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Socialism v Capitalism: Closer than you think in modern America.
Even if they didn’t know it.

Professor Richard Wolff, whom the New York Times calls “America’s most prominent Marxist Economist”, squared off with capitalist Perry Johnson, the gazillionaire who drives himself and runs for President even though Fox News won’t let him.
They have more in common than you’d, or they’d, think.

But that’s modern America, isn’t it?
We’re more than Trump or Biden.
But the media doesn’t know that, but the media doesn’t know shit.

It is not exactly correct to say that the United States has become a banana republic. More accurately, it’s become a federal democratic banana republic, where the politically powerful treat the country as their personal fruit orchards Take. Rudy Giuliani, the former mob buster now charged in Georgia like a mobster under the state’s racketeer influenced and corrupt organization act. His honors life has come full circle. Rudy, who used Rico to break the rackets is now accused of racketeering in his role as a MAGA. Fluky Giuliani was once known as the Ignatious incorruptible United States attorney in New York. During the 1980s, his investigation into public corruption there drove the Queensboro president to suicide by plunging a steak knife into his own heart. Giuliani famously took down the Gambino and Bonanno crime families. He perp walked the pha of Wall Street Grifters for insider trading as the mayor of New York City.
You may recall America’s mayor reminding the country in the aftermath of nine 11, not to hate not to go to the Muslim quarters of America and commit violence. All this as George Bush coward somewhere in a bunker. But that was another life, another role, another time in America. Giuliani now is known as the guy whose hair dye runs like melting candle wax the creepo caught with his hands in his pants. In the Borat movie, Rudy is now charged as the beaded consigliere of the Trump family, the frothing meathead who called for a trial by combat on January 6th. Trump has big problems to be sure he got booked this afternoon in Fulton County, but Rudy’s troubles look worse. The Don has millions of supporters who send him tens of millions of crumpled, hard earned dollar bills to help fight with his 91 felony charges in four different jurisdictions.
Rudy, not so much reports have that Giuliani went hat in hand to Mar-a-Lago, begging the boss for a handout to help defray his mounting legal bills, only to be sent home by the boss. Empty hatted. After serving as an advisor to Trump during his 2016 campaign and his early administration, Giuliani joined the president’s personal legal team in 2018. When wild claims of collusion with Putin’s security apparatus were leveled against Trump, I held my tongue and my pen. If the big orange was in fact a Manchurian candidate for the Russian pinkos, I wanted it rooted out. We all did. I think as it turns out, Hillary meddled more with the election than Vladimir Putin could ever hope to. It’s beyond me. Why the Brooklyn District Attorney has not charged her with falsified billing and campaign felonies in connection with the steel dossier. The bogus steel dossier might add as the same as the Manhattan District Attorney has done with Trump in connection with hush payments to a porn star.
The fake collusion story drove Trump and Giuliani mad as if to return the favor, the duo unhinged the public with cockamamie stories about a stolen election, which brings me to the Bidens with all the stinking smoke, the laptop photographs, burner phones, dummy email addresses, text messages, the web of bank accounts, the suspicious action banking reports, dinners with oligarchs and business associates, father and son trips on Air Force. Two phone calls to discuss the weather, the testimony from Hunter Biden’s business Associates. All this deserves a thorough and vigorous investigation, not only of Hunter, but of Joe The Biden family was working business deals with American adversaries in China, Kazakhstan and Russia. We’re not talking Canada, France, or Japan. Here. I doubt the stainless special counsel David Weiss will get to the bottom of things. I just don’t remember. Weiss was not going to charge Hunter Biden with any crimes until the I r s whistleblowers showed themselves. Then there’s the nexus of big media, big tech. The intelligence agencies colluding to squelch the laptop story as Russian disinformation in the 11th hour of the 2020 election. We now know former C I A boss, Michael Morell concocted the phony letter signed by 50 other spy bosses because he wanted Joe Biden to win the election. Think about that. Joseph Stalin could do no better. America has become a country of cabbages and kings

Live downtown Detroit. It’s news with my

Breakiness donor bullshit donor bullshit.

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But while you’re waiting, Acki wants you to remember that overreaction is not a sound financial strategy. So call Luke Acki at (248) 663-4748 for sound financial advice. I did. Alright, how are those? Perry, take one. Loud. Loud. Okay. Okay, take. I have good hearing. Okay, but I don’t know if you’ll be able to hear Richard, but that’s okay. Fine. Here’s what we’re doing. We’ve got a little economic debate I think. Okay, so what we have with this is the old friend of the show, professor Richard Wolf. Hey a Richard. I looked it up. Do you know what the New York Times calls you?



They said that America’s most well-known Marxist economist.

That’s right. America’s most prominent Marxist economist, Richard Wolf, friend of the show. Very bright man. I would say borders on genius. Marxism is the best repudiation of capitalism except Harry. The solution always ends up in a train of the Gulag. That’s my only beef with it. That’s my only beef with it. It’s a pretty big beef. It’s a huge beef. Yeah. And we have Perry Johnson, currently the Republican president or candidate from Michigan known as the Quality guru and a self-made gazillionaire ca billionaire. Just whisper how much you worth. See rich people never tell you how much they’re worth. That’s why they’re rich. I know, but they never talk about that. Ask me how much I’m worth. No. Okay, how much are you worth? I’m rich.
So listen, I just wanted to talk about the economy real quick. It’s the number one issue in the world, not just Michigan, Detroit or the United States. So I said, why not? Because we want to get to Perry and what’s been going on in Iowa and they cheated him out of the debate stage. I don’t think you miss much brother, but so I’m like, well why don’t we have Perry, the capitalist and Richard the socialist together and we’ll discuss some things. So I’m going to call this bit professor and Perry Winkle. Are you guys good with it? Fire away. Okay, there go. Okay, let me see. I need to see Richard too because love the guy. He looks like Dan Pana that we should have sent you to Maui instead of sleepy Jill. Alright guys, the credit agencies have downgraded regional banks last week and week before all this month. So we’re talking specifically in Michigan, the ones we use. Fifth Third Bank, Comerica, Huntington, right? The outlook is bad. Part of it has to do with 80% of all commercial real estate holdings are owned by the regional banks. So what does this mean going forward? I’m going to start. I’m going to start with you Richard. What does it mean when the regional banks are now starting to rumble? Where do you think this is headed?

Well, I think we have been kicking the dam down the proverbial road a long time. Covid has been with us now for three years. It would’ve been kind of obvious to understand that a plague of this dimension would raise the question, can you work safely in the confine of a typical high rise office building? And the answer that at least half the American people have now decided is, no, I’m not going to do it. I’m going to stay home. And we now know that the economic system of the United States with half of the people who used to go to work, not doing it anymore, is doing just as well as it did before this pandemic. We’re learning that the rules of the capitalist system sticking millions of people in little cubicles in airless office buildings was never necessary and shouldn’t have been done. But the bottom line now is that the banks who funded the office buildings can’t get their money back because nobody is those places and nobody looks like they’re going to anytime soon. And that means huge amounts. Billions, hundreds of billions of dollars are sitting waiting to fall apart when the interest isn’t paid and the principle isn’t paid either.

I’m going to say this though, Perry Richard makes a point, but I don’t agree with it, which is we never needed to stick people in buildings. We did Zoom came around during the pandemic, it was upon us, but I’m thinking not only our banks overextended with bad loans that the Federal Reserve policy, the fact that we kept interest rates artificially low and banks invested their deposits and tenure treasury bonds at 1%, all of a sudden you now got to pay little guys like me and Richard for our deposits. We want ’em back and we’re starting to draw ’em out and they’re screwed. They don’t have our deposits.

Well, I will explain this and I’m going to take probably about five or six minutes to

Explain No, can’t do that. Can’t do five or six. It’s got to be concise because not everybody out. There’s,

We’ve got two forces at work. Okay? Two forces at play. He’s right about the fact that we have a lot of people that are not going into the buildings. Let’s

Pause there for a moment. I’m sorry, but I told you it’s going to be freewheeling. Richard, Richard, professor Pinko and capitalist Perry Winkle. Agree. I just want everybody to hear that. Perry, you’ve been in Iowa for months. We agree on so much and every time there’s something that’s agreed upon I need to point out, go ahead, I apologize. Go ahead.

I don’t think we agree on much on this. Okay. Other than the fact that we,

I disagree about that.

He’s right that in covid the people didn’t go to work, but the productivity of the United States is down. The workforce participation is down. We’re at 62.4%.

We are in Detroit 38%. I digress. Go ahead sir.

Bottom line is when you don’t have the people working, you lower productivity. And by the way, let’s take the mortgage business for example. We know that when people go to work in the mortgage business, the overall productivity of that business goes up roughly 50%, which is why it is mandatory to go to work if you work for Rock Financial or United Wholesale because we know in the mortgage business you have to go to work in certain areas. You have to have people there because they work better when they come into work and work together in the group. But the more important issue here relates to the fact that the government decided to print money, they increased the money supplied by 40%.

Wait, remember this? Regular people are listening. Richard, get in on this. You agree? So think

About this.

Wait, wait, wait.

If I don’t supply any

Services, I got to make sure the guy driving in his car, the gal driving in a car with the kids gets this. We increased the money supplied by 40%. Gentlemen, Richard, get in here if you will. Meaning

With no goods or services,

There was so many amount of dollars that existed on earth and we simply by a keystroke from the Fed decided we’ve got 40% more money. Right? Correct. Right, Richard?

Yeah, but what may


Wait a minute, wait a minute. Why did they do that? They didn’t decide. Well wait,

First of all, Richard, wait a minute. You’re breaking the rules. I’m not asking what

This is. No,

See you guys are arguing. You’re saying Richard agrees. You agree with what Perry said? We absolutely would. Nothing behind it created 40% more dollars, right?


Oh look at this shit. Okay, who wants to go next? And when

You do that, think about it. If you have more money without any goods or services for that money, the prices go up. So the government caused the inflation


20 years. We couldn’t get the inflation. So

Lemme go like this. See if you guys agree with this Richard. They do not. This is like this. That’s just raw. Okay,

Go on. That’s just raw. Go on. The government has been increasing the money supply at least since the great crash of 2008 and nine.

That’s true.

He agreed. That means a good 12 years and for most of those 12 years, while it was increasing the money supply, we had no inflation. So the argument, the money

Supply in the last

Three years, that’s just

No, no, no. I think he agrees. Well he’s saying the last three years it went up almost exponentially. But I say since 2008, since world economic collapse and all the bullshit we did, we’ve been living like dope addicts. We’ve just been stealing from ourselves. Like inflation begins with, well it’s been going since. Wait it

Right there, the money supply increased

40%? Yes. Okay, let me do this. In

The last two years,

Okay, let’s go like this. How much has money supply increased since 2008? Go ahead and ask your friend over there that AI thing. No,

I’m going to ask the money supply increased from 2008 to 2020

Because this is what Richard say. What is

The overall money supply increase from 2000 to 2008?

No, from 2008 to present, what is

The overall money supply increase from 2008 to 2023?


No, my argument is

No, no, just get the number. It’s 40% in the last three years as you say. Richard’s making a point. We’ve been living on borrowed time for 15 freaking years and when everybody out there driving, right, everybody’s out there trying to blame the last guy in office. It’s the system is what he’s saying. And Perry, that’s what you are saying?

No, what I’m saying is you can look. Did

You get the number yet? Did you get the number yet?

Actually it said it fell.

That’s not correct.

That’s not correct

At all. That’s just what it says. This is what it said. The money supply. The money supply increased from the year 2000 to 2020 to 2023. We increased our money supply by a greater margin than we did in the previous 40 years.

Well that’s true but again, see, you got to

Listen to, in three years we


The previous 40 years. My president, you got to

Listen to me. Yes, you are right. You are right. From 20 to 2023, the money supply increased 40%. Richard’s saying no

From 20 to 23 in three years 20.

That’s what I said, 20 to 23. But from 2008 to 2020 it probably increased. Richard, give me a ballpark baby.

Look it up. Oh, easily increased. It really increased in large amounts. Everybody in that business knows that the Federal Reserve was pumping money in and it was doing

It. I’m going to look it up guys, it’s

Got to look it up.

Wait a minute. It hoped by not letting the money supply do anything other than go up to prevent the crash of 2008 and nine from plunging us into a depression. I don’t like that policy either, but that’s why they did it. How

Much did the money supply increase from 2008 to 2020

3 23?

No, because it did 20 to 23. My argument is this, the money supply increased in the last three years more than it did in the previous 40 years collectively.

Now if you watch this, Richard’s saying, Richard, if I might that the money suppli, the shit we just printed from 2008 to 2023 is probably, I’m going to guess I’m Google. They call me go go ster. I’m going to bet it’s 60, 75, maybe a hundred percent. Richard, what do you think?

Yep, it’s very high and there was no inflation.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. You’re a professor of communism, you don’t know the number.

Well the number for each year, you add it up and you multiply and you adjust And that’s what it is. What the exact number is for those particular years? No, I’d make a guess. It’s in the same neighborhood as his 40%. The point is it doesn’t matter. Okay,

Okay, I’m going to read

You had no inflation at that time. So look, let put it this way, the question is who’s responsible for that inflation? My colleague here wants us to believe it’s the awful, nasty federal reserve I got news for you. It’s the government When you have an inflation, when corporations raise prices and they’re the ones who make the decision what the price of everything is. So if you have an inflation, the first place you look is how and why corporations are jacking up the price. And you and I know why because that’s how you make more

Profits. Okay, now Richard, oh I get these two old guys

Last step.

We never agree. It’s like the California gold rush. Why was everything so expensive out there? Because they had more of a supply of money than they had of goods. And when the supply of money is greater than the supply of goods, the prices go

Up. That’s right. We agree Richard.

That’s a mistake. That’s simply a mistake that pretends that the people who make the decision, what is the price of a ton of steel? What is the, the corporations who make those decisions don’t want to be held accountable. They don’t want us to understand that if you have an inflation, it’s because the business community wants to make money that way. Well

There is that, but everybody, community always must make money. Hold. Now looking here now we would’ve had deflation had the government not printed more money. I agree with, well see I was looking at Perry watch this. What Steve, wait a minute, damnit. I was looking at Perry like you are absolutely correct and then he said in my ear, I’m absolutely correct. We fucking agree guys. We agree What’s going on in the country is we’re trying to live like we used to live and we just don’t have it. Yes or no? Yes or no.

The bottom line is we don’t have the productivity that we had before.


Has gone down.

Is that a yes or a no?

So we have lower productivity from the people and we have a money supply that’s greater.

I feel bread

Than goods and services. The prices are

Alright, we’re moving on now. Okay, number two, since we’re talking about regional banks, regional banks, commercial real estate, high interest rates, big cost for

Construction. When you raise the interest rate, you’ve always put pressure on banks.

So now what we got, I want this. I want Professor Pinko and Perry Winkle, the capitalist Detroit is trying to hit Michigan to crack open its property tax. Okay? Headley as you know and what we’re going to do led by Detroit is we’re going to triple the tax on land and cut the tax on the structure by 30% and this is supposed to magically create development in a time when inflation is high. Interest rates are high commercial real estate shit. I will go first with the professor. Sir, you looked at the plan, you’ve read about it. What do you make of it? It’s simplistically Michigan’s looking to you. This is the biggest deal going that nobody knows. What do you make of this plan?

This is a way to distract people from the fundamental problem of urban systems depending on the property tax by fooling around with whether you’re going to base it on the land or the structures on the land as well as the land you distract people from what the obvious problem has been for decades. We have what we call a property tax, but we do not in fact levy that tax on the most important property that rich people have. We put the tax on land and buildings and you know what? We don’t put the property tax on stocks and bonds. Why in the world call something a property tax? When you take the property that rich people have, the most of 10% of our people own 80% of the shares and you don’t put that in the tax base. If we put that property that belongs in the tax base into it, adding that to the land and the buildings, you could then bring the tax down on land and buildings that the massive people depend on and raise it. Finally on the people who are the wealthiest and own the intangible property, that’s what stocks and bonds are called and make them pay the fair share that they should have been paying all along


Stocks and the bonds are used to support businesses that provide work and employment and productivity for the nation. What

About the tax plan? I know

They pay tax on their

Profits this new, what do you think about uncapping? Headley? This is, I know I surprised

You were talking about that. Well, when we talk about, the only thing I can agree with what he said is that it is nonsense to just talk deciding to tax one area of land or the building. I mean all they’ve done is try to figure out another way to get the same tax.

It’s really if they didn’t get that, even if they get that you’re rewarding a guy with skyscrapers, they aren’t worth anything like you said. Well like you said, nobody’s going into the office anymore.

The value of the building goes down. The tax is supposed to go down because it’s supposed to be based on the value of the building and we know that it’s all a capitalization. So whatever the market cap is of that building. Now it turns out that a lot of these buildings that used to be worth a billion certainly in New York aren’t full. So if now you only have a 60% occupancy rate now it’s no longer worth a billion dollars. It’s worth probably somewhere around 70% of a

Billion. So you a guy that owns a big portfolio of buildings is obviously

No, actually not.

You don’t. I’m speaking

General a lot. I

Own company. Those that do the real estate moguls, of course you’re going to lobby the government really do something to lower my portfolio, but I gentlemen am against the everyday working person whose investment is their home. Don’t be fucking around with our

Tax. Not only that, first of all have to not

Only that you said though, but not only that, you

Have to have mess your house enough people to live. So you start trying to tax people that don’t have enough money to basically live. I think you’re creating a huge problem.

Pause. Did you hear that Richard? Don’t go in a soliloquy here. Did you hear that? Did you hear

That? I heard it. That’s not exactly, it’s a simple question.

Richard system.

We have a tax system that has squeezed the middle

And the lower. Richard, did you hear that? People


Richard, did you hear Richard? Did you hear that? Yeah, I heard it. You guys agree with that? You both. You men stop warring with each other. You both just said we’re taxing people that can barely afford to get their families through. Why can’t you love each other? The T’s nice, the dashikis. Nice dashiki.

This is look, I mean here’s where we, Carly, here’s where we disagree. Okay, that’s fine. I made a clear point that if you have a hundred thousand dollars house and land, you pay a property tax. If you sell that house and land and you take the a hundred thousand and you buy shares of stock, you don’t pay any property tax. What the hell is that about? That rewards the people who have stocks and bonds and again, 10%,

Nobody’s making any money on your house. When you own a house and you stay in that house, you’re not providing employment to anyone. You’re not providing jobs. That is not a generating your jobs more money for the country or for anybody else. That is what property is

From. No, no, I


The home disagree because I disagree gentlemen, because that’s the hub and the hive of your productivity that that’s my shelter. That’s where I raise my people. That’s where we cook the breakfast. It’s the root of everything.

If we do not have businesses for people to work, they don’t earn income. And the idea is for people to invest in businesses so they can supply jobs for other people who then earn enough money to be able to live.

Okay, where’s my ding, ding, ding, ding. He’s got that. Richard, your thoughts on that? That’s a

Crock. That’s a crock of nonsense. If you don’t have people with the money to buy the product of a business, then that business can’t survive. So don’t tell me we need businesses, we need the mass people to do work. Only if a

Business provides D,

He’s got his 32nd rebuttal

Exist. If they can

Have people

That want the service or the business.

The business gentlemen needs the businessman is the middle between.

That’s the belt, the

Work and the worker who buys the product. The middleman tries to play the two ends against each other, which is why working people are on the short end of the stick.

No, I don’t think you understand the principle of capitalism,

How it works. Oh, we’ll get back to that. We’ll, okay. No listen ladies and gentlemen, as much as we’re trying to make this entertaining, this man is a titan on business quality. Figuring out how to hone it and make it work. Productivity, this man Richard Wolf is an expert on economic systems and what works and what this is huge. You’re just sitting here going, what am I doing here, Richard? The first time he came out I was like, what am I doing here? This is huge. I’ve got Titans here. Now we’re going to come back and we’re going to talk about the U A W and the strike company. Very big, not only to Detroit, to Michigan. Auto and auto related parts are three 4% of gross domestic product. And the next segment’s brought to you by the brick layers and allied craft workers of local two Michigan who are looking for hardworking men and women through the state of Michigan.
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Learn how to work with your hands and build stuff because robots can’t do it. Referrals for and signing bonuses. 2000 for a journeyman a thousand for experience apprentices visit There’s no, there’s no slash nice. They respect me. I don’t got to do a slash pandering. Just tell ’em Charlie sent you. Okay boys, u a w. This is huge. The teamsters just squeezed u p ss. They got a nice deal. The u a w it put meat on both of our bones, bro. It did u a w. They got fire again. They got fire in their belly. They’ve been taking shit for 20 years. They now want, well here’s their offer. I want a 40% raise, 40% raise. Yeah dude, listen to this. I want, I want 32 hour work week. I want cradle to grave health insurance. I want a pension. Go ahead Perry.

You’re telling me they’re asking for that right now.

That’s what they put on the table and they want to get rid of the two tier system, right? The old guy makes his money and the new guy comes in at 16 an hour pairing.


I know this one. You could talk for hours. Yes, this is your wheel.

The bottom line is very

Simple. Bottom line. Thank you.

The way our system works is you have to be able to produce a product at a price that people are willing to pay. If you can’t produce a product at a price that makes sense. So you have to then say to yourself, can I go and have a business which makes the product, give the workers what they ask and still sell the product. Keep in mind that you now have all these non-union areas and you have to compete against them. And if they end up having substantially lower cost than you do, then your cars are not sellable because you aren’t in a situation where the company can make any

Profit at all. It’s called competition. So bottom line, what do you think of this original this?

They don’t really expect to get it. The way it works in negotiation is very straightforward. You start out with something that is really ridiculous and they’re not going to have any chance of forgetting. And you work your way down. And I’ve been through these negotiations and what’s really comical is they go on for a long time. You could negotiate often for like three months and very little is done. You’re moving a micron and then in the matter of the last couple of hours you have accomplished an exponential amount. And then all of a sudden in the last hour when you really have to make a decision, the last 30 minutes you have made remarkable progress. But that is the way negotiations work. They have worked that way for as long as I can remember. But shouldn’t you always ask for more than what you want? They’re always going to ask more course, but just Q course, what are they going to do? You’re going to say, I want a 5% raise and the guy’s going to back it. Oh no, I’m going to give you more than that. I’ll give you a 10% raise. Well, no, that’s never going to happen. That

Makes sense. Well now, hey Richard, let me tee it up for you here. Labor especially factory labor, been taking it up the ass for decades. Is this an over ask?

Not at all.

Oh my god. Don’t

Mock. Don’t mock. Okay, well you can do it. It’s great for ratings. Go ahead, do it to go broke. Wait a minute.

Yeah, no, I’m enjoying. I’m really enjoying the upset of my colleague here because he’s not aware that the world has changed. He doesn’t understand what’s going on here. It is simply, the world right now has what’s called an over capacity of producing automobiles. If there’s a strike in the United States, if those companies don’t give those workers 40% or what or close to what they’re asking, there will be a strike. And if there’s a strike, the American automobile industry which has shrunk enormously over the last 40 years, let’s all be clear about that will disappear. The Chinese, the Japanese and the Europeans are waiting for that. You better be very careful if you believe you can muscle the working class forever. It’s always in history been shown. You can do it for a long time and then the conditions arrive and the moment arrives and you can’t do it. And we as a nation and the automobile companies as an industry are at that moment. Now that’s why you had the settlement at U P Ss. That’s why you are watching Starbucks and Amazon face unionization they’ve never seen before. We’re in a different place. The United States is not what it was. And the dreams of mago one way or another are fantasies.

Now here’s the middle view of both of you guys minus this, the working person been taking up the ass forever. Cut back, cut back wages, don’t keep track with inflation. This is all true, right? Benefits, they disappear, as you said, international competition. That’s the deal. We created that competition, but now we’re in times of record profits for the auto companies. We’ve had the tier system forever. They don’t pay corporate income tax like GM pays zero to Michigan and they paid zero to the federal government. Okay? You get subsidies for your EVs, okay, I got to wait for you to pay tax, pay me something. So I’m in between. I know what you’re doing and I know what you’re doing and I love you guys. I do. And I like to think right here in this room is where the middle ground is, but the company’s got to pay something and instead of paying it to the government, I’m not a commie. You know what I mean? We should chair in the profit. Karen.

No, I was going to say you talked about productivity being down and covid and that whole thing.

They tell me productivity. You actually wait a minute, I’m sorry, go ahead. You wrote that you saw stay at home was great because productivity was up.

But this is the thing. During that time people realized their value because industry shut down, businesses were closed. They started to recognize everybody was an essential employee, that they did not have to be in an office building in order to be effective or to be productive depending on the industry. And so I think Charlie is right, people now you have a lot of gig employees, people have gone back to school or they’ve started their own business. They use independent vendors. So they’re starting to realize their value. And I think that they are now operating from a position of leverage that they all of a sudden realized that they didn’t before.

Well, they’re particularly operating from a point of leverage now because notice that you end up with unemployment rate that is 3.4%, which is as low as it can get. In fact, it’s a lie. It’s lower than they thought they could

Get. It’s a lie, right? Do you agree that unemployment rate,

It’s not true. Well, I do know this. You have a huge number of people that are not participating in the workforce.

Pause. Pause. What? Richard did you hear that

Huge number?

There are many things that are not counted.

Okay, wait a minute though. Wait a minute, man. Before you guys guys, he’s right. The unemployment number a lie. It’s the labor participant. Nobody half the people that can work.

And I understand why they

Wouldn’t. Two out of five people, I was

In Iowa for example. I was there, person had a bar.


The bar. She said she wanted to continue

Working in Iowa,

But she says she can’t work. Why? Because the cost for medical care is so high that if she continues working, she cannot afford to continue because she will not be able to afford the premium. She’s better off a Medicare not working. And that way her medical care will not cost her anything. So

Has the government created a landscape that they or people within there complain about or they say it’s counterproductive

As Richard?


Yeah. Most of the rest of the industrial world provides medical care to everybody. Cradle to grave, whether you are employed or unemployed, have nothing to do with it. And therefore it doesn’t figure in the calculations of business, you pay a general social tax and everybody’s medical care is taken care of. The United States is the only major industrial country that doesn’t do it. And then it discovers, gee, that’s not an efficient system. It’s keeping people out of work, et cetera. This is a big you understand brainless mentality.

I’m sorry everybody that I love this shit. I am a nerd. I’m an economic nerd. I love this crap. You guys tap for another hour?

Everybody, they get socialized medicine, however,

Well we got to call it socialized.

Well, okay, it’s

Government medicine. I’m sorry. I called Richard a pink going a social they,

But everybodys ends up having private insurance. Martin Van Branan, for example, who runs my German operation, he said that his dad died because on a waiting list and he did not, he couldn’t have an operation because it took him nine months and he died before he could get to have the surgery.

Okay? But think about people who are

Here also. He died before he got to Paris who

Are also waiting because they cannot afford it. They don’t go to the doctor or you’ve got them in an industry that focused it so much on profit and not patient care.

You don’t have to sell me on the fact that our medical costs are idiotic.

All right, time out. That in my book. That’s right. It’s in his book and we’re going to get to the book. I know Richard Richard’s off camera going, I got to get the fuck out of here. Somebody get me the fuck out of here. Okay, I’m going to do it.

But you do it Charlie.

I really

Wish no time constraints. Okay, listen, fuck it. Okay, you guys need to go because I got stuff I have to. Don’t need you, you guys. I have to,

But I offered. You want me to do this again? Just get in touch. I’d be glad to come on again.

You kidding me?

Thanks. And with my cohort here, I’d be happy to come back and continue as well.

Dude, you were the best. Can I ask it? Wait, wait, wait. Hold on a minute. Lemme just wrap it up and then you ask. You know what? I’m before he leave, I’m totally making room. Go ahead. Richard Wolfe, America’s most prominent, preeminent Marxist economist. Very brilliant man. Perry Johnson, quality guru. Oh man, I got so much here, dude. Will you come back? We didn’t talk about the

Debate. We

Didn’t talk about that. No, because we didn’t even get to how the Republican

National, I have to say this. Okay. Okay. I

For We should have respect for the guy president.

I met all the criteria to get on the debate stage. In fact, Fox News contacted our people to arrange a walkthrough that was on Friday and then on Monday at 11 o’clock at night, it might’ve been 1120, I get a call from Rona telling me that they decided to look at the polls and they’re going to disqualify two of my polls. One of them, they disqualified because they applied a totally different standard to it than any other poll.

Make it listen. Make this tight.

And bottom line is I filed with the F E C because what they did was illegal.

They fucked you.


Did. And you know what?

And I’m not going to

Stand for, all you were going to get was one of them crappy shits at the end where you never got to say anything anyway. Oh, they got to say stuff. How much did you spend on your chaotic journey to be present? How much did you spend over there? Nine bucks

So far. 11 million.

And how much did you spend to run for governor of Missy? About eight 20 mil, bro. 19. 19. I know your quality guru.


Give me a million. I’ll make you something. You already something. You know that. Wait, hold on. We’re we do a commercial break? Don’t walk out like that. Richard Wool. Oh yeah, I’m sorry Karen. Exactly.

I have one question I just wanted to ask Richard if he would consider supporting Perry for the next president of the United States.

I don’t think he’s a Marxist

Listening to Perry. I could not in all honesty do that because listening to him, I’m reminded of what my father told me about the government here in the United States. It’s the best government money can buy and boy does it buy it

Or if I can tell, I hope. Well, hold on Richard, I got the last parting one here, which is, remember this Perry Always, Richard, remember this, A fool in his money

Are soon pardoned

Are soon elected. Thank you gentlemen. Let’s go. Let’s go to the video here. Hold on. Let’s go to American Coney Island. Pumped. Oh, come on. It’s

Coming. It’s coming.

It’s coming. I know. We got to be a little more

Nimble. That’s all right. A little more nimble. He was engrossed in the conversation.

He knew right here

He was paying attention though. Mark is listening. I think I missed

That part my whole fucking week. I know.

Okay, I got to go. Just

Sit there.

Just doesn’t want you to cross the camera. Two seconds. Just do it. Fix it in post.

No, man. We’re going to sit here. We’re actually going to sit here and you’re going to know my frustration I know with my whole family here. And sometimes we’re just not fucking prepared to do it. And let’s do it. Don’t move, Perry. I’m

Going to be late.

Yep, you

Won’t. You’ve

Got time. Un mark.

You’re making a time. Really

Mark. Because I to go Dick, have something before letting. I’m

Tired of being the dick around. I got to


Three ground control to me. Mark, we got

To give you 10 seconds.

10 seconds. Mark two. What the hell the fuck? Do six. Alright, walk the hell out while man, brother. Thanks guys. Give me this radio. Okay. You got it. Thank you. Thanks. Enjoy it.

Good seeing you. Thanks. Take care. Bye-bye.

Perry, I’m going to do you good in this next part. Go to no BSS NewsHour on YouTube. All right. Yeah. Okay. I know why, what can’t you click the button and it comes on. That’s what I tried to do and it didn’t. We do that and preach it. Do you got something else? I have no excuse.

Okay, well let you and I talk then, Charlie.

No, no, because it’ll be nonsense. No, we don’t talk nonsense. No, no. I’m not doing nice. People like when they actually hear what the fuck’s going on here. Okay,

Well we will

Talk about What would you like to talk about?

How did you like talking to Perry Johnson?

Oh, please. Really? Really? What is this? Alright.

Well, I like what

Richard said. No, no, we go like this. You called me today and you said, well, what could we do better? And I said, everybody around here can do better.

I understand, but that’s a technical difficulty.

Yeah, but the technical difficulty was left sitting here from last

Week. I’m trying to cover for you.

No, I, no, I don’t like that. I’m an excuse. That’s what’s going on in the country. Everybody’s covering. Why weren’t we ready?

Well, they’re covering just from Inness. I’m trying to cover because he’s,

Oh, now you’re calling Mark and Neff. That fucked up. I said he’s got a technical bullshit

Difficulty. No, I said I’m


That. No, I said that. Did

You just call him?

No. I said that’s what people in the country are doing. I’m trying to cover for him because this is out of his control. It’s a technical

Difficulty. He does not identify with being inept.

Then I will not cover for you. Mark.

Mark. Play a massage.

Have it ready? I’ll just feed into it.

Way to go. I don’t know

Why in my underpants, I don’t know why these wolves aren’t following me, but I need, oh, good wing.

You got 10 minutes.

It’s hard to find. So make sure Richard

Got 10 minutes. Perry got 10 minutes. Karen got 10 minutes. I have



You do.

You may run with a pack, but everything ain’t meant to.

Where is red? You know a red Texa can’t make it. DTS over here. Yeah,

He said he couldn’t. No need to cross the desert. No need to cross a mile. Who is wolves be?

Show up

Early. Stay bitch Sage. Order a coney cake directly to your Fuck you dte

Slash You need a slash on that.

Oh, by the way, let me tell you about next Evo bag. Can’t sleep feeling anxious. Can’t sleep. Can’t think. What do you do? You can’t sleep. Can’t think. What do you do? You get yourself some next Evo. They got stressed, some sleep complex. Listen, it’s natural. Karen takes it. How’s it working, Karen?

It’s fine. It’s calming. It’s calming.

So is this rush to the thing? Okay, listen. Stay well this summer with fall at fall with smarter CCB D from next Evo naturals. Go to next Get 25% off plus a free bottle of premium pure cbd, which I’m not sure is stress or sleep, I think is either or.

I did get a bottle of that. I’m going to try that. I didn’t try that one though. Thanks.

So thanks Karen came with the order. The advertisers happy to hear that. Well, they should be sitting on my show. Listen, wait a minute. Kirby, did you try it? And

It works fast. Actually it said within 10 minutes for me it was like 15.

Okay. No lying here because she wouldn’t


Okay. She gave me, she doesn’t like to be on camera yet. She could went like this. I wouldn’t have said it.

No she

Wouldn’t. That’s what she did. So it worked for you because come on, you in here a couple of weeks ago. Tripping. We all got the anxiety, right? Oh boy. We do. We all got to monitoring anxiety. You would tripping. Make it worked.

Yeah, I did. Since I couldn’t,

That’s all I could say. That’s all I could say.

We’re not liars. Charlie. And you said the advertisers would be upset. They should be happy. I didn’t ask for any. I paid for it without the slash and then without the discount I’m supporting. You didn’t do the


You fucked us. I didn’t do the slash

You. Fuck us. Listen, Kirby says it worked for her. Did you feel better without being narcotized? Oh yeah. Okay. It wasn’t like being high or getting under oxy or some shit. It wasn’t eating a brownie. No, it wasn’t. No, it wasn’t like that. And you’ve eaten the brownie. Eaten the brownie. Make it weird.

So this conversation mark,

Does the C b D make you feel weird? No.

Just like not all

Spassky regulated without pharmaceuticals. Okay, there you go. So that’s neck. N E x. That’s an

Endorsement. Maybe


Put their fee.

N E X T That is true. Yeah, that’s a true one.

That’s an organic endorsement.

And so is the product.

I understand

It’s, remember A d r experienced overseeing more than a quarter billion dollars in private construction projects since 2001. Reduce your costs, increase your bottom line. Get somebody to help you cut through the bullshit of city hall, state bureaucracy, even the feds. That’s Barry Ellen. Tuck at a d r. Get the job done. Right on time. On budget. 2 4 8 3 1 8 9 4 2 4. Caution. Nothing just to ask. Alright. Oh my God, that was insane. That was great. I loved it. That was good. Was this a bad show?

No. I wish it had been longer. I would’ve liked to hear that conversation.

Kirby, was this a bad show? Was it you think the young people would like it? No, not a young person.

I mean, didn’t you get a double one of your degrees in economics?

I was an econ major

Before I, okay. She was an econ major.

Did get the minor.

Yeah, I did a double minor in economics and

Finance. Double minor. Double minor. Economic in Syracuse. No joke. University in finance and economics. And for you assholes call E chunky on the social media, which I could give a fuck about. Yeah, man. Finance and economics right here, girl. The P C E, it’s the mark. What about you? It’s the,

Yeah, we’ll stay

Out of that. Personal consumption expenditures. That is how the feds measure inflation. Mine

Was far more useless

Core. They take out food kby, they take out food and they take out gas and they’re like, what do people actually spend? They ask business owners what you’ve sold that’s over 4%. The feds wanted it too. And when consumer price index, the survey they do was at nine. The consumption index was at five. So we’re over four. Inflation’s out of control. Listen to what these two old dudes,

Yeah, but they know

They talked more shit in common than they wanted to do. The end of it is it’s bullshit. Okay. Want to hear some stuff? Perry? Perry got dicked. You know what? Perry’s got to fire anybody that’s advising him. They couldn’t get him on the ticket in Michigan. They couldn’t get him on the stage in Iowa. Guy spent 19 million.

I would’ve gotten ’em on both for less. A little less than that.

Exactly. Seriously. Exactly. But

That’s the thing though. And he and James, Craig not being politicians, they are green and they not necessarily know. And they see and people see and smell money and they get involved and do things that aren’t necessarily effective about. What’s interesting

Is these are major players. Yeah. They’re major players. Come on that guy. Yeah, I know Perry. That’s a major player. James. Craig is a major player. How they can be taken advantage of in this game called politics. But

You assume that people will at least do what they’re supposed to do and what they’re being paid

To do. No, the game is, the game is just to make the money. And

It is. It’s what you have to know. Just like people, when you have street teams, they’ll take those kicker cards and they’ll go and they’ll throw ’em away. I mean, yeah, you just got to know the game.

Okay. You want to know the big loser of the Republican debates last night?


I know was Fox News? Fox? You, you fired. Tucker Carlson. Donald Trump’s telling you to kiss his ass. And clip number one, Trump with Tucker Carlson on crooked Joe Biden.

It’s so bad. He’s the worst president in the history of our country. I don’t think he’s going to make it to the gate, but you never know. But he’s a corrupt person. So corrupt that. I took the name off Hillary. I don’t do two people at one time. I took the crooked Hillary and I made it. I retired than him. That was a good day for her. I think he’s worse mentally than he is physically. And physically. He’s not exactly I triathlete or any kind of an athlete. You look at him, he can’t walk to the helicopter. He walks.


Funny. He can’t lift his feet out of the grass. It’s only two inches at the White House. Right? It’s not a lot. But you watch him and it looks like he’s walking on toothpicks.
And then you see him in the beach where he can’t lift a chair. Those chairs are meant to be light. Right? They’re like two ounces. Lift them up. He can’t lift the chair. He can’t walk to the chair. And I don’t know what they’re doing with the beach. This beach is seeming to play a big role, but they love pictures of him on the beach. I think it looks terrible on the beach. It looks terrible on the beach. Skinny legs. Well, he can’t walk through the sand. Sand is not that easy to walk through, but when he walks through, he can’t walk through the sand.

So there’s that.

But Trump fss with people’s heads. He gets in, he gets in there. He does. He gets in their heads and that’s how he,

He’s like a bully in high school. Not go in there.

Yeah, that

Too. Now here’s Trump on Vice President Kamala Harris.

She speaks in rhyme. It’s weird. It’s weird. But she has bad moments in rhyme. Well, the way she talks, the bus will go here and then the bus will go there because that’s what buses do. And it’s weird. The whole thing is weird. This is not a president of the United States future. And I think they probably have some kind of a primary and other people will get involved.

It might be Perry Johnson. Okay, so here’s Trump addressing his own troubles, his four indictments and his 91 felony counts.

When somebody gets indicted, your poll numbers go down. When somebody gets indicted, you announce letters and gentlemen, I’ll be leaving to spend time with my family and to fight for the rest of my life on this stuff. But you’re out of politics. I got indicted four times. All trivia, nonsense, bullshit. It’s all bullshit. It’s horrible. When you look and you look at what they’re doing, the boxes hoax. I’m covered by the Presidential Records Act. I’m allowed to do exactly that. He’s not covered. And he’s got 25 times the number of boxes and he’s got ’em stored in Chinatown. He’s got ’em stored in a flimsy garage underneath his Corvette.

You know what I’ve noticed too? His hair is white. Now

He’s aging gracefully. I

Understand that. But all the orange is gone. It’s

A good move. It’s a good move. He’s a new

Person. Did you notice that?

He’s reborn. He’s totally different. That’s what many indictments and riots do for you. And he’s

Friends. And he’s friends with Tucker Carson.

He got so many troubles that even when you die, it turns gray. Now this thing as I speak, last time I checked about 225 million views. So Fox got dick. Now here’s Fox. I like to call it the kids’ table. All right, here’s the Vivek Rahami talking about being an outsider and what we need to do.

And the reality is you have a bunch of people, professional politicians, super Pac puppets, following slogans handed over to them by their 400 page Super pacs last week. The real choice we face in this primary is this. Do you want a super PAC puppet or do you want a patriot? Who speaks the truth? Do you want incremental reform, which is what you’re hearing about? Or do you want revolution?

I don’t like revolution. I’m going to tell you what, the beer truck doesn’t show up during a revolution. That’s true. Now I’m noticing this cat. He’s very smart like him. They reached out a couple months ago. You want to have mine? I’m like, sure, but have mine now. Who knows? I don’t really give a shit. But come on to Vikk, Vivek, that

Looked like an episode of Parks and Rec last night.

It did. And now here’s Chris Christie giving him the what the fuck you talking about Willis? I’ve

Had enough already tonight of a guy who sounds like chat, G P T standing up here. And the last person in one of these debates, Brett, who stood in the middle of the stage and said, what’s a skinny guy with an odd last name doing up here was Barack Obama and I’m afraid we’re dealing with the same type of amateur sending stage tonight.

But they booed Chris Christie. I mean he was just out there trying to get some type of support or applause.

Anybody? No, I don’t think he gave a fuck. He was telling the truth. Yeah,

But they were.

But when he left New Jersey, I was covered. And then his approval rating was like 8%. I mean they

Were brutal for him last night.

Now having said that, we’re not even do to Santa because he was boring. But Viveka, same thing. Military on the border.

Mr. Ramaswamy, you would not support an increase of funding to Ukraine?

I would not. And I think that this is disastrous that we’re protecting against an invasion across somebody else’s border when we should use those same military resources to prevent across the invasion of our own southern border here in the United States of America.

Shut the fuck up, dude. You don’t use the military to stop the invasion. It’s called the third country agreement. Wherever an asylum seeker first lands, that’s where they go to get their asylum. If you’re coming through Mexico, that’s where you get it. If you’re coming through Canada, that’s what you get it. You’ve heard on this show Trudeau was crying because the border was so porous. That’s what we need to do. We’re not going to drop paratroopers into Mexico. That’s not what a neighbor does. Alright, now here’s Nikki Haley telling Ramish Swami, shut the fuck up with all your practice lines. Nikki, we

Want to go and defund Israel. You want to get to, okay, lemme address that. I’m glad you brought that up. You want to go and give you, I’m going to address each of those right now. The of a professional politician. There you have it. You’re watching the is Make America less safe. You have no foreign policy experience and it shows and you know what the policy experience that you have.

I thought she was good, man. I was surprised by her.

Nobody won. Nobody lost. And all Trump wins

Once again. Trump always

Wins. Trump’s this should be something

They were cheering him on and defending him. And now from the audience last night.

Now what? I know you got to get out. Everybody’s got to get out. But as this is the cover for you to get out, I wish Perry could have stayed for a second. I think you want to stay for a second because you’re in this. I wanted to ask him what he thought about my characterization of, I played him once in a bit here on the no Bullshit News Hour. Red played James Craig. You played Rue Raj when they found out they were all kicked off the ballot because they hired people that got him bogus signatures. Paid about $7 million for it. We got that mark. Yep. Tonight on Let It Rip. From Heroes to Zeroes to Michigan Bozos who couldn’t manage their own campaigns. Former Detroit Police Chief James E. Craig and Self anointed equality guru Perry Johnson both kicked off the Republican primary ballot for governor after turning in thousands of fake signatures. And now your host Rue Raj.

Good evening. It’s time to let it rip. Let’s get right into it. Chief, you were the front runner. Now you’re in yesterday’s newspapers.

Let me tell you something. I’m a cop and I’m not going to stand for this. This is crap. And I’m a cop


That’s it. I’m a cop.

Okay, Mr. Johnson, you bill yourself as a quality guru, but you spent $7 million of your own money, which amounts to about $333 for every phony signature. What does that say about your executive acumen?

Well, the fact of the matter is, is that practical matter. This is all scratch and sniff Electorial fraud. The chief’s correct when he says is bone crap. I know we turned in thousands of phony signatures. I know that. You know that. We all know that. But which ones is phony? I don’t know that. You don’t know that. Nobody knows that. And that’s why we should be on the ballot. Now, I brought some examples. A beach cell called for signature.


That real?

It’s okay. It’s okay. Sir. You can sit down. I’m good. You can sit down. It’s okay. I want to throw this to Charlie Langton. Charlie, you are a lawyer. What do you make of all this?

You stole fizzy lifting drinks. You bumped into the ceiling, which now has to be washed and sterilized so you get nothing. You lose. Good day, sir.

Just let me say this.

I know you are a cop.

Don’t interrupt me. I want to make a exclusive announcement right here on Lady Rep. I’m launching my right in campaign because I’m the best candidate to unseat Governor Gretchen Richmond. But also I’d like to announce my running mate right here. Johnny Walker Blue. I know Johnny. I like Johnny and I trust Johnny. He’s with me everywhere I go. And let me tell you this Blue Labels Matter rule and I’m a cop.

You heard it here folks, right here on Let It Rip. Blue Label matters.

Can I get some?

Well, that’s the show. Karen. I know you got to get out of here. We love you Michigan. We love you Detroit. And remember, Cleveland sucks. Wait, wait for it. It’s turned up.

And Michigan. We love Ohioans. Take a shit. Get gas. Keep rolling. Come on up to Detroit Town. We got lots of groovy things going down. Get some flaming cheese and Head Start Greek town, but best to get your ass gone before the sun goes down. Under construction, since 63, we’ve planted lots of Orange Barrel construction trees. The rots here really, really bad. The Grand Prix looked like Gulf Road. Two corals bad. We used to export the Pontiac Mines. Now we ship away at grandpas and grandmas. They may assist everything. Well, what a joke everyone can see. He’s like a walkin stroke. The Detroit Tigers really suck. We give the owner millions though. His pizza suck. Yuck. Cramp house’s, meth heads. We got plenty. We even got skyscrapers. They’re all empty Pinks and Detroit might not be going great, but there’s an even bigger mistake on the lake. Hello Cleveland. Hello Cleveland.

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