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Incompetent power executives. Millions freezing in the dark. Eight dollar eggs. Campus shootings. Train wrecks. Wars in far away lands. Nut Bag Politicians. Corruption in Motown and Vehicle City.

At least I got Ma. 

Let me tell you the story.

I visited my sister’s grave. Many of us Christians consider the Saturday before Lent as the original All Souls’ day, the day to honor the dead.

My niece is buried with my sister; or my sister was added with my niece. I can’t remember. Our family is like that. They were laid to rest in the family plot of my niece’s grandparents out in Plymouth, near the courthouse, just outside the right field fence of the old municipal ball diamond.

I couldn’t bring myself to sweep the snow from their headstone because I’m not sure their names have been added. A decade later, the pain is too great. The thoughts make me weep.

The grandmother of my niece has her name chiseled in the granite. I’m not sure the woman has passed yet. How strange I thought. How we all fall away. There were some withered wreaths near the headstone blanketed in ice. I said my piece for my kin and left a tobacco offering.

I drove to see my mother afterwards. She lives on Joy Road about 10 miles away. My mom doesn’t visit their plot much either. Too many memories. Too much pain. My mom doesn’t like headstones, and doesn’t want one.

She doesn’t say it exactly, but her day is coming upon her. I hope her days are long and happy, but a time comes when we must all repay our loan from the Maker.

Mom lately has been giving things away. Furniture and old copper pots and such. She also says strange little things now like: “I want to get a puppy, but it would be unfair to leave it behind.”

In an upstairs closet she keeps the remains of her third – and favorite – husband, and her second – and favorite – son. “When I go,” she says, “put us on a Viking raft together, set us out to sea, and shoot fire arrows at us.”

This manner of dispatching of the mortal remains does not comport with the law of the Faith, nor maybe do episodes of her life, but surely my mother has conducted herself in the spirit of it. To that, I can bear witness.

There was always room in that raucous and crowded house on Joy Road for the wayward teen or the troubled child or a relation in need. There has always been warm coffee and buttered bread and a compassionate ear.

And now, in this season of sacrifice, my mother teaches me a last great lesson: how to conduct one’s self in the fading rays of life. Behaving with dignity and grace and courage while treating each new day as though it was no different than the one just lived. There is nothing to fear. A life passes, but a mother and son bond is forever.

And so we did not dwell on the maudlin. We watched TV and smoked cigarettes and talked the talk of mother and son without looking at one another. The cable news droned on. Train wrecks and egg prices and mass shootings on the college campus. She considered the future.

“Do you think it’ll get better?” she asked.

“Sure, just change the channel, Ma.”

“No son. I’m worried for the (grand) kids.”

“Me too.”

They say every woman dies twice. Once when she is buried or set to sea. And once when her name is spoken for the last time. That is how some people can become immortal.

I am not wholly certain of what awaits any of us on other side of life’s door. I will pray and think upon it this Lenten season. But I do know this. Headstone or no, my mother’s name will be spoken for generations – within her circle of blood and beyond it.

Good deeds make good persons, and good persons are remembered.

Or as my mom says: “What does it hurt to be kind?”

I love you Ma.


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Tonight exclusively on nbn. L

Speaker 2 (00:13):
P D has not responded to any welfare checks for Auntie McRay. There was a welfare check at the address on Hall Street on February 5th, but was not related to the

Speaker 1 (00:23):
Accused new questions in the Michigan State shooting rampage. What did the Lansing police know about the gunman and when did they know it? And

Speaker 3 (00:32):
I’m going to tell what I think he coming up. Former chief other people told me he stayed with the woman who sued the city, lived with her, repeated 9 1 1 cause possibly, and people intervened. That’s T Green. The one standing up here hollered at me when I asked him about some city business and talking foolishness.

Speaker 1 (01:06):
Sex lies. And we’ve got the videotape Flint Police embroiled in a sex and abuse scandal. A secret settlement city Councilman Eric Mays promises to expose the power brokers and their pillow talk. He joins us. Finally, cracker Jack or crack pot.

Speaker 4 (01:23):
It’s the reason I did not concede after the 2022 election.

Speaker 5 (01:28):

Speaker 4 (01:28):
Would I concede to a fraudulent process conceding to a fraudulent process in an agreement with the fraud at which I will not do? She

Speaker 1 (01:37):
Lost the Secretary of State race in a landslide. But Christina Carmo still refuses to concede. Not even Trump wants her, but she’s now been voted Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. Does the G O P have a future? Former executive director, Jason Rowe is here and now

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Live downtown Detroit. It’s no

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Just a breaking the double More bullshit. Double or

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We on? Yeah, Vinny, stop fucking texting me. I’m in the middle of a show, dude. God. Okay, listen, we have the Flint Freedom Fighter. Eric Mays with us. I’m going to ask him. I know he’s very busy, can only be here a few minutes. Big things going on in Flint. Please hold on Eric and big time Republican consultant. Jason Rowe is out in Park City, Utah because the Republicans there are sensible and it’s not on fire. So if you could, you’re looking very Republican, Jason, thank you with that, with Snowboard and Park City, Utah. Hold on for us gentlemen. Big news going on, but we got to do some quick news. Karen Red. What up? No. Hey, the ice storm. The ice storm. D t e Consumers again, right, man. Okay, so you’re reading Karen and Red and I before the program are looking around the country checking out the power outage maps.

It’s swept from California to New York. This ice out, let me give you the current outages across the country. Currently in California as we speak, there’s 31,262 customers. Without power customers means two and a half people, right? You subtract the business and there’s a mama and a baby and a daddy or whatever, right? So it’s about two and a half a household. California 31,262, Texas 3,113 customers without power, New York, 15,715, Wisconsin, 25,000, Indiana, 2,500 Ohio, 2,194 customers without power, Pennsylvania, 793 customers without power. Canada did not forget about you, Ontario. Currently 2000 customers without power. And in the great state of Michigan, currently there are 820,000 customers. That’s 2 million people. That’s one fifth of our great state are in the dark. They don’t have heat or lights. And how many times we got to do this? This is fucking criminal, Karen.

Speaker 9 (07:50):
Yeah, it is Charlie. And the crazy thing is that two, when everyone was anticipating the storm, they were telling you we’re going to have power outages. Your power’s not going to be restored until Sunday. It’s almost as if they know that either the system is compromised, that they don’t care or that this is part of their business model. Just every now and then pull the plug on its customers.

Speaker 1 (08:14):
They’re not is it? It’s dark at the Normandy dark ain’t the question. It’s dark. Dark. It’s no light. I mean it’s terrible. And that’s like at least 300 people in that building. Man, this is bullshit. How many times are we doing it? How many times have we done D t E? How many ti? Look, there’s an auto executive in studio today. Not his point of view, particularly not putting in his mouth. My power goes out. I got no heat. I got to drive someplace where it’s fucking warm called Ohio or Canada and my electric car won’t fucking drive because you couldn’t charge him. These people belong in prison. I don’t care. Somebody’s got to say it. Somebody’s got to say it. Mark, they just jacked up our rates for peak hours in the summer by 35% because it’s so fucking flimsy. They don’t want you using it. You don’t

Speaker 8 (09:10):
Think they’re going to use that money

Speaker 10 (09:11):
To improve things last year?

Speaker 8 (09:13):
Yeah, you’re right Karen.

Speaker 1 (09:15):
I’m unbelievable. Okay, listen this one, pay attention to I need reporters help. You do remember that? That horrible thing that happened a really long time ago. It was like I think last week <laugh>, right? It was the mass murder on the campus of Michigan State University. Okay? I’m not forgetting. We can improve stuff. We don’t need gun laws per se. We don’t need mental hospitals per se. I mean we’re never going to do that. We need something though. But when they say some pe, there are laws on the books that can be enforced. We have the laws, we need that. We don’t do it. So this is the got missed. We’re not done here. Lansing Police Department Chief of Police, I want you to listen to what the chief said at a press conference where there was no follow up asked. And then I want you to hear what z. Zach went around and talked to a half dozen of the neighbors of the gunman. We got a one minute piece here to just to prime this.

Speaker 2 (10:25):
I’d like to clear up just a few things, few topics of misinformation that we have been asked about either the accused mc Gray or the address the Lansing address on House Street in the city of Lansing. L p d has not responded to any welfare checks for Anthony McRay. There was a welfare check at the address on House Street on February 5th, but was not related to the accused. And L P D has not been called in any way to any shots fired at this address.

Speaker 11 (10:57):
There was a welfare check at the address on Hall Street on February 5th, but was not related to the accused. And LPD has not been called in any way to any shots fired at this address. Pause that.

Speaker 12 (11:10):
So according to you guys, yeah, and to the rest of the neighbors, there have been shots fired at that house, correct? They were there while shots were fired.

Speaker 10 (11:19):
Yeah. Yep, we did. I seen a police car sitting right here kind of in the trail area and we heard shots fired from the backyard and nothing. I mean, they didn’t pay any attention to it. I don’t know if they were there for the shots fired, get a tighter. But yeah, I did see a police car sitting there while they were shots fired. Juan Tyler

Speaker 13 (11:36):
Police was that one he shot. And just

Speaker 10 (11:39):
For all the neighbors that don’t really talk very much to all have the same story, puts it in perspective that the police are not being very honest. What’s going on?

Speaker 1 (11:51):
Okay, so what do we hear there? The chief of police just said to the world eight days before this homicidal maniac decided to ruin lives. He did not know you were at his house on a welfare check, not related to the gunman. So who was it? I called the police. So nobody asked. I called the police, I talked to ’em about it. I sent ’em the questions. I’m Is there a report? Who made the call? On what circumstances? Who was the call for? Give me the report. Are there any other calls? You heard the neighbors? Yeah, you heard the neighbors. They’ve been here numerous times over the years. There’s a half dozen of them. They’re not crazy.

Speaker 8 (12:40):
Well, and every call is logged, right? So it’s going to be one of two things.

Speaker 1 (12:44):
Let me

Speaker 8 (12:44):
Wait. Might jump on the gun on this

Speaker 1 (12:46):
Book market. All right. The chief said cleverly, we didn’t respond to any shots. Fired calls. Well, did you respond to any calls? Was anything written down right?

Speaker 8 (13:01):
Because it should be. Why

Speaker 1 (13:02):
Did you go to a man who’s ambulatory healthy by all stories, outgoing, physical. Why did you go over there? There’s nothing written down. Neighbors just fucking told you. Yeah.

Speaker 8 (13:17):
Well, and who said right? Who? Who’s got the reason? And we were talking about this last week. Who would have the reason to maybe mislead here? The neighbors. I don’t think so.

Speaker 1 (13:28):
What are we doing here? We looking for a scandal? I know it’s still, we’re raw and it’s going to be raw forever for some families and some young people that got to live through the damage done to them. But there is something to be fixed. Now, when I called you Monday and laid out specifically what we were looking for, it’s Thursday, madam at the Lansing Police Department chief, everybody was willing to do press conference and talk and now you’re quiet. The reason we’re doing this is we want it fixed. If it needs to be fixed

Speaker 8 (14:04):

Speaker 9 (14:04):
You can’t fix it, you got to acknowledge what’s wrong before you can fix it. That’s the thing. And until people will be open and honest about the loopholes and the cracks in the system or the disconnect between all these agencies, then nothing will ever be fixed. There will never be any accountability.

Speaker 1 (14:22):
And there could be rational explanation. Could you imagine in Uvalde, did the police go over there on a welfare check at the grandmother a week before?

Speaker 8 (14:33):
I think, oh boy. I thought there was a report. I couldn’t verify it, but I thought there was a report that they had been over there before, but not a

Speaker 1 (14:39):
Week. And look what? Look at Uvalde. They tore that department up and we got to fix it, man. We got to move forward and do better.

Speaker 8 (14:48):
And one of the reasons they did that and there was that full report is it was demanded by the press and also by the families. So start asking questions. People, if you really want this to be fixed, ask some fucking questions.

Speaker 1 (15:02):
We need some help from the press. Yeah, okay, we’re getting this stiff. I mean we’re not dropping this are we? No bullshit news hour.

Speaker 14 (15:09):
It’s got to be about truth and accountability. If something a mistake was made or oversight was made, then go ahead and admit to that. Like you said, it needs to be fixed

Speaker 1 (15:19):
And even look, maybe there’s nothing to it. Maybe the old man called himself said to hurt my foot. No one’s here could be, please never heard the neighbor. I need to know. Don’t just need you telling me like I checked the call book. Did you pull every file up? Because this guy was a guy known to be carrying a gun. He fluted his nose at his probation. He got the slap slap on the wrist in my neighborhood. A guy moves next door and he starts doing target practice. You damn well, right? Hell yeah. You’re damn well, right? Because that just leads to warring neighbors. Yeah,

Speaker 9 (15:56):
Bigger problem. But you know something else that was interest interesting too is that the guy that Zach talked to said even though the stories were consistent, he talked about how the neighbors didn’t talk to each other much. That’s another concern when we talk about paying attention and responding to potential crisis or people in crisis. We don’t have that neighborhood connectivity, that village, if you will, that people keep talking about anymore. Everybody’s either afraid of each other or they’re just in their own worlds and there’s no awareness. There’s no response of this. And they’re those connectivity. Nothing

Speaker 1 (16:28):
Seems to me. They were aware

Speaker 14 (16:30):
That that’s what I was going to say. Because a welfare check don’t just happen because the police decide, oh, I’m going to go buy a check on this address. You see somebody outside the house made a call to send them over there for a quote, welfare check. Now if it’s the neighbors that’s disconnected or a family member, somebody knew something was going on.

Speaker 1 (16:50):
All right, so let’s just help us get to the bottom of it. Lansing pd, it’s documented. Answer it.

Speaker 15 (17:02):
Hey Charlie you’re calling on reporters to help on this. The problem that I’ve watched on this so far,

Speaker 1 (17:07):
Jason Rowe. Yes, porters.

Speaker 15 (17:09):
Yeah. The reporters have actually been making excuses for the former Ingham County prosecutor. That should be the number one person held accountable for this. Carol Siemens, one of those progressive reform prosecutors eliminate cash bail, don’t enforce laws, et cetera. She’s the one that let this guy walk on a felony

Speaker 1 (17:29):
Gun charge. Well, I appreciate it, Jason, but we covered it at length. There’s so many people walking around with pieces that there’s not enough room to in.

Speaker 15 (17:37):
Right? But you’ve got then Dana Nessel then coming out saying, we need gun control because enforcing strict gun laws is not going to work. That doesn’t even make any

Speaker 1 (17:46):
Mistake. Okay. Okay, listen. Listen. You’re going to have your segment. Here’s the, you’re right about Nessel. Why? I don’t expect any criminal justice body to be looking into a criminal justice body. They got to do their fucking job. The prosecutor. I agree. Once the guy fluted his nose at his probation, he should have got 30 days. And God is warning, but there’s a guy on a porch popping off. Somebody do their fucking work. There are people gone. All right, we’re going to leave it at that because I know I want to thank Eric Mays for holding on. Are you there? Councilman Eric Mays of Flynn?

Speaker 16 (18:24):
Yeah, I’m here.

Speaker 1 (18:25):
Any comment on that before we dig in the work you’re doing?

Speaker 16 (18:30):
No, my condolences to the family of the students at Michigan State, I hope that those five that have been moved from critical to fair to stable and the one left and critical, I hope that they make it through and I hope that these students can feel safe. I graduated from Michigan State, so that campus is dear to me.

Speaker 1 (18:55):
Beautifully said, man, be really, thank you for saying that. We all agree. I think on that how you want to, Eric, let me just lay this out. Okay. There’s so much shit going on up there. It’s like it’s just our northern neighbor. You guys are the north side of town here. I could go through it all, but here’s the latest one. If I’m correct, correct me if I’m wrong. I mean basically what you’re trying to do is now going across the world, people are paying attention to what Eric Mays is trying to do up there. The latest one is sex Capades harassment. There was a secret settlement, a quiet one. The public didn’t get to see it $175,000 to a former cop who alleged that one of her supervisors, supervisors, Tyrone Booth, was sticking his crotch in her face, sending her blowjob text, et cetera, et cetera. And now you are saying there’s more to it that the Chief Terrence Green somehow involved in all of this.

Speaker 16 (19:58):
Well, I wouldn’t vote for the proposed settlement. We hear certain things in closed session when there’s lawsuits. I don’t really discuss some of the closed session communications, but the public complaint alleged that Tyrone Boot, one of the golden boys had been texting asking for oral sex and the deputy chief had been involved in, and then I had former police officers and chiefs and people in the community tell me that that same white female had been living with the chief of police who is now the chief. And she departed from the department and me and two other council people wouldn’t vote on that. Agreed settlement, I believe had it went to trial, other folks names and scandal might have come out. I believe they believe that. And so there was other pieces to the lawsuit. I called the chief up to try to get some information and he went, Ty, boom.

And that’s a mistake because now he’s helped call attention to it. I want folks to know it wasn’t just the underlings. My position and my information say that some of these relationships would’ve went as high as the chief and maybe others. And I don’t know the character of the female officer. I do know what’s being said about the chief and others. And I believe it. And I think it’s a mess throughout the department. I don’t know if folks have been disciplined, but we can’t afford this administration and lawsuits in the police department, the fire department. And this administration is just a little outrageous for me,

Speaker 1 (22:10):
Dude. I mean cover ups on two children dying in a house, right? You getting hauled out in handcuffs because you know you’re going to stick up for what you believe in during council. You got this, the guy, the settlement, we say his name. It’s public record. Tyrone Booth. He’s a spokesman for the department. He’s making Flints broke as a joke. He’s making over a hundred thousand dollars to be the spokesman and never give a word about anything. And I did some looking around and some calling around. I don’t know if this guy is the security for mayor Sheldon Neely, but he’s always, he looks like the body man to me, follows him on the campaign stump, right? He’s security. Is this a good old boy? Shit you got going on up there?

Speaker 16 (22:56):
Say that again. What’s your question?

Speaker 1 (22:58):
Is this a good old boy thing going on? Is this? Is that department infected with incompetence and good old boy?

Speaker 16 (23:06):
Yeah, in my opinion, it is one of the deputy chief of staff back. If you look at the history assaulted and jumped on me and that good old boy network wouldn’t prosecute, didn’t do anything. I’m a sit council person. The same folks, the mayor see green. And I’m saying to myself, it’s come to a head. When I looked at the fire with the two children and my during the election, not the folks trying to win an election, this stuff is coming out after the election. We facing 60 million in liability. I just don’t think we can afford this administration. And the lies some of it. Remind me of that Santos guy out of New York. I got a degree. Ain’t got a degree. Get lying in this lie after lie cover

Speaker 1 (24:09):
Up. Yes. For those that don’t know, the mayor of Flint for years said he had a college degree. Didn’t have a college degree. Yeah, it’s the other thing, Eric last week and a water main broke and you had a boil of water in Flint. I thought we sent like 300 million up there to replace the lines. But it becomes obvious we didn’t replace the main shit, which is the water mains. What happened to all the money?

Speaker 16 (24:35):
Yeah. The settlement that I believe was messed up by MR and the debacle with the criminal prosecutions from Nestle’s office to word into <inaudible>. I mean this stuff been a mess. The fixing of the pipes never was commercial and churches, it was just a water line going to residential houses. When Neely came in, the office that hit post postponed for seemed like a year or two contractors was let go for political reasons. This administration and some of the powers that beat has been a mess. And I don’t bite my tongue. Granted Richard Whitman hide and wording in the whole crew. I’ve never seen such mess in my life.

Speaker 1 (25:37):
Do you sir? Sorry Karen. Real quick. I’ll just say that’s okay. Do you have power right now? Eric?

Speaker 16 (25:44):
Beg your power. Do

Speaker 1 (25:46):
You have power electricity right now? Is your power on?

Speaker 16 (25:49):
Yeah, I do here.

Speaker 1 (25:50):
Oh, who do you know? Mr. Councilman? All of a sudden you’ve got power <laugh>. Sorry Karen, go ahead.

Speaker 9 (25:56):
No, it’s okay. Councilman Mace. I just wanted to ask you at the end of the day, what about the residents of Flint? I mean we keep, there are issues that continue to pile upon other issues unresolved. Where does this leave the resident?

Speaker 16 (26:11):
Well, we had a city council election where we had serious literature mailed out on some folks. And I’m very concerned because three or four of those people who benefited from illegal literature are running behind the mayor in this administration. They the council vote of. And so the residents, as long as I keep speaking out, the resident I guess has an explosion. I’m getting calls from across the country. I’ve been asked over the last two, three weeks to become the president of the Flint Chair of the National Action Network. Whatever that’s going to turn into. But I think if you got people like myself and others, keep banging on it, keep pushing on it. Platforms like yourself and others getting it out. I think we can help the people. But we’ve got to cut through a lot of this bureaucratic political bullshit and expose it to get there

Speaker 1 (27:23):
That we should be pulling up his trap

Speaker 9 (27:28):
Bull. That was a good one right

Speaker 1 (27:30):
There. Yeah, it is. Now listen, there’s

Speaker 16 (27:32):
A lot of bullshit going on down

Speaker 1 (27:34):
Here. Hey, that’s it.

Speaker 8 (27:35):
<laugh> amazing how it hasn’t changed since he first said

Speaker 1 (27:37):
That all. Hey man, this I tell you, Eric, I respect the hell out of you, man. Keep, I know you got a lots of stuff to do tonight. The Democrats are fucked up. But don’t worry, we’re fair. The Republicans are fucked up and we’re going to bring that to you. Eric, thanks a lot for fighting a good fight, man. I know you don’t get paid a lot for that time.

Speaker 16 (27:54):
Keep fucking at it. We’ll get there. God bless us all

Speaker 1 (27:58):
My man. Thank you. All right, now be before we bring you how fucked up the Republicans are. And you don’t have anything America. I just want to remind you, I don’t know about water mains, but I know if you need internet service. Oh yeah. Right. If you need security cameras, you need access control. Wifi design and installation. You got restaurants? No, he do

Speaker 14 (28:22):

Speaker 1 (28:22):
Generators. Oh my God. I bet you he does. I know he does. You know why? Because when shit goes out, when Bernie, when xg service group services, you does your restaurant construction cameras. When your power goes out, when your internet goes out. Yeah.

Speaker 14 (28:38):
We need him at the Normy.

Speaker 1 (28:39):
Yeah, they need it. Well,

Speaker 8 (28:40):
I spoke with him today. He, it’s been a hellacious day for him today. Yeah, obviously because of all the power outages we could have used them too. Cause our Facebook went down a couple times.

Speaker 1 (28:49):
Okay, well we’ll get on that Red. Did you get your account back? No. Okay. Anyway, maybe Bernie and Matt Yoko could do that too. <laugh> call ’em at seven three four two four five forty one hundred seven. 3 4 2 2 4 5 4100 XG Service Group. And it’s here. It’s here. There it is. Oh yeah. It’s the Lenton season. Tomorrow’s Friday. Every Friday. Oh wow. Oh yes. Yes. The American Coney Island Fish witch is here. Look at that. That is not cod. That is Pacific Pollock. Yes, it’s tender and flaky. Look at this. Look at the fresh lemon. Look at the crispy lettuce. Look at the cheese. Go ahead. Go ahead red, take a bite.

Speaker 9 (29:34):
That’s a good, that is a good fish sandwich.

Speaker 1 (29:36):
That thing’s giant.

Speaker 14 (29:37):
And I like to say, this is the only time of year you will get a slice of lemon at American Coney Island. Please quit asking me for lemon in your water. We don’t carry it except now.

Speaker 1 (29:48):
And don’t be cheap with the extra drink. You know what? The extra drink cost stopped trying to get something. Just support an institution. How is it?

Speaker 14 (29:57):
Let’s I’ll be back. I’m done with the show.

Speaker 1 (30:04):
Craft beer, big selection, clean, friendly, family friendly. And the best view in Detroit, American, Coney Island at Michigan and Lafayette. And don’t forget the Coney Kit. That’s right. Just go to american coney Get ’em to your door, but you won’t get the

Speaker 9 (30:18):
Fish. Can we have the sail just delivered, Charlie?

Speaker 1 (30:20):
What’s that?

Speaker 9 (30:22):
Can I have some sandwiches delivered? I don’t, I know you got a Coney kid. I don’t want a kid. I just want to

Speaker 1 (30:26):
Deliver it. I you, I can. I, they’ll definitely get ’em fresh and hot. But I think you got to DoorDash it, you know. Got to. No,

Speaker 9 (30:33):
No. I’ll come and get, I don’t want strangers touching my feet. I’ll come and get it. Right.

Speaker 1 (30:36):
I grab

Speaker 14 (30:36):
It off for you.

Speaker 1 (30:37):
Let’s go back to normal. Okay, let’s go back to normal. The studies around the mask don’t do all of that.

Speaker 9 (30:43):
They don’t. Neither does a vaccine. We talked about that

Speaker 1 (30:46):
Too. We know. Wait, I got ’em. I didn’t deny. I went around. I’m a sheep. I didn’t want anybody hating me, didn’t kill me that bad.

Speaker 14 (30:53):
I, I’m going to be honest, okay. That much marijuana was the key. I didn’t catch Corona one time and I’ve been smoking all through it.

Speaker 1 (31:00):
Dude, you’re perpetual Corona. You’re a Corona bomb. You don’t even know you’re going up and down the stairs. You’re like, oh man, I really got to get in shape. I was like, you got Corona, bro.

Speaker 14 (31:10):
Well, that was weed smokers lung <laugh>.

Speaker 1 (31:13):
Speaking of weed, smoker lung. Jason Rowe, the former executive director of the Michigan Republican Party who’s now in Park City, Utah, just chillaxin. He’s got lots of clients someplace else besides Michigan.

Should we? Okay. The news is Christina Carmo, the election Denialist, the one who says a month after the story’s out there, there were 150,000 fake ballots came into Cobo Hall. I’m telling you, there wasn’t telling you. If they did, I would’ve told you have been the easiest. Pulitzer Prize did not happen. There’s not a scintilla of anything. You all heard the Fox News anchors and the text messages between them. These people are crackpots. There’s nothing do this. Hey, but we got to do it to keep up the ratings. Look, fuck D T e, fuck the Democrats. But I’m telling you, fuck the Republicans and any whack job, I need something better. I got kids. So do we want to play something before we have Jason coming? Just to set it up for the audience who’s driving around right now because their house is cold and the only eight they got is driving a mackinaw back.

Speaker 8 (32:33):
Well, here is her speech at a place, well, at the G O P M I G O P convention,

Speaker 1 (32:39):
Right? I guess

Speaker 8 (32:40):
Pleading her case as to why you should vote her over Deno. I think it

Speaker 1 (32:44):
Really came down to, yeah, Deno. Now listen, Donald Trump was stumping for Deno and he lost Donald Trump can’t win a backwater fucking election. That oughta tell you something. Go ahead and roll it.

Speaker 4 (32:57):
You may not always like me, but I’ll keep my word. Amen. And that’s what we need as chair and co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party. We need to fight to secure our elections. It’s the reason I did not concede after the 2022 election. Why? But I concede to a fraudulent process, conceding to a fraudulent process and an agreement with the fraud is, which I will not do

Speaker 1 (33:21):
You lost by 14 fucking percent dinghy. Come on now, Jason you left the party because it’s nuts. What do you make? What’s happening with this party, bro? When’s the next time the Republican’s going to win anything?

Speaker 15 (33:37):
I think what you saw here with the election of Christina Carmo is that Donald Trump created a monster that he lost control of. He endorsed Matthew Deno at the outset of the race floor Michigan g o p Chairman. There was probably no greater purveyor of election conspiracies related to 2020 in Michigan. The Matthew Deno I thought it was a slam dunk that he would be the next chairman, particularly partnered with Grant sold another candidate for governor who has a great great big following amongst the grassroots over the Covid lockdowns and his opposition to them.

Speaker 1 (34:17):
And he was selling Covid bills that didn’t work. Okay. But anyway, go ahead.

Speaker 15 (34:22):
Sorry. But going into this, you would’ve thought Deno had everything going for him, but apparently the fact that he accepted the outcome of his loss for attorney General disqualified him from the delegate’s consideration. I had heard early on that that was going to be a big issue even two months ago that Christina would be the surprise candidate. I still thought it was unlikely given the influence that Trump has. But I say that Trump created a monster. They lost control of when somebody with the influence over the Michigan Republican electorate, the base activist like Trump can’t tip the election for state party chairman to his candidate. And by the way, you talked about a 14 point landslide. This was a 16 point landslide that she won Michigan g o p Chairman.

Speaker 1 (35:13):
Okay, so what’s the, what’s Okay, talk to me. We’re on the phone, bruh. Yeah, it’s much more interesting when you’re on the phone with me. So what is the fucking future at this party? I swear to God. Look, I mean the Democrats took everything. I’m an independent and I’m looking over there. And again, I mean people on the right are like, dude, you’re losing credibility. I will say, well what? Telling ’em the truth, man, I are the Republicans dead if this is what they’re going to be offering up, they even want to change the primary to a caucus. How can they raise money?

Speaker 15 (35:52):
Well, I think raising money is going to be the number one problem that they have. I think there is a bit of naivete amongst grassroots that it’s the who and not the how. When it comes to small dollar donations to the party it is very expensive to raise money online. It is very expensive to raise money in the mail. You are lucky to break even when you’re prospecting for new donors. And even after you have a donor file, you’re lucky to net 5% off every mailing. So you need major donors to come in and fund your operations and fund your small dollar programs even to do that.

Speaker 1 (36:26):
And they’re not going to do it. Is that what you’re saying? The big donors aren’t there’s just on their wallets. Is that what you’re telling me? They’re

Speaker 15 (36:33):
Not going to touch the party under this regime. It’s just not going to happen. And you have a faction that spent two years kicking the major donors in the teeth and talking about how awful they are, and then turning around and saying, how come you guys didn’t give us any money? Well, they weren’t good candidates and they spent the entire time engaged in a hot war with the donors that fund the party. And so now she has, she’s the dog that caught the car. She’s now going to be the chairman of the party and she’s not going to have anywhere to go to get the resources. And I think within three months it’s going to be very desperate for them because they’re not going to have the money that they need even to keep the lights on in the state party headquarters.

Speaker 1 (37:10):
How does this, so Jason, go ahead Karen. Sorry.

Speaker 9 (37:12):
No, I’m sorry. No, I want

Speaker 1 (37:14):
To know when you’re going to say something because you’re sitting over there. We still doing that Zoom in? No.

Speaker 9 (37:19):
Well, on Thursdays. I’m here on Mondays, I’m there. So will the platform for the Republican party be about election fraud and that, because that’s been the conversation since the last presidential election and every Republican has seemingly kind of hung their hat on it. And now that seems to be Christina’s whole thing. Is that going to be the platform and conversation of the Republican party abandoning any and everything else that they could or should be talking about?

Speaker 15 (37:50):
Well, I don’t know that I agree that every Republican has hung their hat on. And I think most elector Republicans in the state have not embraced the conspiracy theories. I think they’ve not enrolled their eyes and tolerated it. I think the time for tolerating it has passed. But I don’t think there’s any mistake that Christina is going to make this the focus of what she does as chairman. And I think looking even back to what Charlie said, how do we grow a party? When you spend all your time kicking out people that don’t subscribe to your conspiracy theories, you don’t, don’t grow your party by subtraction. You grow it by addition. And the idea that she’s going to attract conservative independence’s, right, and moderate Democrats to the Republican party when you’re kicking out Republicans that you don’t like, I don’t know how we’re going to be competitive if that’s their message. He’s telling

Speaker 1 (38:38):
You what you want to hear.

Speaker 14 (38:39):
I got a suggestion for the Republican party here in Michigan. Yeah, maybe they should run on a platform that they’ll keep the freaking lights on. <laugh> know how Whitmer said, fix the damn pothole. Maybe they can take the slogan, keep the freaking lights

Speaker 1 (38:54):
Off. Yeah, but wait a minute. Those big donors are the ones that run the fucking power Cubs. Shit. None. The motherfuckers like patting everybody’s pockets. Look into it. Just Google that. D T e political contributions

Speaker 14 (39:04):
Go. That idea.

Speaker 1 (39:05):
Yeah. There’s a lot of bullshit going on in here, man. <laugh> bullshit. It’s all, it’s a fucking game

Speaker 16 (39:13):
Now. It’s a lot of

Speaker 1 (39:14):
Bullshit going on down here, down here. Do it again, <laugh>.

Speaker 16 (39:18):
It’s a lot of bullshit going on down here.

Speaker 1 (39:21):
Hit me again.

Speaker 16 (39:23):
It’s a lot of bullshit going on down

Speaker 1 (39:26):
Here, ladies and gentlemen. Your next director of the National Action Network. Flint.

Speaker 16 (39:32):
It’s a lot of bullshit going on down here.

Speaker 1 (39:35):
That’s a man sharp that can use right there. Hit me again.

Speaker 16 (39:38):
It’s a lot of bullshit going on down here.

Speaker 1 (39:41):
Who that man know he got power. What the fuck I got to have? Go

Speaker 14 (39:44):
Ahead. I do want to send my condolences out to all the personal marijuana and growers at home who has lost they power and taken the major boss in your crops right now. Detroit Red is here for you. I feel you. I’m

Speaker 1 (39:57):
Tell you what, Red’s got. Red’s got a car. He can get over there and remove them for you.

Speaker 14 (40:01):
Yes. Ain’t no additional charge. He

Speaker 1 (40:04):
Can just save ’em. You can come get ’em. You know what I mean? So do you

Speaker 9 (40:07):
Have a sale or something when your crops are compromised? Is that how that goes red?

Speaker 14 (40:12):
Well, if you wait long enough, you’ll get it off for

Speaker 1 (40:14):
Free. Red will keep him warm in his lungs.

Speaker 14 (40:21):
We don’t let nothing go to waste.

Speaker 1 (40:22):
So Jason Biden sucks. Everybody knows it. Okay. How does this play out for the 2024 presidential election? This certainly got to help Biden in terms of Michigan.

Speaker 15 (40:36):
I think a lot of people put too much stock in what the State party does from an organizational standpoint. It helps, but it’s not the end of the world. The Republican National Committee will kind of hijack operations for the presidential candidate. We got a US Senate race. The National Republican Senatorial Committee will oversee that for congressional races, the National Republican Congressional Committee. And then the state Senate doesn’t have elections for four years. So it’s just the house. And there’s a national group called the Republican State Leadership Committee that will work with the Lansing based house Republican candidate.

Speaker 1 (41:10):
If I can pause you there. But

Speaker 15 (41:11):
They will raise the money and do all those things and coordinate with the candidates they care about. But you won’t have that centralizing organization in the Michigan Republican Party that brings everybody to the table together so that you maximize your resources and coordinate

Speaker 1 (41:25):
And that you where the bodies are buried, so to speak. In Michigan, the auto executives doing this. And he’s right in a way [inaudible] He’s listening. But auto executive auto, this is the game within the game. Understood. Yeah. He is understood. Well, it’s just this guy, this, let me, lemme just tell you Jason Rose, he’s probably the sharpest modern political mind I’ve met in a decade. The guy’s really good. And if y’all want to throw ’em to the side, well great. I’m going to get another fucking four years of overpriced eggs. Maybe some more with China. I don’t know man. But I’m telling you, the Republicans stink. And I’m telling you the Democrats stink and I don’t know what to do. Mark, what do we do? You’re asking the wrong guy. You call legacy and see injuries. Oh yeah. Look out. You got to save a couple fucking nickels. Motherfucker bitch. Shit,

Speaker 14 (42:22):
I do. Got an important question for Jason. I’ve noticed that snowboard in the back there the whole time and you haven’t touched it once. Do you really out the snowboard? Inquire mine. Want to

Speaker 15 (42:32):
Know snowboarder red? I’m og. I started snowboarding in 1987 on Mount Brighton.

Speaker 14 (42:38):
Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh

Speaker 1 (42:39):
Wow. Is that in the right hand side of the picture? You’re 30 at six. Are you going right? Are you going elk hunting later? <laugh>

Speaker 14 (42:47):
On the snowboard.

Speaker 1 (42:49):
What is he fucking from? Finland? Stoned Rich is the triathlete. <laugh>. He’s skiing. Shooting and bong rips.

Speaker 14 (42:58):
Oh, I’m might have to come out with you on the trip.

Speaker 1 (43:00):
Yes. You know what red will do? He won’t do any skiing. He won’t wax him. He won’t load your gun, man. But he pack your bong for you. Hey. There you go buddy.

Speaker 14 (43:10):
Keep it going.

Speaker 1 (43:13):
All right. So before we let you, I just want to remind you about this Carmo here. You’re a nut. I’m sorry. Look at here. You’re a nut. You are a nut. I didn’t forget what you did trying to win that Secretary of State shit. You made shit up and you dumped it to fucking right wing media. Who sometimes likes me when I go after the governor for lying about the nursing home dead. But then you don’t like me because I won’t lie about your lie. And here’s, remember this one,

Speaker 17 (43:41):
Be demonized just cause you may have personally witness, not le, I’m one open, don’t know happened.

Speaker 1 (43:53):
She said, you said you’re going to F and tear me up. Do I hear any video of me saying, I’m going to F and tear you up? No. No. Not at all. Fake news. Fake, fake news.

Speaker 14 (44:02):
Oh shit. They converted

Speaker 1 (44:03):
You fucking fake fucking news. Call out bullshit. I am going to just watch you fucking destroy this party that you stole. You never belong to a country club. All of you all are rhinos Republican and name only because the rhino is the one that never been in the Republicans. They’ve got the blazer, my friend. It’s judge. Why don’t you come over and mow my lawn, Danny? You know what I mean? And I think Republican, I think Kevin Rinke, he belonged to three clubs, maybe got a yacht. His daddy gave him this car lot. That’s a Republican. And I don’t like them because they took us into a rock and the fucking world economic order collapsed. That’s what they do. And I miss them.

Speaker 14 (45:03):
I’m just sorry.

Speaker 1 (45:03):
Can I get some incompetent fucker in a blazer for once? What happened to these guys? I used to carry their golf clubs.

Speaker 14 (45:11):
I may be wrong, but for some reason when I look at her, I just can see her in her office with an OUI board. So what should I do with this next major decision?

Speaker 1 (45:19):
Should I drive the kids into the lake?

Speaker 14 (45:22):
I didn’t say that

Speaker 1 (45:24):
First basis for that. No, no. Her ex-husband said that. Oh wow. That is fact. That’s

Speaker 8 (45:31):
Fact. It’s in the court filing.

Speaker 1 (45:32):
Yeah. Wow. And basketball makes you a lesbian and yoga satanic. But you know what? Tell you this, you’re right. The election was stolen. You won by 14%.

Speaker 9 (45:45):
But Charlie, early on when I met Christina, this was a long time ago before she got, I was like, she came. No, I mean she came across as polished, as informed. I said she appeared to have promise and then some of her comments and some of her antics just took a off base. So I don’t know what happened. Maybe it was a vaccine. I don’t know. She’s,

Speaker 1 (46:09):
She’s super bright. First time I ever spoke with her, I’m like with, I’m really impressed with this person. This I’m serious. And then when I saw her again, I’m like, who’s she? You know what I mean? I’m like, I couldn’t put together. That’s who I had met.

Speaker 9 (46:24):
She took a turn That just seemed a little abnormal or a little unexpected from what I anticipated from knowing her early on.

Speaker 1 (46:33):
Call out. She’s trifling. She’s trifling. Oh, you’re standing.

Speaker 15 (46:37):
Jason, in spite of the video,

Speaker 1 (46:39):
I thought he had

Speaker 15 (46:40):
A’s very sweet woman too. What’s that? She’s a very sweet woman too. But I think a lot of people around her just filled her head with a lot of this stuff. And I think that’s one of the reasons for the departure from the person that you met once before and who she is today.

Speaker 1 (46:52):

Speaker 14 (46:52):
You saying two minutes in a room with Trump? Did it?

Speaker 8 (46:55):
No. I

Speaker 15 (46:56):
Think, no. There’s some grassroots people that were, I think pumping shit into her head.

Speaker 8 (47:00):
And when you get told certain things or you get pushed back from the other side, you tend to dig in and expand that and then really make that your hardcore belief.

Speaker 9 (47:08):
But that’s not a leader though. That’s not a leader. That is not a leader. So Well, but I mean if that’s the

Speaker 1 (47:15):
Case, that’s so true. That’s

Speaker 9 (47:16):
So true. If those are the things that influence anybody, this isn’t just for her, then you’re not a leader. Then you are a follower and you’re a person that allows your head to be blown up with stuff that probably is not substantive. And this is where it places. So it’s unfortunate and disappointing, but then that means that she doesn’t have the leadership capabilities that we thought she did.

Speaker 1 (47:35):
A leader got to tell people hard things. Yeah. Yes. You got it. Yes. I just,

Speaker 9 (47:39):
And think

Speaker 14 (47:40):
For themselves, when a politician lost gracefully and said, either I’m going to run again next time or just went on ahead back to whatever they were doing. I mean, why we can’t just get back to that. You lost this

Speaker 1 (47:52):
Job because it was stolen.

Speaker 14 (47:56):

Speaker 1 (47:56):
Because we can’t get back to anything until we get back to the good old values of it’s not stolen anymore. <laugh>, stop the steals,

Speaker 14 (48:04):

Speaker 1 (48:04):
Listen. And I just feel compelled all of a sudden to give a list of like, listen man, I know how you feel like, especially the grassroots of the Republican party. Yeah, I feel the same thing. I know we got sold out. I know that that absentee ballot qualified voter list was bullshit. I’m, I’m trying to do the work for you, but you cannot, I will not ridicule you. I’ll ridicule her, but not you. But you can’t expect me to just buy the bullshit. Life’s too short.

Speaker 14 (48:36):

Speaker 15 (48:36):
Kevin, that’s the problem. There’s legitimate, there’s legitimate issues out there, but they get clouded by the crazy things. And so there’s a lot of mainstream people, establishment people that are in agreement on some changes that need to meet some gaps in the system. But when you start floating out all this crazy shit on top of it, it’s hard to get to what substantively could be changed and maybe even in some cases bipartisan because of all this crazy noise.

Speaker 1 (49:00):
Well, can you stop giving me, I know you’re in Utah fucking cowtowing to the fucking altar of MIT Romney, but can I get somebody that reflects me and when I’m going through power’s out mi Hey, I got an idea. Let’s get a hedge fund and buy some of that

Speaker 14 (49:15):

Speaker 1 (49:17):
True. Now listen, I want to, it’s for the audio executive sitting here and I’m going to leave you with this, so I’m going to say goodbye to every, everybody stay, but I’m going to say goodbye, mom. I’m just let it float under last word here. Okay. It is the beginning of the lint in season and I visited my sister’s grave. Many of us Christians consider this Saturday before Lent is the original All Souls Day. That’s the time to honor the dead. My niece is buried with my sister or my sister was added with my niece. I can’t remember our families like that. They were laid to rest in the family plot of my niece’s grandparents out in Plymouth near the courthouse, just outside the right field fence of the old mu municipal ball diamond. I couldn’t bring myself to sweep the snow from their headstones because I’m not sure their names have been added.

That thought makes me weep. The grandmother of my niece has her name chiseled in the granite, and I’m not sure if the woman has passed yet. How strange I thought standing there, how we all fall away. There were some withered wreaths near the headstone, blanketed in ice. I said my piece for Ikin and I left the tobacco offering and then I drove to see my mother afterward. She lives on Joy Road about 10 miles from the cemetery. My mom doesn’t visit their plot much either. Too many memories, too much pain. My mom doesn’t like headstones and doesn’t want one. She doesn’t say it exactly, but her day’s coming upon her. I hope her days will be long and happy. But a time comes when we must all repay our loan from the maker and be at peace with it. Mom lately has been given things away, furniture and old copper pots and such.

She says strange little things now like I want to get a puppy, but it would be unfair to leave it behind in an upstairs closet. She keeps the remains of her third and favorite husband and her second and favorite son. When I go, she says, put us on a viking raft together, set us out to see and shoot fire arrows at us. This manner of dispatching mortal remains does not comport with the law of the faith, nor maybe do some episodes of my mother’s life, but surely my mother’s conducted herself in the spirit of it. To that I can bear witness. There was always room in a rockus and crowded house for the wayward teen or the troubled child or relation in need of an earring.

There was always warm coffee. There still is and there’s always buttered bread and a compassionate ear in my mother’s home. And now in this season of sacrifice, my mother teaches me a last great lesson. How to conduct oneself in the fading ray of life, behaving with dignity and grace and courage while treating each new day as though it was no different than the one just lived. There’s nothing to fear. A life passes, but a mother and her children’s bond is forever. And so we didn’t not dwell on the modeling. We watched TV and smoke cigarettes and talk to taco mothers and sons without looking at one another. The cable news droned on train wrecks and egg prices and mass shootings on the college campus. She considered the future. Do you think it’ll get better? She asked. Sure. Just change the channel, ma. No son. I’m worried about the grandkids.

Yeah, me too. They say every woman dies twice. Once when she’s buried or set to see and once when her name is spoken for the last time. That is how some people become immortal. I’m not wholly certain of what awaits any of us on the other side of life’s door. I’ll pray and reflect upon it during this Len season. But I do know this for certain headstone or none, my mother’s name will be spoken for generations within her circle of blood and beyond it, good deeds make good persons and good persons are remembered. Or as my mom says, what does it hurt to be kind. I love you, mom.


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