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Michigan has new guns laws.
1-Background checks for rifles.
2-Lock up your weapons if you have kids.

Having said that, why don’t prosecutors in Michigan’s largest counties prosecute gun violators?

There should be ZERO tolerance for illegal weapon possession, says Ralph Godbee, former chief of Detroit Police.
“I don’t want your guns,” he says. “I want you to stop killing people.”

Ironically, the gun bills Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed into law on the two-month anniversary of the MSU campus rampage would have done nothing to stop it.

Self-described “progressive” prosecutors engaged in creative writing to concoct lesser charges where a bicycle becomes an automobile, that would allow gunman Anthony McCrae to purchase weapons later used to murder.

The judge did not violate McRae for repeated violations of parole — failing his piss tests.
And the Lansing police never arrested McRae for firing a weapon from his back porch, as neighbors contend. Watch as they call the Chief of Police a dissembled and a liar.

Plus @ComedianDetroitRed live from a vacant lot: making his pitch to be Detroit’s director of Sustainability. How are panties and a raccoon alike? They both live in a tree on the city’s East Side.

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