couldn’t

Speaker 5 (43:03):
Get it through. They pulled it. Joe Tate said that they, they’re going to try to put it back next week.

Speaker 3 (43:08):
Who’s Joe Tate?

Speaker 5 (43:09):
Speaker of the house.

Speaker 3 (43:10):
Yeah. Most

Speaker 5 (43:11):
People won’t know who he’s, oh, I’m sorry, but it’s

Speaker 3 (43:14):
Interesting. New radio. Like political radio for like four years.

Speaker 5 (43:17):
I did, but

Speaker 3 (43:19):
You’re like, oh, I’m sorry.

Speaker 5 (43:20):

Speaker 3 (43:20):

Speaker 5 (43:21):
But this is an interesting thing though. There’s democratic control right now in the state and Duggan can’t get this through. Everybody should pay close attention to that and what that means on the larger scale.

Speaker 3 (43:33):
So it died for a minute. Now you probably got to, well, for lack of better word, you got to go bribe some people and buy people’s stake. Cheap

Speaker 5 (43:42):
Politicians. And they said they were looking at some trade-off votes. Okay, if we do this, what will you give us in return? That’s pretty normal. But I tried to watch some of the hearing for the Detroit City Council on it and it was painful.

Speaker 3 (43:58):
Yeah. Well, hey, do we have that? So this thing goes down and online publication consolidates the news called the Mid-Westerner. This is what they posted when they pulled the vote off. It was introduced. I think it’s important to say, Tate, the Speaker of the House.

Speaker 5 (44:18):
Speaker of the house, right.

Speaker 3 (44:23):
Couldn’t get the votes. Won’t appear on the program. What’s the woman that introduced it out of Detroit?

Speaker 5 (44:28):
Stephanie Young.

Speaker 3 (44:29):
Stephanie Young won’t come on. Anybody attached to this won’t come on here because I know. Did you put it up, mark?

Speaker 11 (44:36):
I did. Yeah. I’ll go back to it.

Speaker 3 (44:37):
Let me see it. Where’s it at? There? Oh, you changed the board. Yeah. Anyway,

Speaker 5 (44:44):
But that’s what everybody says. The only information.

Speaker 3 (44:45):
Look at what that Read it. Mark. What’s it say? It’s because we can’t see it. It says Lauff wins Dems poll vote to change property tax to benefit developers. And Doug is going to try to bring it back. He does some cajoling. Right? Well, I will say this, A few lawmakers have asked me going, what’s going on with this? Because that’s funny. Democratic house, democratic speaker from Detroit, this only affects Detroit

Speaker 5 (45:11):
Population over 500,000 and

Speaker 3 (45:12):
They can’t get it through. So I would say to any politician in Detroit or Lansing who’s uncertain about Mayor Mike Dug and so-called, what’s it called now? Land,

Speaker 5 (45:22):
Land Equity.

Speaker 3 (45:23):
Equity tax.

Speaker 5 (45:24):
They changed the name.

Speaker 3 (45:25):
Okay, here’s my estimation. It’s a disaster. And here’s a few things you should know. It will cause an immediate $40 million shortfall in Detroit’s budget according to the city’s own tax assessor. And Detroit can’t afford ambulance as it is, some homeowners taxes will go down while others will go up. The billionaires who own the empty skyscrapers will be the biggest winners here.

Speaker 5 (45:54):

Speaker 3 (45:54):
The ones quietly paying for the plan. Any a downtown small business owner will lose because they will jack your taxes up. It’s only now based on your land. Developers and gentrifier will pay no taxes on the future structures they build on the vacant land, thus putting the tax burden on longtime Detroit homeowners such as yourself, Karen.

Speaker 5 (46:20):

Speaker 3 (46:21):
Only 20 local taxing jurisdictions in America out of 90,000 use this tax scheme and it doesn’t work. The total combined population of those 20 jurisdictions across America is less than that of Detroit. Every expert I’ve spoken with, we’ve spoken with on this show, whether they be liberals, conservatives, or Marxists, think this is a bad deal for the people. And remember, the legislation was quietly changed to include only the city of Detroit because the suburbs ain’t going for this. It’s

Speaker 5 (46:58):
True. And

Speaker 3 (46:58):
As every Ian knows, if Detroit can’t make its bills, then the dollars come out of the pockets of everybody else, buses, schools, zoo, road schools, and on and on. So I say vote no on the rich Man’s tax scam.

Speaker 5 (47:19):
But this is the thing, Charlie, they pull out the little old black lady in the neighborhood and they’re going to put a commercial on Channel 10 and some of the local stations and she says, oh, I really believe this is going to, I need my taxes down the whole, pull your heartstrings without any facts. So don’t believe the hype, don’t believe the heart pull. It’s not there.

Speaker 3 (47:42):
We’ll talk to you next week. Thank you, Mike Rogers. Thank you, Robert Kennedy. And Red will rework that and get it on next week. Oh, and it’s coming. The atomic bomb. I promised you I’m waiting for that return call for the statement, Madam Attorney General Nestle. It’s not good. To the next week.

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