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If you’re looking to fill your brain with amazing facts to impress your friends, you’ve come to the right place. These cool facts will turn anyone into an expert at the dinner table and be the start of an entertaining conversation. No scientific degree required. Have you ever wondered, for example, why pencils are yellow and pool tables green?

Do you know why toothpaste tubes have color bars on them? Or why taxis are yellow? Or why keyboards aren’t in alphabetical order? These types of questions have popped up in our minds at least once. While we imagine that we google everything we see and don’t know, there are still innumerable subtle things that are so common we take them for granted and don’t know much about them.


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Why pool tables are green 00:00
Why keyboards have markings 0:47
Why you yawn 1:11
Why you snore when you’re sleeping and not when you’re awake 1:48
Why taxis are yellow 2:14
Why do calculators have solar cells 3:02
Why do some sport coats have elbow patches 3:33
Why notebooks have page margins? 4:06
Why toothpaste tubes have color bars on them 4:35
How Play-Doh was created 4:58
Why Post-it notes are yellow 5:28
Why tea comes in teabags? 5:55
Why coffee mugs have grooves 6:35
Why microwaves have black dots 7:00
Why pencils are yellow 7:27
Why puzzles were made 8:07
Why keyboards aren’t in alphabetical order 8:38
Why you have gunk in your eyes when you wake up 9:14
Why motorcycles don’t have reverse 9:32

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