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Macomb County Prosecutor Pete Lucido interrupts his lunch at the American Coney Island to come upstairs and join us.

A conservative Republican, Lucido supports Michigan’s new Red Flag law to take firearms away from the mentally disturbed. He supports increased funding for mental health services and background checks. He supports nursing home reform and oversight.

You’d think the guy was a Democrat.
But that’s what happens when we actually listen to each other and not Cable News.

Is Michigan the anti-Florida as AG Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson claimed on MSNBC?
We do have stricter gun laws and more liberal abortion rights than Florida. But we also have more murder, higher taxes, less reliable energy, worse schools, a lower quality of life and people moving to Florida.

Plus, Mayor Duggan – aka Midnight Mike – patrolling the mean streets of the Motor City.

Live downtown Detroit. It’s news out



Just a breaking Dobo bullshit. Dobo bullshit.

Yeah. Wasn’t that insane, man. Multi. It’s pretty cool. Lightning strike on stature Liberty this weekend.

Yeah. Pretty neat.

Awesome. I just figured that was a nice example of what’s going on in Eric. Pretty much liberty under a check. Everything’s on fire. Eric joining us to today, he just popped into the Coney, so we had him come on up Is Comb County prosecutor Pete. Nada. What’s going on Pete? How doing? Charlie’s, sorry to interrupt your lunch, but thanks for stepping on up, man.

No problem, man. One of the best. Conies down all the way all the time. All the way.

How much?

I’m a good salesman. Yeah. Love it. Charged

For that. Get it on. It’s hot. And he did pay for his conies. So no, there’s, there’s a lot of problems with the media, which you, Tucker Carlson resigned or quit a couple minutes ago trying to find out, just text

Parted ways. So parted ways, however you want to. However, it’s really interesting to see how they’re parsing that in other media outlets.

I wonder what’s up with that? Like the Dominion s three quarters of a billion dollars, but Smart mad is still out. I don’t know, but we’ll see what we can do with that. But it is bothering me that you look at the Hunter Biden laptop story and the media piles on because they believe the spy agency heads saying it’s all the earmarks of Russian disinformation. It turns out this thing is coming from the Biden campaign pushed by current Secretary of State, Anthony. It was made up. The reason they did it is they wanted Biden to win. Mean this thing stinks like Watergate. And the meat is not saying shit.

Well, they have egg on their face. A lot of the outlets do.

So I guess they’re creating chaos, bro. They’re supposed to be making order of things and being truthful. Where do you turn? Yeah, but making things truthful. Don’t sell cars, Pampers and whatever else. I think it does. I really think it does. Because people are wondering where to go, where you go. You here? Yeah. Well, we’ll do more that Thursday. But I want to start out with clarification. A clarification. This is from the Mayor of Detroit. Not sent to me, by the way. Sent to the editorial board of the Detroit News and then forwarded to me. So I went back and forth with the guy that wrote it. John Roach, the director of media relations. And apparently our relations aren’t so good, but really has nothing to do with the Detroit News. But you let me read it because again, above board mayor’s got some complaints. So let’s explore this. Nolan just wanted to be proactive on a potential problem. Oh God. With La Duff.
He’s claiming in his current podcast and Twitter podcast and Twitter that the mayor lied about being present downtown on the afternoon and evening of April 15th. Lauff statement is completely fabricated. In fact, the mayor spent much of Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening driving through downtown Detroit Greektown and at Water along the riverfront. It is a practice he engages in most spring and summer weekends on April 15th. He continually shared his observations on a real-time basis with Chief White. As D P D was adjusting its strategies to address the crowds throughout the evening. This is something Chief White can readily confirm. The manice lauff bears towards the mayor is well documented it. And we normally pay little attention to what he says to his podcast audience. But I have noted lately that his weekly column in Detroit noon often is a rehash of his podcast material. I just want to make sure he’s not allowed to repeat these false claims through to the Detroit News. I’m sending you this note in the hopes that should he try to incorporate this false claim in a future column, someone from the editorial board will check with us and get the facts before publishing it. Thanks so much for your cooperation. John Rhodes, director of media relations. Now where to start with this? Number one,
You’re driving around doing intel. He’s on patrol. Yeah, directing strategies. Top flight security. Okay, so you’re driving around Detroit at night looking for trouble. Okay. Clarification. Okay, but you didn’t get out of the car. A guy gets dropped, he’s dead and driving around Greektown. But you don’t get out. You don’t get out. Why wouldn’t you get out? Why wouldn’t you be on camera with the chief of police?

Yeah, sure. Some leadership,

Well that’s because he’s busy strategizing and real time. We’re down a few cops. I’m giving it to the mayor.

They’re smoking the blunt on the corner.

No. So I call him, I say, Hey John, why aren’t you talking to me with the Nolan thing? And he goes, well, why didn’t you call me? I go, bad media relations in the future will do so Because that’s interesting that you drive. Nobody saw you. Not the clergy, not the business. Yeah, not me.

I think he didn’t call you or come directly to you. Cause you don’t have a boss here.

But we’re an honest news organization.

Yeah, but you can’t

Comments. You see what I just did? Yeah. Okay, so I’ll take your word for it. I said, well, nobody saw you. Well it doesn’t matter if they saw me. He’s in the car. Yeah, good. Get out of the cart.

Well, just to that as a Detroiter, I want to say to the mayor, it does matter when we have this type of chaos in mayhem happening that the leader of our city is right there in the forefront and on the front line. You driving in the car does nothing. I didn’t see you.

We strategizing. Right? Come on man. It’s more than you were doing.

Actually, I actually was walking you. I can’t drive through Greek town. It’s blocked

Off. Now look here, let’s, let’s go to this here. First of all, it’s not a rehash of podcast material, John. What happens is we run columns in Detroit News and we use ’em for basis of discussion here. So let’s get that right. And finally, the most important, because this is you Cribbing our last show when we’re talking about actual malice and we’re talking about reckless disregard for the truth and dominion and all that. It’s not malice that’s well documented towards the mayor. See, this is called the first amendment. It’s the first amendment. It’s not malice to point out poor policing strategy, poor bookkeeping, sliding money to your girlfriend and pretend you’re not destroying emails given money to oligarchs. It’s not malice. It’s called the press. And that’s how the press is supposed to behave. We’re not picking sides because when that happens, everything goes through shit like this town, like Washington.
The whole world’s at war. Yeah. A drink with an Israeli last night. It’s a quiet simmering war across the planet. And you don’t get a true accounting of what’s going on in the Ukraine. You don’t get a true accounting of what the fuck we’re doing in Syria. What the fuck happened in Afghanistan? The sedan, right? Hell yeah. The southern border. What? No, no, it’s not malice man. It’s freedom of the press, the fourth estate and the, it’s not the fourth estate. Look at it. What are the three estates? I don’t know. You tell me. The executive branch, legislative, legislative branch judicial. In the judicial branch. We might be the fourth estate, but nobody left any money for us. A revenue source in the Constitution. So the only way I think to make money in the long term is to be honest. We can disagree, but you got to be honest. And Pete, you’ve been flagged a million times in the press. It’s politics. Dude. Have you taken your workplace behavior class yet?

What’s that?

The one where

That’s only if you had an issue in the workplace. But when everybody else reports you for doing your job and don’t like to come back to work or maybe better off, don’t like the way they got to be accountable, then it becomes a workplace behavior issue. I highly doubt it.

Yeah. I don’t care if I make the Journalism Hall of Fame.

But to your point, what you were saying is, I mean, journalists have always been fair. They have been even they’ve given the story as it’s supposed to be reported. I think there’s been a change of how journalistic approaches, and maybe they should go back to the old school ways, which is report the facts, don’t embellish. Don’t turn the story into something more than what it really is. Just because you want to sell newspapers or I think they indicated diapers and baby formula. But

If you’re going to do it right, like a critic, people will criticize me. I put myself in my stories. I did the who, I did the kid stuff. I’ve earned a point of view. But what I try to do when I’m doing my work is level with the viewer or level with the listener, or level with the reader. This is where I’m coming from.

But how do you get back to what somebody has already shot out in the press exercising what they claim as a first amendment. It’s a skewed first amendment. No one’s ever talked about that. It’s a different course that we are now on. And it’s how to be hateful, disrespectful,





It sells and ring.

Who’s controlling it? Who’s controlling it? It’s the monies. It’s the people that have the money that controlled the message. And those people that have the money usually own the stations and or are associated with the stations.

This too. Dude, I just writing this down cause I got to finish my column this afternoon. Yeah, the press now, they’re the ones that are the Hector. Right? We’re going to Hector you to behave properly. We’re the scolds. Right? You’re not saying it properly. We’re the thought police. How

Do you get equal time? Somebody please give me that answer. When they launch missiles at you, how do you get equal time to launch back so that everybody knows that it’s been a fair dialogue and that it’s fundamentally going to not be skewed

For? Well, the thought is this, you are the prosecutor, Duggan’s the mayor. You command a microphone whenever you want it by your position, you’re able to command an audience. That’s why it’s set up in the United States as it is. Social media has brought in a whole new wave. All of a sudden everybody has a microphone. That’s the brave new world. But it’s not. So when the government, the media and spy agencies are all together colluding, colluding on creating thought. That’s scary. It’s

Not equal time, Charlie. No, never has been. Never will

Be. There’s a couple of members of the Supreme Court that would agree with you. Yeah. They’re the conservative wing Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas. And I’m hoping he doesn’t get there because I know it pisses you off. I know it bothers you and that Google’s forever. But if those protections go away, then there’s no way ever to, you see the mayor here using the word malice. You could see, if I don’t have first amendment protections, I could never go after those contracts. I could never go after the nepotism. I could never go after what’s really going on with the money and who’s connected. You know, could never go after the police for hiding murder.

So when does the picture become the people’s picture and not that of the politician? It’s

Up to the people then to pick what they want to be. And again, I mean, you can go left, you can go right, or you can find something reputable in the middle that respects you. I like this program and I like this audience because it’s left and it’s right and we talk to each other. You know what I mean? But even with red to comedian and it’s comedy. Factually correct. Factually correct. So I wanted to start out with the mayor. Okay? I’m going to take you at your word. I don’t normally do that. Right? You were driving around. I think it’s, that’s even worse than not being there. You were driving around.

Right? What does that do for us as residents? I mean, I’m talking just as a resident that lives here. I’m looking to you for leadership. I’m looking to see what you’re going to do to fix this. And Pete, I just want to say this, the people have to start holding knees outlets accountable. It has to be a demand. Hey, you not going to bring me the news, which I depend on. And the truth, I can’t support you. I can’t support your sponsors. The money control it. The money will stop it. And until the people stand up and say, Hey, we don’t want no more of this bullshit. Be real with us, or we’ll make sure you are up out of here and go with who’s being real.

That’s something like Budweiser just came through and now they’re not buying Budweiser and stores aren’t carrying it because the people have spoken and said, look, we’re not going to keep this thing going. And I don’t know if we’re going to have the chance to do it all the way. But I know this, when people listen to one newscast, they hear a different story than another newscast. But yet the facts are the same. So in two your point, red, somebody’s got to stop spending so that they don’t have that time on the air to give you that nonsense news.

And let me say end to end this segment, we’ll go to work from our commercial sponsors anymore. I have Ask the mayor, how about you and I do a drive along. I drive along with you one night, one of these evenings and see what you see. And you know what? I don’t think I don’t. He’s going to go for that. Why would That’s a smart, he’s a smart man. Yeah. If he’s doing what he say he’s doing well, then that’ll a


Want an interesting piece that people want to see and hear about

You. He don’t want you distracting him from his observations of new strategies

Talking. Hey, the more eyes out there, the better. All right, so the clarification’s been made. John, mayor of the offer stands, man up. Let’s drive around. Let’s word from our sponsor.

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Done. Red.

Just a update. I lost that belly. I’m working on it

Because STS working now finally. But move it around.

Why don’t

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Mark. I don’t know how you feel, but him running off to New York every other week just makes me feel like we’re second string. Now I turn down the work, but I enjoy watching it, so I do too.

But I am trying to negotiate with the network, the stretch limo we’re getting from Ottawa. Yeah. Why can’t we drive around the swing states in America and our 81 stretch limo, Fleetwood. And that’s our news truck. And we report about everyday Americans. Real shit. Not this MSNBC garbage bar broadcast. Barbie and cable can horseshit. There’s nothing that reflects our life.

Real Americans. The

Struggle news. The news is dead man. News is dead. So again, I know you want to get to lunch, Pete, but the nursing home investigation, you explain what you were doing covid nursing home.

So when I was in the legislature, in the Senate, I noticed that I’ve got a mask on and I’m going to work and I’m doing my job. And part of my job is to make sure that the people have at least a fighting chance to keep themselves safe from the risk of harm of covid. And we were all trying to do that, just not me, but I brought a bill in because I listened to the doctors and I brought a couple of them. Dr. Washington, I brought up to the Capitol and Dr. Bison who was in serving with me in the Senate. And I asked the question, I mean, I’m not a doctor, but I know that if I’ve got a compromised immune syndrome where I have breathing issues or I have issues regarding my immune system, I don’t want to be around sick people because I’m compromised already.
I’m old. And as a result, I will get this infection and die. And I noticed the death’s going up. So I noticed that the policy of the governor’s executive order was do not allow anybody but a hub to take on people that were discharged from the hospital with Covid. I mean, I’ve already got a facility with people in it. I know that they can’t go home and try to take care of themselves if they have no one to help them take care of themselves. So they would go into a hub. And I was wondering why. So I looked at the dollars and I looked at what Medicaid or Medicare paid in these facilities. And then I looked at what the government, the state was given to these hubs through the federal government dollars. And it was like double. So there was almost an incentive to take on covid patients.


At least. At least. So I looked at the numbers and where they were coming from and why this policy needed to be implemented. Why didn’t we carry out what? Cobo Hall, and I was still calling it Cobo Hall, but why didn’t they go ahead and do what they said they were going to do the field

Hospital there with a thousand beds.

They brought all these beds in. They had the National Guard come out, set ’em all up. They had all the PPE that you wanted and no one really went in there. No. They brought in all these machines that they forced the government to give ’em. And I’m wondering when they did it again then at the, what was it called out there? No Suburban expos. Yeah, the showcase. They did the same thing. And all this money was spent, and I guess they reworked the H V A C system here over at Cobalt Hall. They spent millions of dollars out of it. Somebody ought to look into that. And at the end of the day, none of it was used. They were still putting them in these hubs. Well, I put a bill in and said no more of this because I just saw so many deaths and so much

So what’d the bill say? Just so

The bill basically said, you’re barred from doing this. Okay.

That you can’t put, you can’t do this no more. Can’t infected people in a nursing home. You can’t do it with healthy people. And that you, we want to set up bipartisan past. By the way, a

Didn’t, it didn’t the first time. Let me tell you what happened. Well, no, no. She vetoed it. I mean she vetoed the bill.

Well, it was a bipartisan bill. Yes. She vetoed it. Yep. My state Senator Mall mc mc Morrow. Yep. Who wants to be your governor. She voted against it. I have no idea why. I do know why, because I did look into it. It’s because they didn’t want to pay the bill. Well,

I gave it to the health policy committee and I said, I want you that are voting no on this in the committee to put your own John Hancock on the words that are in the bill so that we can get you there to a yes. And no one wanted to touch the pen. No one wanted to get the pen to do this. That’s right. After the governor vetoed it, it’s like, and then Leslie love from Detroit said, my mom is dying in a nursing home right now. She’s put in there

That starts Biden. She

Came to me and she said, Pete, I need help. Yeah. I mean, I need my

Mom. So you sponsored the bill. We shouldn’t be commingling old people in the nursing

Home. Yeah, that’s really what

It came, it got vetoed. And then you leave the Senate, you are elected. No, no,

No, no, no, no. I took another stab it before I

Left. I know, but I’m just bringing it around now.

So I finally got it

Passed as Macomb. Yes.

Now I leave the Senate. I come home, I become the Macomb County prosecutor.

So it gets passed

When it gets passed. Just before I left.

What year?

2020 December. November, 2020. Now I get home and the big thing is I’m getting calls. I’m getting emails saying, could you tell me, I didn’t get to say goodbye to my mom, my dad, they died in nursing home. Uncle, aunt, grandma, grandpa. Could you help me? I want to know what was going on in there and how when my mom had a private, how could she have gotten covid when she never left the room?

So you were looking into did the governor’s and it’s, they can deny it all they want, but it’s all there in black and white. The policy of commingling, did that contribute to death? That’s what you were looking into?

Not only just that, Charlie, but also the fact that there was nothing given to the individuals to start the closure and the healing process because they didn’t even get a chance to bury their loved ones properly. Well,

I also, I didn’t get to watch my brother brothers brother last brother. Yeah,

Your brother, sorry. Again, Charlie. I mean, it’s a tough time for everybody, but the death rate was higher with the elderly. And if we knew that, then why wouldn’t modern medicine go ahead and say we can’t commingle

Anymore? And we know that the death rate was at least 40 something percent higher in these facilities than the government was admitting. And probably higher than that, because they didn’t count. They didn’t require many of the facilities to even give data. When the governor required that with her patent. They just ignored it and

Nobody wanted to take that initiative. It was very strange that it seemed like I was the alone soldier to go up and say, who’s talking for these individuals that don’t have the chance to tell you what’s going on in there? Nobody was talking in there. I felt bad for the workers. They didn’t have enough covers.

We tried. I


Everybody did a good job on that. Yeah,

I think it did too. I do.

So what, when I get home months long investigation. Yeah, you asked people to send you.

Here’s what I did. I set up a website because each law enforcement agency needed guidance. I set up a website. The website was saying, here’s a standard form. Once we receive it, we’ll know where the individual resided plus what nursing facility they were in. So we can send it to the police department. Because prosecutors do not really investigate. They don’t have the tools, the resources. And that’s what police do,

Refer complaints to the police.

Exactly, yes. And we were referring them just for purposes of number one, talking to the people in the nursing facility too. Was there any information that was gained as a result of their care, their custody and control in a nursing home when families couldn’t get in? Was there something unique because no one was filming or videoing inside these facilities showing, but we were told that there was workers that left their jobs and then there was very few workers to try to care for our loved ones that were going back and forth from the covid portion of the nursing facility to the non covid. Right. And there was curtains that were separating these

Shower curtains.

Shower curtains.

Now did you try driving around late at night?

Well, no. Cause I was conscious of the gas and I was trying to be a conservative to not put all that money in my tank and drive around

Global warming as well. Yeah. So electric car.

No, I don’t. Okay.

No. Anyway, so you conducted the investigation and you’ve determined that there’s no way to

Right. We had over 3000. I didn’t stutter inquiries just in Macomb County. And that website was, it was every day. There was more and more and more people called and they asked what’s going on? And I said, I referred it to your local police department. You can follow up with them. They wanted a protocol, the police, and how to handle that investigation. And as chief law enforcement an official in McComb County, I put together a protocol for them as to who, what, when, where, and why.

Cutting to the quick, you couldn’t show that the governor’s not even in one instance that the governor’s policy led to death. Is that correct?

That’s correct. In the grand scheme of things, when it’s all said and done, even the healthcare workers that were in there said, although we saw how somebody came in that was healthy and stayed in their own room, they become unhealthy when they got the covid. Because

There’s, see, that’s the thing. There’s no way to prove that. So if you go to New Cuomo’s, New York, the attorney gen, you got hammered like they’re trying to go after your law license for you setting up a website. But that’s exactly what the Attorney General of New York State did.

And here in Michigan, she’s got what’s called the elderly abuse form to fill out if your loved one was in a nursing facility and was abused. And if you go online to the State Attorney General, you’ll see that she has the same kind of format as I designed in Macomb

County. Now, there’s no way on God’s green Earth, see you. It was a red herring. You were chasing a ghost. You can’t prove any of that trans, you couldn’t prove that this policy caused the death E even in New York state. The Attorney General didn’t try to do that. She got ’em on. You didn’t follow through on P P E. You didn’t follow through on staffing and testing. But not that this directly caused death, although you can statistically look at the hubs and the nursing homes and find where the clusters are. And we now know that they misreported the deaths there to the task force they paid for, the governor, paid for, and that the data was all screwed up. We do know there’s higher rates of death, but that’s all we know. We can’t say because you’re co-mingle a jump.

Why are you setting up these large facilities if you’re never going to use them? How much did you spend on redoing the H V A C over at Cobo Hall? And do you

Want know,

Where’d the money come from?

The email conversations I got in there? If you’re not receiving Medicaid for these facilities, or you have a contract to be living at the facility and you’re not, you’re staying at COBAL Hall. Well, who pays for that? And the chatter this, as a former senator, the chatter was we don’t want to pay for it. Right? Right. Close it down. So we get sent billions in Covid money and it’s being used for everything. But if you look at these nursing homes, they’re putting in parking lots, but no new HVAC system for the next

Pandemic. So Robert Gordon that went along

With the former Director of Health and Human

Service, former director of Health and human, the

Hush money,

The disclosure that left and went back to dc, the question becomes, why did you set something up that could never have operated? Who was the one that did this knowing that they couldn’t get paid for it? And why didn’t they set the contract in motion with Medicare and Medicaid prior to spending millions of dollars of taxpayers money and mobilizing the National Guard to stay at the Antum Hotel to go ahead and set beds into

Motion? Yeah, I know they didn’t want to pay for it. And now we got a convention center with a great HVAC system and a bunch of dead people, and there’ll be no reckoning. So that’s what you found out. Yes. I don’t think it’s a defeat. I didn’t think you were going to get anywhere with that science, scientifically speaking. But it is fair to say that you looked into it and there’s no way to prove that the governor’s policy directly led to one death. That’s fair to say.

I can only tell you what modern medicine has said at the hearings, and there was no other doctors there to dispute it, which was, in all fairness, if somebody is already compromised and you’re bringing in more sickness, you’re only hurting the cause and not helping it.

See, this to me is nonsense. But scientifically and legally speaking, you can’t make that jump. But at the same time, you can’t make the jump when the United States Calvary is giving out blankets to Native Americans. In fact, it was smallpox that that’s how they got smallpox. You can’t say that. We all know that to be true. And my gut, my brain tells me absolutely this, but I’m just still amazed. The lack of speed, the lack of import to monitor what was on. And they failed in every way in terms of testing of the staff, in terms of the equipment, in terms of counting death, just everything they failed. And again, the media that helped her do this, everybody was just happy to be there at the press conference. And this chick in this over here in the corner, and we just cooling hip and in the middle of a national story, we have LA and they never went after

It. We have Laura that’s supposed to look over these

Facilities. There’s a joke.

And no one from Lara was working, but remotely. So how do you go investigate these facilities inside to make sure that they’re doing what the license says they’re supposed to do?

And so later in the summer of 2020, when investigators go in Lara or Feds, half of the hubs flunked the infection protocols, the hubs that, okay, get ’em in there. That’s great. This wing will be covid that wing. Don’t worry. We got it. And then the inspectors go in there. Well, after the first spike in deaths and realize half of them were

Bullshitting. Yeah. One more thing.

Am I right there?

A hundred percent. But the front liners, the ones that are hand on garbage cans to protect themselves and their skin from touching another patient.

Garbage bags.

Garbage bags, yeah. That’s problematic. Because if you didn’t even have the proper P P e health science, whatever you want to call it, tells you you’re not supposed to be doing that job like that.

And the argument would be, well, it was so scarce. We all remember that. I remember calling my buddy in India and getting shipments here. But we know from people we’ve had on the program working the muckety mucks over there at tcf, Cobo Hall, that they had oodles and pallets and hundreds of thousands of pieces of personal protection equipment that they didn’t share.

So what was the purpose? I don’t know. But the end of the day, somebody says, well, we did the best we could or what we had did. We really, when you can’t give a family member an answer on how mom died or how dad died, or better yet what was in their mind because they allowed to use an iPad. Most people, my mom’s never turned one on. She doesn’t even have a cell phone. She’s 93. The ones that were in there. How did they communicate then? Was there anybody to communicate for them? Where was the ad budsman to go sit there and say, Hey, I got a legitimate complainant, wanted to check on it.

They didn’t because I went in those places. I collected the dead. I was there with elderly husbands looking in the window. They just rotted away

Sad. And you know what? And again, they can’t get back that time, that moment, but we can learn from a mistake that was made. Exactly. Exactly. And then try to go ahead and rationalize, because I hope to God it never happens

Again. That’s the problem though. Be such because everything’s so political that we’re not fixing it. Again, I’m on record and I’ll say it right now, I can’t argue. I totally argue with the co-mingling, but I can’t argue with locking it down in an unknown time. In an unknown world, there was no other thing to do. But as time went on and if you were actually doing science and data that you would know that wasn’t the right way. Even the we’re never going to acknowledge

It. Charlie, your point, even the hospitals had isolated units within the hospital that the only floor that Covid patients would go on is the Covid floor. You keep it together.


To. But islands years ago with leopards,

Hospitals have HVACs islands in those rooms though. Yes.

There’s the difference. Yes, there’s the difference that they contain the air that wouldn’t be free falling throughout a facility.

And this shit went on, I mean, for three fucking years and three years. And I’ve seen almost nothing. And this is probably a pretty good story. I’m going to write it down. And I have before, how many of just the federally funded the 450 nursing home nursing homes? How many of new HVAC systems? Where’s the all hands on deck?

What about the big boat? The big Red Cross boat in New York. Okay.

Again, but see, you are the prosecutor. You looked into this. Do you know of any Elise in Macomb County, any federally recognized nursing homes that have put in a new HVAC system?

I do not. And the only one I know about was the one over at the TCF bank or the Cobo Hall, one that used some dollars through the feds. And it was millions and millions to go ahead and they had to hurry up and hustle and get it done. And I don’t know whether or not that money will ever be paid back. I guess not, because it was used for, I don’t know what purpose.

Well, we can personally tell you, I went down there and it was only a homeless shelter being used at the time while the rest of the building was supposed to been for major hub.

What at? At Cobo Hall?

Yeah, at Cobo

Hall. Yeah. They’re using this warming center.

But I want to ask you this, Pete, in doing all of this, how bad was the underreporting? Because I know you had to do the research to find these things out. How bad was the under-reporting and what are you thinking of trying to put in place, at least in Macomb County and suggesting to other counties to fix this under reporting and not realizing what’s going on in the future?

That’s a great question. Every death certificate that was, I guess, harvested at that time, they had all kinds of reasons for the death, unless we get an inquisition with the coroners as to what the cause of death was. And did they report ’em or over-report because there was money involved with not only taking the patients into these hubs, but also caring for them. And if they died from a covid, there was federal dollars involved.

Again, I said, that doesn’t bother me. If you want to over count, overcome, okay, just be consistent. Right on how you’re counting it. What angers me is we’re counting everything except where they were dying then as Senate oversight committee, nobody wanted to accurately count where the true deaths were, which were these facilities. So if we’re going to count every motorcycle accidents and heart attacks, fine. If you got to touch a covid, throw it in there, pay the money. I don’t care. But why were you letting we know killed old people? The average age of somebody that died from Covid in the state is about 75 years old. Where did they live again? You undercounted it. That’s what drives me fucking crazy. And we now know through this whole covid bullshit that these nursing homes across America, 400,000 people a year before Covid died in the nursing homes from communicable diseases, meaning they caught an infection in the nursing home. They’re dumps, they’re cattle pens. We’re in America, we’re throwing our old people away. Here was a chance to fix something. And Fauci never mentioned a holistic redesign of end of life care. And I know that’s what you were trying to do, and you’re not going to be able to accomplish that, are you? It’s it’s way beyond a prosecutor.

I can only tell you at night it would bother me because my mother is 93 right now. My dad, dad died at 96. He didn’t die of covid.

That’s pretty good. Gene.

Yeah, I got some good gene. I got some.

You mean you going to be around a while? I

Think I’m going

To. Oh

Fuck man. You’re going to enjoy it too. But I couldn’t get people to understand the heart of like they used to say a father can take care of a hundred children, but not one child can take care of the father. What I mean by that saying is people were scared that we’re trying to care. Caregivers were scared that they were going to get infected and die themselves. But when you enlisted the military and you go to a war, you don’t run away from it. You took on a responsibility and a commitment. They were paying your workers even more. And I get it, this was the toughest job you can ever imagine watching people die before your eyes. But who was there to go and make the oversight to make sure that it was fundamentally fair for the patient that was living in

Nobody? Nobody. But I’m watching this weekend. We do things great here. So I can’t get a hold of the governor or the secretary of State or the attorney general. I can’t drive around with the mayor because we got real questions, but they’d like to go on MSNBC and CNN and talk to Barbie who doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking about. Right. And pretend. So here’s a clip of Dana Nessel, state Attorney General and Jocelyn Benson, the secretary of state on msnbc, talking about how we’re the, we’re now the anti Florida. See Florida’s fucked up. And Michigan, we have background checks and we have abortion rights, which is a fine thing, not against those things, but let’s just have a look at the deep conversation from this weekend here.

Michigan, a swing state essentially becoming the opposite of Florida, as some in your state legislature are calling us. For those who are not as well versed in your state’s politics, how did that happen?

Voters in listening to voters and respecting voters is how it happened. And now you have one state with the governor obsessed with attacking Mickey Mouse and Michigan has leaders who are obsessed with protecting every citizen’s fundamental rights and freedoms and ensuring businesses can thrive.

Secretary Benson and I work hand in hand with the legislature and the governor to make sure that we’re promoting the best possible policies and legislation that’s going to help the most people in our states.

There you go. Still haven’t gotten an answer on the MSU mass shooter. So how about that, Pete? You’re a Republican.


We’re the anti Florida bro. No,

Here. Here’s what I see though. We’ve failed in all different courses and directions of different policies and policy is supposed to be dialogued by way of both parties. And you have to cooperate one another and then you have to call somebody out to say, what options alternatives do you have if mine doesn’t work? Because I used to think if this is something I believe will work, if you have something better bring it. Don’t just say, no, I’m not. Bring something that yes I can and I will. And we’ll both be together on it. And the big thing is with guns, when you’ve learned from the MSU shooting that this individual had a case and wasn’t assessed, had a mental assessment just to see whether or not they’re suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, tendencies, or aggression, or on any medications, we’re doing the wrong thing. And in Macomb County, there was editorials.
And I’m asking the judges, because I am not a judge, I can’t order nothing. I’m recommending these judges send anybody that is a felon in possession of a firearm or is pulled over with a loaded gun in the front seat. All you’re doing is give him a bond, let ’em out, do what you get. But in three days, you’re going to get an assessment. You’re going to let us know whether or not there is a problem. And if they might have gotten that assessment in the msu, they might have learned that losing his mother caused him to get into a mental depression and state that could have maybe, so

Mental adjustments, that’s actually news. But here’s the thing, but

It goes right in line with direct flag laws.

They made up a fucking charge of him carrying it in a vehicle because it’s a misdemeanor. And he had no vehicle. He had a bicycle.

Yeah. Sounds like it. Sounds like they’re trying to


The law,

The weed, all through his probation, which Nessel wants to know. I have your answer, madam. Yeah. And you didn’t violate him for three days. You didn’t give him a felony because you know this, if you’re carrying a concealed weapon, that’s a felony. It is. And if you’re convicted of the felony, you can never no longer get a legal weapon. But

They leave Charlie right from their bond hearing and go get another weapon. The convicted felons go get another

Gun. But not legally so no, the government can do a minimum do that. But they didn’t do that.

No, they did not.

They didn’t do that. So let’s enforce gun laws. As you know, there was a guy in Macomb County, he had gun charges. He didn’t pick ’em up in time, and he ends up killing a police officer in Detroit. So there’s a zero tolerance for gunplay in McComb. You,

You’re damn

Right. Well, it sounds that’s a liberal democratic talking point. We need laws. Well, we do get it. We have laws. We do have laws. We

Got laws. We always had laws. The problem is, are we utilizing the laws with the mental health crisis to go ahead and ensure public safety? Are

We laws communities for talking points in an election cycle? Yes. Are we going to use the laws to protect the citizens?

I can only tell you what I’m doing in Macomb County. Yes. And that is ensuring when they walk out that court


Pinko, either they go ahead and get the mental health assessment, which ties right in line with what those red flag laws are about. Because I’m not sending a cop up to a door when somebody’s already got a mental health issue to having him shot at

Happens. You sound like a Democrat.

Well, you could say whatever you want.


I am is Pete Lucido. Okay. And don’t forget

It. The titles are irrelevant to me now with these parties. That makes sense. And there should be, the majority of lawmakers should be agreeing with that. I don’t see how that’s a political S issue. I

Haven’t seen. How’s that partisan? I want to see the bill put in by these lawmakers that are forcing police to do a job without proper protection, without proper protocol. If I go to the door and they don’t open a door, what am I supposed to do if I’m getting shot at, do I have the right to shoot back And at the end of the day, do I have enough locker space back in there to take all these weapons? And what’s the protocol if I lose them? They get broken, they get stolen. And at the end, where is the clerk’s money going to be to buy a new clerk to do all this work? And the judges are going to back up the courthouse and I’ll go on and on and on. Hold on. At the end. Where were these questions asked up

There? He’s getting into the nitty gritty of funding and the shit we don’t see, it’s all broken. You were going to say, right? Yeah.

Well, you got to give money to enforce. You have to fund. Yes. And make sure the’s, the money resources are there. Where for the people

To do this

Unintended, nobody intended where having a gun without the

Bullets. Where’s the money? Yeah, there is Biden. Biden sent Wayne County 200 million. He sent Michigan 12 billion. He sent Detroit 840 million. He said, use it for public safety. The courts are backed up. The police are underfunded. Right? A hundred percent. There’s no probation departments to speak up the They wanted

Defund the police instead of support ’em

Because, well, the president said defund them and we’re not. Okay. Now let me say, let go like this. Now

Was a quick joke.

Let me go like this. Okay. We’re the anti Florida. They have nothing to do with it, but okay, I sat up. We are the anti Florida. Let me give you a few other things besides abortion and background checks on guns. Terms of the murder rate in America, Michigan is 13th, Florida’s 19th. In terms of unemployment. The unemployment rate Michigan’s in the top 10 for unemployment, and Florida’s in the bottom 10 for unemployment, power, reliability. Florida’s in the top 10 for power, reliability, and they have hurricanes. We’re in the bottom five for, and we have rain,

We have sunshine.

The tax rate in Florida is the sixth lowest in the United States State and local taxes. Michigan, we’re in the bottom 10. The quality of life measurements about the air, the schools, the crime greenways. Florida’s in the top 10. We’re in the bottom 12 education, K through 12 and higher education. Florida’s in the top three. We’re in the bottom 12. We have the least transparent government in the United States. By any measure
Of the 50 most dangerous cities in the United States, 50 most dangerous cities. That’s violent crimes per thousand people. Michigan has seven of the top 50. Michigan has seven of the top 50 most violent cities in America. Saginaw number, Detroit number six, Kalamazoo number 12, Lansing. Number 17, Inkster number 29, Flint. Number 42. Battle Creek. Number 47, Jackson. Number 50. Now, Jackson is a county seat. Flint is a county seat. Lansing is a county seat. Kalamazoo is a county seat. Yes. Isn’t it? Or I’m not sure about that one. Yes. Detroit is a county seat. Saginaw is a county seat. Okay. In Florida, the 50 most dangerous cities, Florida has zero in the top 50. I go on Covid deaths by state. Michigan ranks number nine. Florida ranks number 12 of the top 10.

And they have more elderly there.

Yes. Twice as many of the top 10 states. Of which Michigan’s ninth. Michigan’s the only state that had lockdown policies. So this tells you about our nursing homes. This tells you about our healthcare. Does it not? Yep. Okay. And finally, according to the van lines, the moving, I think is atlas of people moving out of the state, right? Michigan is top five for people moving out of the state. Florida is the top five for people moving into the state. So quality of life, safety, education, healthcare, work, taxes, M S N B C, go fuck yourself, stay out of the election. We’ll decide. And your disinformation needs to go because Pete’s more liberal than you. Somehow Pete wants the gun laws enforced.

I hope. And I pray that before they go ahead and have take effect, which is in January, that they redo what they could have done to make it more strength. If somebody has a mental illness or a threat to themselves or others, don’t you want to remove that as the problem? Leave the guns in check. The person will only use the gun if they’re around the gun and they have a right to take ’em in. We have laws on that too, to go do an evaluation when they are a threat to themself or others.

You’re into the red flag law.

I have to be, because it’s going to create a huge issue when police in my town as it relates to the 28 different law enforcement divisions are going to adore, knocking on the door and saying, open up. We’re here to take your weapons. If the person has a mental disable disability or is mentally suicidal or something, you may see that they’re going to start using those weapons. And now we’re creating more violence instead of curbing the violence.

And I dig this, I’m going to wrap it up, but again, if you strip the conservative wing of, your party’s not really going to be down with that. But you are in really surprising places in this country. If everybody calms down and talks rationally, we don’t even have to agree. But you’ll find we agree a whole lot more than we disagree than media’s giving us credit for. Yeah. Do not let ’em divide us. And I’m sorry to interrupt your lunch. Lemme let you I, I’ll buy you a nice hot meal. Thanks for, thanks for coming us. Thank

You, Charlie. Thank you Charlie for Emmy. I appreciate it.

Red, thanks for coming in. Thanks Brett. Thank you. Thank you. Coming in, Pete, enjoy. Mayor. Sorry you were driving around. I love to drive around with you. Give, give me a call. You got my number, Coney Island about two minutes ago to check out the scene. All right. We’ll see you Thursday evening

Everybody. Bye-Bye everybody.

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