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DTE– The Power Outage King.
Santa comes to Michigan by candle light.
New report confirms the Woverine State is the worst in the Mid West and among bottom four in America for power outages and power restoration, while amongst the highest in utility bills. Why?
Wall Street. We’ve got your explanation.

Plus, the facts about Covid — It’s still an old persons pandemic. About 75% of deaths are people 65 and older. It’s been that way since March 2020 and it’s that way for December 2021.
Even though 85% in this age group are fully vaxxed.
And they constitute just 16% of the population.
Now, a new study shows an alarming drop-of in protection among vaccinated people in this age group.
So the question remains the same as it was last year, what are we doing for our senior citizens?

And — convicted pedophile and former Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh gets paroled next week.
Who’s keeping an eye ou?

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