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Where did all the psychotic homeless people come from? Who brought the killer fentanyl to America? It is a story straight out of the television series “Breaking Bad.”

Prize winning writer Sam Quinones explains it this way: a man serving time in a California prison for cooking synthetic drugs perfects his culinary skills while behind bars.

When released, the Sinola Cartel brings him to Mexico City to cook meth. But the chef does not cook them meth. He fixes up a batch of fentanyl. The cartel is displeased until it learns the profits to be made.

That first batch is sent to Chicago and Detroit in 2009 and now it is everywhere. And so is death.

And so are the drug addled zombies in Americas streets and public parks.

None of this can be accomplished without the help of a corrupt Mexican government that turns a blind eye. How else could the precursor chemicals making their way through the Mexico’s ports?

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