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After the cruise, Jackie assures Brianna that Rebecca will not be a problem anymore. Jackie has a Skylab boot camp and finds out that Skylab client, Deenie, is unhappy with her trainer, Gregg. Later, Deenie and Gregg have a big blow-out. Jackie also has to lay down the law with Skylab client, Tyra, for being late to her appointments. Jackie has a meeting with a producer about her new fitness DVD. Greg P asks Erika to do a cover photo shoot with him. Although Erika starts out being a little self-conscious about her body, she quickly gets over it. Greg P. and her deliver some amazing photos during their sexy shoot, and get to know each other better. The tension between Jackie and Peeler grows when Lisa tells Jackie that she overheard Brian Peeler talking to Don Scott, the organizer of the Doug Blasdell Foundation Fundraiser. While Brian Peeler trains a client, Lisa is in Jackie’s office making fun of his client’s fake breasts. The next day Brian Peeler confronts Jackie about the situation and their relationship comes to a shocking boil.

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