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We lose loved ones. The city loses population. Yet the gardens still grow. RIP Mike Nevin. RIP Anthony Bourdain.

Forecast Power Outage power outage, it aint even been an Hour. 

DTE “Damn That Energy” 

DTE Rep address the people to let them know we don’t give a damn just deal with it. 

One Ton Trolley & Bill Arnold 

One of Michigan’s top rock, blue grass soul bands come and bless the NBN audience with the sweet sounds of blue collar America. 

COVID 3 Years Anniversary 

No one seems to care or remember that just 3 years ago COVID took over the world. Detroit Red goes to Rosa Park Bus Terminal to see if people still care about COVID. 

What’s Bullshit In The News 

Whitmer Goes to San Diego, Duggan,s Milking the City Address & Tucker Carlson 41 hours of Riot Tape, How much shit does mainstream media think we can eat.. 

Mike Nevin, gone but not forgotten.
Not just a fire fighter, but a fighter for those who fight fire to save lifes. 

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