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Too many bureuacrats and public employees run around, making excuses, collecting campaign contributions or pocketing unearned paychecks.

Detroit Fire Chief Mike Nevin was a different animal altogether. He saved children from burning buildings. He fought city hall over the safety of citizens and firefighters. He got fired twice, and got reinstated twice; winning lawsuits for blowing the whistle on municipal corruption.

Nevin was the man who co-ordinated the city’s response for downed power lines that plague the city to this day.

One the other hand, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer accepted $45,000 from DTE over the past two years, and has been AWOL as the state has been blanketed in darkness for the past two weeks.

Attorney General Dana Nessel, who is demanding that customers be refunded $35, defends taking DTE political money. “If I don’t take the money,” she says. “My opponent will.”

Not a single Republican leader held a single press conference letting citizens know some one was looking after them, or what they should do.

Pure Michigan.

More news on the MSU campus shooting. The Lansing Police dodges, deflects and denies open our records requests on the nature of their interaction with the gunman prior to his ramage.

We will get the answers. Our word. You deserve that.

Covid-19. Three years in and we know as little about the validity of our response as we did during those first miserable days. What did we do — based on what? The elderly & the children. A divided country at each other’s throats. Science and data should never be weaponized, especially when the public’s well-being is at stake.

Rest in Peace Chief Nevin.




Speaker 1 (00:00:14):
Are we going?

Speaker 2 (00:00:31):
We’re very aggressive in what we do. It takes a strong leader to come in to throttle that back. What he’s asking us to do now is pull your heart back, pull your, pull your kones in a tad and use your brains

Speaker 1 (00:00:46):

Speaker 3 (00:00:47):
Downtown Detroit. It’s no PS News out with my

Speaker 4 (00:01:16):
Just breaking his Dobo bullshit. Dobo bullshit.

Speaker 1 (00:01:23):
Oh, that’s not good. That’s not good.

Speaker 5 (00:01:28):

Speaker 1 (00:01:29):
No, I got it. I fixed it.

Speaker 5 (00:01:31):
Sorry. We live. Yeah,

Speaker 1 (00:01:32):
We are

Speaker 5 (00:01:32):
Live. Way to go, man. So let me tell you something. I noticed the terminal at Metro Airport had been renamed for Wayne County Executive Warren c Evans. I texted Evans to congratulate him for getting his name on the building without having to die first. He never texted back. I was on my way to New York last week to do the Chris Cuomo show. I don’t like flying, but I’ll do almost anything to get on tv.

Detroit and New York are a lot alike. Both are home to some of the nicest, meanest people in the country. The kind of people who smile as they slide a knife into your chest, but never in your back. The flight was uneventful. I took a cab into Manhattan. I checked into the hotel and took a walk before Cuomo’s eight o’clock round table. I went to the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station. The same people that designed Detroit’s defunct Central Railroad Station. Just so you know, I got a bowl of clam chowder best in the city, cost me 17 bucks. I skipped a martini. I had an eight o’clock show to do. I went to use the bathroom downstairs at the train station. The line was excessively long because no one wanted to use the urinals at the far side of the bathroom where a naked guy was having a sauna under the hand blower.

No cops anywhere. New York and Detroit are a lot alike. So I left without relieving myself. I walked north on the avenue of the Americas. They were hanging iron on a new skyscraper. It must be a privately financed job. I figure in Detroit, we publicly finance our skyscrapers and the only thing that’s moved at the Cynical Hudson Skyscraper project has been a portajohn swinging around on the end of a crane, like some kind of prank pinata headed west on 44th street, looking for a toilet and the new national debt clock. The old national debt clock froze in 2009 when it ran out of numbers $9,999,999,999,999 and 99 cents. I found the new national debt clock stuffed in an alley. Since apparently no one wants to be reminded, our collective debt grows at $10,000 per second. Now, I’m no economist, but that seems excessive. I had to go real bad at this point.

New York, like Detroit doesn’t have a lot of public bathrooms. Then I remembered Brian Square Park. They used to bury the poppers there. A group of shivering dudes waiting in line, sat cross legging and passed a copious joint among themselves. They’d forgotten they were even in line. So I stepped around them and I walked 500 feet to the public library, the one with the stone lions in front. There were no lions for the toilet at the library. They were nice with marbled floors and polished brass. I thought about the dope sitting in line for the toilet at the park. Should have stayed in school. Dudes say no to drugs. <laugh> books are power. I went to the hotel, got dressed, then went outside for a smoke. My phone rang Detroit Fire Chief Mike Nevin was dead. I was informed a heart attack. Nevin was one of the bravest and most pugilistic public servants I’ve ever known.

He battled every day for the people of Detroit in the members of his department. I cried a little bit at the news. An F D N Y ladder truck drove by just then. I waved and cried a little bit more. The phone rang again this time. It was Cuomo’s producer. The round table had to be canceled. She said the jury was back with a verdict and the Alec murder murder trial. Cuomo still might have me on to discuss it. She offered as a way of apology. But I don’t know anything about that case. I’ve been busy with power outages, a campus shooting and a train derailment. I didn’t want to go on TV to talk about something I know nothing about. People hate that in Detroit and people hate that in New York and people hate that everywhere else. I’ll do almost anything to get on tv, but I won’t fake it. So I went and had that martini and I lifted my glass to Chief Mike Nevin, a life well lived

Speaker 6 (00:06:00):

Speaker 5 (00:06:02):
My man, Mike Nevin.

Speaker 6 (00:06:05):
He’s a good guy.

Speaker 5 (00:06:06):
Do you know he came on the job March 2nd. Let me do the math. 1987 and they found him March 2nd. No, 88. And they found him March 2nd, 2020 3, 35 years. Wow. Same day.

Speaker 6 (00:06:25):
Wow. I’m sorry. I was sorry to hear that Mark. Mike was a, the one word I’d used to describe him was fair.

Speaker 5 (00:06:33):
Mike was son of a bitch. Man, that guy. Yeah. Look, I can’t tell you how many children this guy save. I would tell you that this guy advocated for this city and anybody visiting this city, you remember when I was banging on the ambulances? The ambulances aren’t coming. Mike’s complaining out loud as part of the fire department, as part a union rep. Twice in his life once the president that they weren’t coming and they tried to take him out so many times. So it was southwest Detroit. Mother had gone off for a minute. The house caught on fire. Two little boys were out. One was going to die. There was no ambulance. So Mike put the kid in the squad truck and took him to the hospital worrying that if the kid died, he was going to come up on charges. Mm-hmm. Dereliction of duty or manslaughter. That’s what they were doing to this guy. That’s what they do to anybody that steps out.

Speaker 6 (00:07:23):
That’s true. And nobody should want somebody as part of an organization that covers up and caters or cow towels to the inefficiencies and the ineffectiveness of that organization.

Speaker 5 (00:07:34):
Man, this life and death. The fire department. Yeah. That’s like people in Detroit know this. You call the fire department before you call the police because they come. That’s true. In five to 10 minutes and they’re coming with a big red truck and they’re swinging access. You call the police, you waiting. Remember, they used to just shit, can the calls, they never showed up.

I remember Mike knows this. So I’ll tell you a story about my, I came back in 2008. It’s one of the first stories I did was the fire department and the fire union put me in touch with what was he then? Sergeant Mike Nevin. Real just <affirmative> leader of men. And I became friendly with the guys at squad three over on the east side on Grand Boulevard. There was an arson job. Turns out it’s one of these ministers. He’s also got the Spirit of Detroit Award. He’s pals with Kwame Kpa. He pays a shabby homeless man now, a shabby what do you call those? Fixer upper guys?

Speaker 6 (00:08:37):
Handy man. Handyman. Handyman.

Speaker 5 (00:08:38):
<affirmative> pays him 20 bucks to light one of his properties on fire. He just wants it to burn a little bit so he can collect insurance for the second time. He’s never forced in this city to fix it the first time, collect the insurance. Never did. So the guy lit it on fire a little bit and it got out of control. And squad three, Nevin, Walt Harris, another Titan, another minister. What a great guy in Detroit. They go into the buildings and they’re putting this out and the roof collapsed and Walt was pinned underneath the rubble in the rafters and Hold on a second here. And they couldn’t find him because his alarm, it’s called a pass alarm. So it works. If you go, you’re not upright anymore. It trips, right? It’s like a level. It didn’t work. Oh wow. They couldn’t find him. There was no ambulance on the scene. So Nevin blows the whistle on this fucked up city where the hydrants don’t work and the fire trucks leak and the ambulances are broken. He blows the whistle and they get pissed. Of course, this is the Kilpatrick slash Ken cockle time. Right? Fast forward a couple months.

Nevin is on the truck with his guys and they get caught on tape taking a screen door off of an abandoned house.

Speaker 7 (00:10:05):
I remember that

Speaker 5 (00:10:06):
<laugh> screen door, right? Taking a screen door. Yeah. For what? Are they taking the screen door for the firehouse? Yeah, because the firehouse doesn’t have any screen doors. If you know anything about this town, they never pay for upkeep of these things. And then they’d steal money pretending things like roofs and garage floors were getting then they never did. The untold story is the fire fighters would fix it themselves. So Nevin gets fired. Not once for that screen door, but twice

Speaker 7 (00:10:35):
For the same thing. Yeah,

Speaker 5 (00:10:38):
Because twice, I going to say twice he gets reinstated. He wins a whistleblower lawsuit against this city. Fighting, fighting, fighting. Always fighting mental health for firefighters, smoke alarms for people in their homes

Speaker 7 (00:10:52):
Doing his job. Been going above and beyond. I mean, I only met him once. We had him in once. He very nice guy. He didn’t know me. He didn’t know me from anybody. He’s unbelievable. Public servant. Yeah.

Speaker 5 (00:11:01):
Fucking wore a mullet. I actually <laugh> watched his mullet catch on fire.

Speaker 7 (00:11:05):
<laugh>. Okay, I

Speaker 5 (00:11:07):
Hear how you wearing a mullet in the fucking house fire. I

Speaker 7 (00:11:09):
Want to hear that. How this mullet catch

Speaker 5 (00:11:10):
Fire, because it was coming out from underneath this fucking helmet. Ain’t

Speaker 8 (00:11:14):
How much mooch you got to use. You know how much moose you got to use to keep a mullet looking

Speaker 7 (00:11:18):
Good? No, I do not.

Speaker 5 (00:11:20):
Rick. Well, he didn’t use moose. That’s why he didn’t never look good. He liked echoing the bunny men. He liked eighties new waves he

Speaker 7 (00:11:31):
Played. He’s an interesting guy.

Speaker 5 (00:11:32):
He played professional hockey in Europe. Really? Wow. Before he came on the job. Funny thing is he used to own a screen door business, so he knows exactly how to take it off <laugh>. Right? And what it was worth is unbelievable

Speaker 7 (00:11:46):
How to reinstall it.

Speaker 5 (00:11:47):
I’m at the end of the program. I’m glad I wrote this book, Detroit in American Autopsy because he’s featured and I’ve been fond to saying lately, you only die twice. Once when your heart stops and once when they don’t speak your name anymore. And it’s there. And I’ve admired the man since I met him and I admire him now. Died of a heart attack in his apartment, and that’s okay.

Speaker 6 (00:12:11):
And condolences to his family, his biological family, as well as his D f d family

Speaker 5 (00:12:16):
And treat him well. Don’t be scumbags when somebody goes down enough with the gossiping and all of that. So anyway, a Mike came on our program. You’ll remember I wrote a story. Mike was the source of it. There was a murder on the southwest side I believe it was. And no, it was central. It was in the 10th precinct. It was like Davidson, Illinois area, something like that. And the fire fighters answered this call, but there are no cops there.

And the radio traffic, we get the radio traffic, they’re not coming for an hour. And these firefighters are stuck and there’s <affirmative>, a couple of creepy people around there, and they’re afraid and they’re hiding behind their firetruck and they don’t get a response. Moreover, after they finally do get a no squads cars available, that’s what was really happening in this city still is the first homicide detective doesn’t come for three hours. The next homicide detective doesn’t come for six hours because they all get the night off because they don’t have homicide detectives working nights anymore to say, this is Duggans Detroit. So Mike was out there. If firefighters in the middle of a murder scene, can’t get a cop. What do you think Ms. Jones has gotten?

Speaker 6 (00:13:40):

Speaker 5 (00:13:41):
Much more. So what did we get from that? What am I get from that? The chief of police, James Craig, the mayor, tried to get him up on charges of obstruction of justice for posting the run sheets on social media so you could know.

Speaker 7 (00:13:58):
Sounds like they just kept looking for an excuse. Cover up, get rid of this to get rid of ’em. Yeah, it’s what it feels like.

Speaker 5 (00:14:04):
And then somebody dies of a heart attack. Duggan comes in a few annoy, says, I want to put some medical stuff in place for your health. Never did. What about the mental health? When you’re picking a dead child out of fire, they don’t get anything. Yeah, city insists they do. This was Mike Nevin a Titan and his family has my condolences, deepest respect to the man. I’m actually kind of sad about right there. There he is. There’s that story.

Speaker 9 (00:14:34):

Speaker 5 (00:14:36):
Two guys in hats, James, Craig and Mike ne, two guys and Nets looking at that. All right. Let show is brought to you by Hall Financial. Help yourself. Over 40% of Americans don’t have that. 500 bucks might be in your home. Call ’em up. See if you can get equity pulled out of there. You can take that lower interest rate. Take your debt, consolidate it, save yourself money. I don’t know how many times they have to tell you. It’s called cash out. Refinance from a Hall Financial, relieve your finance stress. To keep your family prepared. You might need to get a fucking generator. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new home or refinance your current home, you need to call Hall first at eight sixty six Call Hall or get started by going to call hall Should I do another one or we? I can,

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Yeah, go ahead and do it.

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Okay, well, tell

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Me more. How else can I save money?

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Five. Whoa,

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It’s pretty good.

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It’s called a certificate of deposit. Somebody called Luke Noki. And turn your 0.05 in 2 5 2 4 8 6 6 3 4 7 4 8.

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Strippers two.

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Well, when you have enough money, when you make money can give back.

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From what I understand, they make quite a bit of money

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Only they’re good

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And they get quite a few tips.

Speaker 6 (00:16:33):
Okay, Charlie Fiscal, keep it moving. Keep it mo. I’m sorry. Strippers physiologically said

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That. I’m sorry. The strippers really working for those tips.

Speaker 6 (00:16:42):
I am sorry I started this. Yeah, you

Speaker 7 (00:16:43):
Brought it up

Speaker 5 (00:16:44):
Just a

Speaker 6 (00:16:44):
Little bit and I apologize.

Speaker 5 (00:16:46):
Just a little bit of the tip, not the whole thing, just the tip.

Speaker 6 (00:16:49):
What’s next, Charlie? Thank you,

Speaker 5 (00:16:50):
Sir. That’s what the stripper said. <laugh>.

Speaker 7 (00:16:54):

Speaker 5 (00:16:54):
I promise. Just a tip.

Speaker 6 (00:16:56):
I’m sorry everybody. I should have never done that.

Speaker 7 (00:16:58):
No you’re not. It’s fine. <laugh>, don’t be sorry. It was great.

Speaker 6 (00:17:02):
Charlie is losing it over.

Speaker 7 (00:17:04):
Oh, what happened?

Speaker 5 (00:17:07):
I couldn’t swallow

Speaker 7 (00:17:08):
<laugh>. Wait, there’s another stripper truck

Speaker 6 (00:17:11):
There. Hold the plug red.

Speaker 5 (00:17:15):
Listen, when you’re bombarded with insurance Ed, promise to save you the money, you know they’re bullshit. But from listen to this program, legacy Partners, the real deal, mark, save Red Safe. Karen, say I save Bernie safe. Save, save, save. <laugh>. You’re going to Miss Troopers safe <laugh>. Get some life insurance.

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Speaker 6 (00:17:47):
Aboard. See how little it takes to distract this bunch of children. Yes, like little kids, he <laugh>. I want you to

Speaker 5 (00:17:54):
Expect you’re in a room full of dudes.

Speaker 6 (00:17:58):

Speaker 5 (00:17:59):
Okay, listen. Now, this is fucked up. I got to learn this from my neighbor. I’m driving to go see my mom whose power’s out again. We’ll get to that after this one. My neighbor’s like, Hey, that’s kind of fucked up. What the Lansing Police Department did. I go, well, what are you talking about? Mm-hmm. <affirmative> listens to the show. He reads, he reads the column, right? He goes, well, I saw in the newspaper that the Lansing Police Department doesn’t have any information on when they went to the shooter’s house eight days before he shot up msu. What was his name? Anthony McCrae. They went to check on his dad. They tell the Detroit news that they don’t have any documentation. And I’m like, wait a minute. I also put in enough Freedom of Information Act. Now, her name’s Beth LeBlanca, the Detroit News. She’s Cracker Jack.

There’s no doubt, right? Cracker Jack politics, she got a damn break. She’s got it right? But she don’t know police. I know police. I know the fire. You know, divide up and you conquer. So here’s what it says in the newspaper. She must have put in a Freedom of Information Act. She never got it. My column runs, she inquires about it. Oh, we sent it to the wrong address. This should tell you something about Lansing Police, because I’m starting to get a real clear picture. So they send it to her and they say that her records request was denied, right? Because there were no written reports for the residents over that period. They went to the Gunman’s house to check on his dad, but there were no reports on it. And they say there were no reports because there was no crime committed.

Speaker 6 (00:19:42):
It’s near run sheet. Hey,

Speaker 5 (00:19:44):
Wow. Hey, wow. Hey

Speaker 6 (00:19:47):
<laugh>, Karen. What

Speaker 5 (00:19:48):
A question. That’s why Karen’s a columnist for Detroit News.

Speaker 6 (00:19:51):
I’m just asking.

Speaker 5 (00:19:52):
Okay? But the Lansing police did tell her, according to her report, that the older Michael, his sister called 9 1 1 on February 5th asking for a welfare check on her 67 year old brother who goes by Mike, right? This is what the Lansing police told Beth. The Lansing police made contact with Michael at his residence and confirmed he was okay. Mr. McCray explained his cell phone battery had died and was unaware that anyone was trying to reach him. Well, how would you know that if there’s nothing written down one hell of a memory.

Speaker 6 (00:20:31):
And how would you know that? Because originally they said there was no contact made, that there was no wellness check. That was the first thing.

Speaker 5 (00:20:40):
Let’s get it right. They said they made a wellness check, but it had nothing to do with the gunman. When the people, okay, there’s only two people that live in there. Certainly the old man, his sister would know. He lives with the son. You call his son perhaps. Okay? Perhaps not. But here’s the thing, pd, you’re now in violation of the Freedom of Information Act because I don’t have my answer, and I’m going to remind you of something else. I asked

For that welfare check to McCray’s home that the material should include, but not be limited to the dispatch. Call the time of the call. The name of the caller, the reason, the subject of the welfare check and and all notes and reports from responding officers. So there are notes, don’t bullshit me. It’s called the CAD documentation. Computer Assisted Dispatch 9 1 1 dispatches it to the car in the computer. They open up the file, say we’re we’re Lansing pd, we’re not Okemos pd. We’re not East Lansing pd. That’s our file. Call received on the way, arrived at this time, knocked on the door. He said this to me. That’s where you got that battery information. Furthermore,

I asked you when the police chief said there were no shot fired calls from the home. I asked you for any other disturbance calls, police interactions, or reports filed concerning the Gunman’s neighborhood because nobody called shots fired to that home. Let’s say I’m a neighbor. I hear bang, bang. I don’t know which house I’m giving you my address. If I say I’m hearing banging, you want to know what the, it varies department to department. They don’t put in shots fired. They code it. The dispatcher codes as special attention. Right? Okay, so you’ll want to fuck with me. Well, I’m not going away. This is way too important.

Speaker 7 (00:22:54):
If everybody wants us to get fixed, you got to get these answers. So that leads me to believe it’s one of two things. They don’t have it or they don’t want to give it up. Both. Whatever it is is slightly unacceptable.

Speaker 5 (00:23:06):
Okay? Again, I don’t play there to be a conspiracy. I don’t like the attitude, the delay at missing emails and bullshit. So again, it’s coming today, you’re in violation and you’re going to answer, here’s what I want. Forget the neighborhood in the environs. I want all calls to service from East House Street, east Jackson Street, Creston Avenue, cen Avenue plus, Bates Street, Cedar Paulson, and Community Streets, Harris Street and Gary Avenue. Request for calls from these street names from 2019 to present by name with the cad, calls for service documentation, including CAD notes. Give them, because I know that the freedom of information, you tried to route it through city hall. Well, that’s the mayor. What’s his name? David Shore, something like that. Oh, he’s running for Congress to fill ITA slot. Can see

Speaker 6 (00:24:14):

Speaker 5 (00:24:15):
So this smells to me. You got some professional PR people from the coast starting to manipulate it. We ask something simple, not blaming you for anything, but now I really don’t like what I’m getting. This reminds me of having to deal with this city, find out about them contracts, getting the bullshit, the Okie doke. Are you kidding me?

Speaker 7 (00:24:39):
And all it does is drag it on too. Give us the information of there’s nothing to hug. But some people a

Speaker 6 (00:24:44):
Fucking hide. But some people give up and they forget and it just kind of falls by the wayside. So they just don’t know. Hardly,

Speaker 7 (00:24:52):
Thankfully, not all people do. Yeah,

Speaker 6 (00:24:54):
Not everybody, but most do they move on to the next crisis or the next tragedy. And so we forget everything else. And how can

Speaker 5 (00:25:02):
We do such a thing?

Speaker 6 (00:25:03):
Well, because we’re bombarded with so much, and nobody focuses in on the fact that unless you solve the problem, you will continue to repeat it.

Speaker 5 (00:25:12):
Are we just noticing everybody pulling the public check? This is not working hard. Did you know when I’m in New York, I’m talking to Powell’s on the phone and now the story comes out. Michigan State’s got 2000 cameras, but there’s no central spot for people to view no real time analysis about what’s going on.

Speaker 6 (00:25:32):
But that’s the thing, Charles, and it’s like I saw where the state is now about to hire a few hundred new people. It’s like we keep adding on to stuff that already doesn’t work. So if you buy a camera who’s watching it? What’s going to be the response? I mean, this isn’t brain surgery. It’s quite simple, but we keep complicating and convoluting it and it just doesn’t work. It’s not that complicated. It’s real simple. What’s the problem? What are our options? Pick a solution. Execute oversight, <laugh> accountability.

Speaker 5 (00:26:04):
Might as well do this. If you can’t get your camera system together. <laugh>. You call XG Service Group, right? Matt and Bernie, listen, they specialize in security cameras, hidden cameras, access control, wifi design and installation, right? Construction cameras, security cameras. Oh, come on. 7 3 4 2 4 5 4100. I mean,

Speaker 6 (00:26:28):
I understand. I’m not saying, I’m just laughing at everything I say prompts you to think about something else. At least that was positive. But I mean, but keep writing up your

Speaker 5 (00:26:36):
Tip. Okay.

Speaker 7 (00:26:37):
That was positive too. I’m just saying

Speaker 6 (00:26:39):
I’m done. No, you’re not. I’m done. Yeah, I

Speaker 5 (00:26:42):
Am. You know what Jeffrey Dahmer said to, I don’t

Speaker 6 (00:26:45):
Want to Raymond Bob. I don’t want to know Charlie. Keep the

Speaker 5 (00:26:47):

Speaker 6 (00:26:49):
I’d cover my ears, but my headphones are on <laugh>.

Speaker 5 (00:26:53):
Go ahead and riff with that one. Yeah. All right. So look, it’s coming again. Why are you making me do this? Yeah, just make, look, I, I’m sure there’s nothing there, but you got problems up in Lansing. You’re now a top 20 most violent city. How’s that possible?

Speaker 6 (00:27:09):
It’s not. Maybe this is how it’s possible.

Speaker 5 (00:27:11):
Mr. Mayor, you going to run for governor? Huh? I mean, you going to run for Congress? I’m watching you now, dude. Hey, Lansing, I’m watching now. I got too much to do.

Speaker 6 (00:27:20):
But maybe that’s how it’s possible, Charlie, if this could be a microcosm of how they operate the police department or the city. So maybe that is how it’s possible.

Speaker 5 (00:27:31):
Or with the governor, man, I want some answers. Speaking of that, go ahead.

Speaker 8 (00:27:35):
I just want to say this to the powers that be, if you so worried about the people’s trust, quit making it look like you doing some shit that’s untrustworthy.

Speaker 6 (00:27:45):
Quit violating trust.

Speaker 8 (00:27:46):
Yeah, quit violating. Just give us what we supposed to have or ask for. Nope. And if it’s nothing to hide, you should have nothing to worry about. Plain and simple.

Speaker 5 (00:27:55):
And again, Mike Mark said perfectly rational explanation. Nothing there. I mean, I have no other reason to believe that it wouldn’t be anything else would a public servants telling me, right? Except I go to the neighborhood and a half a dozen neighbors are telling me they were here. They were here. The neighbors don’t even know each other. So there’s a disconnect. And they’re really not happy being framed as kooks liars tripping on L S D. Something doesn’t add up here,

Speaker 6 (00:28:28):
But like you said, they, and I remember the interview where the resident said that we really don’t know or talked to our neighbors. So it’s not like they’ve conspired the story that there was something different other than what they know to be true.

Speaker 5 (00:28:42):
And what do we get? What the governor, I don’t know where the hell the governor is. She pops up on this one. The type for thoughts and prayers are over. You’re right. I’m going to need some more gun laws. Okay, fair. But we have gun laws.

Speaker 6 (00:28:56):
They’re not enforced

Speaker 5 (00:28:58):
And all that shit y’all do in that prosecutor up there in Ingham County, you don’t want to enforce the existing gun laws. You caught the guy with three clips, an unregistered nine, and he flouts his nose at probation and there’s no penalty here. Okay, here’s another one. So he B read you, we all have pieces. Yes. He bought the pistol. When you buy the pistol, you got what, 10 days to register this thing? Yeah. Okay. So the state’s getting flagged on it, right? The local constable’s supposed to be flagged. The gun store’s sending it. It wasn’t registered. So right there, why didn’t he pop up? Well, how come the computers don’t work that

Speaker 6 (00:29:41):
And there’s not even computer, Charlie, the thing about it is, is that out of all these people that have jobs in government, what is your responsibility?

Speaker 5 (00:29:48):
Let me do this. Okay? Okay. Instead of, hi, I’m going to go, okay, I’m going to go specific. What’s your responsibility? Put together a database. Hey, the gun store, it was legally purchased this guy’s guns, right? You alert the state that this guy bought a gun. That gun now gets tracked. Why isn’t there any computer system say, Hey, we now don’t have a record of this piece being registered. Then you can make a call. You don’t got to arrest anybody. You can make a call. We need to keep track of that. We’re looking at you. You’ve already gone up on gun violations. This one, you’re breaking the law. It is a law. Whitmer likes these kind of laws. So why is there no penalty for breaking the existing gun law? The guy went and say he bought a long arm and he didn’t register it. Anybody going over to the house? Do we even know? No. No. You kidding me,

Speaker 8 (00:30:45):
Man? We talked about that too. We’ve covered that as far as what laws are in place to govern who’s buying and who’s not. Like you said, if he says he bought a long arm, that brings no suspicion. Nobody’s going back to check with the gun dealer. Is this actually what he bought? And the gun dealer is going to do just bare minimum to make his sale. I mean, let’s be honest. He going to run your federal check. You come back, he going to sell you the weapon after that. It’s out of his

Speaker 5 (00:31:11):
Hand. You got to No, he’s, he’s got to report the sale himself.

Speaker 8 (00:31:14):
Well, so then we need, to me, it sound like we need to be going to them as

Speaker 5 (00:31:18):
Well. There. There’s a hole in the system. Yes.

Speaker 6 (00:31:20):
There’s a lack of oversight, lack of accountability.

Speaker 5 (00:31:23):
That’s lack. Lack of fundamental. This is how we get these laws to work. I mean, they’re so busy posing. I don’t even think they know what the gun laws are.

Speaker 6 (00:31:34):
Yeah, you’re probably right, Charlie.

Speaker 5 (00:31:36):
You know what I mean? You can’t even get an answer. It’s called computer assisted dispatch. You’re going to give it all of the calls in the neighborhood. So get busy. And I know this because I know police, that’s just a keystroke. That’s not like you got to go into the files and be looking around. You put in the name Jackson Street. That’s what you do. Then you can also put in the name McCray. Since you’re at it, man. Now power goes out

Speaker 6 (00:32:06):

Speaker 5 (00:32:08):
So what was it last week? No, 820,000 customers. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s your rule of thumb. When you hear customer double it. And that’s the amount of people that don’t have power. So when you have 800,000 customers, 1.6 million, you got 1.6 million people, and it’s an ice storm. It wasn’t any huge weather event to

Speaker 6 (00:32:33):
Me. I know.

Speaker 5 (00:32:34):
And then it goes out again.

Speaker 6 (00:32:36):
And some people endured more. Seven days of their power being out. I mean, that’s a long time. Oh,

Speaker 7 (00:32:44):
Look at 35 bucks.

Speaker 6 (00:32:46):
But you know, got to think. People are,

Speaker 7 (00:32:48):
They’re being

Speaker 6 (00:32:48):
Very, first of all, they’re paying for a service that they’re not getting. That’s the first thing. But if they have to stay in a hotel, if they can find a hotel, hotels, were also surging in terms of prices. The food that you have to throw away. Also the residual impact of power being out. How is it damaging other things that are in your house that are supposed to be kept warm? We

Speaker 5 (00:33:07):
Lose billions in economic activity.

Speaker 6 (00:33:09):
Yeah. Businesses that are closed. Yeah.

Speaker 5 (00:33:11):
Where’s that data? You have that data?

Speaker 7 (00:33:13):
I have a couple pieces of

Speaker 5 (00:33:14):
Data. Sure, sure, sure.

Speaker 7 (00:33:15):
There’s that one.

Speaker 5 (00:33:16):
Okay. What is that, mark?

Speaker 7 (00:33:17):
That is Michigan customers tracked versus customers outed. I was looking for this

Speaker 5 (00:33:22):
One. Explain what? Look there. Right now, currently right now, there’s 142,000 customers.

Speaker 7 (00:33:28):
Yeah. From that day, which is the fifth at eight. 8 27.

Speaker 5 (00:33:32):
This is a mess. What are you, don’t throw that up, dude. What day are you talking about <laugh>? The fifth in the end of that snow. Yes. 336,000 customers. This is a week after the 820,000 customers. Now Eric lah at the New York Times. Oh, Eric, Eric’s Cracker Jack. We got a diagram up here. Graph, if you’re listening and out watching, the yellow represents the true number. This is when all the computer systems are being counted because power does a better job of tracking DTE than DT E. And that’s the purple line. So when dts reporting to you, what power outage US is tracking is the yellow. So you can see consistently, and DT has admitted this. You’re under reporting it. What’s the, what’s that first date, mark? I can’t see it. Right?

Speaker 7 (00:34:29):

Speaker 5 (00:34:29):
No, the next one.

Speaker 7 (00:34:30):
Friday the 24th. Friday

Speaker 5 (00:34:32):
The 24th. DT is reporting about

Speaker 7 (00:34:35):
Just about 475,000.

Speaker 5 (00:34:38):
Just, what is this it? 500 or 400?

Speaker 7 (00:34:40):
That’s 500 right now.

Speaker 5 (00:34:41):
500. That’s what the 500,000 customers. What does the api, the the total, the power outage us about

Speaker 7 (00:34:50):
Six 40.

Speaker 5 (00:34:51):
About six 50? Yeah,

Speaker 7 (00:34:52):
Please close. Close. Six 50. Sorry.

Speaker 5 (00:34:53):
All right. 150,000 more customers. 300,000 more people. Yeah.

Speaker 7 (00:34:59):

Speaker 5 (00:35:00):
This is the bullshit they’re giving us. These motherfuckers got to go,

Speaker 7 (00:35:05):
Which it, it’s kind of laughable that they even feed us bullshit when nothing’s going to be done about it. No one’s going to hold their feet to the fire.

Speaker 5 (00:35:11):
No, they’re not. Why? Because D t E does a lot of commercials.

Speaker 6 (00:35:15):
Yep. They’ve got billboards up, radio and television. That’s what I saw. I saw Billboard yesterday. I mean, talking about down power outages and down wires. So yeah, they’ve got their PR, machine moving.

Speaker 5 (00:35:27):
PR machine. Yep. We’re not taking their money. I think this thing should be a public utility. Again, not privately traded to maximize profit. And don’t lie to me when you’re out there saying, we invested 8 billion last year. First of all, your gas fired plants and all that does not count as an investment in terms of upkeep. Because we know when you do these alternative investments, you’re guaranteed a 10% return. So of course you’re going to build all kinds of bullshit. That doesn’t work. You’re guaranteed a profit. Now, how much money did you put back into maintaining wires and telephone poles and couplings and transformers and treats? Rimming?

Speaker 7 (00:36:06):
That’s a good question. Not enough. I don’t care if they spent 8 million. They clearly didn’t spend enough keeping anything up.

Speaker 5 (00:36:12):
Mine went out and I was watching, I cut down one cypress tree in my backyard because it was in the power lines. They didn’t do it. So the one next to it had the heavy snow, and I watched it. Oh boy. And I call my wife up. I go, look, see it. See the branch? See, it’s heavy. Ooh, it’ss touching. Now get ready. Get ready.

Speaker 6 (00:36:32):
But Charlie, inclement weather trees, this isn’t anything new. I mean, they’re, they’re not new to the game. So why hasn’t anything been done prior to or since the last power outage?

Speaker 5 (00:36:44):
Oh, you mean what? You mean the one last week or this week, or the one last summer? Or

Speaker 6 (00:36:49):
Pick one. Spring pick one. Right.

Speaker 5 (00:36:52):
Okay. I’ll tell you what, that 800 billion worth of duct tape they bought

Speaker 6 (00:36:56):

Speaker 5 (00:36:57):
This might be an answer. These are the 2021 filings for the D T E Energy, Michigan Political Action Committee contributions archive. So in 2021, first of all, let me just say, look how long this is. I didn’t even print the whole thing. It’s a

Speaker 7 (00:37:15):
Lot of donations.

Speaker 5 (00:37:16):
Okay. What you have on here page is 141 out of 146 representatives in Lansing taking money. Okay? You have the biggest recipient, governor, Gretchen. What did she get in 2021 the last year? The filings? Well, she got, hmm, 10,000, then she got two grand is in-kind contribution. 12. Oh. And then she got another 20,000. So she got 32,000 last year. And the year before that.

Speaker 9 (00:37:54):

Speaker 5 (00:37:58):
Governor 1000, governor 500, governor 10,000. She got $45,000 in two years.

Speaker 6 (00:38:08):
Maybe that’s why I, because I haven’t heard anything from the governor’s office, from the mayor’s office. I haven’t heard anything about this. And not even anything comforting for residents, like nothing.

Speaker 7 (00:38:19):
Oh, well, I’ll show you the one thing she did. She had one tweet, and here’s the picture from it where she’s shaking a linesman’s hand. Right. Oh, when was that? And it was a very positive, it was the second day after the

Speaker 5 (00:38:31):
Outage. Which outage?

Speaker 7 (00:38:33):
<laugh>. Good question.

Speaker 5 (00:38:33):

Speaker 7 (00:38:33):
First outage. First major one with the ice

Speaker 5 (00:38:35):
Storm like 10 days ago or something like that.

Speaker 7 (00:38:37):
Yeah. And that is it. That’s the only comment I’ve heard her made whatsoever about this. And it’s a very positive one where she’s wasting all these guys time who just want to get back to work for a political picture when the fact of the matters, nobody’s met at the Nobody’s

Speaker 6 (00:38:51):
Met. Everybody understands

Speaker 5 (00:38:53):
The line. The line. No

Speaker 7 (00:38:55):
One’s mad at them. They’re busting their fucking ass. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (00:38:57):

Speaker 5 (00:38:57):
Will fucking around with electricity in an ice storm.

Speaker 6 (00:39:00):
Everybody. But I think everybody, like Mark said, everybody realizes that it’s not them.

Speaker 5 (00:39:04):
Well, look here. I mean, you said we’re City hall. Yeah. Sitting in the rabbit hole. Because Mike Duggan took $10,000 from D T E last year. Wayne County Executive War in who got his name on the airport now took $5,000. City council member, Scott Benson, city council member, Janae Ays, city council, former member, Fred Dural. Man, this is bullshit.

Speaker 6 (00:39:31):
Now, let me ask you this. Who are the four that did not take, and I know you mean that. Yeah, I know. I know. I know. They don’t put up that list. I’ll do that. I’ll, I’ll do that. But I mean, I’m saying

Speaker 5 (00:39:41):
I got to come up with that. I’m like, I’m the suit

Speaker 6 (00:39:43):
Sarah <laugh>, because you know everything

Speaker 5 (00:39:44):
Charlie well, maybe looked up, should have held the press conference since the Republican leadership didn’t figure it out. And the city, nobody was out there reassuring us. It’s all going to be all right. Nope. When DT e is fucking tweeting. Hi. We know not having power is a horrible thing. So here’s a link to some warming centers.

Speaker 6 (00:40:08):
But people, were ripping them a nuance.

Speaker 5 (00:40:11):
I don’t fuck off

Speaker 6 (00:40:12):
Ripping them.

Speaker 5 (00:40:13):
<laugh> warming. We’re in the middle of a storm. So you don’t want to be driving. They tell you not to drive. We’re in the middle of a storm. Grandma doesn’t have a car. What she’s supposed to do, get on the fucking bus <laugh>, which by the way, ain’t running because we’re in the middle of a storm.

Speaker 6 (00:40:28):
But Charlie think,

Speaker 5 (00:40:28):
And I have an electric car. It wouldn’t fucking start.

Speaker 6 (00:40:31):
But the think about, that’s what I was going to talk about. This is

Speaker 5 (00:40:34):

Speaker 6 (00:40:34):
I was bullshit. I was going to say, but think about that. This push to do two things. Move away from gas stoves. They want you to have an electric stove and the push for electric vehicles. Now, I saw a story on that, and nobody could find a place to charge their vehicle. And I forgot who it, I have to look

Speaker 5 (00:40:53):
And see. Power was out anyway.

Speaker 6 (00:40:54):
Well, yeah, the power was out. I understand. But their solution was, we’re going to invest more money to build more charging stations, and then you’ll have more options. So you can drive around more to see, that makes

Speaker 5 (00:41:05):
Sense, Paul.

Speaker 6 (00:41:06):
Trying, but the

Speaker 5 (00:41:07):
Power, I’m just trying to go with it, Karen, like I understand. We already talked about this with the owner to the gas station and Dearborn.

Speaker 6 (00:41:14):
How about just

Speaker 5 (00:41:15):
Please, please look here. Here’s the answer to it. Okay. All right. There’s no fucking plan.

Speaker 6 (00:41:20):
Okay. I agree with

Speaker 5 (00:41:21):
That. Where is, again, the bureaucrats again? We’re going to go electric. We’ve got gas stations. We’re going to build more electric charging station. Where, what’s the plan? Have you told the gas station people? Have you told the powered grid people?

Speaker 6 (00:41:36):
How are you supposed to do this? But if this is my take, if your grid is not working, and if all those things that you cited, and if the trees aren’t trimmed and the power’s still not going to be consistent, then now you don’t. Don’t just have, it’s not going

Speaker 5 (00:41:50):
To work. It’s not going

Speaker 6 (00:41:51):
To, that’s I’m saying. So if you’ve got three charging stations that don’t work now, now you got 10 that don’t work. Yep. That’s right. And there’s no very simple approach.

Speaker 5 (00:41:58):
No’s. No way to store the power. Okay. There’s no way to store solar or wind. Yeah. There’s no way to store it. We don’t have batteries that big. Right? So going back to it, where was anybody to re My mom. My mom. I would call her, but let’s leave her alone. Her power went out again. She’s 80. She’s not doing well. Yeah, right. Good thing I go over there because she’s using the downtime to paint her upstairs window. And I mean, her upstairs ceiling in her bathroom, and she can’t get the window closed. I don’t know. I go over in the morning and the windows open. The house is freezing. Her cell phone’s not charged. You see what I’m saying? And it’s, oh, Jesus, mom, you close the window. She believes she does. Her like, this is cute. She doesn’t know if her hot water works. She doesn’t want to use it. She wants to save what? Little hot water she got left. I’m like, mom, it’ll go cold. Anyway. And then I’m like, you’ve got a thermo coupler here. It doesn’t work on the electric grid. Let me just turn it off. Oh my. I can take a shower. Oh, I’m not bad. I have four blankets. Oh,

Speaker 6 (00:43:12):

Speaker 5 (00:43:13):
She’s got the stove on. You remember the gas stove they told us not to use? Well, how the fuck did you expect her to keep warm?

Speaker 6 (00:43:19):
That’s the point, Charlie.

Speaker 5 (00:43:22):
This is bullshit.

Speaker 8 (00:43:24):
And the real bullshit is, ain’t none of our representatives representing shit. They just watching us freeze our toes off. Sit here and struggle with this at least 4, 5, 6, 7 days. The

Speaker 6 (00:43:36):
Guy from Hamtramck has been very vocal and outspoken about it. Everybody else, not so

Speaker 5 (00:43:43):
Much. So I still would’ve liked, and by the way, the, you’d have to give the radio address since our fucking TVs are out. But some, and forgive the comparison, some Andrew Como esque type briefings for people. Here’s where you would get water. Here’s where you can get a warm meal. Something to this effect.

Speaker 6 (00:44:04):
Now, early, here’s

Speaker 5 (00:44:05):
Where you can call if you stuck any

Speaker 6 (00:44:06):
Display of leadership, but early on, there were restaurants. I saw two restaurants, one a Livonia and one somewhere else that were passing out food. And I heard, albeit briefly, that there was a warming center open. Well,

Speaker 5 (00:44:19):
How would you know?

Speaker 6 (00:44:20):
I know, but that’s my point. How do you get there? What’s the, I don’t know. And

Speaker 5 (00:44:24):
Why? Yeah, why is it like restaurants are doing, don’t we? That’s

Speaker 6 (00:44:27):

Speaker 5 (00:44:28):
Don’t we have emergency response? We have the red. These

Speaker 6 (00:44:31):
Were restaurants. And I think, and I’m not trying tot take away anything from the restaurants, but I don’t know

Speaker 5 (00:44:38):
What, no, you made a make an appointment.

Speaker 6 (00:44:40):
No, no. I was, no, because it didn’t make sense. I’m pissed. It didn’t make sense. So forget it.

Speaker 5 (00:44:44):
My fucking mother. And I didn’t mean it that way. I just was listening. I am so angry.

Speaker 6 (00:44:53):

Speaker 5 (00:44:53):
Should be. And then you go over there, and this is what a bum in the county is. You plowing Joy Road and you plow a mountain of ice, and she can’t get out because you’re saying, we’re not allowed to. Well, you better figure out how to, because I’ve been going on for 50 years. She told me the story. She’s pregnant with my brother Billy 50 years ago. And she had just shovelled to get out. And then they came and did it to her again. And she stood there pregnant in the howling wind, just weeping. And the guy 50 years ago said, look, I didn’t do it one time and said, I’m not allowed to do it. At least there was a soul 50 years ago. You guys suck. Where are you, Warren? Where are you? Mike? Where are you today? Gretchen. Gretchen. They dumped poison dirt.

We now know for a fact from Debbie Dingle. You didn’t have any idea. We got one picture of you from the other storm. You, you’re nowhere to be found. See, we need somebody that enjoys the job, that enjoys public service, that burns the midnight oil that makes decisions based on data and real life stuff, and knocks some heads into getting the bureaucracy to work. And yet you don’t. You blew covid. You blew it. All. The data’s in now, or it’s starting to come in. Hey. Oh, that’s, look at that. What a segue. <laugh>. That was a great segue. Yeah. So now it’s three years later. We’re following the science in the data. I don’t blame anybody’s reaction to Covid. Fear was good at first. Mm-hmm. But we knew about three months out who this was killing old people in obese people. And the average age of death in Michigan is around 75 years old.

We know what you did with the nursing homes, and we know you didn’t track it. We know it. But you shut down the schools. You shut down the seed section. Couldn’t go to my cabin. Couldn’t be in a boat for some reason. And the old people were dying, and you never admitted it. And now lots of stuff’s coming out. So we got, this was congressional testimony, Dr. Marty McCay from Johns Hopkins, bestselling New York Times author columnist for the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Right? Surgeon. Kind of a big deal. Now we’re having Covid hearings. I found this to be interesting. At least

Speaker 11 (00:47:11):
The greatest perpetrator of misinformation during the pandemic has been the United States government misinformation that Covid was spread through surface transmission, that vaccinated immunity was far greater than natural immunity. That masks were effective. Now we have the definitive Cochrane review. Do you do with that review? Cochrane is the most authoritative evidence body in all of medicine and has been for decades. Do you just ignore it? Not talk about it, that myocarditis was more common after the infection than the vaccine. Not true. It’s four to 28 times more common after the vaccine. That young people benefit from a booster misinformation. Our two top experts on vaccines quit the FDA in protest over this particular issue, pushing boosters in young, healthy people. The data was never there. That’s why the CDC never disclosed hospitalization rates among boosted Americans under age 50. The vaccine mandates would increase vaccination rates.

The George Mason University study shows it. It did one thing. It created never vaxxers who are now not getting the childhood vaccines they need to get over and over again. We’ve seen something that goes far beyond using your best judgment with the information at hand. We’ve seen something which is unforgivable. And that is the weaponization of medical research itself. The C CDC putting out their own shoddy studies, like their own study on natural immunity, looking at one state for two months when they had data for years on all 50 states. Why did they only report that one sliver of data? Why did they salami slice the giant database? Because it gave them the result they wanted. Same with masking study. Well, the data has now caught up in giant systematic reviews. And they, public health officials were intellectually dishonest. They lied to the American people. Thank you.

Speaker 6 (00:49:20):
And everybody that even questioned any of what was coming out was called a nut. Everybody And I and I, Hmm.

Speaker 5 (00:49:28):
Yes. I’ve never seen a disease be politicized like this. Now, again, I was not a denialist. I did what I was asked to do. I wore the mask. I got the vax that I didn’t want because I’ve been around, do I have natural immunity right now? It comes to show natural immunity was better than the vax. The VAX was sold to me as, you’ll never get infected. You’ll never die. You’ll never transmit. Karen’s doing the money.

Speaker 6 (00:49:54):
It’s all about the money. Charlie, even there’s in there

Speaker 5 (00:49:56):
The former head of the fda, <laugh>, what’s his name? John Gottle. Yes. The former head of the FDA pushing this vax. Okay, fine. I, I’m not a scientist, so I wasn’t pretending I had new science, but he’s on the board of Pfizer. He makes $300,000 a year being on the board of Pfizer. We know that the VAX didn’t work like that. So then they morph it. And there’s data that shows it data that it lessens the effects of covid. Right? I’m sure glad I got, I caught covid. I’m sure glad I got boosters. I’d be dead. Well, I got it twice and I didn’t die. But to say it right? Yeah. Put it at each other’s throats. Remember when Fauci in the beginning said, once 70%, I’ll be great. And then with herd immunity. So apparently at some point in her natural immunity was good, and then it was bullshit. And you’re a traitor and a murderer if you do anything. Or when I’m looking at University of Michigan Hospital data in October of 2021, and I’m going, 40% of the motherfuckers with covid D in the hospital have been vaccinated. And I’m working with some ding bat super liberal woke fascist editor who’s telling me that’s dangerous for you to do that. I’m like, that’s the data.

But now we know. I’m glad you’re not working anymore. You are the danger.

Speaker 6 (00:51:25):
But we’re we’re taught not to question.

Speaker 5 (00:51:28):
Oh, no. Who?

Speaker 6 (00:51:30):
No, who? I’m saying who in general. And so everybody’s following along and nobody’s asking any questions. Nobody’s asking what, why or anything. And so if you do, then you’re the bad person.

Speaker 5 (00:51:42):
Million millions, including you,

Speaker 6 (00:51:44):

Speaker 5 (00:51:44):
We’re asking.

Speaker 6 (00:51:45):

Speaker 5 (00:51:46):
So the thing is to be shouted out. Now look at this Wuhan, United States Department of Energy, sort of in charge of these bio labs, the F B I, it’s most likely with low confidence. It’s most likely it came from the Wuhan Lab. Four other agencies believe it came from the bat market, and two, just kicked the can. We don’t even care anymore. That means masks vaccine, the origins of it. It’s all in question. There is no consensus. So why did we continue for, we’re three years in now, micromanaged people’s lives when you didn’t have the data. It’s money. Well, it’s not just money. It was also politics, which is money. That’s true. Right?

Speaker 6 (00:52:34):

Speaker 5 (00:52:36):
You’re right. So now, if we can just lay off one another, get to an answer here and ask the Chinese to come deal fucking honestly, and let us in because the Chinese won’t let us in. They arrested the scientists at the lab. They destroyed the records and they won’t let us in. Now, a group of scientists right here in the New York Times actually read that in the morning in January of 2020, the consensus among the big scientists, including Jeremy Ferra, then director of the Welcome Trust and the incoming chief scientist of the World Health Organization, remember, they kissed the Chinese ass. The consensus was most likely that this was inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory, meaning it probably came from a lab. And then a month later, after Farra gets his appointment, he says it would be racist somehow to look at the Chinese in their lab.

Why would that be racist? That’s science. That means human beings are fucking with God’s code. And it could kill all of us with the days upon us. And you’re telling me what? Well, a lot of anti-Asian hate going on. So we should close our eyes to the truth and get the answer. Are we making any movement about research at all in the world? Can we learn something from this? Or are we going to do this nonsense again? Again, I wore the mask. I got the vax. I got covid. Anyway, I’m not the the guy that went in and collected the bodies. I know that what you said about the nursing homes was a lie. Oh, look at that. I just saw the whole shit. Drop mark’s. Got the listeners here. Yeah, he’s got the listeners right, who’s listener right now. And I did that. And it was like, oh, fuck it. I’m out of here.

Speaker 6 (00:54:33):
Hey, I came back though. I just sent you a picture of Fauci at cpac. And this lady took a picture. And you see when she was pointed at him with her middle finger, I just sent it to you guys. See?

Speaker 5 (00:54:43):
Don’t do that.

Speaker 6 (00:54:44):

Speaker 5 (00:54:45):
No, no. Send it. Yeah. But lady, lady, what’s wrong with you?

Speaker 6 (00:54:48):
No. She may not even done. She may have not even, it may have just been by accident, but it was just an interesting pose that she had. She did. She was smiling. She didn’t appear to be doing it. Just how you pointed somebody like, oh, this is my friend, my whatever. It just happened to be her middle finger. Very

Speaker 8 (00:55:04):
Smiling. Well again. And here it goes back to the powers that be. You want us to believe you? You want us to trust you, but you keep feeding us bullshit after bullshit.

Speaker 6 (00:55:16):
I’m going to give you some advice. It’s not medical, it’s not scientific. But to all the people that continue to ride around in vehicles by themselves with their masks on

Speaker 5 (00:55:26):

Speaker 6 (00:55:27):
You could probably take it off.

Speaker 5 (00:55:29):

Speaker 6 (00:55:31):

Speaker 5 (00:55:32):
They know themselves, they know where that fil, they know where their filthy mouth is been. That

Speaker 6 (00:55:37):
Is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. And I’m like, why are these people still doing this? Is

Speaker 5 (00:55:41):
It possible to reinfect yourself? Has there been any study on reinfecting yourself?

Speaker 8 (00:55:46):
I just want to thank the ones that keep it on and know it’s a good reason to keep it on. Listen, you know what? The

Speaker 6 (00:55:51):
Face, I don’t care about that. You know what I want you to do? I want you to cover your mouth when you cough. I want you to wash your hands. When you leave the restroom, I want you to keep, listen, I was at a restaurant and this guy, you’re so alone. Hold on. This guy walks up to the table and he’s talking like, don’t talk over my table with food. That’s the kind of stuff I don’t want you to do. Thank you.

Speaker 5 (00:56:11):
<laugh>, just don’t go to a restaurant. Covid is still out there till May 11th.

Speaker 8 (00:56:20):
Now I take it you got data on that.

Speaker 6 (00:56:23):
It’s a study.

Speaker 5 (00:56:24):
No, that’s what the Biden administration is going to do. Now, this is kind of fucked up. So I post Mike Nevins passing, and I can’t believe you just, I’m the other side of this shit. Well, I hate to ask him, but I’m going to, was he faxed?

Speaker 6 (00:56:42):
Oh God. I know. But that’s,

Speaker 5 (00:56:43):
Oh God. Okay. Here’s the answer. No, it was a heart attack. No, what’s, come on, man.

Speaker 6 (00:56:52):
But what difference does it make? I don’t like

Speaker 5 (00:56:54):
When people, well, because it’s more proof.

Speaker 6 (00:56:56):
But when people say that Fauci

Speaker 5 (00:56:57):
Murdered me,

Speaker 6 (00:56:58):
When you tell someone that someone passed, the first thing they say is what happened? They died. That’s what happened. I don’t, you know what I’m saying that,

Speaker 5 (00:57:06):
Well, I asked. I asked because,

Speaker 6 (00:57:07):
Well, but you’re a friend. I mean, you spoke with his daughter. That’s different.

Speaker 5 (00:57:12):
No. Well, I asked because Mike was under a lot of pressure, and he had a lot of enemies. So I didn’t want to know if I did want to know if someone had hurt Mike. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> killed him, or Mike had taken his own life. I wanted to know, because I know exactly what he did do with his life. And if there’s a way to go, I’m happy. It was quick, and I’m happy it was that way, and I’m, I’m not happy that he’s gone.

Speaker 6 (00:57:35):
But you’re asking from a friendship point, from a point of care and concern. Yes. Not a point of being just nosy or unnecessarily inquisitive.

Speaker 5 (00:57:44):
Now I’m going to take it out with this because Go ahead. Red. Or

Speaker 8 (00:57:46):
Just wanting to hear the drama. Most times when people ask how they died, they really want to hear the most worst way he died. Oh, well, he died with a bottle of pills and a fifth of bulls on top of a stripper.

Speaker 6 (00:57:57):

Speaker 5 (00:57:57):
Keep the tip.

Okay. So I want to, this is from the book. I want to just read a little section here about Mike. Remember that his dearest friend, Walter Harris, died in an arson for-profit and that the police were so busy that they had moved along. They weren’t even investigating. It’s a murder. If it’s an arson, it’s a murder. Mm-hmm. So in the meantime, Harris’s partner, Mike Nevin, was promoted to lieutenant and transferred from squad three to engine 38, a firehouse located on the Tinder trap east side. He and his men were checking out fire hydrants on a spring morning when one of the deck fire department speak for grunts, found a screen door torn from its hinges and an abandoned house. The deckey threw the door on the back of the rig and the engine drove off With Nevin in command, it seemed like no big deal. The copper piping in the old house had been scavenged.

The meter box, the electrical wiring, even the garage door inside the garage was a pile of trash in human excrement who would miss the screen door. Their firehouse didn’t have a screen door and the flies were getting in. Detroit firefighters had been repairing their firehouses like this for decades. Toilets, doors, lumber bricks. The city never cared. No one ever complained, and it was cheaper for the city than paying for the upkeep itself. This time, however, a neighbor caught Nevin and his crew on tape. The neighbor sent the tape to a local news station. The news station put its crack reporter on the job, and within days, Nevin and his men were fired for looting the city. Nevin was beside himself. Maybe he should have told the deputy to leave the door be. Maybe he shouldn’t have revealed to investigators that Walt Harris’s alarm didn’t trigger when the roof collapsed on him.

Maybe he shouldn’t have called city leadership and object and complete failure in my newspaper column. Maybe he shouldn’t have told Congressman Sandra Levin to kiss his balls. There was a lot Nevin probably shouldn’t have done. The brass hated him, and the brass had his balls. Now, the irony is Nevin used to have a little screen door business. He knew the thing wasn’t worth 20 bucks. I went to Nevins Disciplinary hearing a meeting opened by law to the public. I waited in the foyer of fire headquarters downtown, making notes in my book. There was a glass case containing the photographs of the department’s. 15 ranking executives. All were black and all appointed. The department is in total about half black and half white, and in all black command staff would be grounds for a discrimination lawsuit and most other cities, but this is Metro Detroit. Race is a way of life.

A man in uniform approached me. I recognize him from the glass case. Second Deputy Commissioner James W. Mack Jr. May I ask what you’re doing here? He asked me, I’m a reporter covering Lieutenant Nevins disciplinary hearing. I know who you are and I’m going to have to ask you to leave. He said, taking me by the elbow and leading me to the elevators. He smiled like a lizard. I wrote his name in my tablet. It was quiet in the elevator. He watched the lighted numbers change. I watched him watch the lighted numbers change. I never took my eyes off him. I was staring directly at the man. Mayors come and go, but it is the footman who tie the knots and divide the bag. The longtime little men, bureaucrats, cockroaches, the elevator reached the ground floor. Here you are, sir. I said, the only reason you have Nevin up there on charges is because he spoke to me and he told the truth. So I promise you one thing, I’m going to go through all the paperwork, all the contracts, and I’m going to find it. What do you suppose you’ll find? He said with the face the money. I said, I’m going to find out who ruined this department. I’m going to find out about those screen doors. Good luck with that, sir, and have a nice day.

So long, Mike, you were loved.



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